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R U L E S & R E G U L A T I O N S:

1. - I will try to work with any writer I can to ensure that you can create a character you truly want to portray and will enjoy playing in the IC. That said if I ask you to rework something, please do not just 'ghost' me. I am not a tyrant and am open to discussion within reason, together we can likely hash out a compromise. In terms of power levels for this RP, we're looking at something akin to 'strong street-level', for a comparable media look at Marvel's Netflix Series or the majority of characters from the tv series, Heroes. Our characters, while competent and powerful should still be able to be overwhelmed by regular humans.

2. - Please use the provided character sheet but feel free to modify the sheet's colors to suit your needs or your character's theme. Additionally, minor modifications may be made to the placement of the sheet's categories or their contents, however, please do not disregard the character sheet or submit one of your own design. I'd also appreciate it if only completed sheets were posted in the OOC. If you need feedback on an incomplete CS, I would prefer a private message or DM on Discord.

3. - Post when you can, don't make excuses for when you can't. I'd like us to have an open and honest line of communication as Player and GM and if you're not posting because you don't feel like it, I'd rather you tell me that than say you're 'busy' and keep me in anticipation of a post. I'll be keeping in touch and checking in weekly to touch base with anyone who hasn't posted but please be honest with me on the 'why'.

4. - Don't mistake actions and hostilities in the IC as OOC interactions. Drama, rivalry and resentment will happen in a well written IC due to differing character ideologies. This does not mean the writer has any personal beef with you merely that they're developing their character in the same way you are.

5. - The IC will contain mature themes but will not violate any of the Guild's fundamental rules. Therefore while mature language, drug use, and violence are all tolerated, sexually explicit scenes will not be. Writing substance such as 'Smut' is not tolerated in public forum and has no place in the IC.

C H A R A C T E R S H E E T:

S U P P L I E D C O D E || V E R S I O N 2 . 5 :

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C H A R A C T E R R O S T E R:

A C C E P T E D P L A Y E R S || T H E D R A M A T I S P E R S O N A E :
------═════════════════════ M A L E ════════════════════

Anderson, Archie by @JunkMailGMXIV
Bestial Transformation | 34 | Caucasian | Heterosexual

Bianchi, Mauro by @TackytaffI
Mechanical Savant | 42 | Italian | Homosexual

Castillo-Armstrong, Nathan by @Star LordIV
Alien Symbiote | 20 | Caucasian | Homosexual

Dark, Joseph by @HillanGMV
Cursed Cyborg | 28 | Caucasian | Heterosexual

Foster, Kyle by @SepticGentlemanXVIII
Badass Normal | 30 | Caucasian | Heterosexual

Gjanarsson, Rókur by @FetzenIV
Voidwalker | 1109 | Caucasian | Heterosexual

Muller, Moses by @The Bork LazerV
Artistonancy | 21 | Hispanic | Asexual
------═══════════════════ F E M A L E ══════════════════

Abrams, Ellara Van by @Lord WraithGMXIII
Supernatural Physiology | 25 | Mixed | Bisexual

Collins, Eli by @SkaiX
Perception Manipulation | 22 | Caucasian | Heterosexual

Ellis, Natalie by @Silver CarrotXIII
Super Strength | 26 | Caucasian | Bisexual

Figueira, Adriana by @ToBriOrNotToBriI
Active Camouflage | 20 | Caucasian | Bicurious

Foster, Kayla by @JunkMailGMXVI
Witch Blood | 30 | Caucasian | Heterosexual

Light, Serene by @DocRockIV
Technokinesis | 22 | Caucasian | Undeclared
I N A C T I V E P L A Y E R S || C H A R A C T E R S T O B E R E M O V E D :
Kensington, Logan by @vietmykeI
Bio-Electrokinesis | 21 | African American | Heterosexual

Khan, Zhenguang by @DC the DragonI
Supernatural Athleticism | 23 | Asian | Heterosexual

Hanson, Nicole by @chukklehedVII
Fabrikinesis | 24 | Caucasian | Heterosexual

Jauregi, Nikita by @SkittlezI
Pyrokinesis | 23 | Latina | Heterosexual

Murray, Ember by @baraquielIII
Elasticity | 21 | Caucasian | Heterosexual

Song, Sabrina by @CaptainPotato
Energy Manipulation | 24 | Asian | Bisexual

Srisati, Everly by @DusksongIII
Catoptric Teleportation | 22 | Asian | Heterosexual

Wheeler, Andrea by @AWACSI
Augmented Normal | 28 | African American | Bisexual

Wong, Sarah by @Hour ErrorIV
Avian Physiology | 25 | Mixed | Aviansexual

Woods, Lio by @Shapesplitter
Chronokinesis | 28 | African American | Heterosexual

P E N D I N G A P P L I C A T I O N S || C H A R A C T E R S T O B E R E V I E W E D :
None at this time...
N O T A B L E G R O U P S & O R G A N I Z A T I O N S:

▼ E M E R G E N C Y S E R V I C E S
► Árido Valley Sheriff's Office Created by Lord Wraith

► Emergency Medical Services Created by Lord Wraith
Árido Valley County Medical Center
Santa Celia Central Ambulance Dispatch Center
Sir William Stein's Memorial Hospital
St. Peregrine's General Hospital

► Santa Celia Fire Department Created by Lord Wraith

► Santa Celia Police Department Created by Lord Wraith

► Stadler's Medical Hospital Created by Tackytaff

► St. Benedetta's Created by Tackytaff
A free clinic owned and operated by Mauro Bianchi.

▼ G L O B A L O R G A N I Z A T I O N S
► Constantine's Guard Created by Lord Wraith
A fragment of the Knight’s Templar, Constantine’s Guard are a group of extremists dedicated to exterminating anything on Earth that is not human. Despite being small in numbers, Constantine’s Guard are highly efficient at taking down beings much more powerful than themselves using stolen or recovered prototype technologies. Constantine’s Guard has been linked to numerous biomedical organizations over the years and it’s theorized that they may be experimenting with bioweapons to diminish the growing superhuman population.

It should be noted that the Guard's bias extends to far beyond superhumans and originates in the supernatural, primarily those possessing Witch Blood. The Guard will hunt down and destroy anything that even remotely meets their perceived definition of 'dangerous', doing so with extreme prejudice. It is not publically known how the Guard recruits new members to its ranks but it is believed they have been doing so over the past two years through weapon contracts created with both the U.S. Military and numerous local law enforcement agencies. In addition to recruitment, these contracts have been used for an underground arms race, aiming to close the gap between humans and superhumans alike.

► Hall Applied Technologies Created by Hour Error
Hall Applied Technologies is an American multinational biotechnology company based in Seattle, Washington. HAT was founded by noble prize winning geneticists Dr. George R. Hall and Dr. Samantha A. Thompson on April 4, 1995, to commercialize state-of-the-art developments in biotechnology research. Acquiring researchers and patents at an alarming rate, HAT quickly rose to international prominence, and today it remains a leader in the world of biotechnology and genetic engineering.

For the last ten years Hall Applied Technologies has been lead by Yekaterina Vasylievna Toporova, an enigmatic woman, known chiefly for her terse interactions with the media and iron-willed public persona.

Over the years, competitors and a number of former employees have accused HAT of violating ethical and legal guidelines regarding experimentation on human subjects. However as none of these claims have been substantiated, in the public eye, HAT is maintaining a positive reputation. Behind closed doors, it is all but an accepted fact that HAT is willing to cooperate with criminals, rogue government agencies, and mad scientists alike in order to further their research.

