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@Rockette and @icmasticc thank you for the swift responses, they have been helpful. Oh, one other thing. So Rockette did say that there are minor mutations/scars and whatnot on a given SOLDIER's body, but nothing so bad that they'd appear inhuman. Could, perhaps, ones ability make them appear inhuman during use?

Conversely, could it manifest something? Akin to a summoner calling forth things to fight for them. It's not something I'm likely to do, but I like to know the breadth of my options.
@yoshua171 - Poking fun at my feelings, but that's okay.
If you got questions, 'lemme know. ♥

*Waves you away, smiling all the while* Silly~

As to questions, I'm going to ask some clarifying questions and then some other ones regarding...possibilities. Best have both of you present or looking this over.

Ain't that right @icmasticc? :3

Naw, just poking fun :P
So this is where you two slinked off too *smirks*

Provided I can come up with an idea and have the time (it looks like I will, but we shall see) I'll be throwing my interest in here as well. Still gotta look over the locations, but with the characters so far as samples to help give me a better idea of how SOLDIERS work, in addition to the Opening Posts, well...hehehe, I could make some interesting things.

We shall see. Regardless, I hope this does very very well ^_^
Evelyn Chambers - Tulpa

As they'd been called, no ushered, into the meeting room she'd been oh so excited to be in earlier, Evelyn sat in her place and waited. Her face was angled down, her eyes looking at the floor, her hands in her lap, her posture not great but not entirely slouched either. The Director spoke, and with each realization she tensed. First her muscles became less relaxed, the cords of her neck standing out, her arms tensing and relaxing periodically. Then her fingers fidgeted and grabbed at one another, pulling enough on one another till it hurt a little, before she let go. Finally they clenched into fists and she found herself grinding her teeth and digging her nails into the palms of her hands.

She was fixated on the Director's words, essentialyl ignoring anyone else who spoke up, though she really ought to have been listening better, she didn't care. Then she heard 'Collin is done forever,' and looked up. She had liked their team leader, she had liked Sonar. He'd been so welcoming and she felt he'd led them well. Yet here the Director was removing him from the team, putting him down while he would probably be stuck in a fucking coma for the rest of his life, that or swiftly losing his mind.

A small part of her was in shock, but another part of her just felt things click into place. It all made sense. Then the Director just...moved on. She felt her knuckles crack a bit--heard them too--as she clenched her fists harder, knowing she was leaving deep marks in her palms from her nails.

She glanced at Messiah as she was elected team leader, but the look was brief before she--for the first time in the whole debriefing, as it were--looked directly at Director Kens. There was a glare in those eyes. Real, unrefined, barely controlled anger--enough to match his own, likely. This wasn't right.

This. wasn't. right.

The thought resonated in her head and her jaw clenched tighter. When they were dismissed, she sat for several moments longer, glaring at the Director. However, even if he did speak up, or if someone addressed her--a member of her team or not--all she'd give them was a harsh piercing glare, before getting up and stalking out of the room. Hopefully no one decided to touch her because they would quickly become aware of the faint silver light of her unmanifested projection, which had been spread throughout the meeting room the entire time.

Calling her mind state a "bad mood," would have been, well, a severe understatement.

The moment she was out of the room, she practically tore her mask off. Her teammates would have seen her face eventually, so she didn't care. Plus, she wasn't anywhere that tourists could see her. While she figured some of her teammates would go to their quarters or perhaps the team control room, she went to the gym. Her figuring out where it was could be summarized as her asking someone in a single three word order. "Directions. Gym. Now."

After being told where to go by what had been a very flustered, offput, and maybe disrespected individual, she made her way there, finding it quickly. Her projection helped her figure out the layout a bit--though parsing the information was annoying in its own right. Once she was there she stopped--doing so was a mistake.

The moment she wasn't moving, she realized she wasn't even sure what she had planned to do here. Playing a game wouldn't help. She didn't particularly want to lift weights or use any of the machines. What she wanted was a sparring match. Something to blow off steam. She could manifest her projection maybe and put it on autopilot, but the times she'd done that it hadn't felt very real since she could predict its movements through their shared senses.

So yeah, that wasn't going to work. Glancing around she found a place to sit down, her body slumping forwards as she set her mask down next to her and ran her hands over her face and then back through her hair. The anger was like a heat pulsating from her stomach outwards, twisting all her thoughts and clouding her judgement. She started forcing herself to take in deep breaths, despite knowing that calming down likely meant being numb or crying.

God this fucking sucked.
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