Gonna try this again! For now, can only manage 1x1 or a small group. Hoping for romance here, too, haha:

Since time immemorial, each world has had its own champion, selected by fate, by gods or some other otherworldly force. On our Earth, we see them in our myths and legends, though we have relegated them to stories and fables, believing them to be figments of ancient imagination. In other worlds, they know, even revere, these champions. The Seers who appoint them call them Paladins.

The Paladins could guess, but ultimately only the Seers really know what purpose is fulfilled when they select a Paladin for each world. When a Seer appears, they take the shape and form that makes the most sense to whoever could see them. Someone from Earth might see an androgynous person, garbed like a prophet. Someone from another world would see something else. Upon the Paladin they would bestow a Ring--some would call it magic, others would call it the ultimate feat of science--that would allow them to pierce the veil between worlds and amplify whatever latent magic or mutant ability they have. There is talk that if each world is an alternate version of another, variations stretching to infinity, then the Paladins may be the same, different bodies and faces soul-bound to each other. They also whisper that the Seers could see the possibilities of futures branching out before them, and their selections have to do with trying to determine the best possible future of one world or many worlds.

One such world is Amria, a world inhabited by humans who age slowly. Magic exists in limited capacity here, with many of their magical beings having left, disappeared, died, or hunted to extinction. Communities of "Off-Worlders" also exist; now and then, people from other worlds would end up here and be stuck here. The ruling empire is led by the line of royals called Wyverns. The current Empress, Akire, was thrust into the role when her parents and many of her family had been killed by a cataclysm called the Black Storm. Many suspect the freak Storm was created by accident when blood-mages, practicing a forbidden ritual for opening a portal. At a young age, the Empress had had to contend with putting duty over her own interests, a constant struggle made more difficult when, years later, she was visited by a Seer and given a Paladin Ring. Through this Ring she found out that the legend about her bloodline was true: the long-dormant dragonblood in her awoke, giving her superhuman strength, faster healing, and some instinct for detecting magical forces around her.

On a totally different world, a world much like Earth but plagued by dimensional rifts, a young Earth woman named Akira was born with the strange awareness that the multiverse exists. To prevent hunters from killing her for some nefarious purpose, Akire rescued Akira from this world to live with her in Amria. Later on, a Seer reveals that she, too, has the makings of a Paladin and gives her her own Ring. The Ring gave her ferrokinesis, power over metal, and with the Seer's revelation confirming what the two women had suspected: that, somehow, they might be soul-bound, two versions of each other. Though she has come to regard Akire and her family as friends and her new family, she is always yearning for the normalcy that had been taken from her at a young age, and her beliefs and moral compass would sometimes clash strongly with the equally headstrong Akire, who was trained to be a warrior and to do whatever it took to be the protector of her empire and family.

As Paladins, they would look at magic-related threats in Amria, or are sometimes given quests or missions by the Seers that would take them to other worlds. You are free to build on a world and character either of them could visit, and you're welcome to collaborate with me on a plot. We could set the story on an Earth variant with an urban fantasy or sci fi slant, or set it in Amria or a more medieval fantasy setting. Your character could either be a native of the world who would help them in their quest or help them understand what is wrong in their world, or your character could possibly be another Paladin. As said previously, in some worlds (like Earth), Paladins are legend or don't seem to exist anymore, while in others the inhabitants are more aware of their existence (they don't necessarily have to always like the Paladins, haha.) Someone mentioned to me before that the concept sounds similar to the Green Lantern comic books, and to a certain extent that is true, though the Paladins aren't really organized into a peacekeeping corps in the way the Lanterns are.