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Create-A-Hero RPG Live Action Actor/Actress Casting

Superhero Alias (Real Name): Actor/Actress (films/tv shows that actor/actress were in)
comments: Self-explanatory

Casting by @nitemare shape

Icon (Scott Hunter): Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, The Tudors)
comments: He would be a good...wait a minute, he's already Superman! But, Henry, you will not have to worry about competing with the Batman here! (Thanks Ded, I had cast Cavill as Scott after the first time I saw him in The Tudors back in '07 or '08...damn you Snyder!

Jenny Hunter (Scott's kid sister):

Amber Tobin

Eric Dean

Keira Parker

Clara Mynought


Director Alexander Anderson

Marcus Ryder

Richard Midas

Alison Sparks (Ms Sparks)

Lyger (Kyle Porter):

Whisper (Cassie Welch)

Echo (Ashley "Ash" Martinez)

Ronnie Chang

Haruki “Harry” Takahashi

Samantha "Sam" Myers

Jack Porter (Kyle's Dad)

Kerri Walters

Dmitri Nikolov

Hannah Emery

Maxwell Renfield

Flux (Chrissy Jones)

Casting by @Dedonus

Radiance (Alexa Winstone): Ashley Greene (Twilight)

Slipstream (Amanda Allen-James)

Racheli Lorna Desdemona: Nora Zehetner (Heroes)
comments: With her relatively short performance in Heroes, I would say that Nora could play Rach.

Justine Shepherd: Shailene Woodley
comments: While her eye color does not match the picture that Tearstone provided in his character sheet, but I think her face does patch that image (minus the eye color).

War-Pulse: Sebastian Stan (Captain America movies)
comments: Compare the below image with War-Pulse's appearance in his character sheet and tell me how would this not be the perfect fit?

Raptor (Zac Wilson): Dacre Montgomery
comments: While I have not seen the most recent Power Rangers movie yet, I'm assuming that the Red Ranger could be a good fit for this role.

Robert Wilson (Zac's Father): Sam Elliot, 10-20 years ago (Prancer, Hulk)
comments: Weird that I cannot pick an actor for Zac, but I can for his dad...

Wasp (Kelly Brown): Milana Vayntrub (AT&T Commercials)
comments: I don't know if she could act in an action movie, but in my mind, she looks the part of Kelly. Also, they would have to omit the part about Kelly growing over six feet tall, but that can be easily over looked. :D Finally, if Emma Stone can play a high schooler, I'm sure Milana can pass for a college sophomore.

Bast (Sammy Kadowsky): Hayley McFarland (Criminal Minds)
comments: This is what happens when you look at the Criminal Minds wikipedia page for each of their seasons. She kind of looks young in this picture, but I assure you that she is 24 (born in 1991). Funny how the story arc that gave Sammy her "powers" was inspired by Criminal Minds, too. :D

Arachne (Aubrey Adkins): AJ Michalka (Goldbergs/Super 8) / Elle Fanning (Maleficent/Super 8) / Karen Gillan (Doctor Who/Guardians of the Galaxy/Jumanji)
comments: Arachne would be, well, interesting to put on the silver screen since she is not entirely a humanoid, unlike most of the characters in this roleplay. Therefore (unless this "movie" is taking place in the IC, where they could hire Arachne to do the stunts) Arachne would probably have to be done via CGI, much like the Hulk in the Avengers. They would probably CGI the action scenes but use green-screen magic to get some close-ups. They could also use the techniques Marvel Studios did to make pre-transformation Captain America to make sure the actress does not fall victim of a common trope for superheroines.

Karen Gillan is the oldest (29), the tallest, the only non-American (Scottish), and only one of my three choices who is not naturally blonde. However, none of these are deal-breakers. Hair color can be changed (cf. Emma Stone in the Amazing Spider-Man movies), actors play younger roles all the time (cf. Emma Stone again), movie magic can fix any height issues (coughTomCruisecough), and accents can be faked. When casting an actress for the role of Arachne, one must consider that there are two aspects to this character: the superhero and civilian. I believe Karen could nail the superhero part of the role, as her film resume shows.

AJ Michalka is the second oldest (26). In the same way that Karen would excel at the superhero portion of this role, AJ would do the same for the civilian part. Aubrey is a pretty similar to the character she played on the Goldbergs. I have no idea whether she could do the superhero part of the role (the closest she has come to this was voice acting for Steven Universe).

Elle Fanning is the youngest of the bunch (19). AJ Michalka and her so happened to have played sisters in Super 8. Her age is both a positive and a negative. She is the closest to Arachne's age in IC (21/2) and by the time a hypothetical movie is produced, she would be the right age. Plus, she would be young enough to do multiple movies (cf. Tom Holland for MCU Spider-Man). The only negative deals with Arachne's "assets." While I would admit that "enhancing" any of these actresses would be a little weird, it feels worse doing it to a 19 year old.


Casting by @Eddie Brock

Mantis (Sean Abbot)

Miss Megaton (April Newton)

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Create a Hero/Villain RPG Season 2

Screen Name: NiteMare Shape

Character you have created: Scott Hunter
Alias: Icon

Speech Color (actually say what you're using, don't go "Like this", or what not):
as Scott
As Icon

Character Alignment: Hero
Identity: Secret to the public

Character Personality(Give information on how your character acts, what he/she believes in, how they handle situations): He is a man who doesn't fully understand himself. He grew up not too far from Lost Haven in Conway New Hampshire. It's a small ski resort town several just several hours south of the city. Although he grew up a normal kid with normal a normal family, he is anything but normal. He has amazing powers that he doesn't fully understand. While he was growing up he hated himself, he was angry at the world for making him a "freak." He wanted nothing to do with his powers, he just wanted a normal life. However, as time went on and he grew older he learned to deal with his powers, and eventually he embraced them. He believes in fighting for what is right. He believes in protecting the weak, and making sure that they are taken care of. Overall, he is a good man with great power, trying to do the right thing.

Uniform/costume: See below

When he is not in costume fighting villains or trying to stop general catastrophe he runs a nightclub called The Hub with his best friend Eric Dean.

Origin Info/Details: Scott Hunter may seem like a normal guy, but he is anything but. Everything about him is a lie, his parents, his older brother as well as his younger sister. None of it is real. Although they raised him as their son, he isn't. In fact, he isn't even really human. Scott was the result of a secret experiment by atop secret government agency that mixed alien DNA with that of a human. While he was a baby; he was cared for by a woman named Barbara Hill, who was a member of the top secret government agency. What the objective of this experiment was is unknown. While going about her daily tasks at the project, Dr. Hill learned that the program had been terminated, all evidence was to be destroyed, and the baby known only then as SKT-17 (she affectionately called him "Scott") was to be eliminated. Having recently lost her own child due to the actions of a drunk driver who also claimed the life of Dr. Hill's husband, she could not stand the thought that this child who she began to see as her own, could be killed. She stole the child from the laboratory which created him, and fled to the north. She gave the child to a trusted friend, Jacob Hunter and his young bride Elizabeth. Soon after, Dr. Hill was tracked down by agents of the government unit and killed. Jacob and Elizabeth took the young baby, and continued calling him Scott as they felt that there would be no need to change his name, seeing as that is what Dr. Hill had called him his whole life.

Scott was raised by the Hunters as one of their own children. He always knew that he was different, that he had these abilities, but he never understood why. As his powers developed throughout his childhood, he became increasingly confused and angry. This was a cause for concern for his parents, because they never understood exactly why their son was this way. When Jacob died when Scott was still just a child, Scott blamed himself for his father's death, feeling that it was the pressure of raising a "freak" that caused his young father to die of an aneurysm. Eventually he learned to deal with his gifts. At first he used his gifts for selfish reasons, often profiting from using them dishonestly (mostly in athletic bets). However, after an incident which cost his older brother Brandon his life, Scott left his family and found himself in a self imposed exile. He traveled around the country, spending much of his time on the West Coast. While he was away, he would often step in and anonymously lend a hand to those in need. He eventually got back into contact with his mother and sister, and was shocked to find that they did not blame him for Brandon's death. After a lot of self reflection, he made his way to Lost Haven where he opened a nightclub called "The Hub" with his longtime friend Eric Dean.

Hero Type: (Select one)

Power Level (Select one below):

3. World Level

Powers (Be Specific): Flight, near invulnerability, super strength, super speed, able to fire optic blasts, and an almost radar sense that allows him to focus in on people in distress, enhanced vision, enhanced hearing, the ability to fire energy blasts from his hands

Attributes Select one at each category:

Height: 6'3

Weight: 235 Pounds

Strength Level: 100+ tons

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 100+ MPH, Supersonic in flight

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 4 hours
Agility: 20X Human level.

Intelligence: Average

Fighting Skill: Untrained

Resources: Average

Weaknesses: To be revealed later

Supporting Characters(Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?):
Elizabeth Hunter-Mother
Jacob Hunter-Father (Deceased)
Jennifer Hunter-Little Sister
Brandon Hunter-Older Brother (Deceased)
Eric Dean-Friend, co-owner of the nightclub known as The Hub that he runs with Scott
Amber Tobin- friend
various police, friends, criminals and allies all will be described when used.
Do you know how to post pictures on the RPG boards:

Sample Origin Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue):

"Hurry Up, get that money into the bags!" One of the masked assailants screamed to one of the others.

Four masked men had stormed into Centennial Bank demanding that all the money be handed over. Juanita Juarez crouched in a corner, trying not to look at the carnage on the floor. However, she didn't have to look at it, he knew exactly what had happened in the moments after the masked men entered the bank. Two security guards and a customer were all dead, killed in the hail of gunfire that erupted when the masked men made their intentions clear. Trying to avoid detection, she just sat there; huddled in the corner, hoping that this would all end soon.

"This is Captain Price of the Lost Haven Police Department. We don't want anyone to get hurt, just come out and place your weapons on the ground." A voice came from outside. The four masked man became agitated, prodding the tellers to hurry with the money.

The man who seemed to be leading the robbers went over to the large glass door and opened it a crack as if he were to begin negotiating a way out. Instead, he fired several shots at the police cruisers parked in front of the bank. The police returned fire, sending shattered glass all over the inside of the bank.

"Hold your fire d*mn it!" Captain Price ordered, recognizing the danger that the civilians inside the bank were in. He puts the megaphone he is holding to his mouth again.

"Hold your fire, there is no need for anymore bloodshed. We can resolve this peacefully, and without any more casualties." Then another shot rings out, forcing Price to get back behind the squad cars.

Realizing that the situation is getting worse, the lead masked man began looking around the bank looking for a way out of the bank that didn't involve him being in prison or a body bag.

"Jimmy, go around and check the back, maybe we can get out that way."

The thug that the lead masked man was talking to nodded and went out the back, and came back moments later looking alittle panicked.

"That's covered too, three maybe four units out there. We're trapped."

The lead masked man looks around at the hostages and sets his sights on Juanita Juarez, who is still huddled in the corner. He quickly moves over to her and grabs her by the hair, forcing her to her feet. "GET UP!" he screams at her. She lets out a cry as he forces her against the wall.

"Everyone up, NOW!" He screams at the hostages, as the other masked men corral the remaining hostages up against the same wall as Juanita.

"Alright folks, this is real simple. We're getting out of here, and you're all going to make sure that we get out safely. We're all going to walk out together, and your gonna be standing right in front of us as a human shield. If the pigs open fire, you'll be there to make sure that we don't get hit. And if you try to run, make no mistake about it, I will shoot you. Now, are we all clear on that?"

Suddenly confusion takes over as there is an explosion of glass, and what can almost be described as some sort of whirlwind inside the bank. The gunmen and hostages gather their wits and they see a man standing before them. He is dressed in a dark blue body suit with silver bands on the arms and legs, a blue and silver cape, and he has a thin mask that is the same shade of blue as his costume. The man just stands there as the gunmen open fire on him. The gunmen and hostages stand there in amazement as they watch the bullets just bounce off him.

"Oh no, this ain't hapening, this AIN'T happening!" The lead thug shrieks as he continues to fire his weapon until it runs out of bullets. Then the man fires optic blasts at the four masked men's weapons, knocking them from their grips. The man in blue grabs the first masked man and tosses him into a wall, obviously holding back as to not serious injure the man.

"That's enough guys, it's over. Give it up and nobody has to get hurt." He says to the other three men. They think it over for a moment, and then stand down.

Moments later the man leads the hostages and the masked men out of the bank to the police who are waiting down on the street. When he met Captain Price and the other officers they just stood there for a moment looking at him, not knowing what to make of this new player in the city.

"Thanks for the help son." Captain Price felt somewhat embarrassed at the hokiness of what he said, but it was all he was able to muster.

"I'm just glad I was able to help sir." Then in front of the police, and the media that had gathered at the bank, he just flew away.
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Create a Hero RPG Application

Character you have created: Aubrey Adkins
Alias: Arachne

Speech Color: Standard Forum Text, FireBrick (B22222)

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Secret, only known (eventually) by her roommates

Character Personality:


The below costume, but substitute the brown with gray.

These two images give an idea how the spider lower body human upper body combination looks like. However, they are only inspirations, not exact images for Aubrey. Costume on first is not what Aubrey will wear...

Origin Info/Details:

Hero Type:
Muscle/Acrobat (i.e. Spider-Girl)

Power Level:
B. City Level (Ex. Spider-Man, Cyclops)



-Vulnerable to Pesticides, especially ones targeted towards spiders
-Able to “run dry” of web fluid, if she uses too much.
-She is vulnerable from attacks from behind because she cannot turn her body all the way around to deal with it.
-She is (over-time) invulnerable in body, but her spirit and mind do not have the same luxury.

Supporting Characters:
-Emily Porter: One of the Viera models and a friend of Aubrey's. She is also originally from Ohio.
-Ashley Winston: One of Aubrey’s ex-roommates.
-Felecia Blackwood: One of Aubrey’s ex-roommates.
-Kristin Harding: One of Aubrey’s ex-neighbors and friends.
-William Grant: Boyfriend. Aphrodite's joy in uniting people into an unlikely couple brought Aubrey and Will together.
-Athena: Greek Goddess of Wisdom. Still feeling guilty about the transformation of the ancient Arachne into a spider, she has decided to provide her aid to Aubrey, whether or not Aubrey likes it.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Yes

Sample Post:
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Create a Hero RPG Season 2

Character you have created: Kyle Porter

Alias: Lyger

Speech Color (Actually say what you're using, don't go "Like this", or what not): n/a

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Secret

Character Personality: Kyle has always been a laid back guy, who despite having a somewhat difficult upbringing would be described by most as being carefree for the most part. However, he does have a tendency of getting overwhelmed, and that can sometimes cause him to get into a bit of a funk, which can be difficult to pull him out of. However, in the months since his abilities began to manifest, and he took to the streets as the costumed vigilante Lyger, he has been more serious even as he tries to maintain his carefree lifestyle.

