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Location: Mountain track, old lumber mill

Interaction: Joel @Pilatus

Mentions: Crew

Siobhan lets Joel take her hand and put it on his stomach. The rumble made her look up at him with a grin as she said that he was so hungry that he didn’t care what it was. She was going to step closer but as she thought that she and Joel saw a the crew doing their best to look like meerkats. She laughed as he said that he hoped that she’d made enough for the whole class.

Siobhan nodded. “Beef stew and Irish soda bread. Of course I made enough for everyone. I’m surprised you didn’t see all the meat, potatoes, carrots, celery, turnips, and whole assortment of spices. Or were you too busy staring at my ass?”

She looked over at everyone else. “Yes there is more than enough for everyone. I cooked so one of you does the dishes though.” She mock glared at them then grinned as they all grinned and took off for the food.

After the meal the table had been wiped down and when everyone was satisfied with the cleanliness of the place. Joel was sitting on the couch Siobhan cuddled against him and half asleep. The warmth of the room combined with the steady heartbeat she could feel and the full belly lulled Siobhan to a half awake state.
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Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Luna sports to Club Eather ruins . Finale day!

Victoria was a alittle... Well she walked into a empty restaurant and managed to get service, almost like having a whole place to herself and more. This certainly was a intresting experience! Certainly a fun tale to tell, little but little things made life worth it. Leaning her cane against the barstool she very carefully pushed herself up, not quite trusting her balence to betray her entirely. A alittle shakey but she was better than before, so even if stuck half way, it beat the starting point. "Very chilly, vi just glad vou let me stay. I saw the club, blown up, see if it vas true. Only there a few nights ago...only just got unbanned too... Zw owner must have not made friends in wrong places.

Tea would be lovely, vood, food. please. If its not a hastle. "
rubbing her pale hands slightly and unbuttoning a warm coat partly, her figure was always somewhat scarily thin thiugh she never really managed to out much weight on. Ernough to be mostly healthy anyway. Tea... How the cold made a simple cup of tea a blessing. "Thankyou, vou have won a customer!"

Tapping away on her phone, luckily thr connection had rebooted quicker than expected and was securing itself, mutating the codes to better confuse a attacker. Cerberous took so much effort to create for a reason but some days it really paid off. The report suggested who ever attacked...was a real pro. They came in, took what they wnated and left leaving and skirting round the heavier and nastier defences, traps and alarms. But that meant you knew what you where after! How... That was a bloody fucking mystery!


<Milady>Moscow. Remember the dawn.

<Cardinal>And Dusks secrets remain.

<Milady>Well that was intresting... Someone was a pro. My defenses are not exactly light. Damage report your eminence? Old friend tirned foe?

<Cardinal>Be careful V, a muscateer? Nare.. Athos was dark but he was more intrested in banks. Buckingham got caught when he lost focus and went zealot. Even Kitty... She was dark but she... She was more dramatic. Never without a full cast and orchestra. Unknown... And more scary.

<Milady>You knew them longer. I left early, not work against motherland. I almost wish.... Least I knew there old tells.. News broke, no hiding it... Fuck. If I knew who...

<Cardinal>Not lost your touch... I should know. You always where passionate underneath.

<Milady>Hey! OK... Enjoy... most Youl get right now. Fuck, well that was the point eh... Not going public... Whoever did this is not a enemy I want. Definitely keep clear.

<Cardinal>Black hair suits you V. Il not forget you in a hurry. Agreed... Watch. Wait. Yes, just use to to keep safe and out of the storms path.

Cardinal out.


Closing her phone as the hot towel arrived that was a very pleasant suprise, tea coming, warm hands, well he certainly knew what she needed even before she did! Her brief chat, well that was clear, someone had eyes, ans eyes normally attached to bodies.... A body she rather avoid. A old memory, little codes and events. It definitely was them. No one had piggy backed this time and pretended to be the other. Still, Victoria was rather both concerned and anagred by the breach of her most private moments to the world, who... Who could possibly gain from that information!

Turning her thoughts back to the real world, Victoria looking welcoming and gave a sigh feeling the warmth return to her hands slowly but steadily and regaining a alittle of there colour, pale.. But she never would be exactly calafornia glow. "Thankyou, ahh. Varmth. Oh. Sorry, my name is Victoria, my manners much have frozen up as much as my hands.

Umm, well. But please, keep it quiet, I Vound out in a too public way... Probbly should, um... Little tiny feet on the way. I vend to Google ahead to avoid telling."
A little bit more quietly, she had to admit that for sheer safety on food choices, and Google normally told her what was safe and what to avoid. Google was a good friend. Tensing a fraction she suppressed a tell tale reaction and shifted slightly on her seat, legs dangling off the floor. "Vy Doctor probbly not need know I got chilled. I would take care today, I hav a bad feeling about this day, vit is not over, just a opening scene."

A little warning, it was only fair, this day made her have some very strange feelings, like somthing was about to happen. Call it a 6th sense about things, her gut feeling. Sadly normaly her feelings where pretty Acurate about these things somehow. "This will least be a new story, trouble Magenets, my family be. Might distract them from the other stuff for few minutes atleast! "

Meanwhile a long way across the sea, a family gathered round the living room table with cups of tea and a laptop showing some rather intresting news footage.

There kids really really had inherited Maria's and Marla,s talent for trouble. Well related to Maria, Hopefully Marla son and to be kid skipped a generation on that front!

Things where... Difficult. The footage was acquired illegally but legal boundaries across multiple nations and two continents with several diffrent laws including the rather Liberal Europeans... The lawyers where at a loss.

At a shipyard far far away in another land, cranes lowered a large covered multi ton module onto the deck, mounts, sparks and the busy fabricators refitting thr ship for its next voyage. Engineers where busy, welders and fabricators for thry had little time.

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@PrinceAlexus Interacting with Vika, having a nice midday meal~

He chuckled. "No miss. Your secret is safe with me." Giving her a small nod as he disappeared back into the kitchen. This has turned out to be quite an interesting morning. His prep work is done, there is nothing else really to do until about three pm anyways. The water was now at the perfect temperature for matcha. Spooning some matcha powder into a fine mesh sieve, he set the sieve over a plain, but quite pretty, cup. Taking the kettle of water that is just under a boil, he poured it over the sieved powder. As soon as there was some water in the cup, he began vigorously whisking it, making it a thick, frothy, paste. To that, he added more water to get it down to a acceptable consistency. Bringing the cup out, he spoke again to Victoria, softly, "Here you go miss, hot matcha." He sets the cup down, and retrieved the hot towel and returned to the back of the kitchen.

Without much of a word, he began cutting up some sweet potatoes, zucchinis, taro, and daikon. With the daikon, he shaved it into thin strips with a vegetable peeler. Cutting the strips even smaller, he dropped them into a small bowl and added mirin, rice vinegar, sugar and some chili flakes. Giving the bowl a gentle toss, he set it aside to marinade while he prepared the rest of the items. Using the rest of the water from the hot kettle, he prepared a steam bath. Topping the wok with more water, he waited for the liquid to boil. While that was happening, he cut the taro into bite sized cubes along with the sweet potatoes. Filling a ceramic bowl, he placed the two root vegetables into the steamer and let them cook as needed. Meanwhile, the zucchinis were getting cut in a similar fashion as the daikon. They were dressed with some light soy sauce, a small drizzle of toasted sesame oil and a tiny sprinkle of sugar to round out the taste. Giving the zucchinis a moment to rest, he retrieved the preserved daikon and drained them of their excess liquid before tossing them together with the zucchinis. Giving the dish a taste, he was quite happy with how it turned out "Might have to add that to the menu next time..." He thought to himself. Stepping away for a moment, he checked on the steamed root vegetables. Noticing that they were done, he took them out, mashed them together, give it a simple seasoning of sea salt and a sprinkle of sugar and mixing a tablespoon each of butter and cream into it to give it a more luscious body. Filling a bowl with the mashed root vegetable, he set the bowl on a serving tray, placing a bowl of the 'salad' he had made previously next to it, he went to fill another bowl with the kombu and bonito broth he has been cooking since about five am and dropped a dollop of red miso paste into it along with some small cubes of tofu, making a quick miso soup. Adding the final touch of sprinkling some sesame seeds on the 'salad' he deemed the impromptu meal complete and returned to the front of the house and set the tray down in front of Victoria.

