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A Collaboration Between: @Bee and @melissahart
Featuring: Ariana Song and Wesley Bristow

After a few drinks, Ariana had gotten a little tipsy. Well, little was a severe understatement. She was giggling at even the tiniest of things. Hell, she even had the racially patented Asian flush™. Balance was out of the question, and so was all rational thought. That’s what tequila did to you, and it had an even bigger effect on the relatively tiny Asian girl. Alcohol was coursing through her veins, which was not the brightest idea for someone who had just recovered from alcohol poisoning.

”Dude… Wesley… where have you been all my life?” Ariana slurred, slamming the shot glass down on the counter. ”You’re a lot of fun. I didn’t wanna drink today, but now… look at me!” She smiled dumbly, before ordering a couple more shots. ”I bet I can drink more than you, though. Bet on it. If you out-drink me, I will buy you more drinks. Deal?” Ariana raised an empty shot glass up for a cheers.

“Like I said, I’ve been in the shop. I hide in there.” Wesley laughed, looking down at the small Asian girl next to him. He was quite glad he had run into her at the bar- she was really funny and a blast to drink with. Seeing her pound back shots was very different from the Ariana he had met earlier who was drinking a virgin drink, and he definitely liked this version more.

Wes replaced the empty shot glass in her hand with a full one that the bartender had just brought out for them. He took one in his hand and clinked it against hers. “You’ve got yourself a deal.” He threw back the shot with ease and for good measure, downed the second one right after. Double the fun, right?

Ariana took her shots and downed them back-to-back without any qualms. Not even a flinch before she smiled and looked at her drinking partner. She signaled for four shots total. Mama didn’t raise a bitch, and Ariana wasn’t going to be backing down now. Whoever actually gave a shit about her wasn’t going to be happy about the lack of sobriety from Ariana, but she didn’t care.

All she cared about was beating Wes, and she thought she was doing so just fine. She took the shots like a champ, winking at Wes. ”Still wanna go?”

The blonde boy took another look at Ariana. He felt just fine and knew how to hold down more than six shots, but the girl looked as though her balance was beginning to falter. Although he would’ve loved to drink her under the table- and he definitely could- he didn’t feel like having a death on his conscience. After all, he didn’t think first-degree murder would look good on his college applications…. Or when he became a doctor. “Why don’t we take a break and explore a little bit, short stuff. There's a whole party to see!”

Ariana took exactly 2.3 seconds to think about the decision to start exploring before she nodded and got off her seat. Wobbling a bit, she took another brief moment to collect herself before grabbing Wes by the arm. ”Dude, I have an idea!” Ariana exclaimed, tugging his arm toward the bar/dance floor’s exit. The greatest idea of all time had popped into Ariana’s brilliant mind, and she couldn’t wait for Wes to see what she had in store. ”Let’s head to the front of the boat. You aren’t gonna believe what I have in store.

Wes had no choice but to follow the Asian girl, as she was gripping him so tightly that he felt his circulation being cut off. She was walking so fast that he nearly tripped over his own feet! “Whoa, whoa slow down Ari the party isn’t going anywhere!” He chuckled, trying to get her to slow down. They passed right by the dancefloor, which made him wonder where they were headed. “Why the front of the boat, there’s nothing happening there?”

Ariana had kept silent as she pulled him along the upper side. She was so happy with herself, that she was giggling a little bit as she sped past the very risque game of poker blackjack going on inside the game room. Her silence was supposed to indicate the sheer genius of her brilliant, brilliant idea. Drunk Ariana was the best Ariana, ”You’re gonna love it dude,” Ariana giggled, ”Bet.”

Once they arrived at the very front of the boat, Ariana let go of her death grip on Wes’s arm. She turned around and faced him, getting real close to him. She smiled, looking up and down his beautiful, blond, white boy face.

Wes looked around expectantly once they got to the front of the ship. There was nothing special going on… in fact there was almost no one there. He noticed Ariana grow closer and closer as they stood there in silence. Was she trying to make a move? Was this her trying to get him alone? In his drunkenness, he motioned around to the lack of people around them. “There’s nothing to see here, I’m confused.”

Ariana put a finger up to Wes’s lips and told him to shush. ”Just watch.” Ariana trailed… before moving up to her tippy toes and closing in very very close.

In a very unexpected fashion, Ariana turned around and stuck her arms out like she was t-posing. ”Hold me up, Wes! Hold my arms up!” Ariana felt the very cold breeze of the Pacific Ocean on her face. But at least there wasn’t an iceberg nearby, as far as Ariana could see. On her own, she started singing, starting softly and then crescendoing and decrescendoing dramatically. ”Near, far… whereEVER YOU ARE! I believe that the heart does go on…”

Oh man. It was almost a given that someone was going to recreate Titanic on this boat, but Wes didn’t know that it was going to be him. With a small anxious laugh, he looked around to make sure that no one was watching, and when the coast was clear, he swooped in without missing a beat. Holding up Ariana’s arms, he chuckled at her singing at the top of her lungs. “How does that line go again? It’s…” He spaced out, trying to remember the famous line from the movie. In all honesty, it had been ages since he had watched it.

”I’m flying, Jack! Ariana cried out, as she went on her tippie toes and felt more of the breeze on her face. Wes wasn’t exactly Leonardo DiCaprio, but he was close enough. She’d definitely be his Rose if he’d be her Jack. Turning her head, she looked at Wes in the eyes.

”Don’t ever let go… She whispered.

“That would be stupid.” Wes replied, looking at her and noticing how close they were. Deciding to close the space, he pressed his lips to hers. Retreating with a smirk, he pulled away completely. “Come on, let’s get away from the edge before you fall in…. I really hope no one has gone overboard yet…”
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A Collaboration Between: @Bee, @Fabricant451, @melissahart & @Lovely Complex
Featuring: Olivia Lee. Roz Norcross, Laurel Evanson and Honey Dalton

Olivia, watching her bestie Josie go off like a baby giraffe taking its first steps, touched her heart with a smile on her face. Finally, she had the balls to go up and talk to a boy for once in her life. Guess her stupid little dancing technique really did work. Satisfied with herself, she went over to a nearby table to get away from the heat and stuffiness of the dance floor. Some non-sweaty air was nice. But, not having anyone else to talk to anymore wasn’t as nice.

That was, until she spotted her favorite dramamonger, Roz. She was most likely sucking in whatever she could and processing it through that brain of hers. Maybe she picked up her encounter with Roz, maybe she didn’t. Olivia didn’t care anyway. Might as well go engage her. She looked lonely… if lonely was an emotion that Roz could feel. Taking her margarita glass, she walked up to wherever Roz was located and made her presence known.

”Hey Roz! What’s going on? Olivia raised a fist at chest level for a fistbump, hoping that she would take to the gesture.

In a word, this party sucked. Sure, it was well attended by the typical wastes of space that needed alcohol to mask their shitty personality long enough to convince someone to have five minutes of regret, but it was hardly a hotbed of dramatic activity. Which, given Roz’s ulterior motives, meant the party sucked. While it was still early yet, it wasn’t all that long after the New Year’s party where she had her provocative headline and she managed to catch wind of a certain someone ‘taking advantage’ of the one student in school that people were too nice to be honest to.

The most ‘exciting’ thing that she’d caught wind of so far was a drunken douche trying to make a move on the school’s walking billboard for why abstinence is a viable choice. But no one cared about underage drunks trying to stick their cocktail sausages down a double wide bun no matter how colorful Roz made it. She had faith that somewhere someone would royally fuck up, but Roz’s patience was already at a record low given the phone call yesterday and the blatant call out today at school. Something was going on and Roz hated not being in the know.

Her hands were deep in the pockets of her vest as her ears were open for any sign of trouble, though the only thing they picked up was Olivia Lee calling out to Roz. Roz, who was in transit to a more populated area of the yacht, paused and turned towards Olivia. If nothing else, there was always the chance that other party goers had seen some juicy happenings, and Olivia was typically cool enough to divulge. Right now, Roz needed a lead. Any lead, and Olivia being one of the few people that didn’t immediately make Roz retch made Olivia a valuable potential source.

”Olivia.” Roz returned the fistbump though almost reluctantly given the disinterested expression on her face; the disinterest came well before her path crossed with Olivia. ”What’s going on? Well, you tell me, because right now it’s as dull as a history lecture. Who’s bright idea was it to have a party on a fuckin’ boat? The only people who have fun on boats are fat old people who play shuffleboard with their guts out.” Roz was even more bitter than her usual self, and her ornery ways were already dialed up. ”What’s the word, you come alone or did your date ditch your suplexing ass?”

Typical Roz. In the time that she’d known her, not once had she ever seen her crack a smile. It was the way their relationship was. Roz was quite the character, honestly. There was no pair more iconic than Roz and being some sort of stubborn. It was just the way she rolled and Olivia loved that. However, now that Olivia thought about it, there wasn’t really drama for her to divulge to Roz, beside the thing with Josie and the DJ. Might as well have told her anyway, see how she reacts.

”Me? With a date? Olivia chuckled, trying her best not to play it up and seem boisterous, ”Good one. But no. My bestie, Josie, shot off to the middle of nowhere to try to talk up the DJ.” Olivia gestured at the DJ. ”See that guy? Apparently Josie has the hots for him, but she didn’t have the huevos to go talk to him before yours truly had to go dance and embarrass herself to get her to start talking. I don’t know how it’s going right now, but knowing Josie it should be just fine.”

Sipping her margarita, she was looking for other things to talk about or potential activities to do. She and Roz were on the same boat. Both of them were alone and with not really much to do besides idle conversation, ”You haven’t seen anything even potentially juicy? Not even the girls grinding in the middle of the dance floor?” Olivia hushed her voice a bit, ”Y’know, rumor has it that one of those girls wasn’t always a girl. I don’t know which one, but that’s what’s floating around nowadays.”

As much as Roz appreciated the information she tried not to let her disappointment show; there wasn’t much there in Olivia’s gossip. Certainly nothing that could be turned into a headline. She knew this party would be a bust and already she was regretting showing up. This particular party already had two strikes against it from the start: it was on a weekday and it was only days after an even bigger party. It was like a bad sexual encounter where a guy blows and doesn’t bother with a refractory period before trying to go for round two. She could’ve been at home right now. She could’ve been enjoying a cheap beer and watching old nature documentary tapes, but here she was miserable and on a fucking boat.

”There’s nothing juicy about girls grinding against random dick, Olivia. It’s like...you know what a mandrill is? Monkey, weird colorful shit on the face? Watching these thirsty slags grind against whatever dick they can convince to pop their cork for five disappointing minutes is like watching a mandrill present itself for a mate.” Roz really would have liked to have something to sip following her little diatribe, but she settled for a minor pause as she internally thanked the fact that for the longest time her television only got an offshoot of The Discovery Channel.

”And that rumor? So what? Good for her for being herself. I ever know who it is, I’ll buy her a beer.” Roz wasn’t in the business of badmouthing people for their orientation or gender, that wasn’t the point of her blog. Sure it got carted around as being nothing more than a tabloid rag but not once had she run an article insulting people for who they fucked. It was about revealing the character of the popular crowd and the unrepentant, unforgiving so-called elite of the school. She wasn’t above calling out shitty behavior from someone that wasn’t in the top one percent of course, but the goal had always been cutting the rich fucks down to size.

”Face it, Liv, this party sucks. If I wanted to be on a boat with a bunch of spoiled white fuckers I’d go watch Titanic. At least that’s got tits in it.”

Olivia shrugged. She knew whatever information she had wasn’t going to be enough, anyway. But, something was better than nothing. There was probably more shady shit going on, but neither Roz or Olivia had the power to see it. They were both bored out of their minds. Nothing was happening and nothing was going to happen unless someone decided to be dumb.

”I’m just spitballin’. Nothing’s happening, dude, whether we like it or not.” Olivia sighed and rubbed her temples, listening to Roz’s little comment about going to watch Titanic. ”Bet you there’s gonna be someone who reenacts it.” More than likely someone had already done so. The question was who, though? Did anyone here besides Roz and Olivia even know what Titanic was?

They weren’t dealt a good hand for this party, but that was typical. Not as many people knew Roz as much as Roz knew people. ”I wish we had like a deck of cards or something. I know there’s a game room upstairs.”

When Olivia followed up the Titanic comment with one of her own, Roz scoffed in response which might well have been the closest she’d come to cracking a smile tonight. There hadn’t been much call for smiles today which was shocking given that when she woke up this morning she was in a rare good mood. Maybe she should’ve gone to the bar and got a beer but she doubted the bar here had the real shit; these people probably drank their fancy IPAs brewed in fucking Belgium or Germany or, worse, a Pabst, because their spoiled tongues couldn’t handle the taste of anything that costs less than ten dollars. So rather than being bored and annoyed with a beer, she was simply bored, annoyed, and sober.

”Yeah? Which part you think people are reenating? Because it sure as shit isn’t a rich cunt mingling with a lower class immigrant. I wouldn’t mind people reenacting the part where everyone fuckin’ drowning and freezing to death.” Roz might well have been coming off a bit harsher than normal but she spoke with the honesty befitting her current state of mind.

With her mild annoyance aside she inclined her head towards Olivia. While the idea of there being a game room was laughable - who came to a yacht to sit on their ass and play video games when they could do that at home - she had to admit she didn’t have any better ideas. ”A deck of cards, was it?” From her vest pocket, Roz pulled out a deck of cards like she was a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. ”I’ve got the cards and I’m bored enough to use them. What’s the game and what’s the prize?”

Scoffing at the morbid comment, Olivia rolled her eyes. ”Water isn’t too cold right now. I don’t see any icebergs anywhere even close to us.” It was blatantly obvious that Roz wasn’t exactly the happiest of people right now, but Olivia felt that she could change that with her own genius and willpower.

Watching Roz pull a pack of cards seemingly out of nowhere, Olivia widened her eyes in surprise. Speak of the fucking devil. Well, now came the task of formulating what to play. There were two of them, so far, and a whole deck of cards. However, Olivia only knew how to play a handful of games. She was okay at poker, but an absolute demon at speed (dependent on whether or not she was dealt a good hand, of course). ”Well… uh… there’s only two of us… so I guess speed or poker can work? And I don’t have any cash on me, so I can’t really bet cash with you. So, uh, you got any ideas, Roz?”

Ideas were all Roz ever had and most of them were terrible but she did them anyway. Two people playing cards was rarely any fun unless it was those weird card games with the dumb monsters on it that the nerds play. More power to them for their weird game but Roz was of the mind that the best card games were the ones where you won money not kept spending it just to stay competitive.

”I’ve got an idea, but I don’t know...I don’t think you can handle it.” Roz was clearly hooking a worm on the fishing hook; it might not have been necessary but if she’d learned one thing in her years at Beverly Hills High it was that insinuating cowardice was a surefire way to get someone to agree to something. If she learned two things, the second would be that few of the students even knew what insinuating meant. ”It’d be better if we had more people but hey, I ain’t picky. You don’t got cash or gossip but you do got clothes. You in?”

It was a bold idea, but it was the only one that would’ve worked. Olivia had nothing else to offer than herself. There wasn’t really much that Olivia couldn’t handle, as a matter of fact. Taking her clothes off in a game room where mostly everyone was at least some form of intoxicated was nothing to her anyway. It wasn’t like she was in spandex whenever she was in the ring. It wasn’t going to be anything out of the extraordinary. Much worse was seen here than what Olivia wore.

Olivia shrugged, ”Yeah, whatever. I’m in. It wasn’t what Olivia wanted, but it was sure better than sitting around and watching people get their freak. ”Just follow me, Roz. I think I know where it is.” Olivia took a moment to locate the door she had walked through a while ago, before setting off towards it.

Roz deposited the deck of cards back into her pocket with a rather nonplussed shrug about her. Playing strip poker was a common enough party activity but there were usually more people involved. Olivia was no slouch in the looks department, but strip poker with two people was a quick game given Roz’s habit of winning. To make it interesting she would likely have to throw a few games, which she was going to do anyway as it was the best means of hustling.

”Who knows, maybe someone seeing you strip down might make people join in. But I promise I won’t post pictures of it online. I’m shit at photography anyway.” Roz followed along after Olivia; if nothing else the game would be amusing and a needed distraction. It might even be fun if fun were something Roz considered when going to parties. ”And for the record, jewelry and shit doesn’t count as clothing, so don’t be putting up a necklace when you’re down to a bra or something.”

Was there going to be some hustling going on? Probably. Did Olivia care? Not really. All that she cared about right now was just having something to do and finally having someone to keep her company at this dumb ol’ party. Listening to Roz talk, she realized her dilemma. She was wearing a dress. There was only underwear underneath this dress, so that meant she’d get naked fairly quickly if she lost.

Turning around to face Roz while she was walking, she lifted the skirt of her dress. ”This is all I have on. I’m going to be in my undies pretty quickly if you keep winning.” Olivia then winked and turned back around. Along the way, she passed a group of students who weren’t really feeling the party either. Or they were feeling the party way too much, considering the sudden cloud of cigarette smoke. Arriving at what she presumed to be the game room, Olivia peered inside the window to see if the coast was clear. It was. Putting her hand on the doorknob, she twisted and the door had revealed a modest game room. There was a table that was perfect for what they were doing.

Taking a seat at the table, Olivia looked to Roz. ”Go ahead and deal and shuffle and whatnot. You’re most likely way better at it than I am, anyway. Olivia sat back in the chair, hoping to god that she wasn’t going to take three Ls in a row.

There was something to be said about not giving a shit about dress code; while some might have dressed a bit fancy for the occasion - the occasion being the world’s most boring boat tour, Roz never was one to stand on ceremony. Compared to Olivia’s dress, Roz was like Fort Knox. Aggressively black jeans with shoes that wouldn’t be out of place at a punk rock show, a black shirt with a vulgar phrase written on it in big font, and the Roz standard of a black vest. It would’ve been more if she had worn her leather jacket but some things were best left behind.

It did create a bit of an issue, two people was already a rather low number but now just to make the game last longer than ten minutes Roz would likely have to intentionally not cheat and throw a fair few hands. A bridge to cross when it arrived.

Entering the game room, Roz first crossed over to the far side of it, towards a minibar that, thankfully, wasn’t completely empty. A half-finished bottle of whiskey that was too good for these bougies was now Roz’s for the night. She joined Olivia at the card table, sitting opposite her as if she were a dealer in a casino. ”The name of the game is poker, the goal of the game is to keep your top on. Hold ‘em rules apply, none of that five card draw horseshit.” As Roz acted a dealer, she was shuffling the cards and dealing accordingly,two cards to the players, three up cards in the flop: a six of hearts, a seven of clubs, and the king of diamonds. ”You much of a card player, Liv? Never struck me as the type.”

Laurel wasn’t normally one to venture out to a party. Sure, she would’ve loved to always be present for the drama, liquor and sexcapades, but anytime someone decided to throw one, she was booked. Laur usually had intensive practices or away competitions on the weekends, so it was a rare occasion that she could attend any of the gatherings that her peers held. But tonight was different. Somehow, it was if her coaches were intuitive enough to know that the party of the year was being held on the evening they cancelled practice. It was a godsend, a blessing in disguise.

She arrived on the boat no later than everyone else, got herself a Gin Fizz, and proceeded to explore the yacht in her own fashion. It wasn’t every day that you got to go to a party on the boat of the richest kids in school, and Laurel was definitely going to make the most of it! There would be time for dancing later, but for now the blonde just wanted to take everything in and memorize every detail. She passed room after room as she fought her way down the crowded hallway. Some had the sign in sheets- which she thought was just an invasion of privacy- others were just empty, until she stumbled upon a door that was slightly cracked. Peering in, Laurel gazed at the modest game room and two people sitting at the table beginning to play a card game.

Now, Laurel was quite the competitive girl. If there was ever an opportunity to win anything, she was there. It didn’t matter how small or how stupid the game was, Laurel always wanted to prove she could be victorious. Overhearing that they were playing Poker, the blonde girl knew she wanted in. Entering the room with her drink half finished, she looked over at the ladies sitting at the table and smirked. “Got room for one more?”

Olivia watched Roz deal the cards like this was Las Vegas. Even though nothing of real value was at stake, her heart was still pounding. She was like that for every competition. Hopefully she’d do some damage to Roz before she lost herself. If she knew strip poker was on the table then she would’ve dressed a little more appropriately.

”Yeah, I like playing cards. I don’t know how to play all of the games, but I like playing the ones I do know how to play. How about you, Roz?” Olivia asked curiously, as she took her cards and glanced at them. The cards looked promising so far. However, she was debating on her strategy. Did she want to fold? Or did she want to call?

Before Olivia could formulate her decision, she turned around to the sound of the door opening. A girl walked in and she already knew that she wanted in. Olivia pulled a chair out and gestured to it, ”Sure. The more, the merrier!

”Uh, back to our game. I think I’ll call.”

It didn’t matter what cards Roz had, she had every intention of throwing this hand and likely the next one, though to sell the illusion of playing she had a look at her cards. With the middle she had a pair of sixes. Not exactly a hand to go all in on but one that she could probably bluff about, had she been playing for stakes other than skin. ”I don’t carry a deck of cards because I think it’s stylish. Sometimes I’ll get Lucky to play a couple rounds but for some reason any time I ask the elite types they don’t wanna go.” Roz had never once asked any of the outwardly wealthy students to play cards, but it made for an amusing little anecdote.

Roz hadn’t been expecting a third player but she wasn’t about to turn down someone that wanted to join in the festivities. Unless of course they were a member of her ever growing Shit List but as far as she knew, Laurel wasn’t on it. Gymnastics nut, if she was remembering the names correctly. Between a wrestler and a gymnast, suddenly Roz was feeling a tad bit conscious about her own physique, which wasn’t awful but she wasn’t exactly going to be doing a routine on the parallel bars any time soon.

“Olivia says you’re in, then you’re in. Grab a chair and unhook your bra, chances are it’s coming off.” Seeing as the game wasn’t trading in money, Roz quickly shuffled the not-in-play-yet deck and dealt Laurel in, two cards face down. ”You in or you out, Handspring?”

Graciously, Laurel nodded and sat down at the seat Olivia had gestured to. It took her a second to decode Roz’s words, since she hadn’t realized this was a game of strip poker, but nonetheless, that wouldn’t have scared her off even if they were trying. Besides, she had worn a cute lingerie set tonight and this was the perfect opportunity to show it off. Taking a peek at her cards, she looked up at Roz, “I’ll call.” Laur stated, leaning back casually into her chair.

Looking over and realizing she left the door wide opened, she let a laugh escape her lips. “Maybe we’ll get some more players… or an audience.” She mused, tossing her hair behind her left shoulder. Laurel wouldn’t mind in the slightest if people came in to watch; she worked hard to keep this figure and she sure as hell enjoyed when people complimented her on it.

Olivia had a jack of hearts and a king of clubs. With the way things were going right now, Olivia was confident that she was going to win this hand. She looked at her hand once again just to double check what she was up to. Nothing but good feelings for the wrestler. Taking a look around the room, it looked like they had a good cast to play with. Maybe more would join. More potential for stripping and less potential for Olivia to lose all of her clothing.

”Neither of ya’ll are big poker players, are you?” Some of the blame could be leveled on Roz for assuming that everyone worth a damn knew the rate of play, but poker was a game about betting increasing amounts of money. Money wasn’t on the table in this game. They didn’t even have chips or a buy in or a pot. ”There’s no bet to call. Calling means you match the bet. Like if Handspring here bet a shoe, calling means you bet a shoe while raising means you bet something else on top of it. Here, gimme your cards.”

Roz scooped up the cards in the middle and began to shuffle the deck again. A better idea was popping into her head, one she could still cheat at but one that would be slightly more fair even with cheating. ”I assume you both know how to add, right? Twenty-One, no need to bet with that one. You know Twenty-One, yeah? Blackjack? Works like this, two cards to start, you wanna get your cards to be as close to twenty-one without going over. Simple.” Roz was shuffling and dealing the cards out, Two face up cards to Laurel and Olviia, one face up card for herself with a face down card as well. Roz’s face up card was a ten of diamonds.

”Here’s how it works, players - that would be you two - against the dealer - that would be me right now. If dealer wins, both players drop a piece of clothing; if either player wins then the dealer has to drop some fabric. We’ll swap who deals every round just to make it fair. Olivia’ll go first, then Wannabe Exhibitionist over here will go next. Good? Good. Hit or stand, Suplex?”

Finally, a game that Olivia actually knew how to play well. Poker wasn’t her strongest suit, but she still could’ve hung. Olivia looked at her new set of cards. A ten and a two. If she got a nine it would be perfect. But, there was still a small chance that she was going to bust, and a bigger chance that she was going to fall short. She rubbed her temples, thinking pretty hard for just a second.

”Hit me.” She said, tapping the table like she’d seen in movies. She hoped to all the higher powers that she was going to get a nine.

Roz quickly looked at her one facedown card, keeping it to herself even while going so far as not to react to it. The downfall of amateur players was a terrible poker face, which Roz couldn’t claim to have. At least when it came to actually playing poker. “Alright, it’s your funeral, Suplex.” Roz dealt the card with a swift hand. “What’ll it be, then, hit or stand?”

It was another two, which put Olivia in a very sticky situation. She didn’t want to lose and be the first person to take off a clothing item. She looked very hard at Roz, then back down at her cards. 14. If she got anything above a seven she would bust. The wrestler had much more to lose than everyone else here, so she was at an impasse. Finally coming to a decision, she tapped her hand on the table, ”Hit.”

The next card was dealt… and it was an eight, which immediately busted Olivia. She put her face in her hands as she realized what had just happened. ”Oh, fuck! Well… there goes my shoes…”

As much as Roz appreciated the enthusiasm and far be it from her to correct someone that was prepared to lose some clothing - as innocent as a shoe was - she broke her poker face to scoff at Olivia while gathering the busted cards to the discard pile for the next game’s shuffle. ”As much as I’m sure anyone with a foot fetish around here would like to see it, you’re clear for now. Remember: if dealer wins, you both lose, but if either of you win then the dealer loses. So if Handspring over here beats me, you’re safe, otherwise it’s skin time. But if you wanna take your shoe off, I ain’t gonna stop ya. It’s a bit borin’ but I can respect the hustle in making us work for it.” Roz took a swig from her snatched bottle of whiskey before turning to the third member of their little skintimate party. ”Your move, Aly Raisman. Hit or stand.”

Laurel didn’t bat an eyelash at the change of game- it truly didn’t matter what they were playing. The only thing that mattered was either one of two things: getting to show her lingerie set off or seeing these other two ladies strip. In her books, it was a win-win! With a smirk, she looked down at her two cards in anticipation of winning. A four and a five. Believing she could do better, and there being a pretty good chance of getting close to twenty-one without going over, Laur looked back up at Roz (who was admittedly doing quite well with the gymnastics puns). “I’ll hit, please.” She replied, sickeningly sweet.

”Lady wants a hit, lady gets a hit.” Roz was clearly enjoying dealing the cards even if she couldn’t quite yet stack the deck in her favor. Cheating on the first hand was certainly in the textbook but for this first hand with one of her opponents already out Roz figured it was highly likely that she could win without resorting to her standard mode of play. Roz dealt a card to Laurel with a snap of her fingers. ”No pressure or anything, but if you lose here poor Liv over there is one step closer to giving us all a glimpse that even spandex couldn’t hide.”

Olivia was posting her head on her arms, elbows on the mahogany trim of the poker table as she gave Laurel a death stare. According to Roz’s house rules, whether or not they took their clothes off was all up to Laurel. No pressure. ”Laurel, for the love of god, please get an ace.” Even though her face was all smooshed up, she was still trying her best to put all that pressure on Laurel.

The blonde looked over to Olivia, who was not helping the situation, and glanced back to the card. Instead of looking at what it was when she flipped it over, she looked up at Roz, raising a single eyebrow in the process. Once a second had passed, she let her eyes drift down to see her fate. It was a fucking six. Dammit. With a huff she looked back up at the dealer with a shrug. “It’s not over yet. Whatcha got sweetie?” Laurel asked, in reference to the cards.

”I take it you’re standing, then? Fair enough, you’d have to be insane to hit on fifteen.” Roz taunted with a smirk, knowing full well the outcome of this round of cards. Using her one up card of ten, she tucked it under the face down card and flipped it up, turning over her card to reveal a three. Roz looked at Laurel then at Olivia then gave a little shrug of her shoulders as she flicked her palm over the deck of cards. Quickly, she slid a card not from the deck in play into her hands and played it face up. ”Well ain’t that about a bitch. Looks like it’s your lucky day, Liv.” Roz’s card was another ten. ”Dealer busts.”

Roz, who might well have been one of the first people to cheat her way into a loss, gave another shrug before swigging at her whiskey. ”Fuck it.” Though she left her vest on - of course she would being as she loved her vests - Roz slipped her arms through the holes of her shirt and, with some awkward shuttering and shaking, took off the undershirt and left casually tossed it aside, leaving Roz wearing pants and a rather plain, cheap looking bra that was hardly covered fully by her vest. ”Who wants to deal next?”

“‘Cuse me.” A distant, mellifluous voice could not be heard over the booming of the music. Squeezing her way through the crowd, Honey Dalton wanted to see what all the commotion was about. People were seeping out of the game room to get a peek on what was on the inside. Before reaching the front to see the scene for herself, she asked a stranger, “Hiiiiiiiiii.” The virginal neon fairy was still very drunk. “What’s happen?” For the first time in awhile, as far as the night goes, she was standing in one place and could feel how unsturdy she was. Balance was failing her. She waited for the guy’s response, patiently-not-so-patiently, all the while contemplating her drunk stupor.

“Hot girls stripping. You should join them, you’re pretty hot.”

“That’s just silly!” Not waiting for his response, she continued to push through the crowd until she finally was at the front of the audience. Her heart stopped when she saw who was playing. If her cheeks weren’t already heated with color from the alcohol, they were sure burning fiery red now. What she didn’t realize was the moment she came to the front, she added glow to the general vicinity. Shiloh’s clothes was bright as hell.

”Oh shit! We won! Olivia jumped out of her seat and put her hands on her head before attempting a high ten with Laurel. Olivia’s shoes were safe. Mary and Joseph, she had done it! Now she wasn’t going to be doubting her fellow strip blackjack player anymore. Once Roz chucked her shirt away, she put her hands back on the trim.

”I’ll deal next, then it’s Laurel.” Olivia stood up and walked over to wherever the dealer was supposed to stand and traded spots with Roz. Taking the deck of cards, she took the cards back and started cutting them in her feeble attempt to shuffle. After a good seven cuts, Olivia felt it was good enough to play. She dealt everyone two cards, before getting herself set up. Looking over her current opponents, she smirked. ”So… Laurel… whatcha feelin’?”

Laurel perused her cards, and faked a pensive moment in thought. In actuality, she had pretty good cards, a seven and a queen, and wasn’t planning on taking anything else on. Looking up at Olivia, she smirked. “I’m standing.”

Nodding, she looked over to the half-naked Roz. ”Okay. How about you, Roz? You ready to keep your pants on or take them off?” Olivia smiled, knowing that she might have that comment bite her in sometime later down the line.

“Take them off! I mean… let’s go, Roz!” Honey had no filter. What was this? All she knew was she wanted to be Roz’s number one cheerleader. SHE WAS GETTING NAKED. It was like her fantasies were coming to life, right before her eyes! The only issue was, she couldn’t see straight. That Zombie was really putting her through a runner.

