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Ahahahahaha! Oh, it’s been WAY too long since there’s a been a killing game! Wait… When was the last one? It seems my memory is all jumbled up! Bah, who cares! I can still run a good killing game! After all, the real key to a killing game isn’t strategy or might- it’s heart! And my heart is pounding from the anticipation! Is it here? Is it finally underway!? Ah, I can’t wait any longer! Let’s start let’s start let’s start!

The sun rises, washing the world in a warm light as you rise from your heavy slumber. Crisp air fills your lungs- it’s chilly, but not cold. Did your heater stop working last night or something? You know, now that you think about it, this doesn’t seem like your bed at all... Through the haze of waking up, you open your eyes- and you very quickly realize that you don’t recognize this place at all. You take in your surroundings, trying to find something familiar, but having no success.

This location is unfamiliar, and this situation strange. Where you are and what happened to you is mysterious—now, it's all a matter of deciding what to do next.
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Saitou Izo

Saitou Izo awoke in silence. He blinked and wiped the sleep from his eyes with the fabric of his robes before sitting up to look around wherever exactly he had woken up. He was outside,a field? No. A camp or village of some kind judging from the buildings dotted around the area, they were some walk away but perhaps he could find out exactly where he was from there. In the meantime however, Saitou turned his attention to the area closer to him; he was not alone. Three people lay around him, the three of them seemed to be slowly rousing from their sleep. How long they were from waking up,he wasn't particularly bothered. He stood there for a moment as he continued to observe the area around him,twisting one of the simple steel rings on his finger as he did, he muttered to himself "Where in the name of the Gods are we?"

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Hamazura Ginshi
[Super Highschool Level Judo Master]:::The Day Has Come:::

A void of darkness surrounded him. Or atleast for a second anyways. Sunlight invaded his vision, stinging his eyes and forcing him to rub them. It was only for a moment that his blurry eyesight began to settle. Then, there he saw...

A tennis racket... a football.... and... a baseball bat


With that last object sending a shock throughout his system, the orange-haired boy stood to his feet in a single swift motion. Initially, he had been leaning against the wall behind him, unconscious for god knows how long. He was unsure if this was a dream or not, but the reality before him was a room forged from wood. Besides himself, there were plenty of sports equipment such as nets, floor mats, score boards and many other things of the like surrounding him on all sides.

Although it certainly wasn't cluttered in the slightest. They were all either nearly stacked in a corner or on the many shelves and rackets that supported them. No matter how he looked at it this was a storage room for sports equipment. However that didn't answer the question of why he was here in the first place.

"Wasn't I suppose to be entering inside of Hope's Peak? How did I get inside the storage room?" Ginshi questioned himself out loud but he didn't expect any answer. He assumed that he had somehow fallen asleep and someone brought him here to rest. Yet, why would they put him in the sports storage room of all places? Maybe this was someone's idea of a practical joke? "That's probably it," he mumbled while bouncing a basketball that he'd found next to him.

Thinking on that for a bit while letting the loud noise of the bouncing ball fill the area, a light smile appeared on his lips. "Well if it's the case of a prank, that's even better,"

No matter the fact that he'd just awoken in a place he was unfamiliar with, Ginshi's heart did not skip a bit over it. Even if this was the case of hazing like he suspected, that didn't worry him either. That was the way it should be. Just as his Sensei had instilled in him, his mind had to be as water; letting disturbances simply pass through him.

With those imprinted lessons in mind, Ginshi casually tossed the basketball to the side and opened the door in order to exist the storage room.

It should lead him to just outside of Hope's Peak Academy, most likely in it's rear section

It should...

It should... and yet..

What spread before him was not a building built upon steel and stone, But instead an open field of grass and dirt. One that was clear and empty of any familiarity or certainty.

"Wha-" Besides the moment he had seen that baseball bat which brought back unpleasant memories of the past, Hamazura Ginshi's heart had finally skipped a beat.
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Hisakawa Hiroki

Hisakawa has never really been one for sleeping in. In fact, it was pretty rare for him to sleep past sunrise—why sleep for eight hours if he can function just fine on three? So feeling himself awaken to a ray of sun hitting his eyes was pretty uncommon, but it wasn’t necessarily unwelcome. Though he couldn’t let himself sleep just yet…

As awareness came to him, he groggily attempted to evaluate his surroundings—specifically, listening for breathing. After a moment, he did pick up the sound of someone breathing sleepily, as well as the pressure on his chest—the weight of another person. He let out a quiet sigh, then wrapped his arms around the person on top of him, knowing he won’t have to get up right away.

He let himself relax into the haze of the morning. It was always remarkably peaceful here—well, the neighbors didn’t make a lot of noise, at any rate. Otherwise it was decently comfortable, but he had his complaints. The carpet was kinda gross, they probably haven’t done a renovation since the place was built, and the shower—you know what? Let’s not think too hard about the shower.

Hisakawa recentered himself, focusing on the woman in his arms. He raised his hand over to her head, lazily stroking it though her hair. It wasn’t everyday that—


Oh no, that’s not right.

Hisakawa opened his eyes. It wasn't just the hair, nothing about this was right. He looked at the woman sleeping on top of him, and didn’t even remotely recognize her. He looked around the room, but it was all as unfamiliar as the girl. He tried to run through his memories of yesterday, trying to understand where he was and who the hell this girl was, but ultimately came up empty. The last thing he can even remember is showing up at Hope’s Peak academy, about to start his first day at the prestigious school.

“Ooooh nooooo.” He muttered, bringing has hands up to his face. He wasn’t really sure about the exact situation that brought this about, but he couldn't imagine any circumstances that didn't mean he didn't do something wrong somewhere down the line.

God, this was bad. This was really, really, really bad. There was a pit in his stomach, wanting him to do something about this, but also terrified of confronting the situation. He squeezed his face, digging his nails in, using the pressure and sting to help him focus. This may not be as bad as he thinks it is. It may just be his imagination getting the better of him. Either way, he had to wake this person up and figure out what happened, as much as he may not want to confront it. It’d be worse to just leave and not figure out what happened, anyway, right? After a couple more moments of mental debate, he gently tapped she girl on top of him, speaking as she began to wake. With his other hand, he pressed his fingernails into the palm of his hand, trying to keep himself focused and present.

“So, uhm-” He coughs a bit, his voice coming a out a little hoarse, “Listen, I’m really sorry. I gotta be honest, I don’t really remember anything that happened last night, and this really isn’t-” He moved his hands to remove the girl from on top of him, but, not wanting to touch her, he ended up putting his arms at his sides, “and this really isn’t looking good. Um..." He paused, trying to wrap up what he was saying as quick as possible, not wanting to waste any of this woman's time, and trying to get this over with as quickly as possible "So, what exactly happened?"


Himura Chikako

Himura woke from her slumber, and found that she was actually kinda cold. Ugh, that’s annoying, though it really wasn’t all that uncommon for her to end up kicking her blanket off in the middle of the night, so she wasn’t that surprised. She felt around, trying to get comfortable so she could sleep again, only to end up with a clump of grass in her hand instead. She raised herself up on her elbow, analyzing the grass for a second (yep, that’s grass), before looking at her surroundings. Grass. There’s some trees over there. Some buildings over there. A couple of people on the ground somewhat near her. She doesn’t recognize any of them, nor does she remember how she got here.

She sat up, quickly adapting to the circumstances. Though deeply confused about where she was and who she was with, and certainly not comfortable with that, she simply put on a smile (though not a totally natural one), pointing it at the only awake person near her—some boy in pretty white robes, “Hey there!” She said, keeping her tone casual, “How did you sleep last night? I slept like a baby, myself! Y’know, sleeping on the ground is a lot more comfortable than people give it credit for!” Conversational and friendly without being specific—whatever happened to her, that was probably broad enough to cover her bases. Unless she wasn’t supposed to talk, or be conversational and friendly…

Well, she had already done it, so the best she could do would be to improvise from here.
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"...Kh... Aargh...!!"

Throbbing pains surged through the head of the groaning voice's owner, the person pulling themselves up from what they seemed to be leaning up against. A wooden surface, rounded and uneven. Glancing behind revealed it to be a canoe dangling from a hook, swaying forward a little at the person climbed up and moved away from it. A thought shot through them, grabbing behind their head to check something.

