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Character Sheet

Create a Hero RPG Application
Interested? Fill Out This Application:

Character you have created: Mindy Diasco

Alias: Serum

Speech Color : Slate Blue

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Secret Identity

Character Personality: Mindy is a bubbly, excitable person when you really get to know her, but to others on the more scholarly side of things she tries to keep her happiness and excitement down a little. She is a genius, and will talk about the things that interest her from sun up till sun down if you let her. She’s very prolific when it comes to the defense of others, and will always stand up for someone who she see’s being pushed around. While she is not physically strong, she is crafty enough to escape using her brain rather than brawn. She is a tiny bit self conscious about her emotions though, and feels that if she shows herself being too happy, people may not take her as seriously in the medical field as they do now. As a hero, she is very quick to jump in when things get messy, and has a soft spot for the bullied.

Uniform/costume: Hey, this time I couldn't find the time to download my own drawing I did of Mindy awhile ago, but if you guys want I can post that.

Origin Info/Details: Mindy Unicia Diasco was born just a hare's breath away from New Years. She grew up in an otherwise normal home for most of her childhood, that is until she reached the age of 12, and discovered she had a very innate affinity for the sciences. Her parents were very supportive of their daughter going off and wanting to become a doctor, but they hadn’t anticipated just how fast Mindy was learning about everything. By the time she turned 16, she had already applied and finished college courses for Biology and medicine, and was now a licensed doctor despite being the youngest to ever take the course. Once news of the Doctor Prodigy spread, there were offices all around the world trying to get their hands on Mindy, but the Diasco family refused any and all offerings for work at one of their top exclusive hospitals.

That is, until a man by the name of Darius Winters showed up at their doorstep. Mr.Winters was the owner of a small Prodigy program he liked the call “Snowflake”. The program, however stupid sounding its name was, was a program specifically designed to let prodigies be prodigies but on their own terms and conditions. Snowflake provided prodigies of all kids with the Labs and offices they need to hone their crafts all by themselves. Mr.Winters said he wouldn’t be asking for anything from the Diasco family, and that the only thing Mindy had to do was sign a paper telling them when she wanted her hours at the lab, and how big said lab would be. Her parents discussed it, but ultimately the decision was left up to her. Mindy decided to join Snowflake, and for the next year or so she studied at the lab, and saved people. She began to rebel against Snowflake though, as while they are not a terrible company, they didn’t want her to work on certain things they didn’t think she was ready for. Mindy created Soundria, a drug created to calm and soothe people with the power of music and pills. It had terrible side effects that were not only internal, but external, and showed signs that it was not yet ready for the public.

However, the pills end up becoming inadvertently the cause of her friends pain. Eris Goodoire, a rich elite with an unrequited crush on Mindy, was tortured for 2 weeks using Soundria and music to the point where they developed a power that calls itself “Surround Sound”, a power that is able to project the thoughts and feelings a person has when it comes to a particular song they are listening to.

Mindy now resides in Atlanta, and has been working tirelessly to find a cure for Surround Sound. She hasn’t heard of her friend Eris in months, and hasn’t been able to get in touch because of how busy she was with the antidote. Now that it’s done, she really hopes her friend can forgive her for her recklessness.

As for her powers, they are incredibly specific, and she hasn’t yet discovered them. Though the recent antidote she crafted up definitely has something to do with the fact that she can reverse any drugs negative side effects with the power of her tears. This, of course, implies that when she was making the antidote for Surround Sound, she had been crying over all of her petri dishes and samples. So...enjoy that very happy image...I guess.

Hero Type Other: She has tears that reverse the effects of poison and other deadly toxins.

Power Level (Select one below):
A. Street Level (Ex. Punisher, Daredevil)

Powers (Be Specific): Mindy is able to reverse the effects of poison and other harmful drugs with her tears. This doesn’t mean crying over someone who has recently drank cyanide will help them. She has to specifically cry over the poison itself in order for it to be reversed, and then she can help that person.

Attributes (Select one at each category):
Height: 5:2
Weight: 120 lbs
Strength Level: Normal Human
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal Human
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human
Agility: Normal Human
Intelligence: Genius ”she’s a Genius sir, what did you expect?”
Fighting Skill: Untrained

Weaknesses: She can’t force herself to cry right, even though she has at least tried to imitate actresses on the silver screen doing it, she just doesn’t know their secret. That, and she thinks of herself as a bit of an ugly cryer, so crying in front of others makes her a bit more unwilling to cry.

Supporting Characters: Eris Goodoire, A local superhero who is also her best friend; Charlton Gaslowe, Eris’ butler and mutual friend of Mindy; Darius Winters; Her Snowflake advisor, and a very nice man that Mindy looks up to. Phoenix, A friend of both Eris and Mindy, who neither has met yet. Leila, mysterious girl who seems to have a connection with Eris, and has a soft spot for the color green and moths. Max Heighnsworth, a local D.J and record store owner who got suckered into moving with Eris and Charlton due to an old enemy of his.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: yes

Sample Post: As I have already done a sample post before, I don’t think I will write another one. But, you will def see posts in the perspective of Mindy soon, so don’t worry!
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Character you have created:
Christine "Chris" Wilson


Speech Color:
Grey Goose, D1D0CE

Character Alignment:


Character Personality:
Chris is typically a very happy person. She likes to look on the bright side of things. Her first instinct was to see the good in people. Not the bad. Nor did she like to be a serial doubter. However that doesn't meant that Chris is happy all the time. She has her ups and downs like anyone else. She's stuck in a dead-end job that she doesn't enjoy very much. It doesn't pay enough but she can't find another one. She's also just come out of a long term relationship that ended badly. But she's trying her best not to let those things hold her down.

Chris loves the finer things in life. She likes designer clothes and accessories. Whenever she can afford it she buys the better quality things. She also loves spending time outdoors. Some of her favorite pastimes are outdoor sports such as Skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. She also loves to go fishing with her family during summer vacations.

Chris is a very moral person. She's not religious like her mother. She's more agnostic like her father. She doesn't disbelieve but doesn't believe in an all knowing God. Or any deities for that matter. Though that's never stopped her from deciding on her own moral code.

Chris is also very much a family oriented person. She loves her parents and her siblings. One day she hopes to start a family of her own. But she hasn't had much luck in that department.

Chris repurposed some of her skiing body armor into her crime fighting uniform. The top and bottom doesn't quite match, since it's made to be worn under other clothing such as jackets and ski pants. The steel toed boots she bought just for the purpose of crime fighting. One day she hopes to be able to make her slapdash uniform into something cooler looking, but she just doesn't have the sewing skills or the courage to ask someone to do it for her.

Origin Info/Details:
Chris is the youngest of four children. She has three older siblings. She has two older brothers and one older sister. Her eldest sibling, Mark, is seven years older than her. Chris and her siblings were raised Catholic like their mother. They were baptized and christened. Devon is the only child who still practices. As far as Chris knows Mark is atheist and a firm disbeliever. And Whitney is a Holiday only observer. She only goes to church on the two major holidays. As for herself she's agnostic. She doesn't have a problem with religion. She just doesn't believe in God or any other deities.

As a young girl growing up Chris was spoiled being the youngest. She was able to get away with most everything. Luckily for her parents she seemed to come pre-installed with a fierce sense of right and wrong. Even as a little girl she found it hard to lie or to deceive her family. A trait that made her older siblings very protective of her. And surprisingly the only thing that Chris has misused. When she was young, very young, Chris found out about her particular ability to turn into stone.

Chris remembers the day vividly still. She had been playing outside and had fallen out of tree. She wasn't supposed to be climbing the big oak in back, but she had done it anyways. But she had climbed too high and lost her balance. She should have been seriously injured or dead. Instead she was fine. She remembered watching as grey covered her body. She remembers the child sized hole in the ground. She remembers the horror she felt as the grey retreated leaving her normal. But she wasn't normal.

Chris knew from all the days at church that people with powers were bad. God didn't give people powers like she had. So she kept them a secret because she didn't want to be a bad person. As Chris grew up she realized however that her powers weren't evil. They just were. It was up to her to use them for good or evil. Of course by that time she had come to the realization she was a teenager and far more interested in sex and dating than she was in her powers. Those were just annoying and something to keep secret. Boys and girls on the other hand...

Chris got good grades in High School despite the fact she spent most of her time chasing tail. At the age of eighteen she was accepted into a local college. She ended up dropping out after her first year much to her family's disappointment. But school just wasn't for her. She ended up working as a receptionist at a local furnace repair store. There she stayed for the next few years. She became very proficient at her job, but she wasn't happy. However despite that she was unable to find another job that would make her happy. Everything just kind of went down hill from there. She was dumped by her girlfriend, Lily, of three years. It was because of Chris' "lack of ambition".

The accusation hit Chris hard and knocked her into a depression. The dark mindset threatened to devour her whole and leave a stranger in it's wake.

Chris ended up losing her job due to her apathetic mindset. She started bouncing around from job to job with no real motivation other then that there were bills to pay. She worked any job from manual labor to cashiering to being apart of a call center. She just really didn't care where she ended up.

She was working at 7-11, one of the most cliche places to be down on her luck and working at, when the news broke of a supervillain. At first she ignored it along with her patrons. Because who really cared at this point. Just another megalomaniac set out of kill millions. Or the whole world. Either they'd succeed or they would. Chris just couldn't find it in herself to care anymore.

When it became apparent in the ensuing hours that Doctor Diplodoc had succeeded in creating even more supers, Chris just couldn't help the laugh that bubbled out of her. Artificially created superhuman. Like her but not like. In the ensuing chaos Chris thought about coming out as a meta but the quick backlash of hate stopped her. Not that it surprised her.

So she continued to work and kept her head down. She didn't cause any waves and just drifted through life. Of course life has a way of knocking you sideways when least expected. It was during a night shift for her security company. She was on foot patrol of a business complex when she heard raised voices.

Expecting to see the usual group of smokers, Chris didn't worry over much as she rounded a corner. What greeted her was not Toby or Mike or Samantha, but a band of five or six people kicking a smaller person.

Chris didn't even have to think before she jumped in. Unfortunately for her she was out of her league. These anti-meta sympathisers were trained to fight. Forced to fall back on her powers or join the small kid on the ground, Chris choose. She reached out and embraced a power she hadn't touched since childhood. The rush of Life, like a black and white movie turning to color, took her breath away.

With her stone skin she easily took down the small hate group. With one of the unbroken cellphones she called 911 and left. But the feeling, the rush, didn't leave her. It waited just under her skin. As news reports of more extreme hate group attacks happened she felt more and more compelled to do something.

The idea slowly took hold and soon it became a goal. Chris cobbled together some old skiing gear and set it aside. Then finally, somehow, the courage to step out her door and help welled up inside.

