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Kaito 'Kai' Mori

Hoo man, this is not a great start. From the looks of things in the school, I must've missed the whole orientation. Hopefully we're not marked on attendance on the first day.

A slightly pained expression came across the dark haired young man's face as he glanced down at the slip of paper sticking out from the front pocket of his hoodie. His hand coming down to hastily push it further into the belly pocket as he looked towards the path in front of him. Light filtering through the leaves in the trees above him glinting off of the lens of his glasses as he pushed them up his nose a bit and sighed.

Maybe the teacher will be cool about it? Junkei had some pretty relaxed teachers in highschool, some of them didn't even care if he was late.

The hopeful thought remained in the front of Kaito's mind as he smiled slightly, tugging the light strap of the worn white backpack up his shoulder as he properly emerged in the vast clearing. One his hands flattening as he brought it to his brow to shield his eyesfrom the sun as he gazed out at the crowd in the distance. His black sneakers tapping a bit as he inspected the gathering of teens from a distance.

This looks like the spot. Now all I gotta do is find the teacher. Whoever's tallest and isn't hanging out in a group....Is it that....creepy smiling guy?

The teenager's brows furrowed and his eyes narrowed briefly at the sight of the tall, overly happy dark haired man. Shrugging his shoulders, his hands found grip on both straps of his bag as he began to walk over towards him. Glancing around and inspecting the other students littering the field.
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Ryota Kiyoshi

Interacting with: Hayakawa Yasu @Naw, Tachibana Shouta @Bluetommy

There was a smirk on Ryota’s face as he slipped his thermal back on, Perhaps I was being too nice by not silencing that pink haired kid, but I got some decent notes from this bout. With that demonstration, this class came to an end and they were now going to be taken to the field. Seijin was a decent fighter because of his quirk but it seemed as though he had a pretty straightforward approach to the obstacles that he approached.

If this had been a real hostage situation, it wouldn’t be all that difficult to stop him in his tracks. Ryota lagged behind the rest of the class as he was busy grabbing his jacket when everyone was leaving the gym, the journey to the open field was a rather pleasant one surprisingly. He took a moment to take in the environment that had surrounded him, that natural aesthetics of Jigokuraku were captivating even for the pessimist.

Once they reached the open field, Guodo pretty much pushed for them to mingle amongst each other. Something that wasn’t exactly Ryota’s strong suit, especially since he more or less triggered half of the students in his class before the day had even begun. More or less, Ryota was ready to settle on solitude until words that the smurf had spoken came to mind.

I guess things will only be interesting if I make it interesting.

Ryota Placed his hands in his coat pocket and continued walking through the field, he took notice of a small dispute between Hayakawa Yasu and Mazinni Kiki. Garbage competing with other garbage was was always interesting, especially when it was coming from someone like Mazinni-chan who was possibly the most pathetic out of the lot of students. After their dispute was over Tachibana Shouta walked over and attempted to get a rise of out of Hayawaka but utterly failed as she paid him no mind, to hear him try to pester her about her quirk was pretty interesting considering his quirk wasn’t nearly as useful.

Ryota made his way over to the two and placed a hand on the boys shoulder, “Seeing trash walking and talking never ceases to amaze me, you look stupid trying to knock her down. Her quirk is far more practical than your quirk will ever be.” Ryota took his hand off the boys shoulder and took a seat by a nearby tree.

“If I was her I’d be damned too if I got riled up by some cunt who’s ability is the spin things.”

Ryota placed his hands behind his head as he leaned on the tree, awaiting what was next on today’s schedule.
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A plant, Toothless, Pinky and the Blond enter a field

Their ever-smiling professor guided them towards a lush clearing with trees, trees, and more trees as far as the eye could see. It was a bit tiring for Hiroaki, but he took the chance to look around. Even if all he could see were trees, he felt so at peace with himself, like all those troubles he felt earlier that day were vanished. It was just so calming, being surrounded by nature, feeling the cool breeze and hearing the soft chirps and branches full of leaves swaying in the air.

Someone who didn't seem to be quite as calm was Haruka Fujimori, a sight that wouldn't seem to mesh well for a plant girl walking through a forest. One of the demostrations had struck a nerve on her and resulted on her casting several glances towards one of her future classmates: Elina. Haruka could deal with someone as Akeno, as it was merely that she herself was hot and to that she could take measures. But...

As the rate of growth of Elina's fire had increased, so did Haruka's fears. It took her all of her determination and willpower to stay put on her seat the moment the heat began to graze her skin and visibly paled at the display. She thanked the heavens that Azukina and Soga were busy speaking about books at the time so that they wouldn't cast a gaze in her direction. That... that would've been disastrous for the image she was trying to build.

