Quick note, I’m looking for people who can commit to hard work and a strict post order, this is a complicated RP and to keep it running I need players who can commit time. If this isn’t you please feel free to listen, but keep this in mind.

United Earth space dock,

The first fleet has finally been built, the ships are floating over the planet preparing to move out. But now for a fleet required history lesson, it was 2075 exactly 100 years ago when the Drimyr attempted to invade, they appeared out of nowhere, but admittedly we were not prepared, we didn’t even know that other life existed, till a space telescope spotted an odd formation drawing closer. We didn’t know that this… thing...was alive, but it was. Their fleet had surrounded the planet, we couldn’t do anything till they hit our atmosphere, and by that point it was already too late for millions, it was a bloody engagement, but the skill of our pilots shone through. The enemy retreated, but now we have a fleet and we are ready for a revenge 100 years in the making.
*Propaganda film ends with the first fleet logo*
The, fleet commander, group commanders, squadron leads, and pilots. It is your job to achieve this victory, be the spearhead, and bring this Cold War to the Drimyr’s door. Remember the first

Extra details

The idea of this RP is a battle group, less player interaction and more chain of command, interpretation of orders, and teamwork. Roles; Fleet Commander(one person, in charge of the overall tactics and orders, needs to be the most committed), Group commanders (In command of 10 squadrons of fighters, and 2 cruisers), and Squadron leaders(In charge of formations and tactics of the individual members of the squadron), (Possibly also pilots, but I would assume not)
To start I want at least one confirmed of each but after that you can take any empty role. Also this will be in part on discord
Now go enlist in the growing fleet, and write your interest below.