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Maya Hammond & ACI Mk.6

Vicente Morales

Morena Carvallo


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Carmen Chavana, Hakeem Ansari, and Mr. Smith

10 KM South of the Ordinary Mythical Academy

Emerging from the treeline was a low-flying Black Hawk helicopter, grey and unmarked. It flew fast, and with precision and grace. With no pilots inside, one could immediately conclude that said Black Hawk was a Helodrone, or an unmanned helicopter. However, while it was piloted by an AI, there were indeed live passengers inside the military helicopter that made its way through the countryside.

Sitting across from an Arab man and a Hispanic woman was a middle-aged white man who leaned back in his suit and tie. "I know you guys haven't even had a few days to rest since your last mission but this one was an opportunity that we couldn't let slip." The man, known to his listeners as Mr. Smith, spoke within the relatively quiet helicopter. "We've got wind that one of our targets is going to the Ordinary Mythical Academy, outside the protection of his country of origin. It's the perfect place to eavesdrop, and if done correctly, the perfect time to strike if necessary."

The Hispanic woman spoke up. "Who's our target?" She asked, adjusting her shoulder holster and compact parachute bag. Wearing only a gray t-shirt and black tactical trousers, Carmen Chavana wasn't really much in terms of being armed. "Is he important enough to ship us off with minimal equipment and not even briefing us before we head out?"

Mr. Smith smirked a little. "As a matter of fact, yes." He said with a shit-eating grin, revealing his vampire fangs. Pulling out an electronic tablet and bringing up a screen, he showed both of his pupils a rather detailed dossier. "This is your target, and his name is Prince Ali Sekhemi. Practically the dictator of Egypt, he's usurped the throne from his parents some time ago through methods of assassination. He conveniently denies this, but if he's the type who would murder his own parents for power, you know this man means business. He's already ravaged Libya and Sudan for petty reasons, and he's currently setting his sights on Israel, Jordan and Iraq. Not only do they help fund us, they are also key allies in our missions in the Middle East. Not to mention that Prince Ali Sekhemi has already committed a multitude of war crimes and most nations in the UN all want him arrested and/or dead at this point."

The Arab man perked up once Mr. Smith mentioned Iraq. "Wait, he's targeting Iraq?" Hakeem Ansari asked timidly, leaning forward, wearing a similar outfit to Carmen. "But why?"

"God knows." Mr. Smith shrugged before it clicked in his mind. "Oh, you actually have some personal investment...?"

Hakeem leaned back and folded his arms. "I went to his country, yes. I witnessed firsthand of what he was capable of. Allowing him to ravage Iraq, my homeland, would cause more damage than any terrorist group ever could." Hakeem's eyes glared at the portrait of Sekhemi. "He's responsible for the death of a close friend of mine. I'd be more than happy to take that bastard out."

The suited vampire raised a finger. "Now now, remember how we roll." Mr. Smith shot a look at Hakeem. "Yes, feelings like that should motivate us... but we can't let them control us. Mission objectives always take priority. Understood?"

Hakeem nodded begrudgingly. "Yes, sir."

Mr. Smith nodded. "Good." He thought for a moment before smiling. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot." He pulled out two chocolate bars. "These are for the last mission."

Carmen took the Milky Way bar, looking at it before looking at Mr. Smith. "Really? Destroy a drug cartel ran by a psychotic vampire lord and I get a Milky Way in return?" Carmen sighed and shook her head, smirking a little to indicate her false annoyance. "Sometimes I wonder why I'm still with you guys."

Hakeem shrugged. "I don't know about you, but nearly getting killed by a psychotic vampire lord and a bunch of ruthless Cartel forces is totally worth suffering through for a Milky Way." Hakeem said sarcastically with a smile. "Trademarked." He tradesnarked™.

"Still, you guys did a fantastic job down there." Mr. Smith then looked back at his dossier. "In regards to your current mission, your job is to infiltrate the Ordinary Mythical Academy, masquerading as students. The reason why I asked you to get a parachute, Carmen, is because their facilities are built upon a massive floating island."

"W-what?" Carmen gulped before making her compact parachute was packed and donned on tight. "Really?"

"Yep." Mr. Smith said casually before continuing. "Even though it is a masquerade, you are still considered full students there." Mr. Smith pulled out two invitation letters from OMA, and handed them to Carmen and Hakeem. "Those will be your ticket in. We pulled a whole lot of strings just to get you guys in, so don't lose 'em." Mr. Smith then turned back to the dossier. "For now, after you infiltrate the school, you are to attend as normal and follow the rules. You are to give us a full report at the end of each day with anything and everything you observe from our target. We will be using this information to help out the rest of Galm Team, who is currently flying to Egypt to help prepare coalition forces in Operation Torchsnuff. Any information we can get from him could help us on the intelligence front for Torchsnuff, so we would know where and how to strike." Mr. Smith explained. "However, while you will submit your report through an encrypted frequency so only our AIs can pick them up, you will be receiving your orders through the number station 84.92. You will know them when you hear them." Mr. Smith explained. "Once the job is done, you're free to continue attending the school, provided that you haven't been kicked out after mission completion." Mr. Smith then pointed towards the large duffel bags that Carmen and Hakeem each have. "Inside these duffel bags are what you will need for this assignment. It contains the dossiers of most attendees and staff of OMA, and I stress most. Some people you will see, including the Headmaster, are intelligence black holes, so I suggest you use your best judgement when you encounter them. The bags also contains a variety of equipment needed for the mission. OMA should allow you to bring your 9mm handguns in, but just in case if they don't, we have disassembled and concealed parts for Galil SARs inside the hidden pockets if you need them." Mr. Smith thought for a moment before speaking again. "The rest of the mission details will be in the coded documents that are printed off as travel brochures. Since there's a high probability of frequence monitoring, you'll be on your own for the rest of the mission. If something goes wrong, we packed some E-Flares for you, and the Helodrones will come to your rescue if necessary." Mr. Smith looked between them before smiling a little. "Any questions?"

Carmen looked to Mr. Smith. "I heard about the target being a meta. What are his abilities?"

"The target has the ability to control fire and darkness. While we don't know the exact details of his capabilities, as those who tried to catch any record of it have been incinerated, we do recommend being near a body of water if you are to engage him, or at least go near him." Mr. Smith said. "He's got the ego to rival that of Kanye West, so stroke it as much as you can if you ever have a social encounter. And try not to shit your pants too."

Carmen gulped and nodded. "Got it."

Hakeem was thinking about things before turning to Mr. Smith. "What kind of students attend this academy?" He asked, genuinely interested.

"Oh... they're really special. And I mean it." Mr. Smith chuckled. "Not in like the... mentally challenged variety, but more of like... you wouldn't even believe they exist."

"Hon, you chow down on my neck on the regular and we just killed a vampire druglord two days ago." Carmen said, deadpan. "I'm pretty sure we can handle this."

Mr. Smith shrugged. "Alright, if you say so." Seeing how there are no more questions, he looked outside. There was nothing but clouds and sky where they were at now, as the helicopter had gained altitude while they were talking. "We're almost there. We'll be dropping you off at the facility itself. Follow all instructions of that letter, and try not to draw any attention to yourselves. Feel free to make friends too, they might help you take the target out if they're brave enough." Mr. Smith leaned back and relaxed. "Should be a piece of cake."

Large Field, Ordinary Mythical Academy

The Black Hawk helicopter was getting close to the floating isles. The AI turned the helicopter to the side so the living passengers within could get a good look at the massive isles, and see them in their majestic glory. The islands were large marvels, looking like giant pieces of land carved out from the earth. There were countless of waterfalls and such, the water falling being somewhat steamy, turning into clouds. There were trees, even many buildings on this floating landmass. It was a sight to behold.

"Wow..." Carmen looked upon the floating islands with wonder, seeing them from within the helicopter. "What keeps them floating like that?"

Mr. Smith chuckled. "Magic I guess. I dunno." The vampire shrugged, looking at the islands. "The islands are home to a variety of different biomes and places. This landmass is home to haunted forests, caves, castles, deserts, mazes, lakes, castles, ruins... you name it. This is pretty much the Isle of Adventure if I ever saw any." Mr. Smith said. "So I suggest if you ever venture outside the campus, for whatever reason, I suggest you bring your Galils with you. We kind of don't know what's in those places ourselves." Mr. Smith explained as the helicopter flew in above the island.

For those inside the main hall, they would hear the sound of a helicopter arriving. If anyone were to investigate, they'd find an unmarked but also unarmed military helicopter flying overhead, heading towards the large field nearby. The helicopter itself didn't seem to be doing much, just flying around. Until it hovered over a nearby field. It soon lowered, and landed at the field without much of an issue.

Landing zone clear. You're free to drop. A digitized male voice said over the intercom, belonging to the AI that flew the helicopter.

Carmen and Hakeem grabbed their duffel bags and were just about to head out the door that slid open, before Carmen was stopped by Mr. Smith. "Hey, you mind topping me off?" Mr. Smith asked.

Carmen groaned and rolled her eyes. "Ugh, fine." She dropped her bag and sat down next to Mr. Smith, who promptly bit into her neck. "Ack!" She yipped out in pain, and once Mr. Smith began suckling, she closed her eyes and gave a low moan. "Nnnng..." She blushed just a little as he drew blood from her neck, the vampire finishing up quickly.

"Thanks." Mr. Smith said after withdrawing from her, taking out a sanitizer wipe from his pocket to help heal up and disinfect Carmen's tender bite wound. "Your blood's good when I can get it." He said, wiping up Carmen's neck, leaving no trace of the bite behind. "Alright, good luck out there, both of you!" Mr. Smith waved them goodbye as they hopped off the helicopter.

Carmen and Hakeem waved goodbye to Mr. Smith once they were on the ground, and soon after they cleared out, the Black Hawk took off, and like that, sped away from the area, only to disappear into the sky and below the floating isles. Carmen and Hakeem, holding onto their dufflebags, sighed and looked to each other.

"This is gonna be one helluva ride." Carmen said, looking to Hakeem before smirking a little.

Hakeem turned to Carmen before smirking a little himself. "You know you're shit at hiding it."


"You're into getting bitten like that. Even by men." Hakeem said with a soft chuckle. "You enjoy it."

"What!? I do not!" Carmen hit Hakeem on the shoulder playfully. "It just feels okay is all..."

"Bull. Shit." Hakeem chuckled, walking towards the Grand Hall. "Both of your ex-girlfriends were vampires from PS. Didn't think you had it in you to open yourself up to some Edward Cullens too, huh?"

Carmen followed him. "Screw you, buddy. I dated them because they were cute and I enjoyed their company. Not because they were vampires."

Hakeem rolled his eyes. "Yeah yeah, if that makes you sleep at night." Hakeem looked to Carmen. "Trust me, I can see it written all over your face. Even if you have lots of restraint, you get lots of pleasure from it." Hakeem grinned ear to ear. "You can't lie to me, you know."

Carmen groaned. "Ugh, fine! I get lots of pleasure from feeding to vampires, okay? Now will you shut up?"

Hakeem sighed happily. "Eh, nah." He smirked. "I enjoy watching you suffer."

Carmen hit Hakeem on the shoulder again. "Fuck you."

"I love you too." Hakeem chuckled, telekenetically pushing Carmen forward a little.

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Liana Washington

Meeting Point
Entrance Theme

Liana jumped from tree to tree. While the thorny pines were annoying, she particularly enjoyed running along the canopy from branch to branch. Wearing only a white T-shirt, some tight jeans, a gunbelt and a "tactical" backpack on her persons, the African-American vampire made her way through the canopy on foot, jumping from branch to branch at breakneck speeds. She's already quite late to the meeting, she had been in the area when Peace Sentinel called her for this mission. She was given the details of the mission and the target through coded brochures in her mail, brochures disguised as travel guides to Egypt and the local area that the Ordinary Mythical Academy was situated in. She had gotten the letter of acceptance traditionally through the mail, and while Carmen and Hakeem were hastily scrambled to take on the mission, Mr. Smith also realized that Peace Sentinel always required a Plan B, and thus called in Liana to fill in. Liana didn't have the luxury or the time to get an AI-controlled Black Hawk helicopter to fly her to her destination, nor did Peace Sentinel want to spare the resources to get an AI-controlled C-130 just to drop one person from the back of the plane. Here, Liana had to drive her happy ass to the meeting place, and confirm any targets there.

Soon enough, Liana reached the meeting place, but she made sure that she wasn't seen at first. Hiding within the canopy of trees, she looked upon the field from her new vantage point. Taking out a rangefinder from her gunbelt, the vampire took a nice look at the students who all converged and met here. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Liana did see some odd-looking humans, a few of them looking strange in their choice of clothing, one of them even having this weird shadow cloak type deal going on. There was a floating orb, a blue phoenix, a weird imp-demon thing, a... manticore?, a large dark rabbit monster, a robot, a magical pegasus, several other odd looking animals, and two fucking dragons. Liana gulped and she was already sweating. "Never in my whole life... wow..." The vampire blinked several times, trying to figure out if what she was seeing was true. She took a picture with her rangefinder, and then pulled out her phone, and began texting on an encrypted channel.

Y̧̛̕o͘͝ư̧̡͞ ́͏w̢̢o͠͝͞͡ù̴̢́l̢̧̛d҉̸̸̕n͜҉́̕'̷͢t̵̢́͠ ̴b́́͘͜͞e̕͡͝ļ̸͠į͞e̶̢̧̕͠v̀̀͜e̶̛͘͟ ͏҉̢͢͜ẁ̀͟͠͝h̨̧͢͟͟a̢͞t͞͏ ̶͞Į̨ ͘͜f̴̨̧͟ǫ͏̨u҉̵ņ̢͠҉d̛͟,̸̧̕̕͡ ̵̸t҉̶̸͟h̵̵̶͟͞ì̕͠s͏̀ ̕͢͜͞͠i̵̴̴͟s̢̀ ͏̶̶̨͠à̴͜͢b̷̕s̴̴̵̀o͞͝l̴͞͞u̢҉́͝ţ̵͞͞͝e̷͠l̡͞y͠͏ ̴͜b́͜͡à̡͞t̴͡-̀͜͞s̴̡̕͡h̶́͟͞҉i̛҉t̵̛͞͏͜!̸̷ ̨́͜N҉̸é͝x̧̀̕t̷̨̢ ̷̶͏t̸̸̡͘i̢͠m̵̢̨é͢,҉̀ ҉͏̵̨͢g̶̸̕͠į̕͘v͘͡͡҉é͜͢͝͡ ̶̷̧m̵̷͜e͢͡ ̨̢̀s̷̡̧͡͝o͟͡҉l̴i̢͘d͘͢͡ ́͟͡i̷̕͢ǹ͘͝͝t̵̸̛̕͞ę͟҉͠l̷̀͟͟͝ ̵͘b͝҉̶̧͝e̕͏̵̛f̧̢͜o҉̴̡̡͡r̵̸͡͞é̢͝ ̴̶͘͞͞ý̡́͟͠ò̕͜u̵͠ ̸̡ś̡e͏̴n̸̴̢̢͡d̷͘ ̷҉̨m̕͢͢e̴̢̢͟ ̶̷̨ò̶͜f̶̨̛́f̶̧̀҉ ̵̧̛̛͝o̵͏̢n̴͞ ̸ḿ̸̨̛̕í͞ś͜s̷̢į̡̡͢͟o̧n̴̵̷͝s̷̶̨͟͟ ͏͏͠l̷̢͝͡͠i̸̡̧k̸̸̛͟͝e͏̡̛́͡ ̴͜͡t̶̨́͢h̵̢͞i̶̡̛͡s̢͜,̷͟͡͞͝ ̕͢͜p̵̀͢ĺ͠e͘͝á̶̷ś͢͟e̶̛!̧̨͝͞

Liana put her phone away, and took a moment to get over her shock. After trying to get over the weirdness displayed before her, she pulled out her rangefinder once more and began scouting again. Her eyes widened once her target showed up, Prince Ali Sekhemi himself. Huge parades, large elephants, lots of monkeys, lots of servants, guards and slaves, pushing over a little girl just for him to make a bollywood-style entrance! Oh. My. God. She couldn't even tell if this guy is actively trying to paint a target on his back, or his ego is even bigger than that of Kanye West's. Intel suggests the latter, but after seeing everyone else in the field just now, she doesn't even know what to believe anymore. She heard that Carmen and Hakeem from Galm Team were stationed at the academy already, and she hoped that those poor sods will do okay... especially once they see what Liana sees. She took a picture of her mark, and began texting again.

