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@Zahir Look, I don't want to sugarcoat, but off that bat I'm picking up a few issues with Tajik. I suspect english isn't your first language, right? And I won't hold that against you, but first I'm going to address the description - 'Tajik is very light skinned beautiful cream coloured skin with light, light greyish brown doe eyes. He has facial hair going all the way up to the sideburns of his hair connecting his beautiful black facial hair and head hair together' - it doesn't read very well and comes across as a bit generic, especially with 'Along with the broad shoulders and v-line body shape he carries he was born with fantastic genetics for staying skinny. As he can put on weight though it's unlike others. He doesn't have to worry about his size very much. Not a top priority.'

And for the personality section - it doesn't really tell us much about the character and again reads more like a generic sheet. As said before. Next, in regards to the 'Will be explained/shown in IC' you've added for motives/backstory: If there's motivations or elements to your character's backstory that you don't want to have out in the open, that's understandable but in that case we'd appreciate if you sent us that info via PM.

Furthermore, 'Light/Shadow Manipulation' falls under the list of restricted abilities (Darkness Manipulation, if you're looking for specifics). That's not to say that it isn't allowed, but as said before it's not something that we want in the hands of people without reassurance that there'll be some restraint behind them. 'Has hardly any drawbacks with light' isn't really what we're looking for here when we're looking for weaknesses and his limitations aren't really that well explained.

Overall it looks pretty barebones to me and far too much of a cliché.
Is Andromeda any good? I've heard enough people complain about the facial animations but, ignoring that, is it enjoyable in terms of story and gameplay?
@Utrax Works for me.

@Utrax I like Marcus, don't see any issues with him, though as for Courtney I'm inclined to agree with Allen to a point - I think the power's an interesting idea that could fit in quite neatly with her artistic tendencies (and not because one of my own can interact with magnetic fields *COUGHCOUGH*) but the backstory is a little light, maybe you could elaborate a little more on how she gained her Youtube fame? Maybe how she developed her power, too?

@Oliver I don't tend to see younger characters in RPs so, to be honest? It's kinda refreshing to see - I like what you've done, particularly after the improvements you've made so I agree with Allen on this one. Though, I gotta ask you a question - can he potentially make parrots, ravens songbirds etc to talk if he wanted to?
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