And here she was now, being shepherd to a new ground by Guodo-sensei through the path of the forests. Instead of looking to be at the middle of the group to bask in the attention of her fellow classmates, she opted to have as many persons as she could between herself and the torch-head. The words of their teacher barely registered in her mind as her gaze was kept on the nape of that one girl.

However, as she absent-mindedly walked and stared at Elina, she could feel a hand on her shoulder. Soga, after his discussion with Azukina, knew that he and her needed a bit of time to have things settled after the question he had asked. However, he did not wish to seem a loner now of all times by wandering by himself deep in thought. He thought that it was best if people saw him talk to someone, and if it was one as attractive as Haruka, then all the better.

"Hey there, Haruka-san, how are you?" He asked her, once more doing his best to smile as politely as possible. "You seem a bit shaken, is something wrong?" His vision moved in the direction of where Haruka was looking and saw Elina, the girl with hair of fire, the one who had turned one of the dummies to ash with her fire.

She was afraid of Elina. Well, it made perfect sense, of course the plant person was afraid of the person who could turn her to ash in mere moments if she tried. He hoped that she did not assume that he was able to breathe flames just because he shared the visage of a dragon, it would certainly not help with his attempts at befriending her.

Still trailing behind the rest of the group, hands dug into his pockets, a slow-moving Seijin was trying to spot out that pinkette from before amongst the crowd of unnamed strangers he hadn't had the chance to get to know and hopefully it stays like that, today already was a troublesome first day. Hiroaki's hair sticks out of a crowd, even a crowd as mixed as theirs, he trots out of the treeline into the clearing behind the other teen, Oi Pinkie. How about yah stick with me? Your healing quirk could definitely make life around here a lot less troublesome for me.

Hiroaki turned around and was surprised to see Seijin, the blonde boy from earlier. He's the guy who almost forgot about saving Hiroaki from the Quirk demonstration. Good thing the pink boy activated his Quirk so Seijin no longer had any reason to forget about him. Walking through nature has helped in clearing his mind, but seeing and hearing the blonde boy made him a bit irritated again, just like how he felt when the two boys were enjoying their fight so much that they forgot about him.

"Oh sure, Seijin. Just call me whenever you want me to heal you then I'll go out of your way after you're done with me" Hiroaki sarcastically said to Seijin before continuing to walk a couple of inches away in front of the blonde. It's wrong for Hiroaki to judge someone he just met that day, but he was irritated that the only reason Seijin wanted Hiroaki to be near the blonde was because of the benefits of his healing Quirk. Hiroaki was more than just his Quirk, and he was also saddened that Seijin failed to realize that.

He quirks his eyebrow at Hiroaki's form walking away from him after giving the affirmative and being so agreeable, Seijin shrugs before shuffling over to catch up with the pink-haired teen, "Thanks for seeing stuff my way, you're already making things less troublesome. I might just have to place yah under my wing." Oblivious of the other teen's tone or mood, he puts his arm around the shorter Hiroaki's shoulder and walks side by side with him. Seijin isn't all for sharing pleasantries with everyone he meets, let alone knowing what that word means as a matter of fact... but he recognizes opportunity to not put in work when he sees one. And also, Pinkie gives off good vibes for him. Can't hurt, right?

Hiroaki felt his face slightly blush. It's been a long time since someone put their arm around him, then there's also that thing earlier where Seijin carried him over his shoulder like Aki weighed nothing. Hiroaki doesn't know why, but all that physical contact made him feel awkward, nervous, and happy all at once. Well on the bright side, it looked like he made a new friend and he's at least greatful for that. Hiroaki looked up at Seijin. "'Under your wing'? Are you supposed to be my protector or something?".

Haruka flinched, Soga taking her off guard as her mind kept going over the display of the wildfire. However, upon recognizing the voice as the person she had performed her quirk demonstration with. "Ah, Soga-kun" spoke the plantwoman with a smile, a hand idly tucking some of her hair behind an ear only for most of the strands of leaves refusing this change and taking the position they had before. "It is nothing, do not worry. But thanks for checking in. And thanks for doing that demonstration with me. If it wasn't because of you, I'm afraid my show would've been much more lackluster". A bit of a white lie; Haruka was confident that she could've pulled something off if she was to perform a demonstration by herself. However, it was true that, if it wasn't for the draconic student, then the demonstration would've been definitely drabber.