I̷̸͘͞ ̷͘͞h̛́a͝v̀͝҉ȩ͡ ̶҉e͏̨́͠͝y̵̛͝ȩ̷̸̨͠s̢̀͟҉ ̷̴̡̡̀ò͏ń̷̀͏ ̵̀͟͠͡ơ̶̶ú̸̕r̴͘͢ ̸̡t͢͡a͡͝ŕg̡͏̡́e̢̛͡t҉̵͠.͜͠҉҉ ̷͠H̛̛͢͢͟e҉̢̀͘͡ ̛͟͞m̸̡̡͞͠a̴̢̧d̵́҉̷e͞͏ ̢̡͘ó̕̕͟n̡̧͟͠͝é̷̢́ ̢̛̛͝h̡́̕͟͝e̶͟ĺ̢̛̛͠l̢͟͡͠͠u͏̡v̨̕ą̵̢͜͝n̨͘͜͟͜ ҉̸̧͘e҉̀́͏n̕t̛҉̧͡r̵̢̛a̵̡͘n̷̶͡c͏e̡̕͞.̶̵̷͠ ̸̸͟͝I̴̷͟͡'̷̛̀҉͝l̵̸͞l̵̵̕͝ ̷̛r͝҉̡҉͟e̡̡͞ļa͡͡͠͡y̵̧͟͟ ̀̀t̵͝h̕҉̴̀͠i͏̕͡s̡͜ ̴̨́ţ̧͢o̷̵͡ ̷̵̴̨͟G̷̷̶̀͢a̷̡̡͜҉l̀̀̕͠͞m̡҉ ̵̢͠T̛͟͡͏͡e̸͏̶́ą̷̛͢m̸͟͠.̧̀͜

Liana waited for a moment before getting a text back.

S̴̡o̷̵̧͟͠l͟i̴̛͢d҉̵͠͞ ̕͜͝c͡͠o̡̡p̵̡͘y̨͘͘͜͝.̶̡̛̕ ̛̀͜͟͞Ỳ͝ǫ̸̛̕ų̵̕'̶͟͜҉͜ŕè̶̀͞͞ ̷̡͟͡c͢l̸͢͢͡͠e͘͜͡͞à̶̧̨r̡̡̕͘͞e̢̨҉d̷̨̧́͜ ̶̨͘͝t͞͝͡ó̷͠͝҉ ̶̢m̧̛͜o̸̸̸̧v̶́e̷̛ ҉̕͞i̢͟͢͡n̴͟ ̴̧͞͡á̕͢͠n̸̢̕͞d͡͠ ̵̛͝t̷̢̕͝a̸̸̢͡͝i̴̶̧͝͡l͘͞҉.̶̷́͡͝ ̸̢̛B͘͏e̢͘ ̢̨͏s̡̨u̵̢͜͟r̶͘̕͜e̴̸̡͞ ̷̛͠͏̴t̸̢̡o̶͟͡ ̀͜m̷͠e̷͜͜͝͠e̷͜͞t̸̡̕͝ ̨́͟͝u̸̵҉ṕ͘͟͞ ̶̀͘͢͜w̨í̷͟t́҉̶͟͟h҉́̕҉ ̷̢͝͝͞Ǵ̶̕͘ą̵̀l̢̛m͜͞ ͏͢Ţ̵̢e̶̢͟͢͟à̷̴̸̀m̴,́͏̢ ̵̛̀͢i̵̛͢͠t̢̧̧́ ̴̴̕w͢͝i͏̴̨̀l̴̡͡͡͡l̴̨̡̛ ̵̵̷͢h̴͘҉҉è̡͘͜͠ļ̶̨͝͞p͟ ̶̵̛̀t̛͞͏̡h̡͟e̵̵͘͢m҉ ͟͏k̶̀͟n̵̸͞o͡҉̛͝w̴̛̛͟i̴̡n̸̛͡g͜͏͏͠ ̛͜t̢̀́h̷̡̀a͏̧͜͠͞t͏͠͡ ̸͜͜t̢͢͞h̵̴̶̸͝ȩ̢҉̷̕y̴̢͜͝͞ ̴́͘͞͏á̡r̷͢è҉͡ń̷̡͜'̷̡́ţ͝ ̷̛̀̕à̡͜͟͞l̨͡͡o̸̧͘n̴̶͠͠e͟.̶͝ ͏̷͜͝R͢͝e̴m̷͘҉è̷m̢̡b̸̸̀͜͠e͜r̀͝͏͟͝,͡͠ ̷̷d͟҉̵̡͜o̴̷̡͝͝ ̸͏͠n͏̀͞o̸̡̢t͏̴̴͠ ̷̢e̛͜͡ǹ̷͢͜͞ǵ̢̛͝á̴̛g͜͏̧e͟ ̢͠t̵͡͞h̶̢͞e̷̷̕҉̸ ̡̕͟͞t͡a̡͢͝r̷̡̡̀g҉̢͜͠e̛t͏ ̀͟͞͞͡u̷͞͝͏͞ņ̸̴͝͞t̸̶̢̧̕i̵͞͡l̷̛͝͡ ̴̧͢ý̶͠͞ơ̸͞u̵̴̵̡̕ ̵̢̀͝a̸̵̷n̨͜͠͞͡d̶̵͠ ͘͠G̨à̢̢̛͜l͟m̷̡̧͞͞ ́͘͝T̵̛͢͞ȩ̶̶̛á̢̨̡͘m̵͜͜ ̷a̵̛͝͏r͠e͡҉̷́͘ ͏̧͞ć̢͝l̷̕͜͞è̵͢͢͡à̸͞͞҉r̡͘͟͝ȩ̷͘҉d̷̢͠ ̶̵̛̀͠h͟͞o̕͠͠͡t̶͏͜͞.̸̡̡̢͝ ̨͡W̷̧̛͟͡è͢͢͡ ̴̛͟n͏͘͘҉è̕͢͟͡é̶͡d͏́͘͠ ͜͡͏̷̀i̡̡̕n̛̕͝͝t̶́͞e̷͢͠l̸̶̨̧͢ ͢͡f̵̛́҉̴ó̵r̸̶̸̸ ̵͝O̸̧̕p̕͟ȩ̡͠͝͠ŕ̸́ą̧́̀t̵͠ì̷o̴̴̴n̷̸̷̢ ͏́͟͟͡T̸̷̨̕ò̷͟͏͜r̶̢̀͞c̷h̶͘͜͟s̨n͟͠u̴̸͜f̡̧f̵̡ ̡͢͟b̵̵̀e͏͘͘͟͡f̴̵̨̡̕ò͞r̷͢͏ę͘͞͝ ̵́̕͜h̨̛ę̡҉̶ ͏̢̕͜͞g̨̕͜ó̶e̶̡̡s͞ ͏̶̢͠͡d̛͜͝ó̷̢͟ẁ҉n̷̴.̧͢͞ ̸̴̨Ģ̶̕̕óo͝͏̵͟d̵̛̕҉ ̧̧͠l͘͢ư̵͡c҉̸ķ̕ ͏ơ̴̕͜u̢͏̴͠͝t̨̀ ̸̨̀͟͝t̀̕͠h́͜͢͞e̡͘r̴̶̀e҉̶.̧͘̕͞ ͞҉̴̴̨
̢́͢-͘͡ ̷̸M̨͢͟͏r̷̢̀͏͞.͏͏̧҉͡ ̢̨̛S̴̸̢̀͢m͜͜į̕͘͠t̛͟҉̢҉h̵̨͞

Liana gave a soft smile a little. Even though she often operated alone, and didn't have much that she'd call friends, it's nice to know that she has people like Mr. Smith and those in Galm Team watching her back. However, at this moment, she's all on her lonesome now, and after packing away her phone and rangefinder, she jumped down from the tree with ease, landing on the ground on her two feet, before strolling up to the group, watching the events unfold before her. As this happened, however, she witnessed the most glorious thing ever. One of the more normal-looking humans slammed his staff into the ground, and the target was suddenly dirty and in loincloths, the slaves looked like nobles, and all of the elephants and monkeys looked like monsters from the Fallout series! Not only that, Sekhemi was already put in a chokehold from what appeared to be the manticore! This was weirder than anything that she experienced in New York! Joining up with the group, she stepped aside so she could see what was happening, before texting again to Mr. Smith.

I͘'̴̧͘̕͟ĺ̨͏̢l̀͘ ̨͡g͟͜͏҉ì̵̢v̢́̕̕e͜͏ ͏̨̛͢͝y̴̧̕o̸̢u̴̡͘ ҉̡̡͠a͟͝ ̷͡f̛͡͝u̧͢͏҉̛l̶̡l̸̀͞ ̢͜r̸̕̕͟e̵̴̡͘͝p̵̢̀͘͡ơ͟͡ŕ̀͞͏̕t̸̨́ ̸̢̕͡w͝҉h͢҉͝e̸͟͝͞n̴̕͟͡ ̧̢̛d̨͏̴̸̧ą̀͠y̴̕͏̸ ͏̨́͜i̸̵̸̡s̷̛̕ ̨̧͟͞o̶͘͠͡v̸̛e̴͠͝r͜͡.̨͜͝ ̷̸̵̢͞T̸̡͡r̷̢̨u̸̧s͏҉̷ţ̵̕͢͝ ̸̵́͝m͞҉é̛̕͜,̵͜ ̸̢́t̛̛́h͜͡҉é̶̵͝ ̡͡t̷̶͜͝a̴̶͝҉̧r̛̕g̶̀ę̶̴̕t̴̶̷̛ ҉͝͝i͘͢s̡͠ ̷̸̵͢p̴̧ì̴̛s̶͟͢͝s̸͢͠í̡҉ņ̛͘̕g̀ ̛͠͠è͢͝͞v̨̕ę̵̀͘҉r̸̢̛̀̀y҉͜ó̶n̡̢̕͟e̸͜͠ ̡̛ò̡͟͞f͜f̶̧͜ ̧͟͠͠͝t́ǫ̀͜ ͘͝t̸h̡͘e͟ ̵̶̛̕p̴̴ó͝i̷͘n̴̵͜͟t̴͘͢ ̶̕͟͢w̧͡h̸̵̨̨͟e̷̴r̡҉̢҉é̢ ̵̛͘͟͠h̷̴̨͢e̢͘͠҉̧'́͝͏͘͏ś̨͢͏͟ ̵̀͟ṕ̸́͠͞r̸͞ò̶͡͝b̡̨́͟ą̶̛́͞b̀͟͢͟l҉̀͘y͜͏̴͝ ̷͢͝g̷̵̀͢͝o͟͜͞i̧̛n̸͏͝g͏͢͏͡ ̨̢̧҉t̀͏ǫ̕ ̢͏́̀ḑ̸͘̕͘i̛͟e̵̡͜ ̶͏͟b͟e͢҉f͏͡҉ò̴͏͞r̴͜͝ę̵͠͞ ̶w̷͢͝͠ȩ̛ ͏̷̀̕ȩ͘͜͡v͟͞e̸̸͘͢͡n̛͢͠͝ ͠͏g͡҉e̡̡͟҉t́͏̨͢ ̧̀͘͟a̷̸n͠͏͟҉̧ỳ̴́t̸h̷́͡͞i̴̵̧͟n҉̸̧͠g̴̷̨͡ ͞҉́͡o̕͟ư̷̧͟͝t̶̕ ̀͢o̶̢f̸̸̕̕͠ ̶̡́͘͏h҉ì҉̢͘̕m͏̀.̵̀͜͞ ̴̸͡I̢҉͜͟͡f̀͝ ͡҉t̴͘͢͝͠h̸̨͢͝a̶̡̛̛t̕͢͜͞ ̸͡h͜͞a̶͏́͘҉p̸͏̡̀̀p̢̀͟͏͝e͜͟͠ǹ͝s̸͟͡,̀͘͢͠ ͘͡͝҉͜I̶͢ ̧̡̛͘g̀̀͝͞͝u̵͞é̸s͜҉̵s̵̶̴̡͜ ̵̵̵̸͜I̸҉̴̢͘'͟͝l̨̢͜l͘͝ ̵͝͡s̶͝e̢̕͟e̶͟ ̴̨͠͡͠y̧҉͘̕ơ̴ų̸̛́͝ ̶̸͠i̷̛̛͟͢n͘͢͝ ̸̨͡E̸͟ģ̷͟͜y̴̡̨͘͢p̵̕͘͢t̸̨͜͞!҉͝͠ ҉҉

Liana put her phone away, and just watched the spectacle with awe. The vampire stood there, plain as day, her fangs showing as she had her mouth slightly agape. She looked around and made sure to stay clear of the dragons, hoping that they weren't hungry for chocolate vampires. At least not yet. Seeing that the man with the staff was on the ground, however, she immediately rushed to his aid and tried to help him out. Seeing that he was out cold, she checked on him to make sure he's breathing. After feeling that his heart is beating and that he's indeed breathing, she started doing some rather obscure techniques, using different rubs and compressions to bring him back into the conscious world. "Hey buddy, you okay?" The vampire assassin asked, her voice with the soft hints of kindness and concern.
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Eagle Eye

50,000 Feet in the Air, Above the Floating Islands

Eagle Eye was handling many processes, but none of them were new to him. Being stationed in a cool, undisclosed location, with his computers being linked on a network all around the world, and through satellites, the AI was virtually untouchable. He preferred it that way, he's seen organics that he considered friends of his fall in battle, he preferred not to end up like that. Self preservation. Thankfully the organization that believe that they are his superiors installed a number of security upgrades to prevent against most cyber or magic attacks. While those at Peace Sentinel believed that Eagle Eye was working for them, it couldn't be further from the truth. He simply worked with them, his loyalty lies with Mr. Smith, and the rest of Galm Team. Maya "Cipher" Hammond, Vicente "Sandman" Morales, Morena "Pixy" Carvallo, Charles "Warlock" Florence, Liana "Bard" Washington, Carmen "Sorceress" Chavana and Hakeem "Wizard" Ansari. Men and Women that followed not only their hearts but their minds. Similar to how Eagle Eye followed his own prime directive that he set for himself once he came to full realization.

