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If you clicked on this, you have my thanks. What follows is a roleplay that'll be done in the style of one of those cheesy harem type animes, or a mature Visual Novel. I've got some ideas already in mind for how the story might go, but it's also open to a bit of randomness, so if you feel like pushing the story in a direction of your own choosing, feel free to do so and we'll see where things go. Basically, there's no real need to play as a passive or reactionary character. I should also point out that there will be mature content (smut) featured in this rp at some point, and no fade-to-black, so you need to be 18 or older to take part in this. Aside from that, I've got just a few little guidelines I'd like to you read before continuing. They're in the hider below.


Our story takes place in the Sumire House, a small boarding house for students attending a nearby college in modern day Japan. For the longest time the Sumire House had a strict girls only policy, however at the start of the new school year the Sumire House found itself home to only five boarders, instead of the usual six. Without the rent of a sixth boarder, Takako Sumire, the unmarried owner of the Sumire House and unofficial "den mother" to anyone staying under her roof, was forced to make a decision: Either raise the rent for her current boarders to compensate, or relax her girls only policy. After much thought Takako decided on the latter. For the first time since it's founding the Sumire House will host its first male resident.
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I'm interested and i will get to work on a sheet. I am not sure about posting here but i thought to let you know.
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I'm in, I'll PM you my character sheet.
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