Hero Type:
Brick/Muscle / Shape Shifter

Power Level:
City Level

Gargoyle Form
Chris has the ability to turn herself into stone at will.
  • Stone skin
    • When Chris transforms into stone she literally changes her skin into stone. This means her innards are still normal and not stone. When she talks about her ability she says she turns into stone, but that's not completely accurate.
  • Stone Manipulation
    • Chris can take stone from existing statues or formations and add it to her body while she's in her Gargoyle form. She's able to dictate where it goes and what shape it will take. (See bullet point below)
  • Morphing capabilities
    • While stone Chris can add more stone onto herself and use that stone to change her appearance. This can happen either by adding stone items such as arms, wings, armaments, etc. Or by making the stone make her look like someone else.
      Another way to think of it is that the new stone acts as a sort of second layer that she can manipulate at will within about a three to five foot radius (The radius is kind of malleable. EX: If she makes herself wings that can extend up to ten feet on each side she can maintain them even though they technically extend outside her radius. However in order to do so she'd have to sacrifice all her other additional stone to just concentrate on the wings.
  • Increased Strength
    • While in her Gargoyle form Chris' strength is increased. She hasn't tested her upper limits but it appears to be about twice the normal human capacity. She can lift cars and hit hard enough to crack concrete.
  • Increased resistance to injury
    • Chris can take a lot more damage than normal people while as Gargoyle. She's far more resistant to physical attacks and some magical attacks. However due to her squishy innards, anything that can pierce her stone skin is just as dangerous to her and normal humans. Also Chris doesn't have any healing factor. If she gets damaged, the damage remains even when she returns to her human form. She cannot use other stone to repair damage done. She can give the illusion it does (but it really doesn't do anything for her). EG: Chris loses an arm, she can make herself a new one, but when she drops the stone she still is missing an arm.

Strength Level
Normal Human/ 20 tons
Speed/Reaction Timing Level
Normal Human/ Normal Human
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort
Normal Human/ Normal Human
Normal Human/ Normal Human or slower depending
Average/ Average
Fighting Skill


Gargoyle Form
Weakness in her Gargoyle form
  • Stone skin
    • Her innards are still normal and not stone. If there's an attack that can penetrate her stone skin it will do damage to her.
  • Stone Manipulation
    • Chris can only work within a certain radius (3-5 feet) without sacrificing stone for showing off. Also the more bulk she adds on the less maneuverable she will be.
  • Increased resistance to injury
    • Chris doesn't have any healing factor as Gargoyle. If she gets damaged, the damage remains even when she returns to her human form. She cannot use other stone to repair damage done. She can give the illusion it does (but it really doesn't do anything for her). EG: Chris loses an arm, she can make herself a new one, but when she drops the stone she still is missing an arm. And will most likely bleed to death unless she seeks immediate medical attention.
Human Form
Weakness in her Human form
  • Only Human
    • She's just a normal squishy human with all the weakness that come with it. You know what those are!

Supporting Characters:
-Mother, 51, Clara
-Father, 53, Lewis
-Brother Eldest, 33, Mark
-Brother Older, 30, Devon
-Sister Older, 28, Whitney
-Ex, 25, Lily
-Friend, TBA
-Friend, TBA

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:

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Gabriel Alexis Corbyn (Milky Way)
Demul Veros Zua Kival (Andromeda)


Space Oddity


Medium Violet Red




Open secret
His family and a few of his friends know, because he barely made an effort to keep it secret from them. The rest of the world does not know his name, but many have seen his face.


The sort of person who would have watched 1960s Batman as a grown up and thought 'that is the best superhero' exists, and his name is Gabriel. Once a bit of a troublemaker, he changed much over the years, and specially after becoming Andromedan, but he was always blessed with an unwaveringly optimistic moralism and a gentle goofyness. Gabriel is not naïve, far from it, yet he has an unshakeable faith in the inherent goodness of people, the universal value of life and the inevitability of justice. There is not a tinge of cynicism in him, not even the ghost of a sarcastic smirk on his face whenever he helps those in need. He is kind and sincere to a fault, almost always showing empathy for others and expressing himself with openess.

An extrovert with a very proactive streak, Gabriel is quick to make friends and quite effective at coaxing them to try new things with him. Although his days of being a rowdy punk-ish kid are behind him, he still loves to live life at a hectic pace, constantly experiencing new sensations. His many tattoos speak of only a fraction of his fondly remembered adventures through the years, both on Earth and beyond, and his passions and hobbies have ran the gamut from singing rock music to learning Spanish to studying Greek mythology to becoming a competitive swimmer. He likes parties and concerts, absolutely loves music from the 70s and 80s, and also is a bit of a flirt.

Born and raised in a liberal Christian family, Gabriel is still a believer to this day, even if it is not his faith so much as his instinct that guides his moral compass. He is openly bisexual, and has had a small handful of relationships since his middle school years. Whenever he is not in his costume, Gabriel is either spending time with his family or friends, or training for his swimming competitions, or trying (and failing) to study for his college classes.



Now and then, the Universe breaks its own rules, like the cheeky, pretty thing it is. Sometimes, time will suddenly dilate for no apparent reason within a small empty room. Sometimes, gravity will spontaneously make waves in the empty space between star systems. Sometimes, entropy will get weird and decay will go backwards for this one particular flower, or just stop moving in any direction for an entire planet. And sometimes, against all odds, a single being will exist in two or more places at the same time without knowing it, like a weird alternate version of Schrödinger's cat.

Gabriel Corbyn was one such being. From the beginning, perhaps even from his conception, he belonged in two galaxies: the Milky Way and Andromeda. Somehow, Gabriel Corbyn of Earth was also Demul Veros Zua Kival of Nigundalos. It was not just that their bodies were identical all the way down to the subatomic level, but also that their behavior, thoughts and sense of self were one and the same.

The paradox remained unobserved until long, long after he was born, causing only a few, mostly imperceptible spatial phenomena around him. Gabriel thus enjoyed a seemingly normal childhood, growing up with loving families on either side of the Universe. A bit too passionate for his own good, he became more and more unruly as he neared adolescence, and once he got there he was nigh unstoppable. Although he was generally well-intentioned, he repeatedly got himself into trouble with elders, and would often run away from school or home to spend time with other wannabe rock stars and their Andromeda equivalents. By the age of sixteen he had already gotten himself his first few tattoos, hundreds of hours in detention, and many months without internet access at home, but he was already on track to be a relatively functional young man with a bright future ahead of him.

Not long after he turned sixteen, however, his ignorance of his cosmic dualism came to a sudden and world-shattering end. On that year, Nigundalos fell to an alien invasion, and his family on that planet was killed in a subsequent massacre. The emotional trauma of the atrocity broke through the cosmic and mental veil that had kept him from becoming aware of his true nature. With that barrier gone, the Universe reacted to the revelation of the paradox by plunging Gabriel into another galaxy to reunite his conscience with that of his self from Andromeda. It was then that Gabriel caught the attention of Mirvo Neu Kan Takol, a fellow cosmic dualist from both the Milky Way and Andromeda, and the holder of the title of the Andromedan at the time.

The Andromedan rescued Gabriel from Nigundalos and took him to the caravan of space ships that served as the headquarters for the Cosmomancers. There, the Andromedan introduced him to the secrets of the Cosmomancers, nomadic renegades who had learned to use their nature as living singularities to change the Universe. Theirs was less of a corps of intergalactic guardians, and more of a spontaneously formed cooperative of humanitarians bound by a shared belief in a future universal utopia. Over the course of the next few weeks, Gabriel learned to exploit the consequences of his cosmic dualism, all the while developing an interest in the Cosmomancers' vision. His character, however, would soon drive him to move beyond what he had been taught.

Despite his training being nowhere near complete, and the Andromedan strongly objecting to it, Gabriel took it upon himself to single-handedly help the refugees from Nigundalos escape and find a new home. The odyssey that followed took him and the refugees past the limits of what he had once thought physically possible, but after days of pursuit he succeeded in taking them back with him to the Milky Way and stranding their pursuers in the Black Eye Galaxy. Impressed, Takol passed down the title of Andromedan to him, along with his armor, and helped him find his way back to Earth.

As the new Andromedan, Gabriel set out to use his powers to help as many people as he could, in ways both big and small, all the while desperately trying to juggle the public life of a young superhero with the private life of a semi-normal teenager. He stayed in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont, until his high school graduation, then spent several months hitchhiking to the West Coast with his then girlfriend, Maxine, and finally settled down in California. There, he began attending classes at UC Berkeley, where he had gotten a swimming scholarship, all the while continuing to help the people of Earth, and sometimes the rest of the Milky Way, as the Andromedan.


Mystic / Other
Gabriel is what knowledgeable beings call a cosmic dualist, someone who once paradoxically existed in two separate places at the same time without realizing it. As a living singularity, he is simultaneously more and less than a sorcerer: his powers represent a very unique form of magic, one that barely qualifies as such since it arises exclusively from the rare paradoxes which break the fundamental laws of the Cosmos. It is unlike common spellcasting, bound to different kinds forces and far more capricious in its use.




With a slightly warped sense of self and just a bit of nudging, even space itself can be altered. As a cosmic dualist, Gabriel can distort tridimensional space in a myriad of ways, open rifts into places beyond the immediately visible, and even create new space, provided he is willing to risk really getting on the Cosmos' nerves. It is not an easy form of magic to master, largely because it is not really magic in the conventional sense, but rather fundamental physics gone awry, and it will often backfire on its users or just refuse to work altogether. One's ability to safely and reliably manipulate space is dependent on a plethora of factors, many of them incomprehensible to the human mind. Thus, in order to be able to use spatial magic on a regular basis, Gabriel must rely on 'anchors', remnants of massive singularities from cosmic antiquity that help stabilize the conditions around him and diminish the danger of cosmic backlash. Along with these anchors, he also has access to 'beacons', pieces of objects that once came into contact with spatial rifts or transcended our plane of existence, which serve as guides whenever he travels through space using his powers.


HEIGHT 1,82 m
WEIGHT 74 kg
STRENGTH Normal Human
SPEED Normal Human
ENDURANCE Normal Human
AGILITY Normal Human


Being a cosmic dualist, a rule-breaker by nature, carries many great perils. Even with an anchor, Gabriel knows that he could cause a minor cataclysm every time he manipulates space, and that he could accidentally cast himself out of existence altogether if he travelled through space without a beacon. This forces him to restrain his powers even in the face of desperate circumstances. Cosmic anomalies like the one that created him can also pose a problem, insofar as being in the proximity of one may weaken him or make his powers act out.

More importantly, however, Gabriel is still, biologically speaking, a tiny puny human, with little squishy bits and all. Guns, knives, sticks, the common cold, or a well-inflated football... if it can hurt any normal young human, it can definitely hurt him.


MIRVO NEU KAN TAKOL, his mentor and the previous Andromedan
JAKE MOON, his classmate at UC Berkeley and very likely future boyfriend
CLAUDIA SOUTHERN, a fellow cosmic dualist and occasional rival, also known as Delphinian
JEREMY CORBYN, his father
NOAH CORBYN, his brother
NOAH CHOMSKY, his maternal grandfather


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Character you have created:


Speech Color:

Character Alignment:


Character Personality:
Dullahan is a man with sadistic tendencies. With his time in the Egyptian Special Forces, he had gotten a taste of gathering information from ‘informants’ through inhumane ways. Even when the reputation of his methods precedes him, he still continues to use such methods and carries on, even after he gets what he needs. Another unique trait he has is his superiority complex. He will belittle anyone he comes across in any meeting he has. If anyone were to stand up to him, he’d just use his powers to the point of getting them to bow to his will. And, with him being sadistic, goes further to punish them.