"Alright, what you have here is a simple root vegetable mash, made with sweet potatoes and taro. A quick salad made with pickled daikon and zucchinis, served with a sesame-soy dressing. And a quick miso soup. Enjoy." He said with a soft smile and small gesture towards the silverware that sat next to the tray.
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Paige Kennedy

Paige wasn’t entirely sure why she was headed to the Luna Sports Facility other than when she heard it on the scanner earlier next to Club Aether, her instincts simply told her GO and her gut feeling seldom ever let her down. The small light bar on the dash of her BMW scattered the traffic for the most part and she made it to the expansive parking lot of LSF only catching a few glimpses of the smoking MODUS building along the way. Elvin was dead and his office was on fire, but it would have to be dealt with later. Sol City Fire & Rescue wouldn’t be letting anyone near an active blaze. Her frustration mounted. The whole morning felt like they had been set completely back to zero and she gritted her teeth furiously at the thought. Nothing Shannon said had been true, but the fact that CT had unknowingly seemed to verify it was even more unsettling. She stopped to text Milo where she was and flung the door open letting the heat of the interior clash against the cool morning again.

Staring at the massive facility, she stopped in her tracks momentarily before closing the door. The parking lot was still mostly full and people were chatting outside, coming and going, even making light of the situation. In spite of the morning she was having, it was interesting to remember that to the average citizen, things still weren’t that off-kilter: There was a fire in a high-rise and an unfortunate gas ignition at The Run had exploded overnight. Fires happened and gas exploded- Power outages happened. It was still Friday and people were glad for the weekend, everything else be damned. Paige glanced back inside the car at her gym bag and then back towards the entrance. Her instincts again tickled at her subconscious. The bright yellow lettering on her blue Marshal’s jacket would make her arrival evident along with her standard brash entrance. Her lips twitched in consideration, playing out the possibilities in her head before she tossed her jacket in the trunk, tucked her gun and badge in her gym bag and set off.

Not wanting to go through the main entryway, she found what she was looking for in a local contractor working to restore the outage. A service-van was parked on the curb outside an emergency exit and the technician had propped open the door with a cone saving the trouble of having to continually unlock the mechanical handle. Her intuition was forming a clearer picture and she was sure she was being followed as she swiftly ducked through the open door unseen.

The corridor inside was dimly lit in a blue-gray wash of light from backup power. Still, she could hear the sound of conversation from the lobby echoing through the walls. The area she entered was not a part of the regular facility, but reserved for the professional sports teams. She crept carefully along the wall passing various posters and placards displaying the Sol City Angels football team that she so loathed until she found a women’s restroom and checked over her shoulder before going inside using the light of her cellphone.

Reemerging a few moments later Paige’s glance was partially concealed under the brim of a weathered Florida baseball cap. The rest of her ensemble blended in nicely with those congregating in the lobby: A black form-fitting tank top, some olive drab shorts and high-socks that matched the hat with black sneakers. She ran a hand through her ponytail tucked through the cap and put her phone against her face as she walked though there was no call on the line. The lobby was in a fairly jovial attitude, much like the outside and with the power outage the smoothie bar was giving away the entire stock for free before it spoiled. With the outage it seemed the management hadn’t even attempted to vacate the building, but were merely just trying to wait it out like everyone else. Scanning, she walked on between small gatherings and others making calls or simply hanging out. The sound of free-weights clanging from the gym amidst more chatter could even be heard with the regular ambient music silenced. The great skylights of the lobby made visibility at least somewhat workable though the realization that was catching up with her finally brought her to a stop and she leaned against the wall dropping her bag and sliding down to the floor.

The trail was cold…

She didn’t know what or who she was looking for and felt stupid for changing her clothes just to blend into the crowd. Her senses felt scrambled, like a bloodhound that had lost the scent and she felt it was the fact that she didn't know what do that she was really running from and not some unknown pursuer. There were no leads and nowhere to go. While she sat alone watching everyone moving about so careless and oblivious, Nikki and his thugs were likely laughing at the whole Marshal Service operation and her especially. It was supposed to be her big opportunity, her big score and instead the whole day had been a complete disaster just like everyone else that attempted to tackle the Giancana file. She felt exactly as she had when they told her she was being reassigned from Delta to Sol City: Completely Defeated. She hung her head. Goddamnit Paige, you fucking dumbass. She thought. Her mind was blank as she stared ahead at the carpet, cursing herself silently. Different faces passed through her mind: Milo, Sio, her fellow Marshals- She didn’t want to show her face back at the office and she thought about how the others would view her failure. No one would say anything openly, but it would just be there like a wet blanket on her career right next to being transferred from her home and in the din of a moment she hated herself. An image of her father drifted behind her eyes and as she thought about him, did something she hadn’t done in years.

She prayed.

It wasn’t anything reverent or even particularly spiritual, but it felt right and she knew her dad would be glad she had done it. She sat alone watching, thinking about how she could possibly make a living as a private investigator when her phone blinked with a new message on the floor next to her. Thinking it was likely Milo, she swiped her thumb.
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Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

A restaurant that should not be open! . Finale day!

Victoria turned slightly to notice the smell of tea, and soon felt the warming liquid both in her hands and giving her the feeling of being warm, it might not be warming completely but it felt warm and it felt comforting on cold winters day. It really helped in its own small way, especially to just sit down with a cup of tea and try and process events. A email was pinging with a bunch of inappropriate suggestions, details and offers that really really did not bear opening. Thr offer for a "movie" was definitely one not to delete, block in about 5 seconds. Some of the others had less than svaory suggestions, a rare few definitely needed the attention of a lawyer. "Zankyou. A Cup of tea Fixes so many things, and for your discretion.

Is this your restuaunt? Zorry, just curious."

It really did fix so many things, a simple warm mug of tea, really quite a great little thing that could change a entire situation or least give you a new perspective. The fact he was a little discreet about her situation was rather comforting. She really did not wnat everyone knowing exactly what her weakness was, well not, but it was a weakness in some respects. For that happened, well she was not reversing it though, done was done.

Waiting, she made sure the cane was handy for when she had to move, it might not be so easy to slide off as it was to on, her balence really was strange like that, it had a mind of its own and decided what it wanted at any given time.

Typing a quick text off to her sister, where she at least, and that Victoria was safe. Marinalia was taking protective big sister to a higher level lately. Betwen her dad, Maria, Marlin a nd others, she probbly got least someone checking of she was alright daily.

Then the food came, which while she was expecting a few basic bits turned out to be what you might class as a full chef grade meal, soup and so. That certainly was a rather pleasent suprise. That really Suprised Victoria, quite abit especially for someone who just walked off the street into a closed establishment. "Your simple is my main meal.

I vas expecting... Well less. Vou did not have to go to so much trouble. But I will definitely return with vy sister after our trip.

Anything to recommend, when we book a table in the future?"
the food, well it tasted good as it looked, that was, well, a quick meal? If that was a quick meal what did they call a propper one, that definitely would be a hopefully intresting only for the food evening. Not arested, pregnancy exposures, drama, arguments, and more besides. There life had been rather dramatic. A tad too dramatic probbly! Especially with a passenger! "Wow... This is. Delicious. I honestly expected... Well vot sure. Not this.

Thankyou. A pleasent suprise to a vather less cheerful morning. Zomoene invaded my privacy rather badly. A private momment... Rather public. Vopefully thr fire, and club will blanket the news instead."
a little dejected to the end, the breach to her privacy had been pretty huge, a rather intimate momment leaked so extensively... Having night vision HD cameras was great... Until they got turned against you! It was not like it could be claimed a fuzzy mess, it was quite clear... Mikes system was turned against them!