Before Roz decided what to do with her cards, which were a seven and a seven, she turned her gaze towards the entrance area of the gaming room; a little bird had been chirping and Roz distinctly heard her name being spoken - distinctly at that. But not much else beyond that, though the sight did come damn near close to making even Roz crack a grin. ”Lookit that, we’ve got an audience. Good thing your shoes stayed on, Liv, otherwise they’d all see your cold feet. And I’ll stay. Fourteen is just eight away from people seein’ my ass and why risk that.”

But I want to see your ass… Honey pouted to herself.

Olivia nodded at Roz’s response and looked down at her own card. She had a measly two. Putting her hand on the facedown card, it was revealed to be only a three. So, she had five. Another hit, and that put her to thirteen. She couldn’t stay as she was exactly two short of beating Roz. Taking the next card, it revealed itself to be a nine, which automatically busted Olivia.

Her face was as white as snow when she realized that she busted. ”Fuck… there goes my shoes…” She said, reaching down to take her heels and chuck them to the side. ”You’re up, Laurel.”

How lame of the Asian girl. Taking off her shoes, while Roz boldly took off her top under her vest. Roz was amazing. Sure, losing meant there would be more… to see… BUT, winning meant she was kicking ass. Cheerleaders got to support no matter what. Smitten. Honey was smitten, as she focused in her heart’s desire.

Laurel scooped up the deck of cards and began to shuffle the deck, breaking it a least five times in order to ensure the cards weren’t going to give anyone an inherent advantage. Dealing two cards to each player and then to herself, she looked up at Roz. “What’s it going to be next, Roz? You going to follow suit and take off your shoes or are you going to spice things up a bit?” Laur asked playfully, looking around at the people who had trickled in to watch them. The more the merrier!

Roz shook her head a moment as she observed Laurel’s shuffle; it was at least better than Olivia’s but it still hurt to see her cards being handled by what could only be considered amateurs. That train of thought remained fully in the station as she looked at the cards dealt to her. A seven and an eight. Decent, sure, but now she was faced with a conundrum. If she lost and Olivia lost, that meant Laurel would be the only one at the moment who hadn’t lost. Hitting on fifteen was usually a bad play, and given that she was dealt cards face up there was no good way for Roz to cheat here.

”I’d take my shoes off now and still take something off if I lost. Shoes are one step above watches and bracelets on the scale of ‘doesn’t really count’.” As if to prove a point to no one in particular, Roz used her right foot to hold the heel of her left shoe which she promptly slipped out of - and then repeated the process for her right shoe. ”I’ll stick with what I’ve got. Someone around here’s gotta be fearless.”

Watching Roz remove her shoes, she shrugged. ”Well… y’know… I got this dress and it’s one piece so if I lose again I’m gonna be just like Roz without pants. I should not have worn this today.” Olivia looked at her cards and found herself in a favorable position. She had an ace and a nine, which put her at twenty. Taking her hand and waving it horizontally, she decided to stay. ”I’m gonna stay.” There was no way Laurel was going to win now. They both had way too good cards to lose.

Unbeknownst to herself, Honey was creeping closer to the table so she could hear the conversation better. Part of her was happy she looked nothing like herself, because no one would recognize her as the DJ’s little sister. Tonight, she looked like a pretty rave girl. Like her father had heavily suggested, the bubbly girl was going to ‘let loose’ and right now she translated that as gawking at Roz’s body.

The blonde sighed, looking over the cards laid out on the table. Glancing down at her two cards, the one that was face up was a nine, so not bad, but the one facing down was a two. Not good. Laurel hit a card down, which was a three. Shit. Looks like she was going to be taking something off at this rate. With nothing more to lose at this point, she hit another card. A ten.

Laur sighed. “Well ladies, looks like you’re about to see some lace.” Standing up with absolutely no hesitation, she crossed her arms and gripped the hem of her shirt, pulling it over her head in one fell swoop and revealing her grey lace bra underneath. She twirled the shirt above her head once for dramatic effect and sat back down. She may as well put on a show, right? With a laugh, she pushed the cards over to Roz. “All you, Roz.”

”Well if there’s one thing we’ve learned tonight, it’s that Olivia’s the timid one.” Roz took her place again as the dealer and shuffled the deck of cards like she was paid to do it. She didn’t have to cut the deck but she did add a few flourishes, like fluttering the cards between her palms and dealing them to Laurel and Olivia with a quick flicking of her thumb. Roz’s face-up card was a queen and when she looked at her face down card it came with a whistle. ”Well, it’s a good thing one of you is comfortable showing something because you both just got dealt a bad hand.” Roz flipped over her face down card; the ace of hearts. ”Blackjack. Dealer wins. Sorry, Liv, but looks like you’ll be joining us in the bra brigade.”

“So cool…” Honey whispered to herself, before immediately changing her volume, “ROZ IS KICKEN’ YOUR GUYS’ ASSES!” Emergawd. She said ass. Would daddy be happy or disappointed? Well, in this moment, she didn’t care. Roz was literally the coolest person that ever existed, ever.

Jesus. Olivia had gone from being the most dressed person to the least dressed person in this room. She didn’t even have a chance to look at her cards because Roz had already won her hand. She made a long sigh and made a face of contempt at Roz and her perfect hand. Well, she figured that comment she made earlier had come back to bite her in the ass. Standing up, she reached up to her shoulder strap and pulled it off really slowly. She might as well roll with the punches and make a show out of it.

Reaching another hand to her shoulder, she pulled the other strap off and started to gyrate her body to get the chest part off of her. The fluidity of her movement was a huge indicator that she had done this before, but truthfully she hadn’t. It was just what years of wrestling and other martial arts did to someone, and Olivia was repurposing her skills for this very moment. It felt like a strip-tease, which was nice to anyone who happened to be watching, but Olivia was honestly just taking the piss out of people. Feeling her dress slide down further her body, it soon exposed a jet black lace bra, which was pretty much cleavage city.

After that, she let the dress slide off her hips to show off her accompanying black lace panties before she stepped out of the now empty dress and put it aside. ”Happy?” Olivia gestured to her body. The true extent of Olivia’s fitness was revealed with how rock hard her abs and how toned her legs and arms were. She shooed Roz away and got everyone all set up again, dealing and all that fun stuff. It was cold.

Laurel laughed, realizing that Liv was a tough act to follow. Simply slipping off her skirt to reveal grey lace underwear, she turned to Roz. “Alright, Roz, you definitely are too clothed for this.” She mused.

Roz could only shrug at Laurel’s comment, though not before pointing towards the audience - specifically the one that was making her voice heard above the whispers and people prodding each other in the elbow to remark about the underwear show going on. ”Seems some might disagree with you there, Laurel. But it’s not my problem ya’ll are shit at cards.” Before switching dealers, Roz made sure to shuffle the cards properly so her eyes wouldn’t have to bear witness to a murder yet again. ”Good luck, Liv. You’re dealing and you’re running out of options.”

Olivia leaned down and gave Roz a death stare as she looked down at her cards. Right now Roz was the one with the biggest target on her back. Suddenly, this wasn’t too much fun anymore considering how close Olivia was to revealing her sexy bits. ”So, Roz, hit or stay? Better pick the wrong one.”

Roz snickered behind her now depleted bottle of whiskey. Some people just weren’t cut out for strip gambling, though even Roz couldn’t have predicted there being a little audience and cheering section. They were all wannabe adults here, and she was sure everyone watching had seen worse on the internet. Roz looked at her cards. Ten and two, definitely on the low end. ”What’s wrong, Liv? You seem upset. We’re all girls here, ain’t we? It’s just underwear. You and Handspring here are flexing your fancy lacy unmentionables - kinda shit people only wear if they want it to be taken off. I did ya’ll a favor. And you can do me one back by hittin’ me.”

Roz’s third card was a king and her tongue clicked the roof of her mouth as she busted over by one. ”Well, shit.”

“ROZ.” Laurel huffed, knowing that she was that much closer to taking something else off. She had only planned this far, since she didn’t think she would have to strip completely naked. What else was she supposed to strip? With a deep sigh she looked at Olivia, knowing very well she had a six and a four. All she needed was a face card to save the round, and she was willing to take that risk. “Hit me, Liv.”

Olivia nodded and dealt Laurel another card, which turned out to be a measly five. She tsked and looked at the nearly naked Laurel and smirked. If she fucked up, something else was going to be coming off. Hopefully it’d be that bra, but it’d probably be the shoes instead. ”What are you feeling, Laur?” She smiled, holding the deck in her hand, ”No pressure.”

Laurel pensively stared at the card just dealt. There was still a chance, but it was slim. Very slim. But, the thin ice she was on was already cracking, so why not take a risk and see if it pays off. “I’m feeling like seeing another card, I’ve got nothing more to lose.”

Olivia dealt a card and Laurel had busted. The math didn’t matter. All that mattered was that it definitely exceeded twenty one and that Laurel was going to have to take off something else. Olivia grinned and looked at Laurel. She knew how she felt, but Olivia couldn’t help but to laugh. ”Oh shit, Laurel!”

Oh shit was right.

With a sigh, Laurel had already made up her mind on what she was going to take off. It was sure to be a crowd pleaser. With some flair, she stood up, reaching down towards her underwear, but at the last moment, passed them and took off her shoes, the one thing she had kept on the entire game. Ha! She certainly fooled them. With a smirk, she looked at Liv. “Just following your lead, darling.”

Olivia squinted. ”Touche…” Olivia then switched to a smile and chuckled. Damn, no nudity right now. The wrestler was looking forward to seeing something but it wasn’t going to happen just yet.

Roz looked around the table, and at the audience that had built up around them, gears turning in her head that might well have been partially activated by the whiskey she had drank during the duration of the game. Her eyes watched as Laurel teased the audience, and masterfully at that, which led Roz to making the ultimate decision. It wasn’t really strip gambling if the only strip stopped at a PG-13 rating. ”Bad at cards and modest. Strange combo, you two.” Roz decided to have her fun; it was her idea to play the game so it was only fitting that she give the people what they wanted. Was that not the first rule of journalism?

Roz slid her vest off and for a moment she could hear the disappointment in the air, but it lasted just long enough for Roz to reach behind and undo the hooks on back of her unflattering peach-colored bra. It joined her shirt on the floor. Roz, now sans a top, put her vest back on, which offered little in the way of coverage but at least kept her partially clothed. In the loosest sense of the word. ”You’re welcome.” Her words were loud enough for the room to hear.

Honey’s face was radiating heat like a hot pan. Jesus. Her father did not prepare her for something like this. Literally a live action wet dream. She could most definitely feel her heartbeat. Nothing about its beat was steady and the pounding felt like it would rip out of her chest. Boom, boom, pow! There was no rescue to how flustered, how squirmy, how weird she was feeling. Along with flustered, most definitely horny. Virgins were the horniest of girls, after all. She couldn’t take it anymore.

With confidence only given to her because she was intoxicated to the point of no return, Honey made herself known out of the crowd, going straight to the table, complimenting her crush, “Herro, Rozzie!” Herro? “I love, love, loveeeee your vest.” And everything that was underneath it. Was she even thinking before she spoke? “Can we… hang?” REALLY, HONEY? That’s the best you got?! Hopefully she’d say yes…

Roz raised an eyebrow as the loudest little cheerleader stepped forward; though the girl was blushing more than a hooker in church, Roz attributed that to the clearly drunken state the girl was in rather than the fact that Roz was in a state of undress. If nothing else, though, the drunken hot mess had an eye for style. ”Yeah, alright. You look like you could do with some air anyway.” Roz had nothing better to do anyway, might as well make sure a drunk student didn’t do anything too embarrassing.

Snatch! The girls weren’t aware that under the table a little redheaded freshman had slipped her way in and started stealing their clothes, not really having time to pick and choose. It was easy to crawl past the crowd and under the table. Everyone was distracted by the ballsy girls taking their clothes off, especially that glowy girl. Everyone was practically nakey by now. If Truly Bliss wanted to successfully hide from her beloved, she had to disguise herself. Become someone totally unrecognizable!

Somewhere along her travels, she obtained a bag and was slipping the easier stuff in it with hyperactive speed. The dress, the shirt, the pants, the bra — all in the bag. The shoes (so many shoes), she would have to stuff in it at the top or try her best carrying them all. When there was a will, there was a way. Trust that True would find a way. She always does. For now: Snatch! Did she care that she was stealing? Not really. They obviously wanted to be naked. Perhaps, they could consider this charity work! She needed their clothes and they needed to be in the nude. When she got everything she needed, she continued on her escapade (hide and go seek with her love). Next stop: Somewhere to change! Run awayyyyyy. Nothing to see here.

True, you thief.

Rotating once again, Olivia had momentarily forgotten where her dress was, so she looked down around the poker table. Nothing. Not even her shoes were there. Maybe she chucked it away? Olivia then took a quick gander around the room to not only see the absence of her clothes, but also Laurel’s and now Roz’s as well.

”Uhh… guys? Where’s our clothes?”
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Brynn Payne and Sean Sterling
Location: Somewhere in between the Bar and the Dance Floor
Mentions: The royal ice princess herself @Silent Observer
Collab with @Universorum

Fleeing the fight, Brynn walked (more like stumbled) with Sean, subconsciously taking him in the direction of the bar. The whole encounter made her want something else to drink even more- she couldn’t believe that the jerkoff from the Basketball team tried to humiliate her! She was polite this morning in excusing herself, but she guessed that wasn’t good enough for Tommy boy. How dare he embarrass her infront of her…. Boyfriend? Was she supposed to call him that now? The whole concept of a real significant other was foreign to her. Did Sean standing up for her like that constitute them defining the relationship for real? With a sigh, she turned to him. “Well that was something!” Brynn stated, a drunk giggle escaping her lips.

Sean gently pulled Brynn away from the bar, as he found himself of the opinion that she didn’t need more of that. Instead, he pulled her toward the food. He shook his head after she giggled, and looked over his shoulder at the crowd still formed around Tom’s unconscious body, “Yeah, it was something. Sorry you had to see that — I’m not really a fighter, I swear.” Sean explained, frowning to himself. He’d wanted to keep that part of himself underwraps for as long as possible, and there he went, blowing his load and probably ending up all over the internet. If his mother saw that, or got wind of it, Sean was certain he’d never heard the end of it.

“It’s okay-it was really hot.” Although Brynn didn’t have a filter while sober, she was even more uncensored (if that was at all possible) when she drank. As she noticed they drifted away from the bar, her lips curved into their signature pout, but that was only until food came into her line of vision and she smiled. “Ooh yummy- but it’s okay if you’re a fighter! It’s cool that you punch people.” Brynn grabbed a handful of chips and began to put one by one in her mouth. Delicious!

“I mean, I think I’m more effective with my kicks, but I guess whatever gets your panties wet.” Sean muttered, watching as Brynn slowly munched at the chips. Sean reached over her and grabbed a piece of pizza, slowly easing it into his mouth. He chewed up a huge bite of it, and swallowed it down before carrying on, “Brynn, you’re like really drunk. You sure you’re gonna make it alright?”

Rolling her eyes ever so slightly, Brynn scoffed at Sean’s comment about her being too drunk. If he thought this was bad, he should have seen her on her birthday last year (spoiler alert: she almost had to be taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning)! The brunette could stomach a lot of liquor before reaching her maximum, so she knew Sean shouldn’t be so concerned. Why was he acting so nervous anyway? “Stop being such a worry wart, I am fine. I think you are just too sober for this whole thing.” Brynn grabbed a slice of pizza, just as Sean had, and took a cheesy bite. “I really am fine.” She mumbled with her mouth full.

“Well, if you say so. You are your own person after all. If the movies I’ve watched are accurate, I’m supposed to hold your hair out of your face when you puke in the morning, right?” Sean asked, kissing her on the cheek as he looped his free hand around her waist. It was a party, so he figured that Brynn could do what she wanted; Wednesday might be shitty, but hey: his schedule told him that it was a late start. They had time to sleep off part of a hangover. Not all of it, but enough.

“I’m not a worry wart, I just want to make sure you’re okay. The family get togethers that I go to sometimes, people get really plastered at those, and make bad decisions and start fights. I just want a happy, beautiful, smiling Brynn on my arm. Not an angry, catty, drunk one. Just gotta tread that fine line,” Sean winked, and kissed her again, this time on the lips.

Brynn laughed- she never threw up when she drank. Unless she pulled trig, but that wasn’t often. “That won’t be necessary sir,” She faced Sean and ran a hand through his hair. “But you are a bit of a worry wart.” With a giggle, she took another bite of her pizza, pulling away from him momentarily. His family gatherings sure sounded exciting! In her mind, there was nothing better than sticking a group of people who hated each other in a room with a couple of bottles of vodka- that’s what her family gatherings were like anyway. Felix and Emerson definitely knew how to argue when drunk, that was for sure.

“What kind of family gatherings are you talking about? They sound dangerous.” Brynn commented, her drunken gaze making its way back to Sean. “Does Selena start the fights? I wouldn’t be surprised if she did…” She murmured to herself out of pure curiosity.

“Not typically. It’s usually an uncle, or a cousin. They are definitely dangerous… It’s like, you stick a bunch of angry, prideful, rich dudes in a room, give them alcohol, food, and throw in their women — who are sometimes worse than they are — and then things just sorta happen? It sometimes isn’t that bad, but for everytime it isn’t? It’s twice as bad the next time.” Sean paused, realizing that he hadn’t really answered her question, and he finished off his piece of pizza, delightedly stuffing the cheese filled crust down his throat. “They’re usually events hosted by the Helmsleys, so we go to Castle Helmsley for them, right? You’d think they’d do something super high class, and like… pompous, right? They’re just BBQs. Just like any other normal group of people. The dads argue over how to cook the meat, the moms talk about the kids, and the kids? We just kinda do whatever… They’re an experience.”

Sean looked up at the ceiling, “there was one the week I got back, but I didn’t go to it. I was busy taking depression naps, and wanting to die. But, there’s one coming up, soon. Do you wanna go with me? I figure, you’re the reason I’m not taking depression naps anymore — or at least a big part of the reason — and I wouldn’t mind being able to show off a girlfriend to the family.” Sean was brave, that was for sure. Inviting her to one of the BBQs this early on was an almost surefire way to get her to not want anything to do with him or his family ever again. But he didn’t really care. He liked Brynn, and he wanted her to experience the things that he did, and the BBQs were a big part of growing up, and he was hopeful they could be a big part of his life going forward; with Brynn, too. Preferably.

Busy taking depression naps and wanting to die. How comforting. Sometimes, Brynn did a triple take of the things that Sean said. He could be quite odd every now and again, especially with some of the things that came out of his mouth. But the family gatherings sounded exactly like hers- definitely worse though. Actually, much worse. Still, she’d have to tell him about the time that Felix almost drowned their cousin in the pool, maybe that would rival some of his horror stories. At least he confirmed that they were dating now, how thrilling!

“Yeah, of course I’ll come. I’ll be on my best behavior, I promise!” Brynn replied without much thought, just how a child would promise to behave in order to get an ice cream cone. How bad could it really be? Remind me to bring a pitchfork to ward off your witch of a sister She thought to herself as she simply smiled drunkenly at her man, placing her chin on his shoulder. Swaying slightly to the music that was playing, she gazed around, her blurred vision meshing all of the lights and colors together. “It’s loud in here.” Brynn blurted to no one in particular, her lack of filter causing her to state whatever thought seemed to drift through her mind.

Sean kept Brynn held snugly to him as she rested on his shoulder, and he swayed along with her. “I think we’ll have a good time, if you go. I mean, there’s alcohol, and that’s really all Brynn needs, right?” Sean teased, running a hand through her hair, before they fell silent for a moment and everything else took over. When she said that it was loud, Sean only had one choice: agree. “Yeah, that’s what happens when you play loud music in a small area with a bunch of people.” Sean explained, before looking toward the stairs that led to the living quarters.

“Why don’t we just go get a room?”

Brynn drunkenly giggled once more- man she was giggly tonight, wasn’t she? She bit her lip at Sean’s suggestion, picking her head up from his shoulder. “You’re reeeally smart, you know? Cause that’s what I was thinking!” Unraveling herself from his grasp, she simply took his hand and looked up at him through her long eyelashes.

“Lead the way?”
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It’s a @Universorum @Fabricant451 post! Get excited.
Featuring: Kit “Arnie Quotes” Thomas and Shauna “They Always Come Back” Flynn
Location: The Bar (jello shots aren’t jelloy enough) —> The Hot Tub

There was nothing quite as dull as a party with a stipulation and for the first time since that unfortunate year of her life where she was a Freshman, Shauna Flynn was finding herself absolutely bored. The boredom struck her as unusual given that her present situation under any normal circumstance wouldn’t be a cause for boredom. She was, at present, on the deck of a quite fancy looking yacht with a drink in hand; tonight’s drink was a virgin strawberry daiquiri which was a poor substitute for the virgin cherry she wasn’t going to be popping tonight. If it were any other night, she wouldn’t even have been on the deck still, she’d likely have made her choice and getting a first hand experience of what it’s like to drown.

Instead, though, she was sipping an alcohol-free beverage while listening to young students talk about subjects that were about as interesting as dirt. There was a redhead who was wondering what club to join as if she couldn’t decide during the first semester of her Freshman year; even if Shauna hadn’t made a promise she likely would’ve passed on Red if only for the fact that she was pushing the limits of her clothes and their waistband. Shauna had recently had a full figured girl not a week ago, so her good deed for the year was taken care of.

There was a blonde who had never been to a party before, having missed the New Year’s party for family reasons. Cute, in that awkward,ugly duckling-eventual swan sort of way. If pickings were slim, Blonde would suffice. There was a brunette who was clearly the one of the trio that was used to getting all the attention. If Shauna couldn’t have multiple or seconds, she probably would’ve gone with Blonde just so she could work around to Brunette after the fact; the ‘hot friend’ of a group of solid fives always remembered when they were passed up.

But instead of taking one of them around for a romp, she was entertaining them. Listening to them prattle on. Wondering why she was still thinking about Madison despite them having split up upon arrival. She took a sip of her drink, nodding along to make it seem like she really was interested in the experiences of Freshmen who would go to a Homecoming dance with each other for four years and tell themselves they weren’t jealous of the girls who had dates, but her mind was anywhere but. The only time she even let out a response that wasn’t just a noncommittal sound of acknowledgment was when one of them - they were all interchangeable except for Red for obvious reasons - mentioned they had heard about a strip poker game going on below decks.

Shauna was no card player, but she would’ve preferred to have been there than here. Even if the players were a bit out of her normal preference - school year wise. That little promise she made was coming back to bite her in the ass. What fun was a party if she couldn’t have any fun at it? The worst part was that she was willing to break her own promise if the temptation was ‘too good to resist’ but anyone who saw her that night would know that the only temptation the trio around her provided was the temptation to don a habit and live a life of celibacy.

The night was still young and there was still a chance that Shauna Flynn would find some fun before the night was over.

Kit, still soaking wet in her little black dress, found her way up the stairs and looked around for her target. From what she knew about Shauna, it wouldn’t be hard to find her. Like AJ would say, “just follow the scent of young insecure girls. She’s not far behind.” And so, Kit was doing her best to do just that. She figured that if she were insecure, she’d be at the bar! That was another little tip, this one from Scott. “Look, if ya ever feel like you’re not ballsy enough to do something, just get a big ass glass of some kinda heavy boozy drink, and you’ll be chill in a minute.”

So, Kit found herself walking that way. With teeth now chattering from the combined force of the ocean breeze, and the water still on her body, Kit walked toward the bar with a sense of purpose, if nothing else, and her efforts were well rewarded! She could see Shauna surrounded by a group of other people who were chattering on about something, but the truth was? Kit didn’t care. She needed Shauna to help her out, just for a moment. So, Kit burst their bubble by shoving her way through the pack, and clearing her throat.

“I’ll be taking this Shauna now, if it’s all the same to you. Go find your own predator. Maybe one from the movie? But not the shitty Shane Black one that killed a franchise and my childhood hero, the cool Arnie one from the 80s. You know? Get to da choppah! That one. Cinematic mastapeece, through and through. Why are you guys still here? Geeze. Scram!” Kit turned her attention away from the lot of them, and instead looked at Shauna, “hey, Shauna, there are drinks with Jello in them right? Can you get me one of those?”

Just when Shauna was asking for a bit of temptation, there it was, like Shauna was Jesus Christ in the desert and Kit was the devil in a dress that was only a fraction of the wet that Shauna could likely inflict. A smile formed at her own little innuendo playing out in her mind, but in truth she was glad for the distraction; compared to the gaggle of ghostly figures calling themselves Freshmen, Kit was a runway model. While Shauna didn’t exactly approve of the rambling talk about some schlock film from decades ago - no one was perfect, and at least it was familiar territory.

Shauna waved off the girls she was entertaining and they didn’t know it yet, but with Shauna out of the picture there went their only hopes of someone taking even the remotest interest in them. At least they would have each other, up until about junior year when one of the three had a ‘growth spurt’ over summer. Now, however, Shauna’s attention was on Kit - and her attention was rapt. She still remembered the girl from cheerleading practice. The one that got away.

And yet...they always came crawling back.

”You know the bar is open, right? You don’t need me to get you a Jello shot.” Shauna didn’t have a filter for her tone of voice, as far as she was concerned as soon as she stepped foot on the boat she was in full on ‘Flirt Mode’ and that came complete with her accent shining through in a sensual tone of voice. If she narrowed her eyes when she spoke she could pass for a husky voiced phone sex operator. ”Though I know you’re only asking me to get you one so you can take the shot off my body. If you let me return the favor I’ll let you do it a bit above my navel.” God, did she miss having someone attractive to flirt with, and it hadn’t even been that long since she parted ways with Madison.

Kit stared at Shauna for a few seconds, wondering what had just been said to her. Do it off her body? Dude, what, no. “Dude, what? No. I don’t know where you’ve been, you’ve probably got a disease or something. I just want the Jello part of the Jello shot. I don’t really know what they are, or how they work, but Marshall got me wanting Jello, and I don’t know where else to get it on this ship… Look, it’s not important.” Kit paused, tapping her chin as she thought about where to go next in her conversation. So far? Probably not well. Kit had very specific things she wanted to talk to Shauna about, and she figured she should push the conversation that way, lest Shauna take offense to something she said before she even got to ask.

“I have something I need to ask you? And I’m pretty sure that my dad would say it’s crossing boundaries, but that’s okay. I’ve been doin’ that all day. How do you deal with being single and not having many friends and also having most people hate you because you suck? I think we’re about to be in a similar boat, and I’d like some advice from the captain of ‘man, my social life is a bad soap opera.’ That’s you, man. Not many people like you, but everyone talks about you. It’s gotta be sucky being under that much heat all the time, right? You wouldn’t guess it by lookin’ at you, because you’re like super chill lookin’ all the time. In fact, I’d even say that you carry yourself better because of all the gossipy stuff! I’d like to do that. Teach me your ways. I’ll be like your Padawan. I’ll be Anakin and you can be Obi-Wan. Or, I can be Obi-Wan and you can be Qui-Gon Jin. I’m flexible. And yes, before you ask, my body is indeed as flexible as my personality.” Kit winked. BOOM. Important stuff brought up, and a little bit of weak ass flirting to soften the blow.

Had Kit always spoken so erratically? A lesser person might have found the young girl exhausting but given Shauna’s night it was somewhat refreshing. There was an irreverence there that wasn’t often found in Freshmen; Shauna was used to the nervous, awkward, ‘still finding my place’ type of Freshman; the kind that are grateful for anything resembling an anchor in their little chaotic lives. It seemed, however, that someone had given Kit a bit of a talk about Shauna - a grossly incorrect one at that. Whoever it was was surely trying to protect the girl, but Shauna was nothing if not good at finding loopholes.

”You’ve never had a Jello shot before, have you? It’s not like a cup of Jello mixed in with your lunch bag, it’s mostly alcohol. It’s vodka, honey. Vodka with a cherry jello coat. And the only way to have one is off of someone’s body, it’s like tequila in that regard. Or sushi. I’d offer to do one off you but you’re a bit wet, and not in the way I like.” From zero to shameless in record time, but given that Shauna had been holding back it was like she had been given permission to gun it down the road.

”What’s so wrong with being single, sweetie? No obligations. No one to send you message after message because of their insecurities. Being single means I can take my pick of the lot at a place like this and have absolutely no hang-ups about leaving in the morning. But if you’re looking for something a bit long term, I can be persuaded to be a one-girl kind of woman, but only if you promise to talk movie to me. You can be my Slave Leia anytime.”

The more mean-spirited parts of Kit’s comment were glossed over in favor of Shauna swinging back around to the sleazy end of the spectrum. If she didn’t have her hands around a chilled virgin daiquiri she likely would’ve had at least one around Kit’s shoulder at this point. ”But, because you’re cute when you talk, I’ll play along. People don’t hate me because I suck - though I have been known to flick rather well; people don’t hate me at all. They talk about me, yes, but let the people talk. High school is eighty percent he-said-she-said gossip, and the sooner you learn that, the better off you’ll be. Whatever you’ve heard about me is either untrue or exaggerated. I’d love to tell you all about it, maybe over drinks. Dinner? Breakfast the next morning?”

“You’re freakin’ relentless, ain’t ya?” Kit kad to take a moment to process everything that Shauna just said to her. Some of it was particularly disappointing — mostly the line about about jello shots being mostly alcohol. Kit had decided, earlier that night, that she didn’t like alcohol (weed was cool though), and now she couldn’t even have jello! What a bummer. “Actually, I would prefer it if I had a slave Leia, instead of the other way around? And that’s crummy, dude, I just wanted Jello… Uh, and no, it’s cool — I don’t want to tie you down. Plus, based on how you’re a huge drama student, I bet you only watch shitty indie foreign films from the Cannes festival anyway, so I’m good on talking about movies with you.” Kit said, before rubbing her arms.

“I’m cold. Let’s go get in the hot tub. There’s a hot tub, right? I think you and I are too different for this to be very helpful, but we can keep trying.” Kit sighed, kicking her feet at invisible grass. This sucked. Nothing Shauna said would change Kit’s opinion of her — Kit trusted AJ and Scott way more than she trusted Shauna, and that wasn’t going to change anytime soon — but Kit had hoped that Shauna would have a magic formula for being happy while simultaneously being widely disliked. Apparently, that wasn’t the case, and the drama girl had either deluded herself into thinking she wasn’t looked down upon, or was straight lying. Neither was a good option for young Kit, but Kit had already made up her mind that she was going to get in the hot tub to bring warmth back to her body.

Kit was proving to be quite a fair bit more irreverent than most freshmen Shauna had known over the years, but therein lay the charm. It was clear that anyone who spoke with her for even a minute would be caught up in Kit’s own rhythm; it would serve her well in the future if only someone was able to inform her just how to use it to her advantage. Despite the stream of consciousness twinge to Kit’s mannerisms, Shauna had little trouble keeping up, though she was falling into the habit of picking and choosing just what it was she was hearing and responding to.

”You’d prefer a slave Leia? You like girls, then. See, we have so much in common. For you, hon, I’d let you show me the ways of the Force.” It wasn’t her best line, but she wasn’t exactly fond of old pulp movies with nothing much to say. ”You’d be surprised what I know about movies. I’d be delighted to show you my collection. We can make a night of it. A weekend, even. Though I do wonder if your attention would be on the movie at all.” Shauna had little in the way of shame but her approach tended to work - though in most cases her ‘prey’ was a lot more impressed by being noticed by a senior. She wasn’t about to let up now.