(...Thank god, she didn't forget. I would've died if I had to go out as a girl.)

Taka Tsuin

Taka confirmed himself again by looking all over his body and he found his usual clothing and make-up to be in place. He didn't know why he was in what looked to be a boat house, but maybe they just got... lost on their way to hope's peak. Not that that would explain the head-ache. The boy stumbled forwards a little, reaching for the door. He needed to figure out if it was unlocked and with a click, that seemed to be the case. A sigh of relief escaped him. Wherever Taka was, at least he wasn't trapped. The boy took another quick look at his surroundings. Rays of dawn shone through the small windows of the hut he was in, illuminating the contents to be seen clearly. Canoes, paddles, lifevests... everything you'd need for a trip on the lake seemed to be in order.

"Where the hell did you get us...?" Taka mumbled to himself as he opened the door in full now, shielding himself from the rays of sun that assaulted his retinas. Once his sight became less blurry, the boy took another look around. Straight ahead, a collection of cabins. To the right, a road and some giant fence. To the left? More giant fence and way closer.

"What the fuck...?"

A wave of deja-vu washed over Taka as he started pacing towards the road, feeling as if he'd been in this situation before. He should probably be freaking out over being, y'know, trapped, but it wouldn't do him any good to do that. Well, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't a little panicked, but if his eyes didn't deceive him there were some people groggily waking up on a grass plain not too far from here. If he was going to get any idea of what was going on here, he'd best check in with them.
Ayu Usui

Ayu was a pretty peaceful sleeper.

She recognized she was laying comfy even in the depths of her slumber, however. It was nice and warm, maybe a little hard but not too much. Like a good pillow. It felt very natural and relaxing, making her sleep soundly and not moving an inch aside from the soft breathing of her lungs.

But when she was lightly being shook, it worked like a sledgehammer on her psyche. Her eyes flickered open, adjusting to the sight. Once her focus came into view, she saw... not much. Her glasses weren't on her face, and all she could make out was a blur. Without skipping a beat she pushed herself off from whatever she was sleeping on and yawned without a care in the world, glancing around the area. She could make out a faint shape on a small nightstand near her, reached for it and found her spectacles.

They helped quite a bit. Now Ayu could see she was sitting on a bed, with a boy not too far from her. An unfamiliar bed, at that. She probably woke up on him. Around her was a pretty basic and uncharacteristic room. There was a nearby shelf for some kind of toy collecting, but that's about it. Oh yeah, didn't she hear some noises earlier? Glancing back at the boy, Ayu figured they must've come from him. Not that she paid any attention to what she had said.


After her short and brutally honest reply, she picked up the creaking from the nearby door to the cabin. Glancing in that direction, Ayu locked eyes with a scruffy-looking, white-haired boy with some... eccentric clothing. Ayu tilted her head as he closed the door again and jumped off the bed. She slouched over and opened it herself again, peeking her head out only to find nobody in the area.

"Weird. Were you two friends?" she asked the nearby boy, her curious inquisition devoid of the tone that would make it seem like she actually cared. Ayu took a step away from the door again and stopped in her tracks, staring blankly at the curtained window on the wall opposite to her. Jumbled thoughts started racing through her head as she began to think of what this all was. Her brief peek outside revealed that Ayu was not, in fact, at the dorms of Hope's Peak as she initially assumed, but instead some kind of lodging spot. To that end, she still didn't know why she was there with two guys and waking up on a bed, but considering she was fully clothed and didn't feel weird, not much must've happened. Strange to think of why they would bring her here, though...
Momoe Mizuno

"Oh my god, shut up."

Momoe blurted out as she heard the unfamiliar voices of people around her, a throbbing in her head being the culprit of her foul mood. She threw her hand against her head and slightly clutched it, hoping it distracted her from the pain. It didn't. Her one eye slowly flickered open as she was staring straight up at the clear blue skies, cold chills running over her body from the breeze that hit it. She slowly pushed herself up straight, taking in the rather featureless plain Momoe found herself in. Three other people too, from the looks of it. A monk, a party decoration and one normal looking person. Not that she was any judge of appearance, considering the faint throb coming from her left eye.

"Why the hell did I have the bright idea of spending the night on a field of grass-?!" Momoe cursed to herself, taking a bit of a better look around. She saw a huge, iron fence on one side, a lake far off in the distance, some wooden cabins of various sizes to her left and behind the girl looked to be a stage. Not to mention the goddamn forest that wasn't too far removed.

(Fantastic. This is the first time I've had absolutely no idea where I am.)

Momoe grit her teeth in frustration, feeling like she just got played for a fool. The girl rose up to her feet and dusted the blades of grass off her coat, cursing that they'd better not make any stains. She glanced back at the other three, the normal one looking about ready to wake up as well.

"Well? Any of you lot got any idea of where the hell we are?"
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The sun was shining, birds chirping in the woods, and as the day begun, so too did the people of the world rise in the waking world. But some of them did not wake into a pleasant world, some were doomed to rise into a nightmare, one that would only settle when they closed their eyes once more.

One of them was the white-haired sleeping beauty, her back sore from the hard bench that she laid on. With a frown on her face, she turned around, hoping for softer pastures to lay her cheeks on, only to be greeted by more concrete; something was wrong. Not only would she never settle for a bed so unacceptably bad, she never went to bed yesterday at all.

As her eyelids opened to reveal a set of purple grey eyes, the world became visible to Snow once more. Rays of dim white light shone through the large windows illuminating a large hall with dozens of tables lined with benches. In the back, what appeared to be a kitchen was tucked away, leaving Snow with the impression she was in a mess hall, Hope’s peak’s mess hall most likely.

But how did she get here? she never went to bed, most certainly not in a public space where every mongrel attending the school could see her sleep. No... the last thing she remembered was standing in front of the gates, and then….nothing; nothing until now.

She would never touch alcohol and drugs so a hangover was out of the question, her health was waaay too perfect to ever fall unconscious to natural causes, so that meant she was either drugged or knocked unconscious. But that could only imply a few things as well. There were pedophiles hoping to catch children going to hope’s peak; there were criminals hoping to sell her for ransom or into slavery; or there were people who knew of her personally, the last being the most likely; there was after all no decrepit depth to which these stinking humans would fall.

With the situation properly analyzed, Snow quietly got up to sit on the bench, her back leaning against the table. She once more inspected the area, until her gaze took hold of something, a person. That man was the only other living being in this giant hall along with her...He was here for her; most likely a guard to make sure she wouldn’t escape.

But in true mongrel fashion, they didn’t think to tie her up, and the guy even fell asleep like a moron! As expected of humans.

Creating as little noise as possible, Snow stood up and started moving towards the guy; picking up a chair along the way. As she got closer she raised the chair more and more, until she stood right above the sleeping boy with the chair above her head, ready to pounce on this pathetic filth, a face of pure disgust on display.

Before she did so though, she took a moment to observe the boy up close. He looked about the same age as her, meaning he was probably from Hope’s peak as well; not that that mattered much. His clothes were sloppy and his hair unkempt, it was the perfect example of a rapscallion kid trying too hard to be cool.

What she didn’t realise however, was that as she observed the boy, plenty of time would have passed for him to wake up, with her head in the clouds and whatnot.

Meanwhile in a different part of the campgrounds…

Another girl woke up in another nightmare, this one less about sleeping comfortable, and more about sleeping abysmally. As if sleeping on cold damp grass wasn’t enough annoyance, the fact that she had one of her trademark migraines only added to the horrible morning plaguing Flare.

She had been laying on the ground awake for a while now, her eyes still closed and her body shifting and turning furiously, trying to fall asleep and letting this horrible day pass by already. But alas, the unknown people shouting in her ears just wouldn’t let her rest in peace. Even though it may have looked like she slept soundly, every word that the 3 people around her spoke was stored in her brain for processing.

One had no clue what was going on, the other didn’t even care, and the last was very rude about it; well at least they made something click, the scruffy sounding girl had no memory of yesterday, as did Flare. So with no choice but to wake up, she chose to at least wake up at her own leisure.

So with a loud groan lasting a good few seconds, Flare stretched her body from head to toe, until she cringed back into a fetus position as her head throbbed once more. She placed her hands on her forehead as her muscles relaxed again, and was left with but one thing.