A small bleep from her phone as she sipper the steaming cut of tea revenerntly enjoying thr flavour and warmth, her software just listing damage lists, codes and bits. It would take time to review but was clear someone took a great effort to both breach, and link into her systems? They really where a serious pro... After... What... There was far better adult content out there!

A few beeps and buzza later. Oh. Her family would be... Well, that would be a awkward topic when she returned to London for the wedding for sure. Could anyone related by blood or Marriage to a Olympus have a quiet life? Maxamillion perhaps...no, well not after bailing out his daughters from trouble once r twice and ending up in mountains of his own!

The letter sent off in the post a few days before, Maxamillion Olympus knocked back a drink in his office of a 40 year old scotch. His granddaughters plural had inherited there mother's, aunts and other relatives knack for finding trouble.

Atleast Joel seems to have the healthy sense to avoid trouble not run head long into it, and embrace it as a lover.

This one... Was less.. Well not the last time he had to deal with tabloids, a incident years ago when Marla, Maria and rhere friend Amy had taken a private lake for being more olrivate than it was. Fake tan gave him less headaches! The two sisters more European attitudes had been... Well the problem! There next generation had... Well a diffrent but similar nature.

A serris of noises from the high end computer built into the desk, he preffered a hand written letter but some technplogy was unavoidable, just like civil service pen pushers wanting to know exactly about some topic, with numerous documents a 2 minute call could easily resolve. Pen pushers... They where his greatest foe. Still, he preffered to be at the cutting edge so to speak. It paid to know exactly how your company was doing..

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@PrinceAlexus Interacting with Vika. He is currently leaning behind his counter, just conversing with Vika.

Offering a warm smile, Ryan gave a small nod. "I can make more tea to refresh your cup. Unfortunately I have to make this tea one cup at a time. Brewing a whole kettle just... distorts the taste into something that is not too pleasant. If at any time you would like more tea, please let me know. As to the discretion... It is not my place to disclose any information you chooses to share with me to anyone without your expressed permission. So, this is neither an invitation to share information, nor a rejection to hearing whatever you wish to tell me." His smile never left his face as he spoke to Victoria.

Leaning behind the counter in a quite casual stance, he addressed Victoria's question about the ownership of this restaurant. "Ah, I'm just a cook. I've heard the owner can be a right prick though, should he chooses to be. However, there is nothing to fear with me. He doesn't really care about the inventory of vegetables or whatever ingredients I've used. Despite the prickly demeanor, he has always told his employees to embrace the seasons, use the best ingredients, and most importantly to treat any guest as the single most important guest they serve that day, so we're all good." He gave a small chuckle. Did he really just impersonate himself? For crying out loud.

Noting her cane and the height of the bar stools along with the bar itself, he casually commented "I'll be sure to tell the owner that he needs to consider the needs of those who might come in and need a lower seat or counter. Seriously, for all the details he put in to this place, its hard to believe that he missed that. I'm sure he'll be kicking himself for not having that taken care of. Oh well. Not my business..."

"You flatter me, Ms. Victoria. This is just a bunch of vegetables, crudely prepared. After all, I'm just a cook. I'm sure its not all that impressive. I'm sure you've had plenty better." Ryan said. This much as true. It is just some vegetables, albeit all seasonal choices, crudely and hastily prepared. Not that he was one to judge, but going by the appearance of her cane, Ryan had deduced that Victoria is quite well off, and has definitely had better food than what he just made off the top of his mind. Nothing he is serving to her was on the menu of the day, anyways. "Ah, a trip, where would you and your sister be traveling to, if I may ask?" He was just making small talk. Travel was a hobby, but he doesn't get enough time to actually take a good trip somewhere without having to think and worry about the business.

Scratching his chin with his index finger and thumb, he replied to Vicotria's next question. "Ah, well, being that this is a Japanese restaurant that focuses on sushi, I'd say sushi." He chuckled at such an obvious and vague answer. "Since the owner is a bit eccentric, the menu changes all the time so I don't really know what to recommend as a signature dish... In terms of a table, if you have a time in mind, I can let the owner know that I have a friend that wants to try the restaurant. He should be willing to work around your schedule in that instance. Otherwise I think we're booked quite far into the future. The owner is quite arrogant in that fact. He makes all the customers book a table just to have dinner. Tsk." Shaking his head slightly, followed with a shrug. "I dunno. Just how he does things I suppose."

"Ah. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure its frustrating to have your private information shared to the public." He sighed. "I've never had something like that happen to me so I can't really relate but I'm sure its both frightening and maddening to have it happen to you. I'm sure things will be alright. It is also quite unfortunate about happened to the club. It was doing quite well, from what I've seen and heard. Unfortunately, the owner is also a bit of a slave-driver. He works us for long hours. Even the mornings. He has us coming to do prep work while he goes off doing God knows what on his own..." He let out a sad chuckle. "I guess thats the kind of freedom being the owner offers you, eh?" He threw his hands up and to his sides slightly. "Anyways. I'll leave you to your meal. I'll be back with some more tea shortly. If you need anything just holler, I won't be far." With that, Ryan faded into the back of the kitchen to prepare more tea for the time being.
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Marcus Ainsworth

His Apartment
Friday Afternoon

Interactions: @MissCapnCrunch@Almalthia
Small Collab section with MissCapnCruch (Dustynn)

A familiar sight had Marcus’ focus that morning. The ceiling of his bedroom. He laid there for hours after he woke up, not wanting to get out of bed and face the world. He felt flat and drained, despite having been in bed for more than twelve hours. His phone sat on his bedside table, buzzing and flashing repeatedly, begging for Marcus’ attention, although, he ignored it. He had the day off, so it couldn’t have been work, and he doubted that it would be Reya, considering the last conversation that they had.

“Dammit Marcus…” He said to himself before letting out a heavy sigh, as he thought about what had been going on over the last couple of days. As always, he had gotten ahead of himself, and rushed headlong into a situation far too quickly. He had tried to move to fast with Reya, getting a little too clingy, and scared her off. He knew he should have chilled out about it. It was way too soon to be trying to start a new relationship anyway, he was still getting over Hanna… But still, he rushed in, and ruined what could have been a good thing, and had only himself to blame.

A soft groan escaped Marcus as his phone went off again. “Leave me alone…” He mumbled, before rolling over and grabbing his phone, groggily checking his notifications. The most recent, was one that completely caught him by surprise. It was from Ethan Aster.

Marcus we’re looking for another guitarist. You in? You know what they say about doors closing and all that.

“Um… What..?” He mumbled to himself with a confused look on his face, staring at the message for several moments. “Is… Is Ethan asking me to join The Sirens?” He sat on the side of his bed, staring at his phone in disbelief. He didn’t know how to respond. The Sirens weren’t exactly his cup of tea, musically, but they’re a world touring band, and touring the world playing music had been Marcus’ dream for as long as he could remember. He took a few minutes to think of the right way to word his response before replying.

“Hey Ethan. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “doors closing”, but I’m so surprised by this. I’ll have to take some time to think about it, but I’ll let you know ASAP. Thanks again!”

He sighed softly again after hitting send, before starting to look through his other notifications. He had several messages and missed calls from several people. Leo, Dustynn, Chris, and his mother. They were all about roughly the same thing. He sat there, his face going blank in disbelief, his heart sinking to his feet. “No… No fucking way… This can't be real…” His hands were shaking so hard he nearly dropped his phone, tears starting to well up in his eyes. Club Aether. His work place, that he loved, had burnt down overnight. He had only just started working there, and already, just like that, it had been taken away from him. From all of them.

He sat there for several moments, reading through the messages he'd been sent. Leo had already arranged for him to get a temporary job waiting tables at a restaurant while he works to get the Club up and running again. He also had the offer to join The Sirens. Now he knew what Ethan meant by the doors closing comment. He didn’t know how to handle all of this information at once. It was all too much. He bit down on his bottom lip softly, trying hard to keep himself from crying. He knew that the others probably were having a rough time with the news as well. He took a few deep breaths, wiping the tears from his eyes as he calmed himself, before calling Dustynn. He wanted to check on her, make sure she was okay.