”I’m sure there is a hot tub, what kind of boat doesn’t have one of those? But you can’t get into a hot tub in wet clothes, you’ll get sick. And I don’t know about you but I didn’t bring a bathing suit. Fortunately I have it on good authority that the warm water does wonders on the skin. A nice, secluded hot tub and two girls who like girls, well, that sounds like a match made in heaven. Shall we?”

“I like boys too. You could put the right boy in the slave Leia outfit and I would be intrigued; maybe Noah? He seems soft enough to pull off being a slave... But after tonight I don’t think I like anyone, really. Just like, Tekken, and doujins. And Tekken doujins. And Godzilla.” Kit had decided that she was going to stick to her guns, and be a strong, independent, blonde Kit who needed no one. Unfortunately, that idea was a little intimidating; she had been looking forward to a high school romance and young love! And like, love triangles, and stuff.

Unfortunately for her, her initial lady of choice sucked. And the boys? Don’t even get her started on the boys, they mostly sucked! Kit would be alright alone, she had friends! She had… four. Four entire friends! That was two more than her mom and dad had when they were growing up and they turned out alright. Although, they did have each other… Sheesh, this was going to be complicated, wasn’t it?

Kit had zoned out for a while there, and she missed most of what Shauna said about movies, including her line about the Force. That was probably for the best, as Kit was about three seconds from ripping a nerd hole in Shauna’s defenses. She did, however, catch Shauna’s bit on wet clothes in a hot tub possibly making her sick. “Nah, I’ll be fine in my dress, thanks. I’m too high to get sick, way too high. Plus, I’ve gotten in hot tubs in wet clothes and lived to tell the tale before. I can’t see this going any other way… C’mon, let’s go.” Kit said, gesturing for Shauna to follow her as she started walking away.

Shauna certainly didn’t mind following after Kit, given the face that wet dresses had a tendency to cling rather snugly to the bodies that were wearing them. Shauna’s eyes did so wander, but she didn’t stare at the expense of conversation; that was a rookie mistake. Most people who stare and try to maintain a conversation devolve into neanderthalic grunts and monosyllabic answers. Shauna was far too experienced for that. ”You know, being high doesn’t make you immune to illness, but if you want to risk getting sick I’m sure I wouldn’t mind nursing you well. I have the perfect outfit for it and everything.” Even if Shauna didn’t have an outfit, she had a way of making her bullshit sound absolutely plausible. It was part of why she was so good at acting.

”But while you’re under the influence, you do know that it makes certain...sensations all the more powerful? A finger...or tongue...could feel even better than…” Shauna had to think a moment. Internally she was digging through the various bits of useless knowledge she’d acquired over the years - knowledge used to bond with and seduce girls or knowledge gained by those she had slept with. Her black book wasn’t just the physical notebook she had. ”...Better than double perfecting a shrub or pulling off a…critical win.” Shauna might not have known what she was saying, but she had been with a girl or two who had brothers that played games and osmosis helped a lot in wooing them. Kit had mentioned Tekken, so the girl was into her video games; Shauna could work with that.

”It would be a shame for you to waste the chance. Besides, think of how...romantic it would be in a hot tub.”

This time, Kit physically winced at Shauna’s flirting attempts, before glancing over her shoulder, with eyes that stared at Shauna, begging her to not talk about the things Kit enjoyed, while Kit’s words called her out quite plainly. “Shauna, look, dude. You’re making a bad move. I know more than you. I’ve been high more than you’ve been sober, and you’re older than me. By the way you can’t even crit in Tekken, it’s a fair and balanced game — that ain’t Smash Bros, bro. Also, the drugs I’m on right now just chill me out. They’re called downers. See, I took a couple Uber earlier, but that passed when I fell in the ocean. So now I’m just high on all that weed I smoked in the car, which is an indica strain — called Skittles. It’s a body relaxer. If it was a sativa strain, like, I dunno, Girl Scout Cookie, or Gorilla Glue, then it would make me have more sensitivity. Right now, my mind and my body just want to be reallll slow. Preferably with Doritos.” Kit took a left, heading toward the hot tub which was located at the highest point of the boat, not too far from the helicopter landing pad, complete with helicopter.

“Plus, I bet you don’t even know what an EWGF is. Call me when you can string together eight of them, okay, babe? Geeze.” Kit shook her head, almost in disappointment, as she stopped by the hot tub. “Okay, we’re here! So, if you don’t have a bathing suit, and you’re all dressed up, does that mean you’re gonna strip down? Cuz, I’m really not gonna. I like this dress, and someone will have to forcibly peel it from my freezing body before I take it off.”

A nerve was struck but Shauna seemed to take it in stride, given that she didn’t so much as flinch when Kit responded. More information to file away, though Shauna wasn’t normally one to go after drug addicts. Drug addicts were just a few steps away from other sorts of addictions and that wasn’t healthy for anyone, and that was to say little of how it often felt like going after addicts was taking advantage of them. That was a gross grey area that Shauna liked to stay out of. The bevy of information coming from Kit went completely without comment other than a simple shrug from Shauna, who cared about a ‘Tekken’ about as much as she cared about whatever big budget schlock was on the horizon.

”Ah, so you do want me to call you. I knew there was something between us.” Her takeaway from the conversation was woefully out of context, but Shauna never let that stond in the way of turning things around in her favor. ”You can like the dress all you like and still take it off. If you get the dress wet, it will cling to you like a vacuum sealed storage bag, and though you might think that would be a sexy look, it is incredibly uncomfortable to walk around in. Trust me.” It was a rare moment of clarity; Shauna’s voice when talking about the dress wasn’t coming from a place of flirtation or wanting to see Kit out of it; she sounded serious, casually so, but still serious. Dresses, female clothing in general, was to Shauna as Tekken was to Kit.

”I’m not saying you have to strip down to nothing, but I certainly wouldn’t stop you, but if you love that dress, let it dry. I, however, will be stripping down and you’re welcome to follow my example.” And just like that the switch was flipped back.

Kit rolled her eyes, and proceeded to ignore Shauna’s warning. Maybe she had a point, but Kit had no plans on stripping her clothes off. She didn’t have much on under the dress, and she was better off keeping it on. “Strip away, dude.” Kit said, giving Shauna a thumbs up before she herself slipped into the hot tub. “Ooooooooooooooh. Nice.” Kit said, sinking down until only her head was above the water, instantly feeling the warmth of the water bring life back into her chilled bones.

“Hot tubs own. Okay, back to business! I think you’re wrong about being single. It sounds shitty — having someone who constantly bombards you with messages sounds nice to me! And then you’d get to wake up next to the same person a lot, and learn what they like and what they don’t like, and be a team. Doesn’t that sound better than just having sex with… well, whoever?” Kit asked, not taking the time to wait for Shauna to get in the tub before she spoke. “I guess I get what you said, about high school being 80% he-said she-said bull. If this was the 2010s! Everything we do is recorded, and it gets posted everywhere, nothing we can do to avoid that. If someone says something you don’t really agree with, you can just find the video!” Kit looked up at the night sky, no longer covered by a ceiling after finding her way to the toppest point, and stared at the stars. She wondered, idly, if the kiss was going to be online soon… Probably.

Now it was Shauna’s turn to wince when Kit entered the hot tub with the dress; for a moment, Shauna’s eternal grin faded into an almost pained expression before she forced herself to get over it. Kit would understand the warning soon enough, and because Shauna was nice she wasn’t even going to rub it in. Not when she had other ideas of what to rub in Kit’s face. Shauna, true to her word, stripped down, entering the hot tub after Kit and wearing only her flirtatious smirk and a dream.

”I tried the relationship thing already and sure it can be and often is fun, but when you give yourself to one person and they take everything and leave you with nothing, you have to ask yourself if it was worth it. High school isn’t about finding the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. High school relationships barely last until the end of a semester. People you’ve clearly talked to have this warped view of me.” Though Shauna was still very much in the mindset of flirting and taking Kit to a room for an hour or so, she was being uncharacteristically serious and seemingly introspective for the moment. There was probably something in the water.

”Most of the people you’ve been talking to are just mad because I throw a spanner in the works of their machine. There’s an entire group of people who spend their hours acting like they’re Cupid style matchmakers when really they just like to gossip about who’s sleeping with who and so on and so forth. They put themselves above it but in a heartbeat they’d stab each other in the back if the right guy came along and was willing to fuck them for one night. I don’t do anything that they wouldn’t if they could.” Shauna slowly rolled her head along her shoulders; there was something utterly relaxing about a hot tub.

”I have sex, yes. A lot of it. But somewhere along the way people started thinking I was the devil or something. Do I have a preference? Yes, so does everybody. You don’t see the tens of the school so much as looking at the fives, but because I prefer underclass girls somehow I’m the villain? I’ve never promised any of the girls I sleep with anything other than a good time, and if they expect more that’s on them, not me. None of them even know me, who the fuck are they to judge? Here’s a fun activity, Kit. Talk to some of the girls I’ve been with and see what they were like before and after I came along. It’s easy to label me as some hideous thing, but all I’ve ever done is make girls feel as beautiful and confident as they are.”

”That’s why you’re not responding well to me, Kit. It isn’t because of what your wannabe friends have told you. It’s because you’re already confident enough to take on the world. As much as I’m sure we would enjoy it, you don’t need me.”

“I don’t have wannabe friends; my brother talked to me about you. I don’t think you’re a villain, just kinda a bad person. Like Umbridge, from Harry Potter? You’re no Voldemort, but you still do some shitty stuff. I’m not gonna talk to the girls you’ve been with because I don’t care what they have to say. Thanks, I am pretty confident. I get it from my mom, I think. Or the internet... Could go either way.” Kit paused for a moment, and realized something that Shauna had said. The group of people that act like matchmakers? Those were Kit’s friends. At this point, Kit frowned. It seemed to her that Shauna had nothing nice to say about anyone who mattered to Kit, which was kinda fucky.

“Hey, I’ll have you know that the group of people you’re talking about are my friends. Ophelia’s cool, Cassie… leaves something to be desired, Brynn is the token slutty girl, and Marshall is my gay best friend. You wanna know what I think though? I think you just hook up with underclass girls because you know none of your actual peers would swing for you.” Kit said, ending her sentence with a wink. It was true, as far as she knew — Scott and AJ were close to her age and they had a sour opinion of Shauna, so surely other people did.

“You talk a big game, though. This is going pretty much how I anticipated it too. Just with way, way, wayyyy less than satisfactory answers. Really, though, thanks for the compliment! I’m glad someone thinks I radiate confidence.”

”If they’re your friends, why didn’t you go to them for whatever reason? And isn’t it just funny how someone like Brynn can be seen in a positive light while having taken more dick than a jockstrap yet somehow I’m ‘the shark’. Your ‘friends’ are full of double standards and throwing stones in their glass houses. And for the record, your friend Marshall was my friend Marshall first, honey.” Shauna didn’t seem to care to hold her tongue at this point, there was no love lost between Kit’s supposed friends and Shauna; if they ever had any desire to get to know her they’ve had plenty of opportunity to do so before now. That bridge was long since burned and it wasn’t Shauna Flynn who lit the match.

”You can keep thinking what you like about me, but I could dial a number right now and have an upperclassman spend the night with me. This is my point. High school is eighty percent gossip and when you realize that people believe what they want to believe and lie through their teeth then it becomes easy to not care about it. The only true thing you’ve heard about me is that I like younger girls. I like you, you don’t like me, but there are others. If for whatever reason my answers are unsatisfactory it’s because you’re not asking the right questions.”

“I didn’t go to them because they’re busy spending time with people that love them that they love back. I figured you’d be free, and hey: you’re free. Marshall might be your friend, but he told me not to come talk to you, sooo…” Kit shrugged her shoulders, as she moved her body around, getting comfortable in the jacuzzi, moving the jet to hit the right spot on her back, “maybe I’m not asking the right question, or I’m just asking the wrong person… Either way, that’s on me. My bad...”

“I think Brynn gets away with it because she doesn’t hit on younger girls? You’re just taking advantage of girls who are the opposite of me: scared of high school, and seeking validation from older people. Brynn just fucks people. Besides, she seems to have found a boyfriend, right? Maybe you should find someone to hang out with? It might soften things if you had more public facing friends… Look, I’m just saying. I don’t judge, but you’re getting old. Might be time to consider getting a serious relationship.” Kit stretched, and found herself satisfied with the warmth restored to her body.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, Shauna. I’m gonna see if I can go find my Korean. Byeeee!” Kit stood up and hauled herself out of the hot tub, immediately blasted by cold winds, accented by the chill of the water on her body. “Fuck, I kinda forgot how temperature works… Whatever…. Have a nice day, Sharky.” Kit said, before trudging away, off to search for Min-seo.

”I was hanging out with someone. And then more people, but you scared them off. If your friends were any good at maintaining relationships, they’d have been in them by now. Brynn’s boy toy will last just long enough for the next piece of meat to catch her eye. Come find me if you ever want real advice. The only thing Brynn will teach you is how to still feel something with a wizard sleeve.” Shauna had more words to say about the freshman’s friends but Kit was out of the hot tub before Shauna could even say she was right about the dress.

Shauna was right about many things and yet no one ever seemed to give her credit for anything other than her proclivities. It was no sweat off her back. Her legacy was already in the halls of Beverly Hills High and in a few months the people that obsess over relationships they could only wish they were decent enough to be in would be little more than faint memories; and in ten years at the reunion they’d still be living vicariously through the relationships of their peers as they attended ladies night at the club well on their way to cougar town.

Now that she was alone in the hot tub, she thought of giving her popcorn princess a call, but that would likely require leaving the party and technically she was bound here as a designated driver and means of escape for another. Fortunately, the world worked in mysterious ways and as Shauna turned towards her phone, she noticed a familiar sight. Two of the three Freshmen from earlier were wandering around, no doubt looking for their red headed friend - or perhaps trying to ditch her.

”Yoo-hoo, ladies.” Shauna called out to them, grabbing their attention - and keeping it when their faces went redder than their friend’s hair as they realized what Shauna wasn’t wearing. ”I don’t believe we finished our conversation before we were rudely interrupted. Join me.”

It didn’t take much more convincing after that.

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Connor Prince and Selena Sterling
Location: From the bar to the dancefloor.
A collaboration with @smarty0114!

The ever eventful day that Connor had been having, gradually became an even more eventful night. After a thoroughly awkward car ride, wherein JD and Connor got far more acquainted with each other than either wanted to be, Connor was grateful when the group went their separate ways upon arriving at the Helmsley’s yacht.

After grabbing himself a rum and coke, the young Prince had made it his mission to make an impression on any girl he could. In fact, he’d been in the middle of that mission, when he caught a glimpse of one girl in particular, silver-haired, and no less intriguing than when he’d met her yesterday. Selena Sterling.

Connor fixed her with a stare, watching as she chatted with some mystery boy, probably another snob from the looks of him. The part that really caught his attention was when a girl came up and planted one on Blondie, a sight that he hadn’t been expecting. It would have put a hole right through his stomach (not that he’d ever admit that) if Connor hadn’t also witnessed the look of pure rage that appeared moments afterwards. Laughing it up, Connor decided that this was his time to make an entrance.

Strutting across the dance floor, Connor watched as the snob left Selena’s side, and he sidled up next to the blonde, a smirk painted across his face. This was his element, his playground. Confidence rolled off of the boy, so palpable you could practically taste it. “How’s it going, Princess? I wasn’t aware you were currently playing for the other team,” he teased, taking a sip from his drink.

The girl’s grip tightened around the stem of her martini glass. What was this? Martini number two… three? Who was counting anyway, she was just lucky she hadn’t yet snapped the delicate piece of glassware in half. She certainly felt infuriated enough to do so. Instead of granting the rebel’s snarky comment with a response, Selena sipped at her drink in cold silence. The gin was drier than her sense of humor in that moment, and it tasted better for it. Sel cleared her throat gently before speaking.

“You’ll find I’m not much of a team player, Prince.” Selena Sterling — team of one — put a mocking emphasis on his last name. Her icy gaze fell upon Connor for the first time since he’d approached her. Selena had avoided looking at him entirely. Why? She wasn’t quite sure. Playing hard to get, maybe. Or perhaps it was just her aloof nature. Likely both, if she was being honest with herself. She didn’t say anything further, she let her face do the talking, and it said: what do you want?

“So I’ve guessed,” Connor replied, smirking. She was playing along, fighting back, even. Most girls melted when he opened his mouth or flashed his wallet. Not her. “I just came over to ask how your night was coming along, not to mention I got bored talking to every other girl on this yacht. They don’t make ‘em like you, Blondie,” he said with a grin, and a wink, so quick you might mistake it for a trick of the light, or an overactive imagination.

“Selena.” Sel corrected him in a stony tone of voice. Inwardly, she was completely freaking out. That was most definitely a pick-up line. He was hitting on her and, despite the annoying pet names that she did not give him permission to use, he was cute. At her request, Brynn had prepped her on how to talk to guys countless times, and all of those lessons were just leaves in the wind now — blowing away and completely out of her grasp. Everything that came out of Selena’s mouth was unrehearsed and entirely her own… whoever this version of her was. It was terrifying and exciting, all at once. “If you insist on a nickname, you can call my Sparkles. I at least like that one.”

Sel looked back over to him now, taking another sip of her drink. If she wasn’t careful, she would start to feel the effects of it. She was well aware of her own limits, and if this was actually her third drink, she might be exceeding them quicker than anticipated. This was fair, in her mind, given that she also hadn’t anticipated being kissed against her will. That warranted an extra drink or two. “My night has been… going rather poorly, if you actually care to know the honest answer.” Sel doubted that he did. No one around here was genuine. Beverly Hills was the land of fake tans and even faker people.

Connor grinned, leaning against the bar, as if to say “Yeah, I’m cooler than you, what about it?” “Let me guess, it has something to do with that little munchkin who went and planted one on you?” Connor said, smirking and taking a sip from his drink.

“Oh, yes, surely my problems are only about who I do and don’t kiss for the night.” Selena retorted grumpily and rolled her eyes. A pity that he was so one-sided, she had hoped that he’d be different. Subconsciously putting up a wall between them, Sel crossed her left arm under her breasts and rested her hand in the crook of her right elbow, which was bent to tip her martini glass to her lips. She was feeling the alcohol and, just like her mother, that meant that she lost her filter. “You don’t really care about my night, so, tell me why you really came over here, Connor Prince. Do note that I only respect honesty, so you can leave the flowery lines about other girls aside for now. It’s rather poor taste to compare me to them.” Selena’s eyes only left his own long enough to appraise his outfit, as she remembered the one refreshing quality about him yesterday was his sense of style. It wasn’t his only refreshing quality, but she was feeling bitter and peeved, so she pretended like it was, even to herself.

This was new. How exciting it was, to be called out like that, like she couldn’t care less about who he was or what he may or may not be able to do in the sheets. “Well then, if you must know, you intrigue me, Selena Sterling. I wasn’t lying when I said you’re different. You are. I think you’re different than most people out there, and I like it.” Connor smiled at her. That all was the truth, maybe slightly watered down, but still the truth. It neglected to mention that Selena had been running through his mind since they’d met, that he’d brought her up with Damian, that maybe, just maybe, he had a crush.

Selena felt her cheeks grow warm. It was probably the alcohol. Selena Sterling did not blush. “That… actually makes sense.” Most people didn’t like her. It was like some wild talent that she had, effortlessly causing people to loathe her. Hell, she even tried to drive him away, but, he was still here. And he said he liked her, and that he liked her for being different. While everyone else steered clear of her, Connor was lured in by her nature. Perhaps he wasn’t totally one-sided, and could see her for being more than just the catty It girl she painted herself to be. Sel bit her bottom lip softly, remembered her lipstick, and then quickly halted that. “You’re wearing Versace again, is that a favorite of yours?” Selena turned the conversation back towards him, before he could say something else to make her feel all… special.

Connor grinned. He could tell he’d earned some points there, gotten one step closer to her. Brick by brick, he’d bring the wall down, a modern day Reagan. He looked down at his outfit, the same one he’d worn to school, and back up at Selena. “My mother always refused to let me leave the house in anything less than the best. She was stubborn like that, and now I guess I don’t feel dressed if I’m not impressing. I take it, I’ve succeeded?”

It may be that the most shocking event of the evening occured next, and there wasn’t anyone around but Connor to see it, Selena Sterling laughed. It was genuine laughter. Her buzz made it more of a girlish giggle than a proper laugh, too. Having realized what she just did, Selena brought a hand to her lips to keep any more giggles from bubbling out. “Ahem, sorry, that was just… incredibly relatable.” Selena’s own fashion sense, and piles of insecurities, came from the pressures of her mother. Nothing less than perfection was ever acceptable, not when there were polished appearances to keep up. “Yes, you’ve succeeded… for now.” Sel tacked on with a… was that a smirk? Perhaps having Jamie as a best friend was rubbing off on her.

“Perfect, now I can rest easy,” Connor said, smiling with genuine amusement. “Don’t get me wrong, my mom’s great, really. Her only wrongdoing was marrying my dad,” Connor said, his smile faltering at the mention of his father. “So, who was that guy from earlier? Y’know, the snobby looking one?” Connor asked, changing the subject with as much ease as he could, doing his best not to sound like he was jealous, but ultimately sounding as jealous as could be.

For a moment, Selena’s face softened. Connor was talking about family, something real, which was clearly making him feel some type of way. Sel listened, because for just a second, he let his mask drop; but just as quickly as it had come, the rare moment fled. Connor then turned the conversation to none other than Jamie, her best friend and confidant. As if the mere mention of him had summoning powers, another smirk graced Selena’s face. “Is that… jealousy?” Sel asked knowingly, more than a little flattered by it. “I doubt you could compete, but, his name is Jamie.”

Connor smirked and took a sip of his drink, chuckling a little before answering. “Jealousy? Never met her, but I do know that I can compete with just about anyone,” Connor said. “I mean, at least I’m told,” Connor said, punctuating his sentence with a wink.

For the second time in their conversation, Selena rolled her eyes. “We’ll see about that…” She mused doubtfully. There was a commotion towards the dancefloor that pulled her attention from Connor for a moment. It was almost nothing, she’d nearly looked away from it, until she saw the familiar form of a tall blond male retreating into the crowd with his hand gripping Brynn’s. Some of the dancers, if you could really call them that, stood and stared down at the guy left in a heap on the floor. “Oh my god! Should we go help?” Selena gaped, her brain struggling to process this information. Did Sean just knock someone out?

Connor hardly hesitated, leaving his drink on the bar, and walking over to where the guy was lying on the ground, his face swollen and already beginning to bruise. Selena followed hurriedly after him, leaving her own empty glass on the bar behind her. Connor turned around, looking at Selena for a moment, then back to the guy. “Looks like someone had a bit of a run in,” Connor said, before kneeling down next to the unconscious dude. Their night, it seemed, was far from over.

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@Universorum and @Fabricant451
Featuring: Min “I Wanna Tell Parker!” Seo, Henry “Yo, What’s this Button Do?” Green, and Brian “Don’t Tell Parker! And Don’t Press that Button!” Helmsley
Location: The Captain’s Bridge

Henry was pulling Min along through the halls of the ship, constantly stealing glances at her with an apologetic hint in his eyes. Henry felt awful, he really did. Because he’d promised Brian his assistance in whatever his goal was here tonight, his and Ducky’s date had been cut rather short. Did this even qualify as a date? Henry had dragged her to another party, this time after sending her to his sisters for a makeover, which he was certain was exhausting. Then, at the party, he’d fed her shitty party food and pretended it was some kind of a meal they could talk over. The dance?

Well, the dance had been the single most romantic moment of Henry’s life. He didn’t think he’d ever come anywhere near topping it. The mood had been perfect, the setting perfect, the song was good. The girl was a twelve out of ten, and Henry had been really, truly, genuinely happy. A landmark moment in his teenage years. When he’d been younger, it had been simple. Life was simpler back then. Wake up, eat pancakes, play with mom. Play with dad. Play with mother. Exist and be happy. It wasn’t until people started being dramatic that shit fell down the drain.

Now, though, it seemed Henry’s life was on the up. He’d even got it in, and was determined to make sure that tonight wasn’t just a one time show. In fact, if Brian hadn’t called, he probably would have had her out of her clothes after he did the line. Unfortunately for him, though, Brian had called. And now, Henry found himself standing in front of the door to the bridge. He took both of Min’s hands in his as he turned to face her, “hey, Ducky. I don’t think you’ve really met Brian before, and I just want to warn you… he’s a little weird. He’s cool, though, we’re friends. Don’t get me wrong. Dude’s just kinda different. And I don’t want him to freak you out, okay?” Henry kissed her lips, and gave her a smile. “If it’s too much, just give me a sign. I’ll protect you.”

If Min-seo was on the outside looking in she probably wouldn’t find a lot of positive things to say about the night. It was easy for someone as a passive observer to remark on things, and she had done so many times when it came to lame romantic moments in melodramas back home. As a viewer, if Min-seo watched a show where the two leads had snack foods for a meal after the male protagonist made the female lead get a makeover, Min-seo would’ve taken to the internet and voiced her concerns as to how unrealistic and unromantic it was.

But Min-seo wasn’t an observer and life had a way of messing with expectations in surprising ways. The night so far might not have been the storybook romance of a first date that many young women picture, but on the whole Min-seo didn’t have many negative thoughts on the matter. Even the meal of party food was cute; it wasn’t a candlelit meal with a violin player serenading them, but to Min-seo it showed that Henry cared enough to give Min-seo a memorable time. She was certain that Henry had had many dates and possibly even more women, but the fact that he put forth an effort to make Min-seo feel like royalty even with the limited resources counted for a lot.

Even though going off to talk to his friend wasn’t anyone’s idea of how a date should go, Min-seo was at least happy to provide the bit of moral support like a good girlfriend would. If nothing else, she saw it as more means of spending time together and that was enough reason not to be too upset. Having friends was great, but Henry had a girlfriend now and Min-seo wanted to make sure he knew that. ”Freak..out?” That painted a certain picture and Min-seo was already picturing someone that threw chairs around and shouted a bunch or something of the sort. If that was the case then maybe there would be a conversation in the future about Henry’s choice in friend, but for now she was willing to give the benefit of the doubt. ”If I get scared I will...squeeze your hand. Okay?”

“Not scary… just different.” Henry said, before knocking on the metal door in front of him. There was a delay, before the door swung open, and Henry pulled Min inside, and the door closed behind them. Henry looked around the bridge, which was largely unremarkable, unless one was impressed by various nautical instruments. Admittedly, even a layman would be able to appreciate the sleekness of the room; everything seemed to be metal, chrome in most cases, and shined to the point you could see your reflection in it. Henry was largely unimpressed, having been in similar rooms before. Eventually, however, he laid his eyes on their target: Brian Helmsley.

Brian was sitting in a chair that floated over the steel floor they stood on, most likely via magnetism. His back was turned to the pair, and he was instead facing six televisions mounted on the wall, each maybe twenty-seven, or thirty-two inches big. Like any proper set up, they matched. Each one was currently providing a live feed of different parts of the party, and Brian was just watching it. Henry snapped his fingers to get Brian’s attention, and Brian spun around in the chair to face him. On his lap was a bag of McDonald’s, and one of his hands held a large cup, filled most likely with some kind of sugary drink. “Dude, Damian just left. What am I supposed to do now? He was supposed to give a speech to everyone and get them excited, like he so often does bu— hey, is that Min-seo? Geeze, man. Glow up, much?”

“Hey, Brian. Yeah, it’s Min. I brought her here, like on a date?”

Different. Different didn’t necessarily mean bad, but Min prepared herself for the worst all the same. On the other side of the door, she was instead taken by the sharp shine that seemed to coat the entire room. Min could see herself in various instruments and some of them even distorted her appearance like she was at a carnival funhouse. She wanted to reach out and touch some of them but figured doing so could be bad, like pushing a button and causing damage levels of bad, so she refrained and simple started opening and closing her mouth like a goldfish as she looked at a particularly funny chrome knob that made the bottom half of her head look scrunched up.

It was when Brian and Henry said her name and she could feel that inkling when eyes were on her that she stopped making funny faces in the nautical gear and remembered that she was kind of meeting one of her boyfriend’s friends which was surely a big deal for all involved. Min-seo waved at Brian, though when she saw that the monitors in the room were real time her eyes widened and frantically she looked between the two males in the room.

”Is that...here? The boat? You...you...see...everything?” Min-seo was understandably concerned as her mind recalled the sign in to the room. Were there cameras there too? Was Brian some kind of...weird pervert? If that was the case then Min-seo was definitely going to have a talk with Henry after this.

“No, not everything. Just the public areas — no bathrooms, none of the bedrooms, or anything like that. I’m monitoring, to like make sure that there’s enough dramatic crap that the Weekend Warrior, if they’re on this boat, write about something, so I can figure out who it is. Look, it’s a really convoluted plan that you’re probably not interested in.” Brian said, waving her concerns away with his hand; the very same hand that held a chicken McNugget that was quickly thrown into his mouth. As Brian crunched on it, Henry put an arm over Min’s shoulder, draping it around her as he pulled her closer to him.

“See? I told you he was weird. He has a vendetta against the Weekend Warrior, because they made people think I date raped Parker, which kinda made people be weird to Parker, and Brian… well, Brian likes Parker. That’s a secret.” Henry said, and Brian’s lips curled into a frown as he thought about what Henry had just said.

“You told your girlfriend that I’m weird!?” Brian snapped, and Henry did not’ respond with words, and Brian sighed, and backed down, realizing that this was a hill he had no interest in dying on. “Look, I just need you to go to the stage we had built, walk up there, wear this glove,” Brian said, throwing Henry a glove with a button on it, “and then press that button.”

Henry thought it was a little shitty of Brian to call Min his girlfriend just like that! Henry had only been on one date with her, and that wasn’t enough to call her his girlfriend! However, Henry didn’t find himself totally adverse to the idea, which was a strange change of pace for him. Rather than point that out, though, he looked at the glove he’d been tossed, and stared at the button. “Why, what’s the button do?” He asked, moving his hand to press it.

“Don’t press that button!” Brian yelled, and Henry froze.

Brian was definitely...strange but Min-seo kept her comments on that front to herself; she was honestly just relieved that he wasn’t a weird pervert spying on private rooms, though she couldn’t say that watching cameras at a party was all that less perverse a hobby. Security guards did that but security guards were paid and were looking for criminals; Min-seo doubted that any criminals went to this school let alone this party. For the first of Henry’s friends, Min was feeling absolutely mixed. Brian was like the people that put on weird foil hats, at least that’s what Min was picking up from the vibes being let off.

”Parker?” There were a few things spoken of that caught Min’s interest, however. ”You like...Parker? Like…kissing like? You...have crush...for Parker? I...tell her, she will be...happy,” Min-seo was surprised, pleasantly so, at this revelation. Not too long ago she assumed Henry and Parker were a couple but now here was Henry’s friend who had a crush on Parker, of all people. This talk of plans and Warriors didn’t interest Min-seo, what interested her was picturing Brian and Parker and what that date could possibly be like.

Min did break into a smile when Brian called her Henry’s girlfriend, and that only made Min-seo nuzzle against Henry’s arm for a brief moment of affection. It had a good ring to it, didn’t it. ‘Girlfriend’. Of course, Henry was her boyfriend and she was his girlfriend, that’s how it worked. They were together and so now they were together. Brian had eyes on the boat everywhere and even he could see it with his own ones. The good vibes lasted until Brian shouted about a button, which made Min-seo flinch.

Fortunately she had her boyfriend to cling to.

