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A Collaboration Between: @Bee and @Universorum
Featuring: Ellie Ford and Aiden Elliott

Being at a party like this was pretty tough when you didn’t know where your friends were. Ellie’s chums in the automotive club were nowhere to be seen. Not even Wesley could be found anywhere on the boat. More than likely he had gotten into someone’s underwear and reenacting Titanic with them. That just left the poor girl by her lonesome. She longed for her car, but it was hard to get to it being in the ocean. The water was much too cold for anyone to survive for a while.

However, it was nice and cold outside, just the way that Ellie had liked it. She had her vape with her, taking a hit and blowing a cloud of vanilla flavored vapor into the sky. She wished she had the balls to smoke. It’d be better than inhaling vanilla right now. Her puffy jacket kept her warm, but she liked the cold air blasting on her face.

To be honest, Aiden wasn’t sure about this whole ‘party on Tuesday’ nonsense, but Brian had been a member of the team, so it would have been fucked if he hadn’t went. He was here to support his friend’s efforts, but he’d gotten sick and tired of the dance floor and the loud noises and the vibes. It only got worse when DJ dude stepped down and it got all couple-y and blue… It was like some kind of romance movie, a chick flick. Like the goddamn Notebook.

After that had happened, Aiden had wandered away, and he found himself outside and walking around the ship, stretching his legs. It had felt packed, almost cramped on the dance floor and where the food was, but up here, people were less frequent, and it was a helluva lot quieter. Aiden appreciated that. The cold wind was brushing on his face, and the air smelled like… vanilla? That made his nose crinkle up slightly, as he turned to see where it was coming from. Seeing that the source was a girl — and a cute one, that that — Aiden walked over to her, and smiled. “What kind of pen do you have?”

Ellie looked over after someone asked her what pen she had. She looked down at it and then at the boy that had showed up out of nowhere to ask her what it was. Truth be told, she didn’t know what this particular model was. She just got it as a gift and then she had just stuck with it. Ellie chuckled sheepishly, shrugging, ”I don’t know, honestly. I got it as a gift. Works real good though.”

“It looks nice. Can I try it?” Aiden asked, holding out a hand. He wasn't a huge vaper; he preferred normal smoking, but the theory of smoke tricks was the same no matter the implement, and he figured showing off was a good move, if she was sitting around blowing vape clouds on her own. What? It was a party, he wanted to hook up.

Eliie took one look at him and his hand, before shrugging and handing over the device to him. Hopefully he didn’t have an STD or anything like that. ”Yeah sure, go ahead.” The mixed girl looked over at the boy. ”By the way, I’m Ellie. Might as well know the girl you’re borrowing the vape from.”

“My name is Aiden. Nice to meet you, Ellie.” He said, before taking the vape pen from her, and bringing it up to his lips. “Don’t make fun of me if I fuck this up, I don’t actually use vapes that often, more of a traditional kind of guy.” He said in warning, before bringing the pen to his mouth and putting it to his lips and sucking in. He brought in a mouth full of the smoke, and took the pen away from his lips. He held the smoke in for a second, as he tried to remember how to do the stupid smoke trick.

After a few seconds, Aiden let the smoke out, but rather than coughing it out through his lips, he pushed it out through his nose, simultaneously puffing some of it through his lips. The result? He looked like a dragon. After the smoke cleared, he grinned at Ellie. “Bam. Dragon boy.” He said, before holding the pen out for her to take it back.

The Vaper laughed at Aiden’s attempt at being a dragon. She took back her pen and glanced down at it to check the level of juice that was in there. There wasn’t going to be much vanilla left in the vape, but it didn’t matter. ”Good try… but watch this.”

Ellie took a hit from the vape and took a giant cloud of vanilla flavored smoke inside her, before letting go in perfectly sized rings that gradually got larger the farther away from her mouth it got. Once she felt like she couldn’t do anymore, she did the dragon thing and smiled. ”See? Boom. You wanna learn how to do it?”

Damn, she was better than him. That was okay, it was an ice breaker and a conversation starter: and a successful one at that. After she did it he decided that he had as good of a chance with this as he did with anything else, and decided to pursue it, giving her a nod. “Yeah, sure. Teach me, Master.” He said with a smile and a small laugh. There were worse ways to spend a party than being taught vape tricks by a cute girl, so he decided that he was satisfied.

Stuffing the vape pen in his hand, she stood back just a bit and then sized him up a bit to see what he needed to do to get it to work. She had never taught someone how to do this before, so it was definitely going to be a learning experience for the both of them. ”So what you wanna do is that you wanna… keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth, and then you’re gonna make an ‘O’ shape with your lips like you’re whistling. Then, just move your throat like you’re making little coughs, but don’t actually cough and blow!”

‘Move your throat like your making little coughs, but don’t actually cough.’

Aiden nodded slowly, pretending that made perfect sense as he accepted the pen. Maybe vape tricks was the wrong avenue to go with this, but he was already committed. There was nowhere to go for him but up, at this point, so he took the pen and put it back to his lips. He pressed the button and let the smoke fill his mouth again, trying to remember the steps she’d laid out in front of him. ‘Alright, self. Don’t fuck it up.’

He put his tongue in the proper position and pulled the pen away with an O-shape forming in its place. Then came the hard part, trying to cough without coughing? It still didn’t make sense to him, but he did his best. He gave a little attempt to begin. A tiny puff of smoke came out from his mouth — no ring shape, but he had enough smoke left over to try again. And try again he did.

This time, he found success, as a smoke ring left his lips. Before it could dissipate, he blew the rest of the smoke through the center, and smiled at Ellie. “I did it. Hey, you’re not a bad teacher — I promise it was only a little confusing.”

A smile grew on Ellie’s face as she watched Aiden succeed in pulling off the coolest vape trick in her book. This dude wasn’t too bad. Getting a trick that took her months to master on the first time was definitely a feat that deserved to be celebrated. However, Ellie didn’t want to go inside. It was much too stuffy for her, as well as being too loud for her sensitive ears (ironic, since her car was loud).

”Do you know anything else to do here? I don’t wanna go inside because it’s too loud for me.”

Aiden raised an eyebrow at that, and while looking at his drinkless companion, he came to a realization. She didn’t have any booze, because she didn’t want to go inside! “It’s too loud? That’s killer, dude. You want me to run inside and grab you a drink? Actually, I insist. Pick your poison, and I’ll be right back with it.” Aiden offered, smiling at her. He didn’t think it was a party until you were smashed, and the girl couldn’t get smashed if she had to stay out here all day. “I’ll go get us a couple of drinks, and we’ll share them out here, under the stars.”

Ellie nodded and smiled, happy that Aiden was more than willing to go in for her and grab her some drinks. She knew that she wasn’t going to be too happy in there with how loud the music was. ”Just grab me a Coke or something. I can’t really drink since I’m driving tonight.” She took another hit from her vape before continuing with what she was saying, ”Thank you so much!”

Aiden nodded and gave her a thumbs up. “Yeah, no problem. Designated driver, huh? Tough. That’s alright though, I can respect that. I’ll be right back, yeah?” He grinned and turned away, walking off toward the sounds of partying emanating from behind them. It didn’t take long before he returned with a can in each hand, one of which he held out to her.

“Hey, dude. All they had was Dr. Pepper, I hope that’s cool.” He shrugged his shoulders, before cracking his can open, and taking a sip from it, “I guess it’s Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper too? Not bad, no complaints. What kind of car do you drive?” He looked her up and down, and tried to think about who he’d seen her hanging out with before…. AJ? Scott? That seemed right. “I think I’ve seen you around with the car people. So I bet it’s something wicked, isn’t it?”

”Oh damn! They have that? I didn’t even know that! Ellie took the can gleefully, before taking a sip, ”This is my favorite soda. What a surprise.” She then looked at Aiden intently. This guy really wasn’t that bad at all. He was an angel already, compared to some of the other dudes at Fuckboy High BHHS. The type of car she drove… that was a question that she loved being asked. But, she didn’t want to geek out about her car just yet. ”I drive a Chevrolet Corvette. Back when they were real good. My parents got one and helped me restore it as I got older, they said I could have it as soon as I got my license, so here I am today.” Ellie sipped from her Dr. Pepper again, before thinking of a response to Aiden’s follow-up question, ”Yeah, they’re some of my closest buds. We like each other and our cars and we have some good times. Can’t really ask for more.

Ellie then cleared her throat, thinking of a question to ask Aiden. ”What about you? You drive a car? Where in school do you hang out? I haven’t seen you around, so.. don’t take offense.”

“I don’t drive anything fancy, just a Camry. I wish I did, but I don’t think I have the time I need to dedicate to a car, if I want to like… take proper care of it and stuff? Cars are great, but no time no money. I’ll just admire them in Forza.” He laughed and took a sip from his soda, shrugging. Aiden liked playing the game, but he knew it wasn’t really like having a car that you actually tinkered on, and that you really turned the wrench on. It wasn’t the same, but it was kind of close! Besides, he had the driving wheel, and the shifter. With the headset added on, it was pretty damn close to driving in real life. With that out of the way, Aiden decided to dig into what kind of car she had.

“So, back when they were real good? That means it’s a ‘69 Stingray with a drop top, right?”

”A Camry? Dude, there’s nothing wrong with something like that. I’ve seen Camrys kick ass. But, it’s not hard to take care of a car, and there’s no shame in having someone else do it. It’s better if you have someone else do it right than screw it up yourself.” Ellie leaned forward and looked more intently at him. The more they talked, the more she started to like this guy. Sure, he wasn’t like AJ or someone like that, but at least he was grounded and not a douchebag unlike some other people (like a certain rapper).

Aiden’s definition of real good was different though. Ellie’s Corvette wasn’t that old. Not almost eighty years old. No. But, he was a man of taste. Kudos to him. ”Nah. I wish. I have an ‘09 ZR1? Yeah a ZR1. The one that Chevrolet decided to supercharge to hell. Lot of fun to drive but it’s scary when it starts biting you back.” Ellie then pulled out her phone and pulled up a picture of her beloved car. ”This might be kinda lame… but her name’s Michelle. She’s my baby.” Ellie paused momentarily, ”Well… it can’t be my baby since it’s older than me, but you know what I mean.”

”Dude, tell me about your car.” Ellie unknowingly put a hand on Aiden’s shoulder and shook it a bit enthusiastically, ”I wanna hear about it.”

Aiden raised an eyebrow as he was shook around by the girl who had a hand on his shoulder. Seemed like she really liked cars. Aiden rolled his eyes, before giving her a nod, “Well, it doesn’t have a name. That is a little lame,” he said in a teasing voice, grinning at her before he carried on talking about his own ride, “let’s see… It’s grey, like the silvery grey. I didn’t want black, and I didn’t want white, either. An actual color? Too much for me, I kinda like to go with the flow and not draw too much attention to myself. The interior is leather, of course, black with red finish. It’s a really nice car, but I haven’t like riced it too much. I don’t know where I’d even start…” He paused as he felt his wrist buzz, looking down at his smart watch, which displayed a notification.

“Hey, I gotta take off. Someone needs me elsewhere… Here’s my number, though. Why don’t you give me a call or a text sometime, though? We can get together and you can like check my car out, and tell me where I can improve?” He smiled and pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket, an old receipt from Burger King, if it mattered, and scribbled on it with a blue felt tip pen, before handing it over. “Sorry! It was nice meeting you.” He gave her an apologetic smile, and then turned to head off back toward the sounds of the party.

Ellie was actually kind of into the Camry. Odd, considering it was the most mundane car to ever exist. But for whatever reason this boy made it interesting. The car even sounded incredibly boring, but Ellie was loving it. A bummer came to interrupt Ellie’s brief moment of happiness, which really harshed her vibe. Looking up at him, she took the receipt from his hands and stuffed it in her pockets. Not knowing what to say, she just smiled and waved as she watch him go off. Ellie was once again left by her lonesome, which was fine. She could just enjoy herself and her vape. Additionally, she had a fine time watching Yung Steve make an embarrassment of himself trying to catch a football.

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A @Melissa & @Silent Observer Collab
Featuring: Savannah “Texas” Matthews & Trevor “Dopey Jock” Wells
Location: Bow → The Game Room
Special Guest: Josie “Emergency Situation!” Erickson @Kitty

Tucked into a corner towards the bow of the boat, Savannah and Trevor had found the perfect spot to continue chatting. The seabreeze seemed to lull the sounds of the party, and allowed for them to enjoy each other's company without the blaring music ruining the moment. And what a moment it was! The stars were bright and visible over the water, the air was cool (but not too chilly), and Savvy was having a great time with her redheaded suitor. What more could she ask for?

Brushing a lock of red hair out of her eyes, Savannah segued the conversation to a new topic. “So what was the beginning of high school like for you? Have you always hung out with the same people, or…?” She truly wanted to learn more about Trevor, and she knew she couldn’t pass up this golden opportunity to do so, but at the same time she was attempting not to sound too interview-y. The inner journalist in her was itching to ask so many questions, but she didn’t want to dig too deep. After all, she only had so many chances to make an impression, and the last thing she wanted to come off as was nosy.

Contented. That was the best way to describe how Trevor felt in that moment. In fact, he had never felt more content in his young life. A nice chilled brew in hand, the sounds of his classmates enjoying themselves in the distance, the beautiful sight of the ocean and night sky before him, and an even more beautiful girl beside him. Trev had his muscular left arm resting comfortably around her shoulders. Absentmindedly, his thumb brushed the skin of her shoulder, savoring the softness. He wondered if all girls felt this soft, or if it was a Savannah exclusive. Either way, he considered himself quite lucky for it.

“Beginning high school wasn’t much different from middle school… except for being able to join varsity. But yeah, my core friend group has pretty much been the same since moving here — Damian, Owen, and Brian, we all kind of grew up together. Not just school either, our families are really close. I try to make friends with everyone, though, I don’t think there is a single person in BHHS that I can’t get along well with. How about you, what was freshman Texas Savvy like?” Trevor responded before looking over at her with a curious grin.

Sav tried not to erupt into laughter, but she couldn’t help it. Instead of opting to make herself seem cooler than she actually was, a common theme among the people whom she’d met here in Beverly Hills, she let the truth spill out like it was nothing. “Freshman Savvy was lame. Yeah, she was pretty lame,” The laughter she was trying to hold in escaped as she remembered how awkward and quiet she was. Since then, she’d come out of her shell, but even remembering how dorky she was made her cringe. “But I’d like to think I’ve moved on from my awkward stage…. that is unless I’m still in it and I just haven’t realized.” Another small laugh escaped her mouth, so she bit down on her bottom lip to cease her giggles.

Trevor chuckled alongside her. Savannah had a contagious kind of laughter. Soft and sweet, like windchimes in the summer. “You? Lame? …I don’t believe it.” Trev said with a teasing grin. He watched adoringly as she tried to bite back her giggles. She was cute. So cute. “Convince me otherwise. What was lame? Did you have braces with headgear or something? Highwater pants that couldn’t catch up with your height?”

“Braces, yes. Headgear, no, but I did get glasses freshman year and the three months where I had both were absolutely heinous.” Sav recalled with bashful smile, not believing that she was revealing this all to him. There was something about him that just made her so comfortable — she didn’t just tell these things to anyone. “I had to give this presentation in English class on Edgar Allan Poe, and one of my elastics snapped off while I was talking — there’s no convincing you that I wasn’t a dork, I’m sorry.” She smirked with a slight shake of her head, as she knew there was nothing he could say that would prove her wrong. “It sounds like you were the opposite of that — you were on varsity freshman year, how many people can say that? Pretty impressive if you ask me.” Savvy nudged him playfully as she commented on his not-lame achievements.

The red-haired boy beamed a grin and laughed beside her as she recounted her dorkier years. He tried to imagine her all awkward in glasses and braces, and only found himself growing more enamored. When she mentioned him being on varsity in freshman year, he shrugged it off humbly. It wasn’t that big of a thing in his eyes. “Both Dames and I went straight to varsity, football’s kind of our thing. Not really special or anything, just a couple of dopey jocks. And hey, you wanna know a secret?” Trev asked rhetorically and leaned in closer to speak softer to her. “I totally had braces in freshman year too.”

The hairs on Sav’s neck stood up as he leaned in closer. There wasn’t much distance in between their lips, and getting all flustered, she turned to the side and laughed. “I’m sure they looked great on you.” She replied, gaining the courage to turn her head back to look at him once more. “But still, even though it may be your thing, never downplay the fact you made varsity as a freshman. In Texas, that’s like one in a million!” Texans took football very seriously. Lawn signs and everything. Savannah blushed, realizing she would have never had the courage to talk to Trevor as a freshman in her awkward stage. But look at her now!

“I think you’re one in a million too, Texas.” Trevor responded smoothly. The words just, kind of tumbled out, all on their own. Even he was shocked that he said them, but, he didn’t regret it. In fact, he smiled confidently, feeling quite proud of himself. Clearing his throat, he spoke up again. “How about you, you play any sports?”


Sav cheeks grew rosier as her eyes bashfully darted towards the ground. It was like Trevor knew exactly what to say to give her butterflies! Trying to formulate words to his question, she cleared her throat and spoke, “Nope, I’m an athletic supporter, not an athlete. I tried playing sports, but Kindergarten soccer was an absolute trainwreck so I hung up my cleats for eternity. Not the sporty type.” Savvy explained. She’d rather write about sports than participate in them!

“Hmm…” The ginger boy mused at that. He looked over to her with a smirk, his thumb still absently tracing circles into her shoulder as he did. “Maybe soccer just wasn’t the right sport for you. How about we go see what games they have in the game room? You might have an undiscovered talent.” Or, this was simply an excuse for them to have some fun and spend more time together.

“I highly doubt it, but let’s go find out!” Savannah replied enthusiastically. As much as she enjoyed sitting here cozily with him (spoiler alert: she really enjoyed it), this was a party! They needed to go and do something fun and active and the game room was a great way to do so. Taking the last sip of her Angry Orchard, she stood up and placed the empty bottle on one of the tables and extended her now free hand towards Trevor. “I would lead the way, but I don’t know where it is.”

“I do.” Trevor said with a smile and happily took her extended hand in his. Of course he knew where it was, this wasn’t his first time hanging out on the Helmsley yacht, and it certainly wouldn’t be his last. Especially now that Bri was back. Thankfully, by the time the innocent ginger pair had made it down to the game room, the naked card game had already concluded, so there was no need for any more blushing than was usual for the two of them together. Trev’s eyes scanned the room for options, “Looks like there is pool, pong, foosball, darts, air hockey… whatcha feeling?”

Savannah pondered their options carefully, gazing around the room at the different games surrounding them. She already knew she wasn’t a pool shark — they have a pool table in the basement of her father’s house and she loses every time they play — so that was a no-go. The pong table looked crowded, and darts sounded dangerous and she didn’t feel like stabbing Trevor in the eye. She also didn’t feel like hitting any of her limbs against the foosball table pegs. Air hockey it was! “I’m thinking air hockey, that good with you?” Savvy stated, motioning to the table in the corner of the room.

“Sounds great!” Trev agreed and led her over to the air hockey table. He still held her hand as they made their way through the chatting and gaming groups of their classmates. He had no desire to let go of her hand, but he’d probably have to if they were going to play games. They arrived at their destination and Trevor turned to face her with a cheeky grin. “Now don’t be intimidated, but you’re about to play against a bonafide hockey player. Did you bring your competitive spirit?”

“You’re kidding me… is there a sport you don’t play?” Sav replied in disbelief. Not only did he play football, but he was agile and athletic enough to translate that all to the ice! Trevor seemed to do it all. Grabbing one of the paddles and the puck, she continued speaking. “But yes, competitive spirit is ready and raring to go and — oh look, what’s over there?” Attempting to trick him into looking away, Sav began the game whether he was ready or not… it was going to be her funeral, so she may as well score some points while she could! The puck soared from her side of the table to his, clinking into the goal.

Huh? As gullible as a school boy, Trevor’s gaze followed where she pointed, curious to see what had caught her attention so suddenly. Upon seeing nothing of note, the realization clicked. She wouldn’t. The clack of the plastic puck bouncing off the back side of his air hockey goal and the dinging sound of the table recording the scored point confirmed that, yes, she would. “Ohhh, I see how it is. Dirty plays, Texas, dirty plays.” Trevor replied with a chuckle and stepped up to guard his goal properly.

The red-haired boy retrieved the puck and repositioned it to start a new round. He went back to her initial, most likely rhetorical, question and answered it. “I’m pretty terrible at basketball.” He admitted. Damian beat him nearly every time they shot hoops together, but that didn’t keep him from playing on occasion. He wasn’t much good at golf either, but who was besides old rich white dudes? “But yeah, I love hockey. It’s more of a hobby, since ya know, Cali schools don’t really have ice rinks. I miss the cold from back home, so I like to skate at the public rink downtown when I can.” Trev knocked his striker into the puck and sent it gliding towards Savannah’s side.

Savannah couldn’t help but laugh at Trevor and how easily deceived he was. His clueless reaction was absolutely adorable, which made her laugh even harder. With a shrug, she tossed her hair over her shoulder dramatically and dissolved into a smile. “Can’t let you win that easily.” Knocking the puck against the left side of the table, it soared near the goal, but not close enough to score. “Hockey seems cool, lots of moving parts, but I can definitely see why you love it.” Sav commented, blocking her goal with the paddle so that he would have a harder time scoring. “Skating seems hard though, admittedly I’ve never been, but I’m sure when you get that down it’s a lot easier to focus on the game.”

The puck passed back and forth between them a few times until Trevor sent it sailing toward Savannah’s unguarded goal. Sure, he could take it easy and try to let her win, but he was far too competitive of a person for that. Nice guy or not, sport was sport, and that was the fun of competition. No one wanted easy wins, it’s only fun when you have to work for your gains. “Wait… you’ve never been skating? Really?” Trev looked up as the table dinged another scored point. It was a 1 — 1 tie so far.

Sav watched as the puck sailed towards her, and before she had the chance to block it, it slipped into the goal. “Nice shot.” She congratulated him, placing the piece back on the table to continue the game. “Nope, never. I’ve never seen snow, so the thought to go skating has never really crossed my mind. And even if it has, I guess I’ve just never gotten around to it.” The female redhead admitted, hitting the puck back towards Trevor. Skating wasn’t big in Texas, like, at all.

“Oh yeah, I guess that makes sense.” Trevor remarked, feeling a little bit foolish that he hadn’t considered where she came from. Texas was a lot like California, except, even hotter… and way more conservative. So of course she’d never skated! “Winter sports were really big in Colorado. Man, when I was little I wanted to snowboard so bad but my mom wouldn’t let me. Too dangerous, she said. I had these big dreams of growing up to be the next CR — and now we go to school with his kid! Times change.” He laughed lightly knocked the puck so that it bounced against the wall and angled towards Savvy. “I could take you, if you’d like to learn how to skate. I could teach you, it’s a lot of fun.” That, and she’d probably look gorgeous gliding across the ice, all bundled up with a hat and gloves like a proper snow bunny.

Savvy’s lips curled up into an excited smile. Ice skating with Trevor sounded like something out of a romance novel — it was fun, intimate, and she’d get to hold onto him for support. Instead of agreeing right away, however, she decided be a little more flirtatious. “On one condition.” She stated, leaving a large pause in between her words. During her pause, she looked down at her striker and knocked the puck straight into his open goal. “Promise you won’t let me fall?” She asked, looking back up at him with her bright green eyes.

“I would nev—” Trevor began to assure her that he wouldn’t let her fall, but he was cut off by the sound of her scoring yet another goal via distraction. Trev looked down at his own hand, as if it was the one that betrayed him, and his mouth dropped open in shock. He looked back up to his adorable, sneaky little fox of an opponent. “Well, for that, I just might let you fall at least once.” He winked and shook his head with a grin, reaching down for the puck again.

After running around half the boat, getting weird looks from everyone she passed, Josie finally spotted her favorite redheads. For a moment she stopped and looked at the two of them because damn they looked cute right now, but she was going to have to ruin that. Josie was their biggest supporter but Josie needed her best friend right now, it was an emergency level situation. She’d apologize to them both later, but until then she’d be taking her favorite of the two redheads with her.

Speed walking to where the two stood, Josie only looked to Savannah and reached over grabbing her hand, “Emergency situation. I need to borrow you, like right now.” Her internal freaking out was slowly leaking out and she knew Savannah would be able to see it clear as day. As Josie pulled her friend away from the other redhead she simply looked to him and gave him a curt nod, “Hi Trevor. Bye Trevor. I’ll return your date in a bit.” With that Josie lead them to a quiet place that was lacking in people, one where Josie could fully freak out to her friend.

Sav knew right off the bat that something was wrong, but before she could say ‘hello’ or even ‘how’s your night been’ to Josie she was being pulled away from her redheaded boy faster than a tractor pulled hay. “Oh, um okay, I—” She started to babble in a state of confusion and turned to Trev, guilt written all over her face. “Sorry, duty calls. I’ll be back, I promise.” The ginger apologized to him as she attempted to keep up with her friend’s urgent pace. “I’ll find you!” Was the last thing she could manage to say before disappearing with Josie entirely into one of the side rooms that lacked people and music.

“Take your time!” Trevor called out from behind them as the two girls scampered off. He chuckled and shook his head in amusement. Pondering what to do now that it was just him, he pulled out his phone to text Savannah: I’m going to go see what Rye’s up to, text me if you can’t find me later.. He tucked his phone back in his pocket and wandered out of the game room in search of his brother, who he hadn’t seen all night.

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Mason Aspen and Laurel Evanson
A @Melissa and @Universorum Collab

Mason honestly didn’t have very strong feelings toward parties, one way or the other. They were alright! He liked to drink, he liked to socialize, and he liked to hang. They had their downsides, though. Sometimes, people were fucking assholes at parties; they fought, they yelled, they threw hands, they threw drinks — which wasted perfectly good alcohol, by the way — and they were just all around fuckers.

In Mason’s opinion, the faults could be looked past, if the party had the right ambience, and the right location. Luckily for him, this party certainly ticked both boxes. The ambience was there, from the dope lights beneath his feet that changed and reacted to each and every footstep, to the soft hum of music that followed him wherever he went. As for the location? He was on a super yacht, in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by his peers. It was a good party! It was chill, maybe too chill, but hey he didn’t mind.

He took a sip from the shot glass in his hand, filled with a bourbon of some kind that he didn’t catch the name of, and looked around the ship with a satisfied smile on his lips. This was a good use of his Tuesday! Sure, he could have done something else if he was at Dreamland, but it might not have been something better. This was alright.

