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Influence: #4 .

Group(s): Any approved groups your character is a member of.

Description: Tell us about your character's appearance or personality. This may may include any or all of the fields below.

Weight: 220
Age: 1000
Race/Species: Human Plus (Human modified with standard long life bio and technical modifications
Appearance: A taller, if older dark skinned male with a set of sunglasses, bald and perfectly shining head, and a harmless enough smile always on his face. He has dark brown eyes that look concerned for the world, and he has a slightly heavyset appearance for someone his height.
Personality: Always focused on making a deal and ensuring that he and his frends get out of a situation with both lives intact and wallets full, Ryand has taken the idea of “There is no bad deal, just poor terms,” to heart, and has risen to trader in the Trantor Long Range exploration fleet, having made first contact with 20 worlds, traded with at least 100, and explored 600 systems in his life. The man is happy to a fault but known to hold grudges for hundreds of years to his e partners and people who have cheated him. The quintessential trading man.

Abilities, Talents, Traits, Powers: Include this section if your character has any unique or significant abilities, talents, traits, or powers. If not, omit it.

• ( influence # ) Ability 1 Name -- ability 1 description. Abilities are optional, but if you have any, include the influence #, name, and description.
• .Human Plus (Local 3). An advanced series of genetic, chemical, and nanotechnological modifications to allow for a VERY long life with none of the pesky issues of aging.
• Talented Trader (Local 2). Through years of economic experience, trading, and study Ryand has amazing knowledge on how to do business on many many things, from trading food and tools to undeveloped planets to high level interplanetary trade conferences

Items: Include this section if your character has any unique or significant items. If not, omit it.

• ( influence # ) Item 1 Name -- Universal Assembler (Treaty Limited) Influence 3. The Universal Constructor is the key to Trantor’s long lasting prestige, but as per treaties, Universal Constructors have been limited to small and non self replicated abilities. It currently is in the form of a light armor, with basic healing abilities for the user, and cannot shift without approval from Command or a Representative.
• The Dynaxon. (Local Influence 2) A standard rifle with limited automated aim abilities, an the unusual ability to use almost any form of weapon.\
• The Universal Recorder. (Local 3), an advanced sensor suite and information control system, appearing to currently be a sort of camera.
• Healing and Recovery Bay (Influence 4) A massive healing, backup, restoration and otherwise backup array stored on his small tradeship, in case of “sudden and aggressive negotiations”
• RGX-VI, (Influence 4) a customized light mech and ultra long distance shuttle,, Equipped with a Epplistene-Arhur drive system for long range interstellar travel, but per standard treaties, it is disarmed besides 1 light laser (unusuable in atmosphere) and one light machine gun cannon.

• Magical Interface (Influence 3). A device made by Magitech users, this book allows the man to not use magic, but at least be aware of its usage around him, in case of encounters with the more paranormal side of reality
• Economic Activity Guide (Influence 4). A Database equipped with trade data from across the VAST multiverse. This is his pride and joy, created over 1000 years of travel, and constantly updated by both him and sources found, from a simple farmer on a humble world to the high speed Economics 2.0 network digital life forms that trade in ultra high frequency data.

Background: Tell us about your character's past, goals, or anything else you feel we should know about them
The man is an old trader, a veteran of years and years of interstellar combat and as such is ff focused on using negiogation first, and reverting to war AFTERWARDS. The man smiles, deals, and if need be, flees but is willing to back up his words with force.. The classical interstellar Trader.
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@RyandSmith Hey there, and welcome to the guild! I'd just like to point out that Expanding Horizons is pretty much dead at this point, but you can always check out any of the other RPs located below the section for that roleplay fix!
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