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Truth Bullet unlocked - Aurel Fuchs’ and Momoe Mizuno’s Account
The two claim to have been unable to sleep due to being stuck with each other. For this reason, they both claim it’s impossible for either of them to be the murderer, as they were together the whole night. Additionally, both heard a loud clanging sound during nighttime.

Chikako inserted herself into the conversation. "Wait, why couldn't it be the fish hook?" she asked. "I mean, the monokuma file says that she died from blood loss, so even a fish hook could be stabbed in and do the deed..."

"No... that's impossible," Ayu commented to correct the other girl. "Me and Hiroki checked Naomi's wound... it runs much deeper and wider than what the fish hook could do." The girl finished her argument, but wasn't yet done talking. She turned to another in the courtroom "...Momoe. You're the only one who didn't come to the crime scene. You're still hiding something," Ayu accused her. Momoe shot daggers at the smaller girl.

"How the hell would you know?"

Ayu didn't respond. Momoe groaned and pinched the area between her eyes, feeling another wave of drowsiness wash over her. She was much too prideful to let it show much beyond that point, though, and straightened her posture. In this new pose she also crossed her arms, her chin up, as if she was looking down on everyone else. "It's true I haven't played all my cards yet..." she offhandedly mentioned and was then interrupted by a loud voice.

"Spit it out already!" Taka aggressively badgered her, but let out a small yelp when Momoe's death stare had fixated on him in response.

"One more like that and you'll be the next corpse," Momoe growled at him. Taka shut his mouth, and then she continued. "I ran into Hibiki at the docks while you lot were dealing with Naomi's body. Now I dunno if it's quite what we're looking for here, but... ah, what the hell? Why don't you tell 'em, four-eyes."
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Hibiki had found it quite fascinating to watch the exchange between all of the Ultimates, after all, human emotion could both cloud people's judgment or motivate them to get to the bottom of something. All throughout the trial, Hibiki had been thoughtfully fiddling with something in his pocket. There was, after all, no reason to truly preserve evidence as the campers had no scientific equipment to examine it. A pity really, that his coat would be so thoroughly ruined, but the damage had already been done as Hibiki had hastily threw the object into his pocket, so why not ruin it further?

"So soon...? It seems your stubborn ego has reached its breaking point."

Hibiki slipped the object out of his coat pocket and set it on the rim of his stand.

"T-The fuck Hibiki?!" A slight gagging sound involuntarily came out of his throat as he stared at the dirtied scissors Hibiki had set down. The scissors were covered in blood and what looked to be sand particles. Ryuma had always been a texture guy, and just thinking about touching those gave him the willies. "I thought you were supposed to be helping us for Christ's sake?!"

"I am," Hibiki gave a confused at the Parkourist before he looked over at Aurel and then Hiroki, "I hope this helps."
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“Is that blood?” The reluctance to keep looking at the scissors told enough as Flare spoke, but looking away wasn’t an option either. “That’s… horrible. For anyone to carve into someone’s throat like that, I’d become sick in an instant. They’d need such a big resistance to the gory, like a butcher.”

“Are you suggesting something?”

“No... I’m not.” Flare lowered her chin as she retreated into herself, getting lost in thoughts. Snow gave her a short glance before opening up to the rest of the group with her hands clenched.

“So if we’re gonna accept the scissors as the uhh, murder weapon, then does anybody know where they might get them? I… like to fiddle with scissors a bit, like cutting shapes into cloth and leaves. It helps keep my hands busy when I’m not cutting actual hair.” Though her eyes averted all others, there was an innocence in her voice. “But ever since getting here, I haven’t been able to find any. Not that I really searched for them.” She silently sneered.

“Actually.” Flare remarked as she rose up from her thoughts. “I have not seen any scissors but I know a place that could have them. Back during the investigation, I searched through Maiya’s research lab and it was filled with odds and ends, from the trivial to the useful. And with Maiya’s talent, scissors definitely belong there.” Flare stopped for a second, putting a finger on her chin. “More importantly, there was a trashcan that contained something strange. A CD case with pieces of a CD still inside; not the entire CD tho-”

“Wait, a broken CD?” Snow interrupted Flare. “The showers contained shiny shards, those must’ve been part of the CD, and there were pieces of pink torn fabric too, and the shower was still running!”