He just needed a cute girl to talk to, and things would be lit.

Laurel was not exactly thrilled with the situation at hand. Sure, things could have been worse, but walking around a party only in her bra and underwear was definitely not ideal. She and Olivia had departed the game room only a few minutes previous and were beginning the man-hunt for their articles of clothing. The hoodie that Honey had gifted her wasn’t exactly made of the best material for its purpose so she tied the sheer fabric around her hips to somewhat cover up her bottom half. Laurel had a sick feeling that this was some Senior trying to put the Junior girls in their place, but she couldn’t be sure until they found the culprit. Her pace quickened, the blonde girl tried to survey the crowd of people quickly to see if anyone was holding their shirts and skirts.

With no avail, Laurel turned around to tell Olivia, but just like their clothes, she had vanished. Great, not only was she nearly naked, but she was now alone! In a huff, Laur spun around to go find another room to look in, but instead of gracefully continuing her search, she slammed right into someone- a tall someone. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry.” The blonde apologized profusely, feeling like an absolute idiot for not watching where she was going.

Mason very suddenly stumbled forward, watching as his drink spilled out of his shot glass. He spun around on his heel to tell the person that it was alright and not really a big deal that he’d been ran into. However, once he turned around to see a girl in the absolute bare minimum of clothing, and he raised his eyebrows. “No big deal. You’re not wearing any clothes, I see. I dig it.” He held out his shot glass, shaking it to rattle the ice, and show that there wasn’t much drink left in it. “Normally, I’d say let’s drink to that, but, it seems like I spilled it for some reason…” His lips curled into a smile, and he winked his left eye at her.

Of course the very first thing this guy had to point out was the fact she wasn’t wearing anything! Nice. Replying to Captain Obvious, Laurel shrugged. “It wasn’t intentional, but I appreciate the support. Strip poker game gone wrong….it seems we have a clothing thief on our hands.” The blonde explained, running a hand through her straw locks. As he motioned to his drink which she made him spill, she sighed, a smirk popping onto her face. “I wonder what that reason could be… but I’d be happy to get you another. The last thing I would want to do is deprive a man of his bourbon.”

“A classy woman. I like that.” He chuckled to himself, and with his free hand pulled the zipper down on his jacket. Unlike the sort of, sort of not, hoodie-esque piece of fabric she wore now, his jacket was closer to being a Carhartt, thicker and warmer. He peeled it off and handed it to her. “Here, don’t freeze to death before I get my drink, yeah? You can keep it until you have your clothes back. Just make sure you give it back.”

Laurel was a little taken back that a random guy would just give up his jacket- especially since she had just slammed into him and spilled his drink everywhere- but nonetheless, she appreciated the gesture. Slipping it on, she absentmindedly inhaled the manly musk of cologne coming off of the jacket. It was woodsy; she liked it. “Smart logic. Thanks.” She stated, a small chuckle escaping her lips. Laurel didn’t zip up the jacket though... after all, she did play strip poker for a reason. The blonde nodded towards the bar indicating for the mystery boy to follow. She had probably seen him around school, but then again she didn’t really try to make the effort to get to know everyone. “Another bourbon?”

“Damn skippy. My dad would have my head if I drank anything else, champ.” He said as they headed toward the bar together. Mason glanced her up and down again, which may have seemed like he was checking her out, which was only half the truth! He was trying to place a name to her face, which he quickly found impossible. Deciding to mentally blame it on weed, Mason went ahead and asked. “So, what’s your name? I’m Mason. You may have seen me around campus, or on YouTube doing something dumb. Well, ballsy; but I’ve learned that sometimes ‘ballsy’ and ‘dumb’ are synonyms.”

The girl turned to the bartender, propping herself on the bar, “I’ll take a bourbon on the rocks and a vodka tonic. Thanks.” Laurel stated curtly, and watched as their drinks were beginning to be made. Looking over her shoulder at Mason, she smirked as he described himself. “No I haven’t, but from what it sounds like, I’ve been missing out. I’m Laurel, and as you may probably guess from my lack of outfit, I air on the ballsier side of life.” The blonde replied, handing him his drink as soon as the bartender slid it down the bar.

He took the drink and sipped from it, nodding in agreement with her. “Oh, trust me. You have been missing out. Tons of wild stunts, high jumps, going fast, and the bare minimum of safety gear. I’m living the high life. Hey, maybe sometime you can come watch a live demonstration?” Mason asked, as he tipped the glass to his lips to take another sip, smacking his lips afterwards. “Man, they have some really good booze on this ship. Long live the Helmsleys.”

“Nothing like seeing people make dumb decisions live.” Laurel laughed, reaching for her Vodka Tonic which had just been placed in front of her on the bar. Taking a large sip, she relished the drink for all that it was, even though it wasn’t much. Looking over to Mason, she nodded. “This stuff is the highest shelf you could possibly get. Not your regular high school party, shit.” She commented, taking another large sip of her drink. “You probably need a cherry picker to reach this stuff on the liquor store shelves.”

“You might be right, it’s definitely money.” He said, sipping again. It wouldn’t surprise him if some of the aged alcohol that the Helmsleys had was excavated from buried castles, or something. He shook his head and smiled to himself, the idea of Brian, Becca, and Bailee digging around in the ground in Europe, searching for alcohol stores belonging to Kings from ages past. “Anyway, thanks. You’re cool. Do you want me to hang while you try to find your clothes? Because I will. Gotta make sure you bring that jacket back, champ.” He said, emphasizing his statement with another smile and wink of his eye.

Laur smirked, “I like to think I possess some cool qualities. You’re not so shabby yourself.” She replied, taking the final swig of her drink and slamming it down on the counter. Letting out a deep exhale, she turned to Mason. “Don’t worry, love, there may be a clothing thief on this boat, but I am certainly not a jacket thief. You’ll get this back as soon as I cover up my gray lacie panties.” She stated, tugging on the bottom of the jacket for emphasis.

“That’s not going to work, you know.” He said, holding up his empty glass and tipping it in her direction. “You’re bringing up how lacie your panties are to get me to look, but unfortunately for you, my will power is too good for that. I’ll check you out when I’m damn well ready.” He said, putting the glass down on the table and standing up. “Let’s go find whoever stole your clothes, and duct tape them to the ceiling.”

“Glad your willpower is strong, cause that wasn’t an invitation.” Laurel responded, a smirk popping onto her face as she walked a few steps away from him and the bar. Her playful demeanor changed to confused as Mason offered to help find the culprit of the missing garments. Giving him an inquisitive look, Laurel paused her train of thought, “You have duct tape? Why?”

He stood up and before he followed after, he glanced over his shoulder, giving a forlorn look over his shoulder to the bartender, who rolled his eyes but poured the boy another drink. Mason accepted it, and then wandered after Laurel, “yes, I do. Duct tape is the most versatile, and useful tool in the world. With enough of it you can repair like, anything. So I always keep some on me. Go ahead, reach into the jacket pocket.” He said, pointing at the left pocket. “There’s some in there. Never leave home without it.”

Sure enough, when Laurel reached into the pocket of the jacket, she found a small roll of duct tape…. among other things. With a cheeky grin she pulled out something else she found. Holding up the single condom she discovered clear as day, she laughed. “I’m sure you never leave home without one of these either.”

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With input from @Universorum

By all accounts the party on the yacht was quite the success if the various snaps and hastily posted videos on social media was anything to go by. It followed hot on the heels of the new year’s eve party which, by the same accounts, was the perfect way to ring in the new year. Parties seemed like the perfect way for the student body to unwind from the grind of being a student, or for students who were wound too tight to grind against a body. Of course, any information about parties was secondhand where Christina Machale was concerned.

Christina didn’t think she was a particularly disliked student and she had been given a flier for the yacht party the same as everyone else, but she didn’t go. Just like she didn’t go to the beach house. Just like she hadn’t been to a party since she was thirteen and going to a birthday party where she still thought a clown might show up to do balloon animals. It pained Christina to have to throw the yacht invitation in the trash but such was the expectation when every waking moment outside of school had the potential of bringing down a scandal the likes of which haven’t been rivaled since Anthony Weiner couldn’t keep it in his pants.

And he was just running for mayor.

Christina did love her parents, she loved her daddy more, but sometimes it was just so stressful and limiting having to worry about a reputation that wasn’t even her own. Why would it matter if she went to a party? If anything a bit of underage drinking would only show voters that the children of politicians were normal too. There were worse things she could doing than going to a party, like heroin or murder. Though she respected her mother’s wishes, the whole squeaky clean reputation only made Christina think that others would think her family is perfect in that Stepford kind of way. Besides, John F. Kennedy was President and he was a notorious cooze hound.

Maybe that’s why he was assassinated.

Because she cared about the reputation of her family, when school let out today she didn’t have talk of a party on her lips. She was out of the school before the end of the day bell was finished ringing, and she was home four hours later. Club activities were starting up and they had a way of making Christina lose track of time. There was a town hall meeting that her mother was attending and her father was catering a film and had to work late but both assured her that they’d be around for breakfast in the morning and that there was food in the oven.

Christina had spent the night as ordinarily and dully as possible. She did her homework, watched an hour of television while eating ice cream before dinner, and she retreated to her room with its eggshell walls lined with various images of a rock band known more for its shirtless live shows than its music quality and wall scrolls picked up at a hobby shop in the mall. Her evening entertainment had been living vicariously through the people on the boat who had been uploading different parts of it. If she closed her eyes and focused on the noise it was almost like she was there, too.

She would have loved to be there, having fun, making mistakes, being a teenager, but duty called and when duty called she had to answer.

As she was watching three girls playing cards from the perspective of someone getting annoyed that the game was taking too long, the video dimmed and her attention was drawn to the message instead. A smile on her face providing a welcome distraction from the unfortunate reality that she was there, alone, in her room while everyone who mattered was miles away out on the ocean. At least someone was thinking of her tonight.

Are you at that party?

do u see me at that party?

Well… no, I don’t. What are you doing then??

thinking of u

Christina considered a moment if she should throw in a few emoji before sending the message back but decided against it precisely because a better idea came to mind. Christina, who was at the moment laying in bed in what was almost the same thing as pajamas, turned onto her back and lifted her phone above her head, turning the camera on. In frame was her body and she had to reposition herself so that it wasn’t cut off. She lifted her old, faded t-shirt just enough to teasingly reveal her navel and a the smoothness of her stomach while she bent her legs, which were barely unhindered by the very short pair of baby blue shorts she was wearing, in order to show off the maximum amount of her thighs pressed together.

And then she blew a kiss as the camera took the shot, and the picture was sent right along.

who needs a party when u have me

hey, that’s my girl. ;)
we’ll have much more fun together anyway, i promise

i have all nite for u

The next reply that Christina got wasn’t a text message, instead it was a picture. The content of the picture was more blatant and less teasing than the one Christina had sent, and, combined with the the text that followed afterward, conveyed slight impatience from the other person. do you?

Patience was a virtue that not many had and it seemed impatience carried to foreplay as well. Christina was all too happy to tease, she’d done so before, but maybe her teasing had been a bit too good judging by the picture sent in return. That her smooth thighs and smoother stomach were able to earn her a very excited response; well, excited in the physical sense while the text implied eagerness. It brought a smile to her lips, that and the picture itself which was angled just perfectly to make it larger than it was - though Christina was sure it was plenty large.

She had good taste.

Her follow-up message took more time to arrange. She lost her shirt, tossing it onto the beige oval-shaped rug in the middle of her floor, which was soon joined by her shorts and panties. It was still possible to tease as she was, but where was the fun in teasing when she was as naked as the day she was born. Christina first took a picture of her chest, one with her arm covering them and the next fully exposed; her third picture was a full body shot with her thighs pressed together once again. It was the fourth picture that crossed from tease to full on titillation as it involved two fingers and parted thighs and a tongue hanging out of the corner of her mouth.

It was moments after she sent the fourth picture that the response came not from a message or a picture, but the ringing of her phone. The smile she was wearing widened; this may not have been a party on a boat but she was finding ways to have her own sort of fun. She didn’t even have to look at who the caller was as she accepted it after two rings. ”Where do you want my finger to go next?”

If she had been aware of the passage of time it barely registered by the time Christina turned off the phone, her breathing heavy and body tingling but it was nothing compared to how the owner of the voice on the other line had ended the call. For good measure she took a final picture, one of the little glisten her body had in the wake of the night’s activities along with a heart emoji.

The moment was short lived when Christina heard the familiar creak of the front door opening and the clacking of heels that could only belong to her mother. Christina shut off her phone and tossed it on the nightstand and scrambled to get herself under the covers. The footsteps were in the kitchen, but they weren’t slowing down. The stairs sounded like they were being blared from a stereo as they were ascended. The light! Christina slid out of bed, wincing at the cold on her feet as she hurriedly tiptoed to the light switch, flicked it, and crept her way back into the bed where the blanket was hastily tossed over her.


Avery Machale poked her head into her daughter’s bedroom only to find Christina sleeping like a baby. Avery closed the door with a smile, glad to know that in the grand lottery that was childbirth that hers was so well behaved.

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@Silver Carrot @Kitty collab
Featuring: Charity Spencer and Miriam Archer
Location: The Destiny - Girl's Bathroom

Charity entered the girl’s bathroom, and locked herself into a stall. She felt a little guilty about leaving Kaz in Gary’s hands. Kaz seemed rather out of her comfort zone. She didn’t want to party. She couldn’t speak particularly good english, and Charity had left her with that scruffy guy who didn’t exactly look like the kind of boy you presented to your parents. Hopefully things wouldn’t get...bad...before she got back to them. Flushing, leaving the stall, and heading to the sink, Charity then started to wash her hands.

Finally taking a chance to go freshen up and reflect on the night so far, Miriam headed to the girl’s bathroom. Upon entering, she took notice of the blonde at the sink already as she herself went to the sink and placed her hands on the counter looking at herself in the mirror.
Underneath her hair on the side of her neck she could see what must have been a small hickey forming from the events with Trent, with a grimace she pushed all her hair to that side hiding it under her golden locks.

As she let out a breath, she took a second to use the mirror to look around the bathroom. Her eyes paused on the reflection of the blonde and the narrowed. ‘Was that… No way it… It is!’ Turning and looking to the blonde on her side a shocked smile formed on her face. “Charity?! Oh my heavens. You look - wow.”

Charity turned, and in an instant looked just as surprised as Miriam. ””Hi! I...wasn’t expecting to see you here! Then again, I wasn’t expecting to be here myself a few hours ago. Trixie dragged me here and I’m just making the best out of an opportunity, maybe write about this party in the paper,” she explained without being asked, speaking quickly, as if she had to get her defense in before the jury conferred. ”What about you? What are you doing here?”

“I’m surprised you hadn’t heard… although relieved just the same.” Pausing, her hand reached up automatically to her necklace, “I- I’m Trent’s date to the party…” Miriam looked away from her friend, not wanting to see how she would react. Tonight had been rough as it was and they both knew who Trent really was so she didn’t want to see her friend’s disgust, as she believed she would receive.

Charity recoiled, but not in disgust as much as sheer confusion. The gears started to turn then, and she leaned in. ”I didn’t think he was your type,” she’d say before leaning in closer and whispering; ”Is everything alright? Can I help?” The look on her face was not one of grave concern and worry. Charity was not overly fond of Trent, and there were some grizzly stories and rumors about him.

A pained sigh escaped Miriam’s lips. She was being torn apart inside on what to say. To tell the truth or continue down the path of lies. She didn’t know which would be worse in the end. She knew which she’d do for now though, but her will was close to breaking and the truth was close to coming out. “No. He’s... um He’s not as bad as he seems. I think what he does at school is an act. Trent can be a gentleman.” Miriam had to hold back a grimace as she called him a gentleman. He was anything but.

Charity wasn’t fooled, but she knew the message to back off and that things were quite complicated. For whatever reason, Miriam wanted everyone to think there was nothing going wrong, not even Charity. This wasn’t normal. There was something going on here, and it clearly wasn’t that Miriam likes Trent now. ”Alright,” she said, ”But I’ll be around if you do need any help. So, how are you enjoying the party?”

“It has been… interesting. What about you, are you enjoying the party?” Miriam asked Charity, not wanting to focus on her time so far. The only good part of the party so far has been her time with Topher. While waiting for her friend to reply, Miriam absent mindedly pushed her hair behind her shoulders. The mark on her neck now visible to her friend as Miri for the moment wasn’t thinking about hiding it, forgetting about it completely.

”I haven’t, really,” Charity replied. ”I’m starting to understand why people drink at these parties. I’m sober and I’m not really having any fun. This is work, to me. A sacrifice I’m making for the Newspaper Club. I tried going indoors but I keep getting asked to dance or worse...” Charity trailed off when she noticed the hickey. She knew exactly what it was, and immediately grew concerned again. Possibly even more so than before. ”That mark on your neck. Did Trent do that?”

How could Miriam let that slip her mind? She let the hickey be seen and now Charity was concerned again and asking about Trent. She couldn’t play this off anymore; tonight had just been too overwhelming for her. The blackmailing had become too much for her to carry to try and keep her brother safe.

Charity’s concern had become the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Miriam felt herself grow a bit weak in the knees as she steadied herself on the sink. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes but she refused to let them fall as she placed a hand on the mark and stared down at the sink in front of her. “Oh Char. I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into. It’s just so much. Tonight, for the most part, has been absolutely dreadful. I don’t want anything to do with him… I have no other option and…” Shaking her head she trailed off so overwhelmed by everything she’s been holding back from telling someone.

Charity shot forward and hugged Miriam as she was training off, keeping a very tight grip on her. She was silent for a few seconds, before speaking. ”What do you mean you have no other option? If there’s something dodgy going on, even if you can’t tell me everything, at least let me help somehow! I can’t stand seeing you with that expression on your face!”

For a moment Miriam froze but then she hugged her friend back, thankful she hadn’t completely pushed her away in the time they didn’t speak. “He’s blackmailing me. I don’t think there is anything you can really do to he-” The Archer girl paused as an idea came to mind.

Stepping back from the hug, Miriam looked Charity in the eyes. “I have an idea. I’d need your help for it. But I’d understand if you don’t want to do it. Maybe you can help me find something to blackmail him back with. You are the best writer and journalist I know, if anyone could find something on him it would be you.” Miriam had gone from helpless and seemingly broken to a girl with fire in her eyes. She was protective of her brother and Charity could be the person to help them. She’d just have to put up with Trent for long enough for dirt to be found on him, that is if Charity agreed to help.

When Miriam uttered the word ‘blackmailing’, something changed in Charity’s shocked eyes, and she let go of the hug, instead gripping Miri’s arms with her hands, quite hard. When she heard Miriam’s offer, she nodded without a second thought. ”I’m in. I want to pay him back for trying to blackmail you. I know it’s not very Christian to take revenge into your own hands but neither is it Christian to let evil carry on. I believe that would be the worse sin.”

“I don’t know what I would do without you Charity… I can’t face him on my own. You’re my guardian angel aren’t you?” Miriam smiled softly at her friend. She knew that with her help they’d take down Trent. She’d just have to deal with him until then, hopefully he wouldn’t try anything like he did tonight but she couldn’t be sure. Miriam would stay strong and handle him though. She had to in order to protect Matthew. He’d protected her since she was born, it was time for her to return the favor. Thanks to Charity she could take the protection a step further.

Charity smiled and humbly waved off the ‘angel’ comment, before turning serious again, and thinking hard. ”I’m not exactly sure where to start. He’d likely be on his best behavior in church. He plays football, I think. Maybe that’d be a better starting point for digging up dirt. Do you know anything about him that could help?”

“Not yet. But I will see if I can get anything to point us in the right direction. I’m going to be stuck around him for awhile so we can use that to our advantage. I will let you know as soon as I figure something out.” Miriam dreaded spending more time with Trent but they couldn’t blackmail him without dirt and to get even a hint at any, she’d need to be around him a bit more. “I should probably head back out, I was talking to someone and can’t leave them thinking that I ditched them.” Miriam smiled at her friend as she thought about the guy who brought improvement into her night.

”All right. I also have people who I should check up on,” Charity replied, before hugging Miriam again. ”I’m sorry you have to carry on this farce but we need to nail him. ‘In quietness and trust is your strength.’ Anyway, good luck and God bless.”
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@smarty0114 @Universorum

Featuring: Katie “Scott Lyon Must Die” Callaghan and Scott “Katie Callaghan Should Have Drowned” Lyon
Location: The ocean

Katie had one thought as she crashed into the waves below. What the fuck! She’d fallen overboard. Literally. This wasn’t a show, this wasn’t a bad movie, it wasn’t some story on some forum, this was her fucking life. She hated it.

The water was dark, and cold, so cold the fire of Katie’s rage couldn’t even heat her up. She hated Scott Lyon more than anything. More than waking up early on a weekend, more than meninists, more than fucking hard boiled eggs and people who thought A Cursed Child was canon. She had half a mind to drown, just to spite him, but upon realizing that she would very much prefer living, she swam up, breaking the surface and taking a deep breath of fresh air, gasping as her body adjusted to the shocking cold. Moments later, Scott broke the surface as well. “Oh my god, of fucking course! Of course you jump in after me! Not enough to fucking call me a cunt and let me fall overboard, then you have to play hero too? Go drown, Dirtbag!”

Why did he even bother? Honestly, why? He didn’t know. Why did he argue with her, why did he dive after her to help her? Wouldn’t he have been much happier with her at the bottom of the ocean? The truth was that no, he wouldn’t be happier. Katie gave him purpose; even if it was just anger and hate, it was still driving him, and pushing him in a lot of ways to get better at stupid shit. Like, chess for example. He only played chess because fuck Katie Callaghan, that’s why.

There were a lot of things like that in his life. This, however, didn’t make it any less fucking terrible when he popped up out of the water and she immediately started with him. Backed against the wall and with nowhere to go, but down, Scott immediately launched at her. “I’m trying to save you, bitch! You ain’t gotta jump on me as soon as I come out of the water! I don’t want your stupid ass DYING on my CONSCIOUS.”

Katie splashed water back at him and swam towards the boat. “Oh my god I can fucking swim, asswipe! Jesus fuck! FUCK FUCK FUCK” Katie screamed, her emotions overtaking her rational thought. “AHGGHGHHHHH!! I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING OCEAN RIGHT NOW! GOD I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE THIS!” she screamed as she propelled herself towards a ladder that was attached to the side of the yacht. By now, she wasn’t even screaming at Scott, more so the universe.

Upon reaching the ladder, she grabbed onto the bottom rung, hauling herself up and out of the waves. As she climbed, she looked down at Scott, who was nearing the ladder. “If you even try and squint at my ass, I will personally beat you so bad your mom won’t be able to identify your body,” Katie said, shivering from the cold.

“I hope a freakin’ shark eats you.” Scott hissed as he swam toward the ladder. Surprisingly, though, he made a point of turning around as she climbed up the ladder. He waited a few seconds, until he was certain she had enough time to climb up, before he spun around and hauled himself up after her, standing up and looking around. “I’m fucking cold,” Scott grumbled, stomping over to the spot where they’d taken their tumble.

He bent at the knee and picked up his dry (and still slightly warm) jacket, but rather than put it on himself, he went back to Katie and thrust it in her direction. “Here, put this on. So you don’t die of cold.”

Katie looked down at the jacket, then up at Scott. She was cold. Really fucking cold. So cold, that as much as she wanted to set that jacket on fire, she took it, scowling the whole time. “Thanks,” she grumbled, slipping into the jacket and crossing her arms, the oversized sleeves flopping around. “You’re friends with Brian, please tell me he has a change of clothes on this stupid fucking boat,” she said, shaking still, despite the jacket.

Scott had to think about it for a second. He didn’t exactly keep tabs on everything his friends kept on their boats, and whatnot. After a few seconds of thinking, he realized just how cold he really was. His whole body felt like it was shaking, as if he were chilled to the very bone. And he may have just as well been! This was Brian’s fault for making him go on this stupid boat in the first goddamn place. Scott should have never agreed to come, the stupid boat with the stupid rooms for fucking —

Wait, that was it. He looked down at Katie and nodded quickly, “there are clothes that would fit you I think. In the cabins. Come on.” He said, gesturing for her to follow him, as he turned to walk away.

Every bone in her body told her to fight. By now, it was instinct to argue with Scott, no matter what he had to say, but tonight she had a much more powerful instinct kicking. She was fucking cold. So, she fell in line behind him, for a silent, yet shivery walk to the cabins. She wasn’t quite sure what to even say. They’d been fighting for so long, normal conversation felt too...mundane. Strange, alien, complex, yet mundane. Katie was used to there being a fire between her and Scott, not that that means anything mind you, but a fire nonetheless. Small talk was beneath them.

When they finally got to the cabins, Scott froze and stared at the tablet hanging on the door. Go figure. Brian was ruining his life without even seeing him tonight, it seemed. Scott yanked the stupid tablet off of the wall, and scribbled his name on it, before he pushed it toward Katie. “S-sign in.” He said with chattering teeth, the reality of their situation very plain in front of them now.

Sign the guest book, or don’t go inside, freeze, and then die.

Was this real? Of fucking course it was! Great! One hundred percent, this was gonna make it’s way to the rumor mill, and everyone would think she fucked Scott. Despite that, she signed her name, and ran inside as the door opened, shoving past Scott. “Thank Christ!”

Scott sighed and stepped in past her, and the door slammed shut behind them, clicking locked. Yeah, people were gonna assume they got it on, but that was just an unfortunate side effect of this. On the bright side, as small as it may be, the room was significantly warmer than the outside. Once they were in, Scott went to a wardrobe on one of the walls, and opened it, looking inside. “Clothes in there,” he grumbled, glancing over at Katie.

Katie looked over at Scott, before walking over to the wardrobe and picking out a white, cotton sundress. She walked back to where she’d been standing and began to pull off her shirt, but stopped halfway. Turning to look at Scott she fixed him with a stern glare. “Look away. Now.”

Scott shot her a look. “Yeah, like I wanna look at you!” He snapped, before he turned around and put his fingers over his eyes, to further instill the point: he wasn’t interested in her. “Hurry up,” He snapped, realizing very suddenly that he did want to look at her. What was his life coming to? Well, there was a mirror here… Sneakily, Scott peaked through his fingers at mirror.