Uniform/costume: Briefly describe or post a picture of what your character's costume looks like:

Origin Info/Details: Kyle Porter has had a hard life by some standards. His mother died when he was a young boy and never really got to know her. He was raised by his father, who never got over the death of his wife and mostly found comfort in the bottom of a whiskey bottle. He went through much of his life in relative obscurity, never popular at school, however not really unpopular.
His life changed once he enrolled at Lost Haven University. He became relatively popular on campus, he even started to date a sophomore.
However, his life would change even further one night while he was on his way back to the dorms after a party. The car that he was riding in was struck by a drunk driver, and Kyle was severely injured. He required emergency surgery as well as a blood transfusion. Little did anyone know that the blood he received contained the meta gene, and when the blood mixed with his own, he began to develop special abilities of his own.

Hero Type (Select one):

Power Level (Select one below): City Level

Powers (Be Specific): Enhanced agility and senses, healing factor, and strength.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Height: 6'2

Weight: 210 Pounds

Strength Level: 5x normal human

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 45 MPH.

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 2 hours.

Agility: 15X

Intelligence: Average

Fighting Skill: trained

Resources: Average

Weaknesses: He has the same weaknesses as a normal person. He is vulnerable to illness, injury, and even death.

Supporting Characters:
Samantha “Sam” Myers Childhood friend, long time crush.
Kerri Walters- ex girlfriend
Ronnie Chang- Best friend, tech wizard
Jack Porter- Kyle’s father
Maxwell Renfield- CEO of RenCo
Dmitri Nikolov- friend
Hannah Emery- Dmitri’s girlfriend
Haruki “Harry” Takahashi- Kyle’s mentor, Ronnie’s grandfather

Various villains, classmates, and other characters will be described when introduced

Do you know how to post pictures on the RPG boards?:

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue):

Kyle Porter sits up in his hospital bed as the nurse enters his room and takes a few last minute readings before the hospital can send him on his way. He is anxious to get out of the room that has been his home for the last week. He has never particularly liked hospitals, and after spending a week there, he is in no rush to come back anytime soon.

There was a knock on the door and suddenly he saw the familiar features of Samantha Myers pop into the room. His oldest friend looked around for a moment before entering.

"Just wanted to make sure you're decent." She quipped as she approached his bed.

"Yeah. I'm good to go. Just waiting to get the OK from the doctors." He said.

Sam took a seat beside the bed as Kyle packed the few possessions that he had in the hospital room into a small plastic bag. After several long minutes, the nurse came in and told him that the last tests came back clear and that he was free to go.

"Awesome. Let's head down to the lobby and wait for my dad." He said cheerily.

"Um...your dad can't make it. He had to fly out to Pacific Point last night for business. He asked me to come get you." She said, somewhat apologetically.

"So...you're my ride?" He asked.

"You're quick, aren't you?" She said with a grin.

"Oh great...first the crash and now this....Somebody really wants me dead." He joked even as she smacked him on the arm as they made their way down the hall.
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Create-A-Hero Season 2

Character you have created: Unknown

Alias: Killjoy (and his sister Annabelle)

Speech Color (Actually say what you're using): N/A

Character Alignment: Villain

Identity: Secret

Character Personality: Killjoy and Annabelle strive to cause chaos. Killjoy is cold and cruel, yet possesses a dynamic personality which tends to draw people toward him. He is a master manipulator who has an uncanny ability to get into your head and push your buttons. Annabelle on the other hand is a certifiable lunatic, who’s madness may be attributed to her brothers manipulations and abuse.


Though neither have a specific costume, Killjoy is often seen wearing a black leather trench coat and on occasion a top hat, while Annabelle prefers skirts with (often) torn nylons, leather corsets. Though, she will sometimes wear black leather pants with black leather corset, and a coat.

Origin Info/Details:

Little is known about Annabelle and Killjoy’s early life. As children, they were found alone in an abandoned meat packing plant in Madison Wisconsin. They were turned over to the state, and after months of meeting with social workers and mental health professionals. Though they were not able to ascertain just what it was, it was clear to the professionals that both children had witnessed something traumatic which had severely damaged their psyches. It was deemed that they were too “damaged” to be placed with a foster home. Instead, they were sent to the Lakeside Treatment Center in Kenosha Wisconsin, one of, if not the most infamous mental health facility in all of Wisconsin. This is where they would spend their formative years.

During their time at Lakeside, Both Killjoy and Annabelle, who had been given the names of Joseph and Lucy Smith by the administrators of the facility had been subject to numerous abuses, both mental and physical. It was in this time that “Joe” mastered the ability to read people and figure out their motivations, and manipulate the people around him to get what he wanted. Also during this time, he became increasingly violent and was responsible for several deaths in the facility, which earned him a spot in the maximum security ward of the facility, where he found himself in total isolation 24 hours a day.

While in solitary, “Joe” was discovered laying face down in his cell and was sent to the medical wing of the facility to await transport to a local hospital. Naturally, this was simply a rouse to get himself out of the maximum security wing. And even under armed guard, “Joe” was able to escape from the medical wing. He then made his way through the facility and was able to make his way to his sister’s room. From there, Killjoy and Annabelle were able to evade the Lakeside staff and escape from the facility. Although there were statewide efforts to find them, the siblings were able to avoid capture and remain at large.

Hero Type (Select one): Normal Human/Acrobat (Annabelle)

Power Level (Select one below): Street

Powers (Be Specific): Is Bat$h!& crazy a power?
While Killjoy has no powers to speak of, Annabelle is able to tap into primordial magic and use it as a weapon (think Harry Potter without the wands). She also is able to hypnotize someone with her gaze, it is unclear if this ability is related to her ability to tap into the mystical arts.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Strength Level: Normal human

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal Human

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human

Agility: Normal human

Intelligence: (Killjoy)Above average, borderline genius (Annabelle) Average intelligence

Fighting Skill: untrained

Resources: Who needs resources? They just take what they need

Weaknesses: Both Annabelle and Killjoy are normal humans, so they have all the weaknesses that come along with that.

Supporting Characters (Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?): Aside from henchmen and other underlings and others that will be described when introduced, they don’t really have anybody but each other

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:


Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines. Only for first time applicants.): N/A
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Create a Hero RPG Application

Character you have created: Zachary “Zac” Wilson
Alias: [The] Raptor (originally Raptor-Man when I envisioned the character a few years ago, but I thought having a character named Raptor-Man and a player whose name is also Raptor-Man would be confusing.)

Speech Color: Standard Forum Text, Peru (CD853F)

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Secret

Character Personality: While Zac always has good intentions and is dedicated to both his family and friends, he can sometimes be extremely stubborn and, sometimes, have a short fuse. His was raised in a traditional Christian household. While he is not extremely religious (going to church on Wednesday and Sunday), his parent’s beliefs have shaped Zac’s character. After his transformation, Zac is self-conscious of his height (he shrank down from barely 6 foot to 5 foot, 4 inches). With his short-temper, sparks might fly if someone mentions his height deficiency...

Uniform/costume: Until he gets a costume, the Raptor will wear normal clothing. His eventual costume will consist of two shades of brown (darker and lighter) with several black stripes on his back, arms, legs, and neck.

Origin Info/Details:

Hero Type:

Power Level:
B. City Level (Ex. Spider-Man, Cyclops)

Powers (Be Specific):
-Super Speed (see below about limitations)
-Obsidian-Black retractable claws between the knuckles (i.e. 3 claws per hand – velociraptors had three claws). Not indestructible and needs time to regrow.
-Sickle Claw attached to foot, slightly below the inside ankle.
-Raptor Tail.


-At higher speeds, he cannot maintain that speed for as long as slower speeds.
-No super-human strength or endurance (beyond running endurance), so can be vulnerable if caught.
-Claws are not impervious and can break. If they do break, it takes time for them to regrow.
-You cannot walk around in public with a raptor tail and not go unnoticed(negated by power nullifier)

Supporting Characters:
Robert Wilson: Father – Laid-back, outdoorsman
Meredith Wilson: Mother – Over-obsessive about her son, wishing he was still his little boy (imagine what the thoughts of injury does to her)
Kelly Brown: Girlfriend - Met at college, Nursing Major
Samantha Kadowsky: Kelly's childhood best friend. Happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, which resulted in her being transformed into a human-headed cat. Recently has been restored back to a humanoid form.

What can you bring to the RPG?:
-I feel that I am flexible and can get along with people.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines):

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Create a Hero RPG Application

Character you have created: Christopher “Chris” Arthur III (CA3 – pronounced like RG3)
Alias: Iron Knight. Also known by: Daedalos Mk. 5, Project Theophonos (god-slayer)

Speech Color: Standard Forum Text, Silver (C0C0C0)

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Semi-secret, except to certain officials in STRIKE.

Character Personality: As a playboy billionaire, Christopher beats his drums at his own tempo. He’s business by day, party by night, although he allows his leaned back nature bleed into his business affairs. Beyond his business life, Christopher enjoys Greek culture and history, utilizing his companies funds to support archaeological digs in search of new finds in this field, even though they are rare. He is also protective of his half-sister, since she is his only family left (see Origin Info/Details for more info).


Origin Info/Details:

Hero Type:
Power-Suit / Gray Matter (Super-Smart)

Power Level:
C. World Level (Ex. Flash, Superman)

Powers: Powers beyond the things listed in the “Attribute” (flight, strength, etc) will be listed here. Furthermore, Iron Knight can make revisions and updates to his armor to prepare the armor for different situations.
-Energy-based Sword
-Energy Pila
-Energy Shield: Iron Knight’s shielding must be activated to be used. Shielding must be lowered in order to use offensive weapons.
-Rockets and Missiles: Iron Knight has several different projectiles at his disposal to use against foes at a distance.

Attributes: Strength, Speed, Endurance, and Agility are at Normal Human levels when not in the Power Suit.

-Still a normal man under the suit.
-Armor can become overloaded if enough energy is pumped into the suit.
-Takes some time to prep suit for usage.

Supporting Characters (Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?):
-Veronica: Christopher’s half-sister. She is currently a freshman in high school.
-George: The Arthur family’s butler, helped raise both Chris and Veronica, especially the later when their parents died (“If Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark can have a butler, why can’t I?” ~CA3).

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Yes (see last app).

Sample Post:

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Create a Hero RPG Application (NPC)

Character you have created: Alexa Winstone

Alias: Radiance

Speech Color (Actually say what you're using, don't go "Like this", or what not): Purple

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Secret

Character Personality (Give information on how your character acts, what he/she believes in, how they handle situations): Alexa is the youngest daughter of John Winstone, and an heiress to Winstone International, the large multinational conglomerate Winstone International, a company that is known the world over for its advancements in everything from weapons technologies to green energy, medical research and food production. The company has allowed her family certain advantages, and she has embraced them to the fullest. Alexa is a princess. She has been known as a party animal and a brat. However, she also does a lot of charity work and fundraising for certain causes that she feels strongly about. She also has a desire to be more than she is, and feels strongly that because of her status, she needs to do more to help those who do not have the same advantages that she enjoys.

When in costume:

Not in Costume:

Origin Info/Details: Alexa was your average party girl/heiress/paparazzi darling until one fateful weekend trip to Big Bear Mountain, California. She had expected a weekend of parties, fun, and skiing. However, while she and her boyfriend Jason were taking a winter hike through the forest near Big Bear Lake, something unexpected changed her life forever. As Alexa and John made it through a clearing to get a great view of the lake, she noticed strange lights in the sky overhead. Convinced that it was nothing more than a spectacular display of a phenomenon like the Northern Lights, John urged her on to watch the spectacle. Suddenly, the sky seemed to explode, and a bolt of lightning shot out of the sky. However, this was not like any lightning either had ever seen, for there was not a cloud in the sky and it was red in color. The strange bolt of lightning hit her directly, and only glancing John, yet throwing them both a number of feet from the site of the impact. While John was relatively unhurt, while Alexa was left in grave condition. When John came to and found Alexa unresponsive, he thought that she was dead. Because his cellular phone was fried in the blast, he was forced to leave her near the shore of the lake to find help. Fortunately, he did not have to go very far as there were a number of cabins nearby. He found one that was occupied by a kindly older couple and was able to call for help. It took the rescue team nearly an hour to get to them, but finally Alexa was airlifted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The doctors had little hope that she would survive, let alone make a full recovery. However, they were astonished at how fast she actually did recover. After just a few weeks, she was moved from the ICU to her own room where she could continue her remarkable recovery. No one, not even the best doctors in the world were able to figure out why she survived the accident, let alone made a near full recover in record time. Nobody could have known that the mysterious storm which had nearly killed her had also saved her life.

Hero Type (Select one):
Energy (Electricity)

Power Level (Select one below):

C. World Level

Powers (Be Specific): Electrokinesis- Alexa is able to channel electricity through her body for use as a weapon. She is also able to use electricity to protect herself from harm (ie a form of armor or more accurately, like a force field). She can drain electricity from other objects in order to "recharge" herself.
Fight- Alexa has the power of flight
Super human strength- Alexa is able to lift a maximum of 10 tons
Alexa is able to bring down a "lightning attack" which she can control. She is able to send it where she wants for as long as she wants, or until she runs out of energy. This attack is very draining and she cannot sustain it for a long period of time.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Strength Level: 10 at max

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 100+ (in flight)

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 5+ hours.

