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*shows sign of life*

sorry got dad visiting, showing him around should have a post rolled off on monday or tursday nect week!
@MrDidact I'm struggling to decide whether to make a single Martell character or pick a different Dornish house in its entirety. I left Mychel positioned for whatever any of y'all feel like doing. :P

mind if I move him about with Artys? they're kind of stuck together a the moment.
Does anyone know a website where I can post pictures that will actually show here?

I just do never had to worry about the website. I might have been very lucky so far though.
I think Dain ironfoot would disagree with you ther Mr Didact

Ab- what if this port was on the west of the lands beyond the wall. No Eastwatch fleet to chase after you there.
@MrDidact It's fantastic

life in plastic?

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