Katie sighed and quickly began taking off her wet clothes, piling them up next to the bathroom. As she was pulling the dress over her naked form, she looked over her shoulder to see Scott peeking out between his fingers, looking at her reflection. “What the fuck! You perv! God, go fuck yourself!” Katie shouted, her wet hair flopping around as she yelled.

Scott sighed. He really couldn’t catch a break. In reality, he probably shouldn’t have done that, but in a way it was definitely, totally, completely worth it. She was hot, fuck, why was she hot? Even he didn’t have a defense for this one, so instead, he mumbled, “Sorry. I’m sorry.” He said, in a defeated tone, spinning around to face her.

Katie sighed. She was cold. She was tired. She was in a bad fucking mood. She didn’t want to shout at Scott Lyon anymore. She’d done that enough today. She was done. Him sneaking a peek? It was sleazy, and wrong, and for some goddamn reason it made her heart flutter, which was fifty shades of fucked up, but she couldn’t find it in her to fight. Not tonight. Shaking her head, she flopped down onto the bed, her eyes trained on the ceiling above her. “Whatever, Scott. What-fucking-ever.”

Scott was silent as he walked around the room. For once, he didn’t really have it in him to yell at her or scream or even call her a bitch. Rather than try to talk to her or look at her though, he stepped off into the attached room, closing the door behind him. He was gone for a few minutes, before he emerged and walked over to the bed where she was sitting, tapping her on the shoulder, and holding out a steaming mug. “Here.” In the mug was hot chocolate, complete with whipped cream and a few floating marshmallows.

Katie looked down at the mug, automatically distrustful of the offering. Katie liked hot chocolate though, and so she gently took the mug from his grasp, taking a sip, her nose dipping into the whipped cream. “Thanks,” she said, wiping the whipped cream off her nose. They sat like that, in silence, for a few minutes, the only sound that of Katie sipping from her mug. Finally, Katie looked over at him. “Doesn’t Brian or one of the other meatheads need you?” she asked. Shockingly, it wasn’t laced with her usual venom. It was just a question, calm, neutral, matter of fact.

Scott shook his head after she asked the question. “No, I don’t think so. I’m just sort of here now. Brian said not to get drunk, so I’m sober too.” Scott made a face at this, as if it were a grave sin that he didn’t agree with, but he shrugged. “I trust him. Whatever he’s doing, is probably a good idea. What about you? Shouldn’t you find like, Joy or Noah and hang out with them?”

Katie nodded with understanding. “Joy’s off nailing Damian and Noah...I should go find Noah. Sometimes though, I just don’t think he wants to be found. I mean, he’s my best friend and I know him like the back of my hand but sometimes it’s like he just shuts all the windows and closes the blinds, and suddenly I’m looking at a stranger. And yeah, I probably don’t make it better, I’m nosey and a bit bitchy and I meddle, and...I have no idea why I’m saying any of this.” Katie chuckled, shaking her head and looking down at her mug in an effort to hide the blush that was spreading through her cheeks. What the hell was happening to her?

“Well… I can confirm at least one of those things.” Scott said, and though it was definitely a jab at her, his voice didn’t care the normal hate and anger it normally did. Scott caught himself actually staring at her blushing face for a few seconds, though he quickly looked away, and asked the question that was undeniably hanging in the air: “Why are we like this? Why do we always fight, and scream at each other? Seriously.”

Katie shook her head, and shrugged. “Maybe we just really hate each other. Or maybe we are just awful people. Or maybe, we’ve figured out that having someone to scream at is better than having no one at all.” Katie sat there, silent for a moment as her words hung in the air. Suddenly she swung her legs off the bed and stood up, setting her mug down. “I should go find Noah. He’s gonna need my help.”

Scott had nothing else to say. She had a point. All three of them were possible options; they did seem to hate each other, but deep down, Scott knew that wasn’t the case. As for them being awful people? Solid cases could be made against either of them in that regard… The third option? Having someone to scream at was better than having no one at all? That was heavy, and it gave Scott a lot to think about.

When she said that she needed to go find Noah, Scott nodded. “Uh, yeah. Okay. I think I’m just gonna stay here for a little bit. If you need back in, just knock. I’ll open the door.” Scott offered, though he wasn’t sure how she was going to take it. If history were any indicator, then probably poorly. But, it’d been about ten minutes, and they’d done nothing but be nice to each other. Maybe it was a sign of things to come?

Katie nodded, and silently made for the door. Her hand lingered over the handle, as a voice inside her screamed in protest, a voice that had been nothing but a whisper until tonight. She ignored the voice, and turned the handle, opening the door and stepping back into the world.

Scott watched as she left, and after the door clicked shut, he turned to look at himself in the mirror, leaning forward on the desk in front of it. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” He asked, before shaking his head and backing up until he fell on the bed. Silent now, Scott stared up at the ceiling, and folded his arms over his stomach.

All he found himself able to think about was how he shouldn’t have let her leave.
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@Universorum @Lovely Complex
Starring: Damian “Chocolate Milk” O’Connor and Joy “Oh Crap Auntie’s Gonna Kill Me” Darling
Featuring: Bartimaeus “Little Dude” Snyder, Amity “That’s Mrs. Snyder to You” Snyder, and Jericho “I’m Drunk” Snyder
Location: The Snyder Mansion

Even before they’d driven all the way up the winding driveway, Damian had thoughts about Joy’s uncle’s house. It looked like something out of a fucking movie, built into seaside cliffs and overlooking the city of Malibu. The second they had crossed the gate at the bottom of the hill it was like the game had changed. Now, on either side of them, were small parks, groves of trees, and even little gardens. There was a massive sandbox here, and a pool with a trampoline to jump into it there — in the light projected from the poles on either side of the driveway, Damian could have sworn he saw a rollercoaster in the distance. He glanced over at Joy, “he lives here? You’re not just driving us up to some weird hotel, right? Because this is wild. How much did this property cost, anyway? It seems like your aunt and uncle own this whole hill...”

And the truth was… they did. Joy would know the story, that almost 15 years ago. The hill they were driving on was once luxurious residential area, from head to toe, until Jericho had decided that he wanted it. With the help of his wife, and a small loan from his uncle, Jericho and Amity Snyder bought the whole fucking hill (the goddamn madmen), tore down all the houses, built their mega mansion, and then Jericho had spent most of his life since just adding whatever he felt like to it. It was his playground; the house, the land, even the beach down below the cliffs. In a lot of ways, and the media had said it a million times before, Jericho was just a kid trapped in an adult’s body.

“I can see why you wanted to come here though, it’s friggin’ awesome. Hey, you’re doing really well, by the way. You’re a natural, maybe your mom and dad will buy you a car for your sixteenth, huh? Then you drive me around sometimes.”

“You really think so?” Joy briefly glanced over to Damian, before bringing her eyes back on the road. This was a little nerve-wrecking, nothing like the speed racer games. She forgot how long of a drive it would be, but at least she was getting the experience she needed. A car for her sixteenth birthday, huh? She wondered what her mom and dad would get her. Would she be able to customize it? “Oh, and yeah, they do own this whole hill. Fun fact, but this use to be a neighborhood, but when Uncle wants something, he gets it, and both him and his wife have a lot of money. Getting the things they want is never a problem.” Slowly, she pulled up in front of the garage.

Putting the car on park, Joy turned the ignition off, pulled the keys out, and offered them to her boyfriend, “You ready? I don’t know how much exploring we can do, but I’m sure just entering it you’ll jizz in your pants.” Joy teasingly chuckled after her last statement.

Damian took the key and slid it into his pocket, though he didn’t look over at Joy until after looking forward, toward the house they were about to enter. Even from in front of the garage, Damian noticed a bit of an oddity: it seemed all the lights were off. It was a little late, he figured, but it wasn’t like that late, was it? He shrugged his shoulders, before looking over at bae. “Yeah, you did fine. You could do a bit better with the turns, but that’s okay. People get better with practice and you didn’t do anything glaringly terrifying.” He hopped out of the car and leaned on the roof of it as Joy got out, adding, “hey, I didn’t want to tell you this while we were on the road, but like… that whole trip was kind of illegal. You got a permit, but the licensed driver has to be over 21 for a permit driver to drive… I figured if I told you, you might stress and like, drive us off the cliff.”

What the fuck? Joy looked at him like she couldn’t believe he allowed her to drive. Sure, she kind of demandingly asked, but he could’ve refused! She was a good girl. Tainting her bad record would not be good for her! Okay, lately, she has been tainting her record a little… with spending time with Damian and doing things. Unspeakable things. Naughty things. With him. Even so! She didn’t want to do anything illegal. All the singing he did got her caught up in the moment, forgetting about the laws of the world. Joy didn’t even take in all his constructive criticism because she was still baffled over the fact that he didn’t tell her to stop driving!

With that, Damian turned his attention to the house, “is it as cool inside, as it looks outside?” Damian asked, walking up to the front door and putting his hand on the knob. He turned it carefully, cautiously… and found that it was totally unlocked. Weird. He shook his head and looked over at Joy, before he threw open the door.

Little did Damian O’Connor know, this would be the biggest mistake of his night. Possibly, of his life. For in the living room, on one of the couches, there was a blanket cocoon. And inside that blanket cocoon, was the woman of the house, and her son, who Damian knew as ‘lil boss.’ Both of them were asleep, and they had only gotten to sleep but thirty minutes ago.

After the door opened, this was no longer the case.

“Is Daddy home?”

Damian had woken the sleeping child.

Hell hath no fury like a mother being woken after spending two hours getting her child in the mood to sleep. Most days, Amity Snyder was a pleasant woman. Absolutely lovely, welcoming, and full of positive energy. Right now, though? This very moment. Shooting her head up, her unruly hair draping down, there was no need to do much to her hair on a day off, Amie let out a light grumble before gently hushing her son, “Daddy isn’t here yet, lovebug.”

“Somebody is here! Maybe it’s an X-Man! Let’s go, lets gooooo,” came the reply from her son.

She already knew her fate for the night, so rather than try to get him to sleep, she simply unraveled the cocoon, grabbed him, resting him on her hip, and shuffled her way to her late visitors, looking like a goddamn gremlin.

Her every thought was on high definition. On top of not getting rest herself, which was never a good thing, Amie had to live with a husband that had insomnia and a son that would surely take after his father sooner rather than later. The mother of the household wore black shorts, that displayed her nice, slender legs, and a loose merchandise tank of her husband’s professional video game team: RD.

No bra.

After walking into the home, lights immediately turned on, letting him see the home in all its glory. While normal people eyes may have looked around and appreciated the crystalware, or the white tile floor that was so shiny you could see yourself in it, or maybe the massive spiral staircase… Damian’s eyes instead found their way to what looked like a drinking fountain in the wall, accompanied by a shorter one. Damian looked over at Joy, “Is that a water fountain?!” He asked, walking over to it, when he realized that the button was also a dial, which had different colors on it. Damian turned the dial, to blue (his favorite color) before he hit the button. Instead of water, some blue fluid came out, and Damian cautiously leaned forward, tasting it with his tongue.


WHAT?!” Damian’s mind was blown. And so was his volume control.

Clearing her throat, Joy realized her grave mistake. “Eh-heh… hi, auntie.”

“Joy, out of everyone, I would’ve assumed you knew better.” Amity was not happy. Actually, she was cranky. Extremely cranky. “HEY, did I say you can have some of my husband’s juice?” The mother snapped. If she wasn’t as tired, she’d be more than happy to offer JJ’s juice, but right now, when she was on very little sleep. Fuck that shit.

“Auntie, I can explain!” Joy nervously played with her fingers. “You see, Uncle said we, as in me and my boyfriend —”

“Boyfriend?” Dully, Amie blinked at Damian, surveying him. Who the fuck was this kid and why was he dating precious Joy?

“Yeah! Boyfriend. Well, Uncle JJ said we can come whenever!” Amity’s attention went back to the young nerd, who had no idea what she was doing. Her aunt’s face read: oh he did, did he? There was a moment of silence, Joy couldn’t help but gulp uneasily.

“It’s Joy! And Joy’s friend!” The little guy was squirming in Amie’s hands now, ready to get down from her arms so he could PLAY.

Damian winced a bit as Amie reacted a little strongly to his drinking from the fountain, but he quickly straightened up to his full height from the fountain. This was just an upset mother, this was something he could handle, for sure. “Did we wake you up? I am so sorry!” He said, frowning in apology, “I think I just got a little excited with how beautiful your home is, I really am sorry…” He shook his head and stepped forward, holding a hand out to her.

“I’m Damian O’Connor, Joy’s, well, I’m her boyfriend. You might know my parents? Melody and Bryant.” As Damian spoke, the little guy looked up at his mother.

“Mommmyyyyyy, I want to play. With themmmmm.”

“Amie — it is Amie, right? I think I’ve seen you and your husband on TV before! — how about this? Well, first off I just want to reiterate, I really am sorry we woke you up like that. That’s my fault, I should have been thinking about that… Anyway, what if Joy and I take the little dude from you, and you can go lay down in bed and get back to sleep? I promise I’ll have him back asleep in no more than thirty minutes. We can work everything else out in the morning.”

There was an unsettling moment of silence, minus the squirmy child in the mother’s arms. The O’Connor’s…. the O’Connors… familiar names, but why on Earth could she not put a face to the name? Granted, she did just woke up and her family knew far too many famous people. Bouncing her child in her arms, not yet ready to let him go, Amity corrected him, “Call me Mrs. Snyder until I am more familiar with you.” As unwelcoming as she was being, she didn’t dislike the kid. He had to have some challenge in the family, though, rather than be instantly loved by everyone. “Does Jude know? That you two are dating.”

Whoop, there it is. Joy’s mouth was dry. She wanted to say something, that would undoubtedly be a lie, but no words could come out of her lips. This was the night she’d die. Lying led to funerals and her auntie’s gaze, which was unusual for her, was putting chills up Joy’s spine.

Damian decided to step in, figuring that Joy needed his help more. Besides, Damian was good at talking. “Understood.” Despite Amie’s outward unwelcomeness, Damian didn’t seem to be thrown off, or even slightly fazed. “Jude doesn’t know yet. To be honest? We haven’t exactly had time to talk to her, or Ender. There’s a lot going on at school right now, and I think I’m sort of dealing with the biggest bit of emotional turmoil I’ve ever had in my life. Joy’s helping me steady-up a bit, then I plan to talk to them. It goes both ways, though, my parents don’t know either… I think the only ones who know are you and your husband actually, Mrs. Snyder.”

Damian paused for a second, before pressing on, swinging the conversation away from the lie — which he’d done a pretty good job of covering up all things considered — and to something else, “speaking of, where is your husband anyway?”

“Put me downnnnn.”

After taking in everything this boy had to say, Amity sighed in defeat and put her son down, “Getting drunk with the boys.” Once her son was free, she brought herself upright and crossed her arms, “I should check on him.” Sidetracking from the conversation, she called out, “Phillip, can I have coffee, please?” If she was up for the rest of the night, might as well have caffeine.

“If you would please find your way to the kitchen, Miss, you’d find that coffee was put on when you were woken up unceremoniously by this scoundrel and young Joy.”

“...I’m sorry, scoundrel?”

“Correct. I meant what I said.”

“Phillip was the first Assistant ever made, therefore the most advanced, with intelligence to match his maker.” Joy explained.

“With just as much sarcasm and judgement too.” Amie laughed. “Thankies, Phillip.” A small glimpse of ‘happy Amie’ could be seen now that coffee was ready for her. Bringing her attention back to the kids, she nodded to herself, “I like your offer, boy. Put my child back to sleep and you’ll earn kudo points from me. For now, I’m going to get coffee.”

...boy? Sheesh, this woman was one tough nut to crack. Rather than focus on that, though, he turned his attention to Ty. “Do you wanna play with me again?” He asked, kneeling down in front of him. The boy nodded excitedly, and Damian looked over at Joy over his shoulder, gesturing for her to come to him with his finger. “I promise we’ll play nicely, Mrs. Snyder.”

“Nobody else has to call her that!”

“Only slightly surprised, little dude.”

...Amity watched as Joy followed Damian’s lead and her son questioned her antics. Of course he didn’t understand what she was doing, BUT, it had to be done. “No promises, just do.” With that, Amie allowed her son to play with her intruders and irritatedly went to the kitchen, “Phillip, tell Lydia to postpone the press conference until Monday and then can you please, please, pretty please call my husband?”

“Of course.” The Assistant responded, while Damian looked at Joy.

“Okay, I have some things I need. I need a blanket — softer better — a TV with Netflix, three big pillows, and some chocolate milk. Preferably whole milk. I don’t know where anything is in this house.” Damian explained, and the little guy smiled happily, pulling at Damian’s arm.

“I know where a TV is! I watch Netflix a lot!” He said, before Damian shrugged and stood up, following after him. While the boys went on the move, Joy looked back at her aunt who was heading toward the kitchen.

Stopping her quickly, she gave her aunt sound words, “I know this is weird, and I’m sorry, but I can assure you, Damian is a good man. I’ll tell mommy tomorrow, you can bet on it. And... I’ll show you, you have nothing to worry about.”

“It’s not you I’m worried about.” Amity gave Joy a reassuring smile, ruffling her niece’s newish red hair, before dismissing her, “My son wants you too. Go.” Nodding to her aunt, Joy turned on her heel and ran off to the room the boys were heading to. Wait, Damian needs milk. She turned around and followed her aunt into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, there were a few brief rings of a dial tone, before a voice spoke out. “Amie? Kitty?” It was JJ, and he sounded out of it, at least. “I’m drunk. It’s loud here and I want to go home now. Come get me. Ty’s niece showed up in Ryan’s helicopter, and she’s drunk and ugly crying. I hate it. I thought I was done with crying teenage girls?”

“Okay, yeah, I’ll pick you up and you, Jericho, can explain to me why you’re opening our house to the whole goddamn world!” Dramatic, but got her point across. Sorta. While Amity was on the phone, Joy quietly and awkwardly retrieved chocolate milk… the faster she went, the sooner she can be with Damian again.

“...let me think.” As it normally did, it only took JJ about half a second to think. “Joy and Joy’s boyfriend. I told Joy that they can come here anytime they want, and we won’t ask any questions. I said this because I love her and I want her to be safe and at least somewhere I know she won’t get in trouble or hurt, because she’s a teenager, and I remember when we were teenagers and we were awful people. I know her mom and dad and I don’t want to bail Ender out of a murder charge —”

“WITHOUT TELLING YOUR WIFE?!” Okay, this is where Joy left. Cranky Amie was not a fun Amie. Before she left, she placed the chocolate milk down, grabbed Amie’s mug, and put it near the raging woman, before making her exit. NOPE.

“Usually we just agree on things? I didn’t expect them to just randomly show up in the middle of the night! I’m sorry, Amie, I should have said something. Don’t worry, I’ll give them a backdoor key.”

Grabbing her mug, she took a sip in it, mmmm, coffee, before pushing her anger aside, “I’m coming now. I’m just going to throw shoes on.” Which meant she was going out with hardly any clothes on, eh, she didn’t care. She was tired and had to pick up her man.


Reaching the room, Joy slowly opened the door to get a glimpse of Damian and Lil’ Boss. Damian and the little guy were currently in the middle of what appeared to be vicious combat, with Damian on his stomach and Tyty on top of him, currently holding him in a headlock; though it wasn’t done very well, or locked in very tight. To his credit, though, Damian looked like his very lifeforce was being drained out of him, and Tyty was winning this battle.

Unlike last time, where she joined in cheering, Joy took a seat on the guest’s bed, placed the milk on the nightstand, and observed quietly, with a faint smile on her face. What she didn’t realize was that face read that she was in love. In love with Damian O’Connor.

“Ya got me this time!” Damian said, and the little boy giggled on his back. He quickly broke out of the hold and flipped onto his back, grabbing the boy and holding him up in the air as if he were going to bench press the little boy, though he paused when he saw Joy there. “Oh! We have a visitor. And remember, honorably one on one combat can only be conducted when nobody else is there.” Damian explained, as he sat the little guy down on the ground.

Ty twisted his head to look at Joy, and waved. “Your man is very fun.”

“Too fun.” Joy teased and then reached for the remote (preferring the old fashioned manual way of finding something to watch). “Okay, Lil’ Boss, whacha’ want to watch?”

“Dames says we should watch How to Train Your Dragon! Whoaaaaaaaaaaa!” He said, as Damian scooped him up into the air, making a rocket ship noise as he put the little guy down on the bed, laying him down on his stomach. “Fun!”

“I’m surprised he doesn’t babysit.” Joy looked at the television, typing the movie in the search bar with the remote, “You’re pretty good at this.” Her tone softened, but her attention stood on the screen. It was so easy to categorize Damian into a one dimensional character, but really, he was good at a lot of things. He wasn’t just another jock. There was more to him than what he showed at face value. It was unfortunate the Weekend Warrior saw him as a cock tease and nothing more.

“I like kids! What can I say?” Damian smiled at Joy, and kissed her on the cheek before he grabbed the chocolate milk and indicated for the little guy to sit back up. After he did so, Damian handed him the milk, and he drank it up, wiping his mouth. Damian put the glass away, and then laid down on his stomach on the bed, facing toward the TV, with Tyty laying down beside him shortly after. “Can someone turn the light off?”

And then lights went off.

“This place is nutty…”

Following suit, Joy too laid on her stomach, the little dude in between her and Damian. “Yeah, it’s great, isn’t it?” She smiled at her boyfriend and then added one last thing before bringing her eyes back to the screen, “Maybe I’ll give you a tour in the morning.”

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The Rare Just Jordan Post

Starring: Daisy “Cookies Are a Type of Cake!” Pryor
Location: One of the Four Corners

Mentions: Parker! @Fabricant451

Daisy was bored.

This was never a good thing, because it very often led to her doing things that weren’t exactly recommended, which sometimes led to her parents being involved. Luckily, that wasn’t the case tonight! She just wanted something to eat! Something sweet, and sugary. Maybe cookies! Yes, yes. Cookies.

Daisy launched herself off of her bed, where she’d been sitting and watching Robin Hood; the Disney version, of course. Once she landed on her feet, she briefly glanced at her reflection in the mirror of her vanity table, making a silly face at herself. She scrunched up her nose and made kissy lips, before she stuck her tongue out at herself.

This made her smile wide, before the room filled up with her giggles. She was hilarious!

Daisy skipped out of her bedroom and to the hallway, before bounding down the hall. She reached the top of the massive, beautiful, grand staircase that led to the first floor of the mega-mansion she lived in, and smiled. Rather than walk down the stairs like someone normal would do, Daisy sat down on the railing and slid down, whooshing past her father as he did so. The man paused halfway up the the steps, on his way to his bedroom, and looked down at his daughter as she hopped off the end, “what’s going on, Daisy?” Jayce asked, though he found himself painfully aware of the fact that he might not understand.

“I’m going to the kitchen! To show the world that it’s a piece of cake, to bake a pretty cake!” Daisy called out in response, and when her father didn’t look he understood, Daisy just smiled more, “I’m gonna make some cookies! Peanut butter and chocolate chip. Not like, peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips, but cookies with chocolate chips and peanut butter chips,” she added in explanation. It made sense to her. Besides, who didn’t like the smell of cookies? It was kind of late, sure, but it wasn’t that late! As long as she was in bed by ten, she’d be ready for school! It was a late start day tomorrow anyway. She had time.

“Well, can’t argue with that. Save some for me. Have fun. I think we have all kinds of chips… There’s butterscotch, and white chocolate chips, too. Maybe try those?”

That was an awesome idea! “That’s an awesome idea, Daddy! I’ll give it a shot!” She smiled and waved, before spinning around, and sliding across the floor. The first floor was all hardwood, the entire way through (excluding the bathrooms, which were some kind of expensive tile), and Daisy took advantage of that almost every day. How so? By sliding across the floor in socks, duh! It was fun. The only way it could have been anymore fun was if she had a dog to follow her around.

Daisy sighed mournfully as she found her way in the kitchen, but chose not to think too much about how she didn’t have a dog. She could just go to the animal shelter tomorrow and play and snuggle them all! She looked around the kitchen, and clapped her hands together. Time to get to work!

“First! Gather your ingredients!” The base of the recipe was simple, something that her grandmother on her mother’s side had taught her when she was younger. “All purpose baking flour!” She walked to one of the drawers, and pulled out the big bag of flower, throwing it on the island in the center of the kitchen with a huff; it was heavy! “Baking soda, and baking powder! Salt! Wait, salt’s already there...”

Daisy climbed up onto of the countertop and opened up the cupboard that was high above the ground. This had the finer ingredients, like baking powder and baking soda. “White sugar! Brown sugar! Vanilla extract! ...where do we keep vanilla extract?” She hopped off the counter and put the sugars, and baking powder and baking soda in her arms, tossing them onto the island beside the flour. Then, she began her hunt for vanilla extract. What even was vanilla? Why did it need to be extracted? Why did it smell so fantastic, yet taste so icky? Throwing open cupboard after cupboard, pulling open drawer after drawer… she eventually found the tiny bottle, and put it on the counter beside her other dry ingredients.

At this point, she took her electric kettle and put some water inside of it, setting it to ding once the water reached boiling temperature. “The water is for later! Forget it for now!” She explained, to no one in particular, before going about her collection of ingredients once again. “Eggs! Large! Normal size is okay, but if you look at the cartons at the grocery store, they have sizes! Small! Medium! Large! Jumbo! Large is best for baking, it has the most liquid in it! Get two of them and set aside!” She said, opening up the fridge and pulling out the eggs and setting them to the side.

“Get a mixing bowl!” Daisy said, while pulling out a bowl from a drawer underneath the stove. She put the bowl on the counter, and got a measuring cup. “Okay. Two and a half cups of the flour from earlier! Remember, when you buy flour, to put it in the freezer for one day! This is to keep the weevil eggs from hatching! Weevils are lil bugs that live in all kinds of stuff. Flour is one of their favorite homes! I wish they weren’t real, but they are! Mix the flour with one teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of baking powder! Finally, throw in a pinch of salt.” She said, flicking her wrist as she threw the salt into the bowl, then mixed it up with a spoon.

As she finished thoroughly mixing it all together, the kettle dinged and she spun on her heel. “Time to explain the water!” She got two large glasses down, and distributed the boiling water evenly. Then, she went to the fridge, and got two sticks of hard butter. “Butter! The final ingredient. Take the boiling water from before! Pour it into two cups! Then, get butter. After one minute, pour the water out!” Daisy poured the water out and then stood the sticks of butter up vertically, then flipped the cups upside down and put them over the butter sticks.