Agility: 5X

Intelligence: Average

Fighting Skill: Trained

Resources: Extreme

Weaknesses:As she can be injured as would a normal person, and has to recharge her powers after extreme exertion, she may find herself vulnerable during a crisis

Supporting Characters (Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?):
Jonathan Winstone- Dad and CEO of Winstone International
Janice Winstone- Mom
Jack Winstone- Big Brother
Jason Thomas- on again, off again boyfriend
Kara Brady- BFF

What can you bring to the RPG?: A kickass character and flirtations with the GM ;)

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Yeppers

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines):

Ever since she was a girl, Alexa Winstone has loved Big Bear Mountain. Her childhood is riddled with memories of week long vacations to the Southern California ski resort with her family. To this day, she remembers the thrill she felt the first time she strapped a pair of skis on and took the ski lift to the top of the mountain. She remembers, just as if it were yesterday the her first wipeout. And just as if it were yesterday, she remembers her first heartbreak. She had been 13, his name was Kenny. A 25 year old ski instructor with flowing golden locks who looked like he had stepped directly off of the cover of a trashy romance novel. Deep down she had known all along that their love, or at least she had imagined that it had been their love, was doomed to fail. However, the knowledge that their "relationship" was doomed, or the fact that Kenny had hardly even noticed that she was alive did little to ease the pain of that heartbreak.

However, that was years ago, and she had mostly forgotten all about Kenny. She had continued to frequent the resort over the years, both with her family, and without them. Her most recent expedition to Big Bear is a week long getaway with her boyfriend Jason, her best friend Kara and some other friends, many of whom she doesn't really know all that well, but has run into from time to time on the LA party scene. Over the last few days, Alexa has been getting tired of the drama that is a constant at the cabin, and is excited for a nice nighttime hike with Jason. Because the mountain is almost like a second home to her, Alexa knows the trails like the back of her hand, and is excited to show Jason the spectacular moonlit view of Big Bear Lake.

As Jason and Alexa traverse the trail to the lake, taking great care not to slip in the snow, they finally find themselves in a clearing, which opens up to give a picturesque view the lake, with the mountain in the background. She inches closer to Jason and embraces him in a long hug, the warmth from his broad chest gives her momentary relief from the cold, which is something that, no matter how often she visits the mountain, she is never quite able to get used to.

"This is so nice." Alexa says dreamily into Jason's coat.

"It really is." Jason responds.

As they take in the view, they notice something strange taking form in the sky. From the east, strange lights begin to dance and shimmer in the sky above them. There are beautiful green, orange, blue and red lights that almost appear to be a massive laser show of some sort. However, at the same time, it is nothing like anything that she has ever seen before.

"What is that? Maybe we should get back to the cabin." She says as she begins to pull away from Jason.

"Don't be silly, Kiddo. It's just the Northern Lights, I think." Jason says trying to comfort her.

Then suddenly, before she can respond, the sky explodes in a cascade of light, and a massive red lightening bolt crashes down just before them. Before either can move, a second red bolt crashes down, this time, directly striking Alexa. The force of the blast sends both Alexa and Jason sailing through the air, landing several yards away from each other. Alexa lays where she landed, her body engulfed in pain like nothing she had never experienced in her life, and before she knows it, she slips into darkness.

"....xa. Wake up. Alexa!" She hears the voices, but doesn't recognize them. Then, she is suddenly aware of a presence near her. She tries to open her eyes, but even that causes her pain. Finally, she does manage to open her eyes, only to find that it is now daylight, and Jason is standing over her with what seems like an army of rescue personnel. She tries to move, all she wants is to get up from the cold ground and be with Jason, however, instead she slips back into unconsciousness.
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Create-A-Hero Season 2 NPC

Screen Name:Nitemare Shape

Character you have created: Forsaken

Alias: none Speech Color: N/A

Character Alignment: Villain Identity: Secret

Character Personality: Cold and calculating, Forsaken by nature is always cool and calm, yet just under the surface boils an undeniable anger. He expects the very best from those who serve under him, and nothing less will suffice. He uses his intimidating stature to coerce people into doing what he wants, yet is not afraid to get his hands dirty, in fact, he rather relishes the chance to take someone's life. Believes in victory through overwhelming force, will use anything at his disposal to completely overpower a foe. Does have a desire to rule over the weak, and is willing do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals.

Origin Info/Details:The man known only as Forsaken wasn't always a bad guy, like everyone else, he was simply trying to make his way in the world. But that all changed when a secret society known only as The Coven chose to use him as their pawn in what they felt was an inevitable war. Looking to create the perfect weapon, The Coven abducted him, genetically altering him and giving him powers that he could not even imagine. Although the experiments were for the most part a success, while he did become proficient with his new found power and became masterful fighter, able to hold his own with the best that the Coven had to offer, the toll that the experiments took on his body as well as his mind were quite unfortunate, though not entirely unexpected. He was severely deformed, and as a result, he chose to hide those deformities behind a mask. His mind was also fractured, and for several years suffered hallucinations that could only be described as living nightmares. Because of this, he was locked away in a sensory deprivation chamber which essentially held him in a form of suspended animation. However, he was strong willed and was able to overcome his psychosis during his imprisonment. At first he was embittered by his circumstances and felt the need to get retribution. However, eventually he came to the realization that the best way to take his revenge was by taking control of The Coven, and using it for his own ends. He developed a plan, and knew that it was only a matter of time before he would be implementing it. Eventually, the man now known only as Forsaken was able to escape from his confines, and immediately went to work in exacting his revenge. He was able to hunt down and exterminate the leadership of The Coven. When they were dead, he gave the remaining Coven members a choice- Join him, or die. With an army of his own, Forsaken reorganized The Coven into the mysterious organization known only by a few as The Crimson Talon. From there he returned to his ancestral homeland of Charonia, where he and the Crimson Talon took control of the small nation. After assassinating the Charonian Prime Minister and executing the nation's Senate, he alone was left to rule the country, as well as it's vast reserve of the volatile and rare metal Chromanium.

Power Level: World

Powers: Enhanced strength and agility. Telekinesis (able to move objects with his mind, even able to mimic flight with this ability), Pyrokinesis, energy reflection and has shown traces of psychic ability, is also able to form weapons of pure psionic energy which most commonly manifests as a sword or battle axe, but is not limited to those forms.He is able to withstand high amounts of damage.

Strength Level: undisclosed
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 10x's normal human
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 2 hours
Agility: 10x's normal human
Intelligence: Genius
Fighting Skill: Trained
Resources: Large

Weaknesses: Can be distracted and lose focus. In the heat of battle he can sometimes allow his anger to overwhelm him and lose control. Also can be arrogant and can underestimate his foes. And though he is able to withstand high amounts of damage, he is not invulnerable and is able to be wounded, and even killed.

Supporting Characters:

Allura- High ranking member of the Crimson Talon, consort to Forsaken. One of the inner circle of the Crimson Talon

Helos- A living android. Able to access most computer networks with just a thought, this powerful cybernetic lifeform is as deadly as it is cunning.

Shani- One of Forsaken's most trusted associates. Beautiful and deadly, one of the world's elite assassins

Omnus- Rumored to have lived for over 1,000 years, though other rumors claim he is much older. Forsaken's most trusted advisor and the general of Forsaken's vast army. Possesses tactical expertise that is unmatched. One of the inner circle of the Crimson Talon. The father of Allura.

Forsaken also commands an elite unit of shock troopers that are made up of former Charonian Republic Guards as well as elite Crimson Talon soldiers.

Various underlings and foes who will be described when introduced

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Mebe

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banner credit to Hellis

True Name: Odette Favre

Spotify Playlist - The Rose Leyline

Alias: The Ambassador of the Fair Folk, The Faerie Mistress, The Ambassador

Speech Color: Thistle

Character Alignment: Chaotic neutral - Villain

Identity: Known

Character Personality: A rather reserved figure with a prankster’s sense of humour, years spent amongst the Fey have rubbed off on her in more ways than one. A well-placed bucket of water or spicy food will have her collapsed in a fit of giggles. Unassuming in her appearance, Odette often takes advantage of her foes immediate underestimation. When all pretences are dropped she has a rather condescending attitude. Can come off rather patronizing without being aware of it.

With few human friends, often kept up for appearances or networking with other ballet dancers. She shows them a front of a thoughtful and caring woman with great tastes in fashion, food and trendsetting. She has a decent twitter following. The only exception to that is Kendra Umbra, a close friend and colleague.

Her real name and other personal information are known publicly to humans, but her work as the Ambassador are entirely secret. To the Fey, names can result in power in their realms. As soon as she crosses the border she refers to herself only as The Ambassador. She makes use of illusion spells, usually casting fogs or charms that make her appearance or face easily forgettable to any curious eyes. During a fight or operation she is methodical, akin to a hungry spider patiently waiting for her prey to step into well placed traps. Weak when she takes to the offensive, but a force to be reckoned with.

Her focus and sheer strength of will makes her an excellent spell caster, unshakable in her confidence. A sharp memory, she has memorized her favourite spells and personal incantations. At home her shelves are filled with a few grimoires she has personally written and other reference tomes she has purchased. Rounding out her knowledge outside of Faerie magic. With a few exceptions, she keeps her main grimoire on hand for more complicated spells or spells she doesn't use that often to warrant memorization. A copy of it remains hidden and safe, her secrets and knowledge safeguarded. On her person she keeps her smartphone with a few notes and minor spells, and a smaller notebook. Avidly prepared no matter where she goes.

She lacks considerable amounts of empathy for her fellow human being, often has to remind herself to react appropriately. However she cares deeply for her connection to the Fey. Personally takes their affairs and feelings seriously. Well versed in rules, lore and expectations of the Fey she is polite to a fault. Manners matter, easily repulsed by crude behaviour or language.

Hero Type: Mystic/Acrobat

Power Level:
City Level – Influence and Power
World Level (depending on her work with the leylines)


Opening Rifts/Door Ways– Traversing Fey Realms
->Adept to finding cracks and bleeding spots along Earth's leylines. Using them to open rifts to create a doorway. Typically opening doors to Faerie Realms, places on Earth, or entrances directly to the Arcane Stream. Odette is well practiced in opening doors through the Arcane Stream. Able to open several portals (Up to 6) in an area close to a Leyline, the further away the less she is able to open. The doors she uses for portals are built directly from the Arcane Stream, very difficult to break down unless another mage or witch knew how to create portals from the Arcane Stream as well. Otherwise the portal remains until Odette wills it away. The portals are akin to stepping in and out of a river. With the endurance and years of precise skill practice, opening portals do not take serious amounts of energy. Though absolute concentration is a must.

Spell Casting
-> Has an impressive repertoire of spells memorized. She uses Words of Power to give her spells intention and power. Until they are spoken they have no power. Locator spells, levitation spells, illusion spells, minor healing spells, luck sapping hexes, magical ward and trap spells.

Fundamental-Elemental Manipulation
-> Basic manipulation of the magical elements. Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Learned each skill through elemental sprite masters. Bach however taught her Earth and it is her preferred magical element to use.

Elemental magic takes a lot of concentration and power, due largely to her skill level. i.e if she whips up a storm it'll take a full day of rest to be back to normal. While possessed by Bach she has mastery over Earth elemental magic. Able to grow trees from seeds, at full power possible to rattle tectonic plates.

Item Enchantment
-> Able to enchant items with magical purpose, even enchanting certain parts of her own body. Small time stuff barely registers as a use of energy. Bigger objects and intentions take more energy.

Summoning Fey
-> Drawing sigils and calling upon the Fey by name. She will strictly only call upon Fey she has met personally for help. While the sigil is only a form of communication, it is no feat to Odette to transport them to her location for direct help.

-> Fluent in French (native), English and Common Fey. Bach however translates and speaks many more Fey languages for Odette.

Strength Level: Athletic (disciplined ballet dancer) when possessed by Bach, 30.
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal human when possessed by Bach, 40
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Trained dancer, above average for human, when possessed by Bach 3 hours.
Agility: Normal human, possessed by Bach x5.
Intelligence: Above average. Well-Developed instincts for when someone is lying or have bad intentions. Skills she picked up with years of dealing with the Fey, tricky and untrustworthy by nature.
Fighting Skill: Trained. Self-defence.

Resources: High, lives well based off her income as a successful ballet dancer and the profit she makes from her work with the Shroud.

-> Small Apartment building in the heart of Paris. Her home on Earth, well fortified by magical wards. Protected by a household Fey, Vienna. Invisible to humans but magically linked with the home. Able to reject and turn away unwanted intruders, guests or enemies. Answers only to the building owner, Odette.

-> A Yew Tree in the Faerie Realms belonging to Bach. A home and sanctuary, protected by similar wards. It is a home base for the pair of them and they share equally in its ownership. Equipped with creature comforts and absolute safety from local Fey as well.

-> Permanent Portal: Paris. It is a permanent portal Odette strictly controls. Months of work from both Odette and faerie alike, resulted in a portal permanently stationed on the edge of Paris. It is incredibly difficult to dismantle even by a mage who know how to create them. It is infused with a variety of magics, protected by the most powerful wards, cloaked by illusion spells to trick even the most powerful magical creatures.

-> Library of Grimoires, magickal knowledge collected from all areas of the Faerie Realms stored safely in her apartment.

-> Countless favours, alliances, factions of Fey she is connected to. Easily accessible to draw on for help, advice, knowledge and power.


Magic Limitations: Her magic is limited to how well rested she is and her calorie count for the day. Even while possessed it takes a full day worth of rest. Pushing past those limitations can result in immediate shock, fainting, bloody noses, worst case scenario coma or spontaneous combustion depending on the energy output.

Possession: When possessed by Bach she has typical Fey weaknesses to iron, for Bach being an Earth Fey he has an aversion to fire. While Bach can be fatally poisoned by Iron on his own, possessed Odette does hold some human resilience against it. If not treated in a timely manner it can permanently harm both of them.

Human Constraints: Human as can be as much as she tries to trick her enemies. Sickness, injury, bullet holes, exhaustion, exposure. She is a powerful sorceress but she is still very human.

Polite to a Fault: Unlike Fey she is not bound to correct mannerisms and precise speech. Though she respects those same guidelines and lives by them. Any foe smart enough to use them against her can and will be successful. i.e no harm can befall a guest in her home, gifts of virtue or boons must be well received then repaid in kind no exceptions, handshakes are binding, etc...

The Yew Tree: Different from the tree they call home, this Yew Tree is planted to solidify their soul pact. It not only symbolizes their pact but acts as a construct of the permanent portal from Paris to the Faerie Realms. They have shrouded it with every protection spell they know as well as safeguards against natural disaster. It’s duel importance is a well kept secret while it functions as permanent portal.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Yes


Sample Post

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Character you have created: Eva ‘Pendragon’ Walsh

Alias: Pendragon

Speech Color whatever color (00aeef) is?

Character Alignment: Hero in training

Identity: Secret/Known Will be known later, to start it’s a secret.