“uuuuuggghh…” With that out of her system, she finally opened her eyes and sat down cross-legged. As she looked around, her mind assigned the voices to the people now around her, probably getting most of them right.

“You too huh?” She addressed Momo, her resting bitch face even worse after waking up so horridly. “Gods, we must have drank waaay too much during our inauguration yesterday.” She said as she finally got to her feet, wiping off the grass and dirt as best she could.

As she looked around, she noticed how different this place was from Hope’s peak, there wasn’t this much open space, let alone the giant lake in the distance anywhere near the school. So they must have gone to a different location belonging to the school, or so she hoped...For some reason she couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more going on here than a hangover; the sooner they found out what was really going on, the better.
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Yukimori Maiya

The sounds of water from the lake nearby, and the birds that chirped and flew through the sky made Yukimori open her eyes lightly. She felt a hard floor underneath her and that might cause the pain that was felt through her whole body. Pushing herself lightly up from the floor as a small groan was heard, her head was spinning a little as she reached for her forehead right away. "W-What...? Why does my body hurt so much. Did I fall asleep on my way to hope's peak academy...? Last night I did sleep late... I knew that I should have put my books right away after my alarm went off..." A sigh of regret escaped her mouth as she tried to get herself together. The hand that rested on her forehead slide down to the floor as she opened her eyes a little more so her view would get better. What she saw made her surprised. Stone objects were all over the big field that lay before her, next to that big field was an amazing view from a lake. "I can't remember... That we had this kind of place in town...?" She whispered to herself in a quiet tone. 

Not realizing that there were other people around her she slowly stood up and looked down at the floor. Mhm, this kind looks like a small stage. Turning around to see how big it was she finally saw the others lying around, a gasp escaped her mouth as she backed off a little. "W-who are these people... I-I didn't know I walked with them to Hope's peak academy...?" Trying to get herself together she walked a little closer to see if she was right, that she didn't see them before. Not to her surprise at all, she didn't know them at all. What she did notice was that there was a boy and a girl, of course she wouldn't try to wake them up or talk to them. 

Wanting to at least give it a try she started with the girl, one of her hands slowly wanted to reach to the shoulder of the stranger. All of a sudden she pulled her hand back and blushed bright because of how shy she was (Dammit, Yukimori! ... I guess our next plan is to just wait for them to wake up...). Crouching down next to the girl to get a better look at her. Her hair was short, and it was pitch black. Looking at her hair made Yukimori play with the ends of her white her. The clothes that the girl wore seemed expensive and made with the finest fabric, especially the blouse she wore. Yukimori stood up again, her eyes slide over the lake that took place next to the field, with a small smile she stepped away from the girl and just glanced at the boy that she didn't approach from how bad she was with boys. (The girl was already difficult enough to aproach... S-Sorry...) 

A small brise of the wind went through her hair as she looked at the other side of the field, noticing that there were other places beside this kind of looking theatre."Where are we...? I can't find a building that might look like Hope's peak academy..." Plombing herself down on the edge of the stage as she tried to get everything in place, waiting for the others to wake up. "I wish that I had one of my books with me..." 
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Presentation Cabin

~ Bootup Sequence ~

Shadows danced across the floor of a wooden room, illuminating the interior through open windows. The chill of the day left the interior with something of a crisp coolness, though despite the temperature, it was hardly unpleasant. The single body and sunlight had raised the temperature a few degrees, allowing the girl inside to sleep for as long as was necessary. Though that time had passed.

From the floor stirred said girl. She was curled into a corner, head against both the floor and her knees, with a toy rabbit squished into her chest, savouring what warmth was available. Her body wrapped into itself in a fetal position, thought not for fear of her location, nor the unknown surroundings. No - she merely wanted to keep sleeping. It was the nature of a girl with too much sleep debt to pay off; the nature of a girl awake into the early hours working or messing around as she saw fit.

It was the nature of Lilly Hart, the Ultimate Hacker. Her eyes flicked open, before immediately closing to adjust to the burst of brightness. The windows, despite having shutters, were left wide open, allowing beams of light to streak in and paint the wooden floor golden. It wouldn't have been an issue, but as the girl stretched out and rolled across the floor to face the rest of the room, her retinas burned with the newfound glow. Who opened the curtains?

Blind and groggy, her hand found the wall, then a table or chair of some kind, and with the support she pulled herself from the ground. And eventually, slowly, but surely, her eyes fluttered open, revealing her surroundings. The cabin was small, though not so small as to where it couldn't fit a decent amount of people. Chairs were set out in rows, indicating some kind of assembly room. The projector, sat atop a small table pointed towards the wall, confirmed that idea.

The rabbit hung by her side as she continued around the room, taking everything in. From the windows she could see grass, and trees, and a large fence just a distance a-ways. Everything felt strange. Very strange. A level of strange she was used to, but not in this manner. This was far from a school dormitory, that much she could ascertain. Perhaps it was some kind of initiation, a test for the new students. A bubble of excitement rose in her chest as the idea planted itself like a seed. There had been no mention of such an activity, but if it was true, this would be a wonderful experience.

With a renewed spring in her step, Lilly skipped towards the door at the back of the cabin, swinging it open with her whole body. A small set of cabinets sat behind it, filled with varying documents regarding camping activities. Dangerous plants, fire starting techniques, camp safety, proper storage of canoes, and many other documents. Though she made no effort to read the others, just the first few was enough to elicit a small smile, one of genuine, childish enjoyment.

With one hand, she brushed her hair from her face, before taking several other, random documents from the cabinet, barely even recognising them being written in English and not Japanese. With each she took, she stuffed them into her pocket, before turning tail and skipping from the backroom, past the chairs, and out the main door into the cool air of the camp grounds. This was going to be more than just fun, this was going to be amazing!

She would have new experiences, and meet all sorts of new people! A light hum emerged from her lips, less of a distinctive tune and closer to a random assortment of sounds resembling something of a melody. Who would she meet first?! There were so many possibilities!

Outdoor Amphitheatre

~ Justice Never Rests ~

This was a terrible way to start a new day. He was meant to be attending Hopes Peak, but no. Here he was, staring up at a blue, sparse sky on a stone bench in the middle of nowhere. Though he couldn't quite tell what had happened, nor where he was, he knew that this certainly was not the prestigious academy he had been promised in the acceptance letter. A naive hope at the back of his mind suggested some kind of class activity, but it was ignored promptly. They wouldn't do something like this without warning.

With his knees arched, and his hands behind his head, the boy continued to look upwards. He was already awake, and had been for some time now, though the people around him weren't. Two girls, or so he had scouted, both in a deep slumber. It was an assumption, but there was something in his thought processes that indicated it may have been drug induced. That was, if the headache he arose to was any indication. Three people, in one area, drugged and dumped in the middle of nowhere? It wasn't just fishy. It was suspicious.

Of course, he wasn't merely laying still without having done anything. He had scouted a little further than just the amphitheatre they found themselves stationed by. Facing the stage, there was a lake at their nine o'clock, and further behind around about seven o'clock was a path, leading off into a dense section of trees. He would have explored further, but he wasn't going to leave the two to awaken alone, without any idea what was going on. He needed to give them at least some semblance of support, even if he was in much the same boat as them.

The first indication of something new occurring was the sound of gentle talking, decently nearby. With that, he sat up, using his hands to pry himself from the bench and into an upright position. Dark and deep golden eyes fell upon the girl, now awake and walking around - the white haired one. It pained him to simply call her the "White haired one", but there was no indication that they were acquainted. No memories, no familiarity. But if he was going to Hopes Peak, only to wake up here, then maybe, just maybe, she was like him.

"Hey." he called over, his voice carrying around the stonework theatre, "Finally awake?" despite the situation, and no doubt her confusion, every word he spoke was coupled with a smile, and a calm demeanour, as he looked her over, attempting to recall anything about her, "I'm glad - you were sleeping pretty heavily earlier."

With that, he stood up, letting his hands fall to his sides as he walked along the row of seats, and to one of the multiple staircases lining the structure. His steps were ones void of fear, though inside, that wasn't entirely true. The fact that someone else was awake had settled one nerve, but sparked another; what kind of person would kidnap children, and then dump them in the middle of nowhere?
"I'm Shirou. Shirou Emiya." his voice gradually grew louder as he approached, until finally he stood in front of the girl, a little ways away, "It's nice to meet you. So, what's your name?"