“Snow, please slow down. You’re hard to follow.” Flare raised her hand towards Snow, gesturing downwards.

“Don’t you get it? That means the killer totally got the CD and the scissors from maiya’s lab, or should I say, the blackened’s lab.”
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Truth Bullet unlocked - Bloodied scissors
A pair of scissors with blood on them. Found near the docks.

Truth Bullet unlocked - Shower
One of the shower stalls had been left locked from the inside, with shiny shards and torn pink fabric on the floor. The shower was still running without anyone inside.
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"Maiya's the killer, Monokuma's the killer," called Izo from across the hall, as he shifted his sitting position to rest his head over the partition and look down on Aurel, "You planning on just accusing everyone in the damn room, lady? Aurel, buddy, c'mon, you gotta give us more than loud noises. We're gonna have to listen to some crackhead like Snow or Shirou if you do-"

"Do you never have anything useful to contribute?!" Shirou snapped, bringing his palm down hard on the table. "Every other word out of your mouth is a joke, while a girl is dead, and we only barely have half of us ruled out as suspects! At least Snow is attempting to help the group, but you've given us nothing."

"Christ, alright, calm down, I was getting to it," Izo replied. His neutral expression faded into a smile, and he turned his head to his right, towards Monokuma's chair, "Tough crowd, am I right? Say, what was that thing you said not to worry about again Hiroki? - 'your timer would reset at midnight' or something like that? Hey Monokuma, if two people were unlinked when midnight came rolling around, what'd happen to their timers?"

"Huh? Why do you ask that?" Monokuma pulled away to lean against the back of his chair, placing his left paw against the white side of his mouth. Izo didn't say anything. With Monokuma's question in the air, he stayed sat, silent, just looking at him, until the bear sat forward again and pointed down at him with one paw, while gripping the armrest with his right. "Your cuffs are already off, so you don't need to worry about that anymore, alright?! Geez!"

"Ah, well, okay then, I guess that clears it up. Sorry guys, thought I had a good idea, but I sure wasn't expecting Monokuma to be so biased towards the killer. Guess we're all gonna be punished, huh?"

"Oh, so I'm biased now, huh? That's how it is?" In response, Monokuma sat back into his chair a short ways. But as he did, the bear flashed a grin across the hall to bear his fangs, not in a threatening manner, but in vague, thinly veiled amusement. "Well then, I suppose that if a student wasn't with their partner by the time midnight rolls around, their timer would reset like normal. As long as they make it back to their partner twenty minutes after that, I wouldn't have to punish them."

"And there it is folks!" Izo's smile widened to a grin in much the same vein as Monokuma's. He swung back around his desk, standing to address the rest of the captives. "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may I present that the blood on Naomi's sheets was hours dry by the time it was found. The suspect list just expanded to anyone who didn't use their twenty minute separation yesterday - which, Shirou and I did. Who wants to go next?"
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Hamazura Ginshi
[Super Highschool Level Judo Master]

"Hold it right there, Snow" Ginshi interjected with a stern tone of voice. The martial artist lifted his hand gently as he continued to speak,"Yukimori wouldn't do something like that, I just know, but more importantly, she's my partner," It was after that when Ginshi looked over at Yukimori, as if to reaffirm his assessment of the girl.

"After all this ME we're talking about here. I would have noticed if she were doing anything strange." Soon enough, he turned his attention back to Snow. "Besides, her and I were outside at the back behind the cabins last night. So she was too busy to try anything," assured of his abilities as always, Ginshi did not waver in his declaration as he put on a smile.