This is the basis of a survivor’s description, seeing the man before visualizing his fear.
His uniform in real life:

Origin Info/Details:
Not much is known about when Dullahan was born or how he got his powers. However, a few people can say that he is an Irishman of Egyptian descent. Moving back to Egypt later in life, he later joined the Al Quwaat Al-Khaasat, progressing through the ranks until he commanded his own squadron in his early 30s. However, one mission went south, resulting in massive civilian casualties. From this, he was dishonourably discharged from the Egyptian Special Forces. With that being his only way of life, he formed his own mercenary group that had the same goal: Achieve the objective, no matter the cost. Through this mentality that his group swelled in numbers and eventually began to influence various organized crime syndicates.

Hero Type (Select one):

Power Level:
World Level (Influence)
City (if ability is suppressed) – World (if ability is unsuppressed)

Advanced Combat:
Having been a man of fortune for a long period of time, he has a higher understanding of fighting techniques and use of weaponry outside of a whip.

Enhanced Whipmanship
Much like what the name suggests, Dullahan has a high proficiency in using a whip.

Power Bestowal
Although nowhere near as powerful or versatile as The Psionic Nexus, Dullahan is capable of bestowing some of his Dullahan Mimicry powers onto his troops, namely the ability to manipulate fear. Some of his high-ranking personnel have more than this ability, depending on their role.

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 170lbs
Strength Level: Peak Human -> 100+ Tons
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Human (reaction is 3x that of a human) -> 100+MPH
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Peak Human -> 5 Hours
Agility: Peak Human -> 20x Human
Intelligence: Genius
Fighting Skill: Mastered


Gold - In the folklore of the Headless Horseman, the dullahan has a fear for the precious metal. For Dullahan, this fear is certainly not the case due to his background as a man of fortune. However, the metal when on his body will slow him down considerably, as if his muscles are freezing up. The more gold he has on him, the slower he becomes until he comes to a complete stop.
Fae-affecting Magic - With the dullahan being an Irish faerie, any magic that can cause harm to the Fae will also harm him. He could, up to a certain point, be influenced by anyone capable of manipulating the Fae folk. However, he cannot be fully controlled by them and won’t outright answer the orders from them.
Outside of his dullahan mimicry, he is still a human being so he can still be damaged by any other means. Note, however, that with the more fear he is able to draw into him, the more durable he becomes.

Supporting Characters (Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?):

Numerous crime organizations around the world
While he has no official criminal organization that any of the intelligence agencies know about, Dullahan is capable of bending almost any leader of smaller organizations to his will and force them to turn half of their profits for his gain. It is because of this that he has gained a lot of wealth to help him purchase anything he requires or do any tasks that he needs. Some of the organizations range from the Haitians to the Dutch Penose, the latter one of the rising groups in Lost Haven.

The Eye of Osiris
If there is any form of organization that he has control over, it is his personal military squad. For some strange reason, the Egyptian mythos grabbed his interests and everything is themed around them. They stand at 1000 strong of ex-military background, the majority of them dishonourably discharged. As these people tend to want to join him for riches and the powerful position he sits in, he has personally bestowed the power of fear manipulation (suppressed form) to them to help spread his terror in areas he works in. Some of the high-ranking personnel in the legion are:

Anput – Personal assassin
(not much is known about them, though rumoured to not have any powers)

Sobek: Personal Bodyguard
Abilities: Fear Inducement, Enhanced CQC, Weapon Manipulation (Dual Khopesh)

Montu & Sekhmet: Enforcers
Abilities: Fear Inducement, Weapon Manipulation (Sekhmet – Axe, Montu – Spear), Enhanced CQC

Anhur: Vanguard/Leader of Lost Haven Operations
Abilities: Fear Inducement, Enhanced CQC

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:
Of course
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Hi! I’ve been lurking through your threads and, whilst there’s a massive amount of RP and lore for me to catch up to, I’m really digging what you guys are doing, and I hope you’ll consider allowing me to join!

The truth is I have a thousand questions about the lore of the setting, questions which will only pile up as I learn more, so I went ahead and just made a character. I'll be happy to rework whatever I need to later, since I slapped this in a day. I'm sure some blatant mistake or poorly conceived plot point will make me cringe tomorrow.

That said, there's some things I would like to discuss directly with at least one of the RP moderators if I'm cleared to play.


Character you have created: David West

Alias: Noir

Speech Color: LightSlateGray

Character Alignment: Walking the Line

* I have made Dave’s alignment pretty open ended, as I wish for it to be influenced by a combination of the characters he meets and the events that transpire… Hero. Anti-Hero. Villain. It’s all on you.

Identity: Secret

Character Personality:Adaptable is, perhaps, the word that best describes David West.

David is a world class thief and con-man. Highly intelligent and thoroughly educated, he is a pragmatic man, cold and precise in his calculations. Despite these traits, his job description almost entails a love for theatrics, but he only indulges in them when they're necessary to the success of a plan, or harmless towards it.

A social chameleon, he has learned to move as easily within the upper echelons of society as he does amongst the most unsavoury of characters. Savvy, handsome and well spoken, he can be disarmingly charming when he wishes to… but he can also be quite intimidating when he’s upset.

David is unusually good at reading people, and whilst he undoubtedly has a natural knack for it, it is mostly thanks to countless hours dedicated solely to improving his ability to screw with people’s minds. However, despite his ease for reading and manipulating others, David does not truly trust anyone, and has a whole array of defenses set up to avoid becoming too close to anyone.

It should also be noted that David West does not give much of a damn about religion. Despite being raised in a protestant household, David never managed to bring himself to truly believe, and whilst he will not claim he holds the answer to the universe’s questions, he’s pretty sure there is no such thing as a god… let alone multiple.

As for whom David West really is, it is almost impossible to tell. But were one to strip down all the masks, and to remove the shield that is his intelligence… they would find a primal being, raw in his anger, lost in his pride, and his greed, and his lust… which are, at times, one and the same. But mostly…

Mostly they would find emptiness.

Uniform/costume: Noir’s uniform is an extension of his powers. Wrapping himself in his own shadow, Noir becomes wrapped head to toe in an –extremely- dark substance which absorbs all light hitting him, reflecting none.*

As a result, he looks like he's wearing a skintight, single piece suit that has no breaks in it. Due to the extrene darkness of his suit, his appearance can be distracting and even disorienting when visible, not to mention it’s pretty creepy. It looks very similar to Marvel's original Dusk costume, but without the armfins:

*Vantablack is currently considered the darkest man-made material on the planet. Noir’s suit is technically even darker, as it absorbs all spectrums of light completely. You can check Vantablack out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg2x0L4YAuU.

Origin Info/Details: Noir was born to a large and affluential British family.

He received nothing but the best during his upbringing, and in turn, nothing but the best was expected of him. As it turns out, Noir was up to the task, and somehow he felt this gave him a voice and a vote in their arrangement.

He was deftly proved wrong, but despite some more than healthy doses of physical discipline, he never knew when to shout his mouth. Even through the pain, he remained defiant, holding his tears back every time his skin burst into bloody blisters.

Every. Time.

Predictably, his resentment towards his family slowly grew, especially as his suspicions regarding their heritage and the legitimacy of their activities became stronger.

Upon becoming an adult, David had aced his A levels and could have his pick of universities. He was set on studying psychology, fascinated by the human mind, and hopefully as far away as possible from his relatives, eager to experience life. However his family would not have it, considering it an inferior discipline. There was a great deal of pressure for him to choose medicine instead, but David had no interest in the functionings of the body, and honestly, he was quite done with his family too.

Despite his plans, it was his younger sister who took it upon herself to convince the family that he was far more suited for a career in law, which to her seemed like the least unappealing amongst his options. It was not her decision to make, but David always did have a soft spot for his little sister, who did not wish to see her older brother disappear entirely from her family.

His family wished for him to study in Oxford, which was closest to their respective estates, so he was extra careful to cause a bad impression on the lady in charge of his intervie. Not wishing to force his luck a second time, he settled on their second choice: Cambridge. Not a huge improvement, but a bit more breathing space, nonetheless.

Noir turned out to be a quick study and a good temperament for law, but he never stopped pursuing his passion for psychology… although admittedly, a lot of his time was spent with first hand experimentation.

Life was good, and David West seemed to have a bright future ahead of him… until the scandal hit the shelves.

It seemed like little more than a sensationalist tabloid at first, but the news quickly ran like gunpowder across the country, and soon, the entire nation was making echo of the story.

The West Family was one of the oldest mob families in Britain. Starting out as money lenders and brothel owners (which were, in turn, fronts for money laundering and drug dens) the West had always had a knack for making the best out of other people’s misery, which, over the centuries, had evolved into the ridiculous amount of corporate and criminal charges they now faced. How all of this information, both historical and present, was uncovered by the anonymous reporter who leaked (or rather, sold) the whole thing remains a mystery to him.

All of the family’s assets and funds were seized, and David was promptly invited to leave Cambridge.

Homeless and vilified by the entire country, David’s sporadic flirtations with hard drugs turned into a serious relationship. Soon, his money ran out too, and with no one and nowhere to go, David had to make some difficult decisions.

First, he had to clean himself. Cold Turkey.

“You are a West, son. We do not lose,” he heard in the back of his mind as his teeth clattered against each other in an old, abandoned site, “And we most certainly do not give up.”

He sometimes laughed at his mantra bitterly. How had that turned out for his parents and uncles? How had that worked out for his Granddad, the all-knowing, all-powerful patriarch of the family? As he dwelled on such things he often became angry. Very angry.

And anger was good, for it provided a suitable distraction, however fleeting.

David triumphed over his addictions before it was too late, but it left him a shell of a man. However, for the first time since the scandal, his mind was truly clear, and the solution to his dilemma soon became apparent. He had to join the family business. He had to become a thief.

Despite having a certain talent for the craft, David had some rocky beginnings. His first year on the street made him no small amount of enemies, and taught him a lot of hard, awful lessons about life. It did not help that his family’s rivals had banned anyone in the country’s underworld from giving him any aid… But the truth, he soon realized, was that no one wanted any part of his West stench.

Had Swiss not shown up in his life when he did and taken him out of England, there is no telling how things would’ve ended for him.

Jump to the present day and David is a white collar thief; perhaps one of the best in the world. In fact, his solo work since Swiss’s retirement has been so flawless that it has been credited to the old man by experts from the authorities and savvy scumbags alike. And whilst David is proud to be so closely compared to his mentor, idol and savior, it is an undeniable blow to his ego that they cannot appreciate his own style, his masterful strokes of creativity…

But that will soon change, for he is about to commit a heist that will put anything the Swiss ever did to shame.

Hero Type: Supernatural

Power Level: A, Street level.
*Note: Noir has the potential to become at least a world level class, if not cosmic, but I want him to earn those through proper character development. His power level and power set are likely to evolve (over a long period of time).

David is an unwitting agent of Erebus, the Greek God of Darkness. Having bonded to the Heart of Erebus, he is granted access to the smallest fraction of Erebus’ power… which is like saying he has access to the smallest fraction of infinity.

Active Powers:


David can manipulate shadows to do his bidding, and even to solidify and form shadow constructs to aid him.

However, at the current time David has no experience and cannot create much beyond mercurial tendrils. Still, they’re pretty damn cool.

Shadows directly under his control seem to become the same shade of black as his suit. However, unlike his shadow suit, he doesn’t seem to consume his resources when utilizing shadowmancy, as the darkness seems to replenish in his presence (see passive power: Erebus’ Presence).


David can used his own shadow to create a n exoskeleton of sorts. Not only does it serve as a suit to conceal his identity, it also greatly enhances his physical capabilities, allowing him to perform superhuman feats of strength, speed, endurance and agility (see ‘Attributes’).