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-Ryuma Hitsugaya-

Clapping and shouting rang through his ears along with the sound of someone's heavy breathing. It only took a moment from Ryuma to register that is was his breathing and that the crowd was shouting for him to lose. There was no such thing as an empathetic or sympathetic crowd. They wanted drama, they wanted mayhem, and Ryuma winning over and over again was boring them. His supporters were drowned out by the bloodthirsting crowd, waiting for him to slip up and break a leg. Or fall off the two-story bars, or for the ropes to slip through his fingers or-

Everything got much quieter suddenly. He heard someone moving around, but the shouting crowd was gone and the extreme vibration of his heart started to still. His back was against the wall and his head was hanging down onto the chest of his hoodie. It wasn't like him to sleep like that, as usually that would give make his neck sore. He turned his neck slightly side to side and flinched, it really was sore as hell! He could feel his heart beating hard against his chin and a cold sweat stuck some of his grayish white hair to the base of his neck. With a grunt, he raised up his head and started to peer through the slits some would call eyes.

Gray eyes peeked through and Ryuma's blurry vision picked out a figure standing in front of him. Kind of rude to not announce themselves or wake him up, right? Were they just watching him sleep like a creeper? His head and neck ached and his throat felt numb, but he still struggled to get his bearings, only to see the chair aimed at his head.

Adrenaline that had just been fading away punched through his psyche and Ryuma threw himself to the side, his feet and hands scrambling to find purchase on the ground and get out of the way of the chair's damaging wrath, or her wrath.

The loud bang of wood against cement resounded through the room.

Ryuma flipped his body so he could watch his aggressor, some shemale girl with a sick haircut and the look of pure drama queen. "Hey, what's the big idea?! Waking up people with a head trauma isn't the best way to go about it!" He slowly got up from the ground and dusted himself off. With a slight glance, he deduced that the chair somehow hadn't been broken from the impact and gave a smile, "Look hun, if you don't got the strength, braining me ain't gonna do ya much good."

Looking around gave the Parkour athlete a start, this didn't look high tech enough for Hope's Peak. "Now I'll be asking the questions, where the hell are we and why are you so bloodthirsty?" The boy really wanted to just turn around and bolt out of the room, but he didn't want to leave his back open for her next blow.

-Naomi Fukuda-

This was not the bed created for her. This was not the bedroom Naomi's parents had fashioned for their true heir and it couldn't have been no matter what timeline reality was in. Now, it would be more understandable if this was some park bench or something akin to it, but the Linguist had remembered walking into Hope's Peak and they wouldn't have let her sleep on something so poor... Or so she believed. The cement was cold and hard. And her back ached with a stabbing pain in her lower back. Her head was also pounding and the pain sparked memories that Naomi would rather forget.

Shuddering, she started to sit up, a hand to her head, not really able to understand the words being exchanged to her right. She blinked a few times, cursing at the light stabbing into her eyes as they adjusted to the light. When she could finally see, although with squinting eyes, she turned her head to the movement on the stage. There were two teenagers her age there, one sitting on the stage looking strangely petrified and another calm and collected moving towards her. While he did look their age, he looked to well built and a shudder went through her. Was he going to hurt that girl?

Naomi got up on her wobbly legs and started walking slowly backwards, glancing around her. There was a set of trees not too far away behind her and some voices coming from far away. All the small girl wanted to do was get behind a tree and regroup, but she was also worried about the girl on the stage. As she was backing up, her flats, which were not designed for the outdoors, slipped on the dirt dusted ground and she fell on her butt.

She let out a loud squeak before starting to get up, her throat feeling weirdly numb and scratchy. Were the hell were they? Naomi turned around and ran a few steps to bypass the rest of the benches before peering around again. Fence? An amphitheater? what...

"What the hell is going on?!"

Her hands surged up to cover her mouth after her involuntary outburst and she took another step back. Way to draw attention to herself. She didn't have a weapon and she was in the middle of god knows where... And... And! And no one could save her now.

Darkness. A scene that may look black, but was entirely devoid of color and yet filled with every hue imaginable. A void of nothingness and everything as well. This is what sleep meant for Hibiki. Cloaked in a blanket of the Abyss.

Something was making the back of his scalp itch and his throat felt numb and uncomfortable. Hibiki sleepily moved his hand up to scratch at his scalp, dragging his hand along the powder covered floor. Powder? That wasn't the most foreign concept to the Tutor, but definitely felt off. Why fall asleep so close to a black board? The blue-haired boy spread his legs out to feel for a blanket, but the only thing he felt was a leg of some kind of furniture. Hibiki shimmed on the floor until he could reach for the leg and felt cloth.

Needing to get more comfortable and away from the powder, he ripped at the cloth to use as a blanket or pillow. But it didn't give with only a simple tug. Tugging harder, it started to slide off but got stuck on some corner. With one last tug, he felt the cloth start to fall onto his legs, along with so much more.

The boy let out a grunt as an easel complete with a painting fell onto his midsection. It wasn't the heaviest thing in the world, but the shock forced Hibiki to open his eyes. With a start, he sat up and shoved the easel off of him. Dust covered his glasses and he hurriedly wiped them off on the cloth.

The room was mostly dark, but slits of light come through the shutters. The room was filled with tables full of arts and crafts, with a row of seats half-circled around the platform he was on. On one side of the platform was the easel that had fallen on him. Once the Tutor got up, he uncovered the cloth from the other easel to reveal an art piece made with dry pastels. No wonder his scalp was so itchy, he had been laying in the fall off powder.

He started to pat himself down of powder, causing a cloud to slip up his nose and Hibiki to start choking. Blinking back stinging tears, he wiped his glasses on his uniform and stepped off the platform. After giving the room a final look, he opened the door to exit the room.

Blaring sunlight forced the Tutor to squint his eyes to slits. He looked both ways before hastily backing up and closing the door most of the way. The outside had been blinding and now Hibiki's scalp itched, his eyes and head hurt, his torso felt uncomfortable, and his throat felt numb. Hibiki let out a sigh as he remembered the figure that had been moving outside the corner of his eye.

The Tutor groaned before exiting the Art Cabin once more. He brought a hand up to block the sun and peered at the girl standing outside the far cabin. The closer he got, the more her hair bounced light into his eyes, but that would hopefully soon subside. Hibiki himself must have looked rather strange, with his powdered covered hair and body and his very blue hair. With another sigh, the boy stepped forward.

As he passed by the middle cabin, he saw another boy, but was to lazy to drag him into the interaction. Once he got in talking distance with the skipping girl, he pointed to himself, then at the unknown girl, "I'm Hibki, you?"
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Saitou Izo

Saitou looked at the girl who spoke to him first with a look of brief confusion on his before quickly returning to a neutral expression, she must know where they are. "I seem to have slept well enough. Tell me,do you have any idea where we are exactly? he said before turning to the others as they woke and spoke.

Izo disregarded the initial complaining of the women as he looked around the area,still trying to get some semblance of where exactly they were. He wasn't much of a drinker and found it unlikely any of the other narcotics he took on occasion would give him any type of memory loss this bad. He sighed to himself as he turned back to the group "I for one, have no idea where we are." as the third women woke up and complained about hangover he added "I'm not much of a drinker,but can any of you recall how we ended up here?"
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There was a frown on Snow’s face, it was getting worse by the second, and this boy who should have been hurt here dodged her. What foolish behaviour to deny your punishment, don’t you know that evading punishment only leads to more and more? And to add to this the fact that he talked to her as if she was a kid? a kid with no strength? a kid who enjoys being ridiculed?

But most of all, she was being commanded to answer.

“What?” Her voice was completely monotone, not a single emotion appearing as her eyes deadlocked on Ryuma’s. “Are you trying to trick me?” Her voice now seemingly raising a decibel or 2, she took a step towards the boy, her hand already reaching out for another chair. “If you think I’ll answer any of your questions, you greedy asshole... well i’ve got something for you!” With a sudden shout, she grabbed the chair took another step forward, and threw it at Ryuma, thought it’s path and velocity could barely be called throwing; the parkour troubadour could easily dodge it.