“You see, you want softened butter! Some people think that you can just microwave butter to achieve this effect. They would be wrong! Microwaving butter melts it, you just want it softened! Plus, it destroys the consistency! Using heat from the cups to do it doesn’t cause any damage or ruin any proteins! Once the butter is softened, put it inside your mixing bowl! I have a stand-up mixer! I recommend it a lot. At this point, preheat your oven!” Daisy dumped the two sticks of butter, now softened, into a stand up mixing bowl. Then, she went over to the oven, and hit the preheat button, pressing the temperature buttons. “Three hundred and fifty degrees, Fahrenheit! Three hundred and twenty-five if you have a convection oven! I don’t, so I do three hundred and fifty. That’s one hundred and seventy-seven in Celsius! Now, while the oven preheats, complete mixing!”

“Daisyyyy! Who are you yelling at?”

The voice came from upstairs, and caused Daisy to pause for a moment, before she yelled up her answer. “One of my stuffed animals is in here! He’s a llama! His name is Billy! He says hello! I’m teaching him to bake cookies!” She responded, and there wasn’t a response for a solid ten seconds, during which Daisy remained still and patient.


Good enough! Daisy turned her attention back to the project at hand. Really, shouting out the steps helped her remember them! Which was very important, since she quite liked cookies, and wanted to keep baking them all her life. “In your mixing bowl! Mix your softened two sticks of butter with three fourths cup of white sugar, and three fourths cup of firmly packed brown sugar! Do it until it gets smooth. This could take some time, but never fear, and never ever turn the mixer on high! Keep it on low, let it go slowly if it needs to go slowly.” Daisy explained, watching as the mixer went round and round, round and round. After a while, she seemed satisfied, “now, beat in your two eggs! One at a time. Finally, add vanilla. Just a teaspoon! Vanilla is strong stuff, and it’s mostly for aroma. You want your house to smell like you’re baking cookies! Of course, in my case they also hear it…”

She smiled sheepisly in the direction of her stuffed animal. She hadn’t meant to stress her father out… whoops! All was well, though. “Once you’ve added in the vanilla, slowly add in the flour mixture! Take your time here, it’s one of the most vital parts…” She carefully and slowly moved the mixture over, one big table spoon at a time. Once it was all done, she shut the machine off and pulled the bowl off.

“Now, get your chips! I’m using semi-sweet milk chocolate, semi-sweet white chocolate, a little bit of butterscotch, and a lot a bit of peanut butter! Now, normally you just do one cup chocolate chip and one cup peanut butter! I’m doing one cup peanut butter, half cup milk chocolate, half cup white chocolate, and one fourth cup butterscotch! Keep the chips out, if you’re like me. I like to put some on top of the cookies after they’re baked! If not, put them away. Fold in the chips with your spatula, gently! A spoon works if you have nothing else!” She dumped the sugar bomb in, and slowly folded it in with her wooden spoon, licking the dough off the end after she was finished.

“Take your cookie sheet! We have non-stick cookie sheets! You might need to grease yours some! Be careful not to put too much, or you’ll risk your cookie’s integrity! Really, you should just buy some non-stick sheets. Put rounded teaspoonfuls onto your sheet! When your sheet is full, put it in the oven!” She pulled down the oven and threw the sheet inside, “This makes one batch of eighteen cookies! Bake for eight to ten minutes, or until the edges are golden. Everyone’s oven cooks a lil different! Mine takes exactly nine minutes and twenty-five seconds. Set the timer! Now, comes the hard part.”




“THE WAITING!” Daisy sighed, and set about cleaning up. She wasn’t just going to leave a mess for her mother to have to clean up later! She put away all the ingredients, and rinsed out her baking utensils… when she looked at the timer, there was still time left, BUT. The timer had just over three minutes! That meant she had time. “Oh, quick quick! Pluto, turn on some Disney music!” Daisy said, still holding the wooden spoon from earlier. As she spoke to her assistant, music began playing, as requested.

Daisy beamed. She loved this song! Of course, she loved every song, but she especially loved this song. It was from one of her favorite movies! She held the spoon up to her mouth, and began to sing, pretending it was a microphone. “Open up your eyes and take look at me, get the picture fixed in your memory, I’m driven by the rhythm like the beat of a heart, and I won’t start till I start to stand out!” Daisy had an excellent singing voice, given to her by years of devoted practice and training by various professionals. She really liked to sing, and was somewhat of a songbird, or a songstress, depending on who you asked. In her own opinion, she was above average, but not really all that impressive!

As the second part of the verse began, she moonwalked in a circle around the island she’d used as a baking platform, “some people settle for the typical thing, livin’ all their lives waitin’ in the wings, it ain’t a question of ‘if,’ just a matter of time, before I move to the front of tha lineeee.” She spun on her heel and tipped her body backward as the big pre-chorus line began, “once you’re watching every move that I make, you gotta believe that I got what it takes!”

“To stand out! Above the crowd, even if I gotta shout out loud! Til mine is the only face you’ll say, gonna stand outttttt… til you notice me!”

She slid her way over to the oven and hit the ‘light’ button as she continued to sing, wanting to watch her cookies as they baked, “if the squeaky wheel is always gettin’ the grease, see I’m totally devoted to disturbing the peace, and I’ll do it all again, when I get done! Until I become your number oneeee,” She leaned toward the cookies… Damn — er, dang, nothing yet!

“No methods to my madness, and no means of escape, gonna break every rule, or bend them all outta shape, it ain’t a question of ‘how,’ just a matter of when that you get the message that I’m trying to send.” She climbed up onto the cleared off kitchen island, carefully scaling her way up one of the barstools.

“I’m under a spell, in over my head, and you know I’m going all of the way to the end!” She slid to the end of the island, before jumping down, spinning in the air and landing on one foot, carefully catching her balance with a grin on her face that said ‘I almost got messed up!’ as she sang the second chorus. Then, came her favorite part! The bridge, the build up!

“If I could make you stop and take a look at me, instead of just walking by, there’s nothin’ that I wouldn’t do, if it was gettin’ you to notice I’m aliveeeee!” She paused after that line, looking down at the ground as she got ready for the second part. “All I need is half a chance, a second thought, a second glance to prove, I got whatever,” as she sang the longer notes, she threw her head backward, her hair whooshing after her. “it takessssss!”

She flicked her head back down and took one hand off of the spoon to push her bangs out of her face, revealing a huge smile, before she winked. “It’s a piece of cake.” Then, she sang the chorus until the end of the song.

“Til you notice me.” She finished the song and giggled to herself, then heard the ding! from the oven and smiled widely. “Yay! Cookies are done.” She opened the oven and used oven mitts that looked like Minnie Mouse’s gloves, then scooped the eighteen cookies off onto a cooling rack, finally, she tossed a few of each kind of chip on them as a topping of sorts, then took her phone out, snapping a picture of them.

To: Parker!

I made cookies! I’ll save you some!

She sent the picture, and then got herself a bowl, reaching into the freezer and grabbing the vanilla ice cream. She scooped some into the bowl, then grabbed two cookies, putting the still hot cookies on top of the ice cream. She grabbed the bowl and retreated toward the living room, where she spent the next hour or so watching Tangled until she fell asleep with her bowl still in her hands.

She had been up too late.
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Divya Bajwa never figured a place like Beverly Hills would feel like home to her, and in many respects it kind of wasn’t. Everywhere she turned there were people that looked different than she did, that had bags from Rodeo and sunglasses that cost more than Divya’s entire ensemble; yet the zip code on her mail was the same as everyone else’s that called the rather affluent city their home. If she had to pick a place to live, she had her doubts that the Hills would be at the top of her list.

Beverly Hills. Some call it a celebrity’s backyard. Never know who you can run into around the corner, but chances are they won’t be happy to see you.

The choice was never Divya’s to begin with. Once the initial checks came through from Divya’s first season appearance on Modern Maharana came through, she was plucked from the idyllic suburban lifestyle and moved into a home that was more picturesque yet somehow colder. Smaller. There was more space but Divya never felt more alone at night. One of the highlights of her life wasn’t the fact that she got to go to the Emmy’s before she was in double digits or that she was at one point America’s Punjab Princess with a side of precocious and precious for good measure, but when her father sold her childhood home and moved the two of them into a modest apartment.

Divya still remembered the day they moved in and the nice police woman that lived a few doors down brought over a welcome basket with the best muffins Divya had ever eaten, followed by the three of them, Divya, her father, and Officer Park, eating a pizza with double cheese - at Divya’s request. It was like her birthday come early. Divya even remembered telling her father to make a move on the short haired police officer - Divya could swear Officer Park was eyefucking the shit out of Divya’s father - but nothing came of it. It was too soon. And the police officer was a bit young for father’s taste. Still, it was a good day. One of the happiest of her life.

She didn’t even mind that her mother wasn’t there with them.

Beverly Hills. The place for those who want the feel of Los Angeles without the air of pretension, but still want people to know they have more money than you.

The problem with Beverly Hills as Divya saw it wasn’t the fact that its residents were an annoying kind of affluent or that everyone who drove seemed to only have white cars or exotic imports in flashy orange, but the lack of iconography. There wasn’t really a Willis Tower or Chrysler Building or even the Capitol Records building for the perfect establishing shot. There were palm trees and pools and Porches. Off the top of her head Divya could name ten movies set in the better parts Los Angeles proper, twenty in Chicago, fifty in New York...but Beverly Hills? Not even Pretty Woman had the balls to stay in Beverly Hills for longer than a trip to Rodeo.

It’s no wonder there was a string of popular movies a couple decades ago that decided to film in Georgia rather than California. At least Georgia had peaches. What did Divya have? Microwave burritos and a dream.

Beverly Hills. It might not be the perfect place. It might not even be all that good and it smells a bit like regret. But dammit, it’s ho-

”What the hell are you saying back there?”

The somewhat portly driver rolled his eyes as he looked in the rearview mirror at a young Indian girl holding a film camera up to the window like she was making a home video. She had been mumbling to herself for a good five minutes now which had the driver concerned. He’d driven tourists before but their ramblings were done in groups and nine times out of ten they were drunk off their ass. Here was a Muslim girl, he assumed, filming and mumbling to herself; it wasn’t exactly an everyday occurance. What was the old saying? ‘See Something, Say Something’?

Divya turned her head - and with it the camera she was holding - to focus on the driver. The lens had to re-focus as Divya found the perfect frame, shooting the front seat so the driver wasn’t cut off at the top. ”Are you filming me?” He asked with all the belligerent anger of a man who was fine with cameras so long as he wasn’t aware of them, surely.

”Yes, but you’re filming this trip.” Divya turned the camera to zoom in on the dashcam proudly displayed, while also making sure to catch the mini American Flag hanging from the passenger side sun visor. It was rare to get such prescient symbolism from an Uber.

”That’s for accidents and safety. It’s different.”

”I’m just doing a video diary thing. A day in the life of-”

”Something for school? Sounds stupid.” Divya was cut off by the driver and found her voice trailing off as she tried to finish her statement.

”No, it’s not for school it’s for fu-”

”I don’t consent to this. I don’t know how it is in Islam but in America you can’-”

”Islam is a religion. I’m Ameri-”

”Stop fucking filming m-”

The video abruptly cut to a slightly off focus shot of a bedroom; center of the frame was Divya and surrounding her were posters of various movies ranging from foreign film classics to blockbusters with attractive people posing in action poses. Divya was more like a brown blob in front of the lens that was moving and squirming as she was trying to focus. The problem with these classic cameras was that the auto focus was a real bitch sometimes. ”I..think...yes...okay!” Divya took several steps back and remained fully in focus as she sat on the foot of her bed. Her hair was scruffy and unkempt and she was wearing a dark apron with a few stains that didn’t fully wash out, burrito juices most likely, and a slightly askew name badge.

”Hello! My name is Divya Bajwa but because a lot of people seem to think that’s a hard name to say people just call me Div or D.B., I don’t mind either way. So, I thought it might be fun to do a little video diary kind of thing. A day in the life of a totally average girl in a place where average is boring and unnoticed. Except it’s not really just a day in the life. Kind of a ...week in the life? Really the only thing that makes me stand out is the fact that I’m Muslim. Well...I’m not really practicing but still it’s not like there are many girls or people like me in this city which I think would make for an interesting take, hence this video diary. I think the insight of a young Muslim teen would go a long way into showing how no matter what people believe or how they look that...being a teenager sucks.”

Divya stood and approached the camera again, muttering about wanting to do another take while her fingers fiddled with the settings as once again the camera fizzled and cut to black.

Burrito, burrito, how I love to-eat-....yo. What rhymes with burrito? Burrito, burrito, into my mouth do you go. No, that’s stupid. Burrito, burrito, why you gotta cook so slow?”

From behind the camera Divya was doing her best to come up with a singsong poem about microwave burritos while the camera was focused intently on the burrito spinning around inside of a microwave. Overhead there was nondescript instrumental music playing through an outdated speaker system and it was being overpowered by the sound of engines purring and being killed, of doors slamming shut and gas caps being undone while nozzles were slotted in.

The Guzz ‘n’ Go was a necessary evil, a remnant of days before cars were gas guzzlers, though the cars were a bit more advanced they still needed fuel to go and that’s where the Guzz ‘n’ Go came into play. Even if people didn’t necessarily need to fill up their cars, on long enough road trips they might need to fill up on snacks or to empty themselves of the soda they had on the trip so far. Or sometimes people just needed to stretch their legs. Whatever their reason, the Guzz ‘n’ Go was there and Divya was the girl behind the counter most afternoons and weekend evenings.

Or, in this case, Divya was the girl heating up a chicken burrito in the microwave and practically salivating at the sauces starting to drip from the wrapper. When the microwave dinged Divya hurriedly opened it and grabbed the burrito, underestimating how hot it was. The heat from the wrapper came with Divya dropping the burrito onto the tiled floor of the gas station, the rice and sauce and tender bits of processed chicken were splattered like it was a crime scene; worse, Divya had the murder of perfectly delicious gas station burrito on film.

”Maadher chod” Divya’s voice carried the annoyance and utter disappointment even in a different tongue. It was fortunate her boss wasn’t in yet, he really hated when Divya ate product while on the clock even though Divya was just taking full advantage of her employee discount and it wasn’t as if the burritos were a hot seller. They were given away for free whenever someone came inside to pay for their gas instead of just paying at the pump. If Divya didn’t work there she would have been keeping the gas station burrito industry alive just by herself.

Leaving the camera resting atop a stack of toilet paper, Divya went to the back to grab the mop and the yellow ‘CAUTION: WET FLOOR’ sign. ”Burrito, burrito, onto the floor you go-go.” The mop was dunked into the bucket and Divya began cleaning up her mess, her little song turning into more of a dirge as the memories of what could’ve been were drained into the mop bin. She was invested in her song that she didn’t hear the chime as the door opened.

”What the hell happened this time?”

Divya glanced up from her dutiful mopping task to see the disappointed face of her boss, a man who looked about two years younger than her father but had the temper of someone whose ambition in life wasn’t to be the manager of a gas station. Divya dropped the mop in a fright. ”Mister Cavanaugh! Some kids spilled slushie all over the floor, I was just cleaning it up!” Not a bad lie except for the part where the burrito wrapper was still clearly visible on the floor, something Mister Cavanaugh seemed well aware of.

”Dammit, Div, what have I-”


There was a moment of panic in her tone as she stepped towards her boss, beliving that she was in any danger for anything other than a reprimand. As she did, her flailing arm hit the toilet paper stack and the camera tumbled from the top and before cutting to black it caught sight of Divya’s backside and the ceiling; fortunately the work uniform called for tight pants rather than skirts.

”Are we recording? Okay, yes we are. Okay! So! This is my..oh...kuttiya”

”Divya! Language!”

There was no clear video, just audio before the camera fizzled once more and cut to a view of two people having a nondescript and inaudible conversation at a dinner table. One of them was a man with some grey to his hair - centered particularly around his goatee - and the other was a woman who was either actually enthralled in the conversation or was a damn good actress. Considering she looked a bit like Padma Lakshmi, the latter was likely more accurate.

”Okay, so..” Divya’s voice was a whisper, albeit a slightly louder one given her proximity to the camera’s built in microphone. ”Right now my father is on a date with someone he met at work. But he’s treating her to dinner at our apartment, how weird is that? And just my luck there’s some big party tonight that he won’t let me go because he thinks I’ll trip and fall on a penis or something. Hello! I don’t even think my classmates can pronounce my name let alone ask me to date! So what I’m going to do is get as close as possible and see what they’re talking about.”

The camera shook rather aggressively like it was a found footage movie and the operator was fleeing for their life, but it was instead interspersed with Divya grunting and cursing under her breath as she nearly tripped over furniture. There was a loud THUD as Divya, in her haste to be stealthy, stubbed her toe on the coffee table and dropped a stack of magazines onto the floor.

By the time she recovered, the camera was looking directly at the face of her father. ”Hello, father.” Divya tried to sound like she hadn’t been caught with her finger in the cookie jar, metaphorically.

”Divya, what are you doing?” Vijay Bajwa’s tone was the exact one parents had when they sat you down to say ‘I’m not mad, I’m disappointed’.

”Re...rearranging the furniture?” Not her best lie, but her hand was red.

”Don’t you have homework to do?”

”I did it already! I want to see how you’re doing, you haven’t had a date since mom-”

”I know how long it’s been, Divya. Is it too much to ask for a little bit of privacy?”

”The walls are pretty thin, dad. But I know one way to get me out of your hair.”

Vijay closed his eyes and his sharp inhale and exhale of breath was met only with the behind the camera pleading of ‘please please please’ and the unexpected arrival from behind Vijay.

”Vijay...how bad can it be? She’s a good kid, you said so yourself.” Her father’s date came in with the save and Divya pointed the camera towards her.

”Oh, she’s definitely a keeper.”


With laughter from the pair of women in the apartment serving as a transition the image on the camera cut out to black all the way.

”Come on...not now…”

Divya Bajwa sighed as she sat alone in a poorly lit corner of the boat. All around her were sounds of people having a far better time than she was, from the sound of people frolicking in a hot tub to what sounded like people taking dives into the ocean, and of course the music from the dancefloor bleeding into the walls. But there she was, by herself in a corner table looking over footage on a camera that was damn near on its last legs.

Divya hadn’t exactly upgraded to more modern equipment given the fact that those were pricey and the gas station wasn’t the world’s most high paying job for a part time high schooler. The footage she had shot over the weekend was largely lost or scrambled; how was she going to salvage what was there into anything resembling a coherent diary? Moreover, how was she going to document this? It was her first real high school party and it was on a BOAT! Maybe she’d ask her club members if she could borrow a camera indefinitely...no, that would never happen.

There was a glass of punch next to her, but it wasn’t hers and she wasn’t sure it was punch; she’d had water earlier but given the dim lighting she didn’t realize it was vodka, not water, that was handed to her. In a better lit environment she would’ve seen the difference without having to take a sip then spitting it back out and hitting some poor girl in the face with it. She was, at the moment, preoccupied with getting her camera to actually record something from the party even if that meant fiddling with it and deleting some footage just long enough to capture something new.

”Yes!” After messing with the settings and letting it charge a bit, Divya was able to see the red light on the camera. She was live again and she was out of the corner faster than a child trying to leave time out after only a few seconds.

The problem was that she didn’t know where to begin. She’d never been to a party like this before. Where did the cool things happen? Divya decided to do what anyone would do in the situation and just follow the noise. Camera recording and Divya not even bothering to shout over the noise, she started documenting her experience.

Her ears guided her. As she walked, some party goers who had had a bit too much paused to pose in front of the camera. One girl flashed. One guy mooned. A few shoved past her, and that was how Divya almost ran into the chest of another girl before managing to catch herself. This was a dangerous game, recording. But like a siren guiding the Greeks to their doom, so too did Divya find something worth recording.

A very unnaturally tall girl was about to sing with a smaller girl. She didn’t recognize the song but the two of them were having a hell of a time. Divya stood on a table, crouched, and filmed the display, zooming in and making sure both girls were always in the frame. When they started to kiss - Divya was there to zoom in on the taller girl grabbing the smaller one’s ass - and she was sure to get a shot of the crowd cheering and hollering at the display.

”That’s going on the ‘net.”

The performance lasted long enough to where Divya was more than satisfied when it was over. But the night was...a bit less young now but she was sure there was more to be documented somewhere.

All great directors got their start somewhere.

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Bailee & AJ
Collab with @Lovely Complex

Location: Upstairs in one of the Bedrooms...

AJ was a man on a mission. A mission to do what you ask? Stay tuned. Reaching the cabins, still with Bailee Helmsley hoisted on his shoulder, hanging on him like a dead fish, having given up fighting a while ago, the hooligan irritably walked passed the doors, which seemed to be all occupied. Jesus, people just had to have sex. The last one, luckily, was available. Grumbling to himself that he had to sign in, which was excessive in his opinion, AJ used his free hand that wasn’t holding onto a girl to scribble his signature. He didn’t necessarily want to put Bails down just yet, so he attempted to forge her fancy John Hancock only for him to be denied access. He tried again. The pad flashed red.

This was so goddamn stupid.

He turned to the camera hanging at the wall’s crevice, “Fucking really, Brian?” Before he could go on a tangent of how stupid this sign in shit was, the door clicked and swung open. Yeah, AJ knew exactly what Brian was up to. Brian was an odd man, but the man was his friend, and even if his idea was stupid, his friend wasn’t. Just this annoying sex-sheet-shit.

“Thanks.” Marching in, AJ’s first matter of business was simple. Reaching the bed in an instant, he carelessly tossed his friend on it. “We need to talk, like actually talk.” Enough was enough. All this screaming and yelling and bruising of egos was plain ol’ dumb. Couldn’t they have a mature conversation for once?

Before she could respond, AJ turned to the bathroom, strided into it, only to come out moments later with a warm, long, cozy bathrobe and throwing it in her face, “But first, put this on. Way more attractive than that.” His dark gaze trailed her body, specifically the outfit. He didn’t specify if she should take off her clothes then put it on, or to just put it on. Really, all AJ was thinking was: stop looking different. What she was wearing wasn’t her. He hated it.

Bailee was blissfully unaware of AJ’s inner emotions as he carried her through the ship. He may have been angry, but this was fun! Along the way, she had childishly waved to the people they passed by and had mumbled some drunk thoughts to herself, but mostly she giggled through the twists and turns of their journey thinking of this as some screwed up amusement park ride. As she felt AJ stop and mumble something about her brother, Bailee chimed in, clearly fueled by the liquor to say something a bit more colorful. “Yeah, Brian, reeeeeally?”

The next thing she knew, she was being plopped down on the bed, and instantly Bailee felt the blood rush back to her head again. “That was fun, but now I’m dizzy.” She remarked with another drunk giggle. Trying to look over at AJ, she noticed he vanished, but as he returned holding something she replied to him. “What do you mean actually talk cause look I’m talking right now, see? Bailee replied, even though halfway through her sentence her face became covered by the bathrobe thrown at her, causing her voice to become muffled. Removing the robe, she smiled “Mmm soft,” Bailee stated mindlessly, not paying attention to anything he had to say about her outfit, but slipping on the robe and snuggling up on the bed.

Okay, maybe she was too drunk for a talk, but at least she obediently put on the robe and was now laying down — away from the party. His goal was ultimately to put her to sleep, so she didn’t do anything she’d regret or worse, someone took advantage of her. It was one thing letting her fall on her ass, it was another thing allowing her to roam the party only for someone to roofie her and take that precious v-card away. He didn’t want that on his conscious. His mom taught him better than that.

While she was on a cloud of a bed, AJ went to the small kitchenette to see what his options were. A smile appeared on his face when he found a box of Chamomile tea in a drawer by the sink. His mother actually drank this at night to help sooth her to sleep. He didn’t know particularly that it was a mild tranquilizer and sleep inducer, but he did know how it did wonders for his mother, so logically, it could do the same for Bailee. “How’s things been? With the business.” He called out. “We haven’t really played catch up yet.” He’ll save anything deep for the morning. Staring down at the porcelain cup he just grabbed, AJ wondered to himself why was he going out his way for her. Shouldn’t this be Brian’s job?

Bailee stared blankly at the wall as AJ disappeared, trying to make out the designs on the faded wallpaper. It was almost a floral-ish pattern, and she had for some reason never noticed it before. The things you discover when intoxicated, right? Brought out of her thoughts as she heard a question being posed to her, she sat upright and responded, playing with a piece of her brown hair. “The business is fine, I’m doing a lot of work. Aaaand that’s all you need to be caught up on, cause it’s not like I do anything else!” She replied with a laugh, lying back down on the bed. It was true, Helmsley Enterprises took up her entire existence.

The next question was out of the blue, since AJ felt like anything with the business she wouldn’t go into great detail, so he thought of the next best thing. “Do you even have a type?” Waiting patiently for the packet to settle in, he poked his head out of the kitchen area, “Like all you care about is your daddy’s business. Sometimes I wonder if you’re aesexual or something. It’s hard to picture you masturbating.” Not saying he’s tried to, but it’s true! She’s never even kissed someone before, at least not to his knowledge. Maybe she did have some business guy she was screwing. It was probably wrong of him to assume that she was a prude up until this very night where she pulled a Becca on the student body.

“Excuuuuuse me sir, but it’s also my business. I will own it one day. And then I will rule the world.” Bailee replied sassily, flipping over on the bed to lay on her stomach. Taking a moment to think, she responded with whatever came to mind- no matter how unpolished and crude it seemed. “I am far from asexual sweetie, my siblings should be glad they don’t share a wall with me….” She giggled again, another drunk hiccup escaping her lips. “ But I don’t have a type yet- at least I don’t think I do- but I do know what I don’t like. I don’t want to be with someone who will let me get away with everything, cause I’m kind of a bitch if you haven’t noticed.” Bailee explained a smirk popping onto her face.

“Oh, are you?” AJ came out with a smug smile on, with a tray that had tea and some cookies. As he walked closer, he carefully placed the tray at the end of the bed, “I had no idea.” He jokingly teased. His kindness didn’t stop there. He grabbed the mug, checked to make sure the porcelain wasn’t too hot in his hand, and slowly brought the drink to his friend, “No funny ideas. I do this a lot, for my ma.” Yeah, AJ wasn’t always a dick. Just most of the time.