The Robotics, Arms, Cybernetics, and Kinetics division (R.A.C.K) of Hall Applied Technologies is a shadowy R&D division nestled within the deepest, and most heavily guarded quarters of company headquarters. Created in 2010, following HAT's acquisition of the Japanese technology conglomerate, Iwamoto Industries, RACK focuses on the development of machine-based rather than biological technology. Known only to the most senior corporate executives and high-level researchers is the fact that the R&D division exists primarily to help develop state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and cybernetic enhancements that can be employed in a decidedly military fashion.

▼ The Tourists Created by SepticGentleman
A widespread collection of families and friends who fancy themselves all manner of supernatural problem solvers, sanctioned by no authorities or governments. The Tourists were founded sometime in the early eighteenth century, in response to the declining reliability on Jägers as their numbers waned and waned. They have gone by many names since then, such as the Order of Wayfarers, the Good Companions, and so on. The Tourists were originally exclusively human, but some two centuries ago they began accepting non-human beings into their ranks. Nowadays, the Tourists are by far the most diverse group active on the planet in terms of species and abilities.

While the Tourists’ work is not exclusive to them, as many people prefer to strike out on their own as monster hunters and curse breakers, being counted in their roster provides access to a good number of perks and benefits. The Tourists maintain a centralized network through which resources, reinforcements, and information are delegated to those who require them. Their headquarters - a secure underground location known only as ‘the Center’ - is host to an armory, a library, training grounds, a collection of globe-crossing portals, and many other facilities.

The Tourists normally raise their members amongst themselves, but are not against taking in strangers who display both capability and cooperation. What newcomers really need to understand and accept is that the Tourists do their work not exclusively for profit (though they are not necessarily above taking the uncommon bounty or contract), but rather for the safekeeping of both the mundane public and, in parts, the supernatural public.

► Glory’s Few
Glory’s Few are a small selection of Tourists who have gone above and beyond the organization’s standard expectations, and have thus been inducted into the ranks of the elite. The Few were founded by a late Tourist of old known only as Glory, widely regarded to be the greatest Tourist who ever lived. After many years of service, Glory gave her life for the sake of the Tourists, but a single remnant of her yet remaining - her severed right hand.

Glory’s hand is considered a sacred relic amongst the Tourists and acts as the fulcrum of the Few. Her very soul resides within it and is integral in deciding who is worthy of joining her chosen elite. Each of the Few are bestowed with a fragment of Glory’s soul, enhancing their own abilities as well as their connection and coordination with one another. Even distribution means the more members there are, the less power they are granted. Her soul can only be divided so many times before it grows too weak, thus maintaining the idea of Glory’s Few rather than Glory’s Many.

▼ L O C A L G A N G S & G R O U P S
6th Street Blood Cult Created by Lord Wraith
The 6th Street Blood Cult is a gang specializing in the creation and distribution of designer drugs. The trafficking of the drugs is often done in conjunction with prostitution, the prostitutes giving their clients a free hit in order to get them hooked, coupling two repeat businesses together. That all said, the price for the Blood Cult's services is quite high, given that the majority of the gang's members are also vampires. It's not uncommon for a customer to turn up deceased and completely drained of blood.

The Immortals Street Gang Created by vietmyke
A violent street gang primarily based in the Santa Celia’s East Side slums and Downtown. The Immortals dabble in the drug trade and are not afraid to use muscle when needed, their primary focus, however, is on both weapons dealing and human trafficking. They are supposedly backed by an individual or organization with deep pockets. It's unknown what their ultimate goal is, but many believe it may be raising funds or aiding in experiments to achieve immortality.

Wodan's Clan Motorcycle Club Created by Lord Wraith
A motorcycle gang that frequents Santa Celia's West Side, the Clan often comes to blows with the Blood Cult due to both groups heavily dealing in the drug trade. In addition to trafficking, the Clan also takes under the table work, often in the form of hired muscle. Violent crime tends to follow the gang where ever they go, though convictions rarely stick as their victims' cause of death is almost always found to an animal attack. This is because the Clan is predominantly made up of werewolves meaning they're the last group of bikers you want to run into under a full moon.

▼ N A T I O N A L O R G A N I Z A T I O N S
► Morgan Corporation Created by Star Lord
Morgan Corp was once the leading biotech company in the Midwest that had close ties with the American government. They were responsible for researching, developing and commercializing anti-allergics drugs; but, their other works are still classified to the general public. Their last work had them explore the possibility of creating life from objects with help from the government. After a year of researching and countless subject, they thought that they had finally made the perfect subject. Instead, Morgan Corp created something that they couldn't control and it escaped for one of their facilities in Wisconsin.

It managed to find someone and fused with them to form a powerful being. Even known they were being hunted, both of them managed to destroy several Morgan Corp properties and killed so many people. Eventually, they made their way to Chicago and confronted the former CEO, Tyler Morgan. Officially, an explosion from one of the labs killed the CEO and several individuals. The truth was that Morgan was brutally murdered along with several other high ranking members. After the incident, Morgan Corp was struggling to survive and filed for bankruptcy two months later.

Now, several biotech companies are looking to buy what remains of Morgan Corp.
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E L L A R A V A N A B R A M S T W E N T Y - F I V E F E M A L E B I S E X U A L

C O N C E P T A B S T R A C T:

"To you, I am Death, and I make sure that everyone is equal."

Ellara Charlotte Van Abrams was born late into the evening on one fateful Wednesday in September of 1993. Like her father before her, Ellara is a Jäger; a near-human subspecies possessing an enhanced physiology that makes them ideal for tracking, hunting or killing creatures and threats of a supernatural origin. Like most Jäger, Ellara inherited her abilities through her ancestors, specifically through her father and his forefathers.

During her infant years, the young Ellara moved around from place to place as her parents, primarily her father, were on what was known to the Jäger as the 'Path'. While walking the path, the Van Abrams lived as grifters funding their trips through fraud and petty theft while the new family moved from town to town. Ellara's memories of these days are few and far between due in part both to her young age and the trauma surrounding the events of the death of her mother Sofia. The one thing she knew for certain was that her mother was murdered by something that scared even her father which prompted Jonathan Van Abrams to leave Ellara in the care of her Aunt.

This arrangement would last for several years until Ellara learned the horrible truth; death followed her no matter where she went. At the age of seventeen, her Aunt's house was broken into and Ellara's Aunt Diana was subsequently killed during the home invasion. Ellara arrived home early one morning to find Diana's body impaled in a broken piece of the banister. The police were never able to find those responsible and the death of her Aunt left Ellara's Uncle cold and distant, eventually evicting Ellara from his home to fend for herself.

Neither her biological parents or Aunt had ever taken the time to explain to Ellara what she was or how her abilities would work. Instead, Ellara grew up afraid of her own shadow as she began to see things she couldn't explain. Faces would change in front of her and a sick feeling would form in the pit of her stomach whenever she was in large crowds of people. It made Ellara prefer solitude to the company of others.

Ellara has experienced numerous vivid dreams and more commonly nightmares due to the memories of her ancestors. She is slowly beginning to understand what she had been seeing all of her life due to the new memories now in her head. Although, she realizes to explain any of this to anyone would likely end with her in a padded room.