"I highly doubt that." he said with same smile on his face. "I am positive you would have been able to something as amazing if not even more than what we have done even by yourself." He said, though he himself struggled to actually imagine how the plant girl herself would have been able to make the demonstration very interesting at all. "After all, your quirk actually helps you do something when mine, other than the wings, simply makes me look like a beast of myth." He said, deciding that there was enough small talk for now as his eyes turned toward Elina herself.

"I see that you've watched Elina-san's demonstration as well, it was something to behold, though it made me feel a bit envious, reminding me that I am unable to breathe fire." He said, looking actually a bit wistful before turning to Haruka. "But something tells me that you are of a differing opinion than me, considering how you were looking at her for a moment there... are you afraid of her?" He asked, his smile diminishing for a moment.

Once the subject of her worries was mentioned, she casted a gaze back at her as her smile vanished. Whilst it was a relief knowing that a case of the sneezes wouldn't result in Haruka ending in the hospital with several third-degree burns, she wasn't going to delve further into her deeply rooted fears. "She needs to learn to control her capabilities better, else she'll cause much more harm than good. I believe our future Symbol of Peace would be familiar with this kind of ordeal" was her reply, instead. "I'm wary of her, naturally, as should anyone that isn't fireproof. Which I assume you are, to some degree."

"Yes I am, I am resistant to fire to a degree and I agree with your that she needs to control her powers, but that is why we are here in the first place, are we not?" He asked as the two slowly walked through the forests. "But, instead of focusing on these things, why don't we focus on the more relaxing things, such as the nature that surrounds us!" He said, pointing at the trees around them and hoping that at least to a degree, the girl was interested in nature, if not, then at least it should take her mind off of the fire-haired girl and who knows maybe even help her relax a bit.

He waited for a few moments as the two walked side by side once more, however, though he had never been a conversationalist in the first place, even he hated the silence that followed as he looked around the forest itself. "Say, Haruka-san, I am aware it may be a slightly touchy subject, but why did you decide to join Jigokuraku in the first place?" He asked, but, knowing that the topic itself may be a bit touchy, as he just had said, he continued. "If you wish, maybe I could start with the reason why I joined to make things a little easier?"

Soga would be excused to think that the closest sentient relative to grandma's potted plant was attuned to nature, and Haruka was quite used to this line of thought, whether it was something intended as a lighthearted joke, a bad pick-up line or simple innocence.
True, she was interested in nature, albeit not for the reasons one'd think. She tended to read about plants every now and then to see what she could do with her own quirk. Most of her knowledge about flowers came from this casual research, and she put it to use on a daily basis to pick what she would "wear".

Instead, she glanced to the side and spotted a couple of students happily chatting with each other, one of them a bit more bashful at this overtly friendly approach the other was taking. She raised her voice just a bit so that they'd hear her whilst addressing Soga. "I believe I'm more interested in the story these two have. They seem to be good friends, perhaps they know each other from before? Maybe two childhood friends developing an amicable rivalry with each other? I cannot see a reason why they'd be this trusting of each other." A bit of a non-sequitur, perhaps, but she'd rather hear others first before speaking about her own goals.

“Eh? Your protector? ..Sure, why not. If that keeps yah around, I’m down.” He admits out loudly, ruffling Hiroaki’s pink hair, the thought of taking on that role was something new for him but how troublesome could looking after someone like Pinke get? Seijin cocks his head back at an unfamiliar someone addressing the two of them, “Actually we’d just met each other for the first time today,” he shrugs at the rather attractive-looking plant girl, “Aki here like seems pretty trustable... Wait. Who’re you again?”

"Fujimori, Haruka. A pleasure to meet you..." An empty blank space, signified with a minimal gesture of her hands, was provided for the other teen to fill in with his name.

Hiroaki closed his eyes as Seijin ruffled his hair, and he felt himself blush more. This level of physical contact was very new to the pink-haired teen, probably because his family was treating him less than an ordinary human and more of a fragile object. ”But I don’t need someone to protect me...”, he shyly mumbled.

Then Hiroaki was surprised when someone approached and talked to them. He admitted he did a bit of a double-take just in case his eyes did a trick on him but no, the one before the pair was an honest to goodness plant girl. Hiroaki gave her a serene smile. “Hello there! I’m Akiyama, Hiroaki. You can call me Aki for short if you wanna”.

"Name's Seijin, Takahashi and the feeling's mutual, I guess. Ha. Ru. Ka." Shooting a casual two-finger salute at the newly introduced girl as he slowly drawls off each syllable in her name.