The phone ring was a bit rattling as she quickly pressed the button to silent the noise. Her mother had already left the living room retiring to her bedroom, while Dustynn reached over and muted the television set. "Hey hun." Dusty said answering the phone, her voice a bit quiet and dazed. She didn't know what was going to happen with all of this. Even though Leo had gotten Marcus and her a job waiting tables waiting tables, she couldn't help but feel a bit lost on what to do. She wondered if he felt the same. "I'm going to ask how you're doing, even though I probably know the answer."

"Hey Dusty..." Marcus replied as she answered the phone, his voice soft and deflated. He was still hurting, but hearing a familiar, caring voice was a little comforting at least. "I, uh... I'm... I don't even know, honestly... There's just so much going on... I don't know how to handle it all..." His voice was shaky, as if he was on the verge of tears.

The tone of his voice almost made her cry, as she let out a nervous laughter, "I know what you mean.. this is all just so crazy, and not everything makes a lot of sense." she admitted, picking up the remote and turning the tv off completely. She leaned back on the couch, "You wanna get together or something? I'd have to get dressed and all, but it'd only take me a little bit of time. I'd have you come over to my place, but it's pretty..uh, messy." she looked around at her small trailer home. She had never had friends over before.

A slight smile formed on Marcus' face, as he stood and walked out into his living room, holding his phone to his ear. "That would be great... I think we both could really do with some company right now. You can come over to mine, if you want?" He suggested, starting to tidy up a bit with his free hand.

"Perfect. I'll get dressed and be over soon. Text me your address. Love ya. Bye." She ended the call and sat on the couch for a moment. Too lazy and depressed to get up and get going, even though she knew it would be what is best for her, best for Marcus too. Hoisting herself up, she dug through her clothes to find something warm and appropriate to wear, before heading to the shower to get freshened up. About forty five minutes later she would be ready, and on her way over to Marcus' place.

“Okay, see ya soon.” Marcus replied before the phone call ended, and let out a soft sigh of relief. He was still completely rattled from the news, with his mind racing a million miles an hour, but knowing that Dustynn was coming, definitely helped calm him a bit. They’d only known each other a short time, but working together formed a fairly close bond between the two, and he always found himself in a good mood when she was around. Too bad she was dating Leo… Marcus sighed again and shook his head, silently cursing at himself for having those thoughts, and continued tidying up.
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Paige Kennedy

The message wasn’t from Milo and neither was it anything she expected, but popped right up as her phone obediently unlocked; just two images: a pair of black shorts and a gray shirt, what looked like men’s gym clothes. Paige’s brow furrowed slightly. She still had a Delta City area code and wrong numbers were not at all common for her in Sol City. Her lips twisted slightly in annoyance, but as she looked up briefly she saw it. The very same clothes as the image. They were on a wiry framed man. He looked about middle-age with short hair and had ears that were distinct, cauliflowered like a boxer. She could only catch a few glances as people passed between them across the lobby. He carried a bag over shoulder and was moving away from her quickly. Raising back up to her feet she watched him swiftly access a secured door where he casually swiped a magnetic card and moved along.

She didn’t think, just reacted, feeling for her star inside her bag. She produced it quickly as she rambled up to the reception counter at the center of the lobby. People regarded her frantic pace strangely and the staff that were calmly chatting looked on her at first with a sort of childish amusement. “Can I help you?”

“Open that door.” She commanded flatly and nodding where the man had just slipped away.

“I’m sorry that door is for staf-”

“Open the Goddamn door!” Paige growled back through her teeth, green eyes blazing beneath her cap and cutting off the woman. She slapped her leather badge holder on the counter top showing the silver star to all who had taken notice. “Please.

The receptionist looked dumbfounded and slightly embarrassed, but very quietly tapped a few commands into her keyboard. Paige didn’t bother to look back as she took off for the door and only caught a fleeting glimpse of one of the staff picking up the phone as she shot through the newly unlocked doorway. It occurred to her that “GD” was probably not the best choice of words immediately after submitting a prayer to the Almighty, but her mind was focused again. She was moving. He couldn’t have got that far in only a few seconds. Her thoughts raced. The corridor ahead was long with various sports offices along the side. Considering the man’s pace, she was sure he wouldn’t likely be stopping and she was somewhere between a healthy jog and a sprint as her running shoes patted against the firm office carpet. She was still carrying her badge in one hand while her bag bounced along behind and she was again glad for changing clothes.

Windows lined the opposing side of the corridor viewing the football field below and again she felt her anticipation screaming that she was on the right track. There were two Daedalus helicopters parked along midfield, rotors drooping gently at rest. If one of them was Marlin then her luck was soaring again. She glanced, midstride, partly watching where she was going as a corner approached and partly seeing a couple people talking next to the machines on the field. One was female, definitely blonde. YES! Her thoughts screamed as she rounded the corner... and ran face first into a black and white suit-clad figure. For a split second she only caught the flash of a red tie directly in front of her eyes as she heard the wind knocked out of him and she hit the floor. Her eyes instantly shot back towards the obstacle and the heavy set figure that did not likewise topple over; finding the less than imposing, overweight yet barrier-like figure of FBI Agent Barrett.

“Gah! What the hell!” He roared nearly losing his glasses. Pushing the frames firmly back up his wrinkled nose, his other hand instinctively gripped his sidearm as he regained his bearings.

Paige knew she was fast, but not fast enough to pull her own gun from her bag- It was first her first reaction as well, but he had her dead to rights. She got up slowly, feeling her pulse slamming through her veins as his hand rested on the grip and he recognized her.

“Well, isn’t this just perfect timing Marshal Kennedy.” His hand didn’t move from the pistol. “I was just about to call Chief Deputy Sterling to put a BOLO out on you, but this will save me the trouble.”

“For what?” Paige snarled. She stood defensively in a staggered stance with her hands at her sides. He wasn’t going to take her in. If he pulled on her, she was just going to kick his ass. She never believed in the twenty-one foot rule, but was willing to bet her life on being able to put a fifty year old man on the ground before he could clear his holster.

He grinned through coffee and cigarette stained teeth. “I have the video of you collaborating with Shannon Giancana to set up Elvin Santos’ murder. I knew you were dirty, Marshal, and I’m going to prove it. You may have got away with it in Delta City, but not here.”

That was it. Paige wasn’t sure, down deep at the molecular level, maybe somewhere atomic or even smaller, where the first audio-neural receptor received the words out of Barrett’s disgusting face, but that was where the fire ignited inside her soul, exploded down her arm into a clenched fist that was programmed and aimed directly at the man’s sweaty nose, but before she could unload, Barrett hit the floor face first before her in a heap.

Milo glanced down at the unconscious body between them and rubbed his forearm slightly, then looked up at Paige’s outfit quizzically. ”Guess they cancelled Sweatin’ to the Oldies, huh?”

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Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

A restaurant that should not be open! . Finale day!

Victoria could not but laugh a alittle, her lawyer would be almost proud of how clear yet non that statement was. It was a brilliant bit of word play. True, correct but so worded it did not contract anyone with anything or anyone. "A lawyer or consulate head would be proud of that statement. Vi... Have a strange family.

Thankyou, il take a refill in abit, I'm still enjoying this cup"
Enjoying a alittle bit of her delicious meal, so he was not quite the owner but a chef... The owner was... Prickly, vegetables and seasons, food and so, certainly he seemed to enjoy a ramble as much as she could. "a very good cook vough... And won your boss a customer in about 2 weeks! Well it works, certainly a unique brunch.

Vell... I had a boss here... VI doubt il be keeping my job, so hey. Well I'm not the best cook... But I'm a very good at cyber security, comms security and encryption software. Yes, it's true, I'm a hidden computer nerd."
laughing at herself a alittle and just venting abit. She had so much stress recently, not everyone thought she matched the whole stereotype. She decided not to mention she could probbly easily hack most basic security with 5 minutes and a WiFi link. It kinda scared people.... Her alternetive employment was also not quite so publicly apceptble anyway.