Bailee nodded, “Yes, I can be very bitchy.” She confirmed, reaching out and taking the cup from AJ, their hands brushing ever so slightly. Looking down, she noticed he was not giving her more alcohol, which was kind of a bummer, but she accepted it regardless. Blowing on the tea so it would cool down a tad, she took a sip and sighed. A look of realization popped on her face and she glanced over at the boy across from her curiously. “Wait, why do you want to know if I have a type?”

“It’s not that deep, Bails.” AJ leaned against the backboard and shrugged, “Casual conversation. Do you even remember the last time we talked like this? Because I don’t.” Resting his hands behind his head, AJ joked, “Maybe I’ll help you get laid. God knows you need to release all that pent up aggression.”

Bailee took another sip of the tea, and munched on one of the cookies that was on the tray. “I don’t even remember the last time we talked.” She stated, looking up at AJ and away from the porcelain tea cup. Her jaw dropped slightly at his comment, “I do not have pent up aggression, that’s a lie!” She exclaimed, “But I bet I’ll be a virgin for the rest of my life… I’ll be fine, I’ll just own Helmsley Enterprises and a lot of cats. Lots and lots of cats.” Bailee explained. She had realized recently that she would probably never put herself out there enough to find a guy, or find someone who was okay with her working all the time, and had basically accepted facts.

“That’s just fucking depressing.” Sitting up, AJ nudged her cheek, “I doubt you’ll be a virgin for the rest of your life. You’re a goddamn Helmsley. The only person holding you back is yourself, because like it or not, you’re a catch. Beauty, brains, talent. Flaunt it. But… flaunt it like a Bailee would, not a Becca. Watch. Spend more time at school, I’m sure someone is going to reel you in and make you his.”

Hey, when AJ wanted to, he could be an encouraging friend. Bails’ biggest issue was taking risks. She’ll push everyone away if it meant she wouldn’t get hurt. She likes knowing the end result, but for some things, like love, there is no way knowing until things happen. He reached for a cookie and shoved it in his mouth. Yeah, he was attractive as fuck.

Bailee giggled, “You know, you can be an absolute dick sometimes…” She started to say, “But most of the time you’re not half bad.” The brunette smirked at her friend, taking another sip of the tea she was holding. A yawn escaped her lips as she was beginning to get a little tired. Not only was she drinking Chamomile tea, and she had basically drowned herself in liquor, but it was also extremely past her usual bedtime. On a regular night, her head would hit the pillow at around 10:30, but staying out this late was something new. But a little part of her wondered why was it now she was getting so sleepy. “Did you drug this?” She asked jokingly, motioning to the tea.

“What?! Do I look like the type of guy who would put drugs in a girl’s drink?”

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@Fabricant451 and @Universorum

A Hailana post
Location: Their bed

Hailey sometimes had trouble sleeping. It could stem from any which thing, from the temperature of the room, to something on her mind. In this case, Hailey thought it had something to do with how hot it was under the blankets. Adding another person to her bed was turning out to be a hot decision in more ways than one. Hailey didn’t want Hana to go, absolutely not, but she was getting bored of laying in bed, little sweaty, and a lot lonely.

Hana was right there, asleep and cuddled up in Hailey’s arms.

But was it the right thing to do to wake her up? Hailey certainly thought so; Hana was hers, which meant if Hailey wanted company, then Hana was certainly meant to oblige. However, Hailey’s father had taught her many things in her lifetime, one of them being that sleep is incredibly important, and should rarely, if ever, be disturbed.

To Hailey’s credit, though, it was technically because of her that Hana was sleeping so soundly. Hailey had given Hana the best sleeping medicine in the world: sex. And good sex, Hailey liked to think! This meant that Hailey was well within her rights to shake Hana awake, right? Yes.

Hailey moved her body a bit, and put her hand on Hana’s shoulder, “Hana? Wake up. I can’t sleep, I’m lonely, and I’m bored.” Hailey said in a soft voice, trying to rouse Hana from her sleep, rather than jolt her awake.

Hana wasn’t normally one for dreaming and her sleep normally involved a fair amount of tossing and turning; part of that might have been because of the mattress in her sister’s apartment but Hana wasn’t ready to make that call uninformed. It came as a pleasant surprise, then, to sleep so comfortably and restlessly in Hailey’s bed. It could well have been the sex that preceded it or it could’ve been the fact that she was sleeping next to someone, regardless she was having a pleasant, dreamless sleep. Because when she was sleeping with Hailey Green, what dream could even compare?

She didn’t want to wake up until it was morning and even then if it meant extra time cuddling up next to Hailey she would tell the sunrise to come back later, but the light words and lighter touch served to make Hana shift and stir. While she wasn’t dreaming, she couldn’t say she was asleep anymore either even though her eyes were closed.

”Whatimesit?” Hana’s words were slurred with sleep as she shifted in place, moving from a curled up cuddled ball to having her legs stretched out as she rolled onto her back. ”Itslate.”

Hailey watched as Hana unraveled herself, and bit her bottom lip subconsciously. She was in love. She was so, so in love. It was a new feeling for her; she’d felt lust before, and maybe even infatuation, but this was different. As Hana got comfortable, and then spoke in that slurry voice, the ice queen’s heart melted and then shattered into a million pieces. Never before in her entire life had Hailey felt as guilty about something as she did about waking Hana prematurely.

Hailey sighed lightly and reached out with a hand, running it through Hana’s sleek black hair, “I shouldn’t have woken you, I’m sorry. It’s… somewhere between two and three in the morning. Will you ever forgive me?” She asked, and in the low light from the TV on the wall (playing anime on low volume for Hailey to have something to entertain her), Hailey’s face could be seen, and it was painted with a sincere look of apology. Daddy was right, as he often was.

Waking someone from their rest was the worst thing you could possibly do to someone.

Being woken up was never a pleasant experience no matter how it was done or when it happened; having the blinds opened so the sun bore down or being jolted awake by a loud noise were equally as bad. While she would prefer not to be woken up until the alarm deemed it so, Hana had to admit that there were worse ways to be woken up than by having Hailey gently rock her from the slumber; and she was hard pressed at the moment to think of any better way. Slowly her eyes opened and the hazy, blurry vision was coming into focus. Hailey was glowing in the light of the television but where Hana was concerned it might as well have been the light of the divine.

”I forgive you.” Hana’s voice was mildly scratchy but at least she wasn’t slurring. Speaking slowly and softly, sure, but her facilities were still in the process of starting up. ”Bad dream?” Hana asked as she shifted in place, rising from laying prone to turning onto her side and propping her head up on her hand. Hana probably looked a total nightmare. Bedhead, puffy cheeks, dim eyes, but two things remained ever a constant: the choker around her neck and the fact that her attention was fully Hailey’s even when in mid-waking.

”I’m here.”

“No, no bad dream. I just… wanted you,” Hailey responded in a still quiet voice, as if she were unsure about talking to Hana this late at night. To other people, Hana may have very well looked like a nightmare, but to Hailey, she was still the girl of her dreams. “You’re really pretty.” Seriously, Hailey? It seemed that this experience had shook the ice queen to her core, and she was at a loss for words, which was a landmark moment in her life.

Hailey was slowly realizing that she was trapped in a passionate whirlwind with Hana Park, the drug dealing softball player, turned collar wearing cheerleader. Her Vanilla Bean. Hailey was ready to be done with meddling in school politics, if it meant she could instead spend her time with Hana. Hailey wanted to get to know her better, until she knew Hana better than anyone. Hailey shook her head, as if to brush away the uncharacteristic and short compliment from before, “I got unbearably hot… I think it’s because I’m not yet used to two people in the same bed while sleeping. I woke you because over the past few days, I’ve found that you are far and away the best cure for any problems I face. And now? I’m facing the problem of a lack of sleep, and a lack of entertainment because I’m lying alone in our bed.” Much more Hailey like. Even slipped in ‘our’ when referring to her bed, which she knew would make Hana’s heart flutter.

Even in the dark of night, Hana went noticeably red in the cheek; in that brief moment she was positively radiant with her smile. All it took was the simple, earnest compliment. Given the situation, with Hana being woken up and surely not exactly in a presentable state, hearing Hailey proclaim how pretty she found Hana was truly genuine. And even if her hair was a mess or whatever bit of morning nightmare she looked like, her smile was surely proof enough that Hailey wasn’t simply blowing smoke. Her smile lingered and ended with a pleasant gasp when Hailey let slip the ‘our’ word. It hadn’t even been a week but already they had things that they shared. Their bed. Their relationship. Hana could think of many things that she would love to be ‘their’ thing and chief among them was their happiness.

”Do you want me to sleep on the floor? I didn’t bring a sleeping bag and...our bed is very comfortable.” Now it was Hana’s turn to use the ‘our’ word and she had to admit: it sounded great. Hana reached over and put a hand onto Hailey’s shoulder and stroked her fingers down Hailey’s arm in a light massage. ”Do you need me to sing you a lullaby? Get you a drink? What can I do?”

Hailey eyes fluttered shut as she felt Hana’s hand on her arm. “Mmmm, like that.” She murmured, shifting a little in the bed to get herself more comfortable. Then she shook her head, “No, absolutely not. You stay in the bed.” Hailey said, leaning forward and kissing Hana on the forehead. Of course she didn’t want Hana to get out of the bed, that would ruin the whole purpose of a sleepover.

“No, you don’t have to do anything of those things either. I just want to talk.” Hailey explained, again running a hand through Hana’s hair, “you’re not very good at keeping yourself secret, did you know that? The girl from this morning, Kit or whatever — she totally knows who you are now. When were you going to tell me you’re an internet celebrity? Here I was, thinking you were just a video game hobbyist.”

Talking. Hana wasn’t sure if she should be afraid or not. Whenever someone said to their significant other that they need to talk it was more often than not bad and Hana braced for the worse. Maybe Hailey being unable to sleep had given Hailey time to think and decide that Hana wasn’t girlfriend material or something. Hana desperately wished that wasn’t the case, she wasn’t sure of many things in life but she was sure she wanted to be with Hailey even for one more day.

When the topic of conversation presented itself, Hana let out a deep sigh; to Hailey it might have sounded like Hana was sighing in the knowledge that her ‘secret’ was out but it was, in fact, Hana letting out a sigh of relief. Why was she even worried? Hailey had not only just given Hana a kiss to the forehead but had said how pretty Hana was. Her worry was misplaced and misguided, and the feeling of her girlfriend’s hand in her hair was incredibly comforting. No wonder dogs had a habit of seeking out pets.

”I am just a hobbyist. A hobbyist that...that kinda takes the genre seriously. I thought if you knew about my hobby that you’d think I was weird. I know, it’s...it’s stupid but it’s not really an easy topic to bring up, especially to someone you love.” The word slipped out without Hana even realizing it, a perk of the rather candid nature of the late night, early morning conversation.

Hailey shook her head to dismiss Hana’s concerns of it being stupid or weird, “actually, it’s the opposite. I think it’s admirable how you’ve built a following all on your own; not many people succeed. Even if you aren’t mega popular, like some of the superstars out there… it’s still impressive.” Hailey paused and tipped Hana’s head back, by pulling on her hair, before leaning in to take a kiss. After she broke away, Hailey looked down at Hana. Maybe it was the lowlight from the TV, maybe something was really there, but…

It seemed like Hailey’s eyes were sparkling. “Besides, you’re my superstar.” She purred, before releasing her hold on Hana’s hair. “Here, show me your channel. I want to see how clickbait-y my girlfriend is, so I can judge you harshly.” Hailey teased, grabbing her tablet from the side of the bed and pausing the anime, navigating to YouTube before she handed it over to Hana.

“And anything else you make… like maybe whatever story you mentioned working on? I saw you writing something, and I didn’t have time to pry.”

Hailey had an uncanny ability to make Hana agreeable and eager. Sometimes it was a perfectly delivered kiss or the choice of words; and sometimes it was both, like in this instance where Hana was practically melting in the bed from the combo of kiss and flattering flirtatious line. Before that, Hana would have been fine never showing Hailey her channel but now? Now it was something she was excited to do, even if it exposed a little bit of the dark side of creating content on the internet. As Hana typed in her channel name, the video titles might not have been all the way clickbaity, but the video stills were victim to the ‘all caps and exclamation mark’ curse. Titles like ‘After 100 Runs FINALLY A Legendary!’ were not that uncommon. The only thing that was missing was Hana’s face pretending to be excited, but her videos were voice over only over the video game footage.

The majority of it was MMO content with fully recorded guild runs for posterity. Hana was about to click over to a video when she froze in place, save for the gentle, subtle shaking of her fingers.

”S...Story? You...you heard me? Oh...Uhm...that’s...that’s not on Youtube, that’s on...on my blog.” Hana had to exhale before continuing. Like a band-aid. Quick. ”On my blog I...uhm...I write lemon fiction. Slash mostly but...lemon nonetheless. My most recent story is...is about a poor common girl having a...whirlwind romantic affair with….with a queen. A queen with beautiful jet black hair and perfect lips.” Was she laying it on thick? Perhaps, but it made Hana smile to recall all the same.

“A queen? Well, I wonder who that could be…” Hailey teased, booping Hana on the nose with her index finger. “So in the story… Does the Queen give the girl a necklace? Maybe one with a gem?” She asked softly, sliding her finger down from Hana’s house, and across her lips. From there, she traced along Hana’s chin. She was barely touching Hana, moving her finger as if it were a feather as she dragged it down on her neck, and to the sapphire heart hanging on the end of Hana’s choker necklace, gently toying with it.

“And then, does she lean forward, like this,” Hailey leaned to Hana’s ear, breathing intentionally slowly and heavily, bathing Hana’s neck and ear in her hot breath. “Does she do this, too?” She spoke in a soft and sensual whisper, as she leaned even closer, kissing the nape of Hana’s neck lightly. “Before she says…” She brought herself up ot Hana’s ear again.

“I love you.”

It was almost as if Hailey had read the story, either that or she was just incredibly perceptive. Or maybe Hana was just obvious. It didn’t really matter given that Hana was tingling at even the teasing touch of Hailey’s finger. It was like ice down her spine and the tease was worth every moment. Every motion made Hana practically salivate, made Hana quiver and gasp, her lips unable to press together in favor of letting breaths of air escape from their parted position.

Hana’s eyes lowered and her skin was awash in goose flesh. The questions were likely rhetorical but even if they weren’t Hana would have answered yes to all of them. For a writer, though, words weren’t forming in her head as Hailey teased ever closer. The warmth of Hailey’s breath drew a quivering gasp that served as a reminder that Hana was truly, utterly, and deeply Hailey’s.

And when Hailey said those three words that Hana never thought she would hear from anyone, she didn’t hesitate. As much as she felt like a deer in headlights, as much as she felt like her heart was about to grow three sizes and beat so hard it popped out of her chest, as much as she would’ve done anything for Hailey in that moment, she seized the opportunity. Hana stole inwards and kissed Hailey like they hadn’t kissed in years. Hana kissed Hailey with a loving intensity that came with the underlying belief that if Hana let go then Hailey would slip away forever. And yet it was Hana that still broke the kiss, eyes flickering in response.

”Yes….she does.”

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[@Univesorum] @Fabricant451
Introducing: Erika “Vileplume” Morales and Adriana “beb” Snyder
Location: Captain Cuddles
Interacting with: Each other <3

It was surprising that Captain Cuddles was so slow tonight. Not that Adriana was really complaining, it made it more peaceful for her and Erika. When she’d asked the person working the counter tonight, they’d said it probably had something to do with the party happening on the boat that night. After she thought about it, Adriana decided it totally made sense, but to her and hopefully Erika, the party didn’t matter.

Tonight was a special night for them! It was their six month anniversary, and they had made this date weeks ago. No party that was announced on a random Tuesday would get in the way of this. There had been one other party in the restaurant, Owen Lyon and his mother, but they’d left and now the volleyball queen and her stoner were alone!

Sometimes, a person would step in to pick up a to-go order, but for the most part it was just them, and endless pizza, endless seasoned curly fries, and endless cheesy bread, and a bottomless root beer float to share. Well… it wasn’t all really endless or bottomless, but Adriana had a tab her parents paid for and she didn’t mind charging to it for a date so important.

She took a sip from one of the straws hanging in their root beer, and smiled at Erika, reaching underneath the table to grab her knee. “I got you a gift! Wanna open it?”

Captain Cuddles never really seemed like a place that would hold much significance for Erika apart from being the place that has the best double cheese in the area, but then before she met Adriana the whole notion of going to places for reasons other than cheap food and servers who didn’t mind the faint smell of weed was baffling. Captain Cuddles was the ideal spot for a sixth month anniversary for the simple fact that it had been the spot of their very first date. Erika had suggested they go to a burger joint but it was closed at the time for renovations and rather than sulk into a depression because the supposed ”perfect first date that I totally, like, planned out and stuff” hadn’t worked out at the very first stop, they opted to go a few blocks over to Captain Cuddles.

Clearly it had been the right move, since here they were, six months later.

Erika was glad that it was uncharacteristically empty tonight, it made the occasion feel more personal and private. Erika couldn’t exactly afford to take Adriana to a five star restaurant like Kumiho or whatever even though she totally deserved it so an empty Captain Cuddles and a constant stream of root beer and double cheese was a fair compromise. Erika sat across from Adriana and was deep into a slice of pizza, a glob of stringy cheese sitting atop the slice like it was a cherry on a sundae, when her attention was brought back to Adriana.

”Ah go’yu wanto.” Erika responded with a mouthful of pizza, speaking quickly right before she covered her mouth in stark realization and then promptly swallowed the piece she had been chewing while reaching for a napkin to wipe the little grease from her fingers. ”I got you one too. I was worried it wouldn’t get here in time.” Erika, with a freshly wiped hand, reached under the table to hold Adriana’s hand, running her thumb over each knuckle before locking hands together.

Adriana giggled as Erika spoke with her mouthful, taking her free hand and tapping Erika’s nose, “your mother says I’m supposed to tell you not to talk with your mouth full, Vileplume.” She teased, before her face erupted in a smile. Yay! Erika had gotten her a gift. That was good, it was a very positive thing. Adriana had been a little worried that Erika might have forgotten the significance of the evening due to a hazy, weed soaked mind. Now, she wasn’t the type of girl to get upset if something like an anniversary was missed by her SO, but she didn’t want Erika to feel outclassed or like she wasn’t good at this, because she’d forgotten a gift.

Luckily, that wasn’t the case! There would be no feeling bad, and Adriana got a gift. A truly win-win situation. “That’s great! I can’t wait to see what you got me. But first! Here, open this.” She reached a hand down into her bag and withdrew a package. Admittedly, it wasn’t a very large box, but it was the thought that counted, right? Waiting inside for her lover, was one of the Zippo lighters you could flick the cap open and closed on. Adriana had remembered Erika mentioning she wanted to do that, but couldn’t because she didn’t have the equipment. The anniversary present had been picked out right then and there. The light was black, and had an engraving on it, that said ‘Flame on, Vileplume’ on the cap, and then the date on one of the sides.

Vileplume. The first time Erika was called that she was quite high and assumed Adriana had sneezed or something. It still took a few times for Erika to understand the nickname but once she did she kind of like it. Like really liked it. It sounded both badass and cute which is what Erika thought of Adriana ever since that day at the beach six months ago. Vileplume was at least more immediately affectionate than ‘Teeny Kini’ which is what she used to wave at Adriana before first asking her out. She’d since settled on ‘Shorts’ for obvious reasons as well as ‘Ana’ because it was a cuter shorthand than Adri. Or Rana.

Erika gave the package a little shake before opening it; upon doing so she could only gasp as she lifted the lighter out of the package like it was the Holy Grail. It was a Zippo! With the cool cap that made the iconic ‘click’ sound when it was flicked open. Moreover it had her nickname on it, and it meant she didn’t have to use cheap gas station Bics and get judgy looks from the clerk there as if the burrito stuffing worker had any room to judge life choices. It was the perfect gift and Erika was willing to risk getting her hair cheesy and greasy as she leaned across the table to give Adriana a kiss in thanks.

”You’re the best, beb.” Erika had pronounced ‘babe’ as ‘beb’ for at least as long as she had been going out with Adriana. ”Plus I’ll always have it with me so it’s, like, I’ll always have you with me.” That was almost as cheesy as the pizza. Erika pulled back and reached into the bag she brought with her and pulled out a package that was wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. It was a bit bigger than Erika’s present had been and under the wrapping paper was an item fresh from an online import shop: a model figurine of Usagi Tsukino, otherwise known as Sailor Moon.

”Thank god for fast shopping.”

Adriana unwrapped the gift, and when she saw it was, her eyes lit up. “This is the last one! How’d you know? How’d you find it?” Now her collection would finally be complete, once she got it on the shelf. She’d have to take a picture, and post it on r/SailorMoon thanking her girlfriend publically. “The perfect gift, I don’t know how you know me so well, but damn, girl.” It was Adriana’s turn to lean across the table and take a kiss, pulling her hair back so it was out of the way and out of danger as far as the greasy cheese went.

“I love it, and I love you. Which brings me to my next point,” Adriana straightened back up, leaning back into her chair. She grabbed a curly fry, and looked up at the ceiling. Man, how could she be so nervous? She and Erika’s relationship wasn’t exactly picture-esque, or even what the normal person would think of when you asked them ‘what’s your dream relationship?’ But if you asked Adriana, their relationship was perfect all the same. She couldn’t help being a bit nervous, though, parents were a big deal.

“What do you think about coming to my house, like… Friday or Saturday night for dinner? To meet my parents.”

Erika had had to dip into the money she saved from her part time jobs (what she didn’t use for weed, obviously) with a little bit of a boost from her Christmas money to be able to afford both the model and the shipping, but seeing Adriana light up and having the taste of root beer on her lips as they kissed had made it all worth it. Six months ago when Erika had been hopped up on herb and courage and asked Adriana on a date she was prepared to get rejected. After all, Erika kind of had nothing going for her other than an interest in getting high and playing bass and Adriana was...well...she was the captain of the volleyball team and was like a humanitarian and got really good grades. Erika wouldn’t have been surprised if she was turned down. She was damn near counting on it.

And how they were eating pizza and having a six month anniversary and holding hands under the table and dropping the L word and how the hell did Erika get so lucky? ”No bullshit, I refreshed the page like every minute on the day they were restocking just to get it. And even then I almost didn’t make it. Good thing I had my information memorized. I knew you’d love it, because I know you and you always talk about how you were missing one and so, like, I got it for you. Because I love you and you deserve it and I dunno what I did to deserve you but whatever it was it was worth it.”

Erika didn’t ramble often and she tried not to do it since it made her sound stupid in her own ears. Fortunately Adriana was there to bring forth silence and a blank, blinking stare from Erika. When it came to hanging out at homes, Erika’s was pretty much the staple given the fact that Erika’s mom really liked Adriana. “A good influence, hija” were the exact words spoken to Erika. So long as Erika wasn’t getting high and that they kept the door unlocked, Adriana was welcome whenever. But Adriana’s house? Erika hadn’t been. This was a pretty big step.

”Is it cool with your mom and dad? I mean, did you tell them I don’t eat fish? I mean I will if that’s what they make if they’re like episcopalian or something. I’ll go. Totally. Do I need to, like, wear a dress and be formal and shit?”

“Oh, yeah it’s totally fine with my parents. That’s okay, Dad doesn’t really like fish, either, so don’t worry about it. A… dress? No, you can come however you want! It’s just… my home life is kinda weird, like, my parents’s relationship is kinda... special? Look, I’m just gonna come out and say it, just drop the bomb now so you don’t get hit by it when we get there. The thing is, there’s my mom and there’s my dad, but then there’s also my dad’s other girlfriend, so there’s two girlfriends and one dad. I don’t think any of them are married, but I dunno. He calls them his wives, anyway. So I have a younger brother and sister and a brother that’s the same age as me, but the brother my age and the younger brother are my half-siblings… It’s so confusing and weird!”

She let out a long breath and took a drink from the root beer, shaking her head. “It’s embarrassing, Vileplume. I just didn’t you to think I’m weirrrrrddddd…” She said in a whiny tone, as a light, rosy tone came to her cheeks.

Erika heard what Adriana said but she processed only about half of it, and that was being generous. She had a mom and a dad, that much she understood, but the stuff about girlfriends and half siblings and whatever she was not nearly baked enough to comprehend it all. Or she wasn’t not baked enough, whatever the term for it was. She figured she’d understand more when she came over for dinner and not a minute before hand. Erika wasn’t worried; if Adriana’s parents were half as cool as Adriana was then it would be fine.

Still, Erika took the moment to gently squeeze Adriana’s hand. She might have been a fan of smoking pot but she still knew enough to make her girlfriend feel better, even though the whine was utterly cute. ”You’re going out with me, beb. You’re already kind of weird. But in a good way. Like in the way that like...I dunno, you’re the good kind of weird. The kind that I like being around.” It was hardly her best motivational speech but it was the thought that count, and Erika thought the world of Adriana.

Adriana had to admit, Erika had a way to calm her down. Maybe it was just part of being in love, but when Erika said she liked being around her, it warmed her heart and brought her down from her little freak out. “Thank you.” Six months now, it was a big deal for them. It was a big deal for BHHS as a whole, as far as Adriana knew. The longest lasting relationship, as far as she knew, was Owen Lyon and Trixie Kinglsey, but they had imploded recently, leaving Erika and Adriana as the holders of that particular record.

And this was a milestone! Aside from being together for six months, Erika had agreed to go to her house and meet her parents. That was a little intimidating, but now that Adriana had explained the situation of her parents’s lifestyle choices, she was certain things would go well. Her parents were fine, although her father could be a bit embarrassing… but she had a feeling her Vileplume would actually love that.

“I’m full. So why don’t we go back to your house and finish off our anniversary the right way? It is a late start tomorrow, you know. We have a loooooot of time.”

”That sounds awesome. I’ll get them to put the pizza in a take home bo-ohhhhhh. You mean sex don’t you?” Erika took a bit longer to process things than most but she figured it was part of her charm. ”I think my mom’s got an audition or something so we might not even have to keep it down.” Erika was all smiles as she stood up from her chair, holding her hand out for Adriana while having every intention of walking out not hand in hand, but with her arm draped lovingly around her girlfriend’s shoulder.

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A Collaboration Featuring: @Bee and @Bee
Featuring: Yung Steve, the Greatest Writer of All Time & Allison Bentley, the Greatest Freshie Proofreader Ever

Yung Steve was enjoying this game of catch with his boy Justin. He had yet to actually catch a ball, even after all of this time which hadn't phased the extraordinarily talented rapper. It was the cold, he swore. The cold did funny things to your hands, which was definitely why they weren't working. Doesn't matter though, at least he had something to do here other than drink and listen to some not-so-good tunes. Yung Steve fucked with these people right now.