The large dragon teen loomed over the plant girl, studying the two students that Haruka had engaged in conversation. For some reason, he did not like the blonde one overly much, he seemed too confident for his own liking. Soga faked a cough to attract the attention of the other two to him. The moment they looked his way, he would smile and talk.

"Ah, sorry for the interruption." He said, once more faking an apologetic look. "My name is Yutsuko Soga." The draconic teen nods his head as he introduced himself.

His gaze drifts over to the taller, scaled teen who had been introduced just now, Seijin's lazy, half-lidded eyes meeting the black dragon's. "Hm. Soga, Soga, Soga... nope. Doesn't work," he tests out the new name before shaking his head, "How about then... Scales? Mhm~ Yeah nah, I'm calling yah Scales from now on."

Then the next person who talked to them was a dragon boy. Hiroaki has spent most of this time in his house for therapy that he didn’t have the time to talk and even look at other people. For him, this day has been getting more and more awesome. ”It’s very awesome to meet the both of you! I hope our other schoolmates and classmates are as nice as you two”. Hiroaki beamed at the both of them, then giggled and gently nudged Seijin’s side. ”Come on, Seijin. Soga’s definitely better than ‘Scales’.

The enthusiasm from Hiroaki and the attempted nickname for Soga from Seiin's part brought a light giggle from Haruka. "It is definitely a pleasure to meet you two. For how close you were I thought that you were previous acquaintances, but it is nice, in a sense, to know we are all amidst strangers of our own little town. After all, what a better way to make new friends than the academy?" Slowly, the young girl's nerves began to ease down, and she had stopped shooting glances towards the Olympic Torch relayer. "Although I do agree that Soga-kun here is rather polite. Letting me hike a ride on his demonstration was awfully nice of him to do"

"So. Ga. Is two syllables, 'Scales' is one, I'm just being efficient 'n stuff." Reaching for Hiroaki's pink to ruffle his hair again, it was quite soft and did feel nice to mess someone else's hair up like that. He's definitely going to have the pinkette stick close with him, 'Good vibes, I can feel it'. Seijin turns back to the duo, his lazed expression still unchanged betraying just how relaxed he feels amongst all these strangers, "Eh. This guy was picked up when that Ashtray-breath tried to start something with me, it was like reaaaal troublesome. Aki made it less so."

This jolly group of teenagers continued to engage in pleasant small talk as they went down the path of nature. A draconic teen, a plant-like girl, a pink-haired boy and a tall blonde, perhaps set to be a small gang in the future of Jigokuraku's 1-A. Fire-forged bonds, or perhaps a betrayal on the horizon. However, that wasn't for them to know, and instead the four of them would arrive to the field. Or, as Goudo-sensei had put it, The Field™. A large, open field where things were set to happen sooner rather than later.


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Umi had been talking to Hiroki, Kaito and Mari for quite some time now, almost to the point where any normal teacher would’ve started whatever course they were assigned to teach by now. And yet as far as education side of things, nothing was happening. Surely Umi wasn’t expected to just talk all day, was she? She wondered…

She approached Goudo, but before she could actually ask what the current situation was, she could hear a very distinct sound coming from the air that had peaked her interest. She looked over to the right, and was quick to identify the source.

"Hey, l-look at the sk-sky!" exclaimed Umi, directing everyone’s attention to where she was pointing.

It was a helicopter, and the grass swayed under everyone’s feet as it drew closer and closer. It slowed as it approached the center of the concrete area, coming to a halt when it was right on top of it, but had not sacrificed any significant altitude to do so. A man could be seen rappelling down the left side of the helicopter. He normally stood at 173cm (5’ 8”); well within the statistics of the average Japanese male. His heterochromatic eyes, one aqua and one violet, surveyed the students momentarily, before he looked back up at the helicopter’s pilot and gave her a thumbs up, signifying that he landed safely. With a nod of acknowledgement from its pilot, the helicopter dispersed, heading in the direction in whence it came.

Unless there were any special guests that the students weren’t made aware of, there would only be one reason why the man could possibly be here within the grounds of Jigokuraku Academy. Chances were, this was the teacher that was absent from the assembly, despite seemingly having dressed for the occasion. He casually dusted himself off, before addressing the students.

"My greetings to you all," the teacher said with a smile on his face, "My name is Uranishi Yataro, although you should refer to me as Uranishi-sensei. I’m here to teach you all about rescue operations and how to successfully conduct them. I’ll also be your science teacher, as well as the designated school nurse."