* * *

▼ O N G O I N G P L O T ( S )
► C H A P T E R O N E

Something is feeding off the people of Santa Celia. Over the past week, several victims have been found completely drain of blood, their throats ripped out. No one wants to voice the first thing that comes to mind, but the whispers at the crime scenes tell the same tale. Many believe a vampire has come to make its home in Santa Celia although the police refuse to take these claims seriously. One man is said to have survived the attack, however the attack has rendered him mute, or at least unwilling to speak. The man now resides in the Murdoch Mental Hospital while the rumors continue to swirl and at the very least a killer is still at large.

Characters Involved:
Eli Collins as portrayed by Skai
Kayla & Kyle Foster as portrayed by Junkmail and SepticGentleman
Caleb Murdoch - NPC
Riley Sheridan - NPC

▼ P R O P O S E D P L O T ( S )
► C H A P T E R T B D


Characters Involved: TBD

► C H A P T E R T B D


Characters Involved: TBD

► C H A P T E R T B D


Characters Involved: TBD

► C H A P T E R T B D


Characters Involved: TBD

► C H A P T E R T B D


Characters Involved: TBD

C O M P L E T E C H A R A C T E R S H E E T:

R E L A T I O N S H I P S:

▼ A C Q U A I N T E D
Anderson, Archie
Ellara formally met Archie for the first time after the latter spent the night with her roommate, Natalie. Unofficially, Ellara and Archie had met several times prior due to Archie's frequenting of the Tír na nÓg as his choice watering hole. Parting amicably, the two have no further defined interaction beyond a simple, if not awkward, introduction.

Collins, Eli
Eli and Ellara were introduced through the Foster Siblings during the events of MONSTER. Despite being moderately pleasant with one another, the pair had yet to build any sort of familiarity beyond exchanging pleasantries.

Ellis, Natalie
Natlie has been Ellara's roommate for the past eight months and while the two don't share a close friendship, they are friendly towards one another and generally respectful due to their living situation. At this point, however, neither knows anything about the other's past or abilities.

▼ F A M I L I A L
There are no characters currently related to Ellara.

▼ H O S T I L E
Foster, Kyle
Kyle had accompanied Kayle to the Tír na nÓg where the pair had proceeded to interogate Ellara. Though he did most of the conversing, it was not his prescence which set Ellara off. Subsequent encounters with Kyle however have revealed he has little patience for the fledgling Jäger and her antics leading to Ellara preferring to converse with Kayla alone rather than in the company of her brother.

▼ P L A T O N I C
There are no characters currently platonic with Ellara.

▼ R O M A N T I C
Foster, Kayla
Having approached Ellara the day after a victim of a spree killer was discovered near the Tír na nÓg, Kayla's supernatural nature triggered Ellara's Jäger sight. Caught off guard, the Tourist began to question Ellara, leading to her having a miniature breakdown and fleeing her place of work. While initially hostile towards Kayla, subsequent encounters have led to some mutual flirting between Kayla and Ellara.

▼ U N D E T E R M I N E D
Bianchi, Mauro
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Mauro.

Castillo-Armstrong, Nathan
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Nathan.

Dark, Joseph
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Joseph.

Gjanarsson, Rókur
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Rókur.

Hanson, Nicole
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Nicole.

Jauregi, Nikita
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Nikita.

Kensington, Logan
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Logan.

Light, Serene
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Serene.

Muller, Moses
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Moses.

Murray, Ember
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Ember.

Srisati, Everly
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Everly.

Wheeler, Andrea
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Andrea.

Wong, Sarah
There is no currently established relationship between Ellara and Sarah.

F-Bombs Dropped: |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||
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"I grew up mean, and now I'm older than murder."

Joseph Henry Dark
1st February '90 | 28 | Mixed
Divorced || Straight
College / Police Academy | Homicide Detective
Physical Profile

Miscellaneous Items

Appearance Details
The words 'Tall, dark and handsome' might never have been much truer for someone other than Joseph since the times of Achilles. People have asked him more than once if he's the secret child of Brad Pitt. His blond hair was once long enough to almost reach his shoulders but has recently been cut short. Joseph is known for wearing 'casual' clothes, even to his workplace where other people wear a suit or at least a sporty jacket or a collared shirt, Joe will more likely than not show up in a pair of regular fit Jeans and a V-neck T-shirt, appearing a lot less professional than his peers in the local PD, even if his accomplishments on the force speaks quite the contrary.

Joseph's looks have been drastically altered in the past three months. Most noticeable is the metallic golden hue his once hazel eyes have taken, replacing their comforting warmth with a inhuman coldness. He's got a wide and nasty looking scar reaching around his head from his
right temple back to back of his skull, separating his hair on both sides, some of his joints have been reinforced with metal.
He's got a tattoo on his right hand, a skeletal hand that reaches out onto the knuckles on the fingers. The initials K.S on his left wrist. His ears are pierced, though he does not wear jewelry in them. He has an older scar just about his heart from a bullet wound.

Joseph is a man of action, not to say that he's not one for thinking before acting - his thoughts always serve a clear goal. He doesn't spend his time contemplating something before doing it, instead jumping in head first as soon as he's examined the problem and will pull the proverbial trigger as soon as he has the shot. Not a totally irrelevant metaphor to his career and professional life.
Joe wanted to become a soldier his entire life ever since he was a kid - he was the guy who while he was good at football and basketball, had good grades and his pick of colleges when he graduated High School, he still relished being on hall monitor duty.

Joseph signed up to join the military as soon as he had graduated and was put through basic training for the army, he immediately distinguished himself as a sharpshooter. He was sent off to the sandbox for two months before returning home without having been put onto any real assignments, and he was put into the reserve forces. Frustrated with the military, he pursued the closest thing and joined the police academy. He spent three years in SWAT as a sharpshooter, but even after getting shot on duty he was back at his job as soon as he was able to get out of the hospital bed.

That's all to say that Joseph Dark is a man who stands by what he believes, and he's more than willing to fight for it, somtimes too much, as this was perhaps the biggest reason for his short marriage with Karen Summers. Joe's made out of a stronger moral fiber than most of the Santa Celia police and has been one to actively work against the corruption that plagues the ranks of the PD. Going as far as to arrest his partner after it was revealed to him that David was on the Mob's take.

Joseph's an individual with many layers, at first glance he's a renegade cop who only cares about getting bad guys - not following the rules, who believes the ends justifies the means. But on the other hand, he's a man who's favorite kind of literature is poetry, his favorite writer's Bob Dylan and his favorite movie's a romantic comedy starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen. He spends his off time painting, watching cartoons and eating strawberry ice cream whenever he can.

Character Synopsis
There is a certain truth to the idea that nobody who comes from a happy home wants to join the military, and it holds true for Joseph, too. His mother was of Ecuadorian descent, his father off Italian from the east-coast. His paternal grandparents had moved to the states after the war, his father Vito, was the youngest of five siblings with quite the age difference between him and his siblings.
His father was a jazz musician and his mother, Maria, was a nurse. He was raised catholic, all though he quickly realized once he started coming into adolescent that he didn't actually believe in God, and even less so in the teachings the Father would preach to him and his family.

Him voicing this to his father started to tear a bit of a rift between the two, furthered by his father's absence due to working at many clubs and constantly being 'one gig away from making it big' and whenever Vito was home he was in a bad mood and often drunk. Maria worked many hours at the local hospital. It wasn't till Joseph was 11 or so that his father became physically abusive - it started one saturday night at dinner when Joseph told him that he didn't want to go to church. He didn't "want to waste his time listening to some senile old man babbling on about his imaginary friend". This earned him at first a slap from his father and cursing in Italian. But once his mother stepped in to protect him, his father lost his temple, and Joseph got his face dunked against the kitchen table knocking out his last milk tooth.