“Dude! What happens when I press the button? Don’t yell at me, that makes me want to press it more! I’m high.” Henry protested, as Min snuggled up against him with a somewhat silly grin on her face. Henry was suddenly very stressed out over this glove and its button. Even after he spoke, the feeling only got worse, as Brian scrunched his nose up in seeming disgust, before pointing at Min-seo.

“You’re out with her, and you’re high? Probably on coke, too, huh? You’re the scummiest, man, but whatever. Not my place. Just don’t push the button.” Brian shook his head, and Henry seemed to visibly deflate as Brian mercilessly popped his bubble. Henry stuffed the glove into his pocket, while Brian focused on Min-seo, focusing on the other important part of the conversation. “Don’t tell Parker! It’s really important that you don’t. I’m gonna tell her myself, uh, one day. I hope to, anyway… I have to make sure everything is right first! I have a plan.” Brian said, talking in an unusually hurried tone, as he shook his head. He didn’t want his secret crush to get out in any way other than him telling Parker himself. In a special, memorable way. Brian had a plan that he knew Parker would never forget, and he was excited to do it, he just had to wait until the right time.

“Just go do a speech, then press the button when you’re done, right? You don’t have to do anything more than that. I know you, Henry, and I know you of all people can get everyone excited. Throw shade, set fires to the dumpster that is our high school, hit that button, and kiss your girl in front of everyone. Then you can do whatever, I just need you do this, alright? Damian was supposed to, but he bailed on me. I’m gonna have words for that guy...” Brian had rambled a bit, but Henry nodded affirmatively. “I have a time frame, so you have like… thirty minutes. Then do it, okay? Everyone will be herded there, so you should have an audience. See ya.”

Henry nodded a bit, though his feelings were still a little hurt by being called out like he had been. He looked at Brian, and Brian spun his chair back around, done with the conversation. Henry sighed, and led Min out of the room, and the door shut behind them. “It’s like talking to my parents, sometimes. Brian takes things pretty seriously. He doesn’t like drugs…” He said to Min, giving her a look that showed Henry’s interior feelings better than his words could have ever done: Henry felt personally attacked by Brian in that scenario, and was embarrassed now. Should he have had not done the drug?

The main takeaway Min had was that Brian didn’t seem like a bad person, just a little weird. But she also thought Henry was weird when she first came to America and that went triple for Parker. Everyone was weird at first, but that didn’t mean they weren’t good people too. Anyone who had a crush on Parker couldn’t be a bad person, of that Min-seo was certain. Of the one friend of Henry’s that she had met, Min put Brian at the top spot. And because he asked her not to tell Parker, she wasn’t; but he didn’t say anything about suggesting it. Given the time Min-seo spent around Parker, they were sure to have a little girls talk at some point.

”He is your friend.” Min could see that Henry was having mixed feelings and was it not part of the job as girlfriend to cheer up her boyfriend? ”Even if...hard words..he is still...your friend. It is...okay.” Min-seo took a little bit of initiative and kissed Henry on the cheek while lightly squeezing his hand. Who wouldn’t perk up after a kiss from their girlfriend?

Perhaps more surprising to Henry than to Min, the little show of affection did make him smile a bit. She was right, after all. Brian was still his friend, and he didn’t normally get that up in arms about drug use. Henry decided to chalk it up to stressors from hosting a party that was basically designed to let him capture someone who did a good job of hiding. He was all in on this, that much was for sure. “Yeah, you’re right. He’s chill, so I’ll be chill.” Henry’s smile returned to his face again, now with his normal warmth as he stared at Min, and found himself considering what Brian had said. Was Min his girlfriend? Did Henry want that? As he gazed into her eyes, he found himself thinking, “Yes, dumbass. You do.” Despite that, though, Henry was shook to the core with the idea of responsibility.

Being a boyfriend meant that he had to care. He had to watch over her, support her when he cried, make sure she was happy, ensure that she always felt beautiful, kiss her and hold her, sleep in the same bed as her — probably every night, since they lived in the same house! — cuddle her, watch shows with her, and love her. That was a lot of stuff! Henry had to think about it, and as he mentally listed things, it occurred to him that he already did some of those things… Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, huh?

There was certainly one thing that would encourage him. “Hey, Min, we have like 30 minutes, do you wanna go back to the room and go again?”

In her next letter home Min-seo would have to give some words of thanks to her stepmother. While Min and her stepmother were often at each other’s wits end, now that Min-seo was applying some of the ‘wifely lessons’ that she learned she was finding that there was some knowledge there. Being a girlfriend was as much work as it was pleasure, but Min-seo was confident she could strike the balance and be the best one Henry had ever had. Already her super secret technique of showing affection and reassurance was working, though that one wasn’t part of the lessons given by her stepmother. That was pure Min-seo.

Thirty minutes? That meant that in thirty minutes Henry had to do his speech thing which would definitely be a bit of a gap in their date, and thirty minutes had a way of feeling like an hour or longer when it was with someone you cared about. She knew what was meant by the room, however, and if in thirty minutes they could recapture that feeling of the first time then Min certainly didn’t mind spending her time like that. She gave it a moment’s thought before giving her reply.


It wasn't Min’s voice that filled Henry’s ear, but rather a higher pitched one coming from behind them. As Henry turned around, he found himself looking at a blonde girl that he could have sworn he knew. The girl was dressed in a short black dress that had small wet spots on it, as if she’d been splashed by someone in a pool. Her hair appeared to have been freshly blow dryed, and looked slightly frizzy. Min, though, would know exactly who the mystery girl was; her best friend: Kit! “I’ve been looking for you! You must be Min’s boyfriend! Right?”

Henry stared at the blonde girl dumbly for a few seconds, as his cocaine fueled mind tried to process the question. Was he? Was she his girlfriend? Were they a thing? Were they official? Was he ready for an official thing? Would his moms be okay with this? What about dad!? Wait, Henry didn’t give a shit what they thought. Kit glanced at Min, while Henry kept his thousand yard stare, before Kit quietly spoke. “Hey, is your man alright…?” Her eyes went wide when Henry finally barked his reply out, coming out of shock very suddenly.

“YES! I mean, uh, yes. I’m Min’s boyfriend. And Chae Minseossi is my girlfriend. And I think I like it.”

“That’s cool! Can I borrow her?”

It seemed like fate had other ideas in mind, at least it would if Min-seo was someone who believed in fate. Karma was a different situation, but when her response was interrupted by Kit, Min-seo wasn’t sure if she should have been annoyed at the appearance or happy to see her friend. She opted for the latter, since if she really thought about it it was Kit’s advice that helped make tonight go as well as it had. Min remained silent after Kit’s question precisely because it was asked to Henry first and foremost. Min already had her answer in mind and had since they had seen each other naked.

Her silence was broken by a gasp. It wasn’t the fact that he said yes - she had no doubt that he would since she had no doubts about their relationship status - it was the fact that he was formal about it. ”Henry-oppa…” Min-seo responded in a voice that was practically causing someone to have a diabetic episode with how meltingly sweet it was. Even though Kit was there, Min-seo had to give Henry a kiss, not on the cheek this time, as if to cement it officially. And as a reward for him going out of his way to drop a little bit of Korean into the mix.

Now Min-seo turned back to Kit, though she looked towards Henry a moment before responding. They only had thirty minutes, but Kit was her best friend and Henry had taken Min to see one of his friends. Henry-oppa...I will meet you for..speech, okay? Kit is...best friend. We will meet before...speech.”

Henry might have been disappointed, but Min-seo had so much to tell Kit and not nearly enough time to say it all.

“Oh, yeah, that’s totally fine, Ducky. Have fun, I’ll be waiting for you.” Henry said, giving Min a squeeze of her hand. Min’s other hand was taken by Kit, who tugged her away.

“Thank you! Byeeeee.”

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@Fabricant451 and @Universorum
Location: The Karaoke room!

Featuring: Zachary “Shortstack” Webb and Sam “Amazon” Lassiter

Here he was!

A real, live, actually happening party! On a boat! Zach was pumped. He’d signed a guestbook, walked onto the boat, and now he was near the karaoke machine, which was near the food! Zach was happily carrying a plate of fully loaded nachos, which he was eating as he walked around, looking more at the sights than the people he was risking running into. He was bobbing his head to the music, and listening to the current person standing at the karaoke machine with a huge smile on his face. The smile had found its way to his lips as he’d walked up the boat to begin with, and it wasn’t going anywhere!

No way, no how. Zach didn’t need his friends to come here for him to have a good time. He was clearly capable of enjoying himself with or without them. He didn’t need to sit at home and play Hearthstone, or FFXIV, or even build magic decks to enjoy himself. He could party! That was a good thing, right? Brian had invited everyone! Zach had tried to fight the good fight and invite his friends along, but they had been insistent that nothing good would come of the party. Of any party! Zach, respectfully, now disagreed.

Whether or not he was having a good time was not the question. Zach was definitely enjoying himself, but to be honest? Parties weren’t his scene, and he definitely looked like a fish out of water in the scene of the party: he was short, he wasn’t really hot, he wasn’t loud or rambunctious… He was actually usually a quiet kid! Right now, you could think of him as a sightseer, just… seeing the sights. Enjoying the sounds and flavors of the party… “WHOA!”

Of course, seeing the sights meant that he wasn’t seeing directly in front of himself. This led to him bumping into some incredibly tall person, and knocking their beer out of their hand, which spilled onto his nachos (a true tragedy if he’d ever heard of one), and then it fell down to the ground and landed on his shoes and the mystery person’s shoes.

“Oh man, oh man. I am so sorry, dude, oh man.” Zach looked up slowly at the person he’d bumped into, “I didn’t mean to, I guess I wasn’t watch— whoa.” Zach’s eyes had finally found their way all the way up the long legs and torso of the person he’d ran into, to find that she was not only a girl, but hot.

“Whoa…” Zach had never been this close to a hot girl before! Geeze, she was so much taller than him… Why was he so short?!

If there hadn’t been a karaoke machine then Sam Lassiter probably would’ve left by now.

Sam was in a unique position when it came to parties, especially ones of this caliber. As a member of the so-called upper echelon of the social hierarchy she was invited to parties almost by default, and yet most of the time she didn’t even enjoy them all that much. She couldn’t afford to get sloppy ass drunk so the excessive drinking aspect of these things was out of the question and she got enough of a high from feeling that snap as her fist relocated a few jaw bones on a poor sod, so drugs were unnecessary. Dancing was also a bit too much to ask. While Sam was a demon in the ring, when it came to the dancefloor she was about as coordinated as a horse on rollerblades. No one would likely make fun of her for it, except probably Owen and Liv, but even though Sam could laugh at herself where it counted that didn’t mean it didn’t suck to experience.

Fortunately this yacht had a karaoke machine that was even hooked up to a big screen so people who were singing didn’t have to scrunch together to read the lyrics off the machine monitor which made for a singing area that was all encompassing. As soon as she found the machine, she flocked to it, demanding first ups which wasn’t a problem as at the time no one was even bothering. When someone like Sam Lassiter picked up the microphone and treated passersby to a damn great rendition of What’s My Age Again followed by an encore performance of You Oughta Know which encouraged others to stick around and belt out their drunken renditions of songs from yesterday to yesteryear.

Parties weren’t really Sam’s thing, but she loved karaoke which helped encourage her to stick around. There were many ways to just let loose and let out stress, but when there wasn’t a heavy bag around then belting out ballads in front of an increasingly drunk audience was a damn good substitute. And she just liked to sing regardless of her ability at it which hovered around ‘well, if she was in the shower it’d be Grammy worthy.’ With can of beer in hand, Sam was coming around to having a good time simply hanging out and silently judging when people with no sense of flow tried to do a rap song, and indulging herself in some trashy junk food that was gonna go right to her thighs. It was shaping up to be a not completely dull night.

Right as Sam was raising her beer to take a sip, her body lurched forward and the can of beer slipped from her fingers. It splashed everywhere, but to Sam the fact that her Combat Club jacket now had a giant beer stain on it was the worst. She liked that jacket, she didn't’ have to pay for it and her wearing it was like free advertising. Sam had to take it off now, leaving her with a black tank top and an annoyed expression on her lips.

”What the fuck, dude.” Sam turned her steely blues to the Beer Spiller and scoffed. She almost felt sorry for the kid, probably some nerdy frosh at his first party, but that’s no excuse. Sam wasn’t exactly hard to see if you were blind. ”Don’t just fucking stand there gawking, get me another beer, dude.” Sam’s voice was agitated, but given her height and the husky twinge to her voice she often came off angrier to the layman.

This Amazonian woman was going to murder him. He’d had a good run. At least he’d always have Magic the Gathering tournament wins to look back on! Or that time he was in the top ten in the Hearthstone ladder. He had a few good moments to remember, just not that many, which was part of the reason he’d gone to the party in the first place! Make a few memories, get together, have a few laughs. That’s it! Laughs! Laughs could solve this issue, before it got any worse. If he laughed the awkwardness, the terribleness away, then all that would be left would be the humor. Right?

Zach called upon every bit of self-preservation he had within himself, and pushed away the scared look on his face, and replaced it instead with a dopey grin. Then he started laughing. It was awkward, and forced at first, but it soon changed into something more natural — and Zach had an alright natural laugh. It wasn’t annoying, and it wasn’t graceful per se, but it did have that infectious quality to it. After a few seconds the laugh faded away, and Zach shook his head.

“My friends told me that if I went to a party, I’d regret it. And here I am! In danger! Because I wasn’t paying attention, and ran into some super tall girl who was wearing a shirt that said ‘Combat Club’ in big letters.” Zachary sighed, and looked up at Sam (dude, those growth spurts couldn’t come any faster? seriously?). “Before you murder me, can I at least put these nachos down? To lessen the mess we make.”

As far as laughter went, there was only one person doing it. When the short beer spiller began to laugh Sam took a glance around the room, gauging the reaction and searching for clarification if she was, in fact, seeing this clearly. Maybe the kid had some sort of social disorder or something, like that little blonde girl that Sam let on her back while Sam pretended to be a fantasy creature flying through the air. But that was cute and this was just...weird.

”Murder you?” The question came with a raised eyebrow and a look of genuine, utter confusion. ”Dude, you spilled a beer, what you think I’m some kinda Johnny Lawrence bully type? I’m not gonna murder you, just get me a new one.” Whatever ideas this kid had in mind she wanted no part of. Sure, she was annoyed that there was a beer stain on her jacket, but beer washed out and it was at least better than grease stains or nacho cheese or some other fluid.

”By the way, you’ve got nacho on your shirt.” Sam pointed at the murder seeker’s shirt and assuming he looked she was absolutely going to flick her finger up and flick his nose for the trouble.

Zach immediately felt a wave of relief wash over him. Honest? He was incredibly intimidated by this woman, and he was happy to hear that she wasn’t going to murder him. When she mentioned Johnny Lawrence, even briefly, Zach visibly perked up. He understood that reference! He understood it clearly. “Haven’t you watched Cobra Kai? Johnny’s the good guy!” Zach protested, before glancing down at his shirt to look at the nacho.

Instead, he found nothing but a finger that bopped his nose. He glanced up with very suddenly wide eyes, having not expected that in the slightest. He did his best to push that away, reminded of the awkwardness that he’d created with his own laugh, and gulped. Get her a beer? Yeah, he could do that. “Okay, I can get you a beer. What kind of beer? They have, like, brands, right? I’ve never had one before…” He said, glancing around the room to see where he would even get a beer. Eventually, he laid his eyes on a corner with a few different kegs in the corner, and pointed at it, glancing at the girl for validation.

“Over there, right? I’ll, uh, be right back.” He said, giving her a thumbs up, though it was unclear if it was meant to encourage him or her more. With his eyes glued to the floor, Zach shuffled across the room, suddenly aware of the eyes glued to him. Was it that bad? He’d just forced himself to laugh! He made his way to the keg and filled up a cup, after setting the permanently ruined nachos aside. He turned around and started to walk back to her, before he stopped, and turned back around. He filled up a second cup, and then went back to her with both of them. He handed her one of the red cups, and then held his up as well, “hey, cheers, right?”

Well, the short stack wasn’t a total dweeb if he could recognize the classics when he heard them, but it was still almost a comedy of errors as she watched him try to parse ‘get me a beer’. The oldest trick in the book of flicking his nose made Sam amused but that quickly gave way to a blank expression of disbelief. This guy wasn’t serious, right? She was damn near impressed that he didn’t trip over himself on the way to the beer corner. It didn’t really matter which keg he chose, it all tasted basically the same but even still she raised both eyebrows, tightened her lips and gave a nod at the selected keg; it was the kind of nod that would normally have been punctuated by turning to her friends and sharing a laugh but instead Sam was left to simply blink in awe that someone so...uncoordinated actually existed.

”You’ve never had a beer before have you?” Sam asked when her new cup was given to her with a fair bit more foam than she liked, but those were the sacrifices when someone else poured from the tap. ”Go on, drink it. But it doesn’t count unless you drink the whole thing in one go. It’s like...the rule. First cup you gotta down it.” Sam was absolutely fucking with him, but she figured he was the type that wouldn’t be able to tell. Given that he thought she was going to kill him she had good reason to think it.

Zach stared at the foamy liquid for a few seconds, before he glanced at the girl again, then back down at the cup. “What? The whole thing?” He asked, before sniffing at the liquid. He wasn’t sure about this, it kinda smelled… icky. But, she had said so, and Zach couldn’t think of any reason not to trust her! “Uh, okay.” He lifted the cup up to his lips, and prepared himself to drink it down. Luckily, Zach had practice at drinking and eating things he didn’t like. Years of being a picky eater had trained him well!

He went to tip it back into his mouth, and froze, pulling it away before a drop met his lips. He took the cup down, and glanced up at the tall woman again. “Hey, my name is Zachary, by the way. But you can call me Zach.” Then he tipped the beer back, along with his neck. To Zach’s credit, he did swallow it all down in one go. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to ignore the taste quite as well as he’d hoped he’d be able to, and after he pulled the cup away, he made a face. “Oh, that’s gross!”

Sam was only slightly disappointed when her little harmless drinking prank went off without so much as a hitch. Figuring that a first timer would try to impress and spectacularly fail by coughing or gagging while trying to chug, when the shorty got away with only minor inconvenience Sam wasn’t sure if she should give him props or try for double down. She opted to simply sip at her own cup of beer without much in the way of comment. She didn’t have to say much, her eyes giving the soft stack a once over said enough.

”Didn’t ask your name, Zachary, I asked for a beer, which I have now. I know you probably can’t see as well down there, but watch out in the future. Some people might actually kill you for spilling their beer.” Some sound advice from the junior who mostly took the incident in stride. It wasn’t worth taking action over. No use crying over spilt milk - or beer in this case. ”And don’t eat the nachos. They’ll stunt your growth.”

“I’ll, uh, try? Thanks.” Zach said, looking down at his empty cup. He made a mental note to never drink beer again, ever, in his entire life. When she said that bit about not eating nachos, he was a little disappointed, but he decided to take her advice. After all, she was tall as fuck — and he didn’t want to risk staying shorter than she was. There was, of course, a slight chance that he’d never see her again, but Zach had a feeling she wouldn’t be very hard to pick out of a crowd in the future. “Well, you have a beer now, so I guess I’ll take my leave…” Zach gave her bit of a wave, and then turned to leave, walking off into the crowd.

In his head, he was replaying the incident over and over again, and was coming to the realization that he had a crush. A crush who could sing (karaoke at least, but it counted), was very tall (growth spurts, please!?), super hot (Whoa.), and went to the 365 Combat Club. At least he had a place where he could find her now. He’d have to talk to his mother and figure out how best to get a girl to like him… High school was gonna be so complicated now! And his only two friends were worthless to ask about this particular situation.

Sam took another sip of her beer as the awkward boy made his equally awkward exit. Who the hell said ‘take my leave’? At least he didn’t have a fedora or call her ‘m’lady’ or something, so he had that going for him; plus he lucked out and only had a mild case of hazing from an upperclassman. It could’ve been a lot worse, depending on who he had run into. Literally, at that. She didn’t even watch him leave before her attention was back to more immediately pressing concerns, like when it was her next go on karaoke and how long the smell of beer lingered. Her aunt was going to flip if the beer stench tracked to other clothes in the wash.

”Fuckin freshmen." With a shake of her head and a sip of beer, Sam went back to keeping herself entertained as a member of the volleyball team was about to try their hand at rapping.

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@Fabricant451 & @Universorum
Featuring: Kit “My Advice Owns” Thomas and Min “But It’s Way Bigger Than a Lollipop!” Seo
Location: The ladies room!

Kit had stolen Min-seo from her boyfriend, straight ripped her away. Kit, in a natural fashion, didn’t really think about what Min may have wanted or planned to do, because she was focused on talking to her friend. She wanted to know about how Min’s date was going, and if she was having a good time with Henry. Did she kiss him!? Did they use tongue?! Did Henry touch Min’s butt? Kit had so many questions, and apparently so little time, as Henry had warned that Min was needed in thirty minutes for something that was apparently important, so Kit was on the clock, dammit.

She had pulled Min aside to a bathroom, which had been marked as a ‘Ladies Room,’ and Kit was all smiles as she hugged Min tightly. “How’s it going? Is he kissing you lot? What have you guys done? Did he touch your butt?! Tell me everything! I want details.” Kit said, before releasing Min and finally taking a second to look around the luxurious bathroom. “Dude, is the mirror framed with real gold? What the hell?”

Min-seo at least managed a wave to Henry before she was whisked away off on a little adventure with her friend. Some things were easier said in person, specifically matters of intimacy; it wouldn’t have the same effect if Min simply sent a text saying what she and Henry did even if that would have made for a good enough excuse to spend those thirty minutes with Henry still. Min-seo wasn’t angry at Kit for interrupting. She wasn’t even the least bit upset. The party wasn’t over and she and Henry lived under the same roof, so seeing each other wasn’t a make or break situation. But even still, thirty minutes had a way of feeling like an hour when your mind was with someone you cared for.

The bathroom wouldn’t have been her first choice for conversation, but it at least seemed to be empty. No one was puking or freshening up. Min turned on the faucet to splash on her wrist where Kit had partially grabbed her away and it wasn’t until she was hanging the towel back on the rack that she finally could answer the myriad of questions fired at her. ”We...kissed. Tongue...yes. Many times. We…” Min-seo had to pause to both find the words and say them without sounding too vulgar about it. ”I touch him...his…” Min-seo did a short little pantomime of moving her hand up and down. ”And we...were together.” Min-seo quickly looked to make sure the bathroom was empty. Sex.

Just saying the word made Min-seo blush in the cheeks.

“You FUCKED!?”

Kit’s eyes went wide and she covered her mouth after asking her question. That’s crazy! “That’s friggin’ wild dude! Was it awesome!? What’s his dick like? Is it big? Is it small? What does it feel like!? What’s it taste like? Did you put it in your mouth?” Kit hugged Min tightly again, before releasing her and putting her hands on either shoulder of Min’s, “I’m so proud of you!” And really, Kit was. She hadn’t expected Min to kiss this soon, let alone cross the hallowed hall of ‘losing your v-card.’ It was awesome!

She pulled away and shook her head, “sorry for asking so many questions. I’m just so curious and interested, and exploding with joy. At least one of us had a good night. And you’re my best friend, so you having a good night makes me have one.”

Kit’s eyes weren’t the only ones that widened; if Min’s face was red by her own admission, hearing Kit yell like that made her turn more red than a fully ripe tomato. The enthusiasm and surprise was almost an expected reaction but the volume was not. Min-seo was just glad they weren’t in the chemistry classroom or else a portion of their classmates would now have opinions about Min that were likely different from the neutral ones they had as is. Min was gesturing for Kit to keep her voice down but the motion of moving her palms down must’ve gotten lost in translation.

”Yes, we...yes.” Repeating it didn’t make it any easier to say, but Min had every reason to believe that this was just normal talk between friends. Even back home she often heard her classmates discuss which boys they thought were cute and which member of an idol group they wanted to be with. She was never part of those conversations, but they didn't’ sound all that different from the one she and Kit were having. Just louder.

”It was...better than...good. G...Great, is the word? He...he is very good at...comforting. At first it...hurt because...first time and because...big...big,” Repeating the word came complete with Min trying to use her hands to show off the size, but it was rather exaggerated given that her hands were spread apart. ”Taste? No. No taste. Why would...was I supposed to...use...mouth?”

Min-seo thought she was doing so well but the surface was barely scratched. Kit really did know everything.

Kit put her hand on her chin, and nodded as if she were a critic when Min put her hands out. “Mhm, mhm…” That seemed big, and now, the next time Kit looked at Henry, she’d be thinking about his dick. Which, she supposed, wasn’t a bad thing. At Min’s question, Kit looked taken aback. Had Min never watched or read anything sexual before!? “Oh, yeah, totally dude. You’re supposed to like, get on your knees and lick it like a lollipop. And then, from what I understand, you put you mouth around it and like… suck like a straw and let him use your hair to sorta drive you? That’s what I’ve seen anyway. THEN, if my research is correct, he is a very happy boy, cuz you swallow it down. I think it tastes sweet, like candy? It’s gotta, because people seem really excited to eat it… The, uh, end result, y’know? It’s called blowjobs! You ought to ask if he wants one, it seems like a girlfriendly thing to do.”

Kit smiled at Min reassuringly, quickly making sure that Min knew she wasn’t doing anything wrong. “Honestly, you’re probably doing an excellent job, though. He seemed like really happy, which is legit! But you should suck his dick. I think that’s like the important thing to do…? I don’t know a whole lot, since I’ve never had a boyfriend, but I’ve done a lot of research — for, ahem, scientific reasons — seems to point to the best girlfriends doing a lot of it.” Kit explained, nodding to herself. Her research was varied, and in her opinion complete. She had spent a lot of time on the internet, learning about things like this. “Are you guys gonna do it again, or is this the only time? I bet you guys do it a whole bunch! You live with him, don’t you? What position did you do? Which one are you gonna do next? Did you ride him? You should tell him you want to. I dunno what it means, but it’s really popular.”

Min was feeling like she should’ve brought a notebook. Though it wasn’t like the lectures in class, Kit was very much like a teacher distilling information that Min-seo would have to apply. Relationships weren’t like tests but it didn’t hurt to brush up on things in order to make a good relationship into an even better one. With as much knowledge as Kit had, Min was surprised that she was single, but maybe she just hadn’t found the right person yet. That was often the hurdle. And yet even though Min-seo was ahead in that regard, Kit still was miles ahead of her.

”Like...lollipop? Blow...job? It is...like candy? Okay, I will ask if he wants...blow..job.” If it meant that she would be a better girlfriend and the end result was akin to candy then it was the most win-win situation there could possibly be. This was why Kit was the master and Min-seo was just a student. ”But he is..not small like lollipop...what if...no fit?” The thought entered her mind as she remembered what it felt like going in a place designed for the act of insertion. Lollipops were easy to suck on because of their size and flavor. Even on a good day Min didn’t exactly have a mouth made for doing much other than petite bites of food.

”Position? Like...baseball? No position...it was sex. I was..on back and he...go. We were...going back to the room but...you came first.”

“If it’s too big, you just open your mouth wider! Would you rather a jaw that isn’t sore and a disappointed boyfriend, or a happy boyfriend and a jaw that’s kinda sore? These are the kind of choices you’ll be making as a girlfriend now, Min! It’s tough, I know, and I bet it’s like, uber stressful, but man, I’m kinda jealous. Oh, look!” Kit leaned towards Min, pointing at her neck, where there was a huge hickey forming. “He left a mark on you. That’s soooo hot. Now I’m definitely, one hundred and ten percent, mad jealous!” Kit shook her head, blown away by Min’s luck.

Not only had her friend found what seemed to be a sexually pleasing boyfriend, whom Min apparently liked a bunch, but Min-seo lived with the dude! Her life was going to be soooo awesome. Kit wished she had someone that she could sleep with every night… Well, she had stuffed animals, and a dog. But she didn’t have another human. That had to be way different! Though, she supposed she didn’t know if Min and Henry were going to stay in the same room or not.

“Hey, Min? Since you and Henry are totally a thing now, does that mean you’re gonna move into his room?! You can be like a little housewife! That’d be cool, right? Well, it might be fun for a little while, then… shitty. But, I dunno. I’ve never tried! Your life is so cool.”

Min-seo had to admit, Kit made a fair point. A jaw would heal with some ice and rest, but a relationship that started off rocky wasn’t so easy to mend. She’d seen many a drama where the couple fell to pieces shortly after getting together and if there was one thing Min wanted to avoid it was winding up like that. Her stepmom used to harp on about ‘wifely duties’ and how a good wife ‘knows what her husband wants before he does’ but just because she and Henry weren’t married didn’t mean the principles didn’t still apply. For all the flak she gave her stepmother, those lessons and Kit’s advice were certainly shaping Min-seo into being the girlfriend she pictured.

”His room?” That thought never crossed Min-seo’s mind but that was what boyfriends and girlfriends did, right? Min-seo had a hand up to her neck, palm covering the hickey out of embarrassment as she gave the notion of living together a thought. They already lived together technically, but she shared a room with the guest - which was a roundabout way of saying whenever Parker hung out and stayed the night she and Min shared the same room. But now she had a reason to live together and sleep together under the same roof in the same bed, and that thought made her smile.

”Yes, his room will be...our room. It will be...good.”

“Ooooh, ‘our room?’ That’s ace.” Kit teased Min. She was happy to give Min advice, even though it was somewhat questionable as to whether or not it was ‘good’ advice, Min seemed to appreciate it and that made it all the better, as far as Kit was concerned. Plus, Henry would definitely be happier if Min listened to just half of what Kit had to say! Most of it involved making his life better!

“Hey, I’ve never seen a dick before,” Kit said, her expression suddenly shifting to seriousness. “You should take a picture for me! That would be cool. You can ask him first. Tell him it’s for science!” Which, technically it was. If you asked Kathryn Ingrid Thomas, she was a scientist, and this was just research to store away for future experiments. Were all dicks the same size and shape? Kit wouldn’t know, but this way, she’d at least have something to compare it to when she saw one next!

”Picture?” Was that allowed? She couldn’t just take a picture of Henry’s dick and send it to Kit, though maybe asking him would be okay. She wasn’t sure how she should even bring up the idea? It wasn’t like she could simply walk up and ask if he wanted a ‘blowjob’ and also if it would be okay for her to take a picture of it. Although, he seemed agreeable enough to worry about her own enjoyment for their first time, and he did tell Kit that he was Min’s boyfriend...and if this was, as Kit said, something that couples did then a dick picture was practically the next step in their relationship.

”Okay, I think...I think it is not a problem. Do I take it before or after blowjob?” If it was for science, she wanted to make sure it was done right. The last thing she needed was some kind of lab accident to get in her eyes.

“Uhm… take one before and one during… I don’t think aftermath is very important for my research! Thanksssss! Alright, I guess I can take you back to Henry now. Come on, Min, let’s rock and roll.” Kit said, taking Min’s hand and interlacing their fingers as she walked toward the door.

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@Lovely Complex & @Universorum
Location: In each other’s hearts
Starring: Damian “Don’t Take the Girl” O’Connor and Joy “uwu” Darling

Full speed ahead, the one and only Darling of Beverly Hills High, class of 2045, one year younger than her boyfriend’s class, swiftly walked off the boat, escaping the confines that was the Helmsley Three party. A boat party that felt more like a prison than a place for revelry. She didn’t know if it was due to the thoughts that were eating her up alive or the fact that if she chose to stay, she would have no escape besides swimming with the fishes. The boat party was not like a fishing trip with her father, her uncles, and her grandparents. No, this felt like a place where people her age encouraged mistakes for the sake of it blowing up in their faces at school. Another Weekend Warrior post waiting to happen, that would inevitably make people feel more shitty about themselves. More so than they already do with their own damn selves.