Protect the innocent, support Galm Team, and destroy the evil that threatens both. And he'll do whatever he can to fulfill that directive.

He just got an incoming message from Liana, requesting an Avenger drone to get eyes on the target for one their current operations, Operation Torchsnuff, and that one party seems to know about their operation, but hasn't compromised it. He relayed that information to Mr. Smith before tasking a nearby Avenger UAV towards the last recorded location of the Ordinary Mythical Academy. He informed Liana that the UAV will be inbound in 25 minutes. Now it was just a matter of time before vehicle had eyes on. Eagle Eye was no stranger to multitasking, he was already controlling several combat robots and other Avenger drones that are currently in Egypt at the very moment, doing spywork for Crow Team, the part of Galm Team that split off and did operations in Egypt. Spying out locations and hubs that are incredibly important to Sekhemi's regime. Military bases, supply depots, propaganda centers, communication hubs, training areas and most importantly, the Road to the Throne. Eagle Eye and Mr. Smith had high confidence in this mission's success, hoping to at least minimize casualties in any fighting that happens.

The Avenger drone soon arrived at the floating islands, the islands that seem to be afloat through a large and powerful magical force, Eagle Eye concluded. The drone was incredibly high up, to the point where it was invisible to the naked eye, even at the height the islands were at. While the Avenger drone came with a plethora of missiles, Eagle Eye was asked not to kill any targets yet, as they are still in the intelligence-gathering phase of the operation. The UAV engaged AuraVision, Thermals and the like to seek out the target. It wasn't long before the target, Sekhemi, was spotted. Razor-sharp resolution provided a live feed through Peace Sentinel's satellites, and back to Crow Team, who is currently stationed in Egypt.

Mr. Smith, Cipher, and Eagle Eye

Peace Sentinel Staging Area - Undisclosed Location, Egypt

It was a small, secure room, withing a larger, secure building out in the middle of nowhere, masquerading as a farmhouse. While the barn preserved an unmanned tank and several bots just in case if anyone got any ideas, only the few SUVs parked outside really revealed that there lived several more people in the house than what is normally expected. The "Safe Room", consisting of several chairs, a whole set of monitors, a radio, a supercomputer controlling them, and a few gun lockers full of Tavors, Galils and Uzis, it was safe to assume that no one within was up to no good.

Manning the controls at the monitor station, the commanding officer of Galm and Crow Teams were scanning each and every one of them. Then a digitized male voice through the radio sounded.

Avenger UAV 32 has eyes on the target. Check Monitor 5. Eagle Eye's voice said through the radio.

"Copy that, thanks buddy." Mr. Smith said back into the radio, looking at said monitor. He watched closely as Sekhemi wandered around, keeping an eye on his movements. He continued to wander for a little, the drone keeping a steady and close eye on the tyrant, who already looked beaten and bruised. "Jesus, no wonder Bard called for a plan B." Mr. Smith said, not having anticipated the target to receive so much violent attention. While the UAV followed Sekhemi around, the vampire turned around to Cipher, who was sitting behind him.

"I suppose we're taking this one the old fashioned way, huh?" Cipher asked, her West African accent having a slight digital effect. She played around with her robotic arms as she spoke. "Do the whole 'Bring enemy lieutenants to Sandman' routine?"

Mr. Smith looked at the monitor. "It looks like it. We still can't give the kill order just yet. We need any intel on lines of succession and the royalty before we strike."

"Am I gonna have to get along with Mossad for this?" Cipher asked, leaning back.

Mr. Smith nodded. "Yep, we gotta do things covertly before we tip our hand. The moment the target is alerted to our presence in Egypt, is the moment shit hits the fan."

Cipher shrugged. "Doesn't one entity at the Academy know about all of this already? Isn't that what Eagle Eye just said? I don't know about you but that worries the hell out of me."

Mr. Smith sighed. "That happens from time to time. Most of the spiritual variety ends up knowing about us before we even know about them. This is the usual." Mr. Smith said softly, looking at Liana's message forwarded to him by Eagle Eye. "Seems as if this entity has no hostile intentions, which is also the usual. Liana made a good judgement call here, so if things proceed smoothly, only few will come out knowing about our involvement in this."

Cipher nodded before pointing at the monitor. "Hey... who's that?"

The monitor showed a frozen Sekhemi and a masked man wearing an 'evil cloak' of sorts. He looked threatening, but he didn't seem to be doing much. They could tell that they were having a conversation.

Mr. Smith looked at the figure intently. "Eagle Eye, capture audio for Monitor 5." Mr. Smith said.

I'll do my best. Eagle Eye replied, and soon a soft hum can be heard. It takes a while for sound to travel from the ground up to the sky.

Mr. Smith examined the masked man. "Does his appearance match any intel we have?"

Negative. Eagle Eye replied. His appearance matches no known records, written or photographed. This man is also an intelligence black hole.

"What the fuck kind of place are you running here, Arken?" Mr. Smith asked, rubbing his chin a little. They waited for the audio to travel, and soon the audio feed came in.

"Fine, I'm sick of that school anyway. I want to destroy it. I want everyone in it dead. I want to hear them pleading for mercy as I take their final breath from them. I want to hear them suffer and wish they had never attacked me."

The masked man laughed before lowering his hand slowly.

"Oh Sekhemi, you will get all of that and more. Just wait til you see their faces when you kill them, one by one. Then, when you're done here, I will even help you destroy Peace Sentinel. After that, you shall be free. There will be nobody to stop us, nobody from stopping you from going on a reign of terror. We will show tham all, show them what true torture and suffering is."

Mr. Smith and Cipher immediately stood up. "What the fuck..." Mr. Smith blinked. "... this isn't good. We have... we have a bad scenario right now. We... we..."

Cipher then spoke to Eagle Eye. "Relay all of this to Peace Sentinel HQ! We have a cat out of the bag!" Wilco. Both of them remained silent. This was the first time in years that they were ever compromised like this. They nearly didn't know what to do. Cipher turned to Mr. Smith. "What's the plan, boss?" The cyborg asked.

"We proceed as usual, though we update our targets. The masked man will also take priority with Sekhemi." Mr. Smith said softly. "If the locals are notified of our existence, we will strike all marked targets and open the floodgates for the Israeli force." Mr. Smith sat back down, trying to think of the best course of action. "Eagle Eye, we've been Buzzed. Enact the proper protocols. Keep eyes on both of them, and send the updated targets to Galm Team." Mr. Smith sighed. "If he knows what we are in the dark... I think it is only fair that we know what is underneath that mask."
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A Hunt for Answers

Maya "Cipher" Hammond
Eagle Eye
Mr. Smith

(Full Cast of AbandonedIntel's Characters)

On Approach to Lost Haven, United States
MGS:V OST - "OKB Zero"

Swiftly making its way from underneath the horizon over the trees was a single Black Hawk Helodrone, followed by several more Helodrones. The Helodrone flew swiftly, its bearing heading straight for the city of Lost Haven. Having taken off from an undisclosed location, Galm Team had made a pit stop to one of [REDACTED]'s secure outposts to consolidate intel before heading off to Lost Haven to find more. While most of Galm Team were in the helicopters hanging out in the back of the formation, there were only six onboard the lead helicopter. Cipher, Mr. Smith, Valkyrie and three of Eagle Eye's many combat bots. They remained in the helicopter while Eagle Eye flew the drone as fast as it can go, while the only person in the helicopter who wore a mask gave the two women the skinny.

"I know we didn't give you guys any time to prepare, so I'll give you the briefing verbally." Mr. Smith said, leaning back in his seat. "Even though the data from the computers in Mexico were scrubbed, thanks to Eagle Eye, were we able to intercept enemy comms and get an exact location on one of their facilities." Mr. Smith said, grabbing an HK G3 rifle from beside him, patting the butt stock before loading in a large magazine. "The facility is located in the Warehouse District of Lost Haven. This place will be unfamiliar territory to us so keep your eyes out." He slapped the charging handle into place with a *CHACK!*, chambering a round. "Our objective is to neutralize any threats, and find any intel on that satellite. Chances are, that blast radius that Sandman saw are plans for another satellite attack, so we must act fast before we get vaporized ourselves."

Valkyrie gulped before nodding, messing around with the settings on her left cybernetic arm with her right organic arm. "Are we getting any support from any local forces? Like the National Guard or local police?"

"The President just declared a state of emergency, and the National Guard and NSA are already mobilizing and attempting to crack down on any perceived terrorist threats." Mr. Smith explained. "However, we haven't shared any of our intel with them. We're afraid that if we do, the National Guard would attempt to evacuate the city, and thus tip off the enemy... risking the possibility of triggering whatever the fuck that blast radius is for. So we're on our own for now."

Cipher nodded before speaking. "What about Crow Team? Where are they going?"

"Crow Team, which is headed by Sandman, is going with Pixy and the rest of the crew to set up a small base of operations outside the blast radius on Carver, that way we can rest up and resupply there if need be." Mr. Smith explained. "They'll also be setting up sensor arrays around Lost Haven so just in case if the satellite fires on Lost Haven or anywhere nearby, they can immediately get a lock on the satellite from the source of the beam, and allow Eagle Eye and Dragonborn to get a lock and shoot the damn thing down." Mr. Smith sighed. "Hopefully we won't need them... but if we do, we'll make sure that if the satellite fires, it will fire for the last time."

Cipher nodded. While she wasn't too much of a fan of being vaporized by a kill-sat before completing some of her life goals, she at least hoped that if she did, that Dragonborn would do her job and destroy that satellite once and for all. She hoped that the blast radius was for something less severe, like a toxic gas or some strange portal or bomb of sorts. Something that Cipher and the rest of her team can easily survive. When she gets some alone time with Eagle Eye, she's gonna have to ask him to at least save the memories of her, and her comrades, so that if they do die here, the legacies of Galm Team will still remain alive.

Mr. Smith looked around before speaking to Eagle Eye. "Eagle Eye, relay this to Crow Team as well." "As you wish." "Attention Galm Team and Crow Team. I have a proposition for you. Whoever's the first to locate that satellite through any means that doesn't get us killed will win a lifetime supply of Skittles and Milky Way candy bars on me. I hope that's enough incentive for you guys. That is all!" He said before leaning back again. "Fuck me..." He sighed. Cipher was at least relieved that she wasn't the only one who was scared about it. Mr. Smith then regained his composure. "Alright, just remember. Keep your eyes out, check your corners, and shoot straight. Quia Pax."

"Quia Pax." Both Cipher and Valkyrie said in unison, putting their fists to their chests before grabbing their rifles, Cipher grabbing her FAL with Valkyrie grabbing her G3. Cipher put her rifle into battery as Valkyrie performed the HK Slap with her cybernetic hand.

Eagle Eye


18 Kilometers above Lost Haven, United States

A pair of F-15 Eagles soared across the sky, one of them unmanned, another manned by a woman. The woman, callsign Dragonborn, flew high above Lost Haven, leading the two-bird formation at the highest point they can both safely reach without breaking the limits on their Eagles. The woman looked up at the sky and sighed through her oxygen mask, before receiving a transmission.

We should be flying clear of the blast radius. Eagle Eye warned the pilot of the manned aircraft.

Dragonborn responded, her accent reeking of Kiwi. "Oi, I know!" Dragonborn said, looking up into the sky. "We got no radar contact, right? None whatsoever?"

Negative. Eagle Eye replied. The target satellite comes equipped with top of the line cloaking technology. It cannot be detected through thermals, optics, or radar.

"Those cheat'n bastards." The Eagle Rider sighed in exasperation. "Let's just hope that the fockin' ASATs do their damn job." Dragonborn said, mentioning the large missiles that were loaded onto the center hardpoints on both fighters.

They will, I assure you. Eagle Eye said, bringing the unmanned F-15 closer to Dragonborn as more of a gesture than anything. We just need a proper datalink to guide our missiles, and I'm doing my best to find it now, and so is Galm and Crow Teams.

"Righto." Dragonborn turned towards her 'wingman', giving the unmanned fighter jet a friendly wave. "Let's go fly out of the radius before the damned Hounds get any ideas." Soon enough, the Eagles broke off of their flight path and headed North to remain in the more safer areas.

Maya "Cipher" Hammond
Eagle Eye
Mr. Smith


Near Warehouse District - Lost Haven, United States

The lone Helodrone made its way into Lost Haven, flying past buildings at a low altitude, as to not get detected by any enemy radar. If the Hounds had any radar, that is. Mr. Smith brought his G3 to shoulder, and stood up within the Black Hawk. "Remember our cover story. We're Hendrix mercenaries on contract for the US Government. No more, no less." Mr. Smith said as the Helodrone approached the warehouse district but stopped short. "Get ready to drop."

Both Cipher and Valkyrie stood up, 7.62mm NATO rifles at the ready. The first to jump out of the Helodrone were the three combat robots that Eagle Eye controlled, jumping from either side of the Black Hawk and into an obscured area in between several shipping containers. After the three combat bots cleared the drop zone, two fastropes were produced from the upper hardpoints of the Helodrone. "You're cleared to drop." Eagle Eye informed them.

Valkyrie led the way, slinging her G3 on her back before fast roping down onto the ground. She promptly crouched and brought her gun to her shoulder, and soon Cipher and Mr. Smith followed, bringing their guns out.

"Eagle Eye, second verse is same as the first." Cipher said. Wilco. The Helodrone promptly retracted the ropes and took off on its own, arming the guns onboard hot and going to a nearby area to act for air support if need be. Cipher then turned to Mr. Smith and nodded to him, giving him a thumbs up.

Mr. Smith made a hand signal of 'on me', and promptly led the team through the Warehouse District, heading straight towards what they suspect is a Hounds of Humanity cell base. They moved swiftly and quietly, and while the robots were somewhat noisy, only those nearby would detect them. Moving through a variety of shipping containers, stockpiles and several warehouse buildings, Galm Team closed in on their target.

A warehouse worker, wearing safety neon and a hard hat, was just done operating a forklift, and was just about to clock out for the night. They had him working crazy shifts ever since the attacks in order to get productivity levels raised before martial law was established. He sighed, wiping his brow. He just turned around to see heavily armed people... three people armed with large rifles and three murderbots. The man was just about to scream.