The beatings where irregular, but still consistent. Whenever Vito got in a bad mood and Maria wasn't home, Joseph would get hit - and the older he got and the worse paying gigs Vito got, the more severe the beatings got. Joseph had a pretty normal schooling, despite this. He spent a lot of his time away from his family because of his father's abuse and his mother's turning a blind eye to it. Spending most of his time at various extra circulars, such as football, basketball and even theater.

Joseph left home as soon as he graduated high school, signing up to join the military where he was trained to be a sharpshooter. He was deployed for only three months before being sent home. 'The war was over'. So he had to find another war, one on the home front. He attended police academy while studying a two year degree in criminal science. He graduated with good grades and joined the police force as a beat cop, but due to his training he didn't spend more than a few weeks on patrol before he was assigned to special forces, the SWAT.

He spent four years on the SWAT till he was 26 years old, working primarily in the Los Angeles area, being a part of some drug related busts and several sieges on the Santa Celia - Mafia. He got shot by a perp their recon hadn't spotted, a 15 year old with a world war 2-era pistol. The kid never made his way down the stairs from the room the sharpshooter had been shot in before he was full of lead from the other Swat members.

Joseph recovered from his injury rather quickly and had no issues getting back into the field - but he wanted to a change. He didn't want to be the soldier anymore who shot who he was told to shoot. He wanted to be a detective. Said and done, he was transfered into the Santa Celia police department into Homicide Division and would spend the past few years solving murders, focusing his efforts on the Santa Celia Mafia, a choice that lead him to his demise.

Abilities & Skills
Enchanted Cyborg Of Hell | Joseph is a man with a pact. He's the tether of the Archdemon Mephisto, he's the combination of the darkest of magics and the most experimental of science. His body is technically aided by an army of nanites rebuilding him, making him stronger. He's armed with several cybernetic implants that are supposed to save his life. But his body's the house of two souls. The mortal and the demon. Mephisto manipulated the good doctor into finding Joseph and saving his life was but the most notable of his many tricks. Joseph is now the wielder of an incredibly powerful source of magic, the soul of Mephisto.

Cybernetic Augmentation:
Joseph lost his left hand when he was murdered. His severe beating also ruined several of his joints that had to be replaced artificially. Joseph's armed with state of the art, highly experimental and military grade prosthetics. He's got prosthetics in his elbows and knees, as well as ankles and his right wrist, connecting the robotic hand to his arm. He's got reinforced plates in his chest. This, combined with the nanites that are improving his natural healing makes him stronger than he used to be, stronger than any human. His robotic hand is bulletproof and highly resistant to fire, acid and water. His brain has also been 'upgraded' with microchips that allow him the specialized computing power of a supercomputer, improving his real time calculus, essentially improving his reaction speed and hand to eye coordination.

Joseph is not a sorcerer, he's not a wizard and he's not even an acolyte of the occult. Hell, he barely believes it exist and he's got it living inside of him. But Joseph is the host of one of the most powerful demons in existence and that symbiosis doesn't come without it's perks. Magic requires energy, and Joseph is sitting on a massive powerbank that he just needs to figure out how to use. Mephisto's both a near infinite source of energy, he's also more than willing to teach Joseph how to use the magic he's housing. Of course, no such power comes without a price.

Limitation(s) | Joseph isn't a Superman. He's an Enhanced Individual, he's certainly outperforming a regular human, but even though he could beat any human in a arm-wrestling contest, doesn't mean that he'd be able to beat them in a combat scenario. Tactics and training could certainly give someone the edge over the Demon Cyborg.

Joseph's a righteous man who's fighting with a demon for his eternal soul while struggling with the idea that he's becoming more machine than human.

Weakness(es) | Joseph's been shot in the head and hung on the edge between living and dead and when he came back, he brought a lot of baggage with him. Nobody gets to beat death without earning a few scars. He's angry, confused and scared and hasn't adjusted to his new life at all. Playing Mephisto against Joseph, and the inverse is highly exploitable and their symbiotic relationship is suseptible to outside abuse. That is, if they aren't already squabbling.

Martial Arts | Boxing, Judo and Wrestling are all things he's gotten official training in since he was a teenager. He also trained MMA at the police academy and while he was with the SWAT. He's a formidable fighter and more than capable of holding his own when push comes to shove.

Marksmanship | Joseph is an excellent shot with a firearm, he prefers a high caliber rifle and a scope, but he's accomplished with a handgun or assault rifle, too. His longshot ability has been future enhanced thanks to his cybernetic upgrade.

Ambidextrous | Joseph is technically left handed, but his father made sure he'd know how to use both hands for everything. It's been further enhanced in his combat training and further reinforced thanks to his now much stronger right hand than left.

Acting | Joe's a theater nerd. He played Hamlet in high school and has done a few amateur plays in his adult life. It helps him cool off after a long day and lets him relax.

Supporting Cast
To be Determined.

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Moses Muller

"Art doesn't express. It exposes"

Moses 'Mo' Jackson Muller
3rd November 1997 | 21 | Caucasian Hispanic
Single || Asexual
Santa Celia Art College | Street Artist
Physical Profile

Miscellaneous Items
Appearance Details
With a bean-pole figure of 6 foot and 1 inch, one will almost always be immediately repulsed or disgusted by Mo when they first come into contact with him. Mo has the appearance of a skinny leech, reeking to high hell of overnight caffeine fugues of artistic fervor combined with pallid overgrown hairy skin. One evident thing that one will notice about Moses immediately is the fact that he is stained with artistic materials. Graphite dust etched into his skin from hours of sketching. Bits of dried paint underneath his fingernails. A blot of ink underneath his chin.

Mo's face is undecipherable, scrunched eyebrows that are lost in thought and a glazed visage that shifts between the realm of reality and dreams. His mouth and facial expression are constantly irractic and shifting, almost as if he's conversing with someone else in his mind. His dark lidded grey eyes are constantly in a bloodshot state of frustration with baggy under-lids that are threatening to drop off his face at any moment. His face bears a lightly shaven moustache complimented with rows of splotchy acne scars permanently branding his cheeks and nose. His wild bush of dark-brown hair is uncombed and knot with splatters of paint and chalk dust dug into the very roots.

Moses skeletal appearance belies a lithe physicality that is marked with legacies of a misspent youth, with puckered knees, weathered elbows and faded bruises aplenty. He has a slight hunch in his shoulders, bending him slightly forwards even when standing or sitting still. His thin arms dangle precariously off his shoulders, hands always gravitating towards his pockets to reach for a pencil and paper to draw on. Aside from this, Moses has one single ink tattoo on his right forearm.

For casual wear, Mo prefers street-wear such as rain-jackets, bomber jackets and jumpers that always come with a hood alongside a pair of worn out sneakers or sport shoes. When he’s painting the streets, Mo wears a strappable gas mask underneath a red bandanna and scarf to conceal himself along with a set of paint-stained foreman gloves.