"Our personalized labs are accessible for all. So any one of us could have went in there to take whatever they wanted. Just like Izo said, there are more suspects." The Judo master finally explained while scanning around at the other students around him. Then lastly, his eyes landed back on the one at the center of discussion, Yukimori, "But, I'm not the hero of justice here. I've learned that it's most important for someone to help themselves. All I can do is support, so let them hear what you have to say Yukimori Maiya!"
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Frozen in place as Flare and Snow started talking about her lab. The scissors, the CD case being in her trashcan. She was so confused about the fact that they knew about the things that happened inside her lab, while she stood there being taken aback by it all. Not knowing about these things made her feel set up, causing her mind to go complete panic mode. “B-blackened’s lab? I know nothing about these things. I knew about the scissors being in my lab but I never touched them. I didn’t even go near my lab after we got the handcuffs from Monokuma.” Her eyes shaked a little when she looked around at the other students standing there, focused on her.
She pressed her eyes closed at Snow's words ‘That means the killer totally got the CD and the scissors from Maiya's lab, or should I say, the blackened’s lab.’ Blackened, blackened, blackened. It kept ringing inside her head. Not knowing how to respond or defend herself against it all. Rubbing her wrist as she started to press her thumb against it lightly to calm her nerves and collect her thoughts, she wanted to tell them what she did last night and tell them they were wrong. 

Ginshi’s words made her heart and mind relax. Nodding to agree with what he said about her and what they were doing at that time. "Yes, he’s my partner” She exclaimed with reassurement. “We were training behind the cabins. I wanted to know more about his fights, what he could do as an ultimate Judo master! Suddenly he told me he wanted to help me in getting stronger. That leading to us training and talking all night behind the cabins.” A smile came on her lips followed with a small blush crossing her cheeks. “Thank you Ginshi, for helping me out. He did nothing strange either, he was busy with training and talking.We removed our handcuffs when we wanted to start our training, we’ve been together and watching each other the whole time while they were off. He couldn’t have done it either, he was with me the whole time during that period.” 
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“I see. So Ginshi and Maiya have an alibi as well.” Flare smiled as she looked at Izo in a somewhat grateful way. “You speak as if you have no stakes in this trial, but your condescending words help us nonetheless so thank you Izo.”

“Help? That asshole has done nothing but insult me and conspire with Monokuma!” Snow called out as she slammed her fist onto the stand. “Ugh this making my head spin, did our suspect list just get bigger or smaller? Me, Taka and Ryuma are still protected by the rule of three right? And Ginshi, Maiya, Izo, Shirou and Aurel have their alibi’s.”

“You forgot Momoe.”

“No I didn- whatever, fine.” Snow said with a downplaying hand gesture. “So who’s left then? Chikako? Hibiki? Hiroki?” Snow let her finger go over a few ultimates until it pointed straight at Hiroki. “Yeah, what is your deal? tell us what your alibi is.”
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"Wait, me?" Chikako piped up, completely ignoring the fact Snow wasn't pointing at her at all. "I've been spending my twenty minutes practicin' my dance steps. Every day. Without fail. Hibiki can back me up on this," she said. Chikako proudly slammed her fist against her chest and continued: "I'll be damned if I get rusty in this place. Besides, Hibiki doesn't do anything other than sit in his lab all day... I'm bored out of my mind in there!"

Taka slammed his palm against his head, peering through the gaps between his fingers. "Goddamnit, Izo! This is getting us nowhere! Obviously everyone's used up their twenty minutes every day! I even saw Lilly skip around yesterday and Flare sure wasn't fucking connected to her!"

"Bingo," another voice piped up from the crowd. Taka turned to it.

"Oh what do you want now, Momoe?" he asked, irate. She barked at him to shut his mouth.

"Anyway," she muttered to get herself back on track. "Think about who we know the alibis of. It's everyone short of Snow, Naomi and Ayu... and, unless you're mentally deficient, I don't think Snow's the killer here. Now lemme ask you directly, little Ayu..." her voice trailed off. Momoe leaned forwards with a smirk, tilting her head to the girl. "You never unlinked, did you?"

Ayu didn't answer, not immediately. Despite that, she didn't look any less relaxed than before. Her head turned to Hiroki's stand. She took a moment, and gave him a faint, but reassuring smile, as if to tell him it'll be okay. Soon as it came, it went again, and she turned her head back to Momoe.

"Me and Hiroki never used that function. Not since the day of the motive."

Do you want to save?