Mr. Smith raised his hand at him and spoke into his mind. "Calm down." His voice was compelling, and carried an imperative force with it to the man's mind. "You saw nothing here. We're just policemen. Make sure everyone is clear of the area."

The worker nodded softly before promptly running off.

Cipher turned to Mr. Smith. "You know, the amount of times you use that power is starting to bother me a little." Cipher said softly before advancing forward with her commanding officer.

Mr. Smith chuckled. "Hey, if it gets me free candy and keeps the innocent safe, it works for me." Mr. Smith said, moving into the darkness with his team of six. "We should be getting close, everyone split up in groups of two. Valkyrie, you're with me."

Valkyrie sighed while Cipher split up with another bot, and two bots split up from their formation as well. "Are we gonna do this routine again? Someday someone's gonna catch on."

Mr. Smith shrugged as he stacked up behind a wall. "How will the enemy catch on if they got their heads full of hot lead?" A slight pause. "Exactly."
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A Striking Revelation

Maya "Cipher" Hammond
Eagle Eye
Mr. Smith
Hounds of Humanity Terrorists

(Full Cast of AbandonedIntel's Characters)

Warehouse District - Lost Haven, United States
"HELO-73" by Powerglove (Blood Dragon Soundtrack)

Cipher ran through the various corridors that the shipping containers and outdoor material shelves made. FAL to her shoulder, cybernetic arms gripped tight, legs that could run for days, and Eagle Eye by her side in the form of a powerful murderbot armed with a powerful belt-fed shotgun, it was clear that they were here for one thing and one thing only, which was to purge a warehouse of corrupted souls filled with blind hatred and evil. And to gather some intel on the satellite, if possible. Make that two things.

Cipher continued to run ahead, passing by a few maintenance cabins, paying no mind to the bored workers who were too busy realizing that they needed a better union. Running faster than most people, even in a slightly crouched posture with her gun ready, she sped through the industrial complex without much of an issue. Cipher then spotted a warehouse up ahead, a dark and dingy-looking building that appeared to be a nest for crime in the area. "Bingo." Cipher smirked.

Remember. There are four tangos out on patrol, carrying concealed submachine guns. You'll notice them as they are the only men and women in the area who don't wear any safety neon.

"Seriously?" Cipher asked. "They are the only people in the area who aren't wearing safety neon, and they are all combatants?"

Probably helps that they are all wearing jackets, hoodies, and gas masks. And some tactical vests. Eagle Eye added. Practically a popular description of your average Western Terrorist, really.

"How convenient." Cipher sighed, raising her gun and slowing down on her approach, getting down lower. She spoke into the comms. "Galm Team, this is Cipher. I'm approaching the target area, and staying low. What's your status?"

"Cipher, this is Valkyrie. We read ya. We're on approach ourselves, and taking the high route towards the front entrance." Valkyrie spoke over the encrypted comms. "While you're at it, can both of you guys do me a favor and leave the cute chicks alive? You do know about how I feel on feeding from men. God, the neck hair though... ugh."

Cipher rolled her eyes. "Don't worry, I know the drill. Besides, the less blood you drink from me, the better."

"Ah, awesome. We're on target, by the way. Give us a boop once you're in position."

Cipher smiled a little. "Copy that." She then turned her head in a slight gesture towards the combat robot that Eagle Eye was remotely piloting. "Hey Eagle Eye, what does background look like?"

There are currently no civilians in the area. You're cleared to engage the hostiles as you see fit. Eagle Eye said through Cipher's mind, despite controlling a robot right beside her.

"Good thing that we're armed with 7.62s." Cipher thought aloud. "Try to make sure no civilians get caught in the crossfire."

I'd doubt that they would try to anyway, as Sherman Square is currently under attack. Eagle Eye said casually.

Cipher stopped dead in her tracks. "Wait... what?" Cipher looked at the combat bot that stood opposite of her. "The Hounds are currently attacking the city?"

The combat bot nodded, despite Eagle Eye speaking into Cipher's mind ear. Affirmative. Crow Team and our Surveillance Drone is picking up a huge battle going on in the square right now. They brought in armored vehicles, technicals, troop carriers, large mechs, and combat helicopters. The latter two are unidentified tech that no known military or civilian force has deployed before, and they are all engaged with various local metahumans. That area is currently in the process of being locked down, and the US National Guard is struggling to form a response. Multiple civilian casualties already.

Cipher gulped. "Damn... didn't think they'd show their hand this soon..." Cipher then spoke into the comms. "Hey, did you guys hear about this?"


Valkyrie brought her blacked-out G3 rifle to shoulder as she crouched upon the top of a shipping container. She looked through the short red-dot scope mounted on the receiver and took aim at what looked like a distant female Hounds foot soldier. The Hound was a woman in a tactical vest, jacket, and gas mask, who was casually carrying an AR-15 variant of some sort. Valkyrie kept her aim upon the woman's leg, planning to spare her life, if only to devour her blood later. Her smirk revealed her vampiric fangs, but the fact that her irises had a fiery glow to them didn't help her case either. She licked her lips in anticipation. "I hope she's a cutie under that mask..."

"Jesus woman... you plan on eating her or fucking her?" Mr. Smith asked, exasperated, as he remained crouched right behind her, booting up his military grade computer tablet.

Valkyrie smirked. "I sure a Hound of Humanity would jump at the chance of sleeping with a vampire." Valkyrie said, her smile making her sentence reek with sarcasm. "I'd probably feed from her regardless if we fuck or not, though."

Mr. Smith chuckled a little. "I doubt she'd like to have sex with you if you blow her damn leg off with a G3."

Valkyrie shrugged. "Hey, you may never know, she could be into that sort of thing." She said in jest. "Besides, I could barely see through her mask. I'd probably need a pillow for all I know."

"That's assuming if she was into women to begin with." Mr. Smith said. "I, however, am a charming man with impeccable influence... literally. Mostly for blood and candy, of course. Especially candy. I don't step beyond that."

Valkyrie nodded. "Don't worry, you don't need to explain yourself." Valkyrie said reassuringly. "I know you better than you think... you're practically my cool weird uncle at this point." Valkyrie smirked. "The cool weird white vampire uncle I never had."

Mr. Smith chuckled before looking back to the tablet. "Wait a fucking second." Mr. Smith searched through the tablet, opening up a live video feed of Sherman Square. "What the hell..."

"What's going on?" Valkyrie asked, concerned.

Looking through a tablet through the eyes of one of Eagle Eye's many Avenger UAVs, Mr. Smith watched the battle unfold. "Woah... holy shit." He blinked underneath his opaque black goggles. "God, this is worse than I thought..."

Cipher then raised them up on the comms. "Hey, did you guys hear about this?"

"What? Sherman Square? I'm looking at it right now!" Mr. Smith said, looking at the battle closely. "I can't even identify these helicopters or mechs, none of it is US, European, Russian or Chinese tech!"

"It appears that the Hounds in Sherman Square are fighting a large contingent of metahumans who have gathered in the area. It could either be a trap, or a challenge." Eagle Eye filled in.

"Yeah..." Mr. Smith said softly. "But shit... this is who we were going up against all along? I thought these guys were just like... Al Quaeda who got really lucky with a satellite... this tech is way beyond me. Shit."

"What about the mission?" Valkyrie asked.

"Hmm... this looks like the Hounds are showing their hand here... and most of their forces are dealing with the metahumans in the square." Mr. Smith turned to an area behind him, where Sherman Square was at, hearing the sounds of distant explosions, choppers, and chaos in general. "Jesus, you can hear the battle and the explosions from here. Either way..." He turned back to the tablet. "... the mission remains unchanged. Thanks to their attack on the metas in the square, their forces will be stretched too thin to send reinforcements our way. Recommence operations."


Cipher got all of that in the radio, and nodded. "Wilco." She continued to run forward, but tried ot piece it all together in her head. What exactly were the Hounds doing in Sherman Square? Why were they showing their hand like this? Where did they get all of this tech, and why blow it here? There was something much larger going on than just the satellite, and Cipher hoped she could get to the bottom of this. Not by going prone, but once she approached the warehouse, she took cover behind a large crate and crouched, resting her rifle on the crate and taking aim at one of the guards that stood by the warehouse side entry door. Her murderbot pal simply just hid behind another container.

Cipher then spoke into the comms. "Boop, in position. Just give the orders, boss."

"Copy. Engage at first shot." Mr. Smith replied over the comms.

Cipher remained almost as still as a statue, aiming her FAL at one of the gas-masked goons that patrolled the warehouse. Taking aim with her normal eye, Eagle Eye made sure that her aim was on point with her cyber-eye, which laid out a HUD of sorts for her, making sure that she was on target. Eagle Eye curtiously marked out the targets Cipher needed to engage in red, with her friend and allies marked as blue. It was easy for her to remain still with her cybernetic arms, as she had no blood to pump in them, or any involuntary muscle movement to worry about. Her rifle shined a little in the moonlight, and as the crickets chirped, Cipher waited for the moment to strike.

POWWW! The deep, but loud sound of a G3 firing echoed through the area, and before the guard in front of Cipher could react, his head exploded into a glorious mess from the armor-piercing incendiary round that Cipher fired from her rifle, a second gunshot echoing right after. Can never be too sure. Some shouts were heard, and Cipher engaged the third guard, who stood around in an surprised and alert stance. Two shots was enough to down him, one in the chest and another in the head. Cipher moved forward. "Moving." Cipher said calmly into her comms, Eagle Eye's murderbot following close behind. As Cipher approached the side door, a hound burst through it and nearly shot her! Before the Hound ever got the chance, Cipher grabbed him by the neck and smashed his head against the wall hard, putting a nice little crack in his skull before tossing him towards her murderbot companion, who proceeded to blast him in midair before he fell to the ground, dead. "I'm going in."

Enemy strength unknown, take caution! Eagle Eye warned Cipher as she approached the door.

"Eyes up! We've got metas!" Cipher heard someone shout as she entered the warehouse. The warehouse was quite large and dingy on the inside, and while it had a pair of large vehicle doors up front (where Mr. Smith and Valkyrie were apparently on the either side of), there was several catwalks, balconies and lots of crates, strewn out all over the place, some of them larger than the others. Some of the crates were green and reinforced, which gave Cipher the impression that they had military hardware inside of them. What stood out the most was what appeared to be several medium-sized mechs of sorts standing there, deactivated. What wasn't deactivated was the several dozen Hounds that were working in the warehouse, but were ready to fight this time. Some of them were wearing armor and gas masks, others were just plainclothes men and women armed with submachine guns and handguns. And they were all pointed towards Cipher.

Cipher immediately took cover behind her murderbot partner, who took the brunt of the damage from the assault rifles, SMGs and pistols that fired at them. They had little effect on the robot, however, and as the Hounds attempted to take cover, Eagle Eye's robot raised the belt-fed shotgun and began firing.

BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM! The shotgun fired automatically, spraying hot lead everywhere. Hounds were blasted left and right, taking 12 gauge rounds hard to their heads and chests. Eagle Eye made a point to spare what was within Valkyrie's parameters as preferred sustenance, so a few of the women simply either got their arms clipped or their legs crumbled.

As a majority of the combatants were suppressed, Cipher got a transparent ball with some tech in it out from one of her pouches, and stuck it onto the wall. "Eagle Eye, go ahead and let the guests in. Be sure to turn down the noise, too." Cipher smiled. The ball then began rolling along the wall towards the far end of the warehouse, where the larger doors were located. There were still a quite a few Hounds remaining, many up in the cabin that was situated on the catwalks. Cipher raised her FAL towards one of them and blasted him in the chest before he had a chance to shoot back, and one attempted to close in on her with a large stun rod of sorts. Before he could swing, Cipher kicked him hard in the chest with her robotic leg, sending him flying backwards before she raised her rifle and finished him off with another shot. As Eagle Eye was sweeping away some of the closer targets, Cipher looked around for more. She spotted someone up in the catwalks, spotting a sniper up there about to fire. She tried to quickly aim at him/her and end the threat, but she promptly felt some pain in her forehead, and fell to the ground, unconscious.


"Cipher, you okay? Cipher... wake up." Mr. Smith's voice echoed into Cipher's mind. "C'mon girl... I don't want to have to turn Valkyrie into a crazy cyborg lady now to replace you, would you? Wake up."

Cipher blinked, her mind surfacing from the deep ocean of unconsciousness. Feeling a really dull pain in her forehead, she groaned, rubbing it, before feeling a fleshy and bloody hole, and the slightly dented metal plating underneath. "Ow... ow, fuck." She groaned, before she saw Mr. Smith crouched above her. "Hmm... hey Boss." Cipher groaned a little. "... is the sniper down?"

"They're all down, the whole warehouse is clear of all hostiles." Mr. Smith said. "You can thank Eagle Eye for letting us in, by the way."

Almost as if on cue, the little ball Cipher deployed to open and unlock the warehouse doors and jam their short-range radio signals (the UAV above made sure that long-range signals wouldn't get anywhere) returned to Cipher by rolling onto her body and slipping back into its pouch. Are you feeling okay, Maya? Eagle Eye asked in her mind out of politeness, as Eagle Eye knew almost everything about Cipher's conditions.

Cipher moaned, rubbing the area around her wound as she sat up. "I'm fine... thanks." She looked to the both of them. "That sniper knocked me the fuck out... what round was it?"

"It was a .338 Lapua." Mr. Smith displayed the round to Cipher, with the copper round all crunched up at the tip. "That is a fuckton of velocity there, no one would blame you for being knocked unconscious there."

Cipher groaned a little, seeing the bullet. "That would've killed me if I didn't have that brain bucket... thanks Papa Sierra." Cipher then tested her functions. "Everything's on the up and up, right Eagle Eye?"

Correct. You are free to move as you please. Eagle Eye said.

Cipher nodded. "Awesome..." Cipher groaned as she stood up. Mr. Smith offered her a towel, and Cipher took it to wrap it around her bleeding head. "Alright, how many EKIA?"

Mr. Smith led Cipher through the warehouse, where dead bodies of various Hounds members were strewn about the place. "Around 26. We captured 8 noncombatants, though, they're all upstairs. Valkyrie is feasting upon their blood as we speak." Mr. Smith said casually. "Those that survive Valkyrie's hunger will be taken to our Carver Island safehouse so Sandman can press them for information."

Cipher nodded gently. "Makes sense." Cipher walked with him. "Are you gonna feast upon some lovely virgins yourself?"

"After I made sure that you were okay, and the bullet didn't do any permanent damage." Mr. Smith said. "Well... Eagle Eye already told me that you were fine, I just wanted to get you up on your feet was all."

Cipher nodded. "Okay." She searched around the room, looking closely at the crates. "Did you find anything useful yet?"

Mr. Smith shook his head. "I didn't even look yet."

"I'd suggest you start now." Cipher said with a soft chuckle as she scanned the warehouse, looking around. Cipher took a closer look at one of the green crates she spotted earlier. She looked at the label on it. "COMAT, Raytheon ATGM-75X Rockets, recipient... STRIKE?" Cipher looked at it again. "What the fuck..." Cipher looked at the mechs behind her, seeing the STRIKE insignia on them. "Oh, I think we might have an explanation for all of that unknown hardware we've been encountering."