Oh... The bar stools... Definitely a issue for those of a slightly less balenced or less able state, a little shotert would be better admitly. A few other tiny things came to mind like the large planter by door narrowing entrence abit and lacking a wall to lean against of you where stood about. Plants are nice, but it's one more thing on top of people to worry about and trip over. "Well seeing as you opened that door... The plants near entrence, kinda narrows it abit so nudge them close. Plus a alittle support to lean against is nice if waiting a while, umm, widen the gaps between tables If possible and try to keep a main route clear. Space is really underestimated when your less steady.

Honestly, compared to some I've been to... This place is good for access."
trying not to offend too much, yeah there where some super tiny stuff but that was more her than general. Everyone was different.

"How can I say vithout. Best simple Japanese meal I've had in a closed establishment?

Moscow, London, Jordan... Mogadishu, great food... Shame about the civil war, OK, I've been about abit. A vew unusual trips.

Vou been anywhere intresting? Japan? Vou cannot have learned to cook this well in US?. Never went there... But ze food, somthing else"
yeah, she had seen a few of the world's stranger parts, and less safer parts, strange given she was disabled somewhat but somehow they managed it all, security teams and all.

Sitting and eating for a whole, it was nice to chat with no real expectations or arguments, a nice distraction from her shitty start to the day. "England, vy dad's getting married, complicated family... Same dad, different mums, step, half.. Vou name it, we have it.

My sisters taking a Caribbean detour home, little shopping in London, Camden Market, some cute boutiques, maybe check out the Satchi if it's quiet or Victoria and Albert... Somehow not visited that one, worth a wander one day."
Victoria. Vell she ahd a few travel plans, depending on thr weather and how she felt, things whetw rather flexible.

Then... Well he offered a booking, could be nice to maybe catch a quiet meal and some good food. Table for.... Umm anything from 2 to 3 or more... Thought they deserved a sisters night out, and Mali already had a few days planned with her girlfirned... Bikini, s, beeches and more... Oh and. Well she was gonna sleep well... When she could! There where no illusions how she and Xia where like. The two where clearly close in other ways... "2 weeks ish...? vour sdedules are fairly open. Nice to just catch up vith my sister. 2-3 people. Her girlfriend may just tag on, or a friend.?" Victoria really was not sure about a few things, her, Ethan, her family coming or not, many things... Resting her head softly against the counter a few seconds at mention of privacy, that was... She hated it. Whoever it was maybe lost her job, things where just fucked up... So fucked up."zo... So frustrating. Hacker... Glad to be leaving for abit.

Vi least have a side line. The club, manager made us sing to get unbanned... It was... Fun in the end anyway... Undeserved... But vy... Somthing set off somthing... Whatever I want hell vout it's way.

Maybe become the owner one day then and you get the bonus. Thankyou. Vy shall. "

Quietly enjoying her simple, yet rather execellwnt meal, she glanced to see her notifications where still going mad.thinking back a alittle she had no idea what he thought of her crazy life, especially what she did or she worked for. That was surreal in the real so to speak.

The aircraft where sat down the pitch centre line to keep there rotars away from the lighting. Stands and anything else on the pitch or suckling in debries from previous attendees. Hogh winds where not to be risked, and striking a rotar was a really bad idea. That thought sent a shiver down her spine at cracking a rotar blade and flying off in random directions. Between the smoke, winds and random effects of the fires, things where a little more complicated today. Might give her a challenge on day, that would be fun in a professional way.

Leaning over to check a few things, though with a neat fitted skirt, ot certainly created a view that had some ground crew enjoying there jobs. The helicopter was a tad borrowed for today and she really had to return it Still flying! Her extra items where stashed in the back, hopefully she never needed it... Paige... Marinalia... Trouble magnets!

Glancing over to the sports centre, Marinalia turned to see figures in windows, strange movements and so, but nothing really that perculier. People had been stopping to gawk at the helicopters since they arrived abit ago. It kind of was a spectator sport guessing what they where up to... Real reasons probbly alot more boring than the betting pool! Cars had come and gone, people, just a normal ish firday in the city with peiple refusing to change habits even with smoke drifting over the city. "Valkrye, teams and a sports feild. Quite apt for you. Joking. Any news on radio on when we can stop babysitting the birds here?" Marinalia, well that news was not new news, the gossip mill had been on that a week ago. "Frak off Apollo, old news, even the old man found out. No clue Cassanova, least until fire and rescue get that tower block under control. Why, got a hot date with Caprica? Or was it Athena?" Laughing, teasing back, they got on pretty well. "Caprica Thankyou very much. Carabian, girlfriend. We all know you return happy eh. So, given those guys, few days eh, busy at the sports place." Glancing over they both saw people... Well alot of activity in the building. Someone was getting excited about somthing. "Caprica... Cutie with enviable red dress, you like em like that eh. Top heavy... Well.. If ones got opertunity.. Shame to waste it. Unless you find a badge to clear you. Could be a long day."

Leaning against her helicopter drinking the latter half of her coffee of greater diabetes, they had free smoothies and so, probbly run out of mango though... No one ever stocked ernough mango.. Ever. People should love mango more.
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Heading to Marcus' apartment.
Interacting with: Marcus. @Zaxter996

After getting ready to go, Dustynn realized she probably wasn't in the right state of mind to drive. She had been drinking and smoking like a chimney most of the morning. Oh well, it would be a risk but in her current state of mind it would just have to suffice. On the way over, she blasted some tunes, singing along to the music and patting her fingers along on the steering wheel to the music. Getting back closer into to town from her outer Southside home, she dialed up Marcus and put him on speaker phone so she could focus on driving as well as she could.

"Hey, sorry if you can't hear over my shitty heater, where about is your place?"

Marcus had just stepped out of the shower, drying himself off quickly before wrapping a towel around his waist. He picked up his phone, answering it as he left the bathroom and walked into his room. "Hey! Oh, right, I was supposed to text you my address! Sorry, i'll do that now!" He sat down on his bed and put the call on speaker phone, before texting his address to Dusty. "There ya go! I'm on the fourth floor of the building, but if you have trouble finding it, just let me know and i'll come out and get ya."

She felt the vibrate of her phone in her hand, "Perfect. See you soon." she ended the call and opened up the directions into her Google Maps. It led her there within twenty minutes, and she found the closest public parking space she could manage. She didn't want to walk very long in this cold weather. It wasn't as bad as that huge storm, but it still was enough to send a shiver up your spine. She pulled her leather jacket closer, wishing she would splurge for something a heavier.

Bounding up the steps, she pressed the buzz in button. "Maaaarcus!" she called into it, hoping she had pressed the right one.

As the call ended, Marcus took the opportunity to get dressed, going with the usual. A pair of black skinny jeans and an A Day to Remember T-Shirt. He was brushing his still slightly damp hair as he heard the buzzer go off, chucking his hair brush on to his bed as he rushed out to the living room and buzzed her in. "Hey! Come on up!" He called through the intercom. He was still as expected feeling pretty down from the news, but having a friend to hang out with had already started to lift his spirits.

Getting let in, Dustynn started her journey up the staircase to the fourth floor. There was an available elevator, but she felt that she needed to take the stairs to try to burn off some of the alcohol she had consumed, that was how it worked right? Reaching the apartment door, she took a moment to catch her breath. Dustynn's lungs burning, her years and years of smoking taking it's toll on her prematurely. She promised herself that by next year she would cut down by half, and yet- here she was. Knocking on the door, she waited for Marcus to open. The door swung open before she was even finished knocking, as Marcus hadn't moved since buzzing her in to the building. "Hey you." He said with a soft smile, reaching her arms out, offering her a hug. "How ya feelin'?" He asked, before she asked it first.

Going in for the hug, she held it just slightly longer than usual. She needed that hug more than he knew. "Hey, I was going to ask that!" she laughed, as she pulled away from the hug, coming into his apartment. She had never been there before, but it smelled nice, and that was always a positive thing. Taking off her boots, she left them by the door as she walked into his place. "I am doing okay, but wish I was better." she admitted, "I put a lot of work into that bar, a lot of my time and effort went into that bar and now it's gone." she crossed her arms across her chest, as she looked at Marcus who looked equally upset about what had happened.