The fact that he was able to put the word “school” and the word “nurse” together, in that exact manner as he described, without pause and especially while still maintaining a straight face, would indicate that, surprisingly enough, one would find that Uranishi was OK with having that role assigned to him. Then again, there wasn’t another person alive that would be more fitting to fill the role of Jigokuraku Academy’s school nurse. After all, Uranishi was a famous and renowned surgeon back in the day, as well as a competent medical examiner and a respected forensic scientist. There was much more he had to say, so he continued.

"I’d have liked to tell you a little more about myself, but unfortunately we’ve past the point of time in which I’d have the luxury," he stated, "The reason I was unable to attend today’s assembly was because I had to transport a highly fragile item of equipment into my laboratory here; hence the helicopter that was responsible for my arrival. As you may imagine, helicopters have quite the difficulty to procure, especially with ours of school budgets."

With that out of the way, it was time to begin.

"Now then, assuming Goudo-sensei obeyed the instructions of the recent text message I sent him, inside this very forest will lie several dummies that will represent a lost family of civilians. Your task will be to track where they might have gone and locate their exact position in the trees," Uranishi reached into his suit pocket and grabbed enough ribbons for all the students to have one each, all in different colors, before continuing his relay of today’s lesson, "For the purposes of this task, you’ll all form groups of three and collect a trio of ribbons from my person. These ribbons should help us determine who exactly has yet to return. I do have a spare ribbon of each color in the event that any of you would be left ungrouped. In any case, it would pay to take care within this forest. There may be hidden dangers lurking within..."

Of course, some of the students would decide not to read too far into that last statement, despite how ominous Uranishi made it sound. In truth, however, this would be the perfect hint that Sakkaku’s quirk come into play for the rescue mission. No doubt she’d be in position by now, so all that would be left was for the students to group up make their own preparations.

"If any of you have any questions, now would be the time to express them; although I’d ask that you briefly beforehand so I know who you are," Uranishi suggested.

Interactions: Uranishi Yataro (Collaboration between @Delta44 and Yours Truly :])

The sound of a helicopter overhead practically demanded the students gathered to look into the clearing blue skies of Jigokuraku, and Azukina was no exception, pushing away from the fence by which she had taken a moment's rest to get a better look. Umi pointed her in the right direction, upward and approaching fast. The marked landing zone was the target, giving ample area for the man who had just rappelled from the side, Uranishi Yataro -- as he would soon introduce himself as --, a safe descent to earth once more. He was straightforward and to-the-point, a quality Yomodachi both admired and respected.

Also... kinda cute.

Back on track, Uranishi went into detail about the class' current task: a rescue mission for dummies. Something told her that these dummies were going to be used a lot throughout the coming year. Looking around, The Field was fairly large, flanked by the natural forest upon which the school had been built on, but the multiple paths shooting off into different directions made the monochrome emitter a bit confused. She'd heard much about Jigokuraku's many shrines, of course, as it was a source of tourism for Kirisama, but given the details and task given to them, it was hard to tell whether the deeper paths would be used.

Given that Uranishi was open to questioning, Checkers took it upon herself to ask the first.

"Uranishi-sensei," began the girl in a clear tone-of-voice, "My name is Yomodachi. If I may, please refer to me by my given name: Azukina." Her bow carries formality which had yet to be seen till now, somewhat telling of her roots, given her father's traditional personality. Upon raising her gaze to meet him, she questions: "Given The Field is connected to the many shrines of this area, is it safe to assume we can travel down the paths that lead to said shrines for this particular task? Or will we be limiting our search area to this forest?"

Perhaps it was a little simplistic to ask, but making sure nobody went off and got in trouble down a route they shouldn't have felt important enough to know. Personally, she would have had the groups go down the side paths first, then close in towards The Field itself, but admittedly rescue wasn't her forte. Thankfully for her, the teacher Jigokuraku got their hands on would be more than suitable in regards to rescue training. The answer she’d receive was reassuring...

"Certainly," Uranishi answered, "There’s no shame in using the paths to the shrines to ensure one doesn’t get lost, although as you maybe aware, you’ll have to diverge from them eventually in order to reach the target zone."

Uranishi would likely take a few more questions before the task was set to begin.
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Quirk: USB (Tail)

Interactions: @liferusher & @Scribe of Thoth

There was a slight twitch underneath Shiki's beanie, upon detecting a certain someone shuffling closer to his tree. He was still half asleep after opening and shifting his eyes, only to see Elina sitting there next to him, all huddled up to herself. It took him a moment to register who she was. That's right, she is the torch head who burned off her clothes during the demonstration, he recalled. Although, he was more concerned about the tree they were sitting under.

”Oi, you better not start a forest fire with that quirk of yours. I don't feel like getting burned alive today...” He quietly joked.