Joy wasn’t going to make her night a mistake. She didn’t want Damian to be a mistake. After they were a fair distance away from the boat, she finally let go of his hand, crossed her arms, and turned to look up at him. Look up at her tall, unforgivably handsome, man. “What are we doing, Damian?” Joy would’ve liked to believe her intuition was on her side. Usually, it was. Her intuition gave her the ability to read people like a book, but with him, when it came to the feelings they shared, he became complicated, more complicated than the hardest equation in the world, like his eyes had a curtain on and the curtain was her insecurities. She didn’t even realize she had insecurities until he started to see her. Really see her.

Joy’s elongated eye contact demanded answers of things that couldn’t necessarily be explained. Love was hard to explain. It just… happened. One thing she understood was, she sure as hell wasn’t going to change for the king of the hill, even if other girls would do whatever he said, without an issue. She wasn’t like ‘other girls’. She was Joy. Daughter of one of the CEOs of ASMR and daughter of a remarkably talented NFL star, who was the best friend to his father no less! A rift was built between them when school politics became a thing in their young lives, because their differences were blindingly obvious. What makes them think things would change? She was Rachael Leigh Cook from She’s All That, who played Laney Boggs, and he was Freddie Prinze Jr’s character, Zack Siler, the jock that called the shots and got invited to the biggest bashes of the school year. Or a more obvious comparison: He was Fred, she was Velma, from Scooby-Doo. Fred chooses Daphne, not Velma.

What a cliche they were.


Damian was an alright guy, and, as such, he’d be the first one to tell you when he was confused. He had no idea what Joy was asking, why she’d dragged him off of the boat, why she was asking him weird questions, or why she was staring at him like that. He wasn’t sure what to say, or even really what she was asking. Damian was just a boy, after all; a smart, athletic, hot boy. But a boy all the same! He didn’t think about things the way she did, and he knew that, but that made things like this all the more confusing. Why couldn’t they just date and be merry?

Damian had to consider his answer for a few seconds, during which he furrowed his eyebrows. It wasn’t easy for him to think of what the right answer was, but he figured he’d just give it a shot. “I guess going to the observation tower? That’s where your parents think we are. Then I guess back to my place? I dunno, Joy. What do you want to do?” Damian looked behind them, as the boat pulled off into the distance, before he had a sudden realization. “Or we could go get food… I just realized how hungry I am.”

“No, I mean, well yeah, we can go eat, but what I mean is—” Looks like Joy was being too vague... What she said made sense to her, but it flew over his head. “—I’m not some easy piece of meat you can fuck and add to a long list of girls you’ve fucked. God, I’m no Candy that drools over every hot thing I see down the hall and I don’t even like parties where people do stupid shit. I’ve never lied to my parents until you started liking me. Why do you even like me? You didn’t like me when we were kids!” Ophelia would disagree. “But now, all of sudden, I’m suppose to believe you like me now? Look at me.” She gestured to her entire body which was fully clothed. A cardigan, plain jeans, a simple tank. She was BORING. The only exciting thing about her was red hair, which wasn’t even her natural hair color. “I’m not Damian material. So tell me, what are we doing? This isn’t some kind of cruel joke, is it? I’m not just another girl on your list, am I?” Joy’s face saddened. She didn’t like this. She didn’t like not understanding what they were and what she was doing. She didn't like being confused. Just as confused as him, in the moment, but for different reasons entirely.

Ohhh. This is what they were doing. This made way more sense than all of his options, which was good. It was only going to get worse if it turned out that Joy just wanted to go to the observation tower; at least in the sense that it would be more confusing. Damian grinned down at her after she finished her rambles, the classic smile that had won her over in the past, before he spoke. “I look at you a whole lot, Joy, and I’onno, ya look pretty damn hot to me.” He laughed and shook his head, wrapping his arms around her in a hug as he pulled her close. “We’re dating, Joy. That’s all, don’t overthink things like that. I like you or I wouldn’t use my time on you; I’ve only got so much of it after all! Also, I don’t really keep a list. It wouldn’t be that long, would it? Geeze, I guess it would…” Damian trailed off as he thought about it for a few seconds, rocking side to side on his feet with Joy in his arms.

“Dang, I’m a bit of a manwhore, huh? Oh well. Look, the thing is, I am Damian, so I get to decide who’s Damian material or not, and you’re Damian material. Is that a thing people say? ‘Damian material?’ Oh, and by the way, Joy, you drooled over me a lil bit. There was a lil drool.” Damian pushed her back just a bit, and rested his hands on her shoulder, before leaning down and kissing her forehead. “No stress, just relax. You’re wicked overthinking things, and I definitely liked you when we were kids, we hung out like every day...” Damian kissed her again, then took a hand off of her shoulder and to his pocket, fishing out his car key and smashing the unlock button so the lights would flash and they could find it in the packed parking lot.

“Now… about that food.”

She didn’t drool over him! Joy’s cheeks were heated. He gave her that smile, then gave her all these compliments, all the while embarrassing her. She was covered from neck down and he still thought she was hot. “As long as you don’t add an STD to taking away my V-Card, your funeral won’t be that bad.” Joy teased, still dying from how cute he was being. Was he always this goddamn cute? Hooking her arm on his, deciding to take his advice and not overthink things, she scanned the parking lot and pointed in the direction of the flashing lights, “Found her.”

Wait a minute. He said he liked her when they were small?! “What? Just because we hung out a lot doesn’t mean you liked me! We didn’t do anything ‘lovey dovey’.” All they did was play around! Like kids do! Forever she'll be in denial that they could've been a thing in the past.

“Haven’t you ever heard that song, dude? I’ll even change the lyrics to fit our life.” Damian said, leading her toward his car, holding his hand up in a fist in the air as he began to sing, “Damian’s daddy was takin’ him fishin’, when he was eight years old
A little girl came through the front gate, holdin’ a fishin’ pole
His dad looked down and smiled, said ‘we can’t leave her behind…’”
Damian smiled at her, never stopping his walk toward the car as he sang the song.

“Son I know you don’t want her to go, but someday you’ll change your mind, and Damian said
Take Brian Helmsley, take Owen Lyon
Take my best friend, Trev
Take anybody that you want, as long as she don’t go
Take any boy in the world, Daddy, please don’t take the girl,”
Damian pulled her more snugly into his side, “Same old boy, same sweet girl
Nine years down the road, he held her tight and kissed her lips in front of the football team
Ophelia came and pulled her away, grabbed her by the arm, and said to her
‘If you do what I tell you to, there won’t be any harm…’”
Damian spun Joy so they were facing each other, and lifted her, sitting her down on the hood of his car, and leaning forward, putting their foreheads together.

“And Damian said, take my money, take my wallet, take my credit cards” Damian reached into his back pocket, dropping his wallet into Joy’s lap, “here’s the necklace that her daddy gave me,” he pulled their heads apart and took the chain off his neck, Ender’s superbowl ring hanging on the end of it, and dropped it gently over her neck. “Here’s the key to my car, you can give it a whirl,” Damian dropped the car key on her lap, before he put their foreheads back together. “But please, let me have the girl.”

And then he kissed her.

Okay. This was her life now. A musical where her boyfriend used songs and compared it to their life situations. This song, however, was different from the Africa song and this kiss was different from their past kisses, all kisses that were driven by lust. The strange feeling she knew was there since the beginning expanded and exploded throughout her whole body. A dangerous fire, and yet she felt safe… at home, with him. His lips pressed against her with so much warmth, passion, and need, like he’s been containing himself for a very long time. Joy felt completely exposed and naked, even if she wasn’t exposed or naked at all.

This was the moment Joy fell in love.

Forcing herself to break from him, knowing very well she could kiss him longer, pink in her cheeks becoming a normality when she was with Damian, so different from her stoic and in charge self, Joy held her father’s ring in her right hand. Her palm rested on her chest. He kept it for all these years….

Spinning the keys on her left pointer finger, Joy playfully grinned, not one to handle ‘romance’ for too long, “...My dad has yet to give me a driving lesson.” She had a permit, just not a license. Probably one of the few fifteen year old kids with a permit. “Based on the lyrics, I can totally drive your car, right?” She stuck her tongue out, using her new 'girlfriend' powers.

“Uh… yeah, that’s fine.” Damian shrugged his shoulders. If worse came to worst, he’d just yell at Snake to take over. Besides, Joy would have chose where they went anyway! “Where are we going? Oh, I want this back…” Damian muttered, lifting the chain back over Joy’s neck and tugging at the ring in her hand. His free hand grabbed his wallet and stuffed it back into his pocket. It seemed like he’d done a good job singing to her, so that was good at least…

“You really do admire my father, huh?” Letting him take his things back, Joy scooted on the hood, to where he wasn’t in front of her, then hopped off. “I was thinking food heaven. A place with endless options.” She went to the driver’s door and opened it. Before she entered, she simpered, “A place with a goldmine of games, toys, and private areas. My uncle’s!” With that, she slid into the driver’s seat and closed the door.

Yeah, Uncle JJ's house was the best place to be.

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Madison Weaver and Rose Powers
Location: Destiny’s Deck

Madison’s new look was received positively, and she’d been invited to dance with many partygoers, men and women, but she soon realised the drawback of this was that the music was too loud for anybody to talk. This meant that although she was having a lot of fun dancing, nobody could get her number. She didn’t even know if anybody had tried yet. Ready to take a break, and also willing to try her luck in a quieter albeing less populated area of the ship, Madison headed to the deck. It was pretty quiet at this point, and most populated by smokers who were facing out towards the sea. She didn’t exactly think she was ready to get hit on, but even so, her goal was to get people’s numbers. She’d been complimented on her appearance and called ‘hot’ by many boys, and girls, but she felt like by not pulling anybody, she was letting Shauna down somehow.

Not a flirt and not someone who remotely thinks in terms of ‘sex, love, and romance’, Rose sat on the floor of the dock, leaned against the ship’s railing, playing her father’s Gameboy that she packed in her bag. She had forgotten her original goal for the night and decided it was time to play Pokémon Yellow. Rose was different than most people and if you wanted intentional advances from her, you better reconsider. It wasn’t in her character to want cuddles unless they’re from her parents or the animals of her household.

In fact, Rose was happy with not having some person interfere with her dreams. No one means no stress. She’s had time to think about this — since New Years when the topic became a thing. For damn sure, that kiss had stressed her out and she didn't know if it was worth trying again.

Even if she tried kissing again with someone, it would be with someone she trusted. Adubs? Ew, he was her brother. Q? No… she was with her brother. Wyatt? Raff? Of course not! She knew they were better off just staying friends and hanging with her and her brother. Honestly, her shell-shaped mind in regards to these foreign topics was just fine with her. She’d be prepared when she finds her very own Quincy, but until then, having her own Quincy was not necessary. Nope, not at all.

While she played the game, she thought about what her parents were doing. It was lunch time in Japan. Maybe tomorrow she’d give them a call… the house was quiet without them. Have them talk about the time they first met and how they knew they were meant for each other. Stories that would help her understand love remotely. Yeah, she missed her parents. If she knew any great love, it would be their love for each other… the best kind of love. The love that survives, after all trials and tribulations. A love that was meant to be.

There was a little chill in the breeze, since they were on water, but Rose had her comfy as balls alien baseball bomber jacket on. Always prepared. She even had a change of clothes, just in case. All in her handy-dandy backpack, which she occasionally hid so that she didn’t have to carry it everywhere. Right now though, it was beside her. Her jacket covered up her meow shirt, and out of all the people on this dock, Rose didn’t seem to fit in. Nah, not in this ‘picture-esque’ party. She didn’t show much skin, she didn’t wear heavy make up, she wore sneakers for god sakes, and her hair hardly had any maintenance done to it. Sure, she showed some tummy but it was nothing compared to other girls. Rose was comfortable, with a pinch of fashion, her fashion, and that’s all that mattered.

Not looking up from her Gameboy, she addressed the new person, having noticed her the moment she went on the deck. “Enjoying yourself?” As random as it was to say that to a complete stranger, Rose wanted to make sure most people were having a good time. This female that she didn’t necessarily recall in her not-so-sober mind was not the first person she asked this question to either. All responses resulted differently but at least Rose was trying to socialize.

Madison looked over to the girl who’s just asked her if she was enjoying herself, and sighed, relaxing. Time to take a break from trying to get pulled, and playing this cool, confident character. Madi felt she needed to be herself for a while and recharge. This girl (admittedly quite pretty) was not dressed like somebody who wanted to hook up, and that’s largely why Madi strolled up to her and rested against the railing. She looked chill, like somebody you could actually have a normal conversation with.

“I am in some ways,” she replied. “Not in others. I made a promise to the friend who dressed me up that I’d get some numbers, but so far, nothing, It might be too early, but people just want to dance. I don’t mind dancing and it’s fun, but, I feel like I’m letting her down somehow if I just go and dance all night. If you don’t mind me asking, what brings you to the party? You don’t really seem to be...taking part, no offense.”

“None taken.” Rose glanced up, looking away from her game, finally getting a better look at the girl beside her. “Taking part as in... swallowing some acid, seeing some colors, and doing things I might regret the next day?” Rose raised an eyebrow, before bringing herself to her feet and standing next to the girl, on the same level. Sorta. The girl was taller than her. Still, it was better than her having to look up, up, up and have her neck ache.

Pausing her game and looking at the stranger, who had a strikingly chiseled body, mind you, Rose shook her head, “I did have an agenda, but, I think I understand the answer now. Even if I didn’t have a ‘goal’ to achieve, I’d probably still be doing something weird. I’m happiest when I’m myself, y’know? Hell, I don’t even think there’s one way to party. Me and my parents, we smoke weed and play video games together all the time! That’s a party. A Mario Kart Party!”

Shifting her body a little, to face the girl she had yet gotten a name from, Rose tilted her head and asked, “Why do you care? About letting this one friend down? Her being disappointed over your inability to get numbers kind of makes her a bad friend.”

Madi sighed, and sat down against the railing. “Not even sure if she’d be genuinely disappointed. I just want to pay her back for fitting me out for tonight. I’ve wanted to try and engage in the social scene a little bit before I graduate. I’ve been taking High School too seriously the past couple of years. Refusing parties and nights out and sleepovers and cheerleading get-togethers in favour of training and practising, with some prize or accolade always on my mind. Now I’m 18 and I’ve realised there are very few people I could call close friends, and one of them’s my ex-boyfriend.

And it’s working. Tonight’s been a lot of fun, and I’ll definitely go to more parties and gatherings in the future, especially if there’s dancing and free drink, but I can’t just let go and spend the whole night dancing, as much as I want to. Besides, even I get tired eventually.”

She stretched, and then turned to Rose and offered her hand, introducing herself. “I’m Madison. Madison Weaver.”

By now, Rose had put away her Gameboy, fully invested in the conversation. With both hands, she grabbed Madison’s and gave it a friendly shake, “Ilyana. Ilyana Powers. But most people know me as Rose. Some people don’t even know that ‘Ilyana Powers’ exist because Rose just… stuck. Derives from my middle name. Rosalyn. My mama’s mom. Ilyana is my daddy’s mom. She is Ana. I think it would be weird if I were Ana too. My mama’s mom. I never met her. She died when mama was young… I’m getting off track.” Maybe she needed more weed.

Releasing Madi’s hand, Rose ran both hands through her unruly blonde hair, “I don’t really come to parties to socialize. Socializing happens, yeah, but I like seeing people. People inspire my work. Other than that, Dreamland with my brother and friends is the perfect place to be. Maybe I’ll take you some time. You look like you could handle my dad’s playground.” Rose nodded to herself, proud that she was making this girl feel better. “I don’t have a huge pool of friends. Actually, the person that I came here for tonight, we stopped talking to each other years ago. But, he did something to me that I wanted explanation to. Then I realized I did something to him years ago, with hardly any explanation… which made us no longer friends. I cut ties with him because he was just… different? We’re very different people. From different worlds.” Rummaging through her backpack, Rose took out a tiny notepad and a pen. She began gracefully scribbling something.

“Adubs, Quincy, Wyatt, Rafael, Jax, they’re like me. Weird and people that just don’t care. They’re my family. We’re small, but it’s enough… I’m happy with them. There’s also Shi and Honey, but they float around, and I don’t blame them for wanting to make friends everywhere. To each their own.” Ripping the paper off, Rose revealed a doodle of her playing her Gameboy and Madi sitting next to her, smiling. Above the doodle was her digits and above her digits was her full name. Ilyana Powers. “Your first number of the night. The Misfit, Powers. Nothing romantic, though. I’m not one to sleep around and have one night stands... I’m not even sure I’m one to date… Let’s be friends and see where that takes us, yeah?” Rose beamed at her new friend. Someone she was deliberately letting in, to her world, which consisted of a few burners, a couple of weirdos, a daredevil of a dad, an art genius mom, and a lot of love.

Family love.

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What was she doing?

Trixie pushed up her voluminous hair and bit her lip at her phone’s camera. Snap! Adding no filter, she put glow text at the bottom picture: Thinking about you<333 Trixie was in a stall of one of the few bathrooms on the Destiny, taking selfies and sending it off to someone in hopes he’d respond. He wasn’t responding! Was she not being hot enough?! Her luscious lips fell into a pout. He always responded fast. Even if he didn’t respond, she saw when he opened her snaps, which was always moments after she sent them.

What has gotten into her?

Her sober self would regret this in the morning, but right now, her drunk, desperate self, who missed the man she gave so much heart and time to, had no chains holding her back. No friend to snatch her phone away from her and tell her she was making a grave mistake. No friend to tell her negative things that only added to her insecurities. No friend to tell her NO. No, she was sheltered by the stall walls and could do whatever she fucking wanted! With no judgement, but herself and how daring she could get. Pushing her boobs together, making her cleavage more visible than it already was, she recorded herself leaning closer to the camera lense and licking at it like a cat. Oh god, she was being so provocative and they were broken up!

What was she doing?

Ending the recording, she turned off the sound, so there wasn’t unnecessary background noise, and then typed: Meet me halfway? Referencing the Black Eyed Peas song. Her cheeks, as rosy as they were from all the alcohol, was not the noticeable thing about her. What stood out in every pic, every video, she sent to her ex, was her eyes. They read one obvious thing. She still wanted him. She still missed him. She was hardly over him. She needed Owen.

Just when she was going to get even more promiscuous, like pull down her dress to show all her chest, she froze as two people entered the bathroom. Keeping quiet, no longer taking snaps, she focused on steadying her breathing — she got a little excited before they came in.

“How’s it going? Is he kissing you lot? What have you guys done? Did he touch your butt?! Tell me everything! I want details.” Trixie narrowed her eyes, trying to figure out the face to the voice. Peeking through the crack of the stall, she snoopily tried to catch sight of these two girls. “Dude, is the mirror framed with real gold? What the hell?”

“We...kissed. Tongue...yes. Many times. We…” Okay, one was Min-seo. The foreign exchange student that switched with Hail’s sister, Cyndi. The foreign exchange student that was attached to Henry’s hip. As Min continued to explain her sexual exploit, Trixie’s facial expression displayed her surprise (and her disgust).

They fucked?! “You FUCKED!?”

Then suddenly, this other girl went all in on the dude’s, who Trixie would assume was Henry’s, dick. Oh no, no. Stop. STOP! She didn’t need these mental images in her head. Why was this kid so curious about Henry’s dick?! Trixie gagged when Min said Henry was big. This was too much information to hear about her cousin. She didn’t want to know anything about Henry’s DICK!

Was this fucking kid telling Min, innocent Min, to give Henry a blowjob?! In this moment, Trixie wished she 'snapped' in a different area on the boat. Maybe after they left, she’d find bleach and drink it. After some lollipop analogy and the discovery of Min moving into Henry’s bedroom, the girls left and Trixie threw the stall door open. “That did NOT just happen.” She went to the sink, turned the faucet on, and then bent her body over so she could get a drink of water. She could’ve lived without knowing any of this.

Trixie wouldn’t get a moment of clarity. Not to drink bleach, or send Owen more snaps, or even finish her drink of water, before the door burst open once again. This time, it was one of Trixie’s friends: Ophelia. Lia froze as she stared at Trixie, silent for a few seconds, before Ophelia took the glass of whatever it was that was in her hand and slammed it down. “HI TRIXIE.” She blurted, before she threw the shot glass on the ground, watching it explode in a million pieces. “You are not who I was looking for, like, at all. BUT, that’s okay!” Ophelia took a deep breath, and had to remind herself of her new goals in life: new year, new me. No more gross lies, no more webs. No more Hailey, probably.

No more life, likely?

But it was important! This was the big one, standing right in front of her in the flesh. Ophelia’s biggest regret, Hailey’s greatest play. Trixie Kingsley. Well, and Owen Lyon, who it seemed had been smart enough to not show up to another party. Good on him. “Can we talk?”

“Yeah, sure, Fifi.” Turning off the faucet, Trixie turned around, slipping her phone in her purse. She stared at Ophelia expectantly. “Oh! Before we talk, who were you looking for? I might’ve seen them.” Trixie gave Lia a loving smile.

“Uh, little blonde girl? About yay high, wearing a black dress? I’ve misplaced my freshie…” Ophelia said, gesturing with her hands for what was roughly Kit’s height, the very same blonde girl that had left the room just moments before. Rather than give Trixie a chance to respond, though, Ophelia waved her hand. “Not important. This is important.” Ophelia paused for a moment again, wishing she had another shot — but she didn’t. The last one was going to have to be it for the liquid courage.

“Oh, geeze, where do I start?”

A brief pause.

“Okay. Owen never cheated on you, dude.” There, that was a good start. “I lied. I took pictures of him with Rose — that’s who the blonde girl in the pictures is, for the record — but before I did that I spent like six months telling you little things to try and make you doubt him, then it worked. Hailey didn’t want him around anymore, and Hailey’s like… scary, dude. So I just did it. WOW. I feel like, lightyears better. But wait, there’s more! Owen knows that I lied about it, but Hailey and I convinced you to never talk to him, so he never had a chance to fight his own battle. Everything wrong that’s happened to you in the past few months is because of me. Well, Hailey too, but mostly me.”

Ophelia took another breath, and put her hands on Trixie’s shoulders. “Trixie, I don’t care if you hate me now, but I’m not going to live in a lie anymore, I can’t do it. It’s too much, it hurts. It’s not what I’m about. You need to get off of this boat and you need to get to your man, dude. Fix it, before the damage is too severe, and it can’t be fixed.”

What? Trixie’s mind grew hazy. Was she being for real right now? There was pain, anger, and confusion written in her eyes. Her insides felt tight and in this moment, she felt completely shattered. The first thing that came into her mind was the article she wrote. What… what did she do?

Unlike when she was in the stall, controlling her breathing wasn’t as easy, “You’re lying… this is all some sick fucking joke. RIGHT?!” All the emotional pain she’s been through, the invisible scars, took surface. Her aura seethed with bitter anger and tears started trailing down her cheeks. Clenching her fists too hard, her knuckles grew white. This wasn’t true. Please, this was just another lie.

Ophelia didn’t say anything at first, instead shaking her head looking down at her feet. There was no way she could have prepared herself properly for Trixie’s reaction, after all her entire world was being brought down around her. High school was a bitch, wasn’t it? “No, Trixie. That’s the truth. It’s late, and I’m sorry.”

Trixie closed her eyes, tried her best to remind herself of things she use to tell Owen. Calm down. It’s not worth it. Breathe. Everything’s going to be okay. We’ll be okay. Don’t stoop down to their level. The problem was, they weren’t okay and it was thanks to her so-called friends. And, well, her. She believed them.

“Don’t touch me.” The latina spat out. Words she thought she’d never say to Ophelia. Unfortunately, for the amount of alcohol she did drink and the lack of any restraint besides her own willpower, Trixie couldn’t hold herself back from her next move. No, she was done holding herself back. Not anymore. Another thing she’d regret in the morning.

When Ophelia stepped back, there was no chance for her to escape when Trixie slammed her fist into her face. Not a bitch slap. A literal punch. “I fucking hate you.” No one saw Trixie as a fighter, because if she could, she used her words, but she had anger that derived from her parents and lessons from Owen on how to defend herself. The tears could no longer be held back and they flooded down her face. Trixie opened her purse, took out a wallet picture of her, Hailey, and Ophelia, tossed it on her ex-friend, and ran out the bathroom.

She wanted to die.

Ophelia didn’t even bother to hit back after she got slugged in the face — she deserved it a little bit. Rather than follow after Trixie, Ophelia just rubbed her face and watched as she ran away. That was that… She looked down at the picture and frowned, before crumpling it up and tossing it in trashcan off to the side. “...worth it, I guess. One step at a time...”

As she ran, to the only section of the boat that made sense to her, the bow railing so she could jump the fuck off, Trixie tried to call Owen, who still wasn’t responding. First call. Straight to voicemail. Second call. Straight to voicemail.

“This is Owen, leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can.”

This time however, there wasn’t a pleasant beep signifying that Trixie should talk if she wanted to leave a message. Instead, Owen’s Assistant started talking in Trixie’s ear. “Leave a message or stop calling! Owen’s with his mom and he doesn’t want any notifications! EVEN HIGH PRIORITY ONES FROM YOU! You’re worse than fucking spam calls.” click.

Okay… Fourth call… bringing her run to a walk, she went on the deck and to the pointy end, “Owen, I’m so sorry. I’m literally the worst person. I didn’t mean anything I said. I know you’ll hate me forever, but I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry. I’m just going to solve everyone’s problems now and disappear. I don’t deserve you and I’m so, so sorry, that I ruined your life. We were probably better off not knowing one another. Even if that’s true… I still love—” Her message got cut off.

Okay, time to die now. Trixie climbed up and balanced herself on the railing. For a girl known for her journalism, she was extremely well equipped.

Record scratch. Freeze frame. That’s how Jamie Callaghan felt as he watched Trixie climb up onto a railing, balancing over a precarious drop. How in the fuck do I land myself in these situations? The young journalist dropped his drink, letting the glass shatter on the floor as he sprinted over to the girl, his sometimes friend, sometimes enemy, his words reaching her moments before he did. “Trixie! Holy fuck, get down! You’re gonna get yourself killed!” he shouted, unaware that that may be the point.

“Jamie?” Trixie felt a tug and suddenly she lost balance and fell into her frenemy’s arms. There were many words she wanted to say, but all she could do was cry into his chest. Why was he the one that saved her, out of everyone on this whole entire boat? Jamie-fucking-Callaghan someone she loved to hate but appreciated his company more so than she could admit. Her hero for the night.

After she drenched his shirt, she gently pounded his chest with her head, “You fucking idiot, Marshall is in love with you and you’re going to lose your chance if you’re not honest with him! Stupid! Don’t push him away…. you’ll end up like me.” She looked up at him; believe it or not, he was her best friend, more so than Marshall, even if at times he was a damn eyesore, and she gave a broken smile, “Miserable.”

“I know, I’ve been trying to find him and make things right all night, it’s just, well he’s a hard guy to find,” Jamie explained before shaking his head. “Whoa, but Marshall and I is beyooond irrelevant right now! Trix, you damn near killed yourself! Are you okay? That’s stupid, of course you aren’t!”

“I punched Ophelia in the face.” Trixie interrupted her friend and showed her bruised knuckles. Yeah, she went hard.

Jamie’s eyes widened in shock. “Why?!” he exclaimed, confusion and shock clear on his face.

“She’s a little BITCH. That’s WHY.” Okay, yeah, Trix was still angry. “Your project is all for nought, because I know everything now. Everything was a goddamn lie and I believed the goddamn lie making me a horrible person because I wrote in The Cowardly Lyon that Owen has a tiny dick when he doesn’t have a tiny dick at all! Hailey’s the devil incarnate. Ophelia is her accomplice and the true, fucking coward. And I’m just a gullible, piece of shit, that didn’t hear the whole fucking story!”

Trixie didn’t know how loud she was being, but honestly, she didn’t fucking care at this point. “Ophelia is suppose to be for love, right? Fuck that shit. She told me things, very bad things, like Owen would grow tired of me, or that I should keep an eye on him because he has a lot of girls going to the combat club. I started comparing myself to their bodies. Did you know I almost became a bulimic because I thought he thought I was fat?! Or like, he has a mamá complex and I’d never compare to her, when she’s the most lovable mother I’ve ever met!”

Breathe, Trixie, breathe.

“I would never be important to him… and that thought killed me. Even though deep down… I knew it was all a lie. I fucking knew. But then I saw that picture and that picture was simply angled right, when I knew Rose would always take naps on the closest person near her at family barbeques… I knew… and this all was because Owen told Hailey off after she was a god awful person to Jennifer. I’m so fucking stupid, Jamie. I’m supposed to not settle until I find out the truth. I’m supposed to be a journalist. I’m supposed to be better than this… I guess… I’m not cut out for any of this. I’m not cut out to be alive… I want to die.”

Jamie hadn’t been expecting this. Not one bit. Of course, Trix’s story made sense, and Hailey being behind the breakup was no shocker. What was shocking, was seeing Trixie this vulnerable. “Hey, we all fuck up. All of us. Look at my life for fucks sake! Owen will forgive you. He’s a mess without you! And just imagine the look on Hailey’s face when she sees you two walking the halls again. She’ll shake so hard her new sex slave will be able to use her as a sex toy” Jamie said, smiling down at Trixie, doing his damndest to lighten the mood.

He was doing a good job at it. Cheering her up. Trixie let out a silent giggle, honestly exhausted from the rush of emotions, “You’re right and even if I have to work to get him back, I’m going to make this right. Just like you’re trying to with Marsh.”

Relief washed over her and a new found confidence too. Trixie was determined. She would win Owen back. It may take time, she wasn’t necessarily sure, but she was going to get back the person that made her the happiest. “We’re all just a bunch of fuck ups. The Weekend Warrior reminds us of that every week.” Trixie smiled, before leaning in and kissing Jamie on the cheek. Something she’s never done before. As a ‘reward’ she left her lipstick mark on his face. “Thank you, Jamie. You came when I needed someone the most. I’ll never forget that.”

Looking around, at some of the stares, Trixie cleared her throat and pulled away from him, “This doesn’t change anything between us! When I’m back, we’ll be laughing at each other and making jabs. Forever and always.” Adjusting her dress, she looked around, noticing how far they’ve already traveled at sea, “If only I had a way off…”

There was the sound of someone clearing their throat from behind them, before a familiar (to both of them) voice filled the air. “IF I MAY, interject. Well, I mean, first… I just want you to know that I’ve been standing off to the side for like that whole deal, and you guys are like super entertaining. Way better than reality TV! Anyway! I may have a solution to you needing a way to get off.” It was Kit. Why wouldn’t it be Kit? It was always Kit. “You there, girl! Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto?”

“Yes…” That was the voice from earlier in the bathroom with Min. Now Trixie could see her face up close and personal. Kit Thomas. A freshman that’s been hanging out with Ophelia lately. The same freshman that Ophelia was looking for. The freshman that Trixie knew better as Owen’s doctor’s child. “What about it?”

“WAIT. Before I tell you my plan, you have to make me a promise. A PINKY. Promise.” Kit said, moving closer to Trixie and throwing her pinky out, fully ready to take advantage of the desperate girl. “You have to swear to publish Henry’s next movie review. He tries really hard and you don’t let people read his opinions!” Kit said, before thrusting her pinky out.