Character Personality: Eva is a troublemaker, who likes to party. She has dropped out of Highschool and is active on the rave scene. She shirks her chores and has an estranged relationship with her parents. Now after a tremendous weight has been placed squarely on her shoulders she begins to question her life choices which marks a turning point in her life. She will soon learn that there is more to life than partying as she searches for clues regarding the identities of the Murderers who killed her friends, while she grieves over her loss.


Origin Info/Details: After Breaking into the American Museum of Natural History, via a borrowed key card. Eva and her friends surprisingly had a easy time setting up for a Flash Rave something that would only last thirty or so minutes before the Police were able to mobilize. However the real reason the Museum was quiet was because Eva and her friends were not alone, masked thieves had already killed the guards and began stealing ancient artifacts. Eva who tried to protect herself reached for what appeared to be a fossilized relic. Upon blocking the attackers who had gotten what they came for fled, and the stone which entrapped the sword crumbled to the floor. Where a Ghostly figure revealed the sword to be the Legendary Excalibur.

Hero Type (Select one): Normal Possible Power up.

Power Level (Select one below): It’s really a combination of the two. The sword is only as good as the wielder and although mystical the wielder is only human.

A. Street Level (Ex. Punisher, Daredevil)
B. City Level (Ex. Spider-Man, Cyclops)

Powers (Be Specific): The Sword Excalibur is endowed with a variety of powers, It can cut any man-made object barring any alien or otherworldly materials. It will blind foes upon it being drawn from it’s sheathe. It is nigh unbreakable by any weapon forged by man, with the exception of other mystical weapons and those not from earth. Save for those as strong as Icon or Cosmic forces such as Umbraxis or Magic of the same tier. Enough World class magic should also break Excalibur if it sustains constant blows. Anything less than say someone of Thanos' might or Umbraxis should not break Excalibur in a single strike. Excalibur being a Legendary weapon, sometimes said to be created by the Lady in the Lake, or given to her after being forged by a Dragon. Which if Dragons did exist would be on par with Cosmic beings. They created a Legendary sword after all; presumably so. I could probably say the metal by which Excalibur is forged from could have come from the scales of a Dragon. Which being a cosmic creature would have properties all their own; say near Adamantium/Vibranium levels of durability but not quite there. Maybe a weaker version. You get the gist. The sword also grants enhanced speed (Olympic runner or Olympic Fencer level.)

The sheathe itself has powers as well, giving the wielder the ability of temporarily invulnerability, the wielder can be injured but will not bleed from wounds, nor can they be dismembered. And in case the wielder needs to recall the sword it, the sword will chose its owner, much like that of Mjolnir (should they be worthy) Even if Eva were to allow someone to borrow Excalibur they must meet that requirement. That's not to say the sword cannot be stolen from her, the thief just won't have any of the buffs or magical (cut anything) enhancements. That and it still can be recalled by it's owner (Eva) at anytime. Meaning one must knock her out, or use Magic! To prevent her from recalling it, or something along those lines.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Strength Level: Normal Human

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal Human

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human

Agility: Normal Human

Intelligence: Below Average

Fighting Skill: Untrained - In training

Resources: Minimal

Weaknesses: She’s Human, although she is immune to dismemberment and bleeding. Fire will kill her, so too will poison, drowning et cetera.

Supporting Characters Her estranged parents Reuben and Amber Walsh; whose names are just for cover a legal necessity, and her Aunt Briley Patton (age 46). And her diseased friends Julius ‘Rave Master’ Sloan, Leon Hurst, and Shari Conway. Smiling Sampson. A Lex Luthor/Handsome Jack like character. Who hates Meta Humans, and thinks Humanity should be top dog. He's also a grade A jerkbag, who is Evil and insane even. Not madhouse insane but the world is out to get me insane and I need all the power I can get. My idea for him is that he has a anti Meta Human Riot Squad that has various talented individuals and a Mech unit. Think something like this.


Though more Civilian friendly, and less Pacific Rim war-machine. Oh and here's a link to the artist drawing so he can get the credit.

Merlin; Merlin comes from a world of pure might and magic. No technology no advancements, no supers (Mostly.) And A few differences are, One Merlin is a female, two she has also been a criminal at several points. Clashing with the status quo for various reasons, she has been called The Boar's Sin of Greed, and has haphazardly put others in harms way for her own experiments. Despite all of that she has also been the Alter World's Arthur's ally.

Eva’s Parents are actually named Nathaniel (age 51)and Alexandria (age 49) Wahlforth. Members of British High Society and currently declared Evangeline to be essentially banished from their sight

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Yup.

Other notes.

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines):

11:48 PM Museum of Natural History. “Come on, it’s just ahead.” Eva, Leon and Shari followed just behind Julius as they carried a number of amplifiers and boxes along with them. Julius’s plan was simple sneak in during the Guard shift set up quickly ahead of the partygoers who were on their way for a flash Rave, an idea Julius had. Get in a back door using a lifted keycard from one of his buddies party for thirty minutes or so then bug out. All the police would find was a trashed storeroom filled with uncatalogued artifacts and more plastic cups then they’ve ever seen before. He had it all planned out for a strung out druggie, and to Shari’s surprise it was far too easy.

“Were in, were in. We don’t have much time. Leon find an outlet, Shari keep an eye out on the door. Eva help me bring the rest of the boxes in. We need more cups, chips and booze.”

Leon rushed around checking the walls, while Shari nervously waited by the door. “Julius you sure this will work out? I mean this is a museum, a big one! You’d think there’d be more guards or cameras.”

“Relax Shari.” Eva spoke calmly. “We’re here in between shifts, there’s no one watching the cameras.”

“I.. I just don’t know Eva, there’s just something wrong about this. I can’t explain it.”

“Found the outlets!! Julius give me a hand with the equipment.”

“Eva bring in the rest of the stuff the party starts in five!”

As I nodded and ran back to the car, I stopped just for a moment as a sound caught my attention. Like footprints though not nearly as pronounced. No, nothing I thought as I opened the car trunk and reached inside grabbing a banana box filled with food. I tossed a few smaller ones on top before closing the trunk and heading back inside.

When I walked up to the door I spoke out.”Hey Shari give me a hand here will ya?” A second passed while I entered the room and looked about.”Shari, Leon, Julius!!? Come on guys it’s no time to be playing around.. We.. Oh. My. God!” The boxes I held dropped to the floor as bloodstains splattered the walls. The panic and fear gripped my voice as I called out again.”SHARI! LEON! JULIUS! Wher..”

From behind me the door closed and a arm thick as a tree grabbed me by my hoodie and tossed me into a rack.

“Another unaccounted guest, this one will not hinder our work.” The hulking figure spoke as others came in from the shadows.

“Finish it quick, we need you to help the rest of us look.”

He turned his gaze back to me.”She won’t take long at all.”

I scrambled back into the metallic rack, covered in blood. My own, my friends? I.. I looked to see him stretched out to me hand poised to snap my neck. My hands reached back fumbling over vases and stone tools, until I grabbed what I thought was a stick or was it a club, it felt hard as if made of stone. I swung it at him hitting his shin.

He acted as if it hadn’t fazed him in the slightest. But I could feel it, his anger penetrated my soul, like his eyes burned right through me. He slammed down with his fist pounding the club into me and cracking the floor. I felt the wind leave my chest completely and my own eyes were so heavy, they were being pulled down against my will. I saw him in that moment smiling as he walked away, and a light flashed before me.

Next thing I knew I awoke and just in front of me a specter wearing old clothes and a crown was shaking my body.

“Awaken! Awaken already!! Quickly now you must flee!!”

I groggily looked about to see the room engulfed in flames. My bones felt as if they were glass, I was overcomed with fear, desperation. I wanted to scream at the sight of the Ghost, of the fire.

“Young Miss! Young Miss! Eva!! Get a hold of yourself, you’ll burn. Take the sword, it will protect you. Do not let it leave your grasp!!”

“How do you know..”

“Eva! Now is not the time. Take the sword. And hurry!!”

The Ghost confused me more than the fire, my assailants. This night just couldn’t be real none of it could. The Ghost spoke of a sword and as I looked about I saw no such thing. But clinched in my hand was no other than the sword he spoke of. I didn’t remember holding a sword. But it was there sure as day. I stood to my feet limping away, I could feel the heat liking my back. The pain felt unbearable, I shouldn’t be walking I must be dead, I have to be dead. The cracking of the flames tore the walls down to my left, my right and all around me.

“You must hurry Eva! Before the flames consume you!”

The door seemed so close now, the handle was just in reach. But I couldn’t lift my arm. It was then the door flew open as the Ghost blasted it aside. I fell to the ground as I lost all the feeling in my legs.

“Just a little farther Eva. Crawl if you must.”

Strange, I should be afraid of this Ghost. But his words were so familiar so comforting. The concrete tore my skin up I could see the flesh under my skin. But no blood, not a drop. As I managed to crawl to saftey. I looked up at the Specter. “Who, are you?”

“I shall answer my King. I am Arthur Pendragon. Former King of Camelot. And you who have broken the curse sealing my sword, your sword. Excalibur. Is the rightful King of England.”

“Kin...g” I said with my last breaths before everything went blank. The sounds and sights gone as I passed out.
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Character you have created: Barron Vanderbilt

Alias: Barron is the only name he is known by however it is presumed that it is not his real name. No one not even his wife knows his true name.

Speech Color This thing? color=9e0039 I don't remember.

Character Alignment: Villain

Identity: His name is known just not currently as a Major Villain. That will change as he begins to act openly.

Character Personality: Egotistical, power hungry and cruel. Barron has wanted one thing and one thing only for a long time, true power. He comes from a world devastated by destruction brought about by man, radiation and power rule the wastes. He and his wife Carol have come to resent these humans of this new world their self indulgence and ignorance of their own planet’s destruction have driven these two who feed off each other’s personalities to desire to amass power and wealth so they could conquer this world.

As violent as Barron can be he rewards those who are useful to him, and is regarded as a decent boss never raising his hand against those who work well under him, yet never allowing himself to seem weak. He’ll kill those who fail him too many times and depending upon how they failed him he could kill them outright without warning.

He surrounds himself with the finer things in life, the best alcohol, dapper clothes and expensive baubles.

Uniform/costume: Dapper Mobster clothing.

Origin Info/Details: Barron is the victim of a rip in time and space. He and Carol were ripped from their own dimension a world devastated by atomic mutual destruction. A Lead Mystical Scientist working for Vlad Tepes was sure he could control and open a stable gateway between dimensions and as his test progressed it ran into several errors. In the process of shutting it down it had torn open a portal and two people were snatched from their dimension. Barron Vanderbilt a man who had risen to power by running the casino Gomorrah in New Vegas after the former bosses met an unfortunate accident.

Barron grew up in a normal home to post apocalyptic standards and after Raiders ransacked his family farm something inside himself snapped, after killing his own parents he ran a raider gang for some years, and came across New Reno and the power the Crime Bosses had was staggering and he wanted it he wanted it all. It was also where he would meet his future wife, Carol Bates whose father ran the Gun Runners in the area. He and Carol would go on to attempt to take New Reno but the Crime Bosses were onto him. Driven from New Reno Barron and Carol packed up and fled to New Vegas where Barron had friends in Gomorrah who met an untimely end. Here Barron would rise in power and plan his move to take Vegas.

He had all the pieces in place to make his move as Barron began his assault on Vegas war broke out on the streets and explosions bombarded the buildings that was when the sky quite literally opened Barron stood next to Carol in amazement as everything stopped and the sky swallowed them whole. The transferring of Dimensions was not an easy one as not only were Barron and his wife ripped from their dimension but so too was rubble and explosive debris causing major damage to the lab and nearly left Barron dying in the process.

A stable portal between worlds would have given Vlad the power he needs to be completely unopposed by the world powers. Sure they fear him now but the rise of Metas and Superheroes have begun to level the playing field. Unlimited access to the technology and resources of other worlds would ensure that he and his kind not only thrived for all time but dominated in case the world decided to retaliate. Not only has the experiment failed but due to their negligence two individuals were nearly killed something his pride wouldn’t let him ignore. Against his better Judgement he saved them from Death’s grasp by making a last minute decision to turn them into Vampires.

Fast forward five years later and Barron runs a Crime Ring in Vegas out of a casino called Gomorrah. He has plans to expand his operations.

Hero Type (Select one):
Supernatural: Elder Blood Breed Vampires

Power Level (Select one below):
C. World Level (Ex. Flash, Superman)

Powers (Be Specific):

Near Invulnerability. As a Elder Blood Breed Vampire plain physical attacks have little effect on them. Exposure to their Key weaknesses can make them more vulnerable.

Magical Affinity. As a Vampire they have the ability to cast magic spells and effects. Charm spells and polymorphism are the most common but they can utilize destruction and status spells that can put people to sleep or bind them.

Telekinetic Feeding. As an Elder Blood Breed they can feed from a farther distance pulling the blood in a stream thus increasing their powers. This can also turn victims into Mindless Ghouls to be used to distract enemies. Elder Blood Breeds don’t need to feed but it’s like a alcohol and it does charge them giving them more power to an extent.

Inhuman Strength.

Inhuman Speed.

Claws and Fangs.

Near Immortality. Elder Blood Breed Vampires will not age, nor will they die unless weakened first.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Strength Level: 70 tons. Possibly more if well fed.

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 90 + possibly more if well fed.

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human, 2, 3, 4, 5 hours.

Agility: 15X a normal human

Intelligence: Average

Fighting Skill:Trained They have basic training to understand their powers but have not lived long enough to master their abilities.

Resources: Large. Barron runs a Casino as a front and traffics illegal contraband and magical items to those who pay.

Weaknesses: Sunlight, crosses, holy water, and prayer. Those who specialize in Vampire hunting or those Holy Men who have a strong faith can weaken Vampires sometimes significantly although that depends of the Type of Vampire and Level of Faith. Also those who have holy artifacts or those who can cast Divine Magic.

Depending upon the method used, Elder Blood Breeds can receive various forms of damage. Sunlight constantly weakens and drains them of energy. Like a Marathoner running 16 Marathons back to back No matter how much blood one drinks eventually they’ll run out of energy.

The Presence of Crosses can allow their invulnerable bodies to sustain damage. Same for Prayer.

Divine Magic can be utilized in a myriad of ways. From weakening to sealing, to outright killing them. It depends on the skill and of course time and faith but Divine magic can be a powerful weapon against the cursed and undead.