The long, comforting hug was exactly what Marcus needed as well, happy for it to last as long as Dustynn wanted it to. He stepped back as the hug ended, letting her into the apartment and closing the door behind them. The apartment wasn't huge, but it was big enough. He had couch in the middle of the living room, facing a tv, with a coffee table sitting between them. In the corner was obviously his creative station, with his amp and guitars set up next to a desk with his computer on it, and a bunch of writing and recording equipment. The small kitchenette attached to the living room wasn't fancy but it was all one really needed.

"Yeah I know what you mean..." He replied softly, nodding a few times as he walked over to the fridge. "I'd only been there for a few weeks, but I loved the place too. And could definitely see how much effort you put into it. You were second only to Leo, when it came to dedication." He gave her a sad, but reassuring smile, before opening the fridge, and pulling out two beers. "Beer?" He offered as he walked back over to her and held one of the bottle out towards her.

She debated accepting his offer, and she debated telling him how she had drove intoxicated as it was. She decided that she would only say yes for the first one. "Yes please!" she cooed, taking the beer and going over to the couch to sit on. She looked around his apartment taking it in, though it wasn't much to some it was impressive to her by a land slide. "So what else is up babe?" she said taking a swig of her drink, she pulled her legs up and underneath her to get comfortable. Removing her leather jacket to reveal a black off shouldered cut sweater.

He gave her a soft smile, opening his beer as he followed her over to the couch, sitting on the other side of it. He sat half facing her, taking a long sip of his beer before letting out a soft bout of nervous laughter. "Heh, well..." He muttered, pausing and letting out a soft sigh, staring at the floor before continuing. "I... Umm... Ya know Ethan Aster? The singer of The Sirens? Well... Umm..." He paused again, looking up at her with an uneasy smile, wanting to gauge her reaction to his next words.

"He kinda... Asked me to join the band, this morning..."
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Paige Kennedy & Milo Ventri

Paige immediately set about checking Agent Barrett’s pockets as quickly as possible though she couldn’t help but smile some at Milo’s appearance and absolute perfect timing. The other man was getting away and they had to move if they were going to catch him. She dumped the contents of his wallet scanning frantically for any clue to his presence behind the sealed door, but finding little other than credit cards, IDs and a few pictures of his children. However, she did pocket the key card he’d apparently used to get inside.

Milo watched carefully, “How is it that the key cards are working?” He said. “I thought the power was out?” He looked around the dark hallway then glanced over into the field at the parked helicopters.

Paige straightened up momentarily at the realization and the moment replayed in her mind. The man she was after used a card, she’d seen it herself and door opened obediently. It was possible the facility was on a backup generator or something similar, but the counter staff had to manually open the security system for her to get through. “Oh my God,” She looked at the card in her hand then at Barrett. “We’ve gotta get out of here.” She stuffed the card in her bag and started to get up, but again hesitated.

“Yea, I guess you didn’t get my text?” Milo checked his watch. He had a bag slung over his other shoulder that had become slightly off-balance from dispensing of Agent Barrett and he adjusted it slightly. The weight of it was evident. “Seaplane just landed in the river.”

Her mind was racing as her hands, very carefully using a t-shirt from her bag, took Barrett’s sidearm and cycled the action ejecting one bullet on to the floor.

“What are you doing?” Milo asked.

“Insurance.” She kept her fingers covered from touching directly onto the casing and deposited it into her bag before putting the gun back in his holster. Barrett groaned slightly, beginning to regain consciousness. “How did you get in here on this side?” Gathering her things back together, she rose to her feet and looked Milo hard in the eye.

“Guy came out the side, bookin’ it. I caught the door before it closed.” Milo said. His glance narrowed slightly back at her. Her piercing stares had no effect on him. He’d been on the receiving end enough times to build up a sort of tolerance for it. “...Why?”

“What was he wearing?”

“Gym clothes, I dunno…” He scratched at his beard some knowing she wanted a more thorough description and certainly not, I don’t know, however Paige’s line of questioning became rapidly apparent: “That was our guy wasn’t it? …Shit... He growled shaking his head and clenching a fist, continuing to curse at himself within his own thoughts.

“We’ll never catch him now,” Paige said and looked back down at the helicopters on the field. “But we know where he’s going.”

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Location: Corona Park

Caroline Dawson

Friday Afternoon

It was a Friday afternoon as the sun beat down on Caroline’s black sweat pants, a fire engine red tank-top under a white zipper sweatshirt, her sunglasses were tight against her face with her flaming red hair pulled back into a pony tail as she did an afternoon run through Corona Park. The park was practically deserted and Caroline was loving it. Her ear buds blocked out the world as she was almost running in prefect synch with the drums of Max Weinberg, of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, as he was playing a drum solo to a live version of “Rosalita” from a concert two years ago in Seattle. Caroline knew someone who worked at the stadium where Bruce was playing and got her copy of the concert for Christmas last year. That concert never failed to make her smile, because that was the night not only did she use her radio “clout” to get in the front row, but she managed to be one of the young ladies to dance with Bruce on stage during “Dancing in the dark.” Most cases she would go running at the Luna Sports Facility, but at the moment Caroline didn’t feel much like being around too many people. Not to mention it wasn’t too far away from where the club blew up. Caroline didn’t need to go down there. She didn’t need to try and guess where Scott and Ann were standing or be part of the madhouse that was that area. Conspiracy theorists were already spouting off some of the most asinine theories ever, and Caroline was ready to kill anyone who said one near her.

Usually at this time Caroline was thinking about heading into the station to cut some commercials, harass the interns, or even touch base with Dave Burton, the afternoon drivetime DJ, and maybe even share a good laugh with him. However, this was not a usual Friday afternoon. Bob-O and the station’s owner Mrs. Popkin did, basically, an intervention for Caroline after she finished putting together the tributes for Scott and Amy. They could tell with one look that she wasn’t ready to go on the air, and with the anniversary of her mom’s passing less than twenty-four hours away Caroline was in rough shape. They insisted that she take off until the following Monday. Caroline had built up so much vacation that she could take off for two months and still have time left over. This was just beginning the start of a long journey that would take years for her to understand if ever according to her dad who she talked to after she left the station. Her dad was always there for her and his advice was to go out and do something that made her feel good. He suggested hanging out with friends, but the only friends that she had were at the station and they had their own grief to work through. They had decided to meet up at The Lighthouse around seven that night, but that seemed like days instead of hours away.

This was the first time in three years that she was tempted to have a drink. Caroline had sworn off drinking since the night she got so drunk she blacked out and woke up the next day in a strange room with a guy she didn’t know. From what she could gather the encounter was consensual, but it was the fact that all signs had pointed to Caroline being pregnant. She swore that if she wasn’t, she would never touch another drink again in her lifetime. Caroline wasn’t pregnant and she kept her vow but now her Faith in that vow, and to a point her Faith in God, was dramatically shaken.

Caroline without realizing it was starting to run faster and faster until she felt a sharp biting pain in the back of her left thigh, accompanied by a popping sensation. She realized she had just torn her hamstring. Caroline gritted her teeth as she tumbled to the ground. Grabbing the back her leg the pain was now a burning stabbing pain. “Damn it!” she muttered under her breath. The downside to the privacy that Corona Park offered during this time of day was that if something like this happened there weren’t too many people to help her out. Caroline laid there for a moment, and then said, “All right Dawson there’s only one person who can save you, and that’s you.” With that she managed to get to her feet, but she wasn’t putting much pressure on her left leg. She hobbled over to a bench and sat down breathing heavily and rubbing her leg. Caroline knew an ace-wrap, an ice-pack, and several aspirin were in her future. Caroline knew she would have to wait a bit for the pain to subside and once it was tolerable then she would have to move to get home before it stiffened up. Caroline said, “On the bright side, at least I’m sober.” She then saw a liquor store across the street from her bench and said, “For the moment at least.”

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@PrinceAlexus Interacting with Vika. He made some more tea, continuing the conversation with Vika.

