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This was explained to me, but not to Chatterbox. Also, he's not sure what Noble's weapon does, so he's being overly cautious.

His weapon dropped to the ground, but hers did not. Damn, it appeared that he'd overestimated his sway over Sofia. Very unfortunate, but at least it appeared that the hero wasn't about to shoot them, if only because she was bound by a moral code, which he was not bound by. This in mind, he suddenly realized something—mostly because of Noble's back and forth—the soldiers were in earshot of him and even if they weren't consciously listening to him...well, that didn't really matter for his power so long as their hearing wasn't blocked.

That meant they'd heard the same amount as Noble had, which was pitifully not enough, so he'd just have to offer up more. This in mind he waited for Noble to turn her attention back to him, and that she did, asking him to tell his cyborg friend to stand down. That'd be Arsenal and, the showman he was, he really ought to introduce any of his friends she mentioned, except perhaps Headhunter.

“Ah, that'd be Arsenal, Ma'am and I'm not so sure any of them will listen even if I tell them to stand down. Of course, I can try,” he slowly moved a hand—keeping up the act—to his bluetooth device, acting as if he had to activate it, and then spoke.

“If you wouldn't mind standing down and maybe improving our chances of not being shot that would be wonderful, Arsenal. Thanks.” He let his hand slip back behind his head, where he was holding them both now, in an effort to convince her that he was quite powerless when he was in fact, not.

“As to how things should proceed, Ms. Noble. Perhaps we could discuss this over dinner?” He smiled faintly, clearly trying to inject some levity into the situation. Given the nature of his power and the fact that none of their adversaries knew about it, even when he took control, they wouldn't be aware of anything being amiss, not until much later.

Of course they'd almost certainly be more prepared next time, but if they were able to hear him, well...they'd be shit out of luck, because the effect was cumulative and only long stretches of time would cause it to start wearing down. Enough of that though, he needed to focus on making the effect strong enough for him to wrest control of the situation from Noble and her soldiers' hands.

“Though, in all seriousness, I'm sure my comrades and I would rather not go to jail, which would surely be the result of this encounter. However, that's not really up to us, so what did you have in mind for how things go, moving forwards, mmm?” He attempted to engage her in conversation, because if she took the bait, then he could keep talking, and talking was very good for them all in this context.

Well, for all of his teammates at least. It was very bad for the opposition. This in mind he kept an eye out for any of the soldiers that were conscious and in range, because they might give small tells to reveal to him just how suggestive they'd become. Which, speaking of suggestive people, if they got out of this he really ought to bring along one of his thralls in the future, if not two or three. Probably hand pick them for usefulness, yes, that was a good idea.

He made a mental note...and then waited as that was all he could really do.

Nodding his head at Furnace as he departed, he found his attention pulled back to the member of the minutemen as he handed him a card, which he accepted gratefully, pocketing it—as he had wisely install pockets in his costume. Having them was just too useful for him to pass up. His response to the compliment was also pretty positive, as he brought a hand to his neck and rubbed it slightly, smiling, “Ah, thanks haha. What's that all about?” He asked as Kyoshi answered a call.

When she finished however, he became informed of what it had been about, which caused him to narrow his eyes slightly. “Well, if it's not in enclosed spaces I could tag along and help you guys, maybe, um, give the team thing a test run yeah?” After all, it wasn't like he really had anything better to do.

N A T H A N C R O S S B I R T H D A T E ( A G E ) M A L E H Y P E R H U M A N

"Witty Quote #1"

▼ A P P E A R A N C E:

"Witty Quote #2"
◼ HEIGHT | 6'1.

◼ WEIGHT | 210 lbs.

◼ BUILD | Your character's body shape, this can be a single descriptive word that you can build on in the description section below.

◼ HAIR COLOR | What colour is your character's hair? Note you can elaborate on this in the description if your character changes their hair colour often or if it's a difficult to describe color or combination.

◼ EYE COLOR | What is character's eye color? This can be elaborated on if needed in the description should your character be wearing colored contacts or has changing eye colors due to their abilities.

◼ OTHER | Can be changed/removed depending on if your character has any other noteworthy features. Feel free to add additional stats for piercings, tattoos, scars etc. Sexuality could also be added here if you feel it's worth noting.

A written description of the character's appearance. Keep in mind that appearance isn't only limited to their physical make up, but the style of clothes they wear, they're body language and in general how they present themselves.

▼ B I O G R A P H Y:

"Witty Quote #3"
This is the story of your character's life, their defining moments nd how they made it from the womb to where they are now. You can include as much other details as you think is necessary but don't go overboard and spell everything out. Sometimes its best to show through the IC than to tell in the CS.

▼ M O T I V A T I O N / O B J E C T I V E:

"Witty Quote #4"
What is driving your character? What makes them tick? Why do they act the way they do.

▼ A B I L I T I E S / S K I L L S:

"Witty Quote #5"
◼ Telekinetic Threads | A power with exceptional flexibility, Nathan Cross has the ability to create any number of glowing crimson energy constructs in the shape of threads, which he may then manipulate as an extension of his body. These threads possess no inherent weight, but nonetheless possess substance making it possible for them to interact with, or be affected by, the world around them. As extensions of his will, each thread sends back a measure of sensory feedback in the vein of touch, allowing Nathan an awareness of their position and contact with things in his surroundings. The threads are fully capable of extending to great lengths and Nathan is even capable of increasing their thickness considerably—though this results in him being unable to conjure as many threads as he otherwise could.