“Get lost!” She shouted, picking up another chair to throw it.

“You idiots have never bested me, and you never will!” And another one.

“I'm calling the authorities.” And another one. At this point she had almost reached the exit, but she still felt the need to pick up another chair and…

“And don’t even try to stop me!” Throw it again.

WIth the last chair completing the collection of fallen chairs littering the now messy hall, Snow turned around and forcefully pushed her hands against the double doors of the building...only to be greeted by an unknown location.

This was wrong, she wasn’t at hope’s peak at all, and that meant that this plot was way more elaborate than she initially assumed. With a sharp turn, she stomped back inside to face Ryuma once more.

“Where am I? Why am I here!?” She kept striding towards the boy, until she was awfully close to his face, raising her finger directly at him. “Return me at once, or face the consequences!”

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A voice of a stranger woke her out of her thoughts. Looking up at the boy that had stood up from the stone bench that was a few meters from the stage she was sitting on. Her body automatically reacted, and she crawled away, still facing into his direction. "I-I ..." Her quiet voice Lost at words was heard. Trying to get herself together, she shakes her head a little and took a deep breath. The hands she had placed next to her slowly pushed herself up and dusted her skirt off, facing the boy before her once again. 

"W-Well ... I didn't sleep that well on ... The floor." Feeling some small shivers through her body as the boy kept approaching her. But she kept calm and didn't let the boy notice that she was nervous to even talk to him, it would be strange and she doesn't want to make a bad impression. "N-Nice to meet you? S-Shirou Emiya... I'm Yukimori Maiya. B-But you can call me Yukimori!" A small blush was seen on her face as she made a light bow, nothing major just trying to be polite (W-Why did you yell your name...?). Yukimori took all her strength and walked towards the boy, getting closer would talk better as it seemed that he wanted to talk to her. Shyness to over and she still had a small distance between the boy and her.

Suddenly she heard someone curse and turned around from where the voice was coming from. Startled from the yelling girl she looked at the stage and noticed that the girl from earlier was gone (Did she run away because of how I looked...? I spaced out again didn't I? Well...). "W-Where is the girl from earlier...? She was there before I noticed this boy..." Whispering this to herself. Yukimori wanted to call out for her but her quiet voice won't be enough, so she turned towards the boy. The light blue eyes that were still filled with confusion and shyness looked right into the boy's eyes. "S-Should we see what's going on with the girl? O-Or let her be so she can get used to her surroundings first...? I-I don't want to be rude or anything...." 

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-Ryuma Hitsugaya-

And her next blow did come. Ryuma didn't know what kind of drug she was on, but her paranoia was through the roof. He took that moment to glance up to see the logged ceiling, trying to keep himself was doing anything drastic. But this was assault, right?

Why did he feel so ashamed right now? It wasn't like he had done anything besides self-preservation. The athlete felt like some husband that came home late after cheating on his wife, drunk, and his wife standing in the dark, with a bat. As she gets more animated, her voice gets higher and higher she repeats her same argument and becomes far too proud of herself. But this was a shemale he had never encountered before, let alone taken down the aisle.

Ryuma squatted down and swerved out of the way as another chair was aimed at his head... But it came nowhere near him. The athlete started to circle around the white-haired lioness, keeping his hands up as she threw chair after chair at him. Maybe she was more like a female praying mantis, if so, she wasn't allowed anywhere near genitals.

"Call them, let them know some gal is trying to bark me to death!" He still was in a defensive position and stared longingly at the door, but she now stood directly in his way. As she stared for the doors, Ryuma took a few cautious steps forward, only for her to turn around and get in his face.

Bossy much? She was really getting on his last nerve. Ryuma's mother had always told him to respect women, but again, she had tried to bludgeon him to death. With one swift movement he grabbed the inside of her extended forearm and raised it high. With his other hand he grabbed her last failed murder weapon, brought it up and threw it to the ground, smashing it to pieces. "Look, I need you to shut up for a sec! Geez!"

Ryuma brought up his free hand to his head and slipped it down his face, sighing, "I don't know where we are, who you are, or why you're trying to kill me. I need you to calm down and think for a second. Why were we drugged and is there anyone else around?" He kicked at the broken chair, not wanting her to try and pick a piece up and use it as a weapon, then he brought his face closer, looking into her probably disgusted eyes, "Please?"

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Aurel Fuchs

So this was it huh?

Aurel just stood there with all his luggage, alone to his thoughts as he stared up. Beyond these gates therein lied his new future - Hopes Peak Academy. This was the prestigious place where so many amazing people came to, right? Fidgeting around, the young thief brought up a finger to his mouth, chewing at it as his head swiftly whipped to each side, taking in the surroundings.

Trees glistening in the sunlight as leaves swirled around him, the iron grated fence was... rather imposing, not that it helped that there was a giant tower of a school behind it all. Out of all, any people who could of came here, it had to be him... for being an expert thief... or the ultimate thief?

Really, it didn't matter.

The only thing that was plastered on his face were his furrowed brows with a small frown as he continued to nibble at his finger... focus Aurel, this is your new future, you can do this.

Tearing his finger away, he gulped in a breath of fresh air as he took a step forward.




What wasn't he just?


As the dream faded away, the boy began to emanate a guttural groan, straight from the bottom of his stomach. His body was wracked with pain as he slowly dug his hands into the... loamy soil? Like a claw, he scrapped up bits of rubble and dirt pulps as he began to slowly open his eyes. It all felt so cold; it didn't exactly help that a sharp pang of blistering cold air brushed above him, sending a shiver down the boy's spine.

His head was spinning and the world around him made it look like he was staring through the lens of a wobbling, unfocused camera. At the most, it was obvious to tell he was outside... it made him ponder on whether or not he passed out in front of the academy before wincing in pain at the sudden piercing headache he had.

It caused him to dig his fingers even more into the soil as he hissed a bit, blinking and adjusting his eyes to his surroundings. The first thing that caught his eye was the thing he was laying on, prone - the ground. Pressing his hands against the ground, the thief slowly forced himself upward. Even in his haze, he could at least still make that out, along with the... building?

As he whipped his head to the side, he found himself swirling to the point that it felt as if he was still on a nausea-fueled amusement park ride. Bending his arms, Aurel quickly thrust himself back up, wobbling a bit as he tried to find his footing, before maintaining a semblance of balance.

This whole ordeal felt awkward as he held his hands outward to keep himself from tipping over, blinking to acclimate his eyes to his surrounding. It took a few seconds for him to adjust, but after that, it was crystal clear and he could make out more than just the ground - the shapes of buildings that surrounded him.

They were a... strange mixture of being a log cabin and a somewhat modern condo, with a iron bar inhibiting any passage. From what he observed, one path lead down to other, seemingly locked up cabins, and the other, well to other cabins, save for another path that looked to diverge outwards.

Brushing the dirt from his face, Aurel steadily approached the cabin near the diverging path, squinting at the label on the side. "Himura... Chikako," he groggily murmured before stepping away and raising his arms towards the heavens.

There were myriads of things running through the thief's head as he cracked his neck and rolled it around before reaching down to touch his toes. Just where was he was one of the many amongst a sea of questions, like if this "Himura" person lived here and if they were one of the people who possibly kidnapped him... and for some reason dumped him out in the middle of a dirt road where he could easily wake up and read their names...

That was... right peculiar as he pivoted around in time to see that there were myriads of cabins facing the others as well. Putting a finger into his mouth, he began chewing at it as he cautiously approached another one, squinting to make out the name... before his finger fell straight out of his mouth as he hustled over to make sure if he was reading it right, rubbing his eyes as he got closer and closer.

"... Aurel," he murmured in bewilderment, eyes widened at the sudden revelation that this was his... living space for some odd reason. Wait... that meant multiple things. For a minor scale that meant Himura was the girls last name; on a more major scale he deduced one more thing.

"... if I'm right, then everyone listed on these cabins has to have been another abductee like me..."

A small sigh escaped his lips as he trudged back onto the well-maintained path, save for a part that had his whole body imprinted onto it. For the next couple of minutes, he began casually reading off each cabin he traversed by, bit by bit.

"... Snow Iclyn..."

"... Ayu Usui..."

Why were they here?

"... Lilly Hart..."

