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17 Nov 2016 17:06
Current Watch this if you want a laugh 😂
14 Nov 2016 23:29
Well where was the humor then??
14 Nov 2016 23:29
That's probably your giant asshole talking.
14 Nov 2016 23:27
I would expect dark and DIRTY from giant assholes actually.
14 Nov 2016 18:39
Nobody gives a hoot!! Lol


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I gave your post a good look over, so now I just have to reply within the weekend.

There were a few... complications with my wife's pregnancy that had me ridiculously stressed the last few says.. BUT! After an appointment yesterday with baby ultrasound specialists they told us the other Dr's just didn't know what they were looking at. So they just told us what they THOUGHT they saw and scared the hell out of us. But thankfully everything is perfect!
Sorry man, shit gothe hectic for awhile there. Expecting a baby soon-is!

I'll post soon though.
@Doc Doctor
Xaviers attention shifted for an instant to Auzs sword, it seemed a slight miscalculation had been made. Auz had become marginally faster than what had predicted and his sword seemed poised to sink this lesson home. However as quick as Xavier had realized this he also fashioned a rough plan. Visibly, Xavier buckled at the knees, knowing full well he would gain only inches before impact.

Within his body blood and muscle began to shape and harden, specifically within his neck and upper right body. Outside the blood which had collected on his throat lurched towards the side of his neck. This blood would not move directly to the impact point, but instead to the outer perimeters of it. Here it would both harden and embed itself within Xaviers skin to connect with the already hardening tissue.

The shape it created was similar to a half oval, with the top curve beginning near Xaviers jaw and the end near his collar bone. This would be supported by a series of stiffening muscles and layers of interior metallic blood to better absorb what impact would still be felt. The goal of this would be to "catch" Auzz blade by its cutting edge using the curved metallic barrier. The blade would cut into Xaviers skin a half inch before meeting this defense. Which if all went to plan would have the blade angled through his neck and out again, towards his right shoulder.

Upon his shoulder the metal had created a type of pauldron which would cover from his sternum and lower right pectoral, up over his shoulder and to the bottom of his shoulder blade. His shoulder blade itself being an extra hunk of metal to cut through. The pauldron was 3 inches thick over the shoulder and thinned out to 2 inches across the rest. It was half the metal on his chest as the rest would not reach in time. Ontop of this pauldron Xavier’s chest muscles had also locked up similar to his neck in anticipation of the damage in an effort to provide more stopping power.

Impact. Xaviers buckled knees dropped his body and raised the impact zone of Auzs blade to below his jaw, in perfect alignment with the metallic curve. If all went well the blade would be given no point in the neck to unload its force, cutting only a chunk of meat from Xaviers throat before being sent to his chest.

Second impact. Xaviers buckled knees come into play again, bowing heavily under the force to absorb whatever impact they would be allotted. The impact would be dispersed against the pauldron, his shoulder blade and outer rib cage as well as various muscles. All of which, except bone, would be attempting to compress ahead of its wounded counterparts to further wedge the blade in place. With any luck diagonally within and halfway through Xaviers right pectoral.

My evidence is only in my CS. I had written thay Xavier is capable of delivering a 3000lb punch. And if you were to actually sever the arm completely it would be useless. Yes it could be swung around but I'd rather it stay off and fight one armed. Now if it is partially severed than yes, I would probably cover the wound and then kinda puppeteer it like on his left arm.

You just need to create a fanciful powered character like Xavier and then we can have the REAL battle lol.

No, Xavier does not have oxygenated blood. When he was changed from Human to Bloodbayne his entire body was warped and changed. Now it feeds itself off any chaos in the realm. So long aa it is not a perfect utopian society he will always have power. Muscles and the like are simply powered by Chaos energy rather than Oxygen.

That being said, I have designed Xavier to have 3 times the amount of blood as an average person. In the past, my reasoning would have been like "just because".

To date I have generated the following - To become a Bloodbayne one is to be infected with Chaos cells through special means. The cells attack red blood cells and replicate 4 times. The Chaos god of his world had been trying to gain power through this means. The Chaos cells would fill a random person and take over, taking the body to a special lake where the new Chaos cells could be harvested.

Long story short, the god chose Xavier to be his vessel but it didn't work quite like he hoped.

So yes, he would get light headed if he used to much because he still has a set amount. But it is still around 5.5 gallons. I keep it liquified until impact most times so when he's in contact with it it will still flow.
Wrong sir. Xavier currently has 6 wounds supplying metal to his chest. Possibly just 5 since his right hand is covered in metal. A small slice on the chest, a slightly larger slice, 2 stabs to the chest and one in the back.

With Xaviers stats all I did was use the exact same math for your character on him. While giving you the benefit of the doubt. The strength stat comes directly from his CS.

My plan now is for deflection into Xaviers chest and armor. It will end up with the sword burying itselt a distance in Xaviers chest through his shoulder. Through several different means the blow will be absorbed and slowed to prevent terrible damage.

It will make more sense when you read the post.
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