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Sobetsu: Cloaked Rancor [OOC]

Sobetsu: Cloaked Rancor [IntChk]
Sobetsu: Cloake Rancor [RP]

Complete Information about Sobetsu.
It's different than the IntChk link and it is advised that you skim through it before preparing a CS. Also, please don't register to the site.

Setting: The last war took place over 100 years ago and the rural land of Sobetsu has been in a long period of peace and contentment. However, this contentment has become boredom for many and though the crime rate has been minimal, many citizens have been acting out in various ways. With the occasional seat-changing of the Mages and Masters, these are the major events that have become major spectacles for many. Though tradition still stands, the privacy of such matters has dissipated.

Kazan is a secluded country by choice. The war placed an unwanted stigma on its citizens. The Royal Court has been entirely rebuilt and reformed from the contastrophe those 100 years ago and the Kyoujin and Regulators have become the past and even myth to some. A group of misfit children, however, have been up to no good within the city of Himawari (Sunflower). The Capital of this territory surrounds the mouth of the Eineni River, and this large city is robbed and taken advantage of by a clan called "Hagetaka" of its innocence and security.

Though, just labeled "nusience," they are growing exponentially and the threat on the city is becoming ever wary of these hooligans.

Accepted Characters:

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Kasayo Sira

Kasayo Sira
Element: Fire
Sun: Aires (Offense)
Rising: Leo (Resolve)
Moon: Taurus (Power)
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Weight: 168
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Type: Elemental
Occupation: Smith
Special Ability:No

Born in the outer reaches of Kazan Kasayo was isolated most of his life. His father was a master Fire Elemental while his mother gave up her Elemental ways upon becoming pregnant. As a child Kasayo was separated from society by his parents. His father constantly trained him in the elemental arts. Even at a young age Kasayo had the ability to defend himself against most of the elements. His fathers favorite training ground was inside the rim of an inactive volcano. They trained everyday from dawn until dusk sometimes even into the night. His endurance and knowledge of the fire element flourished. During one of the sparring matches with his father one of Kasayo's attacks backfired and set the forest below the rim of the fire ablaze, upon extinguishing the fire his father than began to train him in the discipline aspects of the Fire Elementals.

At 15 a strange sickness had taken hold on his father. Upon his father's command he kept training himself, pushing his limits as far as they could go physically exhausting himself. Upon dragging his nearly limp body back to his house he had noticed the fire in the fireplace had been extinguished. He crawled inside to see his mother laying lifeless atop his father. He immediately gathered his supplies and headed off into an unknown future.

Trained extensively in the offensive and defensive aspects of Fire Elementals Kasayo is an extremely competent fighter. He has a very calculated fighting style and is never the first to attack, but once someone has attacked him he has no problem unleashing his full fury. He sees no harm in killing but has yet been in a position that has required him to do so. He is merciless in battle, but knows when his opponent has been defeated and will not continue after his opponent has lost.

Personality: Kasayo is a kind-hearted person always wanting the best for everyone, but he has a dark side which tends to show more than he likes. Easily angered he has a tendency to go batshit crazy.

Clothes, Appearance, Equipment:

Kasayo has a ruby necklace his father gave he will never take off. His tattered crimson shirt hangs loosely from his shoulders. He also wears a pair of knee length pants that match his shirt both in color and quality. He is occasionally seen wearing the leather apron he wears when smithing.

Kasayo's black hair frames his face, his bangs cover his ruby red eyes and he is often seen shaking his head to keep the hair out of his eyes. He has a long scar running from his right ear down his jawline that he got from a particularly heated sparring match with his father.(no pun intended) He has broad shoulders but a thin muscular figure with strong arms.

He carries with him two ruby encrusted nodaichis that his father gave him. He keeps two leather straps draped across his shoulders underneath his shirt containing small glass jars full of explosive liquids. Kasayo also always keeps a hidden blade on the outside of his right thigh that is easily unsheathed in case of emergency.

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Anyone? Please?
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