The shadowplate will also protect Noir from stab wounds and regular gunfire, although the extent of its protection under ideal conditions is unknown.

In addition to this, David is virtually invisible in the dark whilst wearing the shadowplate, which also seems to dampen the sound he makes and, most excitingly, the shadowplate allows Noir to adhere to surfaces (once he figures it out).

Passive Powers:

Erebus’ Presence:

Noir seems possessed of a dark aura of sorts. In his presence, nearby shadows seem to become thicker, and will almost encroach upon any small or weak source of light, as if trying to drown it out. For example, regular lightbulbs will seem to dim noticeably around him.

David is also likely to elicit some rather negative responses. Fear of the dark is practically engrained into the collective human subconscious, and the more prominent that fear, the more likely a person is to feel uncomfortable around David (young children, in particular, seem to handle this aspect of his power poorly).

Erebus’ Embrace:

David has the ability to heal himself completely from serious, even life-threatening wounds as long as he rests in absolute darkness.

In fact, so long as David sleeps or rests in total darkness, he’ll be cleansed of virtually all ill effects, including sickness and poisoning. If he took up the practice, it is unknown what effects this could have on his health and longevity in the long run.

This darkness cannot be a result of the use of his powers, nor can it be tainted by a single ray of light, natural or otherwise.

Erebus’ Cloak:
Whilst Noir has no training against psychics, his gifts have erected natural barriers around his mind to protect it from psychic invasion. Anyone below a C level of power should be extremely wary of poking inside David’s mind, and even World level powers would have trouble getting anywhere.

It is unknown whether this power will manifest in other ways down the line.

*Note: David is currently unaware of all of his passive powers.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Height: Just over 6 foot
Weight:170, give or take
Strength Level: Normal human, semi-athletic.
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal human, semi-athletic. His timing and reflexes, however, are significantly above average thanks to countless hours mastering sleight of hand and perfecting his timing.
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal human, semi-athletic. David can last around an hour exerting his body, his shadowmancy or a combination of both at maximum capacity.
Agility: Normal human, semi-athletic. However, David is notoriously sneaky, for obvious reasons.
Intelligence: Well above average. Arguably genius, if you’re in the business of cheating others out of their money. Fast on his feet.
Fighting Skill: Trained (poorly). Whilst Dave would not describe himself as a fighter, he’s had quite a bit of real life experience with violence, often on the receiving side of things… although never on a super powered level.
Large. David has been a very busy, very successful criminal.


The Shadowplate drastically alters some of these stats:
Strength Level: 5-10 tonnes
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 40 mph
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 2 hours
Agility: X5 human level


- Aversion to Light: Whilst direct exposure to light does not have any ill effects on David’s health and natural abilities, it can significantly reduce his ability to manipulate shadows, as well as the overall strength of his shadowplate. Normal bulbs and other small sources of light are not much of a problem, but more intense lights may give him trouble. For example, a large floodlight would render him pretty useless and vulnerable if directly aimed on top of him. Whilst directly under the sun, David is still capable of wearing his shadowplate, but beyond concealing his identity, it does little other than making him an incredibly visible and distinct target.

- Divine Infamy: Should Noir become notorious enough, or meet characters associated with other Athanotoi, their patron gods are likely to warn them of his nature, should they grow suspicious of it (which may not necessarily be a bad thing, although Noir values his privacy).

Also, the nature of his powers and abilities are likely to predispose certain people to dislike him.

- Rogue's Reputation: In addition to the aforementioned issue, Noir's secret identity is tainted by his family's past and his own criminal endeavours. This could come back to bite him in the ass in a myriad ways... or not at all.

- Disharmony: Whilst Noir has an impressive set of powers to explore, his abilities seem incompatible with each other. He is not capable of summoning his shadowplate whilst he is using his shadowmancy, and vice-versa.

- Corruption: David is not known for his unbreakable moral compass. It is currently unknown how these powers will affect David in the long run, if at all, or why he has been chosen as the Dark God’s Champion.

Supporting Characters:

The West Family: A notoriously wealthy English family, most of its members were incarcerated almost a decade ago after their involvement in countless shady businesses came to light thanks to a particularly daring reporter.

Whilst discovering he belonged to a mob family did not come as a surprise to David, it most certainly ruined his life, and he harbours no small amount of resentment for his relatives.

Aside from himself and his younger sister, the only ones who’re not behind bars are his cousins, who came out of the scandal significantly more well off than his side of the family, both in terms of reputation and wealth.

Be it as it may, they’re a bunch of insufferable jerks, and he’s not on speaking terms with any of them. Unfortunately, he’s also an insufferable jerk, and his sister is not on speaking terms with him.

Swiss: David’s mentor in the world of high-end cons and thefts. Named after the Swiss for the impeccable precision and timing of his work (despite the fact that he was born in Maine). This older gentleman is a role model for David, and practically a father to him.

Deep: One of David’s closest associates, Deep is a super powered criminal. Few people have met Deep in person, and most are thankful for it.

Deep has the power to connect his consciousness to the internet (to any electronic system he wishes, really) and find anything he wants in a matter of seconds, effectively transforming him into a human search engine. This allows him to find almost anything in the Deep Web in a matter of seconds, and completely undetected.

This makes Deep the ideal middleman and surveillance master all at once, but unfortunately, it has also taken a tremendous toll on Deep’s mental health over the years. Not only is the human psyche ill prepared to ascend into an almost god-like state of consciousness on a regular basis, but, well… how to put it lightly…

Deep has seen some ****.

As a result, Deep suffers from acute paranoia, to name but one of the plethora of afflictions that haunt his mind. Thankfully, he has taken David’s advice and is seeing a therapist, which is helping him deal with his many mental problems... as well as his guilt.

Fortunately, Deep has come to see David as his only true friend, always has a trip left in him for his best mate’s sake (and for his cut from their work, of course).

Assorted thieves and criminals: Noir has a pretty fat phonebook… or rather, Deep is capable of finding the right person for the job at his beck and call. Noir has not shied from working with super powered individuals in the past, and excels at organizing teams and executing carefully planned heists and cons.

Erebus of the Athanatoi: One of the oldest and most obscure Athanatoi, he also used to count himself amongst the most powerful, being one of the ‘primordial deities.’ Erebus is the God of Darkness, and was once a being before whom all trembled.

For the time being, David remains unaware of the true source of his powers. Still, the ornery god seems to have taken an interest in him. Why, only time may tell.

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Character you have created: Hara Helzigar
Alias: The Crimson Terror, The Bloody Rose, Captain Hara
Speech Color: violet
Character Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Identity: Hara Helzigar
Character Personality:

Hara appears to be a surprisingly compassionate and emotionally driven man. Not the emotionless husk of a monster many expect him to be. But he is also likely a un-diagnosed sociopath in the eyes of anyone that isn’t his crew or close to him. “The Mad Dog” of the cosmic seas is a powder keg. He has little to no regard for life if your opposing him, and has a temper that would make a volcano blush. He is a talented orator and charismatic leader, instill a sense of purpose and righteousness in those that follows him. He absolutely dettest and and all forms of governance and authority but his own.


Standing tall with dressed nearly all in various shades of red and with strikingly green hair, he is hard to miss. His skin is a middle gray, his ears are pointed and elvish. He is handsome person, but his face always have a unnerving smile to it. He wears a special eye patch over his right eye, and wears a old, by now worn armor harness at all times. He keeps his back straight and carry himself with poise and swagger.

Origin Info/Details:

Born the bastard son of the Matriarch Zelixa Helzigard, leader of the great Everlasting Fleet, one of the greatest flotillas of all of space. The Mandi-Har is a race of extremely capable, extremely dangerous warriors. Rules by noble houses and families, the Flotilla is in a constant state of assassination, backstabbing and culling, leaving only the most ruthless and capable to lead. And in this madness, the Matriarch has kept a steady ship for over a century.

The Mandi-Har are also a extremely xenophobic and puritan race, having perfected their own genome trough genetic manipulation and selective breeding almost a millennia ago. A blemish such a halfblood is unprecedented and unforgivable. Enter Hara.

His name literally means “The Child” as he was not given a real name before he made his escape from his mothers starship. As a babe, he was meant to be killed, as he was a impure thing. But something in his eyes made the headpriestess stop. The genes of Haras father, a humanoid species known for their complete mastery of energies, had triggered something in the halfbreeds dna. A mutation of terrible power, should it be cultivated.

So instead, the child was hidden from sight, set to be trained into a weapon. To tend to him, he had a Nautilan slave. Huey, as Hara came to call this lumbering creature, soon became Haras only friend. They became like brothers, sharing disdain for their masters. Both thirsting for freedom and a world outside the flotilla and its rigid ways.

That day would come.

One day, Hara was called to commit himself to the next stage of his training. An ritual that demanded he took the life of the one person he trusted, Huey. But both young men knew this was coming. They had planned for it. Stashed away components for explosives, a art that Hara had received a lot of training in. Huey had riled up other slaves, and Hara had stashed away simple but no doubt effective weapons for their little rebellion.

Upon the eve of the ritual, their little coup was staged. As these things go however, they had been had. Their little rebellion was quelled embarrisngly easy. Deemed a failure, the priestess set to pluck Haras eyes out. It was in this moment, Hara showcased his power in full for the first time. Watching as the entire room froze in place, as everything he saw was hit by rapid entropy and energy dispersion. Then, as others arrived, he made the entire section of the ship bubble and combust, the metal shrieking and tearing apart at a molecular level.

This would prove to be their way of escape, and the two fled in a small fighter vessel, making landfall on a desert planet that the fleet was passing. There, they fell victims for slavers, and spent 3 years as gladiators for the rich and wealthy to bet on.

OnOn the eve of the grand championship they once again stood face to face. But again, they had planned an escape. This time however, it worked. They led a small rebellion planet side, and high jacked a military frigate docked for the festivities.

Thus began the reign of terror that was The Bloody Rose Pirates. A liberatior and revolutionary in the eyes of many impovrished and opressed, Hara went from ragtag pirate captain to the Admiral of a pirate fleet numbering dozens of ships.

Hero Type:
Energy (Entropic/Chaotic)

Power Level:
Potential City on his own, with all his resources, world.


Entropic Energy Consumption.

Hara aquired a very strange power at a early age. Anything he perceives with his right eyes begin to deteriorate and fizzles out. Fire dies out and water freezes as all heat is dispersed in seconds. Energy fields are dispersed, electricity is depleted. Due to the nature of his power, he wears a special eyepatch to contain it. Prolonged use can however, kill him. The more he consume, the harder the energy gets to contain. He starts to bleed from his eye if he uses it to much.

Destabilizing Energy Burst:

What Haras right eye consumes, his left eye can burst back into the world with chaotic and unpredictable results. A dead tree bursts into life again only to explode in flames, radioactive flares and even a miniature, localized nuclear explosion as atoms are forcefully collides due to the sudden energy about them.. Due to the nature of chaos, he doesn't control the outlet either. He could let out a small change, or he could empty the entire energy reserve. He has no control of it.