Supporting Characters: Carol Bates or Carol Vanderbilt.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines. Only for first time applicants.)
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Character you have created: Parasite
Alias: Parasite
Speech Color :#C372FF
Character Alignment:
Identity: Sample F 2215
Character Personality:
A sadistic, cruel being from another world, he has little care for human lives. While not really interested in human affairs, parasite is not above piggybacking different powerplayers to get new and exciting things to devour.

Human Form
True Form

Dressed in a flawless white suit, with a swarthy complexion undetermined ethnicity, Parasite give of the air of a man in charge. This is carried over in how everything on his fits like a glove. He stands about 6'0 tall and posses a lightly muscular frame. His true appearence however, is that of a vaguely humanshaped mass of energy, in which you can see stars and alien skies. A madness inducing sight to be sure.

Origin Info/Details:
Not all science is done for the sake of humanitys advancement. Such science is often mad and dangerous. The story of Sample F 2215 is one such story. A sample of extra-terrestial origin, the F 2215 was retrieved in the artic where it had been dormant for well over 200 years. How it came to the earth is still something of a mystery to scientists, as there were no evidence of a meteorite or similair impact. Sample F 2215 was found frozen, in a semi solid state. It was extremely unerving, shifting forms within its frozen shell and seemingly reacting to human presence.

The head of the E.I.P (Extraterrestial Intelligence Project) ordered the sample cut out of the ice and thawed in a sealed unit. Thus, the Parasite was freed. They believed its nature to be biolgical as first. But every test on the substance showed, well nothing. No strands of DNA, no blood or similair. In fact, it seemed entirely dormant whenever machines approached it. But the head of EIP, Dr Karl Ludhof, ordered they test it with live material. The Substance showed it's first real reaction. The rat that was put into the unit, seemed to recoil and scratch on the unit walls untill its tiny claw were nothing but blood. It was as if it had been gripped by absolute terror. The sample grew minutely in size. And then the rat was lifted up in the air telekineticly and tossed around the room.

Any sane man would shut the project down at this point. The thing was malevolent, they could all sense it. But even if they were to call the project off, they didn't know HOW to kill the sample. Nor did they realize the things true nature before it was to late. It had allready began to feed off their brainwaves, learning about the human race and the lab. It began to grow slowly, sapping the minds of those around him, picking up their fears and feeding off it.

Around two weeks after retriaval, people began to see things, feel things. Finally powerfull enough to manifest, Parasite took a human shape and tried to comminicate. It appeared benevolent compared to its earlier stage. It explained its earlier agression from negative feedback from the testsubject. Being a creature of constantly increasing intellect, it was deemed to valuable to terminate.

Sadly, the being would one day decide it had grewed bored with the lab and its scientists. It let out its full mind, a eldricht wave of malevolence that caused the people around him to go insane. He spared the sharpest of minds present and roamed the halls consuming them.

Now Parasite is free and spreads death and fear wherever it goes.

Hero Type (Select one): Malevolent Psychic Parasite
Power Level (Select one below): World, Possibly Cosmic if he ever consumes a mind powerfull enough.
Powers (Be Specific):
Perfect Mimicry; The Parasite can replicate anybodies voice, appearence and movements. He often catches victim offguard with this.

Sanity Sap (scaling); Being near the Parasite induces paranoia, disgust, panic, anxiety and any number of insanity related conditions. This is becouse he brainwaves and replace them with his own. He grows more powerfull constantly if left by his lonesome.

Void Gaze; Parasite can, at will, project mentally upon people. Showing them images of their own fears, desires or other reflective aspecs of their personality. He can also let them stare into his mind, and into his world. To do this he has to have eyecontact. But once in his grip, it takes a strong mind to look away.

Physchokinesis: Parasite possess a potent mind capable of many forms of telekinesis and psychokinises.

Telepathy (limited); Not the most powerfull of telepaths, Parasites telepathy only extends so far as to let him feed off strong emotions and errant thoughs. It's a consuming presence, just like everything else.

Psychic Energy Manifestion (Passive); Being a being of no real substance, destroying parts of him will only slow him down. He will eventually reform all that he lost. However, doing this weakens him. Poisons and things that target his biology has no effect either.

Attributes (Select one at each category):
Strength Level: 2xHuman
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 20 times human
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 3 hours
Agility: 5 times human
Intelligence: Abnormal, super levels of IQ
Fighting Skill: Doesn't fight like a normal person. Never trained or valued it.

Resources: It tends to seek out powerfull but weak minded people and take their identity as it's own.

For all intents and purposes; Parasite isn't real. His body is a manifestation of pure psychic energy. While it can reform, destroying it completely is to draining for the entity to recreate. And really powerfull telepaths could disrupt his very essence and disperse him into nothingness.

Supporting Characters :

Mai Hagatzu (Antagonist); Head of the Zeta Retriaval Unit, catching or exterminating Parasite is her life goal. Mai is a stubborn and by the book military woman who worked for the E.I.P t from its very founding.

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Character you have created: Racheli Lorna Desdemona

In costume- Nemesis, name suggested by Gabriel
Out of costume- Rach, nick by her friends

Speech Color: indianred

Character Alignment: Walking the Line

Identity: Nemesis

Rach has been forced to give up her identity due to Gene Co issuing a statewide arrest warrant, allegedly because of property damage and corporation sabotage. Since Gene Co has a pretty clean reputation as far as corporations goes, there’s little evidence to suggest foul dealings or their true intentions without investigating it. So any players (who weren’t involved in Natural Selection Arc) wanting to be made aware of Gene Co’s alternative motivations need to first contact me and we’ll work out the details.

Character Personality (Give information on how your character acts, what he/she believes in, how they handle situations):

Racheli is an independent and strong individual, mainly in personality. To those who have managed to get by her defenses and befriend her, she's a deeply loyal and a protective friend who will risk life and limb for their safety. Though helping them achieve their goals is another matter altogether because if she doesn't like something, she won't hesitate to let you know in a blunt and often thickly sarcastic way. Rarely does she ever pull punches to spare someone's feelings when it comes to something completely stupid. Most believe she is a short tempered woman, who hates receiving charity. Often she'll reply to those individuals with sour looks and scoffing off the attempts as they are given. Granted when it comes to solid logic she can't argue with, Racheli is known to yield some times but it doesn't mean she's happy about. So expect her sore loser to show.

To strangers and acquaintances, she sometimes comes off as a cold and closed off individual, making becoming friends with others difficult at first. While she will act like a human being and interacts when talked to, you shouldn’t expect to gain any personal information about her situation or thoughts for a while. Trust is difficult to earn though just words.

Just like with many of her habits, she acts first and thinks about the consequences later. This traits worsens when her temper is flared. She never thinks about what comes out of her mouth save that it might end up hurting the one they are targeted at. Once it is all said and done, she sometimes realizes too late she had crossed a line. However, it takes a lot for her to verbally apology because it means her own feelings didn’t really matter in her mind and her views weren’t worth fighting for. Despite her flaws, she does have some positive aspects to her personality besides her protective nature to her friends. Though she tries to hide it, Racheli does have strong sense of what society expects is right and wrong. She can’t stand around and fully ignore someone else’s issues unless her own needs overwhelm that instinct. The more she knows about an individual, the easier it is to get personally involved and that can cause problems for her.


She is driven to never to become like her father, fearing that once she finally takes a life then the desire would become addictive and impossible to stop. Like a drug addict hooked on the strongest drugs. She lacks trust she will never fall that far and is continually on alert, holding back her aggression until it can be released in a better way. Sometimes, if it's bottled up too long, she becomes irritable. It doesn't help she's plagued by nightmares and every time she manages to draw blood, her heart races and cries for more. The high it causes is rather difficult to ignore though she stubbornly refuses to yield to it...


Origin Info/Details:
Racheli's Medical and Background
Medical Profile Overview

Sex- female
Age- 28 years
Eye color- Green
Blood type- N/A
Built- Lean and muscular.
Height- 5'9”
Weight- 159 lbs.
Status: 100% saturation complete with the Virus
20% of her ability potential unlocked


Birthplace- Spring Hill, IN
Residence/Current Location- View Heights Apartment in Lost Haven, Maine
Occupation- Bartender
Father- Michael Garth (arrested and supposedly put to death)
Mother- Jackie Desdemona (deceased, murdered)
Aunt- Ruth Garth (deceased recently)

Past summary:

Born in Spring Hill, IN to a teenage mother by the name of Jackie Desdemona, her father was unknown even among the tightly knit community they lived in during her first few months of her life. Shortly afterwards they moved to Mannis, New York, a suburban area ideal to raise children and provided more opportunities for both of them. Things seemed to have been going well up until Racheli turned two. On her birthday, a mysterious man had came knocking at their door. He was engaging into a heated argument which escalated and resulted in Ms. Desdemona's murder then Rach's abduction. Despite months spent in searching for her, no one could find hair or trace of the daughter.

In a few months all attempts were ceased, turning the murder and kidnapping case into a cold file.

The abductor was her own father, Michael Garth, who raised her over the years, her mind completely and blissfully unaware of his blood stained hands. It was an uneventful period with her father continually traveling from state to state across the USA to avoid the heat created from her mother’s death. In many ways, to the outside, he was seen as the perfect single father doing his best to raise his little girl. However, all those memories would become bitter ashes when she learned the truth deep within the Oregon wilderness.

It was a yearly cabin trip, one they took every season. The building completely isolated save for a single road running straight through the woods about half a day’s trek on foot from their location. One night when she was eight, Rach discovered a woman locked within the basement causing Michael to reveal he had been murdering them here for years. The place designed for the grim task and creating a deep, dark fear of him. Unable to escape, she was quickly forced to joined into the task with a casual warning that she was as guilty as him. It didn’t help it at that point she learned something twisted about herself: She got enjoyment out of inflicting pain and suffering. IT rattled her heavily to realize this while he ushered her into bed, after cleaning her up, then tucked her in with a soft peck on her head.

Driven by her own selfish desires, she and the woman escaped that same night. They were at the back door when Michael had come down the stairs, looking for Rach after finding she was missing from her bed. He grimly stared at them causing them both to bolt into the nearest room, Rach quickly bolting the door and pushing the woman out of the window. His fingers nearly grasped Rach’s heel when she hopped down into the dirt then took off after the hobbling woman into pure darkness.

The woman died due to infection and blood loss hours later, her body buried somewhere in the wilderness alongside several other corpses. During the night, Rach managed to find a ditch to hide in and avoid her father. It was dawn the next morning when she got a trucker’s attention, nearly getting herself ran over in the process, and finally got him to call police thanks to her shirt being covered in dirt, blood and she didn’t want to know what else.

Things turned into a mess afterwards. The body was discovered, the torture room found, and evidence collected through his personal trophies causing a case to be iron clad against him. He was arrested, after fleeing the scene, days later bring some relief to Rach. He was then put for the death penalty weeks later. Meanwhile Racheli was placed into a temporary foster home until a relative, her grandmother, could retrieve her. Once again she was moved over state lines into Maine where she would stay for yet more years. The adjustment wasn’t easy.

In her teenage years, Racheli grew up in the suburban area in a small town just on the outer limits. Due to the media over her father, she had gotten a rough reputation and most parents had their child avoid contact with her out of fear. It didn’t help she came off distance, aggressive and worst thanks to her personal problems. At thirteen she and a couple of kids broke into the local gym, but she was the only one caught.

The police asked if the gym owner wanted to press charges, her mouth shut while she refused to rat out those with her, which he didn’t. Instead he shook his head and she received an ultimatum. Either work in the gym to pay off the damages or go to jail. It was a losing battle so she chose the option to work off the damages and still not be forced to rat anyone out. Being around the gym while the boxers trained sparked her interest in the sport, her answer yes when the guy offered to train her. Like before, there was strict conditions but in her eyes it was too good to pass up. Racheli trained to become a contender for the city tournament in the following years, turning eighteen and reaching for the top thanks to her competitive drive. Like most things in her life, bad luck got in the way.

Her grandmother became ill. This forced Racheli to give up on her dream and move on, focusing on keeping them alive and housed. She got two full jobs, her better people skills helping her to keep them, while barely visiting the gym well into her adulthood. Life was hard and over time, she stopped going back to the gym completely. Even boxing on her own was too much strain to continue.

Over a three days ago, her grandmother mysteriously passed away in her sleep. Arranging the cremation and funeral, the last task left, Rach ended the apartment leash and was flying to Lost Haven in order to dump her grandmother Ruth's ashes into the sea. It felt like it was best to make a new start and that was something Racheli intended to do. She's arrived in Lost Haven, Maine, just over an hour ago with her grandmother ashes. During the flight, it seemed she had caught something because she's been feeling weak and coughing sparingly.

Little did she realize was it was actually a virus which had murdered numerous individuals and was rewriting her own DNA, gradually destroying her from the inside out. She met Justine within Lost Haven and thanks to Garth, had an agreement to bunk with her until other arrangements were made. Those living conditions didn’t last too long when the riots happened in Sherman Square. Gangs came out of the woodwork, stressing police resources and creating a literal hell on earth resulted in a chemically enhanced thug breaking into their apartment. Helpless and unable to defend herself, Rach doesn’t recall much during this period but according to Gabe and Justine she was in full grip of the virus. The apartment exploded leaving Rach and Justine homeless.

Rach spent most of the rest of the week within the CDC, her skin being poked, examined, and more for the scientists to learn of what was happening to her. However one man already knew the full details but didn’t share. That man was named Dr. Gabriel Cole. Otherwise known as Icarus, the very superhero (alongside Justine) who engaged the thug before his death.

When Lost Haven was threatened as a possible terrorist target, the CDC decided to move Racheli to a safer location. This open it up for her to be acquired by Gene Co whose CEO requested aid from the very crime lord himself, the Cowl. Sending in a spy to collect intelligence, the man managed to both collect information and aid in Rach’s capture. During the attempt, several new faces rushed to Rach’s aid including the heroes Joseph, White Witch, and Hydro as well as an old face, Icarus. However they were unable to stop Rach from being delivered into the Cowl’s hands. Silence, as he was called, departed early and has yet to remerge into the scene. Odette stuck around and prevented Rach’s first attempt at escape as Rach was locked into an anti-meta box then set aside to wait until Gene Co arrived.