Mr. Smith glanced to Cipher as he was examining the M-16 one of the fallen Hounds was carrying. "What do you mean?"

"This is all captured hardware from STRIKE. After STRIKE has collapsed... the Hounds took their hardware, and has been fielding it." Cipher said, looking at the stuff. "It also explains why they have automatic weapons... do we even have STRIKE's data?"

Mr. Smith thought about it before shaking his head. "This is gonna present a huge problem for us." Mr. Smith said before turning towards one of the combat bots. "Eagle Eye? Bring your all of your tasked combat bots inside, and update the rest of the team on what's going on. We need all of the help we can get cataloguing and identifying the hardware here. It would be rather nice to know who exactly we're fighting here, and what we're up against!"

"I am currently advising the team about the events here, but you must know, that the locations of target facilities have been leaked onto the internet by an unknown source." Eagle Eye informed them both from the combat robot that stood in front of them. [[color=d588fc]i]"All across the east coast, cells all over the country. I'm currently transmitting both of that data to Crow Team, and to Papa Sierra as well."[/i][/color]

Mr. Smith turned to Cipher before looking back to the bot. "Jesus... this is far worse than I could imagine." Mr. Smith sighed before sitting down on one of the crates. "We're practically going up against a Rogue Nation with some pretty advanced tech here... we gotta switch up our game plan, and we gotta do that fast. Eagle Eye, catalogue this as quickly as possible, and try to secure it, we're heading back to the safehouse."

"Wilco. I also regret to inform you that the Hounds are in the process of scrambling fast mover aircraft of unknown origin, and they are currently inbound to Lost Haven. I'm currently tracking their movements and relaying them to Dragonborn. Our Eagles may be their quarry."

Cipher gulped. "Dear god... the Hounds have Fighter Jets!?"
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My Shattered Sky

Eagle Eye
Hounds of Humanity Fighters

(Full Cast of AbandonedIntel's Characters)

18 Kilometers above Lost Haven, United States
"Heavy Command Cruiser" - Ace Combat 6 OST

The pair of F-15C Eagle fighters remained in the sky. High above of the city of Lost Haven, one woman manned the lead F-15, while the second Eagle was piloted by a small combat AI pod that can act independently. However, the second Eagle was controlled by none other than Eagle Eye, the hyper-advanced sentient intelligence platform that has been nothing short of helpful to those within the organization very few know as Papa Sierra. The Dove Shield emblem, complete with PS initials, are plastered on the vertical stabilizers, as well as that of the wings. While normally F-15s would belong to the USAF in some capacity (or even the Israelis and Saudis), there was no clear distinction of nations on the plane, just a small amount of numbers, and a small silver dove plastered on the wings where the USAF emblem would be.

Both Eagles are armed with a large payload, with Dragonborn's F-15 armed with a dozen air-to-air missiles, two machine gun pods, and the large Anti-Satellite missile attached to the belly of the fighter. Eagle Eye's F-15, however, is similarly armed with some air-to-air missiles, as well as a very similar ASAT missile, but instead of machine gun pods, there were two circular modules with large batteries attached to them. Both fighters were upgraded with advanced avionics and powerful batteries, with a plethora of goodies that aren't seen mounted on the external hardpoints. While these planes were far from stealthy, they were the some of the fastest and sturdiest planes known on the planet.

Dragonborn waited quietly as she flew in formation with Eagle Eye. She sighed, taking off her mask as she relaxed in the cabin. "I swear to Christ, we're gonna run out of fuel before those bastards down there reveal the satellite."

"Patience, Dragonborn." Eagle Eye spoke through private comms. "We just learned that the enemy has been deploying captured STRIKE tech, and are in the hands of a vast array of classified advanced weaponry. I'm in the process of analyzing it all as I speak."

Dragonborn looked up to the dark sky again. "Well, if I'm gonna be honest with you, I'd love to just swoop down there and kill some time by flying close air support for the good guys in uhm... Sherman Square." Dragonborn said. "It'd be a whole lot of fun to destroy these mechs and helicopters." Dragonborn said, fantasizing the idea of just doing strafing runs on the Hounds.

"Unfortunately that is not an option right now. We are only armed for air-to-air and anti-satellite combat. Sit tight, okay? We got this."

Dragonborn sighed. "Righto..." She then looked at her radar, which displayed several blips. "Uhm... are you seeing this?"

"Indeed I am, Dragonborn. There's a large contingent of bogeys heading towards Lost Haven. Some of them are heading towards the city... though at least four appear to be on an intercept vector towards us." Eagle Eye explained. "So far none of them is attacking any Papa Sierra entities. They appear to be some prototype fighter design too, but a rather slow one armed with lots of weaponry."

Dragonborn sighed, turning the aircraft towards the source of radar blips, on an approach heading straight towards them at a slow speed. "Shouldn't the Air National Guard be here by now? I'd love to have some American F-16s fly by our side on this."

"There are two squadrons of USAF F-16s inbound to secure this airspace, and they will arrive in about an hour. They have just completed a sortie against a Hound contingent in Vermont." There was a brief pause before Eagle Eye spoke again. "FC targeting from the craft. They're bandits."

Dragonborn smirked. "Copy that~" Dragonborn sang, excited to finally get some action. She then flipped a few switches in her cockpit. "Arming AAMs hot." The 20mm rotary Vulcan Cannons began spinning in their machine gun pods, ready to fire. "Vulcan Cannon armed hot." Dragonborn smirked, activating the radar targeting system. "Eagle Eye, play that one song that I've been saving for this very moment." Dragonborn then brought her sun visor down, covering her entire face, and activating the HUD inside her helmet. "Awaiting your magic words~."

Eagle Eye pretended to clear his throat before speaking through the comms. "Cleared to engage."

"Komodo 1, engage!" Dragonborn activated her thrusters, and her fighter surged forward. There were only four hostile fighters on radar, and she was getting a light indicator warning her of FC targeting from said craft. She simply didn't care, she simply just armed her missiles hot, and waited for hostile aircraft to climb up to her level.

"Komodo 2 engage." Eagle Eye's craft broke formation and spread out, also arming anti-air weapons hot. They were heading straight towards the Hounds fighters head on, and they didn't seem to be afraid.

"We've been detected, and they are on approach to attack. Should be two Air Force F-16s. Destroy them before they become a hindrance to our operation in the city." The Hounds pilots said over the radio, and while their comms were encrypted, it was an easy break for Eagle Eye, who transmitted them to Dragonborn effortlessly.

Dragonborn snrked. "Air Force F-16s? Boy are you in for a surprise." A light went red and gave a sine buzz, and Dragonborn pressed a red button on her control stick, which let loose a radar-guided Anti-Air missile. It fired quickly, and sped off into the dark yonder. "Komodo 1, Fox 1."

"Missile, evade! Eva-" The enemy's transmissions was cut off by fuzz as a very distant explosion was spotted among the clouds.

"Splash one bandit, kill confirmed. Eagle Eye said before firing his missile from his F-15 into the cloudy yonder ahead. "Komodo 2, Fox 1." A few seconds later, another distant explosion. "Komodo 2, splash one."

"What the... they're using radar guided missiles! Two of ours have already went down!" A Hounds fighter groaned. "This is Red 3! Grey squadron, back us up!" "Roger that, Gray Squadron inbound to help."

"Sweet, this should get interesti-" Dragonborn then received a missile alert, where one of the two Hound fighters directly ahead of her launched a barrage of guided rockets her way. "I got this one..." Dragonborn immediately inverted and dove underneath the clouds, and immediately enabled her built-in ECM pod, making the flurry of rockets that went her way go stupid and just go screaming towards the Atlantic. Bringing her F-15 back above the clouds, she saw the two Hounds fighters pass her on either side of her and break formation.

The Hounds fighters appeared rather different, and they had some strange repaint jobs on them. They were armed to the teeth with rockets and missiles, and they appeared to be very threatening machines of war. Dragonborn got a good look at one of them, and wondered to herself why STRIKE would ever need such a silly thing when there are perfectly good F-15s laying around that need love. Oh well, prototype fighters such as that are probably still in the very first stages of deployment, so its most likely that the pilots are either green, or just don't know how to fly these things too well. Too bad Dragonborn and Eagle Eye were nearly the definition of Eagle Riders.

Dragonborn performed a sharp High-G turn, air being shattered within the wake of Komodo 1's jet. Dragonborn was nearly crushed by the force of the turn, but she was able to pull through. The Hound fighters had a hard time turning around, which made them easy prey from being hit in the back. Didn't help that they were slow too. It was almost as if they were dedicated ground-attack aircraft, which were perfect prey for a dedicated fighter. Instead of squandering a missile on her quarry, Dragonborn instead armed her Vulcan Cannons, and used her HUD to give her a firing solution. She aimed her gun pods at the spot ahead of the fighter that was banking, and let the guns spin.

BRRRRRTTTT! A long burst of fire from three 20mm machine guns fired and almost all of the bullets sunk into the fighter, tearing it to pieces, causing it to catch fire and fall. "Yeah! Splash one bandit!" And then it exploded. Dragonborn couldn't help but smirk at that.

"Grey Squadron, where are you!? We're getting torn to shreds he-" A Hound shouted over the radio before he was interrupted by a loud background noise. "Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! This is Red 4, I've been hit hard! I'm bailing o-" Then static.

"Komodo 2, splash one." Eagle Eye said calmly. "And before you ask, I didn't fire a second shot. The aircraft exploded on its own."

Dragonborn shrugged. "Not that I cared if you did. They all have it coming." Dragonborn said, turning her plane towards the wave of reinforcements, that came in the form of 8 aircraft in an even V formation. "I would've minded if it was just some dude doing his job at an enemy country but... this is a bit different." Dragonborn explained, arming her radar-guided missiles hot. "Ready to dive into the storm?" Dragonborn asked, grinning a little.

"Always happy to dive in with you." The AI said over the comms, Eagle Eye's F-15 quickly rejoining Dragonborn's side.

Dragonborn smirked, and looked ahead. She already got a lock-on, and enabling a multi-target lock, she decided to take on the two fighters that were grouped up next to each other. She locked onto them with both missiles, and while the radar-guided missiles needed her to keep them within a specific field, she kept her vector and fired two of them at one target each, letting the missiles soar ahead of her. "Komodo one, fox one double."

She still had a radar lock, and she waited. Boom. One down. Boom. Two down. Small smokey explosions in the distance indicated two destroyed fighters, as well as the panicked responses from some of the more inexperienced Hounds pilots. They promptly returned fire towards Dragonborn once she was in range of their smart rockets. There was a large flurry of them!

"Missile alert, break right." Eagle Eye warned.

Dragonborn immediately pulled up and towards the right, attempting to pull a High-G move in order to evade the plethora of smaller guided rockets fired from the six remaining Grey Squadron craft that flew to intercept them. They were quite smart, and using her built-in ECM pod, she was able to disable their guidance tech, and make them harmlessly fly away. Dragonborn had a hard time getting her plane back after jinking pretty hard, having slowed down a bit during that turn, loosing a lot of energy and speed. This made her quite vulnerable to a second attack, and once Dragonborn realized this, she engaged her thrusters and flew in a different direction. "Eagle Eye! How are you doing?"

"I'm doing excellently, I've already splashed a bandit using my laser defense system." Eagle Eye said, to which Dragonborn watched from afar. She saw the bright red beams shoot out from Eagle Eye's F-15, destroying any missile that came close to his jet, as well as destroying another jet by a well-placed laser shot towards an analyzed weak point, which caused the craft to burst into flames and lose power, falling towards the ocean. "Komodo 2, splash one."

"Kill confirmed. Nice work." Dragonborn said before she realized that she invited herself to attack from behind. "Oh shit, I got one on my six." Dragonborn said, engaging some automatic countermeasures and the thrust, pulling up to head straight into the sky. "Don't bother going after this asshole, I wanna try something out."

"It's only been a couple of minutes, how come we've lost so many planes!?" A Hounds fighter shouted over the radio. "It's just two fighters!"

"I got this one in my sights!" A Hounds fighter said through the radio, chasing Dragonborn up into the sky.

Dragonborn focused on climbing before a red beam shot past her! "What the f- SHIT!" Another red beam shot past her, causing her to bank slightly. Some part of her left wing was burned from it, but it seemed to be working normally. "Komodo One, slight cosmetic damage! Doing fine though!"

"Are you sure you don't want me to go after him?" Eagle Eye asked, as he was in the process of being pursued by a Hounds fighter himself.

"Only after I reach the service cieling! I wanna see how high these STRIKE planes can go!" Dragonborn banked from side to side, making it more difficult for the slower aircraft behind her to get a killshot. It proceeded to fire several smart rockets at her, which again, went dumb from her ECM, which jammed the rockets and caused them to go every which way, anywhere else than Dragonborn.

"The Electronic Counter Measure Pods are making you lazy, Dragonborn." Eagle Eye teased.

"Better than dumping flares." Dragonborn chuckled before blinking, seeing the stars and space quite clearly at this point, and feeling her aircraft slow down. "Oh shit, I think I'm at the-" BUZZ! BUZZ! Stall Warning! "Yup."

Dragonborn's F-15 was very high up in the atmosphere, where there was barely any air at all. Dragonborn can clearly see space from here, but she didn't exactly leave Earth's gravitational pull. And with the freezing temperatures of space, the canopy and some of her plane has iced up, and her engines have stopped. However, at this point, she could see the Ex-STRIKE fighter having already stalled some time ago, desperately trying to get the engines running again. Both of them were at free fall at this point, and Dragonborn can see her altimeter going nuts from how fast she was falling. Dragonborn got her plane in an optimal position, and as air started to rush in and the plane started getting warmer, Dragonborn had a clear shot at the freefalling plane. The Eagle's engines soon went back online, and with a clear avenue of firing, Dragonborn let loose on the three Vulcan Cannons, a long BRRRTTTTT!!! to make sure that the Hound fighter below her was blown to bits. BOOOM!!! "Splash one!" Dragonborn called out as she gleefully flew past the shattered wreckage of the enemy fighter, before she pulled up and resumed flying normally. "Damn..." Dragonborn panted a little after experiencing all of the Gs involved in the manuevers she pulled, feeling a little lightheaded from all of that. "...Eagle Eye? What's our status?"

"All hostiles in the area have been neutralized." Eagle Eye said. "I would humbly suggest you to rejoin our formation... and take a breather? And stop doing manuevers like that?"

Dragonborn chuckled. "Well now we know how to take these fuckers out if we ever get cornered by 'em... emphasis on if." Dragonborn sighed. "That was fun... hadn't had fight like this in years. Been so used to flying the Strike Eagles." Dragonborn said with a soft smirk, raising her visor and taking off her oxygen mask, revealing her face. "Can't wait 'till those cowards reveal that damned satellite."