Height: 6’2
Weight: 160
Strength Level: Above average.
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Star Athlete/Peak Human
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort:
Hara can withstand well above the average human limits. Mentally, his will keeps him going even with fatal wounds. Pain seems to be a none issue for him. Physically, his body is enhanced past peak human endurance.
Agility: Peak Human
Intelligence: While not a genius, Hara is a prodigy when it comes to battle tactics and space combat in general.
Fighting Skill: Hara is accomplished fencer and a proper crackshot with his guns. He is possibly one of the best the wielders of a plasma cutlass universe has ever seen, his exploits in boarding imperial cruisers and duelling creatures much faster and stronger them him a thing of legend.
Resources: Hara has a vast network of loyalists and contacts who feed him information and a considerable fleet of frigate ships as well as a war chest built up from nearly two decades of unstoppable rampaging across civilized space.

Hara is fully mortal more or less. While he can withstand more then the average humanoid his size. He is not gonna survive something like hole the size of his torso or a headshot.
Supporting Characters:

Hu’Eon’Yeug: “Huey”: First mate and Haras only true confidant. The two are basically brothers trough circumstance and trust, and Huey would kill for Hara no questions ask and vice versa. Huey is a Nautilan, a race of constantly growing, amphibious humanoid with kevlar tough skin and superhuman strength.

The Blood Rose Crew:
His trusted men and women who will follow him trough fire and brimstone, blizzards and the freezing cold of space if they have to. Many he has personally saved from a life of oppression and poverty and all of them share his anarchistic, violent worldview as result.

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fun fact, i thought pheonix up before i thought eris up, so i guess technically he's older despite being younger then them.


character you have created: Fexiote (Prounounced Fesh-e-oat-ay) or Fexi (Fe-shi the 'E' is soft like the 'E' in 'flesh' or 'fresh')

Alias: Pheonix

Speech Color: Maroon

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Known

Character Personality: Pheonix is a very quiet person, he doesn't talk much. Though that doesn't mean he's stoic and unmovable. He has emotions just like anyone else, he just expresses them differently than others. His anger is his weakness and his strength, as it is literally what fuels his power. He can get pretty angry at things, even things that are what others would think are small inconviences. Though he tries, his anger gets the best of him sometimes, and he often ends up hurting people because of it. Pheonix is slow to apologize, more out of awkwardness than pride. He likes helping people, and he wants to be a hero with his power, but he knows that his power can be very scary to some. He also knows he can hurt others with his power if he's not careful.


(Pheonix's hair is realllllllly long, and luminous looking no one knows how he keeps it so pretty looking, especially with all that ash.)

(Rolun is a fake language.)

Origin Info/Details: Fexiote was born in a small village located in the middle of the ocean. His parents were not very active in his life, and when he was about 4 they were both killed. The village he lived in had customs, traditions that demanded to be followed till the end of time. Their leader, a man called Yulioxolo (Pronounced Yu-lee-oh-show-lo) claimed to be immortal, he had magick powers that proved it. Fexi understood that his culture was one from long ago, almost long forgotten. They called themselves "Rolonu" (Pronounced Row-Low-New) which is Rolun for "Hidden". "No one but us speaks our language, no one but us eats our food, for we are the pure, the ones hidden from the world." Yulioxolo said that the night his parents died. It was one of the few things Fexi remembers him saying from when he was a child. On that night, his parents had been choosen for the sacrfice.

His sister, the only person he had then, explained to him before they attended the ceramony what the sacrfice was for. "Mala and Paxa (Paw-sha) have been chosen, little one. They are going to our God, the one in the sea. They will not return, but their souls will feed him and he will be happy. They were good people, and good people keep him happy. They taste the best." She tried her best to put a positive spin on it, but it didn't stop Fexi from crying then. "It's okay to cry, for you will miss them. But one day, you will see them again. If you are good like Mala and Paxa were, we can both see them again in the sea. Maybe one day, we will be chosen to go." She kissed his forehead, and Fexi watched his parents drown.

Years later, he became quite the eccentric little boy. He had outbursts, and would often play tricks on his neighbors. He soon garnered the name "Fexixote" (Fesh-shi-show-te) (which is a play on the word wildfire in Rolun) Many liked him well enough, he wasn't particularly mean just oddly emotional. His pranks almost never worked, and no matter what his sister always forgave him.
Everything was going great on the little island he lived on, until Fexiote heard a conversation he should never have heard. The talk was between Yulioxolo and a strange man with a red coat. Back then, Fexi could not understand what they were saying as they were both talking in a language he had never heard before. The Red Coat reached into his jacket, and took out a mysterious orange jewel that glowed. Yulioxolo and The Red Coat hid behind a corner, trying to be unseen and speaking in a different language to be misunderstood. Fexi didn't understand the scene at first, but then a voice whispered to him in Rolun, and it asked him a question. "Thexi yu eresil thulix?" Do you wish to know what the jewel is?

Fexi nodded, slowly. "Thulix yu dere funkil, Fexixolo." It is the key to me, Pheonix. Fexi still didn't understand. "Rexi rexu, hulike yu dere ghox. Thulix gre erexil, Fexixolo." Take the jewel, and the spirit will reveal itself to you. The Jewel is knowledge, Pheonix. Fexi understood then. He had to take the jewel from The Red Coat. Said man hid it away, and began to walk away. Yulioxolo rounded the corner, and bumped into Fexiote. He looked down at the boy, who began to ask questions about which way his ball went. Yulioxolo rolled his eyes, and shooed the boy away, the latter gladly obeyed thankful that his quick lie was brought easily.

That night, Yulixolo announced that The Red Coat would be staying with them for the next month. "He is a friend, and shall be treated as one." He said. A friend of Yulioxolo was a friend to all Rolonu. The Red Coat, who said his name was Thaddeus Goodoire, was very friendly. He didn't treat anyone terribly when he stayed with the village people, and everyone loved him. Everyone, except Fexi's sister (Semix means sister in Rolun. Pronounced Se-meesh, again the 'E' is soft.) Fexi's Semix did not trust The Red Coat, but Thaddeus had taken a liking to her. He fell in love with her in a week, and decided he must take her back with him to his country. Fexi's Semix declined, "I cannot go, I would reveal the secret of all Rolonu and that is forbidden. We are to stay hidden." She had said.

Thaddeus grew angry then. On the last night, he planned to kidnap her. Fexi he-ard him, yet again in that strange language, talking to the orange ewel. The voice whispered to Fexi again. "Semix fruline thused gre therix. Thulix gre frolike monu erexis, bruy thuy er froi, Felixolo. Wiyla hu airy dre gre yulix!" He plans to take your sister. The jewel is his key, take it Pheonix. Gain your wings, and fly! Fexi jumped from his hiding spot behind The Red Coat's door, and lunged for the jewel. The Red Coat stood up, startled. He was raving mad at Fexi, and easily flung him aside. Fexi laid on his side, hurting.

Fexi heard a scream, and then the breaking of wood. He got up, and stumbled to his Semix's room only to be met with a grisly sight. The Red Coat held a bloodied Semix in his hands, his fist was wrapped around her neck and he held her dramaticlly in the air. Her legs kicked at him, but he refused to let go. Fexi didn't have time to wonder how a man could possibly hold so much strenght in one hand. He beat against the side of The Red Coat, but it did nothing.

Fexi watched his parents drown at 4. He watched his sister suffocate to death at 14. The Red Coat dropped her lifeless body by his feet, Fexi could see the orange jewel clutched in his other hand. He held it so tight, Fexi noticed. He stared at The Red Coats hand, and the glow of the Jewel because it was easier than looking at his Semix on the floor. The Red Coat said something, but Fexi did not understand. He stared at the jewel, and the man picked him up effortlessly. He shook him violently, yet Fexi's eyes never left the jewel. By this point, The Red Coat felt so much anger and hatred for Fexi in him.

He dragged the boy outside, and threw him down on the front steps. The Red Coat said something, and raised the jewel in the air. He threw it down, and flames hotter than any Xeote (Rolun for match stick, and it is in fact what Fexi is named after) bundle burst from the rock. Everything scorched around Fexi, accept himself. The flames licked him, and seemed to grab him every chance they got, but no matter what they could not take him like they did everything else.

People came from other houses, screaming about how The Red Coat's house was on fire. Fexi could hear them calling his house "The Red Coat's" house. He felt sick, and far too hot, and yet he did not burn. When the flames died, it was dawn. Nothing was left. Nothing but Fexi, and his Semix's winter shawl. It had blown out a window before the flames could take it. Fexi had stayed on the steps, or what was the steps of his house. Some tried to console him, patting his back and apologizing. He was alone now, no one to call family. "Yu yulike fru dre hyui" You will always have me. Said the voice. And Fexi couldn't argue with that. He welcomed the voice, whoever they were. "Golux dere thuh thre sader drelix, thru freg hui yu eres xi." I am that God in the Sea, the one who burns for eternity. Yulioxolo came upon the scene, and looked horrified. His friend was gone, dead. Taken by fire. Yulioxolo blamed Fexi, as he was the only one who seemed untouched by the flames.

"If not for you, he would still be here! Traitor!" Yulioxolo had spat. He was taken over by anger, but no one knew why at Fexi. Yulioxolo ordered for Fexi to be given to the God, and at this point everyone in the village had heard and was very concerned for their leaders mind. The boy has clearly lost everything, why take his life now? Nonetheless, they complied and took Fexi to the port. The Port was where all sacrifices were held. The Offering namely the person being pushed into the sea, were not shackled or chained in anyway. In fact, there was nothing to stop the Offering from swimming to safety. Nothing but the water itself. They called the sea Golux (Pronounced Go-Loosh, meaning God) and it showed, as no matter how calm it seemed, the water would hold you. The water never raged, it was quiet and the most beautiful crystal blue anyone had ever seen. To swim in it is to ensure death. The waves whispered to its Offerings. They dragged you to the bottom like a stone. They made you want to drown, to join the others down below.

To finally hit the bottom of Golux is said to be euphoric. To others, it seemed as if Yulioxolo was, while very angry and willing to kill the boy, not mad enough to torture him. This relaxed some. "You will be with them now, Fexiote." Yulioxolo said, coldly. "You are but a child, so I cannot impose harm on you. The waves will take you to your Frelike (Pronounced Fray-Lee, meaning family.) The God will judge you, not I." Fexi said nothing, he accepted his death.

At 4 Fexi saw his parents drown in these very calm waters. At 14 he saw a mysterious stranger strangle his sister. And shortly after she left the world, he tried to follow her.

The waves whispered sweet forgiveness in his ears as he fell deeper into the water. But beyond them, another voice whipsered louder. "Yu dre wiyli aser thulix dere thul, Felixolo?" Do you wish to have wings, Pheonix? It asked.

"Xa..."(Pronounced Sha, meaning yes.) Wings sounded nice, everything sounded nice when he was at the bottom of the ocean. His lungs grew tighter, but he did not mind them closing.
"Yu rexu gre thuy frelike gru, Felixolo" I will give you wings and a family, Pheonix.

Suddenly, everything grew hot. Fexi could breathe, and this time he was not calm. He felt the hot pricks of anger poke at him all the way from the bottom of the sea. His skin was blistering, but he didn't care. The water around him was boiling, until he grew so hot he evaporated it all into steam. Hot geyser air rose in the air, and Fexi could feel his anger burst out of him. They were heavy on his back, but soon they felt like air. Wings of flame came from him, they were so erratic and wild, they tried to burn him but he would not catch. Screams of terror could be heard below, and Fexi looked down to see terrified people. He scanned their faces trying to see anyone he recognized.

