Guidelines for Mature Roleplays

The 1x1 section is an key part of the Guild as it tends to draw in people who are after a more individual and unique experience. With this comes the desire for members to write about scenes that are more personal and mature in nature. It is important to note though that while we allow these types of roleplays to operate we do have some regulations and guidelines that we ask of you to follow.
Advertising a Mature Roleplay

  • Tagging Interest Checks for mature content should be in the form of either placing an “Adult”, “18+” or “Mature” label in the topic, or through the use of the “18+” tag.
  • Any pairings within the Interest Check should be listed as to whether they are mature or not. This helps create clarity for those who are searching out for a roleplay as it prevents the whole “Surprise! Here’s the sex!” for those who were not expecting such a roleplay..
    eg: Role 1 x Role 2 (Mature)
  • If possible list any Male, Female, Lesbian, or Homosexual character roles, either through the title or the listing within the Interest Check itself. Some players are after a specific theme and this is one way of gathering the correct interest.
    eg: MxF, FxF, MxM, etc.
  • Specific acts, sexual details, kinks, and possible plots should to be reserved where possible to private discussions. When these are discussed in public there is always the risk that they will trigger Google’s AdSense, the primary form of income that allows the forum to operate.

Participating in a Mature Roleplay

  • Be clear and precise on what it is that you expect of the roleplay. Sexuality is a sensitive subject to some individuals and a roleplay can quickly go from enjoyable to horrible if the participants have a different set of expectations.
    Note: If you ever wish to avoid any sexual content, inform your partner or advertise that you wish to “Fade to Black” instead.
  • Ensure you are the legal age of 18 before you participate in any mature roleplays. The staff have and will continue to ban any users who actively choose to partake in a roleplay involving a minor; likewise if you are a minor who chooses to enter an adult level roleplay, you will be banned.
  • All mature roleplays which engage in any sexual act must be played out through the PMs. The members of staff do reserve the right to remove any mature content which may appear on the public forum.

Reports any Concerns

Please ensure that you have read through and understand the Fundamental Rules of the Guild. By following these standards you will already be one step closer to avoiding any issues or concerns prior to what may be listed here.
  • Report any problem you encounter to a member of Staff. These may include advertisements that break our rules, people who are persistent in contacting you when you've shown no interest, or even just a general concern about the quality of your own interest check. Our job is to ensure you are comfortable with whoever it is you may be roleplaying with.
  • If a staff addresses you about an issue, please listen. It may be as simple as a problematic description, or a miscommunication between members. Whatever the case they are there to both enforce the standards of the forum and aid with your enjoyment.
  • We will remove content and ultimately, immediately ban any users who promote the acts of bestiality, pedophilia, or any other heinous/illegal acts. There are many other forums which cater to those interest, just not ours.

Finally, we do wish the best on your endeavours in finding a suitable partner who can match your desires. The number of members who have been contacted about any concerns have been quite minimal, and we do pride ourselves on a community which is so willing to take the advice of the Guild on board.