"... Shirou Emiya..."

What was their objective?

"... Hiroki Hisaka... wa? He momentarily paused and blinked for a second. The door to this cabin was left open; it was odd and very much out of place amongst the other six he had counted up so far. Of course, Aurel was as much reserved as he was guarded, ensuring that he would prevent himself from being ambushed in the process.

Taking one long glance over his shoulder, Aurel briskly and autonomically scanned the vicinity for any signs of life, becoming an unmoving sentry for the minute that he stood there. Following that, he turned back to face the entrance and took in one deep breath, clasping the handle of the door. It was now or never as he slowly pulled it open just wide enough to take a peep in...

... and... uh... what?

... hold on...

This isn't... ok?

Aurel's head involuntarily tipped to the side as he tried to process what was going on, leaning a bit too much on the door as a support for how dumbfounded and bewildered he appeared. His mouth was agape, one eye squinting with the opposite sides brow rising up. He blinked. And blinked again, slightly blushing at what he was witnessing.

... did they just... leave the door open while having... Aurel just... he couldn't compute what was going on. Did he walk in on them redressing? Were they trapped here like him, or the perpetrators of this whole situation who decided to just?...


The girl locked eyes with him, albeit very briefly, making the situation even more discomforting. Aurel just tensed straight up and frowned straight back at her, making it appear as if he was giving them a harsh sense of disapproval before instantly slamming the door and walking in the opposite direction that he came.

Both of his palms were pressed up against his forehead, double facepalming. This was already becoming an embarrassing repeat of the time when he stole the Imperial Treasures with that poor Chinese girl. The only good thing he could say that came out of this whole awkward situation was that he was more hyper-focused...

... like right now as soon as he heard a bit of squeaking behind him. Silently and swiftly, Aurel ducked to the side of the cabin, crouching down to obscure himself as much as possible... even with his minute presence, every little bit helped in hiding. While he was at this, he began to not only keep his ears glued to the cabin, but his eyes peeled as he squinted at another adjacent cabin and began reading off the name on it.

Once that task was completed, he rose up, and walked as casually and quickly away from that cabin, repeating the same process as before to purge that memory into the back of his mind.


Following the next few minutes of going in what he assumed was a nearly complete circle, Aurel had counted up the number of cabins and had a mental roster of each name he saw. He wasn't going to bother dwelling too much on the names, as he walked by Ryuma's cabin, knowing full well that none of them were familiar to the thief.

As he left the congregation of cabins and followed the trail, he found himself staring down another individual who was making their way down the path. Putting a finger into his mouth, Aurel began gnawing at it, more and more fervently as the other individual, who looked mildly pissed and piqued, approached. Fortunately, there wasn't any trouble at all as Aurel strolled on by the dude, being invisible as always to the world.

Aurels gnawing slowly died down until his hand flitted out of his mouth and his arm dangled to the side once more. While there wasn't much to think on, the next course of action he had on mind was to accustom himself to his surroundings, investigate for a better idea of the situation, and then get out of dodge when he could.

That was the plan as the thief slowly began approaching the docks, taking in each canoe, the hut, and the crystalline lake before him... this was going to be a long day.
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Hisakawa Hiroki


Hisakawa, initially, rejected the thought, but backtracking through his thought process shows the girl wasn’t exactly wrong. His mind did immediately to the most, uh… unsavory outcome possible, which probably didn’t happen. Or was she talking about the hair thing? Oh God, he really did do that to a stranger, didn’t he? Ew! But she was asleep for that, she wouldn't have remembered that. Well, unless she wasn’t as asleep as he thought she was.

Well, point is, she was kind of right.

“Fair enough, actually. And, uh, sorry.” He said, though from the look of it, she didn’t really seem to care. She was paying more attention to the door, and it took Hisakawa a moment to realize that there was a person there.

Oh no, there was a person there!

The girl got up to further investigate, and Hisakawa sat up and buried his face in his hands. This was awful. This was… just so incredibly embarrassing. He didn’t even know what was going on and already he had made a pretty bad name for himself. You know what, this whole going to Hope’s Peak thing was kind of crazy anyway, maybe he’ll just go home and pretend none of this ever happened...

“Weird. Were you two friends?” The girl asked, interrupting his thought process.

Hisakawa looked up the girl, who still appeared totally unfazed by any of this, “No, which only makes this worse, really. Uh, like I said, I don’t really know what’s going on right now. I don’t know who you are, or who that guy was. I was kind of hoping you had all the answers to that, though I guess that was presumptuous.”

Hisakawa really didn't know how she wasn’t dying from embarrassment like he was. Maybe she’s just calm like that? Oh, actually, he was probably just over reacting. He did have a tendency to freak out about small things. It’s probably just not as big a deal as he thinks it is… but God, he really hoped he never had to see that guy again.

Regardless, the best he could do know was try to figure out where, exactly, they were, and what was going on. He got up from the bed, addressing the girl with some degree of false confidence, “The last I remember, I was at the gates of Hope’s Peak Academy, but my memory goes totally blank after that. I’m not sure how we got from here to there.”


Himura Chikako

“Oh shit, y’all don’t know what’s going on either? Thank God, I though it was just me!”

Himura took a second to look at her companions more closely, now that she knew they didn’t kidnap her or anything.

There’s robes boy, who seems kind of like the serious type, which is good, there always needs to be someone with a good head on their shoulders.

There was a one-eyed girl who was just super aggressive, which is good, there always needs to be… Okay, she was having a hard time finding a good purpose for that. Hmmm… Well, if they get attacked by rabid animals, Himura feels that this girl would somehow be able to scare them off, so if she’s gonna be stuck with her, then that’s a plus!

Then there was another girl who just woke up who seemed to be alright, and she had a bit of a sense of humor about the whole thing, which was great! There’s always need for a good morality booster.

She got up from her spot on the floor with a bounce, addressing the group, “Well, my name is Himura Chikako, nice to meet you all! Um, so... oh, I’m a Hope’s Peak student, actually, and I was at the gates of the school, aaaaaaaand… That’s all I can remember. What about you all?”
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Presentation Cabin

~ Enthusion ~

From the moment Lilly had exited the cabin, she had begun skipping along the path. Bunny in hand, pockets stuffed with papers and presentations, and a heart filled with excitement, she was on her way to find and explore every new thing she could possibly uncover. From her vantage point on the path, she could already see a series of six other buildings, punctuated with a gate straight ahead. From it extended a large fence, which she eyed carefully. Someone had taken the time to erect a fence around a camp grounds - camp grounds that Lilly had just awoken in, dazed and without any memories.

But there was no barbed wire atop it. If it existed to keep them contained, there should have been some kind of containment measure to prevent her - and anyone else in her same position - from climbing over it. And yet, at first glance, there was nothing of the sort. Was it electrified then? Her eyes scanned along the outskirts of the grounds, along the fence, to the gate, and then back around again until her vision hit the lake. Nothing.

"I'm Hibki, you?"

A voice out from behind as she turned, and she locked onto a boy, no doubt her age, with medium to short length, bright blue hair, looking right back at her. At their distance, she could see the glint of the sun against his glasses, turning them white as it was reflected. At first, she thought she had skipped a long way down the path, but as she looked, still, she was stood beside the cabin she had just left. She hadn't even noticed the two other neighbouring cabins beside it!

"Helloooo!" she called out, an immense smile gracing her lips as she took off in a run towards the boy, "New person, okay. Hi Hibiki! I'm Lilly, Lilly Hart!" every word she said dripped with enthusiasm, and a childish glee. It hadn't even been a second before the distance between them had been bridged, and before he could even comprehend what was happening, she was stood right in front of him, gripping one of his hands with her own and shaking it.

It was already easy to gauge what kind of person she was. Easily excitable, barely controllable, and with no sense of personal space or "typical" social customs. She wore an unshakeable smile, awfully ecstatic at the chance to make a new friend. Eventually, she let go of his hand. But not because she wanted to. In fact, she was barely even looking at Hibiki as she did so, instead having turned her attention to the door beside them, in which stood another boy.