But he knew no one below him. He flew above a city he did not know, and people who held strange glittering devices in their hands. "Wyli...Whe..." He tried to speak, his words getting jumbled in a strange conglemeration of language. "Whe...where...am I?" He said. He was scared now, his anger gone. And with it, went his wings. He fell from the sky, but someone caught him in the nick of time. They wore a uniform, black and green and silver. And pinned to their chest a tiny little pin, one that Fexi recognized as a moth. He felt himself in the arms of a stranger, and yet he could've sworn that they too had wings on their back.

When he woke up, the stranger who saved him was there. He smiled at Fexi. "You're awake now." He said. He had a nice voice, calming like the waves. "Do you think you can speak?" The stranger asked.

"X...a...Yes. Yes I...can talk." Fexi said. His language was slurred, and he kept mixing Rolun with whatever he was speaking now. The stranger nodded his head, kindly.

"What's your name? I'm Crow, I saved you from a pretty nasty fall back there." He said.

Fexi tried to think of his name, but the only thing coming to mind was the word Pheonix. Fexixolo. It was what the voice called him. "Pheonix." He told the stranger. Crow had been the first person Fexi had ever spoken to, before he formerly joined Paradox Agency.

Hero Select one): Elemental fire controlled by rage, given to him as a gift by a God.
Power Level (Select one below): city Level

Powers (Be Specific): Pheonix has the ability to summon wings of flame and fly, as well as scorch anything in his path as long as he is angry enough to summon them.

Attributes (Select one at each category):
Height: 6"5 (He is tall)
Weight: 225 pounds
Strength Level: super human strength
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: super human
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 17 hours
Agility: Super Human
Intelligence: Average
Fighting Skill: Trained
Resources: Extreme

Weaknesses: He fears water, and suffocating. His fear can stifle his anger, which in turn gets rid of his wings. Pheonix has to remain angry when fighting, otherwise he loses his powers.

Supporting Characters: Crow Dreiford, a friend of his at Paradox who bears black wings on his back. Leila Mayner, his friend and boss in a way. Eris Goodoire, a good person who Pheonix thinks is nice (Though he swears they seem so familiar to him somehow...). Hailey Hughes, a friend of his at Paradox who bears humming bird wings on her back. Mindy Diasco, a brilliant and pretty scientist who loves Eris dearly.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: yes.

Sample Post:

(ust so you guys can get a feel for him.)

"The Bermuda Triangle is a mystery I have been trying to solve for years." Marian said. She stood in Leila's office, papers and maps scattered all over the floor in an attempt to explain to her the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. She pointed to one map pinned up to the wall, scribbled and littered with notes. "Right here is where I'm most concerned, because it's where the planes are most likely to get lost in. And here," She pointed a little ways to the left. "Is where I believe the cause of the disapperances resides." Leila, who had been supervising Marian Freedman's claim, nodded along as if agreeing but then said something quite alarming.

"This all seems quite interesting Ms. Freedman, but I'm afraid this mystery isn't really a personal problem of your's. It seems more like a hobby than anything." She said. Marian nodded.

"I understand completely, but I'm not interested in the Triangle for nothing Leila. It's taken someone from me. My sister." Her tone became deflated. "She was an airline pilot who did tropical flights. One night, she crossed the Triangle, and never came back."

"But the flight did." Leila continued. "I remember hearing this story on the news about 2 years ago. The passengers, and even the Co-Pilot made it back home safely, but the Pilot hadn't. No one could even recall when she disappeared, for they say they heard her voice on the intercom and the Co-Pilot was sure that she was sitting next to him when they landed." She scratched her chin, curious. "That was a strange predicament. How does one go missing in front of dozens of people like that?"

"I don't know, all I know is that the Triangle is not what it seems." Marian said. "It's not just a myth made by conspiracy theorists. The Triangle is...alive. Or at least sentient. Something out there is taking ships and planes with it."

"I think I know just the Agent to help you, Ms. Freedman. This case seems Paradoxical enough in nature." She said, smiling.
Pheonix stood in the planes doorway, his poncho wildly fluttering in the wind. He tied his hair back to keep it out of his face, but a few sand colored strands escaped. Marian Freedman, his client, was flying the plane lower. "Alright, you're gonna jump in a little while!" She yelled over the wind. "I'd try to fly closer, but the plane might go down! So you will have to make the trip by yourself." Pheonix nodded, he felt a pang of fear. He swallowed it, upon realizing he'd need his wings to fly.He waited for the signal, and then Marian shouted "Now!" And he jumped from the plane. The world seemed a blur as wind flew past his face. He tried to tell himself to calm down, and when he finally did, he felt his wings release, but a tad bit too late.

He hit water, but he flapped his wings twice to soften the landing a bit. He landed near a shore line, and stood up quickly once he realized where he was. He flew into the air, away from the water, and finally stood on solid ground. He was on an island, one that he knew to be his island. The island hidden from the world, home of the Rolonu. The God at the Bottom of the Sea whispered to him, "No one is here, Pheonix. You are in a time without them." Pheonix knew that already. He was a stranger from the past, someone of this world but in the wrong time. The God who Whispered to him tried to explain this when he first woke up in Paradox HQ. The God in the Sea had given him a new family and wings just as he promised. Pheonix wasn't sure if he was happy with it though.

He walked further into the depths of the Islands forest, and found a path he remembered from childhood. It was a pathway used to get food from the tree groves, he remembered walking along on warm sunny afternoons with his sister to get Banana's and small honey suckle flowers. He trudged along the path, trying to erase the image of his sister from his head. He couldn't think of her while he was here, it would be too much for him to bare. Soon he came across the grove, and noticed that the trees were more plentiful than they had been when he was a child. Probably because there was no one here but animals to pick them now.

He looked around, and wondered shortly just what was he supposed to be looking for. A woman? The island seemed barren. He could fly up to get a better view, but he didn't want to risk burning the beautiful honey suckle bushes nearby. He decided to continue walking. Perhaps the woman had stumbled upon his empty village. As he neared the entrance he remembered so fondly, he could hear a strange static noise coming from within the village. "Come on! Work, you stupid thing!" It wasn't a woman's voice, but that of a man's. As Pheonix entered the villlage he saw a man in rags, banging on what he had come to know as a radio. Pheonix could feel his frustration.

The man turned, and yelled when he saw Pheonix. "Who the hell are you?" He asked, scared. Pheonix raised a hand in greeting, trying to calm the man.

"I'm here to help." Pheonix said. The man squinted at him, but his eyes widened upon seeing the moth pinned to his poncho.

"You're a Paradox Agent?" He asked. "That's great! Get me off this island!' He ran up to Pheonix, frantically shaking his arm.

"Okay, we go. But first, I need to find a woman." He tried to explain as best he could, but his english could still use some work.

"Woman? You mean...." He looked back at the radio. "There's a crazy lady who lives up there, in the mountains." He pointed up where Pheonix remembered the Leader slept. His house must still be standing, for her to live up there.

"Take me to woman. Now." He said. The man shook his head, scared.

"No, what are you crazy? Lets leave! What did you come in on?" Pheonix shook the man off, and headed for the mountains. He would just find his way to her with his memory. "Okay, okay fine! I'll help you!" He said. "There used to be a pathway up to the mountain top but-"

"It's gone." Pheonix finished. The man nodded, slowly.

"Yeah...hey, how did you find me?" He asked.

"I used to live here. Long time ago." He answered. "Your radio was also loud..."

"Woah, wait. This place is your native land? You're one of the...locals?" He looked around, confused. "I thought you were all gone? Where did you all go?"

"I don't know. I left before I could find out what happened to the others." Pheonix said. "Why...are you here? How you find my village?"

The man perked up, "Oh, I'm an Anthropologist from the states. My name is Cedric Rails, I was going to take a look at things in Tahiti, some old artifacts from the Bentu people that were recently discovered, when the plane crashed and I ended up here." He explained.

"Where the plane?" Pheonix asked. He didn't see one on the shoreline.

Cedric stopped. "Well. I'd like to know that too. The plane definitely crashed, but where it is on this island, I couldn't tell you." He said.

"Island is big." Pheonix conceded.

"Yeah, it is, but I've been on it for about 2 years now. I've searched every where and still can't find any ruins of a plane." They reached the beginning of the mountain trail. "All I've been able to find is your people's village, and that hut on the mountain. With the crazy lady in it."

2 years, he claims. He must be from the same flight, for what are the odds of two people going to the same place, but only one of them making headlines? Pheonix began the trek up the mountain, retracing his steps from the days he went to see Yulioxolo to relay messages. Cedric, having taken in interest in his culture, badgered him with questions. "What did your people call themselves? Were they violent, wait excuse me that was rude of me. I mean, did they ever fight with other tribes or villages? Were there rituals of any kind?"

"Can't tell you anything." Pheonix replied. "It's a secret."

"What? Seriously?" He complained. "Can you at least tell me what you called yourselves?"

"We were Rolonu." He answered.

Cedric stayed quiet for awhile. "Rolunu...?"

"Rolonu. It means 'Hidden'." Pheonix corrected him. As they walked, Cedric began to ask questions about Pheonix himself. The trek up the mountain seemed longer than he remembered.

"Why did you leave? How did you leave? Paradox HQ is all the way in Jersey, and where here in the Bermuda." He pondered.

"I...I don't really remember how I got to Paradox." Pheonix said.

"You have amnesia?" Cedric asked. Pheonix shook his head.

"Bits and pieces float around in my head. I just...I don't know." He said. "It's strange, it is. To think about how I got....to there."

Cedric looked at him sadly. "What's your name? I completely forgot to ask."


"Well Pheonix, hopefully we can all get off this island in one piece. Do you miss home?" He said.

"Sometimes." Pheonix answered. They reached the broken down mountain path. "I know a way around."

Cedric followed Pheonix, and soon they reached the top of the mountain. A big hut decorated with ceramonial regalia and words in Rolun stood at the very top. A woman sat on the front steps. Judging from her clothes, Pheonix had no doubt that she was the missing pilot. She stood up upon seeing them, and held something out to them.

"Careful, she has a knife." Cedric warned. Pheonix could see that was not the only thing in her hand. She held a necklace in her other hand, and it had a familiar orange glint. The God whispered to him, "Ah, I see you've found a part of my key."

"WHAT ARE YOU HERE FOR?!" She demanded. Cedric held his hands up, frightened.

"We're just here to talk. We're leaving the island now." he told her, wary.

"Come with us." Pheonix said. She would not listen.

"You. He warned me about a Rolonu coming to take him away from me." She said, in quiet suspicion. "WELL YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM! The Jewel is mine, Felixolo." Cedric looked at Pheonix.

"See? I told you she was crazy!" He said. The orange jewel had driven her crazy, just like it did Thaddeus Goodoire. There was only one thing Pheonix could do to remove it's influence. Take it for himself. He walked towards her, and told Cedric not to follow him.

He thought of something that made him angry, and the wings he hid released from his back. Cedric felt hot flames on his face, and backed away quickly. The Pilot held the orange jewel close to her heart. He shot a ball of flame her way, but the jewel protected her. A purplish aura surrounded her. "She has found a way to control the key, Pheonix." The God whispered. Pheonix lunged at her, and a flap of his wings sent him hurtling towards her. The Pilot bowled over on her side, and the jewel went flying and balanced on the side of the mountain's edge.

