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hello, all! i'm back at it again with another 1x1 request thread, one that i hope many will answer to. after watching a bunch of slice-of-life anime, i realize that i've been craving an RP with a Japanese high school theme(obviously from the title), and i'm looking for a partner to collaborate with me! the requirements for this roleplay is pretty basic: more than two paragraphs, the ability to play multiple characters, character development, and a developed sense of writing. hopefully, my standards(and yours) will be met with ease!

now that that's out of the way, i have this plot in mind for the time being, though i plan to type up a couple more. this is the one i really want to do though!

note: i'll use things like "character A" and "character B", etc.. just to clear up confusion!

[from wherever and whenever, character A moves and attends the infamous (insert prestigious Japanese High School name here) that only accepts the best and brightest. most of the students are financially well off, while others entered the school through hard work and determination. character A is first welcomed by the student council, which consists of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and class reps. character A isn't quite yet adjusted to his/her school life yet, so the council keeps an eye on him/her, even going as far as to welcome him/her into their classroom or group at lunch. things begin to heat up when the president enrolls into their rival school (insert other prestigious Japanese High School name here), and the vice president, character B, replaces the president. with no one to fill the vice president's role, however, the student council quickly elects character A, as they like his/her personality.

and, of course, romance could blossom, as well as tensions and bullies from the other school. sports events, festivals, all that high school stuff. oh, and we'd be playing the secretary, treasurer, and class reps as well too!]

so, what do you think? shoot me a PM, and we'll discuss, discuss! can't wait to hear from you!
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Interested as well!
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