With that said, he was rather cautious of Elina. Unsure how she would react to his comment. However, he did find her quirk extremely useful. After all, it did have a lot of...firepower.

The sound of the helicopter approaching caught Shiki's attention. He unplugged his tail from the ground and looked up into the sky. So, this is what Guodo-Sensei meant earlier about it becoming 'windy'. At least, it wasn't some kind of weather changing device or god forbid a quirk with equivalent power.

Shiki held onto his beanie to prevent it from flying off, up until the helicopter departed. His eyes were fixated on the unfamiliar teacher/nurse, Uranishi Yataro. For some odd reason, Shiki had a feeling...he is going to become a frequent visitor for Nurse-Sensei. Back to the matter at hand, he listened in to what Nurse-Sensei had to say and followed his instructions.

A search and rescue mission, huh? It reminded him of the entrance exam where they had to collect the dummies, minus the threat of villains and a Tanifuji. He was curious to what hazards this cursed forest had to offer.

He adjusted his glasses by pushing them up the bridge of his nose with two fingers, like a majestic and calculative villain. This is the type of activity where his quirk gets to shine the most. For once, he felt confident in his abilities. His tail was swaying behind him in anticipation, unable to help himself. Turning his attention back to Elina, he decided to ask if she would like to team up, believing her quirk could be of use to Team Pixel.

”Hey, Yukira Elina, was it? Do you want to team up with me and Datari-Kun? Assuming, he hasn't already found a team...” He offered, his eyes wandering for Shun, curious if he was already collecting the ribbons. Regardless, he tried to get his attention by gesturing a wave with his tail.

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A look of dread came to the face of the fence-bound Koumori. The girl did her best to cover her large ears, coating their holes with her palms. She probably looked weird for a moment, but she didn't have the time to grow self-conscious about it. Her hair and the tops of her ears, along with the baggy sleeves of her jacket, were blown about by the torrent of wind that hailed the arrival of a helicopter.

It took a moment for her to process what she was seeing, or realize what was being said, but with the helicopter's retreat, she uncovered her ears. Now it all made sense. This was a classic Oracle Thought style plan. Quickly familiarize the students with each other's abilities in the Quirk Demonstration, then emphasize team work with a group rescue activity. The simulation of lost people was likely meant to stir up empathy, but without real human targets, that empathy would be forced on to their teammates, thus bring the class closer as a whole. At least, that's what Koumori thought was the goal. She could definitely be wrong. Not that she'd admit it.

Her hand covered her mouth , the space between her thumb and index finger on her right hand just under her nose as she feel deep into thought, cursorily aware of her surroundings thanks to her hearing.
Okay, Rescue Mission: She was already a tracker, which meant... she needed some muscle, and a defender. An alternate configuration would be a powerhouse, a strategist, and a mobility expert, but Koumori's own mobility wasn't that shabby, and she was at least confident in her ability to think on the fly, no pun intended. (She never really liked that phrase anyway.) Now, the two things her Quirk didn't allow her was range and strength. There were going to be dangers, simulated or otherwise, out in the trees. She needed someone strong, but level headed. If one of the rescue standees were trapped under a tree, she'd need someone able to lift it. Two candidates came to mind immediately, but one already seemed linked with a strategist. However, a stronger fighter and her own small size highlighted the weakness of range. She needed someone who could defend from a distance. Perhaps Azukina would be a good partner?

Having already made conversation- tumultuous though it may have been- with the monochrome teen, Koumori began to approach her prospective 'powerhouse.' Oh geeze. She was so nervous. She felt her throat choke up, her mouth slowly disconnecting from the words in her brain as she approached. Despite this exercise being the best use of her own meager abilities, the required social interaction was a bit of a killer. Slowly, she cleared her throat- both to prepare herself, and get the attention of her potential team member.

"E-excuse me... Kudo Akeno? Keekee," she began, her voice perhaps too soft to hear, before she increased her volume a bit, "M-my name i-is Yakkaimori Koumori. A-and I w-was w-wondering... p-perhaps w-we could w-work tog-gether in the r-rescue mission? Keekee."
A thin layer of sweat started to form on the brown haired girl's brow. What if she said no? What if someone else had already agreed to team up with Akeno's physical prowess and Emission-style Quirk? To avoid further embarrassment, and the possibility of being outed, or on a team where her Quirk would be made redundant- a true nightmare- she raised her arm, and called out in an uncharacteristically loud tone.
"Azukina-kun!" her tone was clear, but her voice was still host to a nervous cracking, "O-over here! Let's be on a team!"