Mo is a man who's seen it all and more who has become emotionally numbed in response to supernatural phenomena. Whenever something strange or out of the ordinary happens around him, he is often non-plussed and works with the situation as best as he can. Mo can always be expected to be a calm and nonchalant individual who is undoubtedly reserved, usually resorting to succinct or blunt responses during normal day to day conversations with strangers and doesn't engage in bouts of sentimentalism or overt emotional exuberance. On the contrary, he's more interested in doodling rather than conversing, often taking every opportunity during conversation to draw something or someone.

Mo's lack of sociability is often affected by the fact that there are a constant retinue of dead talking Artistonancer's in his head that are incapable of shutting up, often leading to sudden impulsive bouts of frustration and shouting at seemingly no one. He treats his fellow dead Artistonancers with almost no semblance of respect and views them as more of a liability and annoyance rather than a source of help ever since the incident. Needless, Mo has an difficult relationship with the ghosts of former Artistonancer's that haunt him on a daily basis that range from sarcastic barbs to hostile expletive-filled death matches.

In spite of his rather cold demeanor, Mo has the soul of an artist and expresses most of his emotions in his art, using it as an outlet for his repressed emotions and as a method for calming the voices in his head down. The very act of art for Mo is cathartic. He is completely enraptured with enthusiasm when dug deep into his work and will never refuse an offer to do a commission for a stranger, barring extreme circumstances. However, any criticism of his artistic ability is seen to him as a challenge that he has to respond to in kind. Heavens help you if you insult graffiti as an art form in any way possible.

Mo has always had a pathological distrust of authority figures, holding a contemptuous view of them as a massive conglomerate of high-horsed people with ulterior agendas. This usually leads to Moses being more likely to disobey orders from a source of authority or to actively act against them if there is enough evidence to support his suspicion. However, in rare cases, he is willing to interact and cooperate with them on good faith if they give him enough reasons to do so.

In terms of his ethical integrity, Mo is often apprehensive of moral situations and approaches them with trepidation, often going as far to trying to avoid the call to altruism. However, despite his best efforts, Mo will ultimately, in the end, help those in trouble, especially people of lower socio-economic background despite him believing internally that he's doing this for his own self-gain.

However, intrinsically, Mo is a person who desires an ordinary life as a street artist rather than being stuck with the mantle of an Artistonancer after his last experience with the supernatural. He is both afraid and daunted of the nature and legacy of his supernatural abilities, often leading to conflict between him and the retinue of long dead Artistonancers that take refuge in his mind. Being one of the last order leaves a heavy burden on Mo's soul as he knows that with every choice that he makes, Artistonancy either becomes preserved or extinct. Therefore, this leads to a conundrum where Mo is afraid of acknowledging the existence of his powers and actively takes steps to prevent himself from using his abilities as best as he can. Right and wrong, good and bad, all of that doesn't matter to Mo when he's trying to live as a normal guy who tags buildings left and right. Deep inside his mind, Mo knows that his life as an street artist can't last forever as the world becomes more stranger and yet, he continues to fight against his destiny.
Character Synopsis
Born to a middle-class suburban family in the center of San Francisco, Moses ‘Mo’ Muller lived a sheltered life under the constant eye of his mother and father who were grooming their children to take over the reigns of Muller and Associates, one of the top premier accounting firms within San Francisco. Whilst the rest of the Muller children were willing to fufill the wishes of their father and mother, Moses was the proverbial black sheep of a family, wanting to escape from under the nose of his family. Ever since he was young, Moses was attracted to the arts ever since he first drew a little stick figure of a butterfly he saw in the backyard. His parents first wrote it off as a minor ‘hobby’ and that he would soon see the error of his ways. He didn’t. Much to their horror and Mo’s confusion, Mo continued to become more ambitious and daring in his artistic ventures, signing up for extra-curricular art activities and generally raising a middle finger to his family’s wishes.

It soon became worse when Mo’s family visited an charity art exhibition out of necessity, causing Mo to come back to his home later, claiming that he was hearing voices in his head. Five to be specific. Voices of adult men and adult women, painters, from the Renaissance, from the Cold War, famous artists of yore.

That was the last straw.

One day, without any warning whatsoever, at the age of 13, Mo’s parents made him pack his bags and sent him to his uncle, Gerald Muller, who was an art professor in Arido Art College, informally disowning him and refusing to recognise him as their son. Gerald Muller recognised Mo’s almost innate talents in the visual arts and immediately made him his protege, teaching him the foundation of the arts. Eventually, Gerald took a wager and betted on it after several nights of indecision. He took out one of Mo’s paintings, a black and white striped apple, and asked him jokingly to try and take the apple out. Mo managed to do it on his first try. After that incident, Gerald revealed that he was one of the last curators of an ancient art of magic of ‘Artistonancy’ and the history of their family. That Mo was what Aristonancers would call an 'Avant-Garde', a practitioner who would decide the fate of the study by himself and himself alone.

After celebrating with his first shot of whiskey (at an illegal age at that), Gerald had been unknowingly training him to become better in the art of Artistonancy in order for one single goal.

To resurrect his dead wife. Mo's aunt.

The process seemed successful. For a few brief seconds, the professor had his wife back. Before the screaming began and his blood began to splatter on the walls. Instead of making a successful replica of his own dead wife, Mo accidentally gave birth to an horrific abomination made of writhing flesh, splattered oil and twisted shape. A distortion. Mo was knocked out by a blow that left his mind in a tumble of broken memories. The next thing he knew, he was being interrogated by detectives in Saint Celia National Hospital, demanding to know what had happened. Why was half of the campus destroyed in pieces? Was it the work of an terrorist organisation? Was it a gas leak?

They wouldn’t even believe him if he told the real answer. Mo was soon admitted to the hospital and was lost and adrift, with only the voices in the head to guide him and - Fuck that. The voices were responsible for this. Artistonancy was a curse. It had birthed that….thing. That monstrosity. It was dangerous. No, he was dangerous. Soon after his uncle’s funeral, Mo approached the ruins of the campus, ducking underneath a border of security tape, to secure his uncle’s books on Artistonancy. The last remaining books of a once thriving order. Centuries worth of knowledge that he hadn’t even tapped into yet.

He burnt them one by one, not even stopping to take a peek at the pages, and threw them into the ocean, no matter how much the voices told him to stop.

After a few days of argument and dissent, the murals stopped communicating with him. For years in fact.

A few years later, Mo’s still trying to move past the incident by working as a job as a legal street artist in the inner city of Saint Celia. As he realised the increasing levels of crime and violence within the city he loved, he tried to do something good for the city as the muck and scum of crime rose, accepting jobs to paint memorials of dead victims, tags that criticised the local gangs that preyed on the innocent and tried to cast color into a city that was quickly losing it. His paintings made people weep. Cry. Laugh. It gave them hope. For once, he was proving the murals wrong. That he didn’t need to be an Artistonancer to make the world right. As storms darken on the horizon of Rook Bridge, Mo only hopes that he can hold onto his dreams for a little while longer.......

Abilities & Skills

Artistonancy | Artistonancy is a branch of magic that involves the use of artistic mediums as the main source of an practitioner's power by ‘drawing’ magical objects otherwise known as trinkets out of the artistic medium. Artistonancy was once effectively known as a 'poor man’s' magic in the inner circles of the magical community in the 15th century, effectively on the verge of extinction due to the hubris of its practitioners, believing they could overcome its rules. Every practitioner of Aristonancy has either accidentally killed themselves from their creations or gone insane from the accumulation of murals in their head. Ironically, Artistonancy has managed to out-live other magical arts that were once wide-spread throughout the world, although, its survival rests in the hands of one ordinary Californian.