Perhaps the most intriguing function of his power, Nathan's threads are capable of weaving with one another to create more complex constructs such as limbs, armor, or even tools so long as they maintain a point of contact with his body. Furthermore, while Nathan can create as many threads as he wants, they are limited to a maximum bear weight of no more than 2000 lbs or 1 ton. The aforementioned bear weight may also be used to exert force, be it blunt or piercing in nature, and may be distributed over any number of threads in any manner that Nathan sees fit.

Note: It is worth mentioning that when his threads are woven into more complex constructs they reinforce one another, making the construct more durable than the sum of its parts and also about 5-10% stronger than the combined strength of the involved threads.

◼ Telekinetic Biology | An extension of his Telekinetic Thread ability, this is less an active ability and more of a passive trait of his biology. In essence, the threads manifested by his ability are significantly stronger than his body and as such—so that he does not crush himself when lifting things with them—Nathan's threads actually extend throughout his body, aligned with all of his internal workings. While Nathan is not aware of them, these threads essentially increase his physical durability proportional to the amount of force being exerted on his body allowing him to lift tremendous weights—albeit only with his threads—or even throw himself or stop suddenly without fear of tearing muscles or pulling bones out of socket, or...well, being crushed. This ability is also what makes his threads more intuitive for him to control, which is why he is capable of multitasking when controlling his power.

◼ TBD | Test

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .s ᴀ ɴ ɢ ᴜ ι ɴ ᴇ
"I'll let you off easy this time, but don't be surprised if next time things don't end so cleanly."
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His mind wondering what Aeris was up to Mairyell had finished his preperations for the mission several hours prior and then reconvened with the other members of the 'infiltration team' as it were. He found it interesting that the most seemingly normal out of them, aside from that human who was also...present—oddly enough—was the one leading them. Then again, he supposed that'd keep them realistic as the man was perhaps one of the more fragile members of the group.

As the guards were thrown in he regarded them with what amounted to indifference before picking up the clothes and, rather grudgingly, donning them. When he saw the badge that Charles handed him he chuckled slightly.

However, before he could put it on, the third of their party handed him a picture. He nodded to himself, an eyebrow ever so slightly raised before pushing the picture into place, before clipping the badge onto his chest where it belonged.

Then Charles began to relay his plan as he glanced over the hologram depicting the layout of the prison. He let the man's words sink in as he continued to study it, keeping quiet as he did so. The plan was rough around the edges, but many were. In fact, Mairyell was of the belief that perfect plans simply did not exist. He'd made them before and they always fell apart so, obviously, they had not been perfect.

There was an old military adage that referred to such things. Something like 'no plan survives contact with the enemy,' and he'd found out from experience that such was more often than not true.

Finishing his inspection of the hologram, the hunter looked up at Charles. “Once we're in, I'll help you to cell blocks A and B. I think things will hold together so long as we're all careful and we play our parts. That means we need to keep our nerves about us.” His words had the tone of a professional's, and Mairyell was definitely that. He'd been a hunter for over a hundred years and he was internationally recognized for his skills. The problem would be going unrecognized, of seemed that Charles had a solution to that. “I think all three of us should have the spell cast on us. Better to minimize our chances of being recognized once we pull this off. Especially you two, since I doubt you have lives that let you lay low.”

This in mind he walked to the back of the truck, having stood up, and waited. When they heard a knock from the other side, he knocked back twice, “We're clear,” the hybrid said, “Let's go.”
Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

As she heard and then felt Protean approach, she sped up and side stepped, running diagonally as well as forwards as she upped her pace. Still some of her hair found itself snagged by the hero and she grimaced as he tugged and tore at it a bit, causing her to wince and—rather embarrassingly—squeal a little. Blushing very lightly despite herself, Evelyn had a look of Chagrin on her face, before it was replaced with relief when their trainer shifted forms again after disengaging. Then he began to speak in riddles, and immediately she caught onto one of them, her eyes lighting up, a smile crossing her features.

“Queue!” She said, “Queue is the answer to the first riddle,” she clarified immediately, the words coming out more clearly as she slowed her pace back to what it had been before—mostly to conserve energy. Feeling a bit proud of herself Evelyn, nonetheless, continued running. If one of her other teammates couldn't figure out one of the riddles she'd offer to give them a break instead. After all it seemed like she might be in the best shape out of all of them, so she was fully prepared to continue the run.

While fighting Protean—especially given his three transformations so far—was daunting, she'd rather she be the one to do it than put one of her teammates through that. Of course...that also depended on if she could use her power or not, regardless she was relatively well prepared for that. She hoped it wouldn't come to her using her staff against whatever wild beast Protean decided to take the form of. Besides, at least offering a helping hand to a member of her teammates—even if the shifter didn't allow it—would build rapport, which was good, right?

Always good, yeah....

Her thoughts in order, she continued her run, waiting for the responses of the rest of her team. She hoped they'd do well.
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