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Waiting...waiting...waiting...boom. It was practically theatrical and while it hadn't gone as smoothly as he thought--which in retrospect made perfect sense--things did eventually turn out. Though, hopefully Gamble was unharmed, that was the only thing he was worried about. He waited as the cars rolled, taking in deep breaths and getting a bit of adrenaline pumping, Chatterbox considered what his next course of action was to be.

He glanced out of cover, then ducked back in as soldiers finally crawled from the convoy's downed vehicles and open fired. Almost immediately Arsenal laid down covering fire and Headhunter took out at least two of their men. It was loud, he really hadn't expected it to be this loud, but he'd have to make due somehow. Then Sofia was next to him, yelling something. He paid her more mind and caught the important part of her words. She could protect him from fire, probably let him get close. He opened his mouth and yelled back, "Can I trust that your power will keep me safe while I get almost on top of them?!" Then he awaited her answer. Hopefully it was yes, because if so it meant he could devote time to specifically 'talking down' each soldier--and there weren't that many. This would allow him to first make them less accurate, then make them lower their weapons, then finally listen to his commands which would make it much easier for them to handle the capes--wherever they were--and take Gamble.

If she couldn't get him that close, well, it would just mean that he'd be yelling quite a bit. Man he wished his power worked through megaphones....
Evelyn Chambers - Tulpa

She didn't even acknowledge Dean's suggestion, though she internally admitted that it was pretty smart--though tinkertech could be finicky. Hopefully toyifying such things wouldn't ruin any of the parts. She almost spoke up regarding this, but instead decided she'd say something in bit.

While so far she'd been pretty disinterested, or at least detached, from the meeting, she couldn't help but perk up when Ira mentioned she'd made something. Her gaze being drawn to the table, she felt her projection shift into the table itself--hidden from her teammates--before she continued the action her subconscious had elicited, and had it poke an ethereal tendril into the device. Immediately her head spun and she caught herself on the table, withdrawing the tendril. She had gotten materials, but there was so much more than that weaved into Ira's creation that it made her head spin.

Perhaps she could convince the tinker to make something really really simple in function one day so she could adjust to 'reading' its data with her projection. Recovering swiftly she suddenly heard Messiah speak, her voice full of emotion. She looked at her teammate and her eyes widened slightly, tears forming as they did.

She stood up abruptly as they breakdown began, and almost walked across the room to comfort Messia--no, Alessa. There was a pit in her stomach and emotions rolling around within it. She was empty, but also too full. The anger had helped drain away the intensity of the emotions, which was why she could hold it together, but the feelings were still definitely there.

She sat back down...too unsure of herself, her place in the team, and what was appropriate to go and hug Alessa. She watched the demonstration, or well...was affected by it. When she felt her projection vanish completely, or rather felt its sudden absence. It was like a part of her was gone and it made her clutch at the table, her breathing accelerating a little bit. She hadn't realized how much of her attention the projection took or how her powers really affected her until they were gone.

Then they returned and all at once she felt more or less at ease again, a sense of relief washing over her. Of course, immediately after she remembered what had happened mere hours ago and she swallowed hard. "Ugh," she uttered before an idea struck her, eyes lighting up for the first time since she'd seen Sonar unconscious on the street. "Ira, you're a genius!" she began, sounding a bit breathless from excitement. "Guys...we, we can help him with this...or um, maybe something like it," she continued, looking around the room. However, before she started the next bit of her sentence she swallowed hard, building up the courage necessary to say the next bit. "Ira, we can make something that at least lets him live. Something that keeps him sane. I..." she stopped, suddenly choked up. There was such a strong sense of relief that had hit her that the pit of anger and brooding hatred at the unfairness of the world had actually disappeared for the most part. However, with its disappearance came the grief, and while the relief helped with that, the emotion coupled with a bit of joy at the prospect that they could help Sonar caused tears to roll down her cheeks even while she smiled.

They could do something for him. That was really all she needed.

Pursuing the criminal wasn't strenuous, not even vaguely difficult, it was a breeze in fact. Or, it had been until the woman looked back at him and then blasted off to motherfucking infinity and beyond. He grumbled, though the sound came out hollow and resonant, more like an unearthly growl than a human noise of frustration. His pace slowed as she drew further away. He could chase her, but it wasn't worth it. Of course, if he saw her again things would be different. He had her bio-signature now. If he was in his second vessel and she was around, he'd know pretty damned quick.

Turning in the air, his movements graceful, but almost languid, he swam through the air, accelerating again as he headed back towards the congregation of heroes. He might as well introduce himself, make sure he didn't become part of some nasty fearmongering rumors...or at least that the press would have information other than those rumors.

His altitude having lowered as he returned, Outsider swam through the air over a building nearby the other capes before settling down on it, near enough that his hearing could pick out their words, but far enough so as not to startle them unnecessarily--though his massive monstrous form would probably do that anyways--much to his chagrin. So it was that he hovered in the air just above a building adjacent to theirs, ominous only due to his silence, waiting for them to engage him in some way...hopefully not in one involving violence.

I mean that was really all he could do, hope.
If this should get started in the future, just tag me and I'll come rushing back :)
Jake Krain

He'd been minding his own business, and logging some overtime at work in the office when something caught his eye outside. Glancing out the window almost lazily, he found his eyes widening. Two capes, both which he recognized, were presumably fighting outside. Sonika and Furnace, specifically....

His mind whirred into motion and he couldn't help feel his other body almost respond. He wanted to switch...he wanted to do something. He could almost feel the rush of emotion and sensation that he got from using power. It was just out of reach. He tried to turn back to his work, but it didn't work. He was distracted now and there was no way he was getting any work done.