Pheonix shoved her aside, and went for the jewel, snatching it up quickly. The minute he touched the jewel, a heat radiated from it so hot that it burned his hand. He held onto it though, and released a heat of his own, contesting with the spirit inside of it. It soon gave up, and the key glowed a bright orange, before bursting into flames and disappearing. "It is done." Pheonix said. The Pilot got up from the ground, dazed and slightly confused. The effects of the jewel wore off, and the The God who Whispers voice grew louder to Pheonix. "Very good, Pheonix. The Key is not yet complete, but you have gotten an integral piece.

Pheonix returned to Paradox HQ with the help of Marian, who was finally able to reunite with her sister. The jewel did things to her, but because of Pheonix taking it away, she became her old regular self in no time. Cedric also returned, but oddly enough no one seemed to know he was gone.
"So, how was it? Returning back there?" Leila had asked him, as they sat in her office going over the field report.

"It was not...bad. I am still confused, though. About the missing people." He said. "Maybe Triangle worked some kind of magick on them. My leader had powers that could make people see things that weren't there. He was why the island was never discovered." Leila nodded.

"How strange." She said. "Well it certainly sounds like a harrowing tale, Pheonix. I'm sure the others would love to hear you talk about it!" Pheonix laughed, a rare sound.

"Yes, I'm sure a tale like that would be interesting to tell." he said.
Darius gaped at Leila the entire time she relayed her friends tale over tea. It had been about a month since he got the assignment, but it still made for interesting table talk. "Wow, that's...unbelievable. Like, I literally don't believe you." He said.

Leila chuckled knowingly. "Oh I'm sure in due time the story of Pheonix and the Bermuda Triangle will become believable to you." Darius rolled his eyes.
"There you go again, being all cryptic and spooky." He said. "I doubt there could ever be anything to make me believe such a story. And I probably won't ever meet this Pheonix fella."

Leila just sipped her tea, a smile on her lips.
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Character you have created: Bobi Adolow

Alias: She has none.

Speech Color: CornflowerBlue

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Not a secret

Personality: Bobi can be very closed off and guarded from other people, as she has a very hard time trusting anyone nowadays. Other people may see her as rude, and even a bit of a bully, but it doesn’t bother her. She isn’t prone to hanging around other people, and often closes herself up in the Paradox Lab department for weeks on end. When she feels uncomfortable around other people, she gets agitated and loses her patience with them very shortly. The only person she can’t seem to shake off her tail is Shay Vanabound, another agent of Paradox and her assigned partner for the job.


Origin info/ Details:

Bobi Adolow was born in her father's lab in the middle of a dead end town somewhere in Australia. The details of her life and where she used to live are hazy at best for her, seeing how most of her childhood was spent being cooped up in the lab. She never knew her mother, her only caretaker was Jerome Adolow, the man who created her. Bobi was always more of a machine than a human. Her body, while made of skin and nerves, are hiding a mash of organs and metal. Bobi has no heart, quite literally. She runs and breathes thanks to a core implanted in her back. It’s a small, round disc bigger than her hand. It’s made of metal, and glows an ethereal light blue color. The core’s name is 8081, an odd name given to it by Jerome, its creator. She never quite understood the name, all she knew was that 8081 was a nuisance and a very distracting feature on her body.

8081 is not her only technological feature. Bobi’s left arm is completely made out of metal, and while Jerome has tried to explain to her this oversight, she has learned to accept it as it is. Her arm, as Jerome puts it, is directly connected to 8081. It is an enhancement of sorts, she understands that much. What she doesn’t understand is why he wouldn’t cover it in skin. He had just shrugged in his own, quiet way. “I was just too...proud of it to cover it up. I thought kids your age were supposed to like cool robot stuff like this anyway.” He had said to her.

Bobi lived with Jerome Adolow in his house, and was barred from leaving the laboratory in the basement because “The world just isn’t ready yet, Bo.” She was a very lonely child, and the longer she stayed in the basement and did Jerome’s diagnostics and his tests, the more she steadily grew to resent him. She was 8 when she finally understood that she truly hated Jerome. He may be her father, or creator, but she didn’t love him like one. She was 9 when Jerome introduced her to her first actual friend. Jerome never brought anyone else home, and sometimes Bobi didn’t even think other people came to the house. Her first friend was a girl, who was lot older than Bobi was then, and who stood behind Jerome with a look of wonder on her face. The girl was tall, that much Bobi could see, but also very lanky. Her hair was a light, mouse brown that hung straight past her shoulders; when they first met she had been wearing a faded green flannel shirt, plain jeans and very dirty boots. 8081 told her the brown slush around her feet was mud, something Bobi had only seen in small glimpses here and there.

“Bobi, I’d like you to meet someone very special to me. This is Tucker.” Jerome introduced her. Bobi stood in the dark lab, staring wide eyed at both of them, blankly. Tucker walked up to her, kneeled before her to be on her level, and offered a genuine kind smile.

“We are alike, you and I.” She said, her accent was very different from Bobi’s and Jerome’s. Tucker rolled up one of her sleeves, and held her arm out. At first, Bobi wanted to scoff and push her away from her, because all she saw was plain pale skin. But then it disappeared. The arm was gone, leaving only the cuff of Tucker’s sleeve. Then the arm reappeared, but this time it held colorful dots, then stripes, then odd looking lines that Bobi couldn’t quite name just that they were….squiggly? 8081 told her that it wasn’t a word, but it perfectly described the patterns that Tucker made on her skin. “See? We’re both very different, huh?” Tucker offered. Bobi just nodded, and from that day forward Tucker had been like an older sister to her.

Bobi was 12 when she was first allowed to leave the lab. Jerome had let her sit outside in the backyard for the first time, and it was an eye opening experience. 8081 was buzzing with all of the new information it was taking in, and it soon grew to be too much. She had fainted for a short while, and it gave Tucker and Jerome quite the scare. When she awoke, she finally knew how most of the world worked, how plants grew, why the sky was blue. All of the questions that everyone could possibly ponder about the world they stood on, she had the answer to thanks to 8081. Jerome was reluctant to let her out again, but Tucker convinced him to let her sit on the porch, to which Bobi was thankful for. This time, she did not faint. She and Tucker both sat outside for the second time in her short life, and it was a memory she valued dearly.

Jerome wanted to continue his experiments on Bobi, and while he did, she soon started to wonder why. What purpose did she hold in the world other than running diagnostics? Jerome laughed, something she had almost never heard him do. “You will soon find out. Don’t worry Bobi.” Tucker also told her not to worry, and to pass the time told her stories of the outside world and all that lay in it, like airplanes, and big cities. The days grew longer and longer, and eventually turned into years. Bobi was 16 when she finally decided she had had enough of being cooped up in the house, confined to the back porch and nothing more. She hadn’t told Tucker about these thoughts she was having, as she already knew Tucker would try to hold her back, or worse even: tell Jerome.

She had decided she would sneak away somehow, so when it came time to go on the back porch, she made a run for it and hopped the fence. She could hear Tucker yelling for her to come back, but it was far too late by then. The world grew even larger the more she ran. She could feel that familiar heat behind her back that meant 8081 was reaching its limit on information. She ran into the street, suddenly not in control of her own body, and was hit head on by a car. It was a hard hit, hard enough to send her flying through the air. Sparks flew as her metal arm, which had been hidden beneath the sleeve of a blue sweater, ripped through the soft fabric at the point of impact. The person in the car was frantic, and ran over to see if she was okay, but before then it was too late. Bobi Adolow had died at the scene of the crash.

She was dead for about a week, until 8081 jump started itself again. Bobi slowly came to life, her vision obscured by a sheet that had been pulled over her head. She lay on a cool, metal table that made her skin feel clammy and weird. She mustered enough strength to sit up, and remove the sheet. She was greeted with the dark room of the Thurst City morgue and funeral home. This is where the bodies were kept. She looked around, her eyes much more accustomed to the dark now, and saw that she was not alone in the room. There were a few other dead people in the room with her it seemed, and that didn’t bother her so much as inconvenience her. One of them lay on a table that blocked the door for some reason. She got up, and made her way to it, bumping into this table and that one, muttering sorry as she went. When she reached the door, it opened seemingly on its own, but Bobi came to realize that a nurse must have heard her bumping around in the dark room. When she spotted Bobi, she screamed horrified, something Bobi very much understood as she had probably already been embalmed and lying dead for weeks before this incident. Bobi walked further out into the hallway, scaring the hell out of almost everyone who passed her before one of the staff directed her to a room.

They asked her questions, trying to see if maybe she was just one of those wandering bodies that got up sometimes. “It’s happened before, you know.” One of the nurses explained. Bobi was able to finally convince them that she was indeed alive, but they couldn’t believe it.

“You’ve been…scooped out already though. How the hell are you walking?” One nurse asked; she shook her head, and headed to the front desk. The phone had rang, beckoning for her to answer it. “What?!” The nurse exclaimed. She ran back into the room, and looked at Bobi with terrified eyes. “There’s a girl on the phone asking for you? Your name is Bobi Adolow...correct?” Bobi just nodded.

She was handed the phone, expecting for it be Tucker, only to be very surprised to hear the voice of a girl she had never met before.

“My name is Leila Mayner, I’m sorry we’re meeting on such odd terms.” Leila said, explaining to her very quickly how she ran an Agency named Paradox that was bent on helping anyone with an impossible, unsolvable problem. “I want to know, before Jerome Adolow reaches the morgue, do you want to work for Paradox?”

It seemed to be such a bizarre situation, but the more Bobi thought about being back in the house with no one but Jerome and Tucker, the more her resentment for the man grew. She had never before shown outwardly that she hated Jerome, but she knew if she saw him come through the morgue door, she’d try her hardest to get away from him again. Not even Tucker could convince her to come back. The morgue was such an interesting place, and she found that 8081 wasn’t freaking out like it was normally prone to do. Clutching the phone cord tightly, she nodded to herself.

“Yeah…” She had said. “I wanna work for Paradox.” She could almost hear Leila smile through the phone.

“Excellent. Charlotte will escort you to the nearest kiosk.” Leila said. She could hear excited murmurings around her, and saw that the staff were looking at her with a new kind of reverence.

“You’re a Paradox Agent?” One nurse, the one she had spooked when she first woke up, said. Bobi thought on it for a second, before a slight green moth appeared before her. Everyone in the room seemed to look at her in a new light, as if they understood something she did not.

“That must be it then...she’s one of those Agents, so maybe she’s got powers or something…”

“She’s got a damn robot arm, Harold. Of course she’s a super.”

“I was just saying, I thought the arm was like a fancy prosthetic.”

“Well you guessed wrong, obviously.”

She could hear them theorizing about her, but that didn’t matter then. She grabbed a hold of Charlotte the moth who fluttered before her, and instantly found herself in new clothing. The standard Paradox, dark green blazer. A green, emerald pin with the insignia of a moth lay on her chest. She turned to the other members of the staff.

“Um...thank you, for looking after my body.” She said awkwardly. She walked out the front doors of the morgue and headed straight for a back alley. 8081 was now accompanied by Charlotte who seemed to be leading her through it’s interface, just like Leila had said. There, hidden in the brick and mortar wall was the moth insignia on her pin. She pressed her hand against it, and the bricks moved aside, revealing an elevator. She wasn’t sure which way she should go, up or down, so she let Charlotte choose.