She’s got to be fucking kidding. Right? “And you think Henry’s movie reviews are going to get the newspaper traction?”

“Yeah, dude. People like Henry and movies way more than they like either of you two! Give the guy a chance! People need to know what movies they should watch!”

Jamie was annoyed, both at Kit’s presence and her assumption that she had any right to negotiate with them. Rather than speak out though, he remained calm. He wasn’t going to promise Kit anything.

Tapping her finger on her thigh, Trixie heavily sighed. Fine. The Newspaper was dying. She’d have to build a proposal for… the student council president… to combine the Newspaper club with the TV & Broadcasting club soon anyways. A back up plan. Her priority as of now wasn’t school, though. It was Owen. “You got it, dude.” Trixie offered her pinky. “One published movie review in the next Orange & Black—” Potentially the last. “—written by Henry Green.” The boy with the, quote, not small like lollipop, unquote, penis.

“Score! Alright so anyway, in Grand Theft Auto, there’s this mission, right? Called Coveted? In it, you steal a helicopter and steal some giant cargo crates and move at HIGH speeds! So, like… well, what I’m saying is! There’s a helicopter up by the hot tub, man! Let’s go, you can steal it! Some real GANGSTER SHIT!” Kit beamed up at Trixie as she pointed near where the helicopter was parked. “If it’s anything like the game, when you jump in the helichopper, it’ll start playin’ Fuck Da Police!”

“Half a good plan. I’m not stealing a chopper that belongs to a Helmsley, but I will talk to one to get permission. Brian, in particular. Becca hates my guts and I doubt Bailee would even acknowledge me. Do you know where I could find him?”

“No balllsssssss. It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission! I got no idea where he is, but I have his phone number! He answers.” Kit pulled out her phone and hit a few buttons, before thrusting it in Trixie’s direction. Ring ring.

Beatrix waited for the line to be answered, when it was, she immediately went straight to the chase, “Hi, Brian. It’s Trixie. We never talk, but, like, can I use your helicopter to see Owen and tell him I’m a dumbass?”

“I’m sorry, who is this? You’re not Kit. Is she giving her phone to strangers again? Remind her that her parents told her not to do that.”

Oh, right. He’s been gone for a millenium. “Beatrix Kingsley. Owen’s ex.”

“Oh, the bitch.” There was a pause. “Do you have a place you intend to land it?”

“Yes… the one and only. And straight to the Four Corners.” Trixie knew he knew about the Four Corners. If he didn’t, his father would be ashamed of him. Sebastian Lyon was only the best friend to his grandfather, Christopher Helmsley, and built the Four Corners from ground up. The place where most Lyons could be found.

“I suppose. Just don’t touch anything, and the Assistant will get you there. Don’t talk to her either. She’ll be busy, flying a helicopter. Make sure you give Kit her phone back, and let them know that the speech is soon.” Click.

What a lovely conversation. At least he said yes. Handing Kit her phone back, Trixie did exactly what Brian requested, oddly obedient because she knew if she did things right, she’d be one step closer to Owen, “The speech is soon. Thanks again.”

“Aye, cap’n! And remember, if you get in the helicopter, and some real gangster shit doesn’t start playing, call Brian AND DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK, DUDE. Thanks! I’ll tell Henry next time I see him. Gotta go find a seat!” Kit waved, and turned and ran off.

Fucking Kit.

When the strange, abrasive girl ran off, an oddity to the fallen ‘lady-in-waiting’ (she supposed that was her old title, when she was at Hailey’s beck and call), Trixie turned to Jamie. No more tears trailing down her face. No, she was ready. Ready to make things right. “You may be a fuck up, Jamie Callaghan, but you’re a good fuck up. A fuck up I’d be lost without.” She hugged him one last time before shooing him away, “Enough about me. GO FIND YOUR MAN.”

Jamie grinned at Trixie, shaking his head and quickly running off, to oh so hopefully find his man.

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A Collaboration Between: @Bee, @Fabricant451, @Lovely Complex, and [@melissahart]
Featuring: Olivia Lee. Roz Norcross, Laurel Evanson and Honey Dalton

This was not ideal. Olivia thought it would be all fun and games in this room, but now after having all of their clothes disappear, things weren’t so fun after all. Running around the room in her undies, Olivia looked in every single nook and cranny that was possible to find her dress along with whatever else everyone else was wearing.

Now usually, if this was the summertime, it wouldn’t be so bad. But this was a boat in the Pacific Ocean in late winter. It wasn’t exactly beach weather, and Olivia (and surely the others) really didn’t feel like catching pneumonia. ”I could’ve sworn our shit was right here!” Olivia scratched her head, before turning around, ”Any ideas, guys?” The fighter was sure that it wasn’t a plan by one of them. So who would be dumb enough to steal the clothes of some of the toughest girls on campus?

Oblivious to the temperature of the room because she was one, still glowy clothed, and two, drunk AF, Honey leaned in closer toward Roz, not quite hearing that she agreed to ‘hang’ in the form of going out on the dock for air. The chatter was loud, since the girls still had a fair audience. Most enjoying the fact that someone stole their clothes. Someone in the crowd most definitely saw a tiny redhead crawling under the table, but that someone also didn’t care enough to stop her because naked girls for an entire boat party was far more rewarding than them clothed.

“Roz, did you lose intentionally so you could show some skin?” The dimpled blonde, whose smile was child-like and unbelievably sweet, with face point on that made it seem like she was wearing a glow-in-the-dark masquerade mask, innocently batted her light brown eyes. Even though outwardly, this sounded like her flirting, internally she was curious like a curious cat because based on her observation, Roz looked like an experienced card player, like her dad and uncles. Good poker face, a few tricks up their sleeves, and a winner’s demeanor. The loss didn’t add up unless it was intentional. For her, perhaps? Don’t get too excited, Honey Girl. Roz is just good at putting on a show. A show she was lucky enough to watch.

Such a lucky girl.

If the mood of the room was annoyance and anger, then Roz didn’t get the memo. Of the ones who had risked their skin in a friendly game of cards, Roz was somehow showing less than the others while also showing more. Her vest was doing a poor job at covering her very topless self but she at least still had her pants on; this was probably for the best as, like her bra had been before it was whisked away, her panties were not exactly built for showing off. In light of the incident, Roz had more immediate concerns to focus on, what the hell did she care if an old bra and an older shirt were stolen. At worst it’d fetch a few bucks. For Roz, what mattered wasn’t her revealing outfit, but the fact that there was a very drunk girl who was in need of supervision. Given the sorts of people on this boat, Roz wasn’t about to throw the girl to the wolves. Or the Sharks.

”Intentionally lose? Does that seem like something I would do?” Of course, Roz did in fact intentionally lose a hand but that was before she had the vocal cheering section of one. Luck of the draw was not in her favor tonight, though with a deck stacked towards the others how could it have been? ”And suppose I did. Lose intentionally. I seem to remember someone saying to ‘take them off’ but maybe I’m misremembering. Chalk it up to the booze, yeah?” Roz was almost enjoying the little side conversation, at least enough to give it her full attention. Whatever her fellow strippers-in-arms were talking about might as well have been a foreign language where Roz was concerned.

Patting her flushed cheeks, caught red handed from fangirling moments ago, Honey rested her cold hands on her face and cutely blew her bangs out of it. Roz was too smart for her own good! Or less drunk. Probably not drunk at all. Sighing in defeat, Honey admitted to her bold actions, Even if I didn’t drink, which hey, Zombies are really good, but like, really strong, like so strong, it wants to make me dead, I’d still cheer you on! MAYBE less obvious. MAYBE less ballsy. But, and this is a big BUT, I’d still cheer you on.” Was this inadvertently a confession? Honey didn’t know. She was just being honest. Jax told her if people couldn’t handle the truth, they weren’t worth your time! Man, now that she thought about it, her brother was kind of cut-throat growing up… brutally honest, but honest nevertheless. Honesty was the best policy. No matter how sharp or dull it it was.

Laurel exhaled loudly in disbelief of the scenario they were currently facing. Well this was just great!


Gambling was a win or lose, and in this situation, she was most definitely losing. Not only was she nearly naked, but her clothes- not to mention one of her favorite outfits- had vanished. They say in Casinos that the house always wins, no matter how much you gain, and that saying rang true right now. Turning to Olivia as her cheeks began to grow redder, Laur nervously bit her fingernails and spoke. “You could’ve sworn? It’s either the clothes were there, or they were not, there’s no in between.” She replied in a huff. Standing up and looking around, she tried to see if anyone was playing some sort of sick prank on them. “Ha, ha, very funny guys. Now give us our clothes back.” Laurel spat at the crowd, to which she was met with empty gazes and the shaking of heads.

”They were there. I’d bet my panties that they were literally at our feet.” Olivia got up from looking underneath a couch of some sort and shook her head. ”I think we’ve got ourselves a thief, folks. Now the question is… who?” Olivia put her hands on her head and started walking around again. ”Can’t be that hard to spot a yellow dress, though. I think I’ve got an idea.”

Olivia ducked inside the bathroom for just a second to look for towels. Not those pussy ass small hand towels, but the big boy full-sized ones. It took her a cool forty-five seconds to finally find a stack of these towels, before she walked outside and handed one to Laurel. ”This is gonna be our ‘dress’ while we hunt this fucker down. Got it?”

Whatever was going on at the other side of the table was their business; of the three who had been victims of grand theft clothing, Roz was the least concerned. She had almost wanted to smirk at it all; wasn’t it Laurel who had mentioned hoping for an audience while the game was in its infancy? And yet now it was all panic and fluster. Roz was noticing a bit of a trend. So many liked to talk the talk but when it came to actually backing up the words, it was as disappointing as this party. Well, as she was engaged in a conversation that was at least a few notches above worrying about crappy clothes, the party was looking up just a tad.

”Is that right? You sound like a fan, but unless I’ve got some double life I don’t know about, I ain’t exactly done anything to gush over. No sports, no nothing. Ain’t even at the top of the class. You must be drunker than you look if you think I’m worth cheerin’ on.” Roz wasn’t quite sure how to take the information that she had a cheering fan; if she ever needed to start a fan club at least she knew who would make for a founding member.

“If anyone’s told you you’re not worth cheering on, they’re buttcheeks.” Honey made a grumpy face, before shaking her head in disagreement, “Heyyyyy, I may be drunk but my daddy says a drunk mind speaks a sober heart and I’ve never, ever, ever told a lie before!”

Looking over to the perturbed girls, Honey tilted her head in confusion, “Here take my hoodie.” She tossed it at the blond. Technically it wasn’t her’s to give, but hey, “I can get a new one! No biggie.” Shi would forgive her. With her jacket now off, her shoulders and stomach were bare and exposed. Her strapless sports bra only covered so much, but she didn’t care. People could get a better look at the universe on her skirt!

Not really explaining what she liked about Roz, Honey bounced up, yes, her chest also giving a little bounce, and she grinned down at her crush, “I want more drink. You should come with me!”

Laurel was about to put on the towel as a pseudo-dress, but was eternally thankful when Honey threw the hoodie at her. It may have been sheer, but it was certainly better than nothing. Nodding in appreciation, she slipped the holographic fabric over her shoulders and zipped up the sweatshirt. Now calmer, she attempted to think of at least a semblance of a plan. “I guess the only thing we can do is go and look. We’ve got nothing less to lose.” Replying to Olivia with a smirk, she glanced over to Roz. “Hey, you coming?” She asked, running a hand through her hair.

Watching Honey chuck her weird sweater thing at Laurel, Olivia finished putting on her towel-dress. Looking over at Laurel, she nodded in agreement with her plan. ”Sounds like a good plan to me.” She tightened the dress and made sure it wouldn’t accidentally fall off before gesturing to the open door. ”Whoever I find is gonna like… get it.”

What an odd sort this drunkent hot mess was. Who said ‘buttcheeks’? If Roz had to hazard a guess, and she was, she was dealing with someone who might not have been used to alcohol or the vibe of parties like this. As much as she liked to claim she knew everything about everyone, there were some gaps in her knowledge. Roz figured it was a good thing that she didn’t immediately know everything about this girl. That way she could be surprised, pleasantly or otherwise. The surprise came when she tossed a hoodie to Laurel which was probably not a huge, grandiose gesture but it was a nice, charitable gesture all the same and that was rare enough by the students of Beverly Hills High to impress Roz. Roz was so impressed that her eyes didn’t so much as glance when Honey did a little bounce, they were on Honey’s face as if Roz were trying to get a read on the girl, to see what she was like outside of the drunken antics. Honest, potentially altruistic, there was something there, a diamond in the outhouse that was this entire school. Curious.

“Am I coming?” Roz finally took a moment to break her gaze to the others in the game room, specifically to Olivia. “Not unless you take my pants off too, and even then I don’t think you’re quite up to the task. Nah. What I’m doing is going. With her.” Roz gestured with her head towards Honey before turning back to face her once more. ”Someone’s gotta keep her from getting into trouble. You kids have fun with your naked shit, I’m sure you’ll find someone out there thinking of you in their rooms tonight.”

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Bailee & AJ
Collab with @Lovely Complex


Sometime, during this endless night, AJ grabbed the scorpion bowl away from Bailee and it ‘magically’ disappeared. Thank god this party was poppin’ because him making a big ass drink disappear would’ve been a bitch if it weren’t for all these people. He made sure to ask for a ‘sip’ when her gaze went toward the game area. There were girls stripping. Dope. Then he shoved it in some random dude’s hands and told him to finish it off, elsewhere.

Hoping Bailee was too drunk to remember the drink she was holding, AJ tapped her shoulder, “Hey, I’m kind of hungry, let’s get something to munch on.” If he made eating his idea, she wouldn’t disagree, but really, AJ wanted her to have some kind of food to absorb all the alcohol she’s been drinking. “They have your favorite.” Shit, what was her favorite? Well, either her brother or Becca did the catering, so they had to have something she liked.

Bailee remained in her own little world as she stood beside AJ. She had lost count of the drinks she had consumed… maybe six? Or even seven? But it didn’t matter how much alcohol it took to get her there, all that mattered now was that she was absolutely hammered. Everything seemed to be amplified in this state- mostly the volume of the music, but also the lights and colors surrounding her on the dancefloor- so much so that the sights and sounds were meshing and blurring together like some type of drunk synesthesia. In this intoxicated state she was oblivious to almost everything- almost was the key word in that sentence. The only thing that seemed to stick with her was her curiosity surrounding one thing.

Why was AJ being so clingy?

He hadn’t left her side since he first approached her on the dance floor, which was weird, especially considering their argument earlier in the day. In all reality, she didn’t give the subject deep thought, especially since AJ mentioned food and her mind seemed to erase everything else in order to focus on that. An in one ear and out the other mentality. “Ooh, yummy, okay!” Bailee obliged without any hesitation, as she was drunk and quite open to suggestion.

“Okay, good.” She was in full agreement. No bitching. No whining. No kicking. Total agreement. He could get behind this Bailee.

Suddenly, a little redhead came running with a bunch of shoes in her arms and a backpack on her back, looking like she would bulldoze right into Bails. Subconsciously, he slid his hand around Bailee’s waist and pulled her close to him and out of the freshman’s way. Annoyed, the ruffian yelled, “WATCH WHERE YOU’RE RUNNING!” Not having any idea that the tiny redhead was Damian's little sister. If he did, she would be higher on his priority list of making sure there was no date rape in her fun night.

The swiftness in which AJ pulled her to the side caused Bailee’s breathing to hitch. All she could feel was his hand firmly on her waist and nothing else. Deciding to not think of it as anything, she rolled her eyes and giggled at his angry nature. “Aww calm down, AJ, she’s just a little thing.” She stated, leaning against him. “Besides, she can’t hurt me. Can I let you in on a little secret?” Without waiting for his response Bailee leaned in close towards his ear. “I’m invincible...” She whispered, dissolving into more inebriated giggles as she attempted to stand back up straight.

Her drunk giggles were cute. Her leaning on him was cute. Her whisper was… cute. What wasn’t cute was the sudden, loud, and rude burst of laughter that escaped AJ’s lips. “Ha!” He couldn’t help himself. Bailee was like the least invincible Helmsley he’s ever met. Sure, she had a bark that matched her bite, but that was only to shield her vulnerabilities. Soft skin to match her soft heart. “OK, Bailee-kins.” Whatever you say. AJ began to walk forward, all the while lifting her up so that she walked somewhat straight. Invincible, my ass.

“You know, you can let go of me now,” Bailee commented, still feeling AJ’s hand on her waist as he pulled her along. Deciding she had felt enough of his clinginess- quite literally- she slipped herself from his grasp and walked forward without him. Her pace was very shaky, but still stable- quite surprising for someone as drunk as her. With a laugh, she looked back over her shoulder at AJ. Take that! “See! Invincible!” She excitedly chimed, believing that she was independent as she felt in that moment. But then, as all good things must come to an end, she lost her footing and began to fall towards the ground. It was fun while it lasted…

“Jesus fucking—” Stopping himself from chasing her, as his hand reached out to grab her wrist, AJ thought about what his father taught him and retracted his hand. Let people learn from their mistakes. Bailee was being ungrateful and all he did was help her this entire night. Walking, not running, AJ strolled to his friend, pretending he didn’t have enough time to save her. Bailee thought she could handle this, then fine. It was all hers to handle. “How’s the floor feel?”

In a slight daze, the brunette groaned, as she simply remained down on the ground after falling and let her head rest on the linoleum. Luckily for her, she fell in a position that didn’t reveal herself to the entire party- thank goodness. Bailee looked up at AJ, who from her spot looked like an absolute giant. So much for being invincible. “Cold,” She replied to her so called ‘friend’. Why wasn’t he helping her? Meanie. Pouting her lips and batting her eyelashes she reached out her hand to him. “Help me up, please?”

Raising an eyebrow, AJ crossed his arms and mockingly chuckled, “Now you want my help? Nah man, I’ll pass.” Next time, she’ll know better. He wasn’t going to solve her problems. AJ only offered once. Throw his offer back in his face, eat shit. He had much better things to do until she got up, like watching her in pure amusement. Leaning against the wall, he checked his wrist watch, before glancing toward her, still sprawled on the ground. “That skirt of your’s is awfully short.” He taunted.

Bailee whimpered, jutting out her bottom lip and looking sad at AJ, hoping he’d take the bait. After his sassy response, she knew that he wasn’t going to bite- but that didn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t. Like her dad said, when one door closed, many, many doors open. She was wearing a really short skirt, AJ was right about that… and she planned on using it to her advantage. Sitting up and looking around, she took a piece of Becca’s advice from earlier: Find a cute boy and make everyone jealous. Spotting the first attractive guy in her reach, she tapped his leg.

“Excuse me, hi, it’s seems I’ve fallen, partially cause of alcohol and partially because of this really, really short skirt I’m wearing.” Drunkenly, she even pointed to the fabric covering her tanned legs. “Wanna help me up?” Bailee asked the rando she had found next to her. The guy’s eyes lit up, and without any hesitation, he reached out his hand and helped the poor girl to her feet. Once standing, Bailee planted a kiss on the rando’s cheek and looked over at AJ, sticking out her tongue at him like a child.

Rolling his eyes, AJ strided onward. He was ready to fucking eat. When he got near her, slowly passing her, he intentionally muttered loudly enough, “Whatever makes a hoe feel better about herself.” Yeah, he went there. The random guy was gay and probably had an STD. If she wanted to get involved with that, that was her business entirely. Why was he even babysitting this prissy bitch? She was pathetic and didn’t even care that he was going out of his way for her.

The brunette’s jaw unhinged and dropped towards the floor. What an absolute…

“DICK!” She fumed. How dare he call her a hoe! She was far from being a hoe; miles from being a hoe! He had crossed the line- no, he had ran across the line. Storming after him (more like a drunk stumble-run if we’re getting technical), she caught up with the familiar head of hair as he was passing the DJ booth, where the music was so loud she needed to scream to be heard. “What is your damage, AJ?!”

With full on sarcasm, AJ raised his hands in faux apology, “Oh dreadful etiquette of me, I’m NOT sorry!” Refusing to turn around to look at her, but speaking loud enough so she could sure as hell hear him, he rested his hands on his ruffled mane and continued on his merry way, “I should of used the term SLAG!”

“If you really meant that you’d look me in the eyes and tell me! You are nothing but a coward, AJ Tyler!” Bailee yelled, stumbling past him towards the dining room. There was nothing like a drunk cry, and even if she didn’t know that yet, she was about to have a great one.

If he was an anime character, his veins would be showing. She was just egging him on. Always egging him on. At least this time she had the decency to use the name he preferred. “Oh is that the best you got, wannabe Helmsley?! With the people becoming fewer and fewer the closer they got to the dining hall, AJ turned around and started walking backwards, looking her dead in the eye, as he stayed absolutely steady for a ‘drunk’ person, “All you’re doing right now is pullin’ my dick, baby. News flash, the coward is you. The one that needs alcohol to have fun. Hilarious.

“I would never be caught dead anywhere near your dick, Tyler.”

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A Collaboration Feat- oh shit, wait… this isn’t a collab? Hot damn!
Featuring: Yung Steve, Justin Quentin, Brianna Chang

Suave Steve. Hot Steve. Sexy Steve. Swaggy Steve.

Yung Steve was feeling himself at this party as usual. Free drinks was a surefire way to make sure he showed up at any school function. Either that, or a promise that he was going to be able to perform his bangers. Obviously he wasn’t performing tonight (thank god), so he was taking advantage of the free drinks. Yung Stevey was a rum and coke kind of guy, that being 99% coke and like three drops of rum inside. The only thing lighter than the living legend himself was his tolerance for alcohol, and a drunk Yung Steve wasn’t exactly the best kind of Yung Steve. Not if you liked your shoes barf-free.

He was bobbing his head to the killer tunes. They weren’t bad, but the aspiring rapper knew that he could do better. He knew some of his tunes would really liven up the place, but little did he know that it would only be because of the beats and not the lyrics. Taking a meager sip of his “rum and coke” he continued to relish in his own company. People slept on him, and that was okay. He just wished that people slept with him instead.

Seeing Justin Quentin, the recently promoted quarterback pass by, Yung Steve couldn’t have passed up the opportunity to call him over. The first man to hit up his local quarterback? He didn’t mind if he did… even though if he actually wasn’t.

”Yo Justin! What’s up, bro!

Justin heard his name over the music somehow, and turned around to see that it was Yung Steve. Oh boy. Discount Yeezy over here wanted a piece of him. He didn’t have a problem with Yung Steve as a person, but his tunes - well let’s just say that Justin thought that he would be able to produce a better product after some milk and a couple of minutes on the toilet than however long it takes for Yung Steve to make a so-called “banger”.

He couldn’t turn down Yung Steve though. There was no reason not to, and now that he had made eye contact with him. Walking over to his table, Justin dapped Yung Steve before he returned the question that everyone asked but nobody wanted to truly answer.

”Ah, y’know. Just getting turnt… getting my drink on… ya feel me?”

Yung Steve raised his glass and stuck out his tongue to emphasize the point that he was getting ‘turnt’. Justin chuckled sheepishly. He was going to raise his drink, before he realized that it wasn’t exactly smart considering the drink that he had. It was a strawberry daiquiri, with more strawberry than alcohol in it. It wasn’t exactly the most manly of drinks, and Yung Steve apparently thought the same about his drink.

”Yo dude! Is that a girl drink! What the fuck, man? I thought you were some big baller like Lonzo.”

”What? This drink? This isn’t mine. I’m just holding it for someone, if you catch my drift.”

Yung Steve blinked for about two seconds, before nodding and pointing toward Justin.

”Ahhh I see… my boy Justin over here getting it! Damn that’s wassup!”

Holy shit. The lie actually worked. Just how dumb was Yung Steve? Justin couldn’t believe that the lie actually worked. Now what was he gonna do? The conversation appeared to grind to a stop, which left Justin and Yung Steve at an impasse. Justin was going to take this opportunity to exit the conversation and leave Yung Steve by his lonesome.

Yung Steve really did think that Justin was holding a strawberry daiquiri for someone. Why wouldn’t he be? He was one of the coolest guys alive. He was the only person to help Yung Steve out when he lost out on that football clout after being cut from the team. He had nothing but respect for his quarterback.

”Alright Steve-”

”Yung Steve, but go on.”

”Right… Yung Steve, uh I’m gonna head outside and just get some fresh air. I’ll check you later, man.”

”Wait shit, no way? I was about to do the same thing!”

Justin internally rolled his eyes, but externally he flashed a smile, an awkward one, but it was still something. What was he going to do now? He couldn’t just leave Yung Steve hanging but he didn’t want to be tied down by him either. He might as well have stuck it out and actually gave the poor kid some attention. Nobody else was going to, so it was up to him to be an upstanding member of the community and take one for the team.

”Tell you what. I’ll meet you outside. I’ll catch up with you… I just gotta find the girl that this belongs to.”

”Alright man, suit yourself! I’ll catch you outside.

As soon as Yung Steve departed from his table, Justin stared him down until he left the room. At that point, he pulled the straw of his strawberry daiquiri out and downed it as fast as he could. That wasn’t a good idea, and his body told him so almost immediately. Feeling the wrath of brain freeze was no bueno as he put his hands up to his temples. He waited just a bit before it subsided, exhaling before he left the dance floor/bar.

Stepping outside, Justin came to see that Yung Steve somehow got his hands on a football. The quarterback was confused, but he wasn’t going to question it. The bigger question was why the air smelled faintly of vanilla and cigarette smoke, but that was something he decided to forgo in lieu of Yung Steve.

”Yo Justin! Catch!”
Yung Steve threw, or at least attempted to, the football. It wasn’t exactly the best throw he’d seen. As a matter of fact, it was just straight up awful. It was wobbly and the ball wasn’t even pointed toward Justin. The quarterback did still manage to catch it, though.

”Pass it back, my dude!”

Yung Steve hopped up with his hands in the air, not realizing that he wasn’t in the proper position to catch the ball. Justin sighed as he took the football in his hand, getting warmed up as he was going to get into a game of catch with Yung Steve.

”Alright. Coming in hot!”

Justin turned perpendicular to Yung Steve, planting his lead foot down pointed toward Yung Steve as he wound up his arm behind him. Justin then opened up his hips and brought his arm over, following through and bringing his thumb to his pocket as he threw the football to Yung Steve.

Watching the ball sail, Yung Steve was tracking it perfectly, stepping back to give himself room. He really did look like he was going to catch it, until he didn’t. The ball met his hands, but Yung Steve couldn’t coordinate his hands to grip the ball. As a result, it bounced straight out and onto the deck.

”Good throw, dude! I’ll get it next time!”

Taking the football, Yung Steve just flung the ball forward which lead to an absolute duck. Justin caught it with ease, though. The display right now would explain exactly why Yung Steve didn’t make it on the football team. Repeating the same motion, Justin threw a slightly softer ball toward Yung Steve, which he still managed to drop. It was like Yung Steve’s hands were made of butter. No. Actually, butter got sticky, which would do a better job than those things Yung Steve called hands.

”I swear, Justin, I’m gonna make the team next year! Bet on it!”

Justin laughed as he received the ball from Yung Steve, before holding the ball to respond to Yung Steve’s ridiculous comment. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He saw birds with better hands than Yung Steve, and birds didn’t even have hands.

”Alright dude, I’ll be sure to throw to you the most!”

The starting quarterback was painfully aware that he was inflating Yung Steve’s ridiculously inflated ego, but he also didn’t want to be a party pooper. For the time being, Justin was just going to have to live with Yung Steve’s antics.

”Hey guys, mind if I join?”

Brianna had emerged from seemingly nowhere, stepping up to the boys who were playing a game of catch at a party. Nothing better to do, huh? It’s okay. Brianna didn’t have anything better to do either anyway.

For Justin, Brianna was a godsend. He didn’t really know much about her besides that he thought she was a guy earlier in the year. However, he- er she was bound to have better hands than Yung Steve. Justin pivoted and threw the football to Brianna, who caught it perfectly. Thank god, someone who could finally catch.
Brianna then threw it to Yung Steve, who actually wasn’t quite that bad at throwing. Taking a closer look at her, Justin realized where he recognized her from. Yung Steve, of course, failed to catch the ball.

”Hey… aren’t you that girl who hangs out with the Combat Club? Like with Owen and them? Not the tall chick... uh… Brianna, right?”

”Yes sir. You got that right.”

”Oh shit. That’s cool, dude. Those people in the Combat Club are some cool people.”

”Oh fuck! You’re part of the combat club?

Yung Steve hurled the ball to Justin in an embarrassingly terrible motion, before turning to Brianna who had formed a triangle between the three.

”Those dudes are my boys!!! Especially Owen.”

”Wait… you’re that rapper? Lil Steve?”

Yung Steve had the most perplexed look on his face as Brianna mislabeled him. He looked at her as if she had murdered his dog in front of him. How dare she? How dare she slander the name of Yung Steve? Damn it, another sheep that needed education.

”No. It’s Yung Steve. Not y-o-u-n-g, but y-u-n-g.”

Brianna raised her hands apologetically for getting Yung Steve’s name wrong. Seems like this guy carried himself seriously. She respected the hustle, and to a lesser extent, the attitude.

”Alright Yung Steve… why don’t you drop some bars for us? Use my name and Justin’s name as part of the lyrics. Justin can bring some beats.”

Justin promptly pulled out his phone and went on YouTube to find some instrumental. Something heavy with bass just like Yung Steve’s style. He finally found one and cranked his phone to max volume. The three stepped in closer to hear the bars and the beat faster. Yung Steve did a little weird ass dance to get warmed up as he was formulating the lyrics in that weird mind of his.

Justin and Brianna Rap
by Yung Steve

”Aw yeah. Check it.
My boy Justin
He ain’t bustin’
His sandwiches don’t leave the crust in
He don’t fuck with no crustaceans
All he gets are the bonds
He’ll throw the ball across the pond
Not like he needs a wand
He a big baller,
And he don’t need to get taller.

Now, this girl Brianna
She got a key on ya.
She’ll beat you into Africa
Yuh, bless the rains
Uh, she gonna reign
Like she Bane
She ain’t tame
Don’t give me no blame
I just want the fame
And she want the game."

A glass of milk was all it took to make something better than Yung Steve’s raps. Justin and Brianna were trying their damndest to avoid laughing at how bad these bars were.

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A @smarty0114 & @Silent Observer Collab
Featuring: Jamie Callaghan & Marshall Radley
Location: Near a stairway

Kit ran off to go find Shauna, and Marshall once again found himself high and alone. The crash of cold water had been sobering, but only mildly so. The theater boy’s system was not acclimated to drug use, so when he did use them, they inevitably hit very hard. This was one of those times. Marshall waded through his own thoughts as if he were traversing muddy waters. What was he doing? Jesus, he was freezing. So cold, so very, very cold.

Marshall looked down at his ruined outfit. His shiny black pants repelled most of the water, thankfully, but he could still feel the boxer briefs underneath them chafing uncomfortably with moisture. The soaked black button up shirt was clinging so tightly to his torso that practically nothing was left to the imagination. It might as well be painted on. Every gust of seabreeze sent icicles stabbing into his skin, and Marshall was pretty sure that the garment was freezing solid against his body.

He needed to get warm, and fast, lest he become hypothermic. That would be atrociously embarrassing… not to mention bad for his health! Warmth, where to find warmth? Oh, right! The people driers, Kit had mentioned people driers! Marshall tried to recall the young blonde’s directions to them, but he struggled to do so. She had said a lot of words, and his brain had apparently only absorbed so many of them in its current inebriated state. He was pretty sure that she mentioned that they were “up”, so heading towards the nearest stairwell seemed like the best way to go.

