Hey there, Naka here. Just dropping a little Interest Checky-do for the little half formed ideas that I've got swirling around in my head. These ideas will all contain smut to a certain degree. Whether that means a good balance of smut to plot, or all smut all the time, depends on the idea and what we discuss. Some ideas will be more fleshed out than others, but details can be worked out in OOC.
As tagged, I'm looking for partners that are comfortable with Casual roleplay level. That means proper spelling and grammar, and absolutely no sentence posts. If any of the ideas I've posted below interest you, then please feel free to send me a PM. Due to the adult content, we will only be able to rp through PMs.
Anyway, that's enough for an intro. Thank you if you managed to make it this far and enjoy.

(1) In the not-to-distant future, a virus renders most males completely sterile. As a result global populations begin to decline. To compensate, rare virile males are issued a "Breeding License" that, upon presentation, compels any female of breeding age to submit to reproductive sex, regardless of time or location.
Desire: *****

(2) A young man discovers that an apparently shy and quiet girl in his class harbours some serious secret perversions
Desire: ****

(3) Three childhood friends, two girls and a boy decide to take their relationship to a new, more intimate level.
Desire: **

(4) Two identical twin girls, in an incestual relationship, decide to freshen things up by drawing one of their male family members into things.
Desire: ***