Feeling abandoned and forgotten, Rach learned about the virus’ history and loathed the creature even more. Unknown to herself, the heroes were making headway into getting her back while White Witch dealt with her role in the Pax threat. They located Rach then stormed the Ironworks, resulting in once casuality on the heroes side: Joseph. The win was a bitter one as while the heroes managed, with heavy struggle, free Rach they were forced back by Gene Co reinforcements.

With a rattling prediction over her head, Rach spend months in the Forge both training to become stronger and controlling her abilities. Until recently she didn’t realize Gene Co had placed a warrant over her for damages to property forcing her to always be in hiding behind her new alias, Nemesis.

Hero Type (Select one): Other-Host to an Alien Symbiote (Phylactery)

Power Level (Select one below):

Mentality: Street level (Her selfishness and fears force her to remain on the smaller scale of things)
Physical: Between Street and City Level (She has the potential to grow to the Cosmic level, but events, connections, and even character development in the IC can influence when/how/in what manner her mind will be in when that happens)
Emotionally: Street Level (Anymore, she’ll have a mental break down and kick someone’s ass...or the wall)

Powers (Be Specific):


As the Alien grows and developments, Rach will evolve and become stronger. Her virus changing her genetics resulting in new abilities showing up or some growing into others as she grows in the IC, all pre-approved by the GMs before introduced into the IC.



~Metal manipulation: Racheli has the ability to control and sense all types of metal she has come into contact with, currently limited to the most common ones on the Earth’s Periodic Table. When she fully acquires a the essence of a metal, earth based or otherwise, she can manipulate its structure between solid to liquid, alter its base atom components into another type (example: copper into steel), increase or decrease the metal’s original strength and gain usable data through touch alone that could take computer’s decades. The only thing Rach can’t alter with a metal is the total volume. Without additional metal from another source to alter and add to, the existing metal volume is unable change despite what she does to manipulate it.

For alien, magical, or more complicated metals beyond Earth, Racheli must touch for several seconds uninterrupted and absorb the data before she can manipulate it easily. Any attempts to do so before she’s done this step will result in a feeble, sometimes barely noted effect. It also leaves her vulnerable to attack during this time since she is unable to use her magnetism during this time and have to rely on her physical power and durability.

If Rach should affect a magical item made of metal, the magical properties will remain the same and only the shape might alter. Some items, depending on the magical properties might not even be affected all. (Narrative based)

Range- Any metal within eyesight, as long as she can see than it can be altered.
Other Notes- N/A

~Minor Transmutation Abilities: Rach has learned, on a very minor scale, how to break down and alter elements beyond metal. However, she has to smear her blood upon the surface then focus on breaking it down. This takes time and her full focus making it a poor combat ability, especially when it doesn’t always work. Her most common use of this ability is to change her fingers into metal carbon then morphing them into thin, razor sharp blades.
Range- Close and within Touch range
Other- The time it takes varies on how complicated the material is. If it’s a base element, like say a wooden tree, then the material will only take an hour or so to break down then be reformed. However if the same wooden tree was carved then turned into a wooden chair with metal and other decorative fixings, the breakdown could take several hours to complete. Some materials might not even break down fully at all since she is still developing this ability.

~Magnetism: This ability focuses on magnetism and magnetic fields, allowing Rach to create, manipulate, and focus magnetism of various forms. Examples include magnetosphere, magnetic materials, planetary, etc. This allows her to attract or repulse metal objects to either become directed at herself or a fixed location within her range. She is also able to create and sense magnetic field. She can gain information such as their flow and disrupting their natural path into something different by changing their ion charge. Centering this on items or her palms, she can create an electrical current which gives her attacks a little shock to them. However these shocks never build up to the point of becoming fatal as the battles often lasts minutes at most, rather than days. Rach is unable to influence the bioelectrical within a pure organic creature without risking internal damage to herself, strictly since the energy used could also affect her own system as well.

Range- 6 meters from her being the epicenter

~Nanites: Racheli’s body has gained the ability to regenerate when injured, either during combat or other situations that inflict harm. This is thanks to the nanites saturating her vein system and replacing her blood with a black, thick fluid like swarm. This gives her blood a gritty, tar like texture when exposed to the air. Outside the body they seem to ‘die’ or shut down, unable to continue to function outside their own self contained environment within her body. Within, they are fully able to carry out basic functions of the body indefinitely by feeding it energy, nutrients, mending it when injured and various other needs for a health individual.

When destroyed by outside sources like specific positions targeting organic machines or spilling her blood, the nanites dig deep. They manufacture more of themselves using Racheli’s own natural biology, which has the ability to alter into organic metals for the construction and spawn an unlimited amount since her body never stops producing these materials. However production speed and repairing of the damages can be slowed drastically. They aren’t instant and when nanites focuses are divided over several severe wounds, than they will gradually drop their healing level just to sustain her life.

Here’s a chart estimate of her healing levels and how long it would take to mend over each type of severity, through this isn’t all of them and those wounds will be mainly based on narrative and what fits the situation best.


These wounds usually take anywhere between a few moments to hours at most.

~broken, clean or otherwise, bones
~bruised organs
~skin wounds
~strained tendons, muscles, etc


These wounds can take anywhere between a day to a month, or longer, to mend.

~ fractured bones as well as bent
~ruptured, and/or bursted organs
~torn, ripped, and shredded skin/muscles
~snapped tendons, etc
~damaged nerves
~regrowing a limb

Range- Within


~Accelerated Perception and Procession: Being hardwired and upgraded into a biological computer, Racheli’s brain now processes and collects information at a hyper accelerated rate. Activated at all time, her mind slows down the scene mentally and can even pause it when needed (the outside events still are moving at their normal speed, her mind is just moving faster to absorb, register and anaylze). Her memory is increased and is photographic, enabling her to recall things much clearer and quickly compared to before she bonded with the virus. This also means she will never forget anything since her mind can store vast amounts of exact data. Through understanding what is told to her is another matter completely. Her reflexes also aren’t necessarily speed up as this ability only affects her chances of reacting before the danger can reach her which if her speed is naturally slower, the too great to get clear or other additional factors than she will get hit. At best she can likely limit the damage done, especially when caught off guard.

Range- Undefined
Other- N/A

~Enhanced Hearing: Racheli’s hearing has become extremely sensitive that she can easily determine the acoustic pressure changes within a single decibel in the ideal conditions. Thanks to this change she can easily pick infrasound, ultrasound, sonar and even radio signals traveling within her area with little effort when she focuses on filtering the background noise. Not even sound proof walls can prevent her keen ears from picking up noises through them which can allow her to tell an individual’s position and eavesdrop on their conversation with ease. On an individual, she can gain a surprising depth when it comes to listening to their heartbeat, blood circulation, breathing, and physical movements such as lying, injury, etc. Each individual’s heartbeat has a distinct volume, rate, and pattern to it that she can use to id a target even when in disguise.

Range- Within a mile when in ideal conditions, and a fourth in worst.
Other- Multiple sounds or background noise that’s within a meter of her can interfere with her ability, making it hard for Rach to focus on her target and separate the sounds collecting in her hearing. In addition, extreme sounds ranging in either higher or lower frequencies than a human’s ability to hear will hurt and possibly stun Rach when she’s not been forewarned to filter it out. Through she can tell when an individual without complete control over their body is lying, people with pacemakers and complete control are another matter. They are able to fool her hearing since they can maintain an unbroken rhythm with their heart beat as well as breath.

~Enhanced Sight: Racheli’s vision has increased to about 20/5, about four times of a normal human and able to pick out a mouse from about two miles away. On zooming into the image, she can pick out incredible detail and clarity as if she was standing right on top of it. When she alters her vision spectrum she can identify infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray, microwaves, radio waves, and more when she’s seen them at least once.

Range- 2 miles in ideal conditions, one fourth in worst.
Other- Magical/abilities that allow invisibility can easily overcome this perception, preventing her from being able to see the target or details relating to it. With enhancement comes sensitivity as well, Racheli’s eyes are more susceptible to bright flashes, extreme colors, and other visual ‘explosions’ that her eyes can briefly shut down to reboot. This blindness can last up to minutes or days depending on the optical damage and how fast it is mended.

~Enhanced Taste: This ability allows Rach to have gained accurate sense of taste and gain greater detail about a food, drink or material she’s sampling. She can tell the ingredients from a 20 mg sample, separating each independent element from the whole mixture. This can easily alert her to poisons and unnatural content that are rather harmful to her system, possibly sparing her consuming or enabling to determine what is edible and even nutrient.

Range- Close Range
Other- Magic and tasteless substances will elude this ability, preventing her from placing it and cause her to struggle.

~Enhanced Smell: Racheli’s sense of scent is heightened beyond human and rivaling those animals with the keening olfactory abilities known on earth. This allows her to distinguish individual musks and other odors aiding in locating specific persons, objects, substances and even places with nothing but her nose. She can tell where an individual has been based on what scents have been collected on their person and even retract their steps, enabling her to tell how long ago they were there and even how long they lingered there. With most individuals, based on their pheromone changes and chemical clues, she can tell if a target is lying, sick, diseased or poisoned thanks to hormones/smells that are excreted within a set area. If she’s smelled a scent before than she can easily recollect that same smell when it crosses her path and where at exactly.

Range- In ideal conditions, her range is about 1.75 miles before the scent fades. About a fourth of that in the worse one.
Other- Range determines the amount of information Rach can gleam from an individual. At her limit range and in ideal conditions, she can only locate and track the target's’ movements enough to keep up. However in closer range and without any preventing magics/abilities, she can gain a more insightful data. This includes the individual’s condition, specific odor markers, what they’ve touched, what they’ve eaten, their race, where they’ve been recently, etc. Strong odors and several at once can cause extreme pain, ruining her focus and even kill her ability to gain information.

~Enhanced Touch: Her sense of touch is sensitive enough to note indentations of ink on paper, radiation off items, seismic activities and even micro voltage. She can even feel the faintest crack that’s invisible to the naked eye. Her body can sense minute changes in temperature and pressure, enabling her to predict changes in weather or atmosphere surprisingly accurately. She can even tell the intensity the closer the storm comes into her general area. She can sense a human’s body’s change in heat and their air disturbance from at least five feet away, including if an individual is alive, for how long if they’ve died, emotions (such as blushing or other emotions that increases heat), and residual heat off objects or machines.

Range- In best of the conditions, up to a mile diameter. In worse, about a fourth of that.
Other-Rach can senses these vibrations through solid substances, liquid, and even air pressure changes. However, the closer to her limited range the less details she can obtain like many of her other enhanced perception abilities.

Combative Skills

~Boxing: At a young age, Racheli learned the basics about the art of boxing. To say she mastered it is impossible as that would imply she can't improve, a fact which isn't true, so her levels haven't peaked fully. Before she was forced to give it all up, her experience level lie within what her gym classed as a Prospect and a Journeymen in the sport. She had the talent, footwork and drive, but her experience lacked heavily and that was a factor which hurt her more then the rest. Even a poor athlete could be a decent boxer if they had the experience of a champ. Her skill level now resides in Tomato Cans level though it wouldn't take her long to raise to the level of Prospect or beyond with a reason and hard training, her body fully able to recall the rhythms, strikes, and more instinctively.

Range- CQC
Other- She's extremely rusty so it will take time for her to get back into shape.


Telepathy: The virus that inhabits Rachelis’ body is able to share and communicate with her and others using Telepathy. It can project an image of its current chosen form, her father, into the outside world as long as she is conscious and aware. Beyond that, the organism hasn't shown any ability to affect the outside other than choose who will share its image and conversation with. So if it wanted to make her seem crazy, it is well within the being's ability to do so. Should any Telepathic being, magic, meta or others, attempt to read or influence Racheli’s mind (not senses) then they will be met by resistance due to the Alien’s paranoid nature. It would be like hitting a solid wall.

Range- Namely the farther away from Racheli, the weaker the power is.
Other- This ability might adapt in the future or the virus’ image will likely evolve into something outside her father's image. Only time will tell.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Strength Level: Normal Human-10 tons

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal Human- 20 MPH.

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 3 hours.

Agility: Normal Human- 5x human rate.

Intelligence: Average

Fighting Skill: Untrained (Rusty if you count boxing)

Resources: Minimal

Nothing since the Riots.


Still Flawed

Despite her abilities and physical changes, she's just as killable as normal human when you get past her meta human abilities. Gene Co has created a serum that can temporarily disable her meta abilities, possibly others (varies), by targeting the source at a genetic level and shutting the genes off. Other ways to temporarily disable is through high power neuro-toxins when you manage to enter it into the bloodstream, attacking her mind (hacking it in a sense), electrical energies of high voltage, dividing her attention then catching her unaware (depends on narrative) or other abilities that null her meta powers.

Ashes to Ashes

The Alien’s DNA and structure has a weakness to light and heat when outside its host. It breaks down and evaporates when exposed to any non specialized light or heat of any type. When it bonded with Rach, the weakness to multiple sources of light was eliminated. The only ones that remain are sources like UV which can get past the skin barrier and into the body. These are found within items like black lights so she likely won’t be visiting any nightclubs without protection. Heat is the primary and most effective weakness, namely above 120 degrees or higher can make her almost completely human save for the black blood and colder body temperature. Direct heat is even worse since it can hurt her and prevent her regeneration from taking full effect, bring her down to her knees with little effect.

Other Characters:

Will add as the RP goes on, though here's a few.


~Garret Shepherd: A friend from the other side of Maine and he was the one that set up Racheli's living arrangements, suggested this crazy idea as he contacted his cousin. Though Racheli was bitter about the help , she saw no other option and she was forced into the arrangement. Even agreed to keep an eye on her future roommate for him.


~Gabriel Cole (Icarus): A superhero that wears a machine suit with some serious heat, which sadly wrecked their apartment leaving Justine and herself homeless for a time. Despite the aftermath, he was critical in getting Racheli to the CDC and finally saving her life by aiding in her mind to sync up with the virus. Even after the chore, she has grown to trust him slowly and while she will fight alongside him, Rach is still wary of fully trusting him.

~Justine Shepherd (Myth): Garret’s cousin and her current roomie before the apartment incident, thankfully she got out safely. Rach feels a deep attachment and loyalty to the woman, despite the fact they only met a few months ago. Out of everyone, it’s her and Gabe that Rach will trust the most through this bond is still fragile enough to be broken by misunderstandings.