Moments after excusing himself, Ryna returned to the front of the house with a small porcelain bottle of tea. "This is as much as I was told to make at a time. It should be enough for another cup with a bit left over. Of course, if you want more, you can always let me know." Ryan said with a small smile before setting the bottle down by Victoria. "Do be cautious, though, the bottle can get a bit warm. It shouldn't be scalding hot, but it will be quite warm to the touch."
When Victoria gave him a rough time frame as to when she can come back, Ryan let out a small chuckle. "Well, we usually aren't open for brunch. I don't think I can make that happen for you, so in two weeks time, I can save a table for four for you, but it would be dinner, which starts around six PM. I'll have the table ready for you around seven, if that works for you. Of course, since you're giving me a bit of time to work with, if that time doesn't work, just let me know, and I'll try to change it for you."

"Hey, I'm not here to judge what your hobbies and talents are. I'm just a guy that loves to cook, and you're just a girl that is in to technology. Nothing more." Ryan said with a small grin. "Beside, I think having a healthy hobby is good for you, anyways." Ryan said, giving something in his mind a small ponder. "I mean, seeing that we're not open and that no one is here, I can show you the kitchen, and a few little trick so you can try to make this at home? If you want, that is." He threw his hands up softly and shrugged slightly."I'm sure you're better than you let on to be"
Ryan nodding, agreeing with what she said about improving the accessibility of this place. "I can see that. I'll make sure to bring that up with the owner and see what he thinks about it. After all, we want to be as inclusive as possible." Ryan gave a slight sideways nod to confirm that he said to be true.

"Ah, Mogadishu. That is quite an exotic place. I've heard Somali food is great. I've had their rice, or I think its call Bariis, and its honestly better than any rice I've ever made. The spices, the blending of them, the buttery flavor and the fact that each grain is so separated and fluffy yet the whole creation is so cohesive, its wonderous." He said, chuckling as his food-nerd peeked its head a little bit. "I've been to London, though I would love to go again and be more... free." he said, letting out another chuckle "Last time I went was with my parents and we just followed a schedule. I'd rather just roam, ya know? Russian food is... unique. Its both rich and simple. Home-styled yet grand. Not something I strive to make, but I've had it and I do like it. Honestly, you've done much more traveling than I have." He let out a breathy chuckle. He could travel more, but he chooses not to, at this point in his career.

"Ah, congratulations. A marriage is always something to celebrate. Two people felt strongly enough about each other to want to be joined in holy matrimony. I'm sure you and your family will have a great time, complications or not. But yeah, I'll have a table ready for you and yours in two weeks time. I'll save four seats, and if that should change, let me know."
"The manager made you...sing? Thats a fun, and funny, way to get out of trouble. I swear if the owner here made us sing to get out of trouble, we might as well be having a concert everyday. Not because we're good singers, no. But because he is so particular about how things are done and what we do never seem enough for him." He said, giving a slight shrug. "Ah well. I guess when you have your name on the menu, things have got to be exactly as you want it, eh?"

To be honest, to Ryan, it didn't matter what Vika's private life was like. What she did for a living and what kind of people she was involved with is none of her business, just like the way he told her he was just the cook of a restaurant. People have reasons to not divulge things about themselves, and who is Ryan to poke and prod?

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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

Finale day . Luna Sports Temporary Helicopter Pad to airborn

Finale Day, when Drama Lammas run free


Marinalia noticed her phone vibrate and checked before moving to get thr Helicopter started up and dropped her "Burnt antifreeze" into a cup holder near her seat by the door. "Apollo, clear the groundies. Flying for uncle Sam. Few minutes.

I really Don t want to test the blood and grass theory. Enjoy your stay honey... "
Teasing but also serious about the safety part, she watched as Apollo shouted over to clear the ground crews from behind the helicopter. "oh, Valkarie, how I miss you my sweet... Or is that just your taste in coffee. Sure. Groundies clear, FO risk low, keep low... Smoke and debries at 1000 feet or above." Slowly starting the engines and warming up the systems the rotators began a slow rotation and lifted slowly from there drooping static positions.

Slowly pushing the throttle forward, the rotators and engines started to slowly light up icons and dials as they built up speed to a gentle speed. Clicking a array of switches overhead to active, lights, radios and more besides. Dozens of little steps required to start up. Waiting till the engines where ready, she shed her jacket and pulled from thr bag behind her, slipping it overhead locking a serris of clasps and velcro straps.

Black outer fitted plastic with a layered set of cermaric plates for comfort and a better female fit over her front than a single plate, a slightly more obscure design with the odd weakness but advantages in movement. Thankfully her dad was paranoid and had it resized for her. One time she tanked his arms dealer profession! It seemed someone had told her father as the outer plastic had a moulded image of a winged female norse warrior with long flowing hair and winged helmet all picked out in a very dark grey. Pulling her flight jacked over to hide it slightly. Hopefully Paige asked no too deep questions but she was not risking her life if she had to!

Watching as two figures headed across the sports field to the waiting chopper sat on parked up, Paige she recognised but Milo? He was her boyfriend but hey. Working with her professional to? Not her job to question just to fly them to where they needed to be. "This is Valkarie, Deadalus inter City 2, getting ready for take off... Flight plan actice under federal clearance. 2 passengers, one pilot." waiting a second, the voice came over clear on the upto date digital radios, a god send vs the old one on the DC7. "Deadalus Atchual, copy. Danger 1000 feet above, wind North North West, viability good. Safe flight Valkarie. Bring her back safe or the old man won,t be happy." "Copy that Atchual. Condition report copy. I quite intend to make it to Carabian. Thanks tower. Valkarie out."

Finsihing up, she glanced over more curious how Milo would react to her, especially after his history with Victoria. That would be... Though she was captain of this particular Helicopter and her word was law as far as it went... Maybe not to Paige, but to a civilian, sure.

Turning to Paige and Milo as they ducked there heads and climbed in gesturing for Paige to take the seat besides her, trusting thr federal agent to be better at taking directions of needed, and made a sign to grab headsets and get secured for take off. Getting on the intercom. There was a little preflight to finish. "OK, quick points I have to go over. One, toggles, green means on, red mics off on your headsets. Two, keep belts on, flying low and fires, winds, it's more turbulent that normal. Trust me it's safe. I've got 9 years experience and a flight trainer for deadalus. Three, my bird, my rules. If I say jump, jump. Got it. Four, emergency kit below your seats, life jackets. Pull the toggle hard to inflate. Five, for the love of all and nay gods, keep away from the tail. I do not want to clean you off my helicopter.

Right. Now that's done. Catalina Island here we come. Last chance to back out."
Her accent swapping to a still vety British but well practiced profeshinal tone running through the basics at a steady pace and clearly in her elament. Making one last check all was clear and no one wnated to back out, doing pre flight for the least 1000th time at least, with a easy calm professional manner like it was second nature.

Concentrating and chexking a multi coloured and detailed map of the city, routes, building heights and other details that she needed to know and traced a route out using a white board marker. Marking 300-320 feet, with a few other details, high ernough to avoid but well clear of worst winds, smoke and rubbish from the fires. Aligning the map with the compass on the helicopter, she soon worked out where the fire and smoke would be. "OK, so, hang on. Details. Opposing forces? I can go low, sea skim.. Viability is clear ernough. Im... Unofficially trained on how to do it. Private lessons, Fleet air arm retired instructor.

Hope you enjoy your first flight Milo, your in safe hands. You dropping off with Paige? If so, I'm not stopping... When I say go. Go. Il pause, you go, run, dust and spray should hide you and il be off. Seconds max. I'm not taking risks. I quite fancy making it to my mums and dad's wedding and look good in my bridesmaids dress"
Wondering if to ask, there was no real time like the present, especially when that question has been eating at her for so long. Hopefully Milo remained polite, she hoped he would but still unsure how badly he had taken things with her sister or how things had fallen or not. There was times her strange childhood helped.