Normally she wouldn't yell out like that, but in this case, she panicked, and didn't want to waste any time. She had feared that, in the time between her answer from Akeno and her reaching Azukina, that both would have accepted offers to be on a team, and she would be left alone.

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And here he though today was going to be boring.

Not only did he have some hopefuls to call his rivals, he was able to show off, get himself a little bit of a gang going on. Now suddenly with much pomp and circumstance, their science teacher Uranishi-sensei appeared and gave them another rescue op. Apparently he'd have to show his combat prowess another day.

He turned to Mari, Umi, Kaito was too far under his tree. He was a bit of a lost cause for now, but he'll come around when he gets inspired by the awesome. He smiled broadly. Proud of his half baked not very well though out scheme. He put a fist into his open palm. "This is a golden opportunity to scout how the other class mates work! We'll split up for this simple assignment and see who should be on our winning side! Then we'll compare notes, corner the prospect and invite them into the fold!" It was like he was on the warpath to make some kind of gang or was a very over eager sports talent agent. "They'll have no choice but to fight with us! HAHAH!" He got so excited he was making a fist and pulsing his engines.

He used his other hand to pull out his trusty notebook he wrote during the demos. He held up a picture, very roughly drawn with all the notes he had. "I'm going to snag the batgirl. Her ears will make detecting the dummies a snap. I suggest that dragon guy Soga, and that wings guy Suzaku. Fliers would give you the bird eye views you need. We lead these three teams to victory, then the class will have to fall in line behind us!" It was a plan, counting on alot of things that he hadn't taken into account, having pretty much figured his own victory inside his head.

"Lets do it!" He raised a fist in the air before anything could really be discussed, as time was of the essence. He ran straight to his first choice, stopping some feet away and ready to dramatically raising a finger.

"Koumori Yakkaimori- I choose you to be on-" He was interrupted with the very fact that the bat girl was already talking with someone else to join her time. Shoot, he'd have to be faster...

He saw another girl immediately after, recognizing her as the martial artist from the demonstration. Going back to his notebook, he thumbed through the pages to find her name. "Kudo Ake-" He stopped when he realized she was the one Koumori was actually talking too. She was snagged too.

Sweating a little bit- Of course! His fellow combatant with the beast has already proved herself a capable team mate and her long range quirk in transport would be a complete asset. Best thing, he didnt need to look her name up. "Yomodachi!" Just in time to hear her be called out by bats as well. Damn it! He gritted his teeth nearly snarling at the small girl, she had unintentionally become a thorn for his master plan. Looking in his direction, she'd see nothing but billowing anger without a single noticeable cause.

He had no choice, back to the note book scrambling through the pages. Souta? No, the spin quirk wouldn't help in the rescue at all for what he could figure. Seijin? No, hes got a stupid lazy pretty boy face. Kenji.... GRRR I HATE HIM SO MUCH! But as he went through he came to an epiphany. It suddenly became all so clear; FOREST, TREES, PLANTS, PLANTGIRL!


It seemed completely pointless but time was of the essence and Hiroki had a way with being a complete spaz when he thought it was a matter of life and death which was all the time. "Fujimori Haruka!" He appears with a distracting gust of wind that blew through the field and probably ruffled some hair, skirts, clothes as he zipped through the crowd.

"Would you be on our team!?" He shouted, then suddenly remembered that maybe he came on a little too strong, so he ended up putting his hands together and bowing to her. "Please?" He couldnt miss this chance, his plan was fraying at the seams.

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A helicopter descending on the field out of a clear blue sky certainly made for a dramatic start to the next part of their first day. The attention of almost every person was caught by the machine as it came to a stop hovering over the concrete area the other teacher had told them to stay away from; he wasn’t lying when he said it was going to be windy, the rotors stirring up a significant breeze as Akeno raised an arm to shield her face from the dust and bits of grass circulating in the turbulent air.

Rather than land, someone began to rappel down from the helicopter, no doubt making quite an impression on some of them before the vehicle flew away. The new arrival introduced himself as the missing teacher from the assembly, Uranishi-sensei, who was to be both their science teacher and their school nurse; given that this was a hero school they would surely all get to know him quite well by the end of the year if he was going to be the one tending to all their injuries. Despite the rather unassuming title however, the way he had made his entrance along with his general posture and demeanour gave away the fact that he was likely a pro or former pro hero just like the rest of the staff so far; and the fact that he had a ‘laboratory’ suggested he was qualified to do more than just the regular school nurse duties.