Or so he thought. Yung Steve's phone vibrated in his pocket, which he ignored at first. Yung Steve didn't bow to nobody. Then it rang again, the vibrating annoying him more each time. With the third occurrence, Yung Steve just couldn't take it anymore. When Justin was about to throw the ball again, he pulled his cell phone out and looked at whoever was calling him. Maybe it was someone who had scouted him and wanted to sign him to a record deal? Maybe it was Yeezy himself? It was none of those. As a matter of fact, it was Allison Bentley, the freshman who had generously and graciously volunteered to help him proofread his English paper about "The Great Gatsby".

Pressing the green button on his phone, he put his phone up to his ear, not realizing the ball had sailed over his head and into a nearby bench. Yung Steve took a seat near a girl who was apparently able to breathe out vanilla. He waved the cloud of vapor away from his nose as the line connected.

"Yung Steve here. What can I do for you tonight?"

"Steve! I just finished proofreading yo-"

"Yung Steve."

"...right. Anyway, I finished proofreading it... and I had a few questions about what you wrote in this paper. Are you free right now? It sounds like you're kinda busy."

Allison had been spending the night closed off in her room proofreading Yung Steve's paper for him after he offered to pay her $250 (and another $100 if he got an A) to do so. The paper, to simply put it, was an absolute nightmare. The grammar was so-so, syntax was alright, and it flowed alright. The content was what was the big issue, as well as his severe lack of academic language. Some of this analysis was straight up wrong and didn't make any sense. In some cases, it even contained some pretty fatal logical fallacies. Needless to say, Allison wasn't going to be getting that $100 if Yung Steve turned it in as it was right now.

Usually, Allison wouldn't have done something like this, especially for someone like Yung Steve. However, she had an adderall supply she needed to replenish.

"I am now. What's up Rolls Royce?"

Allison scoffed as he called her by the wrong automobile maker. It wasn't the wisest idea to bite the hand that fed you, Yung Steve. But at the same time, she couldn't bite his hand either. Allison swallowed her pride and scrolled up to the very top of the essay. His thesis statement was the very root of his issues. Might as well have tackled it from the ground up.

"Okay, Yung Steve... not every girl was trying to 'get into Gatsby's pants'."

"You kidding me? Dude, Daisy was tryna fuck Gatsby the whole time! Why else did she come to those parties and shit? The boy Gatsby had so much money, I'd fuck him too."

"It's the other way around, Yung Steve. Gatsby was throwing these parties just to attract Daisy."

"Really? So you telling me my girl Daisy Buchanan is a gold digging ho?"


"What the fuck? So then are you telling me that Gatsby is some creep trying to get into Daisy's panties instead? I thought Gatsby was a baller... but that sounds like some lowlife shit. Like some stuff you'd see some dudes at school trying to do. Stay away from the docks, Allison. You'll get caught on a ship if you're around too much."

"...yeah. Did you even read the book, dude...? Wait, do we even have docks? Where are the docks, dude? What do you mean by get caught on a ship? Y'know what... nevermind."

Truth be told, Yung Steve hadn't touched the book once outside of class. He got all of his information from in-class readings of the book, which he zoned out in for the most part. It explained his bizarre interpretation of Gatsby's relationship. However, he really liked Gatsby as a character. He considered him a goal for him to reach. Why wouldn't you want to be so rich that you had the money to throw extravagant parties on a constant basis? Gatsby had it great.

They say they teach history so that it isn't repeated. To Yung Steve, that meant that he was going to strive to be Gastby, but instead of focusing his efforts on one girl... he was going to use his money for all the bitches. Yung Steve wasn't gonna be tied down. He wanted to live life large.

"Yeah, of course I did! Okay so Gatsby's trying to get at Daisy instead. But wait, what about that girl Jordan? Isn't she with Gatsby already? I swear I read in the book that he was talking to that Jordan girl. She sounds hot."

"Steve! No! Jordan is with the narrator, who isn't Gatsby!"

"Hey. You put some respect on the Yung Steve. Why would they even make a book called 'The Great Gatsby' if the main character isn't even Gatsby?"

An audible groan of frustration could be heard from Allison.

"Okay. How about this? How about we cut your thesis down and just talk about Daisy and Gatsby. Simple enough? It'll give your essay a lot more direction and make it a lot more concise. There's a lot of fluff in here that I'd like to take out."

Yung Steve thought momentarily, as he watched a fiiiiiiiiiiineeeee thicc girl walk out of the dance floor and disappear upstairs. Damn, what he wouldn't give for a few minutes with a girl like her. But he had bigger and better priorities at the moment.

"There's some fluff I'd also like to take out as well... Wait what? Uh... okay... fine. Poor Gatsby though. His hustle isn't getting recognized. Game gotta recognize game, you feel? We're doing him dirty."

"Y'know Gatsby isn't real right? And even then... he's dead."

"Yeah... and the Great Depression didn't happen. Don't get ahead of yourself, Maybach."

Ignoring what he just said, Allison edited Yung Steve's thesis statement down to something that flowed better and fit the subject matter at hand. Hopefully this would be AT LEAST C material with the new thesis. There was still a long way to go, but Yung Steve's use was dwindling very quickly. It was clear that he wasn't exactly in the best state of mind.

But then again... when was he ever?

"I got it edited. Now I just need to clarify a couple of things before I let you go."


"So in one of your paragraphs... what exactly did you mean when you said 'Gatsby's using his money to flex on these people' and... 'Bitches don't got loyalty to nothing besides money'?"

"I mean exactly what I said, Allison. Am I wrong, though? Look at Myrtle! She's piping that Tom dude while having her eye on Gatsby as well."

"I'm just gonna change this here..."

"Yo! Don't ruin my art! I worked hard on that."

"If you insist, Yung Steve. Now I just have one more thing to ask you.


"You really sure you wanna leave 'Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks' in your conclusion? I don't know if your teacher would like that."

"Yes, of course I want to leave it in! This isn't some stupid little thing thing I typed up in forty five minutes to post on the internet on some lame hobby forum whose owner hasn't been around in decades. It's a work of art. I mean every single word I say in it. Leave it in, Allison."

"Okay, Steve, if you say so. I think that's all I got for you right now. I'll go back to editing. You have fun wherever you are!"

"And you have fun editing! Thanks a ton, Allison. I'll catch ya later."

As the call ended, Yung Steve put his phone back in his pocket and looked around for Justin, who was apparently nowhere to be seen. Oh well. Guess someone else wanted a piece of him. Fine with Yung Steve. He might as well have done some exploring of the boat. It was kinda nice out here, actually. Maybe Yung Steve could find some more fans. He had yet to find one tonight, but hopefully that would change soon. He stood up and started to walk around. Walking toward the stairs, Yung Steve suddenly saw a girl covered in a towel dart down the stairs and into the dance floor as if she was looking for something, followed by another scantily clad girl, a couple dudes, and yet another girl. Odd, but Yung Steve paid no mind to them. They looked busy, anyway. It did also give Yung Steve a chance to check out a couple of the girls. The toweled girl definitely had a nice butt, and the other blonde wasn't so bad either. After they disappeared into the dance floor, Yung Steve continued up the stairs, where he could feel the beats through his shoes as he overlooked the pacific ocean.

If only he was able to convince the DJ to play one of his bangers. That would've gotten the club riled up for sure. Last he saw, though, the DJ was MIA, which was unfortunate for Yung Steve's endeavors.

Oh well. Better luck next time.
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Location: The Helmsley Boat Party

A highschool boat party, what could be better? Sure, it was on a Tuesday night, which was far from ideal… and Val had to lie to her parents to attend this event, which she really didn’t like doing either. Lying to her parents, that is, not attending events. She was only fifteen and she really didn’t have any business being at a drunk fest at sea, but everyone else was going, and that meant her crush would most definitely be there too. Not to mention, it was a party at sea, which was Valerie’s favorite place to be.

As far as Val’s parents were concerned, she was having a sleepover at her good friend Mallory’s house, since they could stay up late with tomorrow being a late start day at school and all. It was the perfect alibi, especially because Mallory’s parents were cool and would cover for her if her parents called them. Said cool parents were also the ones that drove Mallory and Val to this party, and would be driving them back to their house afterwards to make sure the girls were safe and able to make it to school the next day. The Sheffields, Mallory’s rents, were liberal folk, the kind that believed that the best way to raise their children was to let them experience the world without censorship, to live and learn from the mistakes that they might make, which was why they trusted the girls to attend this fiesta. They were good girls, they could be trusted to make at least halfway decent decisions.

Valerie’s decision making was currently lying in the bottom of one to many glasses of coke and vanilla vodka. That is to say, she probably couldn’t make a good decision to save her life at this point. Thanks to her heritage, Valerie was a lightweight, and right about now she would be rocking the so-called “asian flush” if not for her darker complexion. The amount of her intoxication could only be seen through her eyes, drunken swagger, and slurred speech.

Drunk or not, Val was still doing her best to rock the dancefloor. The DJ was spinning a fly hip hop tune that she could shake what her momma gave her to. When the beat dropped, so did she, taking her toned backside down to the floor and twerking her way back up to a standing position. Val was wearing acid washed jean shorts over a back crop top bikini, which revealed her still-secret turquoise anchor belly ring, and the tassels of her bikini top swung around as she spun on the dancefloor. Valerie had started the night off a little bit chilly, but she had since worked up a sweat, as beads of it were now trailing down her back.

The best way to cool down would be to take to the water. As much as she loved the ocean, Val recognized her own inebriation enough to decide that jumping overboard wouldn’t be wise. Instead, she wandered off the dancefloor in search of the pool. She’d heard about there being a pool. A pool on a boat, what fun!

Location: The Rothstein Residence

The scent of rosemary and sage wafted throughout Dahlia’s bedroom. The girl sat at her writing desk along with a set of three lit cream-colored, unscented candles of different heights, as well as a carved incense tray depicting a circle of psychedelic-looking mushrooms meant to mimic faerie ring, at the center of which the source of the fragrant aroma was smoking.

On the desk before her, Dahlia was scrolling out notes on a tablet. Dahlia valued the art of handwriting, and preferred to write most of her essays, blog posts, and other assignments in this manner. The tablet translated her beautiful script handwriting into digital typeface document on her computer in real time using a wireless connection. Doll paused in her writing to reference the two open hardcover books on astrology to her left, tracing her index finger along the pages and nodding to herself as she read. She was still learning the star-based occult science, and she frequently sought out reference material to ensure that she was putting out the best and most accurate predictions that she was capable of. Dahlia Rothstein was nothing if not a respectable, studious witch.

After writing a few more lines in her project, Dahlia sat back in her office chair and studied the wall in front of her desk. On that wall, there was a screen that currently depicted last night’s starry sky. Dahlia flicked her wrist in the air and the screen switched to sky of the night before last. She pondered for a moment, contemplating the constellations, and then flicked her wrist again to go back to the previous night.

Wooden beads rattled as someone passed through her bedroom door, followed by a soft knock on the door frame. Dahlia looked up from her writing, a dark chestnut curl that had been tucked behind her right ear came loose as she did so. Upon seeing the guest in her hippie-style beaded doorway, she offered up a soft smile. “Hi papá,” she greeted loud enough to be heard over the native-inspired flute music that was playing through the sound system in her room.

Judah scanned the area, taking in the full scene, before smiling at his oddball daughter. “Going full Brujita tonight, huh?” He remarked in a teasing tone.

Dahlia responded with a shrug and a grin. “Aren’t I always? ...what’s up?”

Her father made his way over to her bed and sat down at the corner of it comfortably. “I was just coming to see if you were home. I figured you might be hanging out with Brian since he’s back, Ryan said he was throwing some big party tonight. Why aren’t you there?” Judah asked, tilting his head curiously.

“You knowww I don’t like parties, papá,” Dahlia responded, spinning her rolling chair around so that he could see the way she rolled her eyes at the statement. Alcohol wasn’t her thing, and there was sure to be a lot of drinking at the impromptu Helmsley bash. If she wanted to hang out with her fellow wealthy weirdo and childhood friend, she could do so another time, under more preferable circumstances.

“Yeah, yeah, I know… sometimes I question if you’re even my daughter.” Judah said jokingly.

Doll crossed her arms saucily and smirked. “Maybe I’m the milkman’s, wouldn’t that serve you right?”

Her father’s eyes narrowed as he considered the implication that Mia had slept with someone else to produce his beloved Brujita. Mia would never, she knew better, even if he didn’t follow his own demands for monogamy. “We never had a milkman, you’re my little girl, for better or for worse.” He stood up from his perch on Dahlia’s bed to go look over her shoulder. “Whatcha working on?”

“My first week of January’s horoscopes for the school newspaper. I have to turn them in to Trixie tomorrow afternoon.” Dahlia explained as she rolled back around to face her desk once again.

“Ahh… you sound busy. Too busy to join me for burgers and shakes at the Diner, then?” Judah asked in a tone that very much sounded like a sleazy salesman to offer up a deal that she ‘absolutely could not refuse’.

Dahlia smiled wide, because that was a pretty decent offer. The Sunshine Diner had the best non-dairy black raspberry shakes, and her father knew that they were her favorite She was also incredibly hungry after working for so long, brain power could really burn calories, so a burger sounded divine right then. “Never too busy for that, papá!”

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Collab with @Kitty
Somewhere in LA

Fawn & Lucky

Lucky Cross wasn’t here to be romantic. In his head, he wasn’t romantic, he was an asshole, and he would instill that tonight in Fawn’s mind so she could leave while she could. He didn’t like getting attached and he was going to show her that they were two vastly different people. Having already parked his car two blocks away, he led the way, hands shoved in his pocket, to the side of a church — was it abandoned? Was it not? Who knows. Not saying a word, the mysterious boy used his foot to knock on the door. There was a moment where nothing happened, and yet, Lucky waited patiently. Unfazed. Unsettling so. For two minutes.

The wooden door creaked open and a tall figure dressed in black, with ripped jeans, a jaggedy shirt, and an eye mask to match, revealed himself and gave a toothy grin, “Glad you reconsidered. Meg just got on.”

“What can I say? I can’t stay away.” Lucky rolled his eyes at the boy, who he knew the name behind, but chose not to address him by it. Meg liked the best and lately, the only good ‘act’ she had was her finale, that all those would die to get to. An incident happened that took her best away from her and she wanted Lucky to get him back, but Lucky only reports to one woman.

Her name was Roz.

The masked stranger grabbed off a table a couple of masks, that piled on top of pamphlets about Christ, our Lord and Savior. He gave the two newcomers a mask to wear, deciding to give the girl the only white one, and then tilted his head at the tiny, freckled beauty.

“Who’s your friend, might I ask? She’s awfully pretty.” And would stand out among the rest of the crowd like a dove among ravens. What Fawn would discover soon enough was this party would be nothing she’s ever been to. Nothing a rich kid would throw. Completely and utterly illegal. Nothing an innocent sophomore should be exposed to.

My entertainment.” Lucky coldly replied, giving his friend a stare that read: don’t think about it. A chuckle left the stranger’s lips, before he led the way to the underbelly of the church, “Well, I’m sure Our Lady will be just as entertained by your little… friend… as I am. I predict she’ll want to see her again. It’s refreshing. New faces. You know how she loves new faces.”

When they walked down the stairs, to the basement, a combat ring was revealed. It was halftime of Meg’s ‘extravagant’ production. There was a station of cots with a couple of unconscious men laying on them, beaten and bruised. Probably with broken bones. Lucky, keeping Fawn close to him, pushed through the crowd that all stood surrounding the ring. There were similar individuals dressed like the boy that was leading them, those individuals were collecting money and getting the mass to make bets on the next opponents. Think of this as when a group of church ushers collect money in an offering basket.

All for a good cause.

On stage, though? Meg and four other promiscuous girls were building the heat by touching themselves and dancing, essentially doing a strip tease, taking off all their baggy clothes, until they were down to their black EDM outfit, that gave off a ninja feel. Meg was the only one wearing full on red. The color of rage. Think Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty music video but to the song, I Fink U Freeky by Die Antwoord. The backup girls rested themselves on the rope behind them, to give Meg the spotlight. She was all about the spotlight.

Jumping high in the air and then dropping straight onto her knees, she aggressively popped her body to the music and let her hands slide down her stomach and to her… well, you know. Her eyes lit up when she looked through the crowd and caught sight of Lucky and this cutie. Like a tigress, she crawled forward toward a prey, that was beside Fawn and not Lucky. Just a random middle aged man.

The man was leaning in and holding dollar bills, like she was a professional stripper, when really, she was just a good performer. When she reached the man, she roughly pulled him into a kiss, forcing her tongue down his throat, before snatching the money from him and stuffing it in her bra.

The other girls sauntered to the side, in half, two left, two right, to lure in the opponents on opposite ends into the ring. Just teenage boys, shirtless, toned, but obviously young and ready to kill. Who knew you could make a profit off of anger?

Meg knew.

Standing up, she gestured the boys to come to her at the center, bringing them in a huddle, where they both were wrapped in her arms, “You know the rules, don’t disappoint me, lover boys. Winner takes on The Beast.” Releasing them, they humbly gave each other handshakes before going to their end of the ring and letting Meg finish her ringleader announcement, “Are you fuckers ready to see some BLOOD?!” The crowd went wild — this woman had unbelievable charisma.

“Fun fact, she’s 16.” Lucky slowly whispered at Fawn (making sure she could catch his lips move). “This is only one type of event she can throw. She’s been trying to get me to sign up again. It’s been… two months, exactly. Someone stopped coming and I grew bored.” After this person left, due to personal issues, Meg went out of her way to find The Beast to make sure she didn’t lose people because of the absence of a fan favorite.

“I CAN’T FUCKING HEAR YOU?” The crowd followed her every lead.

Now that the build up was over, the fight could begin.

To say Fawn was a little nervous as they approached the abandoned church would be an understatement, even more so as Lucky simply stood there after knocking on the door. But she trusted Lucky and felt safe by his side despite barely knowing much about him. It may end up backfiring on her but the little deer felt more… alive to put it in simple words. He didn’t treat her differently like many did due to her disability and made her feel more like a human than her parents ever did. It may make her naive or dumb, but due to those feelings she not only liked him but trusted him. So here she was, standing besides him as the church door creaked open.

The other boy’s appearance, mainly the mask, was odd to Fawn and it caused her to be distracted at first. Simply staring at his mask until she realized they were both talking and thus began paying attention to their lips. As the little deer was handed the white mask she saw what the boy Lucky knew said and subconsciously moved closer to Lucky as she placed the mask on her face.

As they began to move she kept close to Lucky, her small stature allowing her to slip through the people easily as they made their way through the crowd to the front. When she was finally able to focus on the girls, she became slightly entranced by the way they looked and moved. The little deer found it interesting and it also made her feel out of place in her simple, slightly oversized floral dress and knitted cardigan. The girl in red was the most intriguing, the way she interacted with the man beside Fawn was not something she was used to seeing. But everything happening, especially the upcoming fight only intrigued the small redhead instead of causing her to be scared or off put by Lucky. She was just curious what was going to happen next.

Lucky had no idea that his pursuit to scare Fawn was not working at all, and only showing how protective he was already over her. For now, he was curious at who this beast was because it’s been awhile since he attended one of these events. He glanced around to find anything that would appear to be an unusual looking fighter, but his keen eyes could not find someone ‘different’ in the sea of people. Bringing his attention back to the arena, where ruthless gladiators stood, he took note of the flickering in their stare. There was no fear, just invitational smiles. Whoever was The Beast, these two wanted to fight him, badly.

Was he… better than Owen?

The two in the ring circled one another, like confrontational lions, ready to rip the other to shreds. The fighter dressed in blue charged at the fighter dressed in white. It was obvious White fought defensively, while Blue was bullheaded and kept on the offense. They both, however, showed every ounce of power because they wanted to win. Meg had a way to make boys want things. When it comes to fights, especially illegal fights, there was no honor. No code. If you fought with either of those, you would lose in a matter of seconds. Here, you needed to win. For money. For pride. For anything but being humble.

White dodged Blue’s fist, eyes narrowed in determination, but as soon as he did that, Blue slammed his head back into White’s. That, however, turned into White tripping Blue with a kick, and causing Blue to fall back, giving White the apparent advantage.

Lucky knew how they were feeling, blood humming in their veins, anger encompassing every fiber of their being. They were unleashing their monster. White was brutalizing Blue’s face. Hit after hit. Blood pooling out of Blue’s mouth. Blue should’ve acted faster. Crimson leaked from both his nostrils and his nose was twisted to the left. Everyone thought White had it in the bag, but somehow, Blue felt more inspired, more powerful, now that his face was fucked up. The tables turned, when Blue did a quick reversal, pulling White down, trapping his leg under him, overhooking his right arm over Blue’s arm, bridging his left foot, hips up, and swinging his left arm…

Now, he was on top. The offensive fighter, with definitely a harder punch, was back at where he had the power. Ready to reward White for the make over.

Watching the fighters, Fawn couldn’t help but think of them as animalistic. Their movement and the way they watched each other reminded her of some of the more violent things she had seen during her time spent in the forest sitting in the branches of the trees. She didn’t think much of what was about to happen until the first punch was thrown.

That first punch caused Fawn a bit of panic in the pit of her stomach and she couldn’t help as she hid her face for a moment with Lucky’s arm. The little deer for a brief second saw herself and her father in the place of Blue and White, it required her looking away and telling herself that it wasn’t happening to her and that she was safe by Lucky before she began watching again. By then Blue was on his back taking the beating from White and Fawn once again saw her father, but this time as the one getting the crap beat out of him. The thought was nothing more than a dream and she shook her head so she would stop with it, but as Blue flipped White onto his back and began to beat on him her mother was now the one taking the beating. It was through these two fighting that she was imagining her biggest wish, for her parents to be served the justice they deserve.

Fawn knew she didn’t deserve what happened to her during moments like this but her parents tried to keep her from feeling that, trying to make her feel worthless and like she deserved everything she got. But Fawn just held on for the day justice comes knocking there way, even if she can’t do anything herself to make it come faster. For now she’d just use moments like this to give her a bit more hope.

Lucky took notice of Fawn’s reactions to the fight. How she grew closer to him, hiding her face. How her body flinched to every punch that was thrown. He should’ve been happy about this, but he wasn’t. Actually, he felt like a jerk for exposing her to such vicious brutality. By now, the light had dimmed, so that all attention would be drawn to the lit arena. None of that mattered, though. Bringing his tall self down, so that his face was close to Fawn’s, he gently used his finger to turn her head towards him, so her eyes could see his lips in the dimmed room. “You alright?” he mouthed.

The sudden closeness of Lucky’s face caused a blush to burn onto her cheeks but she kept her eyes focused on him so she could see his lips. His gentleness and concern only increased her burn in her cheeks as she nodded in response to his question. She didn’t think it was worth pulling out her board and trying to write with such little space and light so hopefully the nod was enough for him. It wasn’t like she was lying though, she was fine now. At first the fight had been a lot for her but now Fawn just imagined her parents as the ones being beat up and she was okay with watching the fight.

She wasn’t the only one that felt the close proximity that their faces were at. His dark gaze dropped to her lips and there was a moment where he didn’t react, he just stared. He felt the desire to get closer and to feel how soft they were, but, he didn’t like it. And yet, he couldn’t change his position. Actually, his body was acting on its own and his head was naturally getting closer.

Fawn watched as his eyes dropped and she froze. She simply stared at him, her own eyes flickering from his eyes to his lips watching him. Then Lucky began to lean in, his warm breath hitting her face as he got closer and closer, her face growing warmer as her eyes began to flutter shut.

Their lips could almost taste the other’s…

Abruptly, the crowd started to rush around, pushing anyone and everyone, when police sirens could be heard. Ah, shit. They had to leave.


“Fucking shit.” Meg muttered. The Beast fight would have to wait for another night, at another venue, with a new theme. She, however, did gain a lot of money — even if there was no winner to the fight. Hey, nothing wrong with cheating people out of their money. They’d just have to come back next time to see the results and perhaps win big.

They wouldn’t win big. She chose The Beast for a reason. He was her money maker and together they’d con and scam foolish, hotheaded, and thirsty individuals, so that they brought the boss back money. In return, she got a pretty penny for her efforts. It was a good life.

His mind on high alert, Lucky grabbed Fawn’s hand, holding it tight, and led the way to their escape. Meg watched the two lovers from the ring, a faint smile gracing her face.

Her Lucky was whipped.
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Collab with @Lovely Complex
At the bar
Luna & Ronnie

As Verónica was about to leave the bar area she heard a voice addressing her. Turning to look towards the voice she was met by a shimmering white, intriguing, dare she say beautiful sight. A girl with light blonde hair, a white dress, and skin that actually seemed to be glowing and shimmering in the light. It seemed a bit ethereal and almost took the Mendez girl off guard but upon the ethereal girl once again beginning to talk, Verónica’s eyes met the girl’s own crystal blue eyes full of mischievousness. To say it didn’t cause Ronnie further intrigue would be a lie.

Walking over to where the ethereal beauty, or Luna as she now knew, was sitting she leaned against the bar besides her and smiled at her. “I’m Verónica. I’ve got to know, why haven’t I seen someone as stunning as you around school? You aren’t someone I’d forget seeing around.”

“Because I don’t go to your school.” Taking a moment to bring her attention to the bartender, Luna kindly and casually requested, “Hey, can I have some cherries?” Without any word or argument, the bartender obliged, knowing exactly who she was. “Thank you.” Shifting her green stare back to Verónica, now with a cup of maraschino cherries in hand, ignoring her margarita momentarily, Luna shrugged, “I chose beauty school over total drama island. Let’s just say, I’m related to some… fond faces that go here.” If Ronnie probed more, perhaps Luna would specify who she was related to, but for now, the blonde felt that such information was not relevant to their discussion. “Have you done anything fun tonight, besides deny every boy that wants to get in your pants?” Her candy apple lips lifted into a smirk, before she picked up a cherry by the stem and put it in her mouth, smoothly and teasingly pulling it off and savoring the succulent fruit.

Brown eyes meeting the blonde’s green eyes, Verónica listened intently not bothering with thoughts on who she could be related to. In the moment it wasn’t important. “Too bad. Having someone like you around would make the days a lot more bearable.” Ronnie’s eyes then fell to the girl’s lips as she pulled a cherry off its stem teasingly, only shifting her gaze back to Luna’s eyes to answer her question. “Haven’t done anything too fun besides that. But if you hang around I can imagine my night will only get better.”

