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I did a very quick arts.
<Snipped quote by WrongEndoftheRainbow>

Skagoth's horde is actually heading east and will therefore be rampaging around those regions, yes. My only concern is that the timelines for this might not align seeing as the events of all my posts (except the one with Aihtiraq appearing before Whisper) take place prior to the Realta attack.

...though I suppose that since the Realta wouldn't be directly attacking the ogres, it probably isn't a big deal and there's room for some grey area.

I've sent you a link to the WIP post on Discord.

If you've got ogres near the mountain range which I just brainfarted and forgot the name of (ironheart???), I've got a post in progress with one of my side characters. I don't know what to do with them atm because I said in my writing "Everything seemed rather perfect".

So naturally now it has to turn not perfect. And an angry pillaging ogre would be a great way to do that.
Our collab is taking a bit.
@Antarctic Termite hell, I could probably tie it into the more obvious caste separation idea I had. "Follow this design to make the psykers warmer but only the psykers, so there's no non psykers accidentally mixing into the psyker caste"
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