As quickly as Lilly had rushed up to Hibiki, she had turned and darted into the open doorway of the Sports Cabin, grabbing the new person by the hand and dragging them out with every ounce of pitifully weak strength she could muster, hoping for her quarry to make up the difference.
"Did you guys all wake up here too then?!" as soon as they were out of the door, she skipped of a little into the field, before spinning on an axis, arms outstretched like a small child pretending to be an aeroplane, and facing them, "What are you guys doing here? Do you remember anything?! Caaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuse I don't!"

Outdoor Amphitheatre

~ Collected ~

For as strange as the situation might have appeared to outside eyes, Shirou never let down his composure. Perhaps it was an arrogant mind talking, but to him, that was one of his best features - the ability to keep a calm and rational exterior, for the sake of those unable to do similar. No doubt it would in handy here, particularly with the girl in front of him. her behaviour and mannerisms were far from unexpected; anyone would be expected to react in much the same way as her had they woken up in an unknown location, surrounded by people they had never met.

It was obvious from the outset that she was shy. Despite his best efforts, things were likely to be difficult. One didn't become so bashful without a lack of social experiences.
"Alright then! - Yukimori it is." he couldn't act scared or nervous by any measure, not for anyone, and especially not for this girl. Without someone to support her awakening, it was hard to say she would fair, and that was beyond unacceptable. Some people he used to know might have called it White Knighting, now that he thought out it... but it was still his duty, as a Hero.

"You probably don't remember anything, do you?" for a second, his eyes flicked off to the side, just a short ways, keeping the second girl in his periphery as she fell, and then darted behind a set of the benches, "Try not to panic - I don't remember anything either, so we're in the same boat on that regard."

It was far from a confidence inspiring statement, but it would at least extend some familiar ground between them. Establishing things in common would be essential if he wished to keep their fear, paranoia and anxiety from boiling over. He had barely looked back and finished talking when the second girl blurted out her comment, eliciting them both to look in her direction.
"Well, it wouldn't be right to leave her out, right? I imagine she's just as scared as us both."

And with that, Shirou began walking. Not quickly, or with too much an imposing presence. Nor did he get too close. He simply closed some of the distance between them.
"Hey there. Shirou Emiya." he raised a hand, giving a small, somatic gesture of friendliness, and then gestured behind him, "And this is Yukimori." his hand dropped back down against his thigh, "We just woke up as well, so we don't know much either."

Instead of simply standing, waiting for her to approach, he turned and took a seat on the bench behind him, resting his elbow against the back of the stonework to face the new girl, "I think we're all a bit confused, actually, so..." with he free hand, he motioned for her, and Yukimori, to take a seat nearby, "Why not come and sit down? We can try find out a little more about each other, and then work out what we do next. Sound good?"

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Momoe Mizuno

"Oh, thank god. You got your beauty sleep, because that's what we should be worrying about here," Momoe sneered towards Izo, taking another look around the area. She could see the shifting figures of the individuals at a nearby stage, but they were much too far for her to make out anything they said. On the other end, a mildly annoyed boy with a ponytail the size of the Eiffel Tower was pacing towards them. Momoe clicked her tongue as she began to search around in her coat. While she was fiddling around like this, the girl looked towards the tanned individual of the group.

"Yeah, sounds about right. I'm going to go out on a limb and say everyone here's some variation of that, if my fractured-ass memories are anything to go by."

Momoe seemed to have found what she was looking for, casting her eye back down to her coat. She pulled out a small packet and flicked it open with her thumb, revealing a nice line-up of orange tips and white sticks. She pulled out a cigarette from the collection and swiftly hid the rest again. While holding the stick between her index and middle fingers, Momoe flicked her pinky into her hair and knocked out a lighter she deftly caught. She spun the thing once while putting her little goodie in her mouth, then lit it without mcuh care for the rest of the people there.

(Seems like whoever's abducted doesn't know how to get around my talent... I'll need to keep that in mind.)

She took a deep breath from her cigarette, enjoying the sensation before letting all of the smoke out in one big blow. Momoe then temporarily pulled the small object out of her mouth while she looked back over to the group.

"Clueless student number five coming up at three 'o clock by the way," she commented off-hand as Taka had drawn closer to them.

Taka Tsuin

The boy had made his way over from the docks because these were the only people he saw, but the piercing glare of the fierce lady furthest from him briefly made him reconsider turning around and going somewhere else. Still, if Taka wanted to find out what was going on, these guys were the closest he was going to get. Although, the grass stains on each of their clothing and the bedhead on some of them didn't exactly inspire confidence.

"Oi! You people also just woke up around here? I think I was supposed to be arriving at my new school, but I found myself in this place instead," Taka asked generally, and Momoe was the one to answer his inquisition.

"Hope's Peak. You were on your way to Hope's Peak. Welcome to the club," she sneered. Momoe then took her cigarette again to drag out the smoke once more, closing her eye as she let the blissful feeling wash over her. Taka furrowed his brow at the girl putting words in his mouth, and just about held himself back from commenting on it.

"...Yeah, Hope's Peak. Hell... does that mean they managed to abduct a bunch of Super High-School Levels? ...Aargh, fuck! This is such a confusing mess!"

Taka shook his head, trying to get a grip on himself. He looked back to the other four again.

"Any of you guys got a clue of what we should do?"
Ayu Usui

"Hope's peak?"

Ayu looked back at Hiroki with mild surprise. Thinking about it, he didn't much look like an ultimate... though really, Ayu wasn't one to talk. She was pretty normal all things considered...

"Mm... yeah. I was going to Hope's Peak too," she replied with a nod, then had her eyes dart off again to the door. She opened it up all the way now, holding her hand up to scout out the rest of the area.

"It's like a camp here," Ayu commented again, stretching her arms out with a yawn. Her eyes lazily darted from one end to the site to the other, trying to see if there was anything interesting. She could make out a few figures from the small cracks of space between the lodges, but too many of them obscured her view for a proper look.

"...Mm... maybe you should ask the people out there what's going on. I don't remember much of anything..." Ayu told Hiroki as she looked back at him. She didn't care to stick around for much longer after that, as the girl nonchalantly stepped out of the cabin to leave him in there alone. Ayu shuffled towards the road like a zombie, looking as if she was low on energy despite her nap.
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Hamazura Ginshi
[Super Highschool Level Judo Master]:::Who Are You?:::

Ginshi had been busy scanning the unfamiliar area from the cabin's entrance, holding his hands over his eyes to block the beaming sun. From the look of things, this seemed to be a camp site. The dirt walkways and wooden structures brought back memories of his of his hellish training sessions with his Master. Even still though, that painful experience had not given him the same eerie feeling that this camp site was. Well that was pretty obvious judging by the large fences he noticed off in the distance.

Despite being deep with his thoughts, the martial arts expert was of course still mindful of his surroundings. As in, he had noticed the arrival of the two people that exited from the cabins at his left and right side. He placed his hands of his hips, casually watching the two greet each other from a distance. A smile of acknowledgement came upon his face as he was about to make his way towards the two to join in. Yet before he could, the white-haired girl of small stature sprung up to him and pulled on his left arm.

Of course simply allowing her to do so as he saw no need for caution in the slightest. "Well aren't you a bundle of energy?" He commented on the girl's, Lily's, shining personality. It had reminded him of the children at his dojo that would eagerly ask to train with him. "My name is Hamazura Ginshi, nice to meet you both," he introduced himself in a laid-back manner, very lightly bowing his head at the two. He took a mental note of their names while listening to Lily's shower of questions.

"Did you guys all wake up here too then?!"
"What are you guys doing here? Do you remember anything?! Caaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuse I don't!"

Taking into consideration the pose she was making while listing her questions, Ginshi took action. Playing along, he too spread his arms out as if he were mimicking a plane. It was the same stance as hers, though more relaxed as his nature. It was through his teachings that he learnt to go with the flow and so he was!

"As for me, your guesses are about as good as mine. I was heading into Hope's Peak Academy and then I suddenly found myself waking up in this cabin. Looks like a place to store sports equipment. I don't know how I got here. Oh and if this is a prank, don't worry I won't be mad at either of you, trust me!"

He spoke proudly, momentarily with a coy grin. Then it soon faded and Ginshi made a small comment at a low tone. "What's most weird though I can't imagine just anyone suddenly getting the jump on me without noticing,.." he pondered on that for a few seconds before switching back to a more lighthearted tone. "And Mr.Hibiki, what about you?" he asked, referring to the conversation and referring if he would join them in what Ginshi was considering warm-up exercise with their arms stretched out.