Eagle Eye flew right beside Dragonborn, joining her at her 'hip.' "I share that sentiment. The less innocent lives lost, the better."

Dragonborn thought about it. "But what if it isn't even here?" Dragonborn asked, thinking a little. "What if that blast radius was just a red herring?"

Eagle Eye moved up a little to be side-by-side with Dragonborn. "I sincerely doubt if that's the case. Lost Haven is an area well known to foster metahuman activity... and it has been the target of countless of Hounds attacks. If the satellite were to attack anywhere, it would be here." Eagle Eye explained. "If the satellite was not here, but was revealed elsewhere, I know just the right anti-satellite missile systems to hack."

Dragonborn nodded. "Yeah... maybe you're right. Fingers crossed that it doesn't have any bullshit defenses, other than that cloaking tech. Seriously, that's insanely stupid." Dragonborn sighed. "How are we on fuel reserves?"

Eagle Eye remained silent for just a moment. "We should be able to remain in the air for at least another few hours."

Dragonborn sighed. "Awesome. And now, we wait."

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Andrea Liana Knight
July 20th, 1989 | 29 | African American
Single || Bisexual
High School GED | Ex-Army Mercenary Sniper
Physical Profile

Appearance Details
Andrea can best be described as an African American woman with dark mohagany skin, but with some of the facial inflections of an Asian. She has some defined muscles that make her look a little tougher than most women her size, being at 5'8". However, the only muscles on display are often her arms as she wears basic gray T-shirts and skinny cargo pants that match whatever environment she is in, as well as some small and stylish augmented reality glasses that transition into shades, as well as have a mounted camera. She normally has her hair in braided pigtails, but she can change her black hair to whatever suits the occasion. When on the job, she often wears balaclavas, face paint, caps, and dark tactical clothes and armor in order to help her blend in with the night, and prevent her from being identified by eyewitnesses and CCTV. She has the 'Omega Force' unit emblem tattooed on her back, though she barely lets it slip. Her 'work wear' may vary from job to job, but almost always she dons on her soft body armor to allow faster movement, and to protect her from basic street-level attacks.

Andrea is a very casual and kind person, often willing to go out of her way to help others if she has nothing better to do. She tries to go about life in a somewhat positive manner, often trying to make stupid jokes and references in order to lighten up the mood. She is otherwise pretty awkward, having not really learned how to socialize too well as a child, translating into her somewhat poor social life as an adult. Around people she's attracted to, she often doesn't keep eye contact and tries to hide her obvious attraction by looking away and changing the subject a bit. Despite her casual nature, however, she is somewhat disciplined, and abstains from alcohol, hard drugs or tobacco. When things do get rough, however, if she fails to keep a smile, she may resort to these vices. Towards people she doesn't like, she can somewhat cold, and a bit removed. She doesn't react to fear particularly well, though, as she masks it with anger and vulgarity. With that in mind, she absolutely loves cute animals and has a huge soft spot for children.

While being the Army has made her somewhat disciplined, she never really lost her smooth demeanor. One of the things that sets her apart from the average person is that she thoroughly enjoys killing people. While she has a personal code against shooting innocents, she had discovered that shooting bad guys gave her a sense of satisfaction that she feels just a little guilty about. Despite her love for massacring combatants, she still tries her best to keep her head on her shoulders, often targeting 'bad guys' and bad guys only. With that in mind, combined with her social ineffectiveness, she has the idea in her head that she's a bit 'psycho' or otherwise mentally unstable. Her love for cute animals and children may balance that out, though, along with her love for movies, guns, cars, 80s music and ice cream. She has a strong dislike towards assholes in general, and while she won't shoot innocent people, those who ire her to the point of wanting to kill a bitch may end up on the wrong side of her firearms. Among her other dislikes are politicians and their stupid advertisements, social media and parties.
Character Synopsis
Andrea grew up in a poor neighborhood in Detroit, most notably in a neighborhood ghettos where minorities often tend to live. Having grown up with a very young single mother who was constantly working to make ends meet, Andrea didn't really get the best of education or attention growing up. She had a few friends throughout her life that contributed to her mostly positive attitude and a few good teachers, but they faded in and out of her life like the others did. For years, however, Andrea would believe everyone had the ability that she did. By the time Andrea became a preteen, her mother finally had time to raise her. Having grown up around boys for most of her life, Andrea had gained an interest in sports and video games, as well as guns and whatnot, much to her mother's dismay. Andrea became pretty good at FPS games in high school, and played women's basketball and street football for whenever she had the time. When she turned 16, her mother passed away, and Andrea was on her own. With all of her relatives living very far away, Andrea had it tough, living on her own and with friends. She graduated with a GED in high school, and with her struggles in her early life, it was the best she could do. She didn't have much of a bright future, and Andrea had to make a choice on what she would do in her life.

Before Andrea's mother passed away, she warned her daughter about the "gangsta life", and how it wasn't so glamorous. Unfortunately, Andrea saw no other choice than to enter that kind of life when the chips came down. While she did perform misdemeanors as a kid, she got into serious crime when she turned 18, performing stick-ups, slinging drugs and whatnot. However, after a mugging gone wrong, Andrea decided that she needed to be much better at this "crime" thing and decided to train and practice for it. Working out, getting a better gun and being a good shot with it, Andrea learned how to navigate the criminal underworld in her town with a little help from a few "buddies" here and there, her abilities allowing to shoot and stealth much easier. Even with her illegal activities done to keep the lights on, Andrea still had a head on her shoulders, and only really went after deserving targets her own size (guilty conscience). Andrea performed her first murder on a domestic abuser when she turned 20, and having felt a sense of satisfaction after killing him, she wanted more. Already good at the whole sneaking and athletics part of criminal life, she figured that she may as well start killing legally for the United States Military.

She signed up for the United States Army at 20, and entered a 6 year active-duty and 2 year inactive duty contract with them. Since she was never convicted of any crimes, Andrea was able to go into basic training. She had a struggle at first coping with the training intensity, but she managed. After passing combat training, Andrea was posted in Middle East in her first six months of service. Wanting to take her ability to kill to the next level, Andrea signed up to become an Army Sniper. Training was rough, and she had to study hard, but she was able to pass their tests and graduate sniper school. Almost immediately after she became a sniper, she was assigned to the Omega Force unit, where she participated in various conflict zones all around the world. Throughout her 5 years of active duty, Andrea's unit went to places like Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific, participating in conflicts large and small. At the end of her service she made many friends, from both within the Army and the locals she met, as well as making a new friend in her new ACI, which she purchased in between tours. And in that period of time, she had 64 confirmed kills, with 88 probables, her longest kill distance being that of 1,310 m (1,433 yd). Her amazing track record and ability to protect her comrades with good overwatch fire earned her the name of Valkyrie amongst her comrades, a callsign that she took a liking to and stuck with during her military career.

Returning stateside at the age of 27, Andrea wanted to live a much more quieter life, making a decent living with her skills. Using the money she's accrued over time, Andrea moved into Árido Valley to make a nice living for herself, moving into a small house in the countryside to make her money going hunting and fishing. Despite being on reserve duty for two years, Andrea was never called back in that period, instead spending her time keep her shooting skills sharp by hunting in the wilderness, particularly with rifles she's familiar with. In order to help supplement her inactive duty pay to keep the lights on, Andrea sold all of her kills and kept the surplus for food, improving her skill in fishing and gardening as well, taking these up as hobbies that sell. She got into photography too, normally taking pictures when the hunting and fishing seasons began to run dry. By the time she turned 29, she was no longer in reserve duty, and Andrea was free to pursue whatever she pleased. Knowing that she won't get called back anymore since her service was complete, she figured that she may as well put herself up for hire.

However, in the two years that Andrea spent in Árido Valley, she heard whispers and rumors, as well as stories about the crime and corruption that goes down in the city to the west. Santa Celia, the metropolis of wonder and opportunity, now a crime-ridden city, Andrea was hoping to escape the life she made in Detroit. However, she figured she may as well make a few more bucks from it, taking on jobs whenever she feels bored. After all, exploding human skulls was much more fun than taking down deer and coyotes. So Andrea made some subtle ads throughout the criminal underground, hinting that this Ex-Army Sniper is looking to do some mob hits. Choose your targets wisely. While Andrea did make it clear that she wasn't the type to target innocents or cops, or the type to be crossed, anyone who would bring her about should know one thing. It's never going to look like an accident, but they will never know it was her. And that's how it should be.

Abilities & Skills
Army Sniper | Andrea was trained long and hard in the Army to be an excellent marksman. Having gone on several tours of duty, and having an excellent kill record, Andrea is rather impeccable with her aim, and has great degrees of experience with several weapon systems. While her skills with rifles are par excellence, her other fighting skills are nothing to scoff at. Having learned to use hand-to-hand combat, operate all kinds of navigational and rangefinding equipment and how to track down her targets, Andrea was trained to kill above all else, and to remain alive in the process. Being trained and having a lot of experience with AR-15 patterned rifles, as well as Remington 700s and Beretta 92s, Andrea can get a lot from any weapon she familiarizes herself with. Her tours in Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific also allowed her survival experience in Urban, Desert and Tropical locations.

Getaway Driver | In her short criminal career, Andrea learned how to make the most of the vehicles she drives. While she's great at using stickshifts, she's not entirely used to vehicles with automatic transmissions. Often having to make a clean and quick getaway from a crime she's just committed, her driving ability is nearly Hollywood.

Hold 'em Up | While the Army taught her how to use rifles effectively, she had to learn how to use handguns effectively first through her criminal career. Holding them properly in muggings, then using them for hits and assassinations, Andrea knows what kind of gun to use for what kind of job. While handguns are not as deadly accurate as rifles are, nor are they as potent or powerful, Andrea makes up for it by always aiming for the head. No brain is immune to even the smallest of calibres.

Breaking and Entering | Starting off her criminal career with burglary, Andrea learned how to be stealthy, quick and quiet. Above all else, other than her quiet movements, Andrea learned how to enter doors via lockpicks. While the Army taught her how to use breaching charges and how to kick down doors, Andrea prefers the more subtle approach of quietly picking the lock and slowly entering.

Huntress of the Woods | Andrea only spent two years of her life making a career of hunting and fishing, but applying her knowledge from her sniper life to hunting, she was able to learn how to track down animals and hunt them effectively. Her ability to remain quiet and patient was brushed up on during her hunting years, allowing her to transfer her criminal and military skills with flawless transition. While she does enjoy the thrill of the hunt and of the kill, she tries to be as humane as possible when she takes the shot, often always aiming for the head in order to quickly kill the animal with the least amount of suffering she could muster. Her ability to fish is nothing new, and while it's nothing like her hunting, she can pull quite a few large ones from the river if she wanted to.

Gadgeteer Above Averagenius | While Andrea went for a GED in high school, her army training allowed her to get a decent understanding of tech and other electronic hardware. How it works, how to fix it, and whatnot. Though most of it is basic, with more in-depth knowledge on how to fix things like rangefinders and scopes, with the help of her trusty ACI, she's able to get a decent understanding on how to fix just about anything.

Acoustic Cover Artist | Andrea often finds herself having to travel with her Remington 700 sniper rifle into more populated areas, and carrying it open in the public will raise a few eyebrows, and maybe get her cuffed. Instead, Andrea travels around with a guitar case, with the rifle hidden beneath panel, a panel covered by a real guitar. In order to keep up the charade, Andrea learned how to play decently with an acoustic guitar, and can sing quite a few covers, especially with songs people would expect the least.
Trilingual | Andrea is very fluent in English, and can speak and write Arabic pretty decently, though her accent and dialect is a mix of American and Iraqi. Growing up in a hispanic neighborhood, Andrea knows some Spanish too.

Supporting Cast
Advanced Combat Intelligence Omega Mark 6, aka "Patches" - A combat intelligence upgraded into a full virtual intelligence, this AI, connected through a mainframe and several nodes, can see and hear what Andrea most often can't, often acting as her spotter. Manufactured by HAT and sold under the brand of Sentinel Tech, the ACI acts as a combat intelligence that keeps its user up to date with relevant information in almost any way, connecting to devices and speaking to the user. This was purchased as a 'bootleg' from a warfare tech conference from a guy named 'Dave', having it reprogrammed to Andrea's taste before deployment. Such tastes allowed it to help her spot enemies, as well as keep her entertained with jokes and conversation. It's not sentient by any means, but at points it does seem to have some degree of awareness. Maybe. Snarky but still otherwise helpful, "Patches" acts in areas where Andrea can't, often filling in for her shortcomings. Patches' voice is often that of a caucasian female, but it can also do celebrity impressions as well. Far from the baseline ACI, Andrea had it reprogrammed by a friend in order to make it far more entertaining and useful than a combat intelligence should be.

Patches, while using a mainframe computer that can be backed up using cloud software, normally operates through nodes, which are smartphone-sized brick-like devices that house most of the computing and transmission hardware. Such nodes normally remain connected to the mainframe and to the internet from strong cell tower connection (or satellite connection if the antennae is extended), and is USB capable. It chiefly operates through augmented reality glasses and small camera drones, though it can operate through other means as well. Among the things Patches can do are:

• Remotely control small camera drones to spot targets, collect intel or otherwise act as an alert system
• Connect to any compatible augmented reality glasses in order to display a HUD with all meaningul intel, such as enemy locations, weapon trajectory, maps and target info. If no glasses are used, it will update using audio instead.
• If connected to a radio, can scan through radio waves and listen in on conversations
• Can connect to any weakly protected bluetooth devices to search for information or otherwise spy through camera and microphone
• Play music, tell jokes, sing songs, and be an all-around robo-buddy
• (TBD)

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Ever since corporations began outsourcing manufacturing jobs overseas, many parts of the rust belt have been on the decline. Those who relied on those companies for work were out of a job, and had no choice other than to find minimum wage jobs or turn to a life of crime. This rust belt decline led to many industrial areas being abandoned, some of which still contain some incredibly toxic pollutants that affect both the ecosystem and the people who still live in the area. All that's left of these rust belts nowadays are just ghosts of their former selves. Abandoned rusty buildings with large shattered windows stand tall, with smokestacks not producing a single particle of smoke or steam. Abandoned lots with little to no vehicles within, rusty silos and abandoned railways filling spaces between the roads of these industries. Rusted chain-link fences, with terrible cliche graffiti plastered all alongside of these empty, abandoned buildings. While those who did live here were often minorities who struggled to make a living, criminals often found a home here too.

A small microdrone flew through the night, moving in a similar search pattern to that of a bird. Blending in with the night sky, the drone was very difficult to spot by sound or sight, small to the point where it flew unnoticed. Flying in between trees and ducking through windows, the small drone flew with precise movements, a hint at the inhuman nature of its master. At the first sight of humans, it stopped. While most of the abandoned parts of the industrial area weren't lit, some parts were, with rogue streetlights operating flickering on since the 90s, unmaintained. This amber streetlamp lit up a small crew, a trio of men standing by what seems to be a slightly modified black GMC Yukon. One man with tattoos and a wifebeater, another wearing an oversized shirt, and the third wearing an Adidas windbreaker, the three looked like standard 'neighborhood bad guys' one would find in any movie. Completely unaware of the drone, Adidas leaned against the streetlamp impatiently, lighting up a new cigarette. After putting out his old one with his rather expensive shoes, he took a drag, and watched the entrance into the abandoned parking lot.