Ever since that day, Bobi Adolow worked as an Agent of Paradox. She was 18 when she was assigned her first solo mission, it wasn’t as harrowing as she thought it would be, but it was something she thought was special. She was 23 when she was first introduced to another friend, her assigned Paradox partner Shay Vanabound. Despite Bobi’s closed off demeanor, and otherwise grumpy disposition, Shay never left her side. Bobi never saw Jerome or Tucker again, and though she missed Tucker, she was far happier working as an Agent than she was running diagnostics for them. There were times where she hated the both of them, but she always lost that battle in her head. She couldn’t bring herself to hate Tucker.

Bobi Adolow is now 25 years old, and works tirelessly in the Lab department of Paradox. Though she hates tests, she finds learning more about 8081 is important. The more she knows, the more she can help people on assignments, and that was something that she worked endlessly on. Despite coming from Australia, she does not work from there. All Agents work from HQ, no matter what kiosk they enter or exit from. Paradox kiosks is scattered all over the world, and to accurately pinpoint where HQ is would be insanity. The only true location I, Liseran Thistle, can give you is that it is definitely located somewhere in the states. Because of this, Bobi is one of the very few international Agents at Paradox HQ.

Hero Type: Brick/Muscle

Power Level: City Level (8081 still has a few tricks up its sleeve that even Bobi hasn’t discovered.)

Powers: Bobi is an enhanced human with robot prosthetics, one of which is incredibly powerful. She has enhanced strength, and is able to connect herself to the world's database, gaining access to any and all information.

Height: 5”6

Weight: 128 lbs

Strength Level: 50

Speed/Reaction Time: 60

Endurance at Maximum effort: 3 hours

Agility: Normal human (She’s not very coordinated on her feet)

Intelligence: Genius

Fighting skill: Trained (Shay has taught her a few things since they’ve first met)

Weaknesses: Even though 8081 has regained some kind of composure, sometimes it can reach its limit. This can happen if Bobi pushes her abilities too far, or even still if she gains too much knowledge at once. When 8081 reaches its limit, parts of her body start to malfunction or shut down completely, which is very bad if she’s fighting someone.

Supporting Character: Shay Vanabound, her assigned Partner; Leila Wingsbury, the Leader of Paradox; Mindy Diasco, a girl Genius; Eris Goodoire, New Jerseys number one music hero; Phoenix, a kind boy from another time; Beatrice Hanamura, Paradox’s only weapon smith; Shou Hanamura, Paradox’s only spy; Cosmos, Paradox’s first interstellar Agent; Thomas Beastly, Paradox’s mythological Beastmaster; Charles “Coggs” Devesh, Paradox’s only practicing Mage and another international Agent like Bobi herself.

Do you know how to post pictures on rpg boards?: Yes

Sample post: (I won’t post one, I feel you guys can get to know her through the posts.)
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Character you have created: Djarrawi Hunter
Alias: Sleepwalker, Dingo Girl, Today Girl (These aren't codenames, just nicknames from her people)
Speech Color: Dark Orange

Character Alignment: Hero
Identity: Known

Character Personality: Djarrawi is quiet, watchful, and aloof, but quite friendly if you actually engage her. She loves playing with animals, tending plants, and watching children, and is an extremely adept storyteller. She loves creativity in all its forms and will actively encourage anyone she sees struggling with a hand on the shoulder, hug, and warm smile. Her concepts of personal space and ownership are a bit off from Western values, but she is quite firm in her beliefs. If she didn't have the status she had, she'd probably have been arrested for numerous misunderstandings. John also helps with this, as does Tree.

Theft, oppression, and mistreatment of nature will probably be met with anger, if not physical force.

Origin Info/Details: Djarrawi is the daughter of Samantha and Powa. Samantha was part of the Stolen Generation, born in 1978, but found her way back to her roots with the Djabugay in Queensland and settled there as a farmer. Djarrawi is their only child. As a young girl, she was curious and playful, and very quick on her feet. Showing a keen awareness for the world and for spirits, Djarrawi began to learn her trade as a medicine woman by the time she turned seven, though training isn't necessarily the best word.

When she was fifteen, she went on walkabout, and journeyed out into the Outback for some distance, saying hello to other tribes and the ranchers and farmers out in the scrublands. Out there, she chanced upon a nest of vipers along the edge of a cliff, and she dodged their bites, only to jump and land on a loose rock, which sent her careening down the slope and off the edge, a hundred feet below. Normally, this would have killed her, but Djarrawi was clever, and twisted enough to catch a branch sticking out of the cliff to slow her fall. It snapped, but allowed her to land with only a broken femur and spine.

As she lay there paralysed, a voice came to talk to her. She looked around and saw a dingo, watching her carefully. It told her that she had killed it, as well as herself, because she had gone and broken the sacred branch that he was. But there was a way to save them both, if she was willing. Since she did not want to die yet, she agreed that they should do this thing. The dingo directed her to shove the piece of branch she held into her leg, where the bone was sticking out. It took many minutes for her to work up the courage to do so, but she did. She immediately passed out from the pain.

When she woke up, it was night time She could stand, and, better, she could move much better than she had before her fall. She could see in the dark just fine, and breathed easier than she ever had. And the dingo's voice, barely a whisper, taught her all the ways of the ancestor spirits and how she could effect bulurru now. This took several weeks, during which time her family assumed she was still on Walkabout.

When she returned, and showed what she could do, her tribal leaders convened. Then the entire regional council conveneed. Phone calls were made, other shamans from as far away as the Great Western Desert came to see her. Eventually, over the course of a month of poking, prodding, and questioning, she was instructed that she must tour to all the other peoples of the continent, and see the whole of the place and check on the land. She did this for four years, during which time, to keep her company, she made Tree.

Last year, when she was twenty-five, the full council tasked her with travelling off-continent, to seek any evidence of sacred sites outside of the lands they had lived on forever, and to return any sacred items that might have been stolen by Englishmen. She agreed to do so, on the condition that she be supported by someone with actualy diplomatic powers so she could have authority. This led to John Mulvaney going on his first trip by sailboat, and his first trip to America, accompanying a strange girl in traditional clothes and face paint and a giant man who stood too still to be normal.

Hero Type: Acrobat/Supernatural
Power Level: Street/???

Physical Stuff: Aside from just the physical strength and toughness growing up in the Outback gave her, Djarrawi's unique spirit and training allow her to accomplish astonishing feats. She can run at nearly sixty miles an hour for half a day, leap up to twenty feet vertically, hit like a kung-fu master, and twist in ways professional gymnasts would be jealous of. She's resistant to disease and venoms and toxins, but not to a metahuman degree. She is just Australian.

Bulurru: Bulurru started the world, but hasn't ended. But Djarrawi, with her newfound powers and responsibilities, can shape some aspects of bulurru to suit her needs. She can, when physically touching any solid object of any make, mold it as if clay, and while doing so transform the material to anything else she wishes. This cannot however, create man-made materials, only naturally occurring things. For example, she can turn sand into iron, but not into steel.

Living creatures, upon being touched on the forehead with her fingers, or simply held if they are small enough, are turned into whatever other living creature she wishes. This is temporary, the length of time depending on the willpower of the person in question and how much effort Djarrawi put into it. At a maximum, the most weak-willed person that Djarrawi thinks should be changed permanently will stay in their new form for a week. Animals and plants effected by this, however, are only changed back when she wants them to, and she can accomplish that simply by willing the change to go away. This change has no detrimental effect on the subject, and sentient beings keep their minds, though if she turns you into something without speech parts, you cannot speak. Subjects inherently know how to use any part of their body as if they had been born that way. Interestingly, once returned to normal, some bleedover effect remains, and dreams often tend to be from the view of the thing the subject was turned into, and ever after there is an unwillingness to hurt aid creatures.

Water can be instantly cleansed of pollutants, and food of the same, upon her touching it. Any air she breathes is subconsciously cleaned of everything except naturally occurring elements. All the soil she walks on is cleansed out around an acre from her footprint. Sticking her hand in a river will cause everything downriver from her to be cleansed at a rate somewhat above just the water she is touching, as if the effect was spreading. She doesn't seem to be able to effect seawater.

Witch ochre paints, Djarrawi can draw something on a surface, and then breathe life into it. For example, if she draws a kangaroo in red ochre and gives it life, a full, real red kangaroo leaps from the surface she drew it on. This only works for things she paints, and it has to be ochre. She cannot create sentient life from paintings.

When Djarrawi plays her didgeridoo, it doesn't just make music. Any and all spirits within earshot wake up from their slumber and come to see her, and the whole world inside this zone takes on a dreamy, unreal quality for any normal people inside. Trivial and material things seem less important, and the natural world seems suddenly painfully vibrant. This effect persists for a few minutes after she stops playing, as the Bulurru settles back down, but can leave lasting impressions on people.

If Djarrawi names something, then it becomes more real. (This is a very difficult concept to explain, so bear with me). When an ancestor spirit gives something a name in bulurru, they give it form. Sometimes this requires trading objects with other spirits to learn the name it needs, but the name was simultaneously already there and not. The act of naming something out loud gives it a truer form than it had, since it now exists in bulurru where before it might have just been pretending. Physically this has no effect at all on, say, mountains or skyscrapers or people or anything. It does make them more spiritually a part of the fabric of the land around them, but this isn't even really perceptible except to Djarrawi and other spirits.

Height: 5'11”
Weight: 132

Strength Level: A bit over what you would expect from a well-trained human
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: ~Four times as fast as peak human
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: ~Twelve hours
Agility: Can tie herself into knots and dive through holes just wide enough to fit.
Intelligence: Higher than average, but not a genius
Fighting Skill: Raw talent, very little real training

Resources: Zero, except the stipend she gets from the Australian government


She staunchly refuses to ride in anything powered by gasoline, oil, coal, or nuclear power, and thus is restricted to walking, sail, paragliding, horseback riding, etc.

Despite her exceptional physical abilities and her powers, Djarrawi is still vulnerable to bruises, lacerations, gunshots, etcetera.

Technically, her left femur is made of hardened wood, instead of bone.

She has a tendency to just wander off, even if others need her. A byproduct of her connection to bulurru, there's not much to do about this.

Her powers over bulurru come with extreme moral limits, and as such what she can do with it is far more expansive than what she will do with it. She will never kill or destroy with these powers, though she may change for what she sees as a benefit to the world. She may do things which seem cruel to some, but which are learning opportunities she feels are necessary. But many, many actions others might conceive of are completely anathema to the ways she has been taught. Material gain, corruption, bridging the dead: None of these will ever be done.

If Djarrawi ever loses control of herself, through mind control or otherwise, her power over the Bulurru stops working. Forever.

If Djarrawi doesn't get enough sunlight, fresh air, and outdoor time, she begins to weaken, slowly turning into a normal human. In addition, she must visit spiritual sites at least once a month, or risk her powers disappearing for an unknown amount of time.

Supporting Characters (Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?):

Tree is a walking man, Aboriginal, seven feet tall and powerfully muscled. He looks very old and weather-beaten. He is, in fact, a tree, animated by Djarrawi. She affectionately refers to him as her grandfather. Tree isn't necessarily intelligent, at least not like a human. However, he seems to know what he needs to do without being told, and can speak in simple sentences.

John Mulvaney, 42. a Special Envoy diplomat from Australia, tasked with travelling with Djarrawi in order to keep her safe and enable her to do her job. He really has no idea what to expect, and since he was otherwise doomed to a desk job, has determined to have fun with this. He is a nervous, pale man, though quite friendly.
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