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@MissingAxis I'm likely going to have em wander around and be clueless about war while simultaneously revolutionizing the galactic arm's culture.
@MissingAxis Could you look at my sheet on the previous page?
@WrongEndoftheRainbow Actually an fun NS, the implications of them being ancient, and having vast technology; presents a scenario likely to happen. One species might opportunistically try to steal these black boxes then tinker with them. Though I would assume the self-destruction, or other such securities are near impossible to bypass.

More than likely so advanced that the nation wouldn't understand it even after a reverse engineer attempt.
I don't even remember where Rtron and my collab is anymore. rip.

@Palamon if I get accepted, I'd be up for a collab. My art robots probably won't make the connection that your nation is racist, however.
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