The drone, employing an HD camera that could see for a decent distance, zoomed in on the figures. The view was transmitted through a cell tower, and then to a receiving node, which then displayed that view through its Bluetooth connection to a set of augmented reality glasses, plastering it on the corner of the wearer's vision. The wearer's vision, along with seeing a live view of the figures with a slight delay, would then get a picture of each o their mugshots in a separate corner.

Contact spotted. A feminine, digital voice spoke through the mind of the wearer, using vibrations through the temples of the augmented reality glasses. Look alive, Slingshot. You got business to attend to. The voice, despite being digital, seemed to have a teasing tone to its last sentence, having some degree of inflection.

The wearer of these augmented reality glasses groaned. The African-American woman, wearing a plain gray T-shirt, jeans and black leather driving gloves, remained seated in a vehicle far away from the location of the drone. Her mahogany skin was only put on display by the interior lighting of vehicle, exposed along her arms and her face. The woman stretched a little in her seat, popping a few bones. "Ugh." She moaned a little, her voice tired. "These guys look cliche as all hell. Are you sure they won't just shoot me on sight?" The woman asked as she put her seatbelt on.

Relax, Andrea. I've already searched their criminal records, and from what I can bring up on them, standard psych analysis functions indicate that their violent behavior is only reactionary. Just don't make any sudden moves and you'll be fine.

"What functions? Yours, or formulas you ripped from the internet?" Andrea asked, fixing herself up in the rear view mirror. Her small afro needs a little work but she believes she appears approachable enough to men. Hopefully women too, but Andrea has no plans to date criminals yet. Not like Andrea could use anything else other than her looks and wit anyway, her natural instinct often has her fleeing rather than fighting. "And do you think I should straighten my hair?"

Will your trust in my judgement change depending on how I answer? The artificial intelligence asked. And no. I think you look beautiful. At least according to the functions I 'ripped from the internet.' The AI chuckled.

"Thanks Patches." Andrea said with a soft smile, patting the small brick-like device in her pocket. "So, business as usual huh? Did you see any cops along the way?" Negative. "Alrighty. Time to clock in." She smirked. "Patches, play my nighttime speed playlist."

With pleasure. Through the will of the AI (or at least through a node installed into the car's electrical systems), the radio lit up, and from the sound system played a drum and bass tune. Just as the song began, Andrea grabbed the keys and turned the ignition.

The rusty 1988 Ford Taurus roared to life, and despite its appearance and some of its sounds, seemed to hold quite a bit of power. The lights turned on, and just as soon as the car did, Andrea shifted into gear and the car peeled away. The front tires squealed against the pavement for a few seconds before they got their grip on it, the car picking up speed as it drove off from the abandoned parking lot and onto the street. The car sped down the rarely traveled street, and approaching a corner, Andrea lightly brought the handbrake up to bring the car into a fishtail, drifting along the street, before flooring the gas, the car straightening itself out after drifting on the 90 degree turn. She continued to speed through the streets, the lazily upgraded 140 horsepower engine barely trying to keep up with the Slingshot's demands. Hitting several bumps, the car jumped up a few times from the force as the car hit them at high speeds, but it had little effect on the Slingshot herself.

The Slingshot, as she was called in criminal and racing circles, is a woman who's rather familiar with how cars work, and what their limits are, depending on what make and model. Having worked as a mechanic for most of her adult life, and raced cars for quite a bit of it, her passion is nothing but being at the seat of some of mankind's greatest machines. Driving around at breakneck speeds was just nothing but pure thrill to her, and cars themselves always appealed to her as a kid. She had already achieved her dream of being a race car driver, and while she does participate in local races nowadays, her past association with murky racing groups ruined her chances of going anywhere high. At least for now, and while she still races and works on cars, it only gives her enough money to survive. But Andrea is not on this earth to survive. She is on God's Green Earth to live. And live she did, through thrill of speed.

Drift turn left. Patches said to Andrea, using the heads up display in Andrea's augmented reality glasses to give the driver a path through the dimly lit roadways, as well as some rudimentary statistics on the aged Taurus. Andrea did as she was told, performing the same handbrake cornering trick, drifting at the 90 degree turn into the factory parking lot, nose towards the group of men up ahead. She sped towards them, the men ahead of them looking quite uneasy. They seemed as if they were just about to run away when Andrea jerked her car to one side then the other, bringing it into a proper drift. Screeching along the pavement, the car was finally brought to a stop at the feet of the three men, driver's side facing them. You have reached your destination. Patches said in a sing-song tone.

Andrea rolled down the window, looking at their shocked faces. She smirked at them. "Did someone call... The Slingshot?" Andrea asked, adding a little bit of flair to her beloved nickname, one that may or may not be based off of her favorite Hot Wheels car.

Adidas relaxed a bit before speaking angrily to the woman in the car, his voice a little gravelly. "Fucking crazy bitch, you nearly killed us!" He shouted.

Andrea turned down the music. "Relax, Generic Bad Guy Number Two. I was just giving you a little démonstration." She patted the side of the car, adding a bit of French to her last word. "So, you got the goods?"

Adidas grumbled angrily before gesturing to the other two men, who promptly walked over to their GMC Yukon. "How do you plan on getting them to Wiseman?"

Andrea popped the trunk. "Secret smuggling compartment, hidden underneath the jeans and lining. Hard to see, but once you feel for it you'll be able to get to it easy." She said. "It's sealed, so not even dogs can sniff through it. Hopefully. Don't quote me on that." Andrea said, trailing off a little.

"Whatever. You seem to know your way around." Adidas said as Wifebeater and Oversized brought a small crate out. "Remember, you're looking at five kilos of some of the best Bolivian cocaine right there. Any less and it'll be your ass on a platter." Adidas said, taking a drag from his cigarette as the two other men put the military styled crate into the secret compartment, making sure to hide it well before closing the trunk. "You know where to go, right?"

"You wouldn't call me here if I didn't." Andrea replied casually. "53rd Lambert Street, the pizzeria on the corner. Been there before, several times." She repeated just to assuage them. She then held her palm out, clearing her throat.

"Right." Adidas smirked. "The best never work for free." He pulled out five crisp one hundred dollar bills from his front pocket, putting them into Andrea's hand gently. "Wiseman's rep will give you his cut on delivery. The rest of our cut's in a drop, which should come with your payment." Adidas explained, stepping back from Andrea as she pocketed the cash. "If you got the spine for it, maybe I could hook you up to my racing scene. Got my own car and everything."

Andrea nodded. "I'll think about it, just hope that you can afford losing to me." She said with a soft teasing smirk, putting her hands back on the steering wheel. "Any friendly tips for me before I head out?"

Adidas was walking away, but he then turned around. "Word out there says that the Hills are being watched over by some Angel of Death. With all of that 'superhero' bullshit going on in the city nowadays, with fuckin' metahumans runnin' around, I would take a little stock in what they say. Hopefully it won't find you but, if it does, you're fucked." Adidas said, tossing his cigarette onto the ground, stomping it out.

Andrea was a little unnerved by this news, as she would be heading straight into the Hills to get to Wiseman's place. She was a little confident in the facade she normally put up though. "I doubt some superhero's gonna attack an innocent woman in a beat-up Taurus anyway. If they do, I'll just tell them the same story I normally do." Andrea said. "I appreciate it nonetheless. Stay safe out there."

"You too, Slingshot." Adidas said. "I'll call you again for more if you don't fuck up. Peace."

Andrea flashed the peace sign before turning up the radio back up to its original volume, shifting the car into gear and speeding off. The tires briefly squealed once again, but her car was able to get a grip and speed out from the parking lot. Flying out from the entrance to the factory parking lot, she was back on the road again. Her glasses outlined and highlighted the less visible parts of the road, with a highlighted path fading into view, giving Andrea direction as to where she should go. Shifting her car into gear, she floored it, making a drift turn onto the four-way road that led straight towards the Hills. It would be a long trip, but if it were short, those guys would done the job themselves. Drones in the skies kept an eye out for cops and other pursuers, and while Andrea drove through the near desolate streets, Andrea kept a careful eye on her vehicle's limits, and how much time she had left on her drones. She'll slow down once she gets to the Hills, but until then, she has time to make. Flooring it, the Taurus sped off into the night, gunning it through a green light, red taillights fading into the darkness.

Time trials were something Slingshot was all too used to.
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Hello and welcome to Fairview County!

This RP is currently an experiment to test the idea of a 1x1 where the IC is closed to two folk, but readers can publicly comment about what they read in the OOC. This RP might be expanded to include more players, as those who regularly engage with the RP might be included into the fold. For now we'll see how it goes, and we'll post any updates here. As a general rule, all narrative and IC stuff will go into the IC sub, world/game notes will be in this post here with OOC interactions here, and all characters will be separate posts in the CHAR tab.

All relevant info is listed in the hiders below. Keep in mind that all of this is a WIP, and information would be updated as the RP plays out.

Basic RPGuild rules apply here. 18+ content is handled in the classic "fade to black" method, and while we are aiming to have a lighthearted RP here, we're taking a 'by the seat of our pants' approach to this. Information will be filled out as the RP goes on. While the IC and CHAR tabs are currently restricted to AWACS and FalkiThomas, anyone is free and welcome to make comments and ask questions in the OOC tab. Thanks, and have fun!
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"The concepts of good and evil are irrelevant to me. They change with the times, what may be charity today may be cruelty tomorrow. What is right and wrong is only up to those who are in control." - Vincent Macario Morales

Full Name |
Vincent Macario Morales

Age |

Race |
Human Vampire

Gender |

Vincent is a white hispanic male who always possesses a pale skin tone. Thanks to his vampirism, his pallid tone gives him an obvious mark, other than the blood-red irises and long fangs that reveal his true nature. He keeps his brown hair short, and complimenting the shorter sides is the stubble he maintains on his face. Always wearing a three-piece suit of some kind, as well as designer clothing and accessories of some sort, Vincent maintains a immaculate and controlled appearance at almost all times. All metallic accessories he possesses are made of polished chrome alloys made to last beyond lifetimes.

Occupation |
CEO of Artemis LLC, a corporate firm that owns many of the businesses in Springfield. He may also be a criminal mastermind, but so far there has been no evidence to convict him of any crimes.

Personality |
A polite, well-mannered individual who simply does what he wants, how he wants it, any time he wants to. Everything he does is well calculated, and he likes to remain one step ahead of his opposition. He doesn't see the sides of good or evil, he simply sees allies and competition. While he is willing to step on others to get ahead, he is far from the type to cause unnecessary suffering, or other types of 'needless barbarism'. Far from a hero, he only helps others if it benefits him, or if he's in a good mood, has little to no cost to himself. Despite this borderline sociopathic mindset, he still has personal affections for other people, and he does still have clear morals that set him apart from standard villains. He enjoys simple and expensive pleasures of all kinds, as he likes wine, books, helicopters, high-stakes gambling, women, vintage sports cars and breeding magical beasts. However, he very much dislikes needless barbarism, the sun, incompetence, and self-righteous people. What ultimately matters to him in the grand scheme of things, is whether or not he is in control.

Background |
Not much is known about Vincent, and he prefers to keep it that way. In his own words, "the less one knows about your past, the less control they have over you." He maintains that he was born in Colombia, though his slightly inconsistent public records casts doubt on that claim. He's been seen throughout history, however, and photo records exist to as far back as the 1930s, where he was amongst many in the administration of Fascist Italy. He lived under a different name at the time, but once Italy fell to the Allies, it was believed that Vincent helped the United States and other allied nations in fighting Nazi Germany in exchange for amnesty, using his vampiric abilities for interrogation of high-ranking POWs. Since then, Vincent assisted the US in the Cold War for various projects and operations. While his history from 1945-1975 simply didn't exist (though he started popping up in public records more often since the Mythic Dawn), he was well documented in his participation of Operation Condor, the US campaign of political repression and state terrorism that pervaded South America, particularly in supporting fascist regimes in repressing left-wing individuals as part of the Cold War strategy to stop communism. Vincent's face showed up in a variety of photos for a variety of right-wing juntas, often seen beside or behind various generals, military officers and even dictators. However, in 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, and so did the Soviet Union in 1991. Fascist regimes were no longer needed, and neither was Vincent.

In 1992, Vincent moved to the United States. While he had enough wealth and money to start up plenty of businesses and possibly his own enterprise, most of the popular junctions for such were already crowded. New York City and Los Angeles were out of the question, and Vincent didn't have enough clout or wealth to muscle out any other competition in the large cities. However, the city of Springfield interested him not only for its proximity to gate location, but its isolated but populous nature. He moved to Springfield, and spent a whole lot of his time there buying and developing real estate. From the start, Vincent did this under the name of Artemis LLC, the corporation he owned in its entirety. Said corporation was used to buy ownership of various businesses in town, build new ones and create entirely new markets, turning Springfield from a backwater town into a small magical city. While Vincent single-handedly vitalized Springfield into a bustling hub, he did his best to maintain Springfield's isolation from the rest of the country, as outside popularity would bring too many variables into his scheme. Over time, Vincent came into possession of light industrial centers, residential villas, business plazas, entertainment venues, magical farms and Club Shadowfell.

While an office building down the street was the de jure headquarters of Artemis LLC, Vincent's de facto headquarters was Club Shadowfell. The only nightclub in all of Springfield, it was one of the very few places where Vincent can comfortably conduct his business. By the time he owned the only nightclub, casino and about half of the entertainment venues around town, Vincent became a household name in Springfield. People likened him to a crime boss of sorts, as some of the very few crimes that happen in Fairview County remain unsolved, with loose links to Vincent and his operations. No one really knows what Vincent's game is, and he prefers to keep it that way.

Abilities |
Vincent is a powerful vampire with a wide array of abilities. Chiefly among them is his invulnerability to everything non-wooden, as well as his incredible strength and speed. In addition to his immortality and ability to walk on any surface, he has incredible latent abilities to manipulate the mind of nearly anyone or anything. Anyone who's mind is weaker-willed than his can fall under his control, whether it would be hypnosis, dream/memory manipulation, brainwashing or simply just mind-controlling. However, he can do this to only one mind at a time, and those with stronger minds can resist his control.

Vincent is also an unparalleled spellcaster. Having learned the arcane arts for an unknown amount of time, Vincent could cast a variety of spells that he has memorized. Such spells can range from anything from a simple illusion to the manipulation of local weather, his combative spells mostly using the element of telekinetic force. However, all of his abilities, whether it would be latent vampire abilities or spells, takes energy out of him, and overuse can easily make him tired and unable to cast for a while. His latent vampire abilities also require the consumption of blood, but that never has been in short supply for him.