Planning a short cut over the park, that would save a alittle time with a good angle for the city gap outwards. The buildings where lower a alittle on that side and should be alittle safer than having to navigate past the taller skyscrapers. Admitly a few kids, mothers and so might complain about the overflight, woken kiddies and so. This was so gonna get noticed...

Checking the dials and various instruments and running her fuel calculations, definitely ernough for a few hours though the low flights where gonna burn more than higher altitudes and stress the airframe more. With a higher chance of suprise on the island. Balences..."Milo... Ummm personal, so just putting you on mute a minute. There's a plan of Catalina in the back, I got a map, old aux tunnels etd, buildings from when active. Islands WW2 built, later Cold War and reinforced heavily, They link whole island. Take it with you. May need it. Thr South Side hangers have repaired below ground hangers for bad storms, your cellular and radio signals gonna be patchy in alot of places if your indoors, You may need to find a higher level.

Deadalus only took it over as a emergency redirect when it was cleared, lotta nasty stuff left over. Took long time. Still. Avoid the old tank farm if you can.

OK... Paige, now lines private. Milo... Not sure what he would do with it, revent events. And all. Rumours keep... Did you catch Bob? I really need some closure. Just want to close this chapter. What happened? Please. Wnated to ask before but... Now is my chance.

He hurt me, they tried to... I need to know there never coming back."
Between Xia, counseling and fact she was working what she loved, Marinalia was alot less broken than last time, her dark eyes where not as broken nore pained. More confident this time, she loved her work and Marlin was in her elament.

Soon the lights confirmed the engines where up to temperature, the lights where in the right places. She could take off without but that was extra stress on the engines and she did promise to return it intact and flying!

Clicking a switch, letting one of thr channels swap to music, it always seemed to help her relax abit.

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Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

A restaurant that should not be open! . Finale day!

Victoria was expecting a pot of tea, but a bottle was certainly a alittle bit different and unexpected. Iced tea still was a creation she could not get used to... Cold tea, that was sweet... She did not quite have her sisters sugar berg tooth. This one was hot and rather nice. "Thankyou, its a strange way to make tea, but works. Russian mum, English dad... My blood is tea I think. Zhame, doctors really vy fun.

OK. Take vy card, let me know when you can find a gap.. Dinner better... Vy sister works mostly in the day, and I'm busy with appointments. Il Trust to u to make it work"
reaching over for her hand bag and purse." lady de winter coding" her other cards would be abit useless given not likely keep her job, and the other one, that was her side line work.

"I... Long story for sure, its somthing vy. Well that, I can work round. Though I'm better than I vas. Frozen really sucked! Course my sister loved it." Pulling out her phone and a few sections nds later showing a picture of her white haired, with skin that was more like snow white, than her current pale alabaster ish hue. Her balence was better now, though it was safer to have her cane than not as that could change on a drop of a hat. "Vou can try... But I could probbly set fire to pasta, its harder when part your mind is on not falling over." Balnwce was more a active than passive thing, especially with hormones making it.. Unpredictable."Thankyou, its not a failing... Vou do not have to think differently. Its easy to take for granted what is a challenge to others."

Then topics, well he definitely was a food nerd. She did not know the details jusy the food out there was quite delicious only, well the city left a few things to be desired. It certainly had been a experience she not forget, and a almost privileged one. Few got to taste the food out there from the west. The fact you needed hefty bodyguards to even leave the ship was... Well reasons... The photo back in her office where a few rather diffrent ones! "Exotic. il give you that on the polite answer. Ve definitely where glad to have some Russain security, blurry faced chaps. I just know that rice Vas good... Given the state of country. We where lucky to get what Ve had. Even the... Goverment if yiu could ever use the word for biggest warlord. Was limited

Oh... Russia, its... Vi never went hungry, you never zeen the holiday meals. They are a feast. VIt is a matter of pride. Oh yes... Just go where you feel... London... So much if off the plans, zey never advertise much. Yet... I'm somewhat disabled and I managed... You have no restrictions."

Oh. Her family wedding was less fairy tale more a modern romance, breakups, mistakes, estrangement and more. Not just a simple tale, though that made the family what it was, a rather mixed up... Slightly tiny bit crazy bunch... Others may disagree and belive they all where just loony and certifiable. Victoria met her sister when she was 14, her 18, somehow it all worked. "Well, 20 some years later. Zey have a long story, 2 kids and more. Zey finally admitted it here in fact... After ze grand prix. Oh... I think I'm in more trouble zan my sister. She just had a girlfriend, I am well, a little more dramatic.

Zat works fine. Vy left you my card if things need to move about. Sing.. Tatu, every time ve touch. With my sister... It was funny though. I know it in Russain, though no kiss!.. I zink... Zey where a alittle disappointed. Umm, depending on your ability, you might be closed or queueing down ze block! "
smiling, she found a video of thr incident the had downloaded off the clubs page and played it. Both dressed up, Marinalia had a few cocktails. Quite a few! She was sobre, just a little high on sugar!

Victoria definitely had a few good reasons not to divulge her little details, the Arms dealers daughter was not always popular for a reason. Plus her family had a few enemies, it was natural. Arcady had rivals, her security software had rivals. Encryption, it was a rather competive industry. She did not dig into if he was thr chef, or even the owner or manager in disguise playing for opinions of information. It was pretty bbly obvious she was hiding things but he had the polite nature not to dig either whoghbwas appreciated. Pouring herself the some of the tea, finding a spare napkin to grab the hot container. "For a lovely meal... Vell... A Freeby. Cheap ernough... Ans should least slow me down renaming vour WiFi a egg pun.

I left off... Might seem unfriendly. "
She really was not kidding how good she was, that and a little fact she never tried to admit, to design security you need to be equally skilled at breaking it or more to find the weakness. The list was quite short In a careful slower handwriting on a little designer moleskin notebook from her hand bag.

Victoria glanced over at her cane and slid as carefully off the stool as she could, dropping with a slight bump and leaning against the counter before grabbing her cane to lean against and taking a tentetive step to find her balence. "Maybe you can show me a alittle. VI promise not to try to burn down the city block... Or ruin your kitchen Ummm.. Not trying to flirt... Vy life is already a mess without extra relationships and that stuff. I already have ernough headaches.

Nice just to be able to talk and forget things abit."
Trying to makw it clear by actions and tone she was not really up for flirting and so right now. Much as he was cute and good cook, things where much more complicated now and things where definitely not in a situation to want much more than a nice chat and so. She had not got over the whole baby suprise yet. That would take some getting used to, and then thr thought... Scary. She would be responsible for a little human being, who was her... That was scary...

Having to rely on hand for safety with a cane or ledge etc did make things harder to cook, she did not quite fully need it but it was a somewhat safety messure. Dodgy balence round hot rings, sharp blades and other things where never going to be a good idea to take chances with. Especially when she had more than herself to consider.

Life became alot more complicated when somthing you took for granted was not a option, when somthong that was second nature needed active effort to make work.


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@PrinceAlexus Interacting with Vika. The impromptu lunch service is probably ending soon.

"Ah. No, no. Not flirting. I just get...excited? Carried away? when I'm talking about food and cooking. You can say its my passion." He said, chuckling slightly. "Its up to you though. If you're not feeling up for it, we don't have to. Other wise, we can." Ryan meant what he said. He was never going to force Victoria to do something that might be potentially dangerous.

Standing back up and stretching a bit, he spoke back to Victoria "Well, in any case, hopefully the food was good and I do wish you a good trip. Congratulations on your parent's wedding. I'm sure it will be a splendid affa- I mean a splendid event." He realized using the word affair in conjunction with wedding is probably not the best idea. "This meal is obviously free of charge, but don't tell the owner that." He chuckles. "I have some more prep work to do, I'll be up here for some of it, but parts of it will have to be done in the main kitchen. So, please do excuse me if I step away." Ryan gave a small bow before diving back in to work, checking on the fish and other produce that is to be used for tonight's dinner service.

Truth be told, Ryan was flirting a little bit. And if Victoria couldn't feeling, Ryan's avoidance of essentially whatever Victoria said should give her all the answer she needs...
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