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@popecrunch Accepted!
And here's my character. Probably a bit over the top, but I'm pretty sure she'd still fit in rather comfortably:

I'm afraid I'm going to have to deny this for now. My main points of contention are the arm cannon, abuse backstory, advertisement for the radio (if there was an advertisement the Empire would clamp down on it), and overall crazy demeanor that would likely not see them placed on an important position such as the main radio.
The IC is open! Of course, we're still accepting new characters, but for now, the accepted characters can greet each other, prepare their first radio show, etc.

EDIT: As a general rule, please have at least 2 paragraphs a post.
Welcome to the radio room! This pirate radio serves as your new job. Discuss amongst each other, decide what you’re going to say, and air your first show.

Today’s reports:

45th Empire Day

Today is the 45th anniversary of the formation of the Empire. Parades and military marches are taking place across many planets. Fleets have canceled today’s exercises to celebrate. On the capital planet of Mars, truly impressive fireworks displays are being viewed. Most workers have gotten the day off to view their local planetary parade and subsequent defense fleet demonstration. There have been rumors of a new armor platform being introduced for security efforts during the parades.

Genocide of Halion II

Reports are coming in from independent freighters and cargo haulers that the planet of Halion II seems to be completely lifeless. Corpses litter the ground, and it’s unsure of what happened. There is a heavy Imperial presence in the system. One thing is for sure: this was the doing of the Empire. How exactly they managed it is unknown, however.

Rebel Cell on Geon Crushed

Recently, contact was lost with Gem Squadron on Geon, and the worst was feared. This has been confirmed with the public execution of a number of people within the cell and many of their sympathizers. Other cells remain active on the planet, but Gem Squadron was by far the largest and most important on the planet.

Senate Overruled by Emperor

A Senate vote introduced to the floor that would lower the military funding was recently hit by a unilateral veto by Emperor Zelv. It otherwise would have been nearly passed with the rogue senator group the Delegation voting unanimously in approval. The Delegation has had its power hit with its senators showing up dead, or worse, but it remains a force to reckon with in the Senate.
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