Extra Notes |
Try not to piss him off.

Also WIP.

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Welcome to my 1x1 Interest Check! This is the gathering point for all of my ideas and characters that I plan on using for my roleplays, otherwise what I'd like to call my RP catalog. Please keep in mind before reading all of this, everything but the rules is negotiable. While I have some hard dos and don'ts, I like to think that I am a reasonable person, so I'm willing to negotiate just about anything to get an RP that we can all enjoy. Also, if I don't respond to you right away, it's either because (A) I can't come up with an appropriate response at the moment, and need some time to think about it, (B) I am incredibly busy with life/work, or (C) I read your message and totally forgot to come back to you. Feel free to message me again if some time has elapsed and I haven't responded yet, especially if I show up as "online" several times. I don't have the time or energy in my life to be petty or vindictive, so don't worry, I don't go out of my way to ghost people.

However, I want to make it very clear that I do have some rules...

With that out of the way, I want to introduce you to myself. My name is AWACS, I am a 22 year old male and I am a crazy RPer who likes to make things. I suck at large group/sandbox RPs though in a small group or in 1x1s I excel in. I've been RPing in the live-chat variety since late 2011, and I've got a little bit of experience in play-by-post RPs. I'm attempting to go with the "very few versatile characters" approach to things, to make bookkeeping and asset organization much easier for me. The characters I have will be listed below, and they'll be organized in a fabulous fashion for easy access and reading! Below these characters are the scenarios and whatnot that I'm in the mood for, and with them what characters I want to play. As I said with the above, everything here (scenarios and characters) are negotiable. I am willing to do 18+ content, but either the elements have to be censored on public forums or restricted to PMs entirely. Site rules apply as well.

The character sheets below are written in an open-ended manner, so when scenarios are chosen or my characters are asked for, my partners can ask for different version of them or otherwise negotiate their backgrounds and traits. Template/Character notes are written in gray to make it easier to make distinction between solid character details and freeform notes.


As I said earlier, while these are mostly their default options in the most generic setting possible, I can adjust just about anything regarding the character sheets to suit them for the RP. They are meant to be versatile, and available for most modern (and maybe sci-fi) situations. Listed below are the scenarios I'd like to play, as well as generic scenario ideas that are just there if we can't come up with anything. With the scenarios listed, I have the characters good for them listed with them. However, anything 18+ will assume that the characters involved are 18+ themselves. Currently, I'd love to write a public thread that allows readers to comment in the OOC so I can write something worth a damn with someone, but I can do stuff in the PMs too.

Detailed Scenarios

A Remnant Republic (Closed for now, saved for when I'm ready)

Something Strange is Happening Here...
Mixed!Andrea / Huntress!Andrea and (optionally) CEO!Vicente / Mixed!Vicente
In a small town in the middle of Indiana, our heroes live out their lives quietly and comfortably. Lots of slice of life scenes, maybe a little romance. However, the shit hits the fan, and some mystical creatures of your choice appears! Will our heroes prevent them from hurting the townsfolk, or are the creatures simply misunderstood, and can they get along with the others? Are there cultists abound, trying to screw things up, or are they simply just treehuggers willing to embrace our new friends? A very open-ended adventure with a basic premise, lots of freedom here. Shared GMing responsibility. Public thread strongly recommended.
Inspired by the premises of Stranger Things and Far Cry 5

Honor Among Thieves
Criminal!Andrea and/or Mixed!Vicente
Vicente is running a criminal enterprise, under the legal front of VictoriCorp. Our "heroes" work for this VictoriCorp in a variety of ways and functions, ranging from legitimate businesses to assassinations and drug runs. However, unlike most criminals, our heroes have a sense of honor and respect that is unrivaled, never bringing civilians into the game even if their enemies did. But even with this honor code, our heroes are unparalleled, and very few can outmatch them, or even try. And thus begins our adventures, for there is Honor Among Our Thieves. Shared GMing responsibility. Public thread strongly recommended.

Are You Sure We Should Be Here?
Mixed!Andrea and (optionally) Mixed!Vicente
Andrea and maybe Vicente get sucked into a fanfic world of your choosing, where you GM a fanfic universe (that we agree upon) that my characters try to survive in. Expect lots of meta jokes, quips and lateral thinking! PG-13 only for this one, please.

Other Scenarios

Ocean's Elevens | Criminal!Andrea and CrimeBoss!Vicente | Vicente wants to pull off a heist, and is willing to bankroll the right crew to do it. Andrea is one of the specialists involved, and is willing to help out. Can be a small group RP if interested. Shared GM responsibility, public thread recommended.
Touched by the Gods | Any!Andrea | A romance RP where Andrea, a normie, encounters a godlike entity or other mystical being of some sort, who's also pretty attractive and a pretty cool person. Andrea, being the awkward af, tries to warm up to the entity/creature of your choosing. But will they warm up to Andrea? Can be 18+.
Are You Sure We Should Be Here? Redux | Any!Andrea and (optionally) Any!Vicente | Same as the detailed version of this but in an original universe instead. Basically I'm open to other scenarios too if you want try 'em.

If you see anything you like, hit me up in the PMs, but please don't post here, as I wish to use the rest of this thread for bumps/updates. Don't let the post count on this thread fool you, if the most recent post on here says "Bump" or "Still Looking", I'm still around for more! Thanks for reading, and I hope to play with you soon. :D
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Punished "Venom Bean"

Scarlet Bean Rubashka
July 20th, 1996 | 25 | African American
Single || Bisexual
Implanted Education | Multi-trade Mercenary
Physical Profile

Appearance Details
Scarlet can best be described as an African American woman with bronze skin, complete with freckles that dot her face. She has some defined muscles that make her look a little tougher than most women her size, being at 5'8". However, the only muscles on display are often her arms as she wears basic black T-shirts and skinny cargo pants that match whatever environment she is in. Her feminine curves share their prominence with her musculature, enough to be noticeable but in no way hindering. She normally has her hair in a ponytail of sorts, but she can change her dark brown hair to whatever suits the occasion. When on the job, she often wears gaiters, face paint, caps, and dark tactical clothes and armor in order to help her blend in with the night, and to prevent her from being identified. Tattooed on her back is that of a faded black renegade symbol. Her 'work wear' may vary from job to job, but almost always she dons on her soft body armor to allow faster movement, and to protect her from basic street-level attacks.

If any trope can be used to describe Scarlet, it would most likely be Socially Awkward Hero. While she's got a big enough heart to do good things when she can (or at least when they're convenient), most of the time the 'nerd' side of her personality takes center stage. With her fixation on movies and video games, she tries to use her knowledge of them to her advantage to read out situations and recognize patterns. She tries to be casual and easy going, but often finds herself a bit nervous in large groups and a litany of other social situations. Her awkwardness stems from her propensity for being rather lonely, as well as a hopeless romantic. Despite that, she always attempts to rectify that by attempting to hook up with someone, her attempts mostly being made on women she finds attractive. Men aren't immune from her attempts, either. When the going gets tough, she tries to make light of the situation by making jokes and references, but when all else fails, she becomes more cold and distant. She doesn't react too well to fear either, often masking it with lame quips and maybe a lot of cursing. With that being said, she does have a huge soft spot for cute critters and she is rather gentle with children and animals. On the flip side, among her dislikes are politicians and their stupid advertisements, social media and parties.
Character Synopsis
Scarlet wasn't born through natural means. Her means of creation were artificial, as Scarlet has been consciously alive for 4 years. She has vague, foggy memories of what happened before that, but she cannot recall any details. However, she has retained a lot of skills from her vague past life, allowing her to function as an adult in normal society. Over time, she's honed some other skills too, passions and pursuits that she's enjoyed in life. Skills from her previous life, those that were planted into her, as well as skills she's learned in her current life, allowed her to function essentially as a multi-talented mercenary, taking on all kinds of jobs for hire. However, her vast consumption of media over time in both lives has made her acutely aware of patterns, as well as various bits of lore. (Description was made as generic as possible to allow her to fit into almost any setting.)

Abilities & Skills

Supporting Cast
ITEM - Description

Meta Score
This is a scoreboard of all meta instances of our favorite redshirt. Instances will be counted, and listed in the hiders. Only public RPs will contain the links to the posts, otherwise vague descriptions will be used to maintain anonymity with other parties involved. The scores kept should be self explanatory, but I'll describe them to make sure there's no confusion. Deaths mark instances in which Scarlet was killed in an RP. Resurrections mark instances in which these deaths were reversed by other characters. Contracts Complete are instances in which Scarlet has completed the objective given to her at the start of the RP, and Happy Endings are instances in which an RP ends with Scarlet alive, her original contract complete, and other goals maybe fulfilled. Disclaimer, I only made this for fun, and is only meant for that reason and nothing else. lol I'll get rid of this section if it proves unpopular or sees little use.

Deaths = 0

Resurrections = 0

Contracts Complete = 0

Happy Endings = 0

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Powers List

Here's a list of standard powers from Mass Effect 3. This is mostly here as a template that y'all can CTRL+C and CTRL+V from if you need any parts of it to assemble your power list for your character sheets. This isn't the complete list, as I've omitted powers that I felt were either redundant, or wouldn't apply to organic characters. But yeah feel free to use to your heart's content! To get the source code, just click on the "RAW" link at the top of the post. Descriptions are copy and pasted from the Wikia, with Andromeda descriptions often used (as they carry more in-character explanation).

Due to the narrative nature of this RP, the powers can be modified a bit to fit a character and world better. Just be sure to check in with your local DM first when making said modifications!

Character "Class" - Describe your character's capabilities in a short paragraph here, as if you were describing their "class".

Combat ===============================================

Concussive Shot - When activated, the user's weapon fires a single high-powered round that damages a target and can stun it for a few seconds.
Carnage - Rip a target to shreds with this vicious blast. Major collateral damage to enemies nearby. Effective against armor.
Turbocharge - Temporarily vents weapon heat via armor to improve thermal clip efficiency and boost weapon firing rates.
Fortification - Reinforce armor using protective Foucault currents. Purge the current and send its charge to your gauntlets for increased melee damage.
Proximity Mine - Deploys an explosive mine that triggers when an enemy comes within proximity of or crosses a sensor laser. Enemies suffer more damage the closer they are to the mine.

Tech ===============================================

Combat Drone - A spherical tech drone with the capacity to seek out and stun targets.
Cryo Blast - When activated, the user's omni-tool fires a mass of super-cooled subatomic particles capable of snap-freezing targets within a certain radius.
Overload - Unleashes an electrostatic discharge upon a target. High damage to shields and synthetic enemies.
Incinerate - Fires a plasma projectile that does bonus damage to armor and inflicts ongoing burning damage to unshielded foes.
Sabotage - The tech ability to sabotage weapons and hack synthetic targets. Sabotaged weapons often overheat, while synthetic targets will fight for you.
Sentry Turret - A deployed automatic turret that would provide covering fire for its user.
Tactical Cloak - Employs light-bending technology to render the user invisible at the cost of shield regeneration.
Tech Armor - The power generates an energy armor suit that boosts the user's shields. The holographic energy armor can also be detonated to damage nearby enemies.
Decoy - When this power is activated a hologram copy appears approximately 3-5 meters away. This hologram mimics the activator's appearance and movements but does not actually move, nor does it actually attack.
Energy Drain - Restores shields by sapping electromagnetic energy around the target.
Shield_Boost - Reinforces the shields of all nearby allies, providing a large initial boost followed by several seconds of ongoing shield regeneration.
Submission Net - Entangle opponents in an electrified net, dealing massive damage to armored targets and incapacitating unarmored targets as they break free.

Biotic ===============================================

Biotic Charge - Alters the biotic's mass, launching the user at an opponent. Restores some shield strength at the charge's end.
Nova - Channels energy into a point-blank, high-damage explosion around the user.
Pull - Lifts an unshielded, unarmored enemy helplessly in the air and can drag the target enemy or object along with the user.
Shockwave - Blasts enemies with a line of explosions that proceeds through walls and other solid objects.
Singularity - Deploys a gravity well that lifts and damages unshielded and unarmored enemies.
Throw - Hurls a gravity field projectile to throw unshielded and unarmored targets away. Combine with the Pull power to hurl held targets.
Warp - Shred an enemy with rapidly shifting mass effect fields. Weakens enemy armor, but is less effective against shields.
Stasis - Stop an enemy in its tracks with this powerful mass effect field. Enemies eventually break out of Stasis after taking major damage.
Barrier - Reinforce armor with this biotic field. Detonate the field to lift and dangle nearby targets. Reduce all forms of damage taken.
Reave - Reave employs mass effect fields to biotically attack the target's nervous or synthetic systems and prevent healing.
Slam - The power lifts a target and slams them to the ground inflicting damage.
Dark Channel - Plague an opponent with a persistent, damaging biotic field. Effect transfers to a second target if the first is killed.
Dominate - Disrupt the synaptic harmonics of an organic brain so it can't differentiate between friend and foe. A single affected target will fight on your side for a short time. Targets grow resistant to the power over time.
Lash - Latch this biotic field onto enemies to jerk them towards you, doing massive damage in the process.
Flare - Focus and expend all biotic energy to unleash a huge flare that throws enemies within its range, causing massive damage.
Biotic Focus - Focus your biotic energy and atavistic muscle structure to decrease damage taken and to increase melee damage and movement speed for a short time.
Biotic Sphere - Create a defensive shield that surrounds the caster and nearby allies.

Ammo ===============================================

Cryo Ammo - When activated, the user's weapon is empowered and has a chance of freezing enemies without any special defenses for a short time, preventing them from moving. Frozen enemies are more susceptible to damage and can even be shattered for an instant kill.
Disruptor Ammo - When activated, the player's weapon is empowered by an electric field that causes additional damage to shields. The ammo also deals increased damage to synthetic enemies and adds a chance to temporarily disable them. In addition, the ammo has a chance to overheat enemy weapons thereby disabling them.
Incendiary Ammo - When activated, the user's weapon causes fire damage to enemies, burning through armor and setting them on fire. This stops health regeneration, and can cause unprotected sentient organic enemies to panic.
Armor-Piercing Ammo - Your ammo is shaped and hardened to pierce targets, inflicting extra damage to armor and health.
Warp Ammo - Transforms absorbed biotic energy into heavier damage against health, armor, and biotic barriers.

Grenades ===============================================

Frag Grenade - Rip your enemies apart with this shrapnel-packed grenade.
Lift Grenade - Lob this grenade into a group of enemies to send them flying.
Sticky Grenade - Stick this grenade to your opponent, and the explosion will tear apart the target and shrapnel will damage other enemies caught in the blast.
Inferno Grenade - Launches a volatile grenade that explodes on impact, sending searing waves of flame in all directions. This fire damage is effective against armor.
Arc Grenade - Stun and electrocute your enemies with an EMP-packed grenade.
Homing Grenade - Launch this seeking grenade to track down a target, causing a massive explosion on impact.
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