Taking note of Ronnie’s eyes shifting for a brief moment, Luna chuckled, bringing her long, blond strands over her right shoulder. “Bearable?” The display of beauty and splendor that was Luna Locke leaned closer to her… entertainment for the night. Heat emitted from her. The lustful kind. She had a motive. Whether or not this girl would join in was all part of the fun. “I highly doubt that. I’m kind of an attention whore.”

Suddenly, the blonde tapped the bar, “Shots!” Almost like magic, shots appeared by their drinks. Good bartender. “Hanging was so yesterday, how about we go on a little adventure, skip the small talk and romance—” Cut to the chase. They could play this long, dragging game where they try to learn about one another or she could show her why the school is better off without her. Intentionally, her eyes were doing naughty butterflies. If there was one thing Luna had, it was an incredible amount of charisma. “Unless, you’re not one for adventure.” She challenged. “I’d totally understand. I am being kind of forward. I just know what I like.” She bit her rose bud lips. Soft, passionate lips. A promise for sweetness. A perfect weapon.

The brunette grinned at the blonde, this girl had her caught in her web and Ronnie did not mind one bit at all. The heat that radiated from Luna’s body only drew the Mendez in more. At the appearance of shots, Verónica glanced down at them before looking back to Luna’s green eyes sparkling with a hint of something unreadable by Ronnie currently. She was already in on the adventure, it wasn’t like there was anything better to do at the party plus she wanted to spend more time with the blonde but upon being challenged a smirk rose to her lips. “Oh I’m definitely down for an adventure. Count me in.” Ronnie’s competitiveness shined through a bit as she was challenged by Luna. She was not one to back down from a challenge, ever.

Oh? Luna raised an eyebrow, liking how agreeable this girl was. Just what she wanted. Leaning in closely, putting her lips inches away from the stranger’s ear (they wouldn’t be strangers for too long, though), she let her breath tickle the girl’s skin, before whispering, “Let’s fuck.” She allowed some time for her words to settle in, before adding the intriguing part, “But not just anywhere. Behind the screen. During the speech everyone’s talking about.”

Brown eyes widened at the proposal, letting it fully sink in as she thought it out. But as she looked at Luna and gave her another once over, her mind was made up pretty quick. “What the hell. Let’s do it.” Ronnie exclaimed smiling at Luna.


Hastily, because there was no doubt that Luna was thirsty, the sexually repressed blonde put Ronnie’s shot in her hand, and then put her shot in her own. Hooking her arm around her lover’s arm for the night, so that their arms intertwined in order to drink, Luna mischievously grinned, “A toast! To me taking you to Neverland.” She’ll never want to come back to reality after Luna was through with her.

“To Neverland!” Ronnie repeated raising her glass before throwing the shot back.

After they took their shots, Luna was the first to hop off and offer her hand, like Peter Pan did with his Wendy, “Now that we have our pixie dust, let’s fly.”

Ronnie grinned at Luna and grabbed her hand, “Lead the way to Neverland.”

“Remember.” Luna softly held Ronnie’s hand in her own, while never faltering from her kittenish act, “You must think happy thoughts.” Ideally, the happy thought was sex, with her. What more could this girl want?

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Starring: Henry “I Can Move My Hands Fast Enough!” Green and Min “Want a BJ?” Seo
Introducing: Cyndi “Eeyore” Green
Location: The speech place! The stage! Be there or be square you fucking nerds.

Henry found himself to be pretty relaxed, all things considered. Between the cocaine, the sudden rush of feelings for Min-seo, the pressure being applied from Brian to make him do this stupid ass speech thing, and wondering why the helicopter had just flown away, Henry should have been pretty stressed. He didn’t feel stressed, though. Instead, he was chill. He was sitting on the stage where the speech would take place, wearing the glove given to him by Brian. The glove was a little tight on his hand, but he didn’t mind. Like everything that was on the upgraded boat, the glove had turned out to be an interesting piece of technology. By moving his fingers, Henry found that he could control the lights on the floor. He was entertaining himself by trying to move his hand fast enough to draw a cock and balls on the floor.

Neither had worked quite yet, as the lights seemed to fade after following his motions. Sort of like a sparkler, but on a much larger scale. This didn’t stop Henry, who was determined to get at least one of them right. On the floor in front of him, a small crowd had gathered, and were watching his attempts to get the drawing down on the floor. As he got close, they cheered, but when the writing disappeared, they sighed in disappointment.

Henry’s mic was on, but he’d been completely silent for the past while as he made his attempts. Henry’s tongue was hanging slightly out of his mouth as he concentrated, trying to get it down, when he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. Thinking it was Brian giving him the go ahead to start talking, Henry pulled his phone out and checked the text message. It was indeed from Brian, but the contents of the text message were not what he expected.

From: B-Rye

If you use your index and middle finger, the lines won’t disappear until you make a fist.

This changed everything! Henry stood up from where he’d been sitting, and held out the two fingers, looking like he was making some kind of finger gun as he carefully guided the lines on the floor. Unlike when he’d used to just his index finger, the lines stayed. This time the color of the lines was almost like a tye-dye, as Henry went about his drawing.

He got closer than ever before, and the crowd started to get excited, and when he sealed the deal by drawing a few droplets spraying out of the package, the crowd exploded into cheers as Henry took a bow, still holding the fingers out so the drawing didn’t yet disappear, grinning to himself.


When Kit ran off to do whatever it was she did when lacking in supervision, Min-seo had to come to terms with the simple fact that she didn’t know where the speech was taking place. Of course she wanted to be there, her boyfriend was in charge of it and she had to support him in this; plus she had promised to meet up with him after girl talk. And while the girl talk had definitely given Min-seo some insight on how to be a better girlfriend, she couldn’t put any of it into practice until she actually found the stage or her boyfriend. One would lead to the other.

The freshman transfer student wandered, realizing for the first time since her arrival that she wasn’t walking hand-in-hand with Henry. While she wasn’t afraid or anything, it just went to show that she was deeply and utterly lost. This boat was kind of big. All she could do was head to where she assumed a speech would be made. Somewhere open, big enough to host a stage and an audience. She got lost on the way, at some point winding up back where she and Henry had gotten a room, but that just meant she could retrace her steps. It didn't take much longer given that she was able to follow to the sound of a cheering crowd that sounded like the tide, cheering and rolling out in disappointment.

The crowd didn’t factor into much. Min-seo made her way to the side of the stage and up the stairs and, hoping she could get the jump, put her hands over Henry’s eyes, with a smile that was as playful and cute as she could muster. ”Guess who, oppa?”

Henry’s hand closed into a fist again after he felt someone cover his eyes, and the crowd’s cheering died out as the endgame drawing disappeared. While he wanted to at first be snarky and yell at whoever it was that ruined his drawing, when he heard Min’s voice, he melted a little bit and instead turned around and kissed her right on the beautiful smile she’d wanted to surprise him with. “Is it my Ducky?” He asked, looking down at her expectantly as he waited for an answer, looping his arms around her waist.

So this was what being a boyfriend was like, huh? He could live with this, at least for a while.

Min couldn’t be disappointed in the answer, she had made it easy after all, plus it came with a kiss which she was happy to receive and reciprocate in kind. She threw her arms around Henry’s middle in a hug and put her head to rest on his shoulder. It was a rather idyllic moment and one Min would have been happy to let sit but she recalled the other reason why she was so eager to get back to Henry - and it wasn’t just because he was her boyfriend. ”Oppa…” She asked, turning her head to look Henry in the eyes. ”I have...important question.”

She knew if she hesitated she probably wouldn’t be able to muster up the courage. She was just going to have to ask. ”Do you...want...blowjob?” The word almost escaped her but she was able to pull it back and ask, nodding like what she asked was as normal as could be.

The response to Min’s question didn’t come from Henry, at first, but instead it was an echo of her own words, from stating she had an important question on. Henry’s mic had realized that he (or someone very near to him) was speaking, and had happily transmitted the question across the large speakers set up near the stage.

Henry couldn’t help himself. While he knew that he should have probably been the utmost supportive and immediately defense of his girlyfriend, before the people who heard the question could be rude to her, he couldn’t help himself by smile. It was a silly, embarrassing situation, but that’s kind of what made it funny. Henry had a dumb smile on his face as he looked down at her, before nodding. “From you? Yes, absolutely; more than I’ve ever wanted one. When and where?”

Fortunately for Min she didn’t seem aware of the fact that her question was broadcast for the gathered crowd and so her initial response was positive and excited. Unfortunately, the crowd wasn’t such that they could let such a comment go without comment. ”FOR FUCK’S SAKE NOT HERE, PLEASE.” The voice came from a rather tall girl in the crowd and the comment was met with laughter before the crowd saw fit to react.

A chorus of responses followed with the majority being people applauding or otherwise voicing their support. Min-seo’s smile disappeared as the reality of the situation set in and her face turned redder than a stoplight. She could think of doing nothing other than burying her face in Henry’s shoulder, because there was nothing closer to hide her embarrassment behind.

Oh no, she wasn’t taking it well. Henry had apparently chosen the wrong option of the two that had been present to him. He decided to do his best to right the wrong by wrapping his arms around her in a tight, protective hug, rocking her side to side on his feet. Behind him, the lights moved back and forth like a pendulum, which seemed to excite some of the crowd; a lot of them were pretty high. Henry took one of his hands and manually shut the mic ff before he kissed the top of Min’s head.

“Oh, baby. Don’t be upset, they’ll forget about it in like ten minutes. Well, Sam might remember it, but Sam’s harmless. I thought it was sweet of you to ask, it was just unfortunate that it happened, you know… with a live mic. The mic’s shut off by the way.” Henry kissed the top of her head again, before twisting it and shooting a look across the way at Sam. Play nice, you fucking Amazon.

From her convenient spot of being tall as hell, Sam was able to wordlessly respond to Henry’s glance in her direction. Sam lifted a fist and pantomimed a blowjob before also pretending to gag - and not in the way that made blowjobs better. She was not going to apologize for her comment; it was funny as hell. Besides, now everyone was gonna know that the transfer student was going above and beyond. Sam was perfectly willing to file this moment in her head, right next to the other embarrassing moments that she would absolutely use to he benefit in the future.

Min-seo on the other hand was somewhat reassured by Henry’s words; it still wasn't the ideal situation to have a bunch of her peers know that she was entertaining the idea. She was just glad she didn’t also get around to the second part of the question; the crowd didn’t need to know that Min was also about to have a science experiment by way of photographing the act. It was sweet of Henry to look out for her, though, and it only solidified in Min’s mind that Henry was a good boyfriend.

”After...after speech.” And Min-seo was a good girlfriend staying committed to the course.

Henry nodded, and grinned. This was going to be an awesome night! It didn’t seem like anything could go wrong, at least not for him. Sure, other people were probably having shitty nights, but he didn’t care! Out of sight, out of mind. What was in sight, and in mind, was Min and her lips and where they were going to be, if he got this stupid ass speech out of the way. What was he even supposed to talk about?

“Well, I guess I’m gonna turn around and circlejerk about how we’re better than Hailey and Hailey’s friends. Oh and the Weekend Warrior. Guess I’ll mention the school administration too. I’m gonna get expelled… Henry said, before finally releasing Min-seo from his grasp and turning around to face the crowd, pressing the mic on button. “Okay! If I could have your attention please. Brian traded me a four piece chicken McNugget to stand up here and give you guys one of the Elite speeches. Some people dig these, other people hate them. I don’t care, but let the record show, I always come through with the clutch for my friends.” Henry’s mic was on, the show was on, and whoever was there was gonna get to hear the spiel. Whoever wasn’t? Fuck ‘em, dude.

“You may be wondering why we’ve gathered you here today. If you look to the screens behind me, where I will now project a picture of Hailey, you will see why.” Henry took his phone out and hit a button, before holding the phone out to Min. “Can you hold this, lover?” He asked, before gesturing behind himself, toward a large, LED screen, which now had a giant picture of his sister’s face.

“This is Hailey. She’s my sister. What a lot of people don’t know, though…” Henry reached out with his glove, drawing on the picture as if it were in MSPaint or something to that effect. Slowly, he added a Hitler mustache, followed by devil horns, and a trident. “Is that she is literally worse than Hitler and the devil combined. Now, Hailey has it out for us — literally everyone. You, me, Min… the girl sitting on Sam’s shoulders. Sam herself. Damian. Brian. The Weekend Warrior. Hell, she even kinda has it out for Hana — it’s just a different kinda ‘it.’ Point is, Hailey is the Omen. She ruins everyone’s lives and is generally a cunt.”

Henry paused to take a breath, running a hand through his hair. “Sorry, this is kinda uninspired. I’m on short notice here. Damian would do a much better job, because he gets what the point is, I don’t really. But, in spite of the attempts from my sister, and the Weekend Warrior to take him down, Damian just keeps getting back up. He had to leave early tonight because of relationship problems; and that’s okay. He has his priorities, and rightfully so, Joy is higher than school politics. But Damian just has one thing that he wants, and that’s for everyone to be cool with everyone.”

“Unlike Hailey, unlike the Weekend Warrior, even kinda unlike some of us standing here, Damian just wants people to hang out and be friends. It doesn’t matter where you come from, we’re all equal, y’know? Just find some homies and be friends with them. Don’t let Hailey bring you down, and don’t let the Weekend Warrior make you hate everyone, either. Just be excellent, y’know, to each other. Thank you, speech is over.”

As Henry nodded, his phone started to ring, though he didn’t see it or hear it (it was on silent), Min would at least see it. It was a facetime call from his little sister — on the phone was a picture of Cyndi’s face, along with her contact name: ‘Other Sister (NOT HAILEY).’

Meanwhile, on top of Sam’s shoulders, Kit looked down at her friend. “From the way you complained about this, I thought it would be way more over the top!”

Sam was equally disappointed and glad that the speech didn’t go into the dangerously long territory, like a monologue or something equally as upsetting. The disappointment came because at least with a longer speech it would’ve made the karaoke gambit a lot more rewarding. When the most exciting thing about the speech was the fact that Henry’s China Doll was about to get a lesson in dentistry. ”They normally are. He’s thinking with his dick, dude. Let’s hope for his sake his nut isn’t as short as his speech.” Sam visibly shuddered as she said that, having officially talked more about Henry’s dick than she ever wanted to again.

Min-seo, who had enjoyed the speech even though she didn’t follow much of it, now looked down at the phone given to her. She blinked twice before waving to Henry, in so doing her thumb accepted the call. Min was in no position to chat, especially not with Henry’s sister, it was all she could do to capture Henry’s attention again. ”You have...call!”

Unbeknownst to her, Cyndi’s face appeared on the big screen. It was 10:30 am in South Korea, and once again, she was skipping classes, but today she had a legitimate excuse! She was packing to go home and she was so, so, so excited to tell Parker and her brother! More so Parker, because she usually picked up his calls. It was around 9:30 pm, and there have been times where Parker was with Henry this late. Why? Cyndi never really knew, but her brother had a distinct friend group that always seemed to be near him, or with his phone. It was a logical assumption that Parker would be with him, right now. To her surprise, though, she saw her brother’s face, staring at her.

Oh MY god!

As she fixed her ponytail, her phone held up by Min’s books on her desk, giving a good display of Min’s bedroom, with her ducky on the bed, and Cyndi’s suitcase open (on the bed as well), the youngest Green shined with the brightest smile, “Henry! Hi, Henry!” She was in her favorite pajamas, which had Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh on it. She loved Winnie the Pooh. Mommy always gave her the best gifts. “How are things??? How’s Min liking America? Where’s Parker?” If she knew everyone would see her morning self, Cyndi wouldn’t have called her brother.

Henry stared down at the phone in his hand, wondering why Cyndi seemed so surprised to be talking to him. She’d called Henry’s phone, who the fuck did she expect to answer? Someone not named Henry!? Henry didn’t answer the questions immediately, but he spoke after a few seconds of silence, “Min digs it, I think. We’re on a date, she and me. Parker is at home, and she best be in bed since it’s like… an hour past her bedtime. She lives with us now. Don’t tell either mom. Things are aight, I’m at a party, as you can see.” Henry took the phone from her and spinned it around so his sister could see the crowd.

“See? Anyway,” Henry clicked the camera back onto just himself, “what are you callin’ for? You don’t call that often, I don’t think.” Did she? Maybe she did. The truth was, Henry often wasn’t carrying his phone around, certainly not as much as he should have; Parker usually had it. Why didn’t she have her own phone? Henry didn’t know, and to be honest, he hadn’t really thought about it…

As he stood there, his face contorted a bit into a zoned out look as he thought about Parker and her lack of a phone. That would have to be fixed. Already, Henry had gotten a text about cookies, which didn’t pertain to him because he didn’t get any cookies, and it was directed at Parker. Yeah… they’d go get one in the morning. He, Min, and Kit could go to the store and pick one up. Suddenly, he noticed the open suitcase behind Cyndi. “What’re you packing for, exactly?”

Oh dear. How embarrassing. Henry was at a party and now Cyndi was frozen, in front of the screen. Everyone was looking at her… she was not dressed to impress. No make up. No fashion forward attire. NO BRA. This was truly catastrophic. Why was Henry so chill about it? No girl liked to be exposed to this extent. At least not her! Her happy-go-lucky demeanor suddenly shifted to shyness. Her heart picked up in rate and her cheeks felt hot. Too hot. “Um, well… you see.” She couldn’t even point out that she does call him, a lot, because now she felt like this wasn’t the time to tell her brother how excited she was to go back home. To tell him that mommy figured out how to keep Min there, while bringing her back, so they could spend more time together. “I, uh.” She was choked up and her anxiety was taking over.

“HAVE A WONDERFUL NIGHT! DON’T DO TOO MANY DRUGS, BYEEEEEE.” Cyndi’s face disappeared from the screen. Oh man. Her brother probably wasn’t going to react well to that. She’ll just tell him… another time, that she was coming home.

“Man the only kinda drugs I do is too many. Knock my picture of Hailey lookin’ like Satan off the screen for that kinda shit the fuck is wrong with her? Ain’t got nothin’ important to say then just send a gotdang text. Fuckin’ first Brian gonna call a dude on the phone to say ‘hey dude, bring my ass some greasy ass MacDonald’s because that’s what I, as the son of a gotdamn trillionaire, want as my first, real, all-American meal upon returning to my home country.’ Then this shit, little sis gonna call me up like 'yooo OH SHIT BYE.' Fuckin’ weirdos, whatever, man.” Henry rolled his eyes and dropped his phone back into his pocket. “Oh, yeah. Yo, shout out to my boy Yung Steve. Ay, keep it tight, my man.”

He looked over at Min, and shrugged. “We’re done. Do you wanna go back to the room?”

Min-seo hadn’t really been focused on the conversation between Henry and Cyndi, it was a sibling matter and really all Min could focus on was the fact that she was seeing her room again. It had only been a few months but it was nostalgic and if she didn’t think she had just found a reason to stay, seeing her room might well have tipped her over to the side of going back home.

Min-s eo turned to Henry, giving him a smile that seemed to deepen when she looked at him. Instinctively, because she had seen a vision of home, she moved to wipe away something in her eye but there was nothing there. Just the tiredness, if an excuse had to be made. ”Yes. Let’s go...home.” She meant the room, of course, but for some reason she had home on the brain.

And not even necessarily Korea.

Henry held out his still gloved hand to Min, before he had a sudden reminder of something he had promised Brian he would do. Press the button. Henry pulled his hand away and made a fist, reaching out with his hand and lightly tapping the button. For a second, nothing happened, and Henry even worried that he’d hit the wrong button. Then, very suddenly, all of the LEDs on the boat’s exterior and deck shut off, bringing to a darkness — Henry frowned, now bathed solely in the light of the moon, pulling Min closer to him in an embrace meant to protect her from whatever lurked in the night.

The lights came back on, but they quickly rushed across the floor and up onto the stage, gathering underneath the glove wearer, and dancing around Henry and Min, before there was a countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2… Henry looked at Min, and winked at her. He had the vaguest inkling of what was going to happen: either the ship was about to sink itself, or Brian had fireworks set up.

In front of everyone, he seized the chance and went for it with no regard for human life, pressing his lips against hers in an undeniably passionate kiss in front of everyone. 1. Welcome, to the show. As Henry and Min kissed, there was the sound of music and fireworks going off, starting at the left and going counterclockwise around the entire boat. In the sky, they went off, exploding in large sparkles of different colors, each on a slight delay. Once the final one went off, the circle of fireworks happened again, going the other direction.

After the last one went off, Henry finally broke the kiss, only to hear one last firework go off, this one the biggest of them all. As it soared high into the air, Henry kissed her again, before it exploded high above the bay, ane he wrapped his arms around her tight, holding the kiss until the fireworks ended, and he finally broke apart. “Huh… so that’s what it does.”

Min-seo had heard the saying ‘feeling sparks’ but this was on a whole other level. Min heard the fireworks and from the corner of her eye she even saw them before she closed them, but they may as well have been a message from on high celebrating the relationship she had with Henry. Even though it wasn’t, when she would recount the details of her first kiss, this is the moment she would refer to because while it may not have been their first kiss, it was perfect in every other capacity.

”Oppa…” Min whispered as she placed her head against his side. It wasn’t Henry who was suddenly eager to return to the room, with Min pinching Henry’s shirt and thinking only of what was still to come for them tonight.

And without needing any further prompting, Henry looped his arm around Min’s waist and pulled her off of the stage and toward the room, where they could get some privacy.

Round two.

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Owen hadn’t taken his foot off the pedal the whole way home. He was scared, optimistic, and excited all in one. To say he was speeding was an understatement; the speed limit was sixty five miles per hour, Owen was easily cresting one hundred. That’s what happens when you have an Aventador, a long straight stretch of highway, and you’re emotionally distressed. All the windows were down, and the top was down. Owen could think more clearly this way, even though the resulting winds whipped his mother’s hair around. While it had taken them almost thirty minutes to drive from the house to Captain Cuddles, it only took them eighteen minutes to get home.

Once there, Owen parked his car in front of the steps, and threw the door open, stopping suddenly as he saw his father waiting for them. Troy, chose to ignore him for a moment, and looked over at Kylie, “She ruined my night. I sent the boys home. I think she’s asleep. It’s totally Trixie, in case that wasn’t clear.”

You know… her mother did lift her heart and give her hope, while she was on the helicopter. She needed to hear her voice and that meant the world to her because she missed her. She missed daddy. She missed all her brothers. Trixie wanted to believe she could fix this, that she could pick up the broken pieces, put them back together, mend her fucked up mistake, take her mother’s words and do exactly as she said. Be strong.

But it was hard.

How could she have faith that things were going to be okay? That this wasn’t going to be the end? That things would work out? That Owen would forgive her? That he wouldn’t hate her for breaking his heart?

For leaving him.

That was the thing, she couldn’t know until she saw him again. Until she could apologize. Until she could tell him how horrible she was.

But, why didn’t he answer her call? Why didn’t he text her back? Why did he ignore her? All she wanted was to say she was sorry...

She deserved this. She deserved to be used by her friends. She deserved being hated by the man that had her heart. She deserved to be alone.


Laying on Owen’s bed, hugging his cat, her hand resting on her phone, Trixie’s eyes were closed, make up ruined from all the crying. She was steadying her breathing. Her Uncle Ty had carried her in here, because she could hardly stand. He held her like she was a little girl and she couldn’t help but feel safe, even if life could do terrible things and her heart felt like it was shattered into a million pieces. Trixie thought Jamie made her feel better, she thought her mother made her feel better, she thought her uncle and his friends made her feel better, but that was all a lie.

She didn’t feel good at all.

“What are you waiting for?” Kylie softly spoke to her son.
“Go see her.”
This was a lot for a mother to take in. She didn’t know if she should be mad, or sad, or happy, but she did know that her son loved this girl and that he’s been waiting for this night, for what felt like a long time. She knew this girl was what made him happy. Love, as messy as it was, was the reason why most people chose to wake up. She couldn’t deny her baby of that.

Owen wasn’t nervous; Owen didn’t get nervous. Owen wasn’t afraid; Owen didn’t get afraid. Owen was worried; Owen got worried about Trixie. Trixie was worth worrying about, and Owen felt awful that he hadn’t gotten a single one of her texts, heard a single one of her voicemails, or even seen one of the snapchats she had sent him. After his mother spoke, he gave her a nod, before glancing at his father. “The fuck are you lookin’ at me for, boy?” Troy asked, and Owen nodded. Good enough.

He turned and went to the sweeping staircase, taking them three at a time. He felt bad that he had to cut his date with his mother short, and he’d have to make it up to her another time; and he would, Owen wasn’t the type of person to let something like that fall. But first, he had to see Trixie, so they could at least talk. Owen reached the summit of the staircase, and heard a sound emanating from his room that he knew very well.


His heart sunk a bit, because he knew how his cat was.

Meanwhile, in Owen’s room, Oreo the cat was mau’ing and trying to get out Trixie’s arms. Trixie was cool, yes, but he liked Owen more, and he could hear him. Let me go, woman! “Mau!”

Her eyes snapped open from the stupor that she was in. Oh fuck, he was here? She wasn’t ready. Should she pretend to be sleeping? Or like, hide?

Why would you hide, Trixie? You’ve been waiting for this, haven’t you? Here’s your chance.

Taking a deep breath in, she released the cat. Her mind was telling her body to sit up and yet she couldn’t move. Like at all. She was stuck. She was too nervous. Freedom! “MAU!” Oreo meowed, before dragging his sandpaper like tongue across her face, and bounding off of the bed and exiting the room through the open door, finding himself beside Owen just a few steps down the hall. He nuzzled against Owen’s leg, and a few more Maus could be heard.

Then there were more steps, and Owen walked into the doorway, looking at the form of the woman he loved, possibly more than he should at this point, and felt his heart wrench a bit. He steadied himself, though, and offered the first line of dialogue. “Hey, Trixie.”

Okay, big girl steps. Slowly and dizzily, she pushed herself up, keeping her back faced away from him. After wiping under her eyes, seeing her mascara now on her fingers, she looked down at her black dress. This wasn’t how she imagined their reunion being. Pinching at her dress, she bashfully replied, “Hi, Owen.” Saying his name made this moment all the more real. Her chest was moving with her breathing, which seemed to be picking up as their interaction slowly went on. If she faced him, would he think she was ugly?