~Jaden Maxwell (Evergreen): One of the heroes that aided with her rescue, through she only met him briefly. Personally he seems to be a cross dressing, plant manipulator with a distinct like for dresses and exotic designs. He looked like an overgrown pokemon to her.

~Jacob Parkman (Hydro): Another hero that aided with her rescue, through last time she saw he was pretty weak and nearly a puddle of water from her rescue mission. It seems he knew and worked with Gabe over his own condition but had little results in finding a cure. This is as much as she knows about since she was still recovering.

Rogue Gallery

~Odette (The Ambassador): An annoy individual, possibly a fey, who Rach personally has a grudge against since the woman both helped capture and nearly tore out her damn tongue. If they were ever to cross paths it is unlikely Rach would both with control when it came to going full out and beating the woman in combat.

~Lekh Antol (Silence): Another responsible for her catch from the van, her mind hazy over his abilities and face when she tries to recall him. It’s like his face is static over from inference of an outside force. She does recall her abilities weren’t working correctly when she tried to fight back but she’s not fully sure if it was because she was weakened or if he had some meta power that influence it in some way, something she doesn’t know if she wants to fully know should they ever meet again.

~? (The Cowl): It seemed the very one who arranged her capture and the biggest asshole she would love to wrangle the neck of. Despite him being human, his cleverness and preparation was enough to stop her from fighting back while they waited for someone to collect her. She discovered his alias was the Cowl and she intends to discover whatever she can over him the next time she’s in Lost Haven, slowly tearing apart his self made profits and organization in the process.

~Gene Co: Rach knows that this nation wide corporation was behind her abduction, namely since they likely wanted to reclaim their virus but she can’t draw any connections or proof to their dirty dealings. OR the very individual fixed on her recapture. So far they have made her life hellish with that warrant for her arrest forcing her to parade around in a mask and costume like the other supers.


~Puck: A demon that made a ‘prediction’ she questions to this day.
~War Pulse: At the moment, he's a cocky SoB that was hired to recapture her. She's still sore about the conflict just outside of Chinatown and hopes never to see his face again.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:

Yes, do I get a treat now?!? :P


Jacqueline Freeman

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Character you have created: Benjamin Ethan Reeves
Alias: These are usually given by others.
School: Spoiled Rich Brat, Ben
While in werewolf form: Mutt, Huge Ass Dog, Stray, and a few other choices and lame namesakes thanks to the ignorant
people of New York’s lesser educated.
Speech Color (Actually say what you're using): Chocolate
Character Alignment: Hero
Identity: Secret
Character Personality:

Benjamin’s personality is what someone would call a true Aries as he displays both the bad and good qualities that make up the zodiac sign. If anyone was a literal definition of the sign, it would be him.

To those he’s attached and chosen to become friends with, they will see his generous and enthusiastic nature. His optimism in a negative situation or setback is often shining bright even if it's not in the expected or chipper tone most people use. In addition to this, he’s got an independent streak when it comes to getting things done and when he wants to, finding excitement in seeing the completing of goals rather than meeting the end results. This often leaves him jumping from one project to another due to his impulsive nature, especially if the task shows little to no progress when it comes to feeding his satisfaction. It’s during that sensation that he’s most likely to drop it complete unless someone can redirect his attention and spark interest again.

When he is forced into a situation where he feels trapped or stuck, Ben becomes moody and short-tempered. His attitude often venting out on whoever, and sometimes whatever, is nearby. If it is built up longer enough, he has a habit of becoming violent on instinctive causing him to lash out should someone attempt to comfort him with touch. Often his words in these moments aren’t clearly thought out or the consequences considered, creating guilt and regret when Ben recalls these moments and especially when he’s reminded of them. Only his few true friends can understand and look pass these eruptive moments to stick him by.

Underneath the hard earned image he has chiseled out for himself, lays a heart that holds great courage. This bravery also feeds his impulsive nature and passion in what he does. That one trait can hurt him because he easily can become derailed from his goal or aid him in spur of the moment decisions, usually helping him to get over unexpected road bumps coming his way. His passion carries him through challenges to get things done, usually with the aim of completing them quickly as possible.

As mentioned before, he does have a generous nature. However, it can and most the time does include himself when it comes to the thought. It’s an ingrain habit that he usually thinks about his friend’s influences on him, his happiness and in what ways. When a problem arises connected to them in any form, he’ll usually push to confront them or make his attempt to solve the issue behind their back. Either way, he doesn’t come off well and it often ends up in an aggressive and moody fight, one that will test or break his friendships.


Special thanks to both Vatrou for the birthday commission and for Splatpixel on doing such a wonderful job on him.

The bad thing about being a werewolf is when he shifts. It tends to shred everything. That makes it pretty much impossible to wear any attire when Benjamin goes completely wolf as the thing ends up becoming nothing more than rags at the end of the day. Nothing he has tried has shown to be able to conform and meld with his physical shape, not even the fashion retardness of spandex.

So, he has decided it was just better to go all wolf and use that to hide his identity. Most people would assume he was stray canine if they ever saw him, despite his much larger size when hunched down on all fours.

When fully wolfed out, Benjamin's height grows to about 6’2” giving him a looming appearance against the average man. His natural fur is a tarnish blonde with a white underbelly, under jaw, chest, and lower limbs. For most people, when he’s hunched down on all four, he looks like a rather large dog. He reaches about the waist of the average man in this position.

Like many newly turned werewolves, his eyes are an almost electrical blue and in the following months will edge to a golden yellow. Black outlines his wolfen eyes and give off an almost human sensation to them. His hand are a cross between human and wolf, there being four finger digits and one thumb with thick pads on the inside hand. There’s two sets along the finger digits, one on the thumb tip and about three on the main hand.

Origin Info/Details:


Race: Caucasian
Sex: Male
Age: 16
HT: 5’6”
WT: 159 lbs.
EY: Gunsmoke Hazel
HR: Dirty Blonde, short and wavy.
SK: White
Ethnicity: None
Vision: 20/20
DoB: Mar 31 (Aries)

Birth Order: Single child


Benjamin, or Ben as he’s often called by his peers, is the iconic rich boy. The boy with money, good looks and almost everything any teenager could ever want. When the public, from the media to his school mates, look at him they see a kid that never had to work a hard day in his life to earn what he wanted or felt the sense of failure gripping his soul. For the most part, they would be right. He is spoiled and has high tastes in quality and expectations, through he has known loss unlike those whose lives were completely and utterly perfect.

Being the single child of the New York District Attorney and an art director for the NYC museum for fine arts, Ben grew up in Bayside, Queens all his privileged life and goes to the private academy called McArthur Academy for Higher Education. There he was the popular kid that everyone seemed to want to be. The boy without a care or worry, ready to take risks to get what he wanted as he saw the thrill of the chase being the best part. Through this was the outside mask he often displayed to the outside world. If they would peel back the layers of his family dynamic and see the truth: the grass was rarely greener on the other side.

It was a cold, December day when the wreck happened changing his life from its near perfection to a tragic roller coaster of emotion. His grandparents on his mother’s side had come to New York to spend the holidays and to see his first piano recital, his mother driving them all -save for his father- to the school. It was terrible weather where icy winds whipped through the towering buildings and hurt visibility for most drivers. A drunk man at the wheel of a semi-truck collided head on and crushed their little car, the truck’s front literally parked on the hood where most the occupants were killed instantly. Rosalie, his mother, was the only survivor.

She was his foundation. Being the primary parent in his life, Ben was at lost for words upon seeing his mother in a death like coma shortly after the accident. So lost in his own pain, he barely recalled the press trying to push in for snapshots of him sitting, depressed and holding her lifeless hand. Or the fact his father’s hand rested on his shoulder during it. Their image was placed on the newscast for weeks that followed, the tragic story about her grief stricken husband running for the DA office and loving son Benjamin Reeves. It was a nightmare for the boy while he tolerated the interviews, lurking media and worse.

It was a month later when they finally ceased. On the second month, Daniel Reeves decided it was time to let his wife move on to greener pastures. He ordered the treatment on his wife stopped and the tubes taken out. The doctors recorded her death three hours later when they rolled her to the morgue, storing her for the funeral a week later. It was a mournful moment for Ben as he was never be allowed to say good bye, denied by his own father, still a stranger claiming to be a parent on legal paper, since he was away at school trying to learn how to move on. Any respect he held for his father was gone that day.

Barely a year passed before he watched his mother become replaced by some whorish slut named Lorrie Hart, a woman about a decade younger than his father.

At first, things were fine since his father allowed Ben his independent streak and enabled them to avoid each other most the time. In the spotlight, they had the ideal father-son relationship. What the media wouldn’t pay to discover it was all an act he often mused.

It was about two years and a month when his father finally become engaged to the Ms. Hart, though Ben suspected it was to gain a bigger political vote for his future position into the Mayor’s office. Not that it would surprise him. The moment the woman came into his father’s household, things rapidly changed. At first, her methods were subtle. She wanted to be his friend and get to know him better, his father rarely mentioned the boy to her, as she sought to be get cozy. It rubbed him wrong causing his moodiness and aggression to butt heads with her.

A week passed and she was already working on manipulating his father. His mother’s presence, her things and little trinkets that gave him comfort, were starting to be removed from the house. When she caught him trying to move his mother’s old jewelry box down into his room, Lorrie confronted him. Since then she’s stalked his movements, began to take away his freedom and gradually had him moved down into the basement where he often found she locked him in there at night.

He hasn’t any idea what she’s planning but he’s got a bad feeling about it.

Hero Type (Select one): Supernatural- American Werewolf subspecies.

Power Level (Select one below): Street/City Level

Powers (Be Specific):
Being a werewolf, Ben has two modes he can flip from at will when he learns how to. When he is completely human, he looks like a normal teenage with limited healing rate and enhanced senses. The anthro mode is described in the costume section while his human form is in the Original Details/Origins section.

Skills Learned
Computer Software/Hacking (adept)
Hot wiring vehicles (novice)
Parkour (novice in human form)
Lying (highly skilled)
Dirt bike/stunt ability (highly skilled)
Piano (highly skilled but rusty)

Attributes (Select one at each category):
All these are while Ben is in wolf form.

Strength Level:Without stress he can lift up to 5 tons, but pushed to the limit he can lift up to 10 though he risks snapping something.
Speed/Reaction Timing Level:
  • With training speed Ben’s is about 5x faster than humans, making time slow slightly and enables quicker acknowledgement to the threats. However being able to dodge or count them is another matter. Presently, since he's untrained, his reaction is only 2x faster.
  • When it comes to his speed, in a trot he can reach up to 5 mph and causally cover wide areas of ground in a single day without rest. When in a flat out run he can reach up to 25 mph, with a few bursts of 45 mph for 1-2 minutes, before he nears exhaustion and risk collapsing.

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort:
  • In a steady, easily going trot Ben can cover miles in a day’s time before he needs to rest.
  • During non-stop and stressful activity, his endurance lasts about 3-4 hours without any sort of break or rest. However afterwards he will collapse from complete exhaustion and feel ravenous, reverting back to human. When full out pushing, he would last up to 2 hours.

Agility: 2x that of a normal human, usually when in a flat out run such as rushing over objects like trash cans, buildings, etc or people.
Intelligence: Smart for his age, but not a genius level individual. Underestimate him at your own peril.
Fighting Skill: Untrained


Being a kid, he’s got his own things from high tech computer to his own car (BMW 5 Series). However he doesn’t have a source of income other than what his father allows within a bank account on a weekly basis. Meaning while he has a lot of cash to burn, there’s still a limit and if he’s not careful his funds could dry up quickly forcing him to ask his father for more. A matter he rather avoid.


Being a breed of werewolf, there are ways to counter this ability. It also works in his both forms but in different ways, his human form being the most vulnerable to the substances. Strangely enough, Ben is unable to detect them with his sense of smell and it could be related to it being his breed’s weakness toward it.
  • Silver: Most werewolves are allergic to silver, through fortunately for Ben’s breed isn’t not fatal on instant contact and would take large amounts to become it.
    In his human form it causes severe allergic reactions such as swelling on the location where the metal comes into contact. If injected/ingested, it could cause his throat to swell shut and breathing to be impossible unless an adrenaline is injected into his system boosting his immunity which will open his airways.

    In his wolf form, this can easily paralyze and slow Ben’s healing rate, but the purity of the metal determines the healing power and time it lasts. The more pure the silver is, the longer the effects last and sooner it takes effect. Pure silver can take effect within at least a minute depending on Ben’s condition.

    For any reason, should pure, liquified silver get into his blood system (digestion or something) when a wolf then it will paralyze Ben up to a day. Large amounts will kill him, such as a quarter of a pint or more, unless it’s purged from his system quickly and in about 3-4 hours.
  • Wolfsbane- herb: A weak smelling herb that is a strong and slow poison. It’s believed to be so lethal to a werewolf that a tablespoon worth sprinkled inside a bullet and shot into the target will kill even an alpha in half a day’s time. Any smaller amount will only cripple the wolf for several days, making them helpless and feeling like they wish they were dead. It can be cured through magical/unnatural means or even when a werewolf is laid out under a full moon, allowed to undergo extreme transformation thanks to the moon’s radiation.
  • Full Moon- Every American werewolf must answer the call of the moon as its radiation fills them with an immerse and sudden surge of energy, their bodies unable to contain their wolf forms while underneath its pale light. New wolves have the hardest time since their animalistic side is most frenzied and frighten during this time so many newly made wolves depend on their pack mates to keep them from injuring themselves during this period. After a few moons (6 moons), the eyes turn a yellow declaring them an adult.

    It’s unknown why, but when someone is bitten beneath a full moon they have a percent of becoming werewolf depending on the species of werewolf.
  • New Werewolf Syndrome (NWS): When a human is turned into a werewolf, they develop something called new werewolf syndrome which happens with all newly turned. Changes are unpredictable as they aren't just affected by the moon and decision, but emotion as well. This factor is worsened by the fact all newly turned wolves became moody for about six months and will taper off when they reach adulthood.

Supporting Characters (Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?):

Family (intermediate):


Daniel Reeves-35……...Father
Job: DA of New York, recently elected.
Relationship Strength: Weak father and son bond, Ben obeys him to the barest degree only because his mother wanted him to respect the man.

Lorrie Hart (Scorpio)-26……...Stepmother to be
Job: Trophy Wife
Relationship Strength: Weak, Ben actually hates her due to her manipulative and controlling behavior.