Mo is one of the last remaining Artistonancers on Earth, specialising in using painted mediums as his source of magical power. The type of trinket drawn out can either have mundane qualities or supernatural qualities that can give boons to the user. The degree to which the object is supernatural depends on the materials used to create the object, the style of art, the aesthetic characteristics and much, much more. Mo has been out of practice since he found out his talents in Artistonancy 4 years ago but he still remembers the bare basics.

Artistonancy mainly involves two concepts: visualization and materialization of the object in question. Visualization requires clearing the mind of any distractions and focusing on the object that the practitioner wants to ‘draw’ out of a medium. Different types of paintings vary the difficulty and extent of visualization that a user must be involved in. A single image or a picture of an trinket restricts visualization but makes it extremely easier to focus. A more complex painting composed of multiple images gives a measure of freedom and leeway to the user to visualize whatever trinket that they want. Materialization involves the practitioner touching the visual medium and physically pulling the object out. The difficulty of materialization and the time it takes depends on the size of the object. Larger trinkets require Artistonancers to request the help of other people in order to fully materialize the object.

Mural Transferal | The soul of an Aristonancer continues to live in their art, even after they have passed away. When an Artistonancer dies, part of their spirit lays trapped and remains in their painting, sustained by the mere belief and awareness of their creations by the world, becoming what is known as a mural. If a Aristonancer's work becomes culturally insignificant over time, the remaining part of their soul will begin to degrade until they are no more. If it's not the case, then, a living Artistonancer can bring them back to life, allowing their conscious to inhabit their mind and voluntarily link them to their soul. Murals are independetly living spirits that are tied to the conscious mind of an Artistonancer. A mural is a source of invaluable information and experience for any Artistonancer and serve a secondary use of shielding their mind from mental or psychic attacks. The more murals that an Artistonancer accumulates, the increasing likelihood that they will begin to exhibit symptoms of sociopathy and psychopathy which will then develop into full-blown insanity. The recommended limit for accumulation of murals is a total of 8 voices.

Limitation(s) | Laws of Artistonancy

Artistonancy is a multi-faceted area of magic that has many nuances and limitations that even most Artistonancer's are not aware of. Due to burning Gerald's last collection of Artistonancy lore and by extension, his relationships with the murals in his head, Mo is currently aware of only 3 laws within Artistonancy that he has learnt thus far. With further communication with the murals in his head and more testing, he may soon grow to be aware of other laws.

Law of Dimensions:Artistonancer’s are unable to draw out trinkets that are larger than the dimensions of the visual medium itself without severely injuring themselves or causing a rupture. A ‘rupture’ is known as a backlash of magical energy that can rebound upon the caster, causing either severe mutations related to the visual medium or in extreme cases, death. Along with this, Artistonancer’s are restricted to only using their magic on one dimension only and not multiple dimensions. Therefore, Mo can only draw trinkets out of two-dimensional visual mediums and not three-dimensional visual mediums such as origami, sculptures, pottery or statues.

Law of Belonging:Artistonancer’s are only able to draw trinkets out of art that they have created by themselves only, finding themselves unable to draw out trinkets out of art created by other people. Attempting to draw trinkets out of artistic objects not created by the caster doesn’t have any severe repercussions, merely just a sense of disappointment, unlike the law below.

Law of Life:It is said that past or ancient aristonancers managed to master crafting life out of art itself. However, the practice of vivification, as it is called, has been lost in the annals of history. Attempting to create an sentient being out of an artwork will always almost result in the formation of a distortion. Plants and fungi are the exception to the rule but even attempting to take out any living being that can express intelligent behaviour is going to distort immedietely. Distortions are extremely dangerous sentient beings created by an Aristonancer that are a facsimile of life itself ranging from eldritch abominations to mere shadows of a person. Distortions are insane and can’t be reasoned with, operating on a single minded obsession that may vary from benign to dangerous.

Law of Energy Artistonancy is meant to be a poor man's form of magic, harnessing creativity as a quick-fix to perform the most complex of spells. However, over-use of Aritistonancy over a short period of time can severely fatigue the user depending on how experienced they are. This is known as a debt. Over-time, a Aristonancer can build up a resistance to accumulation of these debts, similar to how one exercises their muscles. However, without continual practice, an Artistonancer is sure to run out of energy after creating a few trinkets.

Weaknesses | Whilst Mo’s artistonancy is particularly versatile and grants him several boons, there are several weaknesses that one can capitalise on with enough observation. One of Aristonancy’s main weaknesses is the concept of Iconoclasm, or rather the inherent weakness of a trinkets that may cause it to degrade over time, depending on the quality and nature of the materials used. As Mo’s trinkets are mainly derived from chalk and paint, a combination of water or chemical solvents can dissolve or destroy Moses’s constructs on contact, even constructs that are meant to be defensive in nature. Whilst a mere drop of water won’t carve through Moses constructs, a downpour of rain or a gout of water from a firehose could potentially wash away everything.

Other than this, the main source of a Aristonancer’s power is also their crippling flaw. As long as one prevents Mo’s away from an available supply of paint and chalk, Mo could be easily mistaken for a simple ordinary individual with no outward superhuman characteristics whatsoever. Easy pickings for any one with a bare minimum of professional training.

As the majority of Mo’s Aristonancy relies on touch in order to begin drawing the trinket out of the visual medium, breaking Mo’s hand or simply crippling them beyond use is a valid tactic that any opponent could use to remove the use of his powers.

Painter | Mo is an accomplished career painter who is adaptable with a myriad of visual mediums and has a knack for combining both realistic detail and surrealist imagery in a fitting blend with one another. His creativity and imagination are boundless whenever he’s holding a brush, a pencil, a marker or a can in his hand. His preferred mediums for painting are chalk, spray paint and pencil, although, he does have experience with other mediums such as oil and water-color in acquiescence of the voices in his head.

Parkour | Mo is mostly adept at the art of parkour, a childhood of rebellion in the inner city being responsible for him picking up the skill in the first place. Whilst not possessing as much finesse or brute endurance compared to other free-runners, Mo’s technical skills have never diminished throughout his age. Mo is able to maneuver through the concrete jungles of Santa Celia with ease, confidently leaping off roof-tops and vaulting over fences without catching his breath. Mo mainly uses his parkour skills to access the perfect canvas for his art or to mainly escape from the menagerie of authorities and gangsters that are on a constant chase after him.

Supporting Cast
Alfonso Rhombus - Eponymous owner of Rhombus's, the oldest pizza parlor in central Santa Celia.

The Distortion - A mysterious entity that followed and attacked Moses at his apartment. Assumed to be dead...for now.

[UNKNOWN] - Moses last mural that is a amalgam of all his other mural's essences combined into one singular conciousness that seemingly aids him on his journey to become an Artistonancer.

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Eli Collins
02/19/96 | 22 |
Single || Heterosexual
Psych Student at the Santa Celia University | Interns as Psychologist's Assistant
Physical Profile

Miscellaneous Items
Appearance Details
Standing at 5'8", Eli's slender frame is highlighted by her long legs. Her skin is a warm ivory tone and soft sunspots dot her shoulders, arms, and legs. Her medium-length, tousled hair is a chocolate brown with subtle highlights due to her time in the sun. She is normally seen with a blank face yet her bright, bluish-green eyes observe everything. When she genuinely smiles, two dimples appear in her cheeks and thin lines form around her eyes. She doesn't put a lot of effort into her makeup, simply wearing concealer to hide the bags under her eyes, mascara, and a thin, smokey eyeliner to enhance her eyes.