This was a lot more daunting than she ever imagined it to be.

“Was the cat okay? Like — was he nice?” Owen asked, and he could hear an offended mau from behind him. Owen shook his head, and leaned against the doorway a bit. This was going better than he’d thought, but he figured he could blame most of that on the alcohol that was in her system. “He’s pretty mean to everyone that isn’t, y’know… me.” Owen could have done better, but he wasn’t sure what to say, or where to go with this conversation.

Did her being here mean that he and her were together again? Were things going to go back to normal? Or did she just have something bad happen at the party and she needed to run to him for help? That was a possibility; she could have needed help, or protection from some guy. She’d probably come to him for that sort of scenario.

“He was good to me…” She whispered in response. Trixie wanted to clean her face, but he was by the door, which meant she had to go through him if she wanted to go to the bathroom. “I…” She put all her focus on standing up. Once she was standing up, she had regrets. Her legs felt weak.

Truthfully, she wanted to fall back and lay down. Let his bed be her grave. “...don’t expect you to forgive me.” Her heart was telling her to turn around, but she didn’t want him to see how bad she looked. She looked so ugly. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry. For everything.” Nodding to herself, relieved that she was able to say what she wanted to say, Trixie felt like it was best for her to go back to Alaska, where she couldn’t hurt anyone else like she did with Owen. Go back to her family.

Gripping at the sides of her dress, she hiccupped once more, before adding, “I know everything now. None of that makes up for what I’ve done. So, I’ll just say—”

Owen stepped forward and put a hand on her shoulder, turning her around to face him. “Trixie. Stop talking, and kiss me like you miss me.” As far as Owen was concerned, they could work the finer details out in the morning. Everything he’d wanted to hear, he already had. Now, he just wanted to be in the moment with her.

Her mind cycled through emotions, quicker than a kid changed channels. Love wasn’t a spoken language. All they had to do was look into each other’s eyes to see how much they meant to the other. Her insecurities were non-existent when he was this close to her. Letting her hands slide up his chest, a body she’s missed for far too long, Trixie listened and didn't say a word. No need for arguing. No, when her hands were around his neck, she allowed the swirl of emotions to do the talking. Lust, desire, want. Lifting herself up with her toes, she connected their lips.


A kiss that nearly took the air out of her with how much force was behind it. He was warm and soft.

She needed this.

She needed him.
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A Minry post
Location: Their private suite
Interacting with: Some people

This was going better than Henry had ever thought it would. He’d figured they’d just kiss some, maybe, but it had way exceeded his very low expectations. Now, it seemed he had a girlfriend! That was a new experience for him, but he figured it was probably for the best. After all, they lived in the same house, and would probably be sleeping in the same bed, every night until she went home. The least he could do with this was offer loyalty. For him, the worst case scenario was Min-seo came to her senses and realized he didn’t make a very good boyfriend, and they broke up. He could deal with that.

For now, though, they were locked away in the suite alone once again. Henry had been a little surprised at how eager Min seemed to be to come back, so eager in fact that he’d almost forgotten to hit the button; which probably would have caused Brian to complain even more. Henry wasn’t down with anymore of that shit, especially not phone calls that interrupted his time with Min. Brian had habits, and one of them always seemed to be ‘calling at the worst possible time.’

That wasn’t important, though, not right now. What was important was keeping Min in the happy and eager mood she was in. ’Happy wife, happy life,’ as dad always said. Wait, wife? Henry looked Min up and down, and thought about it. That might not suck. There was yet insufficient data for him to decide if he was gonna put a ring on it. So far, so good, though.

“Welcome back. So… you really wanna do it, huh? Blowjob, I mean.” Henry asked, looking at Min. “That’s kinda all me, no you. Unless you have an oral fixation, I guess that could happen. Wouldn’t know yet, cuz you’ve never done it before, huh?” Henry had a level of skill that he brought to the bedroom, and he didn’t normally open with this. He typically liked to focus on the girl before he got his shit in. That was usually good enough for him, but hey. Maybe Min would dig it.

When Min-seo was asked to the party as a date she didn’t think this would be how the night would end up, but having gone this course she wasn’t sure she would change it. Maybe the dinner part but that was cute and romantic in its own way and she couldn’t exactly fault Henry for making the best of an unfortunate situation. Everything else, though, had been above and beyond, wonderful came close to describing it but putting words to it would only cheapen the emotions she had felt tonight; emotions that were, at the moment, running at an absolute high.

Even if she had had doubts about a blowjob earlier, after the fireworks - both the actual ones and the ones she felt with the kiss - those doubts were thrown overboard without a moment’s hesitation. Henry had been a gentleman tonight and if Min was privy to reputations she would have no idea where they came from based on her experiences. Already tonight Henry had given her his full attention and made her feel like the most important girl in the world; what more could she ask for from a boyfriend? Most importantly: Henry had made sure their first time was more about her own enjoyment rather than his own.

So now she was willing to thank him and give it back.

”Yes. Do you...not want it?” Min asked as she sat on the edge of the bed, looking up at Henry with doe eyes. ”I want...to make you...happy.”

“No, I definitely want it, trust me. I just wanted to make sure that like, you wanted to do it? Because I know you’re new to this kind of thing and I don’t want to overwhelm you night one, I guess?” As Henry spoke, he took his shoes off, and got on the opposite corner of the bed, before he laid his body out, resting his head on her lap, and looking up at her. “Don’t want to go too fast, and ruin it before we even get that far,” he explained, gazing up at her.

Henry was being careful, moreso than he normally was, but honest? This was the first time he’d ever been in something that was defined by both parties as a ‘relationship,’ and ruining it on the first night wasn’t going to be their relationship. “It’ll make me more than happy, it’ll make me ecstatic. Like, a dream come true almost.” He said, reaching up to play with her hair. He wasn’t lying, either. Every guy loved a blowjob. Anyone who said otherwise? He was lying.

”Yes, I want to...do it..” There wasn’t hesitation or uncertainty in her voice, just the stilted delivery of someone who was learning the language but still wanting to sound sure and confident. Her hand was gently stroking Henry’s hair like he was a cute dog in her lap. This was what Min wanted to do. It was the least she could do, and if she was going to be a good girlfriend she was going to have to get used to stuff like this. And she wanted to be the best possible girlfriend she could be.

”But...I have...question.” Min-seo was going to have to bring it up sooner or later and now seemed like the best time given that their clothes were still on. ”Can you...picture?” Min-seo thought it best to make it seem like all her idea. It was easier than saying her best friend wanted to see it too, though having pictures of the event was kind of enticing in its own way. A reminder that she would always have with her.

Henry didn’t fully understand what she meant by that. Could he take a picture? Sure, he could. He assumed it was something like the two of them together, maybe for her Instagram or Snapchat story or something. Some kind of social media thing, girls had a hard on for that type of thing. “Yeah, I can take a picture. What of? Like a selfie with us?” That was the only possible answer Henry could see. There was no way that sweet, pure, innocent and virginal little Min-seo would want a picture of anything else.

Right? No way she wanted like, lewd pictures. That’d be wild! Not that Henry would mind, he had every reason to be confident in his naked body. He just couldn’t see that being realistically what Min wanted a picture of. What would she even do with it? Maybe them together would be different, but that would be an even weirder request, because that’d bring her into the picture and she was just too shy for that kind of thing. Which, really, was kind of a shame.

There was a misunderstanding and Min could only let out an awkward titter, the kind of laugh that one gave when they were caught in a little lie. Min wasn’t lying, unless it was by omission, but she still didn’t quite know how to explain without going into specifics. How would Henry react knowing that Min-seo’s friend wanted to see, well...much more than most people probably would. While a selfie would be nice to mark the occasion, it hadn’t been exactly what Min-seo requested.

”Selfie is...okay..but...I mean…” Min was getting flustered even considering asking. Was it a normal thing for a couple to do? ”Of us..of...me...giving...blowjob.” Min-seo looked as if she had committed some crime as she asked the question and was now awaiting judgment from the executor.

Henry’s eyebrows shot up. Huh. So that was what she wanted! Henry wasn’t about to say no, but he was definitely surprised. “Not really what I expected! But yeah, totally. We can even take a video, if you want. I’m into it.” Probably more than he should be, but hey. If his girlfriend actually wanted pictures of his dick in her phone, then he wasn’t about to disappoint her. “Are you gonna just look at them? That’s kinda hot.”

Henry grinned and sat up right, before sliding across the bed so they were close to each other. He leaned across and kissed her cheek. “Here, let me see your phone. I’ll take them for you. How many do you want?”

”Yes...look at them.” She nodded with the relief that Henry didn’t think the request was weird. Maybe it really was a normal thing for couples to do; all Min knew was that yet again Kit was proving to be correct in the things she talked about. ”She said...before...during and...after.” Min had meant to be thinking to herself but she had been thinking aloud without realizing it herself.

”Three. But...but video is...good too.” Min-seo unlocked her phone and handed it over to Henry. The wallpaper was of a group of ducklings that looked like a picture taken by Min herself. ”It is...your choice.”

Luckily for Min, it seemed Henry’s mind was elsewhere after she handed him the phone, and it seemed he hadn’t caught her slip up. He did, however catch her request for three pictures, as well as mentioning that a video was good too. “Three pictures… okay, I can do that.” With that, he looked down at her phone, smiling as he looked at the wallpaper, “hey, this is a cute picture. Where did you take it?” He asked, before he pulled up the camera app and threw an arm around Min’s shoulder, pulling her close and leaning over so their heads were touching.

“Here, smile for the camera.” His finger hit the facecam button, and suddenly they were staring back at the pair of them on the phone screen. “Make sure it’s good. This one will be my wallpaper.” He explained, nuzzling his cheek against hers before putting a smile on.

The picture on her home screen was one she was very proud of. It was a matter of Min-seo being in the right place at the right time on an otherwise rainy, dreary day. The ducklings were splashing in a puddle on the sidewalk and Min-seo dropped her shopping back to capture the picture. She would’ve tried to hold one of them if the honking didn’t turn a bit aggressive when she approached. Still, the picture was worth it.

”Seoul. A few months last.” Min-seo was smiling at the memory, smiling well enough for the perfect couples selfie. Min put up a V with her fingers and leaned close against Henry. If there was one thing that would make her happier than cute ducklings, it was the selfie.

Henry clicked the picture and it saved on her phone, before he opened their text message, and sent it to himself. After snapping the photo, he pulled it up to look at it. “Hey, we look pretty good together, don’t we? Nice.” He switched back to the camera, and turned, kissing her cheek as he snapped another picture. “There. That one’s for your wallpaper,” Henry smiled at her, before slipping the phone into his pocket.

“Okay. Three pictures and a video. I can do that.” He stood off of the bed, and reached down to his belt, undoing it and sliding it off. “Uh, you can get a pillow to kneel on if you want, it’ll make it easier on your knees. You don’t want carpet burn, or anything like that, y’know?” He asked, tossing his belt toward the pillows to bring her attention to them.

Just when Min was going to ask for a copy - before remembering that it was taken on her phone, Henry surprised her with a kiss to the cheek; it didn’t dampen her smile, but it did add a splash of color to her cheek. A good photo, and definitely worthy to be what she saw whenever she used her phone. The duck memory and the selfies almost had her forgetting why they had come back to the room, but Henry was quick to remind her.

She looked to the pillows and down to the floor; carpet burn didn’t sound like a good time so she was quick to scamper towards a pillow and grab the fluffiest one she could. She set the pillow on the carpet and lowered herself onto it, her knees and legs feeling a bit weird at first but she was able to find comfort in the kneel. ”You will...be happy.”


Back at the speech area, now standing on her own two feet, and still hanging out with Sam, Kit looked down at her phone which buzzed with a picture. She looked down at it and got excited when she realized it was from Min. She pulled the pictures up into full screen and her eyes went wide. “Whoa…” She tapped Sam on the… well, the stomach, because that was all she could reach, and held the phone out. “Hey, are they supposed to be that big?”

Now that the speech was over and her karaoke performance was too good to top, Sam was considering bouncing for the night and heading back to get sleep or watch Enter the Dragon again before crashing out. What else was there to do? The food was probably all gone, the kegs tapped, and it wasn’t like she had any desire to dance or screw. Hell, she’d already basically made out with someone and got a handful of ass which put her above some others for sure. Her contemplation was broken when Kit demanded her attention and practically thrust a phone right in Sam’s field of vision.

”What the fuck, dude, why do you have some dude’s dick on your phone?” Sam couldn’t exactly not look given how sudden it was. ”Do I look like a dick expert?”

“...dude, kind of.”

“Yeah, whatever, it’s big, congrats on having a big dick boyfriend, Kit.”

Kit looked up at Sam, and retracted her phone from Sam’s vision, looking down at the photos. So it was big, huh? Nice. At her last statement though, Kit shook her head, “What? No. I don’t have a boyfriend! That’s Min’s boyfriend! It’s Henry’s dick, dude.” Like Kit could ever have a boyfriend.

”What the fuck, dude?” Sam sounded genuinely off put by this new revelation, like she had just walked in on her parents having sex or something equally as foul to think about. On the list of things she never wanted to see ‘Henry Green’s dick’ was somewhere near the top. ”Why do you have a picture of someone else’s boyfriend’s dick? You know what, I don’t care, dude.” Sam Lassiter was so done with this party. Now more than ever she was convinced the best thing to do was to leave and not look back.

Because if she did, she would just remember the unwanted dick in her face.

“Dude, it’s for science!”
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Featuring: Zachary “I’m Not Crushing!” Webb and D. “Yes You Are” .B.
Location: By the speech area

Man, he was kind of cringey.

All Zach could do was think back to that awkward first impression he’d made on on the tall, beautiful, long legged girl from the karaoke room with the jeans that were very filled out by something that Zach had caught only a fleeting glimpse of. He should have stared, it might have been worth it! But she did have that Combat Club jacket on, which really only meant that he would have gotten his ass handed to him if he’d stared, either by her or by, like, her boyfriend, or something.

Zach had done that stupid forced laugh to defuse a situation that wasn’t even fused, then drank a cup of gross, foamy beer. Even worse than that, he’d spilled his nachos! This party had turned out to suck ass. He’d gathered a second plate of nachos, dumped seasonings on them, and made his way to the stage to watch the speech. In the crowd, he’d seen Sam towering over everyone else, but she had someone on her shoulders, and Zach vaguely remembered the smaller girl singing with Sam before he’d left. They were probably friends or something more, and he didn’t want to interfere with that.

Plus, he was kinda scared.

So he’d watched the speech in silence, eating nachos. It had been… an experience, to say the least. He’d never seen an Elite speech before, and had really been expecting more, but hey. It was still kinda cool; Henry Green had a way with words and he got his point across. He mentioned someone at the end that Zachary had never heard of, though.

“What’s a Yung Steve?” He asked a nearby person, who just laughed in response. Shortly after that, the fireworks went off, and Zach was wide-eyed the whole time. “That was totally wicked!” He said, this time to no one in particular. He glanced around the area, and saw someone with a camera.

Maybe they recorded the show, and he could rewatch it! He strolled over to the girl holding the camera, and tapped her on the shoulder, “hey, I’m Zachary. Did you record the fireworks? I’d like to rewatch it, if you did.”

Divya was so glad that her camera didn’t explode or something. That had been the real highlight of the night.What a trooper this camera was, having survived being accosted, falling onto a gas station floor, Divya’s own clumsy hands, and yet it was still able to record when it turned on. Of course, she really wanted to upgrade but that was currently a bit above her minimum wage paygrade. All she wanted for Christmas was a new camera but instead she got clothes and some movies which wasn’t all that bad. If only the gas station had Christmas bonuses.

Despite her sometimes malfunctioning hardware, Divya had managed to record most of her adventure on the boat without much in the way of issue. It would definitely make for some interesting footage when it was edited together - something to play when this year’s class graduated or something. A snicker danced in her mind as she thought of the opportunity to show an image of some of the students who had flashed the camera in their drunken state as they walked on stage at graduation. That would be hilarious! And also likely some kind of offense. Maybe not, then.

Ultimately, Divya was just glad the camera worked well enough to record the speech and subsequent fireworks display. Divya, knowing how to frame a shot like any budding director or director of photography, stood further back and shot from a low angle. This served two purposes: it got the full amount of fireworks in frame and it also allowed the real fireworks to remain in the center of the picture, backlit by explosions. A kiss like that was Casablanca territory. That was The Notebook territory. Hell it was Spider-Man upside down in the rain territory. And Divya got it all on film. Throw some royalty free music on there and soon the whole world would see what love looked like.

Divya, who was going over the footage, looked up when her shoulder was tapped and nearly tripped backwards in surprise. Someone was talking to her? That never happened. Someone wanted to look at what she shot? The double never happened! ”Yes!” She replied with a bit of a high pitched shriek of both excitement and surprise, and upon realizing this she cleared her throat with a fake cough. ”I mean, yeah, yeah I filmed it. Don’t know how much of the fireworks you’ll get to see but here.”

Divya held the camera up for both of them to watch, forwarding to the fireworks and on the two lovebirds kissing beneath them.

Holy crap, this girl was really excited for him to watch her recording. Was she weird? With only seconds to think about it, Zach decided that yes. She probably was. Why else would she freak out like that? He just smiled and nodded as she pulled the video up for them to watch. That fireworks display was awesome! He couldn’t wait to watch it again!

After it ended, Zach was quiet at first, glancing at Divya, then back at the camera. Well, that was kind of a bummer. He’d hoped to see more of the fireworks, and less of the happy couple making out… “I mean, thanks. But don’t you think you should have probably focused more on fireworks? Like more than Henry and that girl.” He frowned and folded his arms over his chest, thinking about it some more. “I mean, I guess it’s a nice video, and I’m sure they’d like to have a couple, but…”

It was hard for Zach to put what he was thinking in words without seeming offensive, so he was being careful about what he said. After all, his goal wasn’t to like, kill her night or anything. He just wanted to watch fireworks, and he thought other people would too! “It’s like you’re filming a romance movie? Aren’t you just filming fireworks? Or are you gonna put cheesy music over this and try to get it, like, on the morning show? ...hey, what all have you recorded tonight? Dude, maybe you could make like a little montage of the night. That’d be sick!”

Oh no. Divya was dealing with a plebeian. She couldn’t expect everyone to understand the subtle art that was filmmaking but she at least had the confidence to think that shooting more than just fireworks would be the obvious choice for anyone with a camera. Fireworks were a dime a dozen, but with the human element it turns spectacle into an Academy Award. If this kid wanted to watch fireworks he could go buy some and set them off himself! So few people, even among those in the Broadcasting Club, had a real eye for the frame. A camera was more than just something to record memories. It was an easel on which art was painted.

”The fireworks weren’t the point. You don’t ever get to see that in high school. You know, love. I wasn’t looking for a romance movie but that’s what I shot. You probably want to see the breasts or something.” Such a plebeian indeed. She figured mentioning the drunken antics would be what he was after, like so many who couldn’t sit through a genuine moment in a movie unless there was some sex around the corner.

”I’ve filmed a bunch of stuff tonight. Mostly students a bit drunk and saying or showing things that are a bit R-Rated. But also the speech, the fireworks, this totally awesome karaoke with like this statuesque girl and this shorter one and I’m pretty sure they made out. They’re probably dating or something, I dunno. I heard there was a poker or blackjack game but I didn’t get that. I would’ve liked to but I came late. Because of my dad.”

Divya was rambling. She had to work on that.

“The tall girl was Sam… You think they’re dating? That sucks.” Zach sighed, and then blinked as he realized what he’d said, and quickly backtracked, “wait, not what I meant. If they’re dating then that’s good for them, y’know? But, uhm… wait, I don’t wanna see breasts! I just wanted to see the fireworks, that’s al. You have to go to Disneyland to see them!” He shook his head and waved his hand to dismiss her complaints.

“Like I said, I’m sure they’ll like it if you show it to them. And it’s really good! Just not what I wanted to see… You recorded all that stuff? What else are you gonna record? I was kind of late too. I think I was like one of the last people on the boat.” If he had missed it, that would have sucked; at least mostly. To some degree, not going to the party would have been better for him, because he would have been sitting in the safety of his bedroom, and playing games and eating chips. He wouldn’t have embarrassed himself. “I really think you should make a recap video. You can make Riley post it on the morning show tomorrow, that’d be cool. Like, sorta for the news? Is this party newsworthy?”

Divya wasn’t about to let a little detail like that slip by. One of her biggest hobbies was looking for continuity errors in movies and she was very, very good at that. It wasn’t the sound of homophobia that brought about the initial reaction of ‘that sucks’ and to that Divya snapped her fingers and turned to look the guy in the eye. ”Oh my God you’ve got a crush on her, don’t you! She’s like, way out of your league. I mean you’re, like...Ant-Man and she’s like...Wonder Woman.”

Divya looked through some of her footage, finding the karaoke performance - which she recorded while standing on a chair - and paused on a shot of Sam smiling in the center of stage, just before she was about to belt out into the second part of the song. Divya practically shoved the camera in front of Zach as if she was taunting him with the mere existence of Sam. ”If you ask real nicely I’ll save you a copy of her performance before I edit all the footage for tomorrow’s announcements. I’ll also accept five dollars for it.”

Zach looked down at the offered video and shook his head, “No, I don’t want to pay for that. That’s weird. I could just go talk to her if I wanted to see her more.” He shot an angry (which for him was more like a mad puppy dog) look toward Divya, “I’m not Ant-Man! Even if I was, Ant-Man is cool. He and Wonder Woman aren’t even from the same universe….” This girl was just taking shot after shot after shot, man.

“I don’t have a crush on her either! I don’t even know her, she just has a big butt.” Zach said defensively, pushing the camera away from him. “I don’t want to watch her make out with someone that’s not her girlfriend.” He was all but blatantly saying ‘because I want to make out with her.’

”You don’t have a crush on her but you looked at her butt?” Divya’s bullshit meter was flying off the charts with each passing moment. It would have been adorable if it wasn’t kind of sad. But Divya understood. Sometimes it was hard to muster up the courage to talk to someone, especially if you were fond of their big butt. A hell of an idea came to Divya’s mind and with it another snap of her fingers. Suddenly the camera that had been showing Sam on stage was now turned around and pointing directly at Zach. Divya took a few steps back and angled the view so Zach was centered.

”Tell me about Sam. No, wait. Tell me about your party experience.” Divya had an idea and while she might not have exactly gotten Zach’s permission, where was the harm in a little video confession? She had a hunch that this idea would be good in the long run.

“Of course I looked at her butt, it’s like a habit.” Zach protested, as if that gave him any legs to stand on. Even worse, it was now on camera. He was kind of taken aback when she asked him to tell her about his party experience. It wasn’t interesting, really. “Uh… well, I showed up here late, and I signed the guest book and ran up the bridge. Then, because I don’t really know anyone here outside of my friend group, I sorta kept to myself?” Zach found himself having trouble collecting exact memories of the party, even though it’d just been a few hours since he’d arrived.

“I went to the food court and got some food and just wandered around while people watching. Then, I went to the karaoke room; this was probably my biggest mistake, because it was there that I bumped into Sam. Like, literally. Physically bumped into her, and I spilled my nachos and her bear all over her, then I…” Here, Zach physically cringed and sighed, “I forced myself to laugh because she was hot so I figured she’d be mean and I thought it’d defuse the situation? Didn’t work. In fact, it made it worse because it made me look like some kind of autismo child from the internet.” Zach made a face.

“Anyway, she wasn’t that upset, and asked me to go get a beer, so I did. Then I came back and she told me I had to down it all in one go so I did, and it turns out beer kinda tastes like piss. Then I watched the speech and the fireworks and here we are.”

Divya zoomed in when the recap turned to Sam. Even if it was relatively brief it was still worth capturing. Zach might not have noticed, but Divya had an eye for detail. It was subtle, but the memories that were clearest in Zach’s retelling were the memories involving Sam. ”If you could make a second impression to Sam, what would you do differently? What would you say?”

This was good material. It might not have been the most exciting, but raw, genuine emotion was hard enough even with the best actors. Getting Zach to talk about Sam? That was genuine, no matter how badly he denied not having a crush.

“I mean, for one I wouldn’t do that stupid laugh thing again. That was the worst first impression possible, don’t you think? If I didn’t stand a chance before, now the only thing I stand a chance at is her never wanting to see me again.” Zach looked down at his feet for a second, before he looked up with a suddenly bright smile on his face, “oh yeah, I forgot one important piece: she booped my nose. It was cute.” Then he went back to thinking, having to focus on what exactly he would say differently.

“Well, I’d try not to stutter so much. It was embarrassing, I just kept repeating the same thing… I could have done a whole lot of things differently. I could have not said ‘uh’ so much. I got embarrassed and shy and nervous. A terrible combination. Don’t know why it’s not happening now, must be the beer.”

Divya looked up from behind the camera with a sheepish grin. If Zach really didn’t have a crush, why would he be so hung up over being embarrassed? He didn’t exactly seem nervous now so it wasn’t like talking to girls made him nervous and yet Sam had made him so. Somehow she didn’t think it was just because Sam was tall and kind of intimidating at a glance. Someone that could sing Meatloaf was not someone that was going to walk around like some kind of high school big shot bully.

But the most damning evidence was the fact that he said something Sam did was cute. Zach was undergoing a variety of feelings and this was just the recounting of the events. Despite his claims, Divya had video proof of a literal high school crush. And now she had a new sort of goal in mind. ”It’s not the beer. Don’t worry, guy. Your secret’s safe with me. But you know what you need? Female insight. I accept. I love a good romance story. Promise me when you talk to her again I can film you afterwards. You ever see a reality show? Think of it like that. What do you say?”

She wanted to give him insight? Well, she wasn’t exactly wrong. If he was going to try to get Sam to like him, then he’d probably need all the help he could possibly get. “I probably won’t talk to her again, but… sure I guess.” Zach shook his head, but stuck his hand out to her for shaking. “What’s your name, anyway?”

”Divya Bajwa. D.B. is fine. Div if you want.” Divya accepted the handshake with a firm grip of her own. She was in. Just when she was running out of things to record; her life just wasn’t that interesting anymore. But a true to life high school romance? They still made movies about that. Plus, maybe it was time for her to use her camera for good instead of making home movies with her old action figures. ”Trust me, if you talk to her with even half the passion you just showed me, you’ll be able to do more than just stare at her ass like some kinda creep.”

This was going to be fun. Not more fun than gas station burritos, but still fun.

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