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hi im new here and new to rplaying and i thought id let you know ^.^
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@SoundestBeats Hello there! I'm actually quite new myself! I joined probably about twenty-four hours ago. It's a pleasure to meet you. The website is quite easy to navigate, and there are many very creative writers here. I'm always around to PM, whether it be talking or starting off a rp! Welcomeeeeeeeee!
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@SoundestBeats Welcome to our little slice of Insanity. NO worries if you are new to the forum or to Rp - we all started somewhere. ^_^ There is a ton to find here and jump into and plenty of people to have fun with. Relax and enjoy yourself. (Oh and the straitjackets are on the left down the hall if you need one.)
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@SoundestBeatsIt's very cool to meet you!
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