Eli's sense of style is marked by quirky, chic ensembles ranging between comfy casual and trendy new looks. One day she'll wear a t-shirt or sweater with skinny jeans and converse; the next day she'll be in stylish pants and an intricate top. It all depends on what she has planned for the day and what side of the bed she wakes up on. She sticks to neutral colours, occasionally wearing one color that pops. The only jewelry she prefers are minimalist earrings and necklaces.

Small tattoos dot her arms: a moon and line on her left arm, and an art piece on her right forearm.

As Vertigo, Eli dons an all black ensemble that is tight to her frame so she can be fast and nimble. Her hair is straightened and loose around her shoulders. To hide her identity, she wears various lace masks that obscure her upper face and long sleeves to hide her tattoos.

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Eli identifies as an ISFP (Introverted, sensing, feeling, perceiving). As Eli grew up she learned to appreciate being independent. While she enjoys the company of others, her happiest moments are spent by herself. During the day she enjoys walking about the city and taking in the sights. She especially loves discovering new coffee shops and restaurants with great food. In fact, she knows the best places to go for any type of craving. She even knows the best bars in her area. In fact, on the nights she doesn't don the lace mask she can be found at one of those bars or out having late night snacks.

When someone first meets Eli, they notice that she is at first quiet, unassuming, and hard to get to know. However, once the initial wall is removed Eli is warm, friendly, and eager to experience as much as possible with their new friend by their side. She tends to avoid the spotlight, preferring to sit peacefully on the sidelines until she has something to say. She carefully observes the actions of those around her and compares their perceptions to her own, always trying to understand the world around her. She is normally the type to compromise, and avoids conflict as much as possible. This said, Eli still has the fierceness of a protector. She will stand up for anyone that needs it, and it is wise to stay out of her way when she gets this way. If her friends ever need her, she will always step in with quiet, unassuming assistance. She is certainly the type to put other's needs before her own. This sometimes causes trouble in her personal life, and she can easily feel overwhelmed when she puts her own needs aside for too long. Occasionally this can cause periods where Eli is unreachable as she takes some time to herself, but she understands that in order to help others she must help herself first. As soon as she is recharged, she's ready to start right back where she left off.
Character Synopsis
Eli was born in the Árido Valley to a single, twenty-something mother who had no clue who her father was. The two lived in a small house thirty minutes from Santa Celia and a short drive to the Tlaloc Falls. During the week Eli lived a lonely existence while her mother worked long hours. When school let out she'd spend time with her neighbourhood friends until they had to go home for dinner, and then let herself into the house to eat a bowl of cereal until her mom came home. She was happiest on the weekend, when her mother took her on hikes around the waterfall and road trips into the city. They had a strong bond and were inseparable until Eli reached the age of ten. Soon after school ended, her mother found a man that could potentially take all of their money-worries away. She began to spend more time with this man, and Eli could tell that this would become a permanent problem.

It was during this time that Eli's abilities began to appear. She began to have small outbursts at school, her pent up frustration erupting into small fights with bullies. The first time she ever used her power was on a boy named Dillon Bolt, a bulky bully and borderline sociopath. As he towered over a younger child at recess, Eli confronted him with a fierce blow to the cheek. Normally a hit from a small girl wouldn't phase anyone, but as Dillon Bolt fell to the ground screaming bloody murder Eli knew something had changed. As she sat in the principle's office, she couldn't help but remember that she had wished she could hit him hard enough to knock him off his feet.

These disruptions lasted until seventh grade. There would always be a bully, and Eli would stand up for their victims every chance she could. Unfortunately these acts of heroism did nothing to convince her mother that she hadn't done anything wrong. It only drove a larger wedge between them. In no time at all, her mother announced that she was going to marry the man that had ruined Eli's happiness. They'd be moving into his home in Santa Celia in the next week. No matter how much her mother tried to convince her that this would be a good change, Eli would always resent her step-father.

Over the next few years Eli would start a new school, be named Eli Collins after her step-father, and remain an outcast in the inner city school. She didn't mind being lonely now. It gave her time to figure out what was going on with her mind, discovering new tricks she could play on other's minds. It was in AP psychology that she learned the meaning of sensation and perception and finally figured out exactly what she could do with this power. In that moment, she decided to pursue a career in psychology.

After graduating from high school Eli announced that she would be going to the local community college. She also wished to live on her own. She was prepared to support herself, but her mother had been saving for her college since she was born. It was even enough to cover half a years worth of rent. Eli soon found her own place, right in the heart of the city, and began to attend school. She found a job at a small boutique to earn spending money. Throughout this time she began using her ability less and less, almost forgetting about it's existence. Contact with her mother was made through weekly lunch visits, and their relationship began to grow once more.

In 2017, Eli was walking home after closing the shop to find two men surrounding a woman in an alley. She had just been about to call the police when the ringleader reminded her of Dillon Bolt. She hung up her phone and walked straight into the fray. After a quick bout of threats from the men, Eli managed to take them both down by simply tapping them on the forehead. She'd successfully saved her first citizen. The thrill of saving this one life filled her heart with the same feeling she had experienced at school those many years ago. She quit her job and found an internship during the day as a psychologist's assistant. She began to take long nightly walks just to run into trouble. Her ability slowly grew each time she helped someone and soon she could easily produce auditory, visual, and physical illusions. Just recently Eli began to don a lace mask and black clothes, intentionally going out at night to fulfill her role as protector of the weak: Vertigo.

Abilities & Skills
Sensation/Perception Manipulation | With every second, our brains are receiving stimuli for sensations such as sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Those sensations are then sent to the brain, where the mind processes these sensations and determines how they will be perceived. Every sensation must pass a threshold limit in order for the mind to notice it. Eli's ability allows her to access these sensations and manipulate the threshold limit for those stimuli by either raising or lowering it. She could lower the threshold of someone with a paper cut to feel immense pain, or increase the threshold of someone's photo-receptors to blind them.

While this method is effective, there are limits to the amount a threshold can be manipulated. This is where Eli's ability affects the perception of this stimuli as well. In theory, the mind tends to group the senses together so that it is easier to process. This allows the mind to interpret similarity, proximity, and continuity, of the size, shape, brightness, and distance of an object. This can affect balance, depth perception, and the awareness of the victim's surroundings. In terms of pain and the sensation of touch, the brain receives the stimuli from the nerves in varying amounts. The effect of these sensations can be altered by the mind's perception of them. For example, if heat was applied to a person's arm the mind could translate that heat as pain if it thinks the arm is burning, or the mind can perceive it as a warm welcome on a winter day. Likewise, touch can be perceived as pain or pleasure as well. It all depends on the mind's interpretation of these stimuli. By manipulating the perception of another's senses, Eli is able to create auditory and optical illusions as well as illusions of pain.

Limitation(s) | Manipulating so many processes of the mind requires a high level of focus and energy, therefore a complete auditory and visual illusion is reserved for dire situations. Even so, there are moments where subtle errors in the illusion can be noticed by keen eyes. Eli's ability only affects someone within a range of twenty feet, growing inch by inch as Eli learns to control her ability. While each illusion may be enough to fool the mind, they are still only illusions and cannot physically affect anything.