Uranishi-sensei went on to explain the reason they had been brought out to the field; a rescue exercise to locate a family lost in the forest? Between the entrance exam, the Quirk demonstrations and now this, Akeno felt like she would be relieved when they finally got around to having a regular lesson at this school. In principle this activity didn’t sound much different than the entrance exam, locate and rescue dummies, with the major differences being the more natural environment and the fact they were working within teams; the dummies this time around would be lost rather than hostages however and while there would of course be ‘hidden dangers’ involved they probably wouldn’t take the form of villains again.

Her Quirk wouldn’t be much use here, though she felt confident about her ability to traverse the forest compared to some of her classmates, so it was vital that she team with people who could cover her weaknesses. Someone with a Quirk who could scout the forest and find the dummies quickly would be very much sought after for this activity, someone like the girl with the bat Quirk or the guy who could scan the area with his tail; even a flier like the guy with the dragon Quirk or airplane arms would be good. It probably wasn’t even worth approaching people like that with the way they would likely be swamped with requests right from the start; instead she would need to act fast to find herself some good teammates before everyone else teamed up and convince them to team up with her.

"E-excuse me... Kudo Akeno? Keekee"

Before she could put her plan into action someone called out to her. Akeno turned around to see who it was… and then looked down.


It was the girl with the mutant Quirk that gave her abilities similar to a bat, the exact same one that Akeno thought would be one of the two best people to team up with for this activity, and she wanted to team up with Akeno. It took a second for her brain to catch-up with this develop, considering how unexpected it was, not snapping out of it until she heard Yakkaimori call out to the girl with black and white hair, Azukina, to complete their trio.

I’m going to team up with probably the best scout in the class and the future ‘symbol of peace’? This whole thing just became a lot more fun.

Hearing another person call her name Akeno turned around again, only to find no one other than Yakkaimori standing near her or even looking her way; there was a blue blur flying across the field for some reason, but that didn’t have anything to do with her. Shrugging her shoulders Akeno turned back to Yakkaimori.

“Ah, Yakkaimori-san. Sure, I’d be happy to work with you; I wanted to ask you to team up anyway.” It was a lie, of sorts, but it sounded a lot better than ‘I wasn’t going to bother asking you because I assumed everyone else was going to ask you first’.
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Haruishi Mari

Quirk: Born to Run (Thunder Road)

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Mari looked up as Umi drew her attention to the helicopter. Though Mari was surprised to see a teacher descend from the vehicle due to the dramatic nature of such an act, she was glad to see the teacher who had provided first aid to her after her exam-related injury. She was also glad to see that they did indeed have a rescue-focused teacher to balance out the combat-focused Tanifuji, and the school nurse and science teacher seemed the best fit for such a role. Mari was a bit annoyed that their first day seemed to be more activities than just getting oriented and settling in, and running through a forest was not Mari's forte.

But Mari's attention was drawn back to Hiroki, who suddenly declared that they were going to recruit others. The turbine-armed boy suddenly sped off to do just as he had declared, leaving Mari alone with Umi. They already head a team of three, ready to go, and Hiroki had to go and ruin the existing dynamic. Mari looked at Umi and realized that if she went off to find her own group, she would be leaving the shy girl to fend for herself. That would have been easier to do if they had been complete strangers, but now Mari felt like she had been saddled with the responsibility of watching over Umi. "Look, I'm not too keen on looking for two other people to make a group with, so how about let's just stick together? That way we only have to find one more person to join us," Mari offered. "I'm not great in a forest, to be honest, to many obstacles, not enough open ground. We'll either need to find someone who can find the targets or someone mobile. If there's a river in the forest, maybe we can claim that as our search area, since you need water, right?" Mari started walking around, looking for Shiki who had demonstrated the ability to map out areas, but she saw him with Shun and Elina. Assuming they would probably just settle into the group they were already in, Mari gave recruiting Shiki up as a lost cause. She then kept her eye out for the girl with echolocation, but noticed that Koumori was already in the process of forming a group with two others. Then she saw a group of four: Soga, Haruka, Seijin and Hiroaki, and figured that one of them would have to split off, but Hiroki ruined her plans by asking for one of them. Mari had wanted to recruit Soga for his aerial mobility. Her eyes scanned the field, but instead of falling on Haruto, who would have been the best choice, given Mari's familiarity with him, she instead noticed another student she didn't recognize standing a ways from the crowd. She motioned for Umi to follow as she approached Mori Kaito. "Excuse me, are you a student in Jigokuraku High's Hero Class 1-A?" she asked, wondering if he was a late arrival. Given the short notice she had received on her acceptance