> Yes > No
Monokuma Theater

Whoa, did she just confess?!
I've seen my fair share of class trials, but this one seems to be going by in the blink of an eye...
Hey, speaking of eyes, did you know that bear eyes are better than human eyes?
I see colour just the way you do, but have even better nightvision!
I saw the murder happen with my own two eyes, puhuhu...
That girl must have been scared out of her mind!
Being so brutally murdered... the killer went way too far!
Please find the culprit quickly! Or don't. I don't care either way, puhuhu!


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"You didn't split up even once?" Lilly asked, speaking for the first time since the Trial had begun. She pushed her whole body weight against the tabletop, leaning down and and swinging her legs behind her as she spoke. "Flare and me used it every day. She's really nice, but... hehe, I wouldn't wanna be stuck to her for the whole day."

"Can the two of you vouch for each other? According to the Monokuma File, the murder definitely took place over the night," with a begrudging look of resignation, Shirou glanced towards Izo. He had been an irritation since the moment the motive was announced, and in some ways even prior - but Shirou had to admit, that, among others, he wouldn't have come up with the idea. In no way could he come to like Izo, or forgive his insufferable attitude, but his usefulness in a Class Trial wasn't to be understated. "Unless you can prove each other's - or even your own - innocence, either of you could have used your pair's twenty minute separation, and made use of Monokuma's loophole-"

"Nah, there's no need for that," Izo piped up from across the room.

"Excuse me?"

"They might as well just come out, we've got 'em cornered," he continued. Izo slumped against the desk, leaning on his elbows for support as he stared across the room. Where he addressed the room and the campers with a jovial and nonchalant tone before, his carefree attitude had faded away into something more straightforward, and cold. "C'mon, tell us. Why the fuck did you kill her, Hiroki?"
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Aurel Fuchs // Hisakawa Hiroki

Location:: Courtroom
Aurels Interactions:: Hiroki
Hisakawas Interactions:: Ayu (@Ammokkx), Lilly, Izo (@Vocab), Aurel

Hiroki could only gaze off to the side, tapping his two index fingers somewhat timidly as hew frowned the moment Momoe accused the duo of never splitting up - which was entirely true. He never really felt the need to get away from the person he was linked up and was musing on what to do next as he caught Ayu's glance over to his stand.

The boy paused, eyes widening as his mouth opened as if to say something to her, before seeing her gentle smile. He returned the gesture, albeit awkwardly, before sighing and nodding back to her. His once tense shoulders relaxed a little as he looked up from his stand, briefly glancing over at Naomi's before returning his gaze back to the other students. Despite this all, he still held his breath.

And then she dropped the bomb.

"No, it's just as she said," he replied to Lilly in a matter of fact tone, gulping before continuing, "we never used it; neither of us really had a reason to use that function anyways."

After that, Shirou followed up with a couple of questions, scratching at his neck, now trying to figure out how they would manage to vouch for each other. Well, he would of until Izo decided to interrupt that train of thought.

There was a knot forming in the bottom of his stomach as he clenched his fists. God, why was this guy so relaxed? They're in the middle of a life or death situation. Just as soon as the Fanatic was nearly finished, he was about to hop to their defense, till-

"... huh?"

-he was in the limelight. The boy fell still for a brief moment, processing it all before blinking before furrowing his brows, recoiling back before bringing a finger up, "Waitwaitwaitwaitwait, I didn't-"

Just as he frantically started up, he just as quicky came to an abrupt, chewing on his lower lip. He turned to the side, looking at each of the others; it felt like he was sweating bullets at this point.

"We shouldn't jump so early to conclusions-"

Yes, thank you Aurel!

"-however, he is our primary suspect as of now."

Ah, damnit. Hiroki wearily glanced over at the thief, his lips forming a tightly pressed line as his eyelids drooped. Strangely enough, Aurel kind of looked... befuddled? His head was tilted down at an angle and is hand was on his chin, with the only other thing being a raised eyebrow. "Well, unless he can give us a reason to prove it wasn't him."

Hiroki, not even missing a beat, whipped out the Monopad and began sifting through the evidence, there had to be something they missed! "Uhm... what about the pink fabric in the showers? As far as I know, Ayu and I don't have anything pink in our wardrobe."
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