As the boat rocked, and the breeze played with his hair, Jamie Callaghan searched the boat, a smidge tipsy from the champagne, but his body warmer and his brain less muddled by the fears that would hold a more sober Jamie back. Trixie had told him to find his man, and that was what he intended to do. He’d searched the bar, searched the hot tub, and the pool, he even braved the mosh pit of a dance floor. No luck.

The journalist was just about to give up, until he rounded a corner and walked straight into the one and only, Marshall Radley, who was soaking wet. Jamie stammered, struggling to get the right words out. He’d been expecting to find Marshall somewhere where that he’d have time to think up the right words to say. Instead here he was, at the mercy of his instincts, and those had proven rather shoddy. It didn’t help that Marshall’s shirt was clinging to him so tight that there wasn’t a damn thing you couldn’t see. “You, uh, you’re wet,” Jamie said, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. Really? That’s what you go with? Smooth. Idiot.

Oh god.

Oh god, oh god, oh god. Marshall’s eyes blew as wide as a deer caught in the headlights of a truck. He’d thought that going hypothermic would be atrociously embarrassing, but this was approximately a million times worse. Marshall would take the hypothermia right about now. Also acting on instinct alone, Marsh did the first thing that came to mind, and immediately turned around to face the other direction, leaving his back to Jamie.

This is not how the night was supposed to go! He remembered now, the plan that he’d had. He promised Trixie that he would finally talk it all out with Jamie. It was supposed to be perfect! Marshall had gotten the full works at the salon! A wax, a facial, perfectly styled hair, a killer outfit… the works! Getting high was not in the plan, and ending up in the ocean was also not in the plan, so the plan was entirely ruined at this point.

Frantically, Marshall’s eyes darted around the boat. What was he going to do now? Run? Jump back overboard? Stand there panic-stricken like an idiot? Yeah, that seemed about right…

Jamie had been expecting a lot of things. Tears, shouting, a very well deserved slap in the face. Maybe even running away. Marshall turning around and ignoring him, however, that had been most unexpected. Confusion etched across his face, Jamie walked around Marshall, so that he was facing him again, chewing his lip as he struggled to come up with something, anything, to say. “Can we talk? About, y’know, everything?” Bam. One step in the right direction. Hopefully.

Okay, running or jumping overboard definitely weren’t in the cards. Just as Marshall had been carefully considering his options, Jamie appeared in front of him again. He didn’t immediately spin around this time, finding that there probably wouldn’t be any point in doing that. Instead, he cautiously lifted his gaze to the slightly taller boy’s face. While Marshall no doubt looked like a drowned rat, Jamie was devastatingly gorgeous as he chewed at his lip. Marsh’s eyes lingered on that freshly bitten lip for a few long moments before he brought his gaze up to meet Jamie’s.

“Uhm— ” His mouth felt as desert dry as ever. He then remembered he had a secondary quest to go get water… yet another plan that had went awry. “Yes. We’re supposed to. I mean, I made a promise that I would. So, yes.” This wasn’t going so smoothly, but it was going, at least.

Jamie took a deep breath. This was it. The moment of truth. His hands were shaking, and his voice came out softly at first, as if the words were fighting him, fearful of the outside world. Nevertheless, he spoke. “Look. I’ve liked you, like liked you, for a long time. I mean, ever since I interviewed you for the paper, and I know I’ve been awful about it. I just, I thought you and Riley were a thing, and then AJ and me have been broken up for a long time and,” Jamie had taken to rambling. He stopped himself, standing in silence for a moment, contemplating his words, before finally doing the one thing that seemed to make sense.

He moved in, grabbed Marshall’s face on both sides, and kissed him.

Everything fell away. The stress, the unspoken words, the high, the cold, his soaking wet clothing. Nothing else mattered but this moment. The feeling of Jamie’s hands against his cheeks, which were salty and wet from the ocean. His lips pressed against his own so that he could taste the salt of the sea between them. No, this night had not gone according to plan… it had gone better than Marshall could have ever imagined.

This was their fairy tale moment. The first kiss of their forever. Like the rainy kiss in The Notebook. Or the birthday kiss in Sixteen Candles. Or the iconic kissing scene in Titanic. No… this was better than any book, play, or movie that Marshall had ever experienced, because this was his. It was theirs. Fairy tale love, just like he’d always wanted. Marshall pressed deeper into the kiss. His hands went to Jamie’s waist and back, pulling him closer, forgetting about his drenched clothing for the moment, and getting Jamie’s own wet in the process. Nothing and nobody else mattered, not anymore.

Jamie had kissed a few boys in his life. AJ and a few first dates that never lead to much more, but he was firm in his belief that this, right now, was the best kiss of his young life. Maybe the best one he’d ever had. It was like his first kiss all over again, magical and sweet, and passionate, all rolled into one. The taste of the ocean, the sound of some old retro band playing in the background, everything was perfect. Finally, after what felt like forever, Jamie pulled away, grinning at Marshall like he hadn’t known what happiness was until just that moment.


Marshall’s eyelids fluttered open slowly. He hadn’t even realized that he’d closed them, but somewhere along being swept up with passion, he had. And what a glorious sight that he opened his eyes to see. Jamie was utterly beaming at him, much in the way that Marshall had frequently daydreamed that he would someday. Yet it was so much better to behold in reality. So, so much better. When Jamie asked his simple, one-worded question, Marshall didn’t respond. At least not with words. He instead leaned in and planted another quick kiss on his lips.

It was just a peck, but that wasn’t nearly enough. Not once he’d already had a taste of him. As soon as Marshall tried to pull away, some gravitational force pulled him back in. His hands moved up from Jamie’s waist, to his neck. Marsh cradled just below Jamie’s ear on one side, while his other hand worked his fingers into Jamie’s gorgeous golden hair. His curls were as perfect and soft as a dream. Marshall then licked up into Jamie’s mouth in what was sure to be far too deep of a kiss for a public display of affection, but Marshall gave absolutely no fucks about it. Let the people gawk, he deserved this, he’d been waiting long enough.

Everything felt electric. His skin was practically buzzing with it, begging to be touched. What Marshall was attributing to the magic of the moment, and to love and lust and all things in between, was actually the effects of the Uber in his system. But that realization didn’t dawn on him, and it probably never would. So the kiss was just plain magical, there was no other explanation for it. When he finally had to pull away for air, Marshall wore an equally love drunk grin and returned Jamie’s beaming gaze. “Okay.”

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A @smarty0114 & @Silent Observer Collab
Featuring: Noah “Dance With Me!” Nichols & Dixon “N-no Thanks!” Piccoli
Location: Here, there, and everywhere.

While Katie and Scott had gone for a surely uncomfortable swim in the waters below, Noah and JD had followed Cassie around the corner and back to where the real party was. Noah, who’d been slumped against JD, his head resting on the younger boy’s shoulder, perked up at the sight of the bright colors that decorated the dance floor. Grinning, he took to dancing, the best he could while completely drunk off his ass.

Cassie, to her credit, was familiar with alcohol and its effects, and had a slight bit more control over herself. Smirking, she leaned down and spoke in JD’s ear, not worried about anyone overhearing thanks to the deafening music. “He’s gonna start to crash pretty soon here, kid! I’d get your boyfriend to a room! Or at least somewhere he can puke in peace!” Cassie shouted, before smiling, patting JD on the head, and skipping off into the crowd.

Dixon blanched at her words. At the assumption. Oh god, did people think that?! He turned to face her and speak. “He’s not my—” but his defense fell on deaf ears. Cassie was already walking away. His stomach clenched in fear. Oh no, what if she told people? This was bad, mayday mayday, high alert urgent bad. He looked back to Noah, who was thankfully no longer leaning against him (not that JD minded at the time, but he would mind now), and was instead dancing. If you could call that dancing.

JD didn’t dance. For a boy whose life was so centered around all things music, dancing was so not his thing. Well, that wasn’t entirely true, he would sometimes dance while he played his viola, but that was in the privacy of his bedroom. He definitely would not be dancing at a party, in front of all of his classmates. So, instead of joining Noah, Dixon stood a healthy distance away to avoid getting roped into it.

Cassie mentioned that Noah might crash… or puke. Noah didn’t look like he was going to vom, but JD didn’t really know exactly what a drunk person about to puke looked like. His parents drank sometimes, but they never got that bad, at least not that he could remember. “Hey, uhh, are you sure you’re… okay?” JD attempted to say to Bible Dude over the noise of the crowd.

Noah was off in a world of his very own. His head swung around as his body moved, horribly offbeat, and without any semblance of rhythm. Noah didn’t generally like dancing, but tonight, well, the rules were different it seemed. He grinned at JD as he spoke to him, and shouted back a response. “I’m great!! Come dance! It’s FUN!”

Dixon stared back at him with wide eyes. Come dance? Oh no, no no no. Why did his palms suddenly feel sweaty at the very mention of that? He wasn’t normally this shy. This was… a new feeling. “Erm— I’m… good. Thanks.” Except for the fact that his heart was racing in his chest. That didn’t feel so good. Was this what people called an anxiety attack? He suddenly felt very ill. “You sure you don’t need, like, water or something?” Because JD felt like he needed some water. Where did his juice wind up, anyway? It certainly wasn’t in his hand anymore.

Noah rolled his eyes, and in a very Katie-esque fashion, grabbed JD’s hand and pulled him onto the dance floor, jumping up and down to the music, grinning, his hair flopping around. “THIS IS AWESOME!” he shouted, his inhibitions so far gone they were in another state at this point. He looked at Dixon, who looked about as happy as the Grinch, and grabbed his hand again, trying to get him to dance. “Dance with me!”

The green-haired boy looked down at the hand around his wrist as if it was branding him. He immediately thought of all of the different moves in his arsenal to gets his hand back and defend himself against this advance. But, this wasn’t the Combat Club. JD couldn’t knock a kid on his ass just for trying to get him to dance, as much as his fight or flight instincts were begging him to do so. Instead, Dixon’s eyes darted around the crowd, searching for any familiar faces that might see him if he actually went through with this. Gods, if his brothers saw him dancing with a guy, he would never hear the end of it. At least that’s what he thought, anyway.

“Okay! Okay.” JD replied. The coast seemed clear enough. Tucking himself further into the crowd of dancing bodies, Dixon danced. He tried to, at least. Noah was obviously drunk, and likely wouldn’t remember this anyway, so Dixon didn’t really care that he probably wasn’t dancing well. Neither was Noah!

Noah grinned at JD, overjoyed at the sight of him dancing. YES! Noah was excited. Mostly from the alcohol, but hey, who cares? Unfortunately, the excitement didn’t last long. The frantic movements that accompanied Noah’s dancing had the alcohol that was still in his stomach churning. It wasn’t long before Noah pushed off the dance floor and ran over to the side of the boat, puking right into the ocean. This is decidedly, not cool, he thought, as he coughed up more vodka into the waves.

Nearly as soon as he had been pulled in, JD was off of the dancefloor. Thank the gods for this fortune. Dixon carefully followed after Noah, who practically ran from his spot on the floor, and watched as the kid wretched over the railing. JD winced. “Oh… gnarly.” He said as he slowly approached the other boy from behind. “I mean, I tried to warn you… You, you don’t do this much, huh?” JD asked rather rhetorically, he was pretty sure he knew the answer to that. He momentarily put a comforting hand on Noah’s back, but quickly retracted it upon realizing what he did. “You think you want that water now? We can go chill and sit down or something.”

Noah looked up at JD, his eyes half shut as if the vodka had sapped his energy on it’s way out. He nodded, and went to stand back up, but stumbled and grabbed onto JD for support. The world was spinning. Did it always spin like this? Noah closed his eyes, hoping to block out the constant motion, his hands gripping JD’s arm like a vice. “Lead the way,” he mumbled.

Dixon felt every point of contact between their bodies with burning heat as Noah leaned against him. His heart rate once again picked up as the overactive organ beat erratically in his chest. Jesus, Dixon, get your shit together. He thought to himself as he let out a raspberry-like sigh through his lips. With a surprising amount of strength for a boy of his stature, JD easily guided the drunk teenager and himself towards the bar.

“Ahh, Just Juice, you’re back.” The snarky bartender remarked when Dixon sidled up to the bar again. The ‘tender took one look at Noah and shook his head ‘no’. “I’m afraid I can’t serve that one any more, sorry kid.”

“Just two glasses of water, please. And… uh, where’s the nearest bathroom, maybe?” Dixon requested with an apologetic facial expression, as if this inconvenience to the bartender was his fault. It wasn’t. This was entirely Katie’s fault, he was sure of it, but she wasn’t nearby enough to point the blame at. The bartender nodded and offered them two glasses of water before pointing towards the direction of the bathroom.

“C’mon, I gotcha.” JD said as he grabbed a glass from the bar and shifted Noah’s weight slightly as he stood. “I gotcha, you just gotta hold your glass. Okay? Got it?” Dixon reluctantly let go of the glass once he was sure that Noah had a grip on it, then he grabbed his own glass off of the bar and nodded towards the bartender in thanks. “Just don’t drop it, please.” JD encouraged as he made their way towards the bathroom. “We’re just gonna go find a bathroom, and maybe they’ll have some mouthwash or something for you… or… a toilet, in case you need to puke again, or whatever.” At this point, JD was just praying that they made it there before Noah puked on him. What a nightmare this party was.

Noah was mostly along for the ride at this point, as JD lead the way to wherever. He heard him mention a bathroom and Noah groaned out some sort of unintelligible response. He mumbled something again, before finally getting out the words he wanted to say. “Cabins. There’s cabins, up there,” Noah said, pointing up, his words slurred together. He was never drinking again after tonight.

“What?” Dixon turned his head to face Noah with a cocked eyebrow. The poor kid was struggling hard with his words, but he clearly didn’t like where JD was trying to take him. “Alright, okay, fine. I’ll tell you what, you just try not to drop that glass, and I’ll take you up to one of the cabins instead. Sound like a deal?”

Noah nodded, and began following JD up the stairs, clutching his glass tightly. He took a shaky sip of water, thankful for the delightfully cold, refreshing liquid. He’d found a rare moment of clarity, one that he certainly wouldn’t remember, where he suddenly knew how drunk he was and thought, Fuck. He was going to hate himself in the morning.

“Fuck.” JD unintentionally echoed Noah’s thoughts aloud. They’d reached the threshold of one of the aforementioned cabins, and the limey-haired boy was forcibly reminded of the entrance fee to get into said cabins. He’d have to write their names to sign them in. Fuckfuckfuck. There was no easy way around this one, he’d just have to bite the bullet. JD quickly looked over to a dazed-looking Noah and rolled his eyes before jotting both of their names down on the tablet. He flicked his eyes up to what was most likely a camera peeping at the partygoers above the cabin door, and promptly flipped off whoever was on the other side of the lens before stepping inside.

JD smelled nice. That was one of the many conclusions Noah had come to on his way to the cabin with his green-haired guardian angel. He collapsed on the bed, dragging JD down with him, the pair becoming a tangled heap atop the covers. Smiling contently, Noah ran a clammy hand through JD’s hair. “You have nice hair. Nice hair,” Noah said softly, his eyes half shut as he stared up at the ceiling.

Whoa! Too fast, much too fast. Noah probably didn’t mean to pull him down onto the bed. It was probably, most definitely, just because he was stumbling drunk. That theory was blown entirely out of the water, however, when the other boy reached up to touch him, just as JD was trying to untangle himself from the pile of cute boy. No, not cute. What the fuck?! And then Noah’s hand found its way into JD’s hair. The simple touch sent tingly shivers from JD’s scalp, down his spine, and straight to his—yikes! By reflex, which was insanely fast given his martial arts training, Dixon’s hand shot up and clamped around Noah’s wrist with much more strength than he intended. Pulling Noah’s hand away, he hissed out his words with equally as unintentional ferocity. “Don’t do that, Noah.”

Yikesyikesyikesyikesyikes! JD’s tone had a sobering effect on him, a scolding that made him realize he was acting like a mess. He pulled his hand back slowly, and cautiously untangled himself from JD, and standing up, wobbling a bit, but eventually finding his balance. He turned to look at JD for a moment, but let his eyes wander, to the ceiling, the walls, anywhere but Dixon. “I’m just gonna, uh, shower, and like, yeah,” Noah mumbled, before turning to walk into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him, the click of the lock practically echoing throughout the room, piercing the most uncomfortable silence on a yacht, probably ever.

JD felt frozen in time. He wasn’t sure what just happened, but he was certain that he’d never felt quite like that when someone had touched him before. It was overwhelming, and he’d reacted on instinct. He’d reacted badly, he could see that now, reflected in Noah’s mortified expression. Regardless, Dixon was helpless but to stare dumbly at the other boy, a stare that looked far too much like a judging sneer, because the shock had yet to fall from JD’s face. He was caught up, once again, in a moment of irregular heart beats, to the point that he could hear his own pulse thumping in his ears.

When Noah mumbled his intentions to shower and make himself scarce, JD simply nodded, quick and fast, and watched as the boy retreated into the bathroom. Once he was alone, and the awkwardness of the silence had passed, Dixon walked back over to the scene of the crime, and sat down on the fluffy comforter. He would stay… he owed the kid that much after being an asshole, that, and Katie would probably chew him out if he abandoned ‘her painter’ in this state. More importantly, he was staying because he wanted to, not that he would admit it.

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Featuring: Lillian Henry

Lillian Henry. Christian extraordinaire and Lover of God. Tonight was a calm and peaceful night cooped up in her room. Just her, the gentle music playing from her bluetooth speaker, and her phone. But what could she do tonight? She’d finished her homework like the good student that she was, and everyone she knew was at the party.

That was it! There was bound to be something with the party on Snapchat. Taking her phone in her hands, she pulled up Snapchat on her phone. It was crazy that such an old app was still relevant today, even after the shitty updates along the way. Scrolling past the sea of opened red arrows, she eventually found her way onto the public story that the party had. This was going to be great.

Lily was finally going to be able to see what in God’s name they were up to. She knew the whole lot of them were sinners. She didn’t want to be associated with such a vile bunch of people, hence her being at home instead like the good person she was. God was coming to strike them down with fire and fury come judgment day.

She knew that someone like Marshall Radley was going to be burning at the lowest ring of hell. That faggot. The sheer thought of his existence was enough to make Lily’s stomach turn. He was one of the most unnatural of them all. Men weren’t supposed to be with other men, and the amount of sin that he possessed in his body was just too much. Lily hoped that he was one of the first ones God would strike down. The Faggots deserved to burn, the whole lot of them. Marshall, Paul, Toby - all of them. Even the bisexual ones, too. It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Moving onto the next slide, she saw someone who she also didn’t like. Trevor Wells. Now granted, she didn’t have much against him, but she had a crush on him and he shut her down, so that soured her opinion on him. Though, he was a ginger, so it wasn’t like he had much of a soul anyway. Neither did his stupid girlfriend, either. They were probably going to break up soon anyway. How could two souls become one if neither person had one in the first place?

Lily audibly scoffed, before moving onto the next snap. Brynn Payne. She was definitely a Payne in Lily’s ass. Just because she lost weight and joined the group of those brainless thots known as Candyland didn’t make her any better. Lily kind of hoped she stayed fat though, so that God would take her earlier and get rid of her on this Earth.

Rolling her eyes, she came across a snap of the cute little Korean girl known as Min-Seo. Yeah, no. She wasn’t cute. She had no place here. There were enough of these fucking gooks at the school already, and another one of them wasn’t going to make things better. There were billions of them across the pond. Why would they be coming here? Why couldn’t she have been from the other side of the Korean border and ended up like the rest of the people from there? Not like she would’ve been missed. It was one measly girl out of billions of people that looked just like her.

Sam was in the background of that snap, and that sort of struck a nerve with Lily. Since the first time they laid eyes, Lily despised her. That was the “short-haired Sam” era, where she knew that she was nothing but unpure. So what if she fought people for a living? That just meant her brain was going to be turning into mush, which was going to lead to CTE and eventually she was going to end up hanging from the ceiling or with her brains splattered on the wall. Good riddance, whenever that happens.

Marina Dover. Now that was a specimen that Lily didn’t like. Sure, she had a cool accent, but that was the only thing that Lily actually liked about her. This made Sam Lassiter look like an angel, with all the sluttery and drugs she consumed. She was nothing but a no good whore, and she was going to be nothing better than one in the future. Lily expected to find her in the middle of nowhere, sucking some homeless guy off for some cheap blow and living off of welfare.

The next person was also someone that Lily didn’t like (do you see a recurring theme here, guys?). Fawn Woods. What an abomination. First off she couldn’t hear in the first place. Why would you ever want a baby that couldn’t even hear? One of these days, she was going to get hit by a car because she couldn’t have heard it coming, and the world would be a better place for it. The less of these abominations there were in the world, the more likely there were to be people who actually deserved to be on this world.

Jamie Callaghan? Hah! What a fag. Same thing went for the rest of his kind. They deserved to be culled. Rounded up into a pen like the animals that they were, and put out of their misery. How selfish were they? Lily didn’t understand faggots like Jamie.

She also didn’t understand someone like Quincy. A girl with a boys name? Might as well have thrown her in the pen with all the other faggots in there too. All she ever seemed to do was to smoke weed. Not productive for society, eh? If you consumed drugs, you deserved to be locked up and killed to be dumb enough to put that filth in your body.

Panda. What kind of fucking name was Panda? What an awful name to even even worse person. It didn’t take a genius to know that she was also one of the faggots. Sure, she tried to hide it, but Lily saw right through it. She knew. She wished that faggots like her would see the light, but evidence had shown that it would never be the case. They needed to be exterminated, like a cancer.

So did Gary. He deserved to be rid of as well. Not because he was gay, as far as she knew, but just because of how useless he was. All he ever did was start trouble, and there was no place for that in God’s world. God was going to take care of him, and she hoped that he would suffer a painful punishment for wasting the life that God had been so kind to give him.

Olivia was the same story as Sam. Lily knew that one of these days, she’d see on the news that Olivia had committed suicide because of all that brain damage she took from fighting. She knew those people had nothing in that skull of theirs. Whatever, it wasn’t like they were good for anything else, anyway. Otherwise they wouldn’t be fighting in the first place.

Yung Steve? He was a fool. Did he really actually think he was some hot shit? He was no better than any other of those chinks. Ariseo, Kaznami, Ching Chong Li- they all looked the same to her anyway. The so called “music” he was creating was better suited in the garbage can, especially with those sinful lyrics that he wrote. You might as well have thrown Steve in there as well, as you couldn’t have a better fit.

And there was that freshman, Kit. Lily actually felt bad for Kit. She was new to school but already she was on a path of sin, one that there was no coming back from. Hanging out with people like whiny fuck Henry and his chink girlfriend Miniana was going to be something that God couldn’t forgive. What a shame, though. She was adorable but she wasn’t ever going to see the light, and those who weren’t going to see it deserved what was coming to them.

Hailey was another person that Lily could’t stand. She was just an overall bitch. But, deep down inside, Lily knew that she wasn’t going to amount to much. She wasn’t jackshit. She was just all daddy’s money, and once the Green Corporation was going to fail, so was she. You take that money out of the equation and she’d sink like the Titanic. But, knowing how corporations were, someone was going to be behind Hailey being kidnapped and held for ransom. Maybe she’d be killed. It’d be better if she was.

Trixie Kingsley was someone who really rubbed Lily the wrong way. Nothing but a cheating whore. Not like her ex-boyfriend was any better, but cheating was probably one of the worst things you could do. Even someone like Lily knew that. Trixie deserved the worst. She deserved whatever sexually transmitted disease she was going to get from being the whore that she was.

Finally, last and equally least, AJ Tyler was the last snap on the story. The guy liked racing fast cars, yeah? Well, Lily took solace in the fact that he was most likely going to crash and end up a vegetable for the rest of his life. It was what he deserved. He was an asshole for being who he was and endangering other people. Quite frankly, death was too kind of a release for him.

The story concluded and Lily sighed. She looked at the time. It was getting late, which meant that Lily should probably head to sleep.

That she did, happy that she was able to internally vocalize her hatred for everyone.

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Collab with @Kitty@Lovely Complex@Melissa
Location: Dining Area

Taking out wireless bluetooth earbuds, Jax gave Josie the right bud and he took the left. Wireless earbuds would give them mobility, as they listened to the same tune. They were fortunate enough to find that the dining area was completely empty. It was just them and food, but neither would eat. He didn’t want to eat. Jax was going to relax. What better way than to show a pretty girl that he was a man of many talents.

He played a slow edm song, Feels, by Kiaara, that he made a remix too, which felt right and suited the vibes of the night. The song twirled around like thread around them.

And I've got way too many feels,
Way too much emotion
And I don't even know it's real
And I say fuck it, keep on going
I get deeper, I get deeper

Before he drew her closer, Jax revealed to the dancing queen that he knew some moves that only animation dancers were well versed in, specifically Mia Rothstein, famous music choreographer (for big names like Amity Bellerose — now Amity Snyder — a huge pop idol). Mia, who co-owns INITIATE, with Summer Snyder. Yeah, he lied about not knowing how to dance. He loved music, and with his love for music, he took it upon himself to learn a few things by watching YouTube videos.

Yeah, I feel in love and I can see you, yeah I can see you
I don't know
I think I'm loving you
I've got way too many feels,
Way too much emotion

With that charming, cool smile that would be engraved on the dancer’s mind from here on out, Jax was thinking about nothing else, but her company, as he alternated how he contracted and relaxed his muscles, in his arms, legs, and torso. His body popped and locked with every other beat and he moved every part of him, like he was both water and metal. One thing he learned from the videos he watched, dancers could harness the elements that make up the Earth. If the song required fire, they would show that burning heat, with their expression, with their strident, hot aggression, and with their fiery passion for their art. If the song needed electricity, the dancer would send a surge through not only themselves, but to those that watched them. For Jax, he knew he needed the fluidity of water, but also the control of metal. Contrasting elements, that he made work. A human robot.

And I don't even know it's real
And I say fuck it, keep on going
I get deeper, I get deeper

When the keyboard entered the song, he smoothly turned on his heel and gilded backwards to her, lifting his left heel, leaving his toes on the ground, and sliding his right foot back. Then he repeated with the opposite side. Yeah, your boy was moonwalking.

Yeah, I think I'm in love, yeah I see you, I can see you
I know
I'll just keep going
I've got way too many feels,
Way too much emotion

While he made his way towards her, he playfully snapped his fingers when the ‘snap’ noise resonated in the room and turned when the singer said the words:

All the senses on my body,
Yeah, I say fuck it, keep on drowning
And you can pour some more
Yeah, you mix it, pour a potion

His face no longer was ‘cool’. No, this strange rarity had a smug smirk plastered on his face and his eyes sparked with this child-like curiosity. Jax was a child in a body of a man, with a pool full of talents, seeping out of him, waiting to be recognized.

I don't know who you are
But I dive into your ocean

The fire and electricity entered the dance when he grabbed her hand and pulled her in, close to him. He was allowing her to feel the warmth of his confidence and strength. If there was one thing about Jax, he was undoubtedly self-assured with himself. His only baggage was dealing with the rift that he had with his father, but that didn’t matter right now. What mattered was them taking pleasure in being close with each other, letting their bodies move in harmony. He would let her take the lead now. She was the dancer, after all.

The music flowed in through her ear and through her body, every beat becoming a part of her. Every note giving her body life. Upon the beginning of the song, Josie had closed her eyes, letting every part of it flow through her so each emotion and element could be felt from the music. When she finally opened her eyes she couldn’t help as they widened upon seeing Jax dancing. The boy could dance and internally she was flipping out, luckily the music kept her calm on the outside as he danced. His dancing wasn’t just any dancing though. Dancing that she recognized was similar to the style of one of her bosses, Mia Rothstein.

Despite her body moving slightly to the beat of the music, her mind was fully focused on the boy dancing in front of her. A grin plastered on her face as she watched him harness the elements through his body and dance moves. When the blonde moonwalked she couldn’t help the slight giggle that escaped her lips, her hand moving to her mouth as she giggled. He was almost a bit childish but not too much so, the childishness sparking in his eyes for a moment when he was moving closer.

Fire and electricity left his body and entered hers when Jax grabbed Josie’s hand. The same fire and electricity from the song that fueled the dancer’s growing desire to dance herself. Then he pulled her in. The two were practically chest to chest, his warmth and confidence radiating off his body causing Josie to internally swoon. Looking up to him as the music continue to play, she felt as he relinquished control over the pairs movement. He was letting Josie take the lead.

Forgetting all her emotions she let the music take over. The music moved her in a mix of elements, smoothly but with some sharpness. She took the lead expertly. The two of them moving with the rhythm of the music, each slight change in the song bringing a slight change to Josie’s moves. She danced with Jax, leading him with the movement of her own body. Not caring at how close she was getting -even if it would come back to ‘haunt’ her later- nor how their movements looked. To her it was just dancing, she was in another world when music was playing and this time Jax just so happened to be apart of the same world.

Sleek, slim, slender… Josie brought out beauty, no matter how seductive and smoking she was. Jax admired someone with passion and this girl danced like the music was the only thing keeping her alive, as if the music flowed into her like an IV drip. There were subtle touches on her body. Although his hands did explore, they explored respectfully. He was close, extremely close. So close that someone could mistake them for intimate lovers. And yet, his gaze never left her.

Anyone who was on the receiving end would be bewildered by his stare. There was a deepness in them, like the bottom of the sea. Distant and present, all at the same time. Did he like her or was this simply a moment? Moments could always lead somewhere...

“Do you have a channel?” He curiously whispered. Random, but that’s what was on his mind. If she had a Youtube channel, he would follow her. Maybe even offer his filmmaking skills. Yeah, the moment was over as fast as it came. Jax was not thinking about the dance they were sharing.

Seeing his eyes, the look he was giving her. It made butterflies begin to flutter in her stomach and her thoughts begin to wander and think of what it meant, if maybe he liked her too. All at the same time Josie continued to move with the music, that all came to a stop when he whispered those five words. Those words caused her to stop what she was doing and look at him, a mix of confusion and hidden disappointment in her eyes.

“Do I have a channel?” The girl asked him, “Like as in a YouTube channel? Cause if you do, I don’t.” Both confusion and bewilderment were written on Josie’s face as she looked up at Jax. Her mind wondering if she did something wrong or if he was bored of dancing with her already. She thought they were having a moment but now she was confused and unsure of everything. This boy was completely messing with her mind.

“Oh you don’t? You should totally make one! I can help you get a jumpstart at it. Your dancing is wicked good for others NOT to see it.” What Josie may eventually learn, or not, depending on her time with this boy, Jax came with both talents and endless thoughts. They jumbled around in his mind, some organized in lists, some simply kept in storage. His mother told him he was a creative genius, unfortunately the downside with that was everything else that life had to offer, like love that stood right in front of him, flew right over his goddamn head.

With the dance coming to a close, he took out his phone, getting ready to show his channel where it consisted of primarily the burners, skaters and daredevil. They did a lot of crazy, stupid stunts. He had another channel, less popular, that was for storytelling, but he had way too many ideas for it and it wasn’t nearly as focused as he needed it to be. The music came to a stop, when he opened the YouTube app.

Before he could show her anything though, two loud, very loud voices could be heard:

“I would never be caught dead anywhere near your dick, Tyler.”