So much for overtime.

Doing his best to look casual he bid his fellow employees a good day and headed out of the building. No one asked why he was walking so fast and if they had he'd just have said that he had to pick up his sister or something. That happened sometimes, it wouldn't have been too strange.

Finding himself outside he glanced around, backpack over his shoulders, until he found an alley. He cut into it, made sure there was no one in there, and then he changed into his costume and hid his backpack in a pile of mostly paper and cloth refuse. Looked like no one had gotten to it yet. He made a note of where he was and then he entered the street. As he did he saw that the confrontation had altered significantly in that short time. Sonika was making her escape.

He narrowed his eyes, noticed a red light, and walked out into the middle of the street...and then swapped. The feeling was always a bit strange, but not for the reason one might think. It wasn't like entering an unfamiliar body, it was like being thrown in a direction that wasn't anything you'd ever experienced before. It wasn't left, right, up, down, forwards or backwards...but it was a direction nonetheless. That's how it felt at least, but the disorienting feeling only lasted for a split second.

The feeling passed and as it did he felt himself inhabit his Second Vessel, which took the form of one massive, 24 foot long, 6 foot at the shoulder being that most would call monstrous in appearance. Four arms and a host of tail-like tendrils that trailed along his body from various locations, most around his actual tail. There were more than a few screams and even more honks not to mention some brakes being slammed on. He smiled, not that anyone would be able to see the expression, his face was incomprehensible to everyone except him and his sister—she'd learned the nuances while they'd had taken six months and she wasn't a slow study.

Partially to get out of the way and partially to get a better look at the retreating villain, Outsider, moved, his sinuous body looking as if it were swimming at an angle upwards into the air. Swiftly it had spiraled above the top of the building that his quarry had used to take off, but he didn't stop there, rising about twice the building's height into the air. While he couldn't see like his human body could, he could hear and distinguish/isolate sounds much better...and he always had his electromagnetic sense. If only he'd locked onto Sonika's bio-signature before she'd taken off this would have been much easier, but was not. Nonetheless, he managed to locate a human-shaped form in flight.

He smiled, briefly analyzed the bio-signatures of the nearby capes—Furnace, G4M3R, Artificer, and...the chick whose name he wished he knew—before focusing. While it all took place in the space of two or so seconds, he could feel the distinct sensation of biochemical and bio-electric energy building up in his body before it was suddenly transmuted into kinetic force. In an instant he accelerated from a 0 mph hover, to roughly the same speed as Sonika, releasing controlled/directed bursts of the energy behind him before he started relying on his kinetic field to control his trajectory and any further acceleration.

He wouldn't be gaining on her quickly—mostly by choice and for safety's sake—but he would be gaining on her. If he made his debut by catching, or at least taking on a known villain he figured people would more easily accept that the monstrous 'Outsider' as he'd named himself, was in fact a hero...not a villain or some alien monstrosity like the Endbringers.

He shuddered at the thought of being compared to one of those strange beasts. He didn't like thinking about them...because he'd seen one up close and the memory was...well, it wasn't pleasant.

That was in the past though, for now it was time for him to focus on his future. It was time to catch Sonika.
I posted for the Jacks and the Wards :)

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If anyone in the rooftop scene with Sonika leaving needs a savior from fall damage, tag me here before you post. If you've got a way for Furnace, Celia, and anyone else prevalent there that you may be controlling, to not take major damage or die from the fall, then I can make Outsider's intro be his swooping in and saving whomever.

Otherwise, he's probably going to briefly pop in, make sure everyone's alright, and then tail Sonika, since he's the only one who can fly independently (yes the Ebony Fly can, well, fly, but its riders aren't doing so without assistance and are thus more limited than Outsider who only has to worry about running into shit xD

Raising an eyebrow at the new information, Chatter's smile vanished as he glanced in the direction of the convoy. It was approaching, they didn't have long.

His eyes being drawn to Arsenal as he spoke, he couldn't help but smirk slightly. He enjoyed the little reactions people gave him, and irritation really only fed the fire. It was in the cape's stance, in the slight change in tone, in the words he used. He responded, "They probably won't use bullets. They're more likely to rely on the capes and containment foam. Anything they do use will, of course, be quite non-lethal. I imagine our shapeshifter," he shot a smile at Love Craft, "...can handle." He paused a moment, listening further. Once Arsenal was done he nodded, got back into his car and repositioned it slightly on the side of the road. Once he was done he glanced at Sofia even as he again activated his bluetooth so that Headhunter could hear his question as well.

"Can you stop the convoy roughly in line with our car? We can use it for cover," he explained, hoping Headhunter would understand not to shoot the Convoy's engines out too far from the point he was indicating with his other hand...and his words.

His eyes remained locked on Sofia as he awaited her answer.
Evelyn Chambers - Tulpa

While typically she would have been much more vocal, Evelyn was quiet as she sat in her chair in the meeting room with her team. She was reflecting on the events of her day—her temper having calmed somewhat, though there was a heavy air about her. She was mourning and...brooding, in her way, as thoughts of how not enough was being done to apprehend the two villains responsible or to help Sonar.

So it was that she kept her mouth shut when their new team leader spoke, though she did dutifully pay attention, even glancing at Dean momentarily when he was mentioned, before she glanced at the others, and then back down to the floor when Messiah stopped talking.

She hated this...not being in the team, but having to face these ugly truths on her first damned day with the Wards. It really...really sucked.
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