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Why were these humans always so awfully rude? forcefully grabbing your hand when pronouncing their meaningless names, hitting you in the back when you just had something stuck in the back of your neck, or hugging you when they felt like their idiot lives were bettered by someone else?

And right in this very moment, another one of those lousy beings was overextending as well. This guy thought he could just grab snow by the arm and get away unscathed?

...Well he might do just that; Snow tried her hardest to wriggle her arm loose, but this beast was holding her with the strength of a gorilla, that must be why they could overpower her at Hope’s Peak. But if her body could not safe her from the situation, maybe her voice could.

“Let me go!” She screamed, still shaking furiously and punching Ryuma’s arm with her free arm; not that it would hurt the parkour runner in the slightest.

It wasn’t until Ryuma explained himself and addressed her in the most annoying and obnoxious way possible, that she stopped squirming. Slowly but surely, a blush was forming on her cheeks, as it dawned on her that she made a mistake, a big one. Allowing this human to overpower her was one thing, but letting her mind be inferior to his? unacceptable; it must have been something that they drugged her with that blurred her thought process; yes that must have been it.

In any case, this man did not deserve to see her eyes, so instead she looked at his feet, an expression of embarrassment and annoyance taking root. Ryuma had many questions to ask her, but really, there was only one answer Snow could give him.

“H-how am I supposed to know.” Her blush was still shining brightly and her eyes were still locked on the ground, but her voice had changed from loud and dominant, to soft and unsure. “I thought that you had kidnapped me…” as she awkwardly shifted in place, her arm still above her head in his hand, she finally looked him in the eyes with that same soft and unsure look.

“Are you gonna let me go, you pervert?”

As Flare took to stretching her legs, she walked around the group of people with a hand stuck to her chin as she pondered about what to do.

As they now smoking girl said, they were all from Hope’s peak...which meant that they could be in the same class as her! obviously this ploy had something to do with the school, and as the ponytail boy suggested, their talents would no doubt have a role to play as well, but first:

“You know, smoking really isn’t healthy for you! but it’s even worse for the people around you; second hand smoke can kill, you know!”

With that out of the way, Flare took to address the words of these students; which was rather easy, because they all wanted answers. How they got here; what they remembered; and what to do. So upon finding the answer, she stopped walking, looked down at the circle of stomped grass that she created, and finally looked at the group in front of her.

“hmmmm, so in a situation like this, the best thing to do iiiis-” Flare awkwardly smiled, an oddly warm feeling emanating from her. “I actually have no clue what situation we are in so uhh, why don’t we find that out first?” She spread her arms as if to announce her incredible plan, upon which a hummingbird out of nowhere flew in and rested it’s legs.
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-Ryuma Hitsugaya-

Ryuma brought his face away from the white-haired lioness and watched as she attempted to detach herself. Should he have really been worried of her killing him? Her strength was nothing compared to the Parkour Runner after all. All the curl ups he had done in the past made his strength far greater than hers and he'd be forever happy if it stayed that way. Large muscles on a girl was a bit strange anyway.

"Let you go? So what, you can throw another chair at me?" A spark of defensiveness rose up in him again, making it hard to keep his hand steady. But Ryuma was trying to prove a point, so he definitely couldn't falter. It didn't seem like he would have to control his will power for long though as soon she was looking embarrassed and ashamed. Hah! The boy hadn't had to do anything, she was getting a backwash of her own venom.

What continued to upset Ryuma is that the girl didn't apologize. She didn't have enough honor to meet his eyes! Her last words did nothing to faze the frustration coursing through his veins. With only a glimpse of movement, he pulled her arm forward and released it, causing the girl to fall into his chest. With his other hand he held onto her lower back to trap her against him, with Ryuma's newly free hand, he forced her head up with a finger hooked under her chin.

"Admit to your mistakes, it's cowardly to not look your injured party in the eye. Apologizing would be nice, but I wouldn't expect that from someone as proud as you." Ryuma's intonation grew sharp and full of scorn on the word proud. "Because if you don't..." His eyes grew harder as he stared into hers, a fire alit in them, "My revenge will be justified, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

Ryuma stayed in that position for a few moments longer before releasing her and creating a great deal of distance away from her, preparing himself for any attack she may throw at him. "Just kidding! I'm just messing with ya..." The athlete set a chair rightside up and sat with his chest against the backrest. "So, both of us got kidnapped, there has to be a common thread somewhere. You don't seem to be from any hood I've ever seen and the only other thing I can think of is Hope's Peak. Either someone nabbed us 'cause they thought we'd make a good ransom or maybe they just wanted to do create a worse rep for the academy."

He scratched at the back of his cold neck, it felt clammy from his sweating earlier, "I'm Ryuma by the way. What should I call you Princess?"


-Naomi Fukuda-

As she stared up at the sky, a hair slightly shorter than the others flicked into her eye from the wind and Naomi let out a whine. The pain caused her to drop her head down to her chest and both of her arms reached to get the intrusive hair out of her eye. She had already noticed how irritating the wind could be, from the longer hairs tickling the base of her neck to her skirt getting caught awkwardly between her legs. Naomi didn't like the outdoors.

She really didn't like the outdoors.

After clawing at her face for a few moments, she finally got the opposing hair out of her eye, but it still stung angrily. She kept one hand covering it, hoping to let it water enough for the pain to subside, but there wasn't much point. Both of her eyes were watering enough by that point.

The girl only noticed the boy after that moment and shuddered. How could she have forgotten his and the other girl's existence so easily? She quickly took a few steps back, her hand still on her eye and the other held up in a defensive position. This guy was too relaxed, it seemed all too fake for Naomi to believe with absolute certainty. He hadn't hurt the girl on the stage, but that could be some kind of plow, or maybe the girl was working with him to fool her.

Her brain continued to downspiral into distrust and paranoia as the boy tried to talk to her. It was only the guy's move to sit, Shirou's, that got her to snap out of it.

He was like her, they all didn't know what was going on... Naomi's defensive hand started to fall limply until it rested at her side. She glanced back at the other girl and gauge her body language. The girl seemed shy yes, but also was willing to converse with this... bull of a man. Naomi, on the other hand, had no idea where she was except she was outdoors, so the worst place. She was nowhere near her adoptive parents, she was badly dressed in these sickening clothes, and the boy staring at her put her on edge.

But she also needed information, and she didn't have anywhere else to turn to, or that's how Naomi saw it. The girl took a few more steps back until she felt safe enough that he couldn't reach her even if he lunged, and then released the hand over her eye. A few tears slid down her face and the girls resisted the urge to rub them away. "You can call me Fuk- Nao." She grabbed at her arm to stop herself from fidgeting, "What do you know?"


The girl seemed peculiar to be sure, but then again, Hibiki had been expecting to find peculiar new students at the Academy, why would this unknown setting be any different? It had been peculiar enough already. Usually one would be unnerved by how joyous the new girl was acting, yet Hibiki's afflictions proved far greater than his lack of caution.

While a normal person would take a moment to react and respond to Lilly's handshake, Hibiki took another, his arm following Lilly's guidance instead of directly trying to slowdown the motion. Once she let go of his hand, it sluggishly moved back to his side, while his other remained above his glasses, the sun was really killer against his sleepy eyes.

The girl soon grabbed the person Hibiki had lazily ignored. While it wasn't like him to apologize directly, something inside him wondered whether the orange-haired boy would be annoyed at him. But that thought was soon replaced with Lilly's question. Did he remember anything? Yes. Did the Tutor remember anything after the entrance to Hope's Peak? No.

Hibiki glanced at the boy one more time to set the newcomer's face into his memories before closing his eyes. No one could fight the sun, better to give up the battle now. This wasn't exactly the right place to sleep, but Hibiki's small frustration meter grew at the thought of going about his day without a proper siesta.

Another brief opening of his eyes showed that both of the teenagers accompanying him seemed to have there arms spread. While Hibiki didn't know of this custom, he didn't want to appear rude and limply spread his arms out a small fraction, his arms bending deep at the elbows. Afterwards, he closed his eyes again and leaned his head to the side, not having the motivation to keep it straight up. "No. I don't... remember much." His hands soon fell and he sighed.

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