Anthony Reeves-56……...Grandfather
Sophia Reeves(surname: Morris)-59……...Grandmother
Rosalie Reeves (surname Snyder)-32……...Mother

Additional details: Mother was in a coma for about a week, then taken off where she died about five hours later. It was a slim chance she would’ve made it without any permanent brain damage or would’ve been the same before the accident so Benjamin's father believed this was a mercy for his wife’s spirit. However, Benjamin secretly blames himself for her death and has bitterness toward his father for allowing her to be taken off the machines without his knowledge, denying him his last goodbye.


Benjamin doesn’t have any close friends, their only reasons to associate to him are self gain and manipulation reasons. Usually because their parents are hoping to have an excuse to get close to his father. Little do the ‘click’ he usually hangs around with know, he’s actually using them so he’s not lonely.

Desmond Hargraves - Closest to a best friend, his father is an assistant attorney working with Ben’s dad.
Alyssa Kinser- Roland’s girlfriend and rather prissy sob, her mother owns numbers of shares in companies like Midas Industries and other organizations. Ben hates her guts and the feeling is mutual.
Nathan Giavonna & Bradley Giavonna- The swim team twins and part of his click, through they are more numbskulls than any interesting company.
Emma Gracia- House Keeper.

Major NPCs

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Character you have created:The Broker
Alias:None. A demon such as need no alias.
Speech Color :#F62217 (Ruby)
Character Alignment: Neutral Evil
Identity: The Broker, He Who Deals, Greed Incarnate
Character Personality:
In the circle of greed, you can only survive as consummate professional and utter bastard. The Broker is a healthy dose of both these things. With the added benefit of being a complete monster. He is a demon after all, spawned from the greed of mankind. He is known to be obsessively greedy and finnicky with his actions. He has little to no morals, but doesn't so much enjoy killing then he is indifferent to it. He is without a doubt, evil. He would light a toddler on fire if the thought it would benefit him.

When in his “human” form, broker is a 6’2 tall vaguely middle eastern man with a bright, red mane of hair. He dresses in business casual at all time and his eyes are the color of blood. He is handsome, with just a hint of uncanny valley going on. He is almost to impeccable, and staring at him for to long as a mortal, nonmagic user, can wierd you out.

In his demon form, he is 7’2’’ tall, with large curved horns. His skin is a subdued red color and his eyes are fields of white that glow with power. He generally dresses in robes similair to that of a rich mans bathrobe.

Origin Info/Details:
When the very first man committed a sin, Hell began to make plans for mankind. Hell was constructed to house those who fell, and their souls were added to the furnace that burns eternal. Eventually, mans sin became to big to contain, and like any good housing project, more rings were added. Sometime in the past, one of these rings were visited upon the malice of greed and Broker was formed. The broker was not a fallen angel, he did not hold heaven in contempt. He was a new breed, a carnal sin made flesh. He cared only for those who shared his sin, and could feed his desires. He rose from hell to seek out the first crusaders that reached Jerusalem. There he convinced Templar and Muslim holy warriors alike to give their soul to him in return for information, weapons and power.

It was only the first of many conflicts where he would show up to claim the souls of the corrupt and desperate. He visited magicians across the globe, offered power in return for their smallest, least significant trinkets. Trinkets he infused and turned into objects of power. These artifact then found their way back into mortal hands and started wars and enabled atrocities. He was the one to urge the betrayal of Ceasar. His presence were felt everywhere politcs crossed with blood.

His power grew steadily and soon he was managing a network of wicked men and women who owed him everything. He would soon become bored with hoarding earthly riches and souls. He began hoarding knowledge instead, began lending his power directly to warlords and magis. He observed with morbid curiosity as men to foolish to understand his being, killed humans by the dozen trough spells. But With the dawn of the very first super hero, he saw a new world open before him. With the dawn of the superhuman and alien, there was suddenly new stimuli to pursue. And as a creature who always had his finger on the pulse, the Broker now walks earth, finding and realizing the potential in budding supervillains everywhere.

Hero Type (Select one):
Power Level (Select one below): City, Possibly world if you consider his sphere of influence. This is reliant on people actually doing what he tells them to.
Powers (Be Specific):
World Shifter; At any time, Broker can open a portal to hell or vice versa. This is his main mode of transportation.
Teleportation; Broker can also teleport short distances.
Magic; Broker has lived for longer then most, and studied in detail the workings of witches, warlocks and other magic users who might draw upon the infernal. As a result, he is a accomplished magician. He draws upon infernal magic from his very essence and from hell itself.

Attributes (Select one at each category):
Strength Level: 5xhuman
Speed/Reaction Timing Level:
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort:
Agility: 5xhuman
Intelligence: Genius levels of IQ
Fighting Skill: Exellent, albeit he is not a proper fighter, He is magican.

Resources: A vast and seemingly endless network of low level supervillains that ove him a favor, to big shots within politics who sold him their soul. He has more magical artifacts at his fingertips then the most collectors see in their entire life. In short, the Greed demon is filthy rich and influential, as Is his ambition.
Weaknesses: He is a demon. Holy magic tend to be effective. Blessed weapons and such is a very useful tool. Technically, a proper exorcist may banish him back to hell in a bind. But he’ll be back and annoyed.

Supporting Characters

Blueberry, his daughter. A gluttony demon who can consume anything.

Karin; A human sorceress who works as his middleman in many deals regarding magic artificats.

Maligna; Sister. Envy Incarnate
Zan; Rival and Brother; Sloth Incarnate
Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: I dooo
Sample Post:

”The Office. Secret Lair of The Broker. Possibly Hell. Somewhere between doom and damnation, 5:30

”And they showed such potential..” The Broker stared at the newpaper in his hands. While front page had Captain Ultra beating down Capitol Punishment with the arm of some russian knock-off robot, that particular article didn't interest him much. Capitol was a hardy, old school kind of villain. He'd be back up swinging in no time. The same could not be said for the group of fledgling villains he had assigned the simple task of robbing a shitty little bank office. Of the original crew, only one had made it to out properly. Tim, a local genius type; Vengeful, unsure of himself, chip on his shoulder. Bright kid. The other were either incarcerated or dead. Well. Atleast the crazy irish fellow would be out in no time. HIs little head to head with the super hero Bastille had impressed the Leper. So he would likely break the man out. Bastille who had fought them while still on fire. He had been almost to much for them to handle in the end. In fact, the entire thing had been a disaster. Broker looked at the article that was taking up the middle spread. At least they generated some buzz. There were going to be a few B-Lister in desperate need for muscle.

”Robbery turned Massacre. 10 dead as failed robbery attempt end up in shoot out.” The article said. He scoffed as he scanned for relevant details. ”Four suspects have been apprehended, and two have been accounted for as dead. Three or more may have escaped in the chaos. Exact identities of these are unknown. Police hope hearings will yield more results.” Broker scoffed again and made the paper in his hand dissolve into flames and ash. He rose from his elaborate and no doubt expensive chair as he surveyed the room. Several workbenches and office chairs were strewn about, each surface cluttered with binders, books or stacks of papers. Computers from all kinds of time periods were neatly in a row along one wall. Broker grabbed a few of the papers and binders, seemingly at random, and started to rummage.

”You... And You... And you.” He mumbled. ”You to. And you. Oh. A monster? You for sure” He continued like this for a while longer before returning his desk were a phone had suddenly appeared. He picked it up and spoke. ”Lucida dear, could you send out a envelope to these... Fortunate ones?” There was pause as a giggle could be heard from the other end. ”No. You deliver them. I am afraid that if I showed up in person so soon they would think I favored them or something. Yes. That will be fine.” He killed the call and looked over the papers again. ”So much high tech and alien nonsense. I miss the days where most guys relied on magic and gimmicky spells...” He mumbled as he leafed trough it. ”I swear these names are getting sillier and sillier. I miss the days of Clobber and Disaster Master. Thug? Where is the pizaz in that!? I swear I should hire them a PR agent...”

Putting the folders down, He carefully withdrew a key made out of human finger bones out of his vest pocket. He spun it around his finger as he punched another number into ancient excuse for a phone on his desk. Barely a signal passed before someone picked up the phone on the other side. Brokers smile grew into a wide grin, a myriad of teeth both sharp and narrow like needles glimmered.
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Becouse 3 is a magic number

Character you have created: Johan “Rune” Falk
Alias: Runes. The Wandering Hand. The Kings Consort
Speech Color (Actually say what you're using): #99ebff
Character Alignment:Hero
Identity: Johan Falk
Character Personality:
Johan is a straight shooter at heart. He will not bullshit you if he doesn’t have to. He doesn’t make excuses, and he does not waver in his conviction. He is a gentle soul however, he just hides it behind a gruff, cynical shell. He carries tremendous pain from his failures, and is often forced to take solace in the company of others. His relationship with Nêuvan is a fickle one, as the King is not mortal and do perceive things the way a human does. While his love for Johan is real, it is not monogamous and it leaves Johan to seek company elsewhere.


Johan dresses casual at all time. He wears what is sturdy and comfy, but always put on his black wool coot regardless of the weather. His beard is magnificent, his eyes the coldest blue. He looks like a modern day Viking in pretty much every regard aside his clothing.

Origin Info/Details:
A archeologist with personal demons and a list of tragedies behind him, Johan was consumed by his work. He was on the heels of a great discovery that so far had cost him everything. He had found evidence of the Vikings coming in contact with something otherwordly. To Johan who was one of the few who still believed in the Aesir, this was the confirmation he craved. In his research, he stumbled upon the art of Runemagic and found it not only fascinating but actually usefull. He began experimenting, using runes to draw upon arcane magic, like those priests of old. In his research, he came across the next clue to the Vikings mysterius ally.

His travels took him from Uppsala in Sweden, to the Northern most point of the Norwegian mountains. There he discovered a old abandoned temple not alike anything else he ever encountered. Instead of being dedicated to Odin, Thor or similair, it seemed to dedicated to something else entirely. Its insides were rimmed with permafrost, it's floor was smooth and carved out of the very mountain itself.

There he found a lone Runestone, larger then any he ever seen. And before lay what looked like a giant human skull. He had found a temple dedicated to the Joten. The Giants of Frost. Shocked by his discovery, he didn't know the earie glow of the walls around him. As he left in a hurry to report his findings, something stirred deeper inside the temple.

Outside a blizzard had arrived seemingly out of nowhere and it stranded the young archeologist. That's when he first heard it. The sound of a giant. Turning around, he stood face to knee with a massive humanoid. To this day he have no idea how he survived. Somehow, the runes he had sewn into his coat flared up with power from being in proximity of one of the old enemies of all Aesir. The battle was drawn out, the Giant toying with him. But in a bout of desperation he carved the rune for might into his palms. Saying the words of power to open the rune to the arcane stream, he was filled with power beyond comprehension. He slayed the giant somehow, he was to drunk on power to remember. But the giant had no arrived alone. The Joten came as massive, lumbering shadows within the blizzar. Their eyes full of cold, gleefull murder. In fear for his life he ran back inside the temple, only to find a secret entrence had opened. Having no choice but to go down the dark and unknown, he came upon a meadow and another world entirely. In it stood a creature so beutyfull he almost wept.

IT was the King of Elves, who had followed his exploits. He offered the young man clemency and education in the art of rune magic. In turn, he asked only that the human would follow him to his palace, and be loyal to him. In time, this loyalty became reverence and respect, which turned into a spark of mutual love. Over the course of ten years, Johan became a runemage of skill and reputation. He was also spoken about in hushed tones as the "Mortal lover" of their beloved king. Envy drove more then one challenger to Johans doorstep, and he bested them all. His prowess would net him the title "Kings Champion" and he began to represent the King outside the palace.

The day came where his King grew more distant, being a fickle creature. After it became to much to bare, Johan asked to be returned to his own realm. He was allowed passage home on the condition that he remained the Kings Champion, and became his Voice to the expatriats who chose to live amongst mortals instead of their fellow kin.

Hero Type (Select one):(Supernatural) Magician
Power Level (Select one below): City/World
Powers (Be Specific):
Being a runemage, he draws upon the power of the Arcane Stream trough talismans and words of power. His body is a conduit for his magic thanks the runes carved into his back. Trough them he can tap and fill whatever runic binding he has in hand. Notably his spear; Jutenbane and his coat.

Kings Voice; A gift given to him by Neuvean. When he speak elvish, he can compel creatures bound to his Kings realm to comply and follow his orders.

Magical Coat: His coat is embroidered from top to toe with runes. Due to the overspill of his magic, the coat is always at least a little charged. Fully powered, it protects him passively from any scrying, targeted spells and the like. At low power, it simply muddles those who try to divine his location.

Jutenbane A enchanted spear that can allegedly pierce any armor, veil or protection when “powered up”.

Runic Might During moments of extreme danger, Rune has the ability to draw upon the stream to a dangerous extent. He becomes superboosted and all his magic is increased thusandfold. In this state he becomes one of the most powerfull magicians in all the realms. Sadly, he can only maintain it for less then 15 minutes before the magic would consume his body. Just pushing ten minutes of it is enough to leave him comatose for a day.

Attributes (Select one at each category):
Strength Level: Human
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Human
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort:
Intelligence: High, still human
Fighting Skill: He can put up a decent fight with his spear, due to his time with the Northern Fae. But there are many better fighters out there. He relies on his magic rather then anything more brutish.

Resources: Extensive. Being the lover and chosen Champion of the King of All Elves has it’s perks.
Weaknesses: For all intents and purposes, he is human.

Loiusa Falk; His younger sister. Firey, angry and the best cook he ever met.

Nêuvean Winterborn, The King of All Elves: The king of Alfheim rules the Nordic contingent of elves, and hold domain of pretty much all of Scandinavias’s trolls, elves, gnomes and other such creatures. He is the one who saved Rune from death, and who has protected and cared for him as the former grew acclimated. The two are lovers, a bond that persist even as Johan Traverse the mortal realm.

Josephine Hildebrand; A rival magician who detest Johan for taking “shortcuts” and becoming the Kings consort. Hildebrand herself is a necromancer, and a good one at that. She isn’t evil, but her position as a mage for hire makes her a far cry from being “Good”.
Humir; The prince’s exiled brother. Despises humanity as a whole, despises Rune in particular.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Duuude IT’S A ME, HELLIS
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Josie gonna be smashing bad peoples faces in. She also need to come up with a cooler name.

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