Looking at Josie, Jax frowned, “I’m not ready to go back to work.” He was having fun with her.

“I’d like that. I know I couldn’t make a channel myself so I’d really like that.” If it meant more time with Jax then Josie would be down for it. As he pulled out his phone and the song ended, she grew curious and was gonna ask what he was doing only for the shouting to be heard. When she looked at Jax and saw his frown, Josie knew she also didn’t want her time to end with this boy. So she did the only thing she could think of, she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the supply closet with her. Only after shutting the door did she realize it was an EXTREMELY tight fit.

So tight that she most definitely could feel his lip ring against her lips… actually, scratch that. His whole lip was on her lips. Everything happened fast and now they were in the dark closet, hardly able to see each other, his steady breathing tickling her face, as their lips touched.

The kiss lingered while…

Outside the closet, AJ went straight to the table of food, ignoring the drunk girl. Fully frustrated, he slapped his hand on the plate of pigs in a blanket, grabbed a handful, and stuffed his face. Bitch taking blows at his dick when she’s never even seen a dick. Well, a dick that wasn’t her twin’s or her father’s. He purposefully filled his mouth so that if she wanted him to speak, he could not. To annoy her even more, he chewed like a cow.

Bailee staggered and stumbled into the room after AJ, the amount of anger and frustration she was feeling growing by the second. She would learn later that alcohol was like adding a log to a fire- it kept things going for longer and made things erupt in flames even more than normal. “Which is why you shouldn’t be calling me a slut in the first place!” Bailee yelled, feeding the flames of their battle. A drunk hiccup escaped her lips as she walked closer to AJ, brows furrowed. “This is Becca’s fault, she told me to drink and have fun in order to forget the problem and now I’m dealing with it all over again,” She thought out loud as she grew more and more irritable.

Like the asshole that he was, he pointed to his full mouth and even pushed food out to drop on the ground. Sorry, can’t talk. Too busy eating. Maybe the more she spat shit out, she’d figure out the fault in her actions. Y’know, like forgetting a problem rather than dealing with it? Obviously, the sensical route did not make sense to her. Instead of putting the blame on herself, she was blaming everyone else, like her twin that gave her bad advice and was better at dealing with her emotions. Putting his pointer finger up, telling her to hold up, but really hoping she’d just keep going, AJ grabbed a pitcher of water and started slowly guzzling it down. Taking his sweet fucking time.

The brunette kept on talking. She didn’t care if AJ was too busy eating to care. The girl was on a mission… whatever is was. In her mind the words she was saying rang clear as a bell, but in actuality she stuttered and hiccuped through her words. “You can’t just waltz in here and call me names when you didn’t even try to talk to me when I was gone! You-”

“NOT FUCKING TRUE!” AJ put the half empty pitcher back on the table and wiped his mouth aggressively. “Not my damn fault you block notifications on your phone when you’re at meetings. You know what that does? It doesn’t show anything from others until you remember to enable it. I’m not your bitch, Bailee. I’m not going to spam you until you message me back. I’ll call or text every so often, but if I get nothing in return, that ain’t my problem. It takes two to tango and I did my part. When the fuck do you ever do your’s?” By now, he was making his way toward her, visibly fed up.


That was all that Bailee had to say in response. Her drunk-angry demeanor changed to solemn and sad in two seconds flat. What else could she say? The man had a point. Even intoxicated Bails knew he was right. It was the same thought she had earlier when she knew she hadn’t been there for him over the past few months. And this was the cherry on top of her disappointment sundae. Her emotions usually weren’t this volatile, but that’s what tequila did for you. Looking up at him through her eyelashes, which were starting to become blurrier with a few small tears, she let silence rang through the room except for another small hiccup escaping from her lips. After a few moments she spoke, “Is that why you’ve been an absolute dick to me? Because I’ve been a dick to you?”

God-fucking-dammit. He made her cry. With furrowed brows, AJ shook his head, “No, Bails.” He paused and took a step closer. With his pointer finger, he lifted her face by the chin, to look up at him, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m just kind of a dick.” He gave a goofy grin. There was more to it, like yeah, he did kind of hold grudges, and yeah, he was spiteful. BUT, he was a dick to her today, because of this morning. Because she used his first name. Because she told him how to deal with his break up, when he didn’t want to deal with his break up. But the main reason was, AJ most definitely was categorized at this school as an asshole. He just was… a dick!

Bailee let herself look up at AJ for only a second and then turned her head away quickly. She didn’t like it when people saw her cry. Beginning to wander around the room, she let her feet drag on the ground, refusing to pick them up with each step. They felt heavy, like bricks were taped to her shoes. “Drinking makes me mean,” She mused, letting her eyes drift from wall to wall. She wasn’t sure what exactly gave her the urge to walk aimlessly, but whatever it was, she was glad she wasn’t making eye contact anymore. “And you’ve been the one to deal with mean me. You deserve an award or something,”

“I got an idea.” In a matter of seconds, Bailee’s feet were no longer on the ground. With ease, AJ swooped her up and threw her over his shoulder, her plump ass right by his face. “To our next destination, Bailee-bails!” Nope, he wasn’t going to tell her where they were going. They were just going.

“Noooooo AJ, put me down.” The brunette whined like a two year old as she felt herself being picked up. As all the blood rushed to her head she grew slightly dizzier, which only made her giggle like an idiot. “Where are we going?” Bailee asked, hitting her hands on AJ’s back.

The last thing the people in the closet heard was AJ say: “A bedroom.”

The supply closet door opened and the two that were hidden inside of it were no longer interlocking lips. It had already been almost thirty minutes since Jax has been away from the DJ stand. “Sorry about that, I hope my ring didn’t hurt you.” The handsome blond’s face softened, hoping she didn’t mind being awkwardly stuck in a closet with him.

Josie nodded absentmindedly not quite hearing what he said, the words just going in one ear and out the other. “I got to go. I’ll see you around.” The dancer took the earbud out of her ear and handed it to him before walking out of the room.

“Wait, you don’t want my number?” The girl was gone before they could exchange digits. Welp, back to work Jax went.

As soon as she was out of the room she took off running to find Savannah. Josie needed her redhead right now.

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Collab with @Lovely Complex as Kylie Lyon
Date night, Captain Cuddles

Owen had called Captain Cuddles ahead of time. He’d had a sneaking suspicion that his mother would want to go there. She had her likes and dislikes, and Owen knew them fairly well; after all, he’d known her all his life! So, by the time they’d taken their seats at a table in Captain Cuddles, the food was already done and it was brought to them almost immediately. Perks of being friends with the owner, Owen supposed. Once the food was laid out in front of them, Owen realized that they had a bit of a spread; and he may have over done it. There were two small, six slice pizzas, one for Owen, cheese, no sauce, thick, cheese and bacon stuffed crust; and one for Kylie; Kylie’s pizza was thick crust as well (the Lyon family had tastes), and had every meat in the game on it, extra of bacon (which Owen figured was probably her favorite). It didn’t stop there, however, there was also an order of crazy bread, with a few cups of ranch beside, and two baskets of Owen’s favorite snack: spuds. To drink, there was a pitcher of Mountain Dew, and a pitcher of Sprite. All things considered? Not a bad meal, if a bit heavy.

After the food had been laid out in front of them, Owen decided to immediately jump to the point. “You know, all things considered, Damian’s not that bad of a dude. He’s kind of a bit… much, but he’s not bad. There are worse dicks that she could fall in love with. Joy, I mean.” There, keep the heat on Joy, and off of himself. Easy.

Unfortunately for Owen, his mom was gawking at all the food in front of her. As a habit, she took out her phone to call Troy, “Your father is going to kill me. I can’t eat all this.” She had to ask permission to see how much was too much. She’s had a perfect body since forever and she couldn’t ruin it now because of her old eating habits and how delicious all this cheesy… meaty… goodness looked like. Oh my goodness, there was also Mountain Dew. A gamer girl’s best friend. Her best friend back in the day.

Owen reached over and snatched her phone from her, shaking his head as he stuffed it into his pocket. “Relax, it’s okay. He’ll never know, just run harder tomorrow, and you’ll burn… uh, some of it off. Not all of it, but some of it… You’re married, and he’s not going anywhere. Just tell him sex burns calories, or something. Dad will live, and you’ll get to enjoy some food.” He explained, taking a bite from a piece of pizza. “Come on, you don’t want that hard earned Lyon money to go to waste, do you? If you don’t eat any of it, I’m throwing it away and pouring the Dew down the drain, so just Dew it.”

“Okay, okay…” This may lead to a spanking later, but she could handle it. Troy loved her and this wouldn’t be the first time she’s cheated on her diet. Its just been awhile since she’s slipped in some junk in her belly. The first thing she went for was the Dew. She loved Dew so much. When she was a teen, that was all she drank. It kept her going when she played games online with her friends! After she drank a fair amount of Dew, still lady-like though, she slapped her glass on the table and gave a sigh of relief. Mama was happy.

“Wait, what about Joy?” Kylie didn’t look up from the table. She was too busy preparing herself to devour everything.

“She’s with O’Connor now. Damian. Mel’s kid. The really tall jacked one? The one who when he walks down the halls it makes women faint? Chiseled jaw? Iron corded muscles? Fantastic facial hair? I’m actually really jealous of the facial hair.” Owen explained, while stuffing another bite of pizza into his mouth, and shrugging. “From what I understand, they hooked up at the New Year’s party, then again in the library, then again and her house while she was babysitting JJ’s kid. The little dude? That’s all I know, though I only really got his half of the picture, and even then part of it is just me trying to piece things together. When Damian says ‘we hooked up,’ it could mean they just kissed, and it could mean he boned her.”

Oddly rational for his mother, Kylie chewed on a piece of pizza and shrugged, “So say they did have sex, why do you care?” And then the door opened into something Owen didn’t need to hear, “Me and your father, we use to have sex everywhere. The bedroom. The kitchen. The closet. The car. On the car. Various places on school property…. Actually, use to? We still do! I approve of sexual exploration!” She took another bite of pizza, before adding one last comment, “Do I believe he had sex with Joy? Absolutely not. Yes, I had a feeling when they were younger, there was something there, but you should know your sister. She isn’t that type of girl. Not yet, at least.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Owen asked after she told him all the places his parents had sex before. That one, he didn’t need to know. “I don’t know, it doesn’t matter to me. I just don’t want to talk about how shitty my life is lately.” Owen said in a defeated tone as he threw one of the fried potato rounds into his mouth. “It really does suck, Mom. I worked hard to make everyone around me happy, then boom. Blew up in my fucking face. Now I’m left trying to fight a fight I can’t win, and on a slippery slope.”

“I just want her.”

“Aw, Pumpky.” After wiping her hands of grease, Kylie reached over the table to rest her right hand on her son’s left. She gave it a little squeeze, before comforting him, “Being a teenager is rough. Being a teenager in love is even more rough. And if you think about it, it was you versus the product of two extremely terrifying women and one very genuine man. Hailey Green. She is, after all, an apex predator. I don’t think you’ve lost, though. When your father got down, and he felt like nothing mattered, things turned around. The Elite, the original Elite, were always at ends with Alyssa and Eve, but in the end? Love made politics pointless. I promise, baby, things will turn around. I can’t tell you how, but I know it’ll end with you smiling.” Kylie ended her spiel with a reassuring smile.

“Well, I hope you’re right. Hailey’s a psycho, I didn’t realize it until I got talking to Henry. Maybe dude’s a little bias, maybe he goes a little hard in on her, but I dunno. His idea of her seems pretty accurate, based on what I’ve seen… I wish Trixie had never been friends with her, but I can’t change the past. I can only make sure the course of my future is alright.” Owen bit down on another piece of greasy, delicious pizza, munching it down before he looked up at his mother. “Hey, uh, mom? I’m sorry I got suspended. That’s, uh, my bad.”

“Eh, suspension is only temporary. If you got expelled, that would be a different story. This just means I get more time with you! But also.” She freed his hand and went back to her food, “You followed your heart and protected your classmate. I can’t fault you for that. You are your father’s son.” It’s scary how similar Troy and Owen are, but genetics were strong in their family.

“I can’t believe they suspended me for that. I just helped some kid out and they were like ‘see ya, fucking nerd.’ Isn’t that fucking crazy? I thought Dad helped people out all the time when he was younger? How did he manage if they kick you the fuck out for it?” Owen made a face, biting down on another chunk of pizza. “I’m not willing to die on this hill. Not for Jamie fucking Callaghan.”

Fear is how Troy got away with murder. Students and teachers feared him. He put people in their place. He was the bully of bullies. Occasionally, yeah, he did get suspended, but not as much as he should of had. Raising her eyebrow, Kylie sipped her Dew and asked, “Have I ever seen Jamie before? Do we know the Callaghans? I’m usually good at remembering families…” Perplexed, she went through her brain cabinets and tried to recall the Callaghans.

“Oh, yeah you definitely know one of them. You know how Scott is always complaining about some girl? That’s Jamie’s sister. Here, look. Judge your nephew’s future wife.” Owen said, pulling his phone out and bringing up Katie’s instagram, so that Kylie could scroll through it, holding it for her to see. “I think she’s even friends with Joy?”

“Best friend, actually.” Ah! The Callaghans. Now she remembered. Jamie was close with Trixie, and if she wasn’t mistaken, dated Hailee’s son for a little bit. Not anymore, though. AJ was too much like his father. Too much B-Rad. Jamie couldn’t handle it. Yes, Kylie kept tabs on people — sometimes. Intrigued now, she gestured for her son to ‘gimme’ the phone.

“Here, here. Geeze.” Owen said, putting the phone in her hands. “Just be careful with it.”

Excitedly, Kylie quickly used her pointer finger to swipe down Katie’s instagram. She was a pro using the phone. However, mama was also a nosey mama. As such, she pretended to look at this cute girl’s page but also went to check out her son’s other apps. Like Snapchat!

Part of her wanted to believe some girl could help him get over Trixie. She didn’t know if Trixie would ever come back, but maybe he had a friend that would randomly send him nudes. That would get his mind off things for sure! In confusion, she stared at his phone and then absentmindedly asked out loud, “Who’s Lover?” That couldn’t be Trixie, could it?

Owen squinted at his mother for a second after she spoke, leaning forward. “That’s, uhm… That’s Trixie. That’s what her contact name is, I mean. I never changed it… Why? What happened?” Owen was leaning forward now, getting ready to snatch the phone away from his mother. Was Trixie texting him? Calling him? This was important now! Why hadn’t he been getting any notifications!?

Assuming she was given privileges now, Kylie looked at the number of snaps, then checked elsewhere… missed calls, texts, a voicemail…. Okay, this wasn’t something she should look into. Not saying a word, she gave her son his phone back. Owen took the phone away from her and pulled down the notifications, and his heart sank as he saw how much stuff he’d missed. He opened first the snaps, and squirmed a little in the chair, remembering when he used to get stuff like that every day. Then he opened the text messages, and if were even possible his heart sank even further.

She probably thought he hated her, or that he didn’t want to talk to her, when really? It was the exact opposite. All he wanted to do was talk to her, or see her, or even text her. He wanted to tell her that he’d never done anything to hurt her, and to come back, please? It was with a shaky hand that he put the phone to his ear to listen to the voicemail.

And that sucked. She still loved what? Him?! Owen put the phone down, and slid it in his pocket. He looked at the food with glassed over eyes, before turning his attention to his mother. “Mama… I’m sorry, but we have to go. I have to go.”

“Okay, absolutely we can go. Come on, Pumpkin.”

From Owen’s other pocket, Kylie’s phone began to ring. Owen reached into his pocket and pulled out the phone without looking at it, handing it over to her. Before she answered the phone, for a moment she forgot the seriousness of the moment and did a little sway to the tune. She had sex with Troy while this song played.

Focus, Kylie! Picking up the phone, but choosing to put it on speaker, Kylie greeted her husband, “Hey love, you having fun?”

“Kylie. I’m drunk. We’re all three drunk. There’s a drunk girl on Owen’s bed. She passed out. Call your cousin and tell him his helicopter is here. I’m too old for this fucking shit.”

“O-oh. Okay. I’ll get to that right away. See you soon. I love youuuuuuu.”

“I love you bunches and bunches. Sorry, I’m grumpy. She was crying a bunch and Ty had to handle her. He’s surprisingly good at that… Bye, baby.”

“Can you hurry up? We’re on the clock,” Owen snapped, standing up and getting ready to rush out of the restaurant. “Send the food to the house, please!” He yelled at whoever was behind the counter, before Owen was on his way, moving at the speed of light toward the door.

“Okay-baby-see-you-soon-byeeeee!” Kylie hung up first, which only happened when she was in mama mode, and ran behind her son, catching up, in heels. This milf was pro at running in heels. When she was tailing him, she tried to calm him down, “Owen, everything is going to be okay! Look, she’s probably at our house right now.”

Owen didn’t seem to answer — he either didn’t know, or didn’t care, and when they were both in the car, he did 105 the whole way home.
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@Universorum and @Fabricant451
Location: The Karaoke Room
Featuring: Kit “Pick Me Up!” Thomas and Sam “Sing With Me” Lassiter
Interacting with: The crowd, man! It’s rock n roll life.

Kit wanted to watch the speech. She wanted to participate, to enjoy the show, and support her friend and her friend’s new boyfriend on their adventure! Unfortunately, Kit had a minor issue with that. She was too small! She couldn’t see a damn thing with the sea of people that walked the halls of her school, she could only assume this would be even worse. There were certain to be way more people at this party than at school! People liked parties. They hated school! So, Kit decided she needed a vantage point of some kind… She had found her way to the stage and looked around for a vantage point, and hadn’t found any of them. As far as she could tell, this section of the boat was not made with short people in mind.

Kit was fucked.

She hadn’t seen any of the tall people that she knew on this stupid boat! No Owens, minimal Scotts, exactly zero AJs, not even a Marshmallow! She was convinced that some of that list wasn’t even at the party; she had physically been with Marshall, so she knew he was there. She had heard what she thought was Katie Callaghan screeching like a banshee earlier, and Kit figured that Scott would be in that vicinity. He usually was. AJ she hadn’t seen, and AJ didn’t like to really ‘spend time with people’ ever, so Kit assumed he wasn’t there either. Owen? Owen hated everything so he definitely wasn’t there!


There was one last person she knew that was tall! One last bastion of hope. The really tall girl that hung out at the combat club! She’d be perfect for Kit’s needs. She just had to think of where she might find her… What was her name? Sam? Sammy? Same? Yeah, that was it. Sammy. There were like a thousand ways to say Samantha, but Kit liked Sammy the most; and she was rather confident that Owen was autistic, considering the way he called her Same. Where could she possibly be, though? Kit wished she was better about keeping numbers and updating her contact list, it certainly would come in handy now.


Sammy liked singing! Karaoke and stuff. Kit remembered that from the get togethers. She would get on stage and sing, though her skill was debatable, she certainly did her best. Kit remembered the performances fondly, and knew that anyone who embarrassed herself that much and that happily consecutively at family gatherings wasn’t a karaoke casual. She was a professional, a true machine.

Kit beamed, a bright toothy smile. Her problem was solved! She just had to remember where the karaoke machine was… By the gameroom! But not in the gameroom, because by some grace of God, whoever designed this boat was intelligent enough to know that you needed to keep those things separate. Sounds in games was fucking core, and no karaoke machine should hurt that. Once Kit made her way to the room with the kegs, and the karaoke machine, she scanned the people in the room. It wasn’t hard to find Sammy; she towered over most everyone in the room, and once Kit found her, Kit used the Kit method of getting her attention. That is to say, instead of walking over to her, she just yelled.

“SAMMY! I NEED YOU!” There. That should do it.

The best thing about karaoke was it had a habit of letting people know exactly the kind of person you are, and Sam, being something of a karaoke god, was quite familiar with the type of people that populated around a karaoke machine. There were the ‘Vanilla Lattes’ as Sam called them because they only ever sang top 40 songs and they had a high likelihood of being blonde or as smart as one. There were the Mumblers who didn’t really want to be there but were dragged along to make everyone else sound better. There were the Steves, so named by Sam because they were people who sang rap music and had no idea what flow was and every single time they dropped their voice when the language turned a bit racial. Sam’s favorite group was the Belters, the people who sang loudly and didn’t care about their score, they were just there to have fun.

Now that Sam had been the one to kickstart the karaoke, the room was somewhat lively; it helped that Sam was insistent on bringing a few kegs into the room even if she had to carry them herself. Nothing helped people sing in front of people quite like lowered inhibitions and red solo cups. Sam was picking out her song, her third of the night, and was just about settled on a rousing rendition of the seminal piece of turn of the millennium pop punk that was Fatlip when her attention was taken by the dulcet shouts of another freshman. This one at least didn’t spill her beer.

The voice belonged to Kit, someone who showed up to the combat club and ate all the best snacks from the vending machine, which was only slightly more annoying than when she shouted at Sam. It was probably because Kit was naturally loud but Sam couldn’t help but to think it was because of the height difference, like when Sam had her growth spurt and suddenly everyone was asking how the weather was up there, before she realised that shoving and slapping people made sure they never asked that again.

”What do you want, dude, I’m about to go on.” Sam called over the crowd of people; if Kit wanted something she would have to come to Sam.

Success! She had attention, which was the important part. Kit pushed and shoved her way as best she could toward the stage, calling to Sam all the while. “I need to sit on you! Kinda like a chair? While I watch Min and Henry do their thinger!” By the end of her statement, Kit had climbed atop the stage beside Sam, though her volume didn’t really change. Kit was one of those kids who suffered from a lack of volume control, and as such her entire thing was heard by everyone in the room, some of whom snickered and some of whom looked on in disbelief.

“You’re really kinda my only hope.” Kit muttered in shameful defeat, kicking at the ground. “I can’t do this alone, and I can’t sit on AJ, Scott, or Owen, or Marshall! They’re all gone. I knew you’d be here though; your number one defining character trait is the love of karaoke!”

There was something to be said for Kit’s tenacity; a lesser favor might have meant giving up and waiting for the crowd to thin but given that Kit was coming up to the little stage must have meant it was important. If Sam were to guess, someone had bullied Kit - which was only acceptable when Sam did it - and now Sam was going to have to go punch a person. Sam would, of course, but she didn’t want people to assume she was some kind of muscle for hire. Of course, when the request happened, Sam could do little other than roll her eyes. Of course it was something silly.

”Dude, why do you wanna watch Henry get his fuck on? That’s weird. I don’t wanna be there for that. Go find like a deck chair or something, there’s probably a couple somewhere.” Sam could hear the snickering from the request and one glowering look at the crowd was enough to stifle the majority of it. ”And for the record, my defining character trait is my being a fucking badass, thank you very much.”

Kit was silent after the admonishment from Sam at first. How else was she supposed to react? It seemed that Sammy had massively misjudged Kit’s intentions; maybe she should work on her phrasing in the future? That was something to keep in mind, but for now she has to clarify things. “What? NO. That’s gross, Henry probably smells when you take his pants off. I need to sit on your shoulders because I’m too short to see the stage over everyone else, duh. Aren’t you gonna go watch the speech? I bet it’s gonna be cool.”

Kit pulled her phone out of her pocket to check the time. By her reckoning, she had time. “It’s cool, though. I got some time, so you go ahead and finish your song before we roll out like the Autobots.” Lame reference? Maybe, but Kit didn’t give one single fuck. She liked the Transformers.

Henry was doing a speech? What was the point of that? What was it with these people and speeches? Not even the President made this many speeches unless the world was absolutely on fire. Sam found that to be the worst part about being in The Elite: speeches. ”Dude, there’s no way I’m going to listen to Henry jerk off this party.” And honestly, she wasn’t. As far as she was concerned this party was just an excuse to belt out karaoke and have a few beers.

”But if you really, really wanna see it then you’re gonna have to do me a solid first. You’ve got time, right?” Sam grabbed the spare microphone from the second stand and tossed it down to Kit. ”Put those pipes to good use for a change.”

“It’s important that I be there! Henry is dating my best friend!” Kit protested. As the mic came falling from the sky toward her, though, she snatched it out of the sky and squinted at it. “What, like, sing?!” Kit couldn’t sing! Not very well, anyway! And she didn’t want to just embarrass herself in front of all these people that she’d be seeing every day for the next few years of her life. She found herself stuck between a rock and a hard place, which always seemed to happen when she spent time with… well, anyone from the Combat Club. They were sort of demanding, those guys. ‘If you want this, do this!’ ‘You gotta work for it!’

Goddamn gym rats!

Kit didn’t have a choice in the matter, she finally realized. She needed Sam’s help, sure, but did she need Sam’s help enough to override how little she wanted to embarrass herself by singing?

She thought about it.

“Okay, okay. Let’s sing. Then I can sit on your shoulders?”

Sam had almost thought it would’ve been harder to get Kit to stick around and belt one out; this speech clearly meant importance for the freshman and Sam could respect that enough to where she could consider suffering through another speech. If it got too boring she could just put some music on and drown out the words of wisdom. Sam turned to the machine and swapped over to the duets now that she had an agreeable partner. It wasn’t going to be easy, of course, Kit would have to earn the privilege to be on Sam’s shoulders and that meant a nearly ten minute ballad with both singers often harmonizing and coming together.

”You sing the whole song, and I mean actually sing and none of that mumble crap, then I’ll be your shoulder chair, dude. You can have the girl part.” Sam was already grinning as the machine loaded up the next song and the screen came to life and the first notes of the ballad started up.

”I remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday…” Sam was already getting into the song, singing like the room was full of a thousand screaming fans, shooting her gaze to Kit when the first chorus came up and they had to harmonize. ”THOUGH IT’S COLD AND LONELY IN THE DEEP DARK NIGHT…”

At least when Owen demanded stuff, he just wanted her to do flips or something. That was easy! Kit shot Sam a look as the song cued up; this wasn’t one song! It was a three parter! A threepeat! What a brat, Kit would have to complain about this later. Kit shot Sam a look, but she obliged. Kit turned around so her back was to the crowd as it built up to her part, even going so far as to take a knee. As it came to her turn, Kit jumped up to her feet and spun on one leg (going a little fast and almost falling), before she belted out her lines.


Kit wasn’t perfect, but she tried. She’d played Rock Band once or twice in her life, and this was pretty much the same deal. It was just a game with an added point mechanic: an actual crowd watching them. That just meant bring energy, which Kit luckily had in seemingly endless bounds. Kit stepped forward toward one of the speakers, and mimicking Bruce Dickinson like she’d seen in the Aces High and Powerslave videos, Kit put her foot on the speaker and leaned forward, resting the elbow of her mic hand atop her knee.

“Ain’t no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed! Cause we were barely seventeen and we were barely dressed!” There, Sam. Kit surely wasn’t mumbling. She was doing it right.

Sam wasn’t easily impressed when it came to karaoke but Kit getting into it and not being absolutely terrible was worthy of consideration. Sam wasn’t about to be outdone by a freshman, especially not in her natural habitat. When the verse repeated and they sang together, Sam held the microphone like she was Meatloaf himself - though considerably less winded after three minutes - and rocked her torso back and forth in time and tune with the music. Her part was considerably larger in the first act and she rolled onto the next verse.

”Baby doncha hear my heart? You got it drowning out the radio! I’ve been waiting so long for you to come along and have some fun!” Sam didn’t miss her mark even as she started to dance around the stage like she was Mick Jagger and Keith Richards rolled into one. Sam didn’t forget to play to the crowd, either, extending an arm towards them before dancing a circle around Kit as the song rolled into the act one breakdown.

”We’re gonna go all the way tonight, we’re gonna go all the way and tonight’s the night…”

Singing in tandem as the song reached the interlude and transition to the next act, Sam made a split decision. She’d seen the video, she knew what happened at this part; if Kit hadn’t that could be a problem, but as the song entered the funk instrumental, Sam whispered to Kit what came next and if she wanted to just dance around instead of go for authenticity. Otherwise it was probably going to lead to Sam getting slapped which would really dampen the mood of the song.

After Sam whispered down to Kit, Kit glanced back and said back in a hushed tone. Only if you touch my butt.

When the song started to go into an extended monologue about baseball, Sam made the move, hoisting Kit up to make the height difference a bit more manageable, and to a raucous cheer from the crowd, Sam kissed Kit like they were going steady in the era when this song came out.

Hey, two kisses in one night! Not too bad! This counted right? Kit decided it counted, as far as she was concerned. Honest, it was way better than the kiss she’d stolen from Selena earlier that night. Like miles, and miles better. Kit kept her hands on both sides of Sammy’s face as they kissed, still holding the microphone in one hand.

Kissing owns. That was the lesson of the night.

And, as promised, Sam grabbed Kit’s butt like Sam was grabbing a lover she hadn’t seen in months. A firm squeeze and a final slap as the song transitioned back to the vocals and the somewhat intense slight makeout session came to a close.

Holy cow I think he’s gonna make it!

Kit broke away from the kiss with wide, almost accusatory eyes. Keep it real, right? “STOP RIGHT THERE!” Dumbass dadrock song… Kit’s father loved this kind of music, so she luckily knew the song.

Now came the part of the song that was largely Kit’s solo section, at least until the following verse, and Sam did her part well. Her face twisted and wore an expression like she’d been caught red handed stealing from the corner store while also trying to move in for another kiss like she was an eager, horny teenage boy. The constant cries from Kit asking for eternal love was met with Sam lifting her mic for the follow up verse. ”Let me sleep on it. Baby, baby let me sleep on it. Let me sleep on it, I’ll give an answer in the morning.”

This hadn’t been her initial song choice but damn if she wasn’t loving the alternative. No one ever wanted to do power ballads!

Kit squirmed in Sam’s arms and pushed herself away, landing on the ground with a surprisingly loud noise, before she turned her back to Sam, shaking her head, with one hand on her chest as if she were filled with regret after the kiss. “I gotta know right now! Will you love me forever?? What’s it gonna be, boy?! What’s it gonna be?! Will you love me forever?”

It was subtle but the roles in the performance had been reversed; where before Sam was the one acting like she had the power, like when she was dancing in a circle around Kit and initiating the makeout, now Sam was, because of the tone of the song, being indecisive while also essentially pleading with Kit. Sam went down to both knees - and was still taller than Kit - to round out the end of the second act. She was begging with her actions and her singing, pleading. ”Let me sleep on it!” And as the music swelled into the third act, so too did Sam rise to her feet and resume dancing around Kit.

”I couldn’t take it any longer, Lord I was crazed! And when the feeling came upon me like a tidal wave, started swearing to my god and on my mother’s grave that I would love you to the end of time!” The final duet kicked in and Sam stood next to Kit for the final stretch of the song, giving it her all as the finish line was in sight.


This was wild. Kit hoped that this wasn’t being recorded by anyone, because she wasn’t sure if it would be good or terrible for her budding reputation (which was already pretty shitty). However, she wasn’t the type to start something and then not finish it. So, with the passion she usually saved for when she played Tekken, leaning forward and belting out the final lines, “It never felt so good! It never felt so right! And we were glowing like metal on the edge of a knife!” The song came to a close now, and everyone exploded in cheers, and Kit looked up at Sam.

“Can I sit on you now!?” She yelled out, looking up at Sam expectantly.

It wasn’t often that karaoke inspired one to take a bow, but Sam felt it was well earned and she wasted little time in doing so. If only there were people throwing roses. Of course, she couldn’t take sole credit. Her singing partner for this affair had impressed her, and somehow, someway, Sam would make sure Kit sang with her again in the future.

”Yeah, Kit, you can sit on me now. Just don’t fall off.”

All in all, not a bad bit of karaoke.

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