Weakness(es) | The level of focus and energy required to produce and maintain an illusion determines the level of exhaustion Eli will experience afterwards. Producing total auditory, visual, and physical illusions causes heavy strain mentally and physically that could last for an entire day. Eli is also only human and lacks in the physical department of vigilantism.

Self-Defense | Eli began to take self-defense classes half a year ago, learning easy ways to dodge attacks and stun opponents. In these classes she was trained to use a baton. She applies these skills in the rare moments she needs to fight.

Supporting Cast
Haley Collins: Mother, appears once a week.

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Kyle Avery Foster
June 3rd, 1988 | 30 | Caucasian
Single || Heterosexual
High School Education | Tourist
Physical Profile

Miscellaneous Items
Appearance Details
Kyle falls between the lines of kempt and unkempt in terms of physical appearance. Relatively unblemished skin coupled with hair that obviously looks like it could use a trim, though he’s rather neglectful when it comes to that. He takes much better care of his physical condition, having musculature to show for years of training and Tourist work.

Kyle generally dresses in more formal articles, including button shirts and sleek jackets and dress shoes. Most of his clothes have been fitted with some manner of mundane reinforcement and protection, coupled with a few light enchantments to help stave off things like filth and wear-and-tear.

Kyle is a very work-focused man. He is never one for long periods of relaxation or doing anything besides preparation and maintenance work between excursions into the unknown. As such, he can come off as rather rude to people who aren’t used to being around a man so uninterested in doing anything most would consider ‘fun’, but he won’t go out of his way to antagonize people who hang about. Mostly he’ll just focus on whatever he’s doing without striking up much conversation.

Kyle harbors a personal belief in his own self-being that he keeps from pretty much everyone, including his sister - especially his sister, in fact. He feels as though, being a mundane human, he is in danger of being overshadowed by others around him who possess arcane aptitude or other spectacular abilities. While he understands that there are many Tourists like him, Kyle is the first one in a while to end up without magic in his family. A good deal of their reputation stood on their abilities, and Kyle does not want to be written off for his lack of such.
Character Synopsis
The Foster twins, Kyle and Kayla, belong to a small organization of close friends and families who simply refer to themselves as ‘Tourists’. They are not government-sanctioned in any proper manner, nor do they present themselves as an official business. They are simply folks who fancy themselves specialists in the art of dealing with problems of the supernatural variety. Monster hunting, curse breaking, they cover all bases that they can, and more often than not by making use of the arcane themselves in order to get the job done.

For the Fosters themselves, they were something of a special case. Their mother, Elizabeth Crane, was originally a Tourist who had been trained by her own father, Milo Crane - considered a veteran among the ranks. She’d developed quite the track record with her problem-solving, having traveled the world over both alone and in the company of other Tourists, helping where she could. During a spell of downtime however, she happened to meet a man who was, by all accounts, completely ordinary - Arnold Foster. What started as friendly discussions became the occasional get-together, and eventually escalated to full-blown marriage. Elizabeth tried to hold on to her life as a Tourist, but eventually decided to put it all behind her in order to properly raise her new pair of children, Kyle and Kayla - somewhat to the chagrin of her father, who was quite fond of the Tourist life, and much to her own naivety, thinking nothing nefarious would come catching up with her.

Elizabeth had seen her fair share of truly evil creatures, and not a fair few of them being the vengeful sort. Unfortunately, the Tourists just can’t beat them all. In 2004, Arnold and Elizabeth Foster were murdered on their way home one night by some remnant of work left undone in the past. And instead of simply pursuing vengeance in the name of his daughter and her husband, Milo Crane took things a step further, and brought sixteen-year-old Kyle and Kayla into the Tourist life after their grieving was over. He introduced them to the supernatural world, and made it clear to them that there was no going back now.

And the two of them were just fine with that.

Now, Kyle and Kayla have always been nigh-inseparable, but they have a sea of differences between them. Unlike his sister, Kyle was born with zero magical capability whatsoever, something most of the Tourists chalked up to being his father’s fault. As such, his training was focused towards dealing with problems in a more ‘direct’ manner - taking a bat or a bullet or even some bare knuckles to anyone or anything that proved a nuisance. Kyle, very much motivated to not simply live in any of his families’ shadows, gave his training much more effort than most Tourists were ever witness to beforehand. They watched him mold himself into a master of gunplay, close combat, and standing strong in the wake of the supernatural, no matter how monumental the enemy was. The years of training paid off, and Kyle was made an official Tourist by the age of 21, alongside his sister, who had been tackling her own training all the while.

Tourist work wasn’t the Fosters’ immediate interest, however. What they were really after - at least, what Kyle was really after - was revenge for the murder of their parents. And old grandfather Milo was along for the ride. The three were beset with both supporters and naysayers, who told them revenge was either not worth it, or very, very worth it. The trio remained strong in their pursuit of vengeance, and ultimately disappeared for a span of several months. They resurfaced sometime later, spilling no fine details of their accomplishments. All the three said was that they got what they wanted, and all affairs had been settled. Nothing else was ever said of their secretive campaign, save for rumors and speculations, but nothing has ever been properly confirmed nor denied by the trio themselves.

Milo ‘retired’ from his role as a Tourist some years after, and seemingly disappeared off the face the Earth. No Tourists has ever made any fact of the matter clear, if indeed they knew anything regarding the storied life of that man. Kyle and Kayla, age 23 by then, were left to finally begin their work as Tourists proper, inheriting much of their grandfather's equipment and belongings to make their lives easier. They did as their predecessors did - they went places, they fought monsters, they broke curses. And they were every bit as good as Milo or Elizabeth had ever been.

After nearly a decade, things have settled some for the Tourists. The Foster twins are now charged with standard action work in the city of Santa Celia, with no major goal other than to keep an eye on things and report whatever seems suspicious or out of the ordinary to their betters, and to remedy what they can on their own.

Abilities & Skills
Superhuman Ability | N/A

Limitation(s) | N/A

Weakness(es) | N/A

Weapon Training | Kyle possesses a remarkable plethora of knowledge in the departments of both conventional and antiquated weaponry, thanks to many years of training, studying, and experience. Versed in the use of pistols, rifles, heavy guns, and even firearms that haven’t been used in over a century (some Tourists are ridiculously old-fashioned), Kyle will find himself very much prepared for any altercation that can be resolved with a helping of ammunition.

Close Combat | And yet sometimes guns simply can’t get the job done properly. Just as much as he has trained with firearms, Kyle has made himself no slouch when it comes to getting up close and personal with his targets. Be it figting with bats or knives or swords or pipes, or even his own two fists, Kyle is very much capable in any close-quarters encounter.

Runecrafting | Kyle has studied the art of runecrafting in order to prepare his equipment for minor enchantments more easily. Minor things, such as improvements to firearm performance and capabilities. Of course, he doesn’t do the actual enchanting himself - Kayla activates the items when they are ready.

Alchemy | The study of combining both arcane and mundane ingredients in order to create tools fit for combating the supernatural is something Kyle has spent some time with. Potions, bombs, poisons, and other such things are all within his capabilities, though he is by no means a master in the art.

Supporting Cast
Beyond their many fellow Tourists, Kyle and Kayla regularly speak with a man named Lance Parker - something of a ‘senior’ Tourist, though the specifics of that rank remain obscure. Parker lets the twins know where they should be and what they should do in regards to whatever charge they are currently faced with. Kyle doesn’t seem too incredibly fond of the man though, preferring to let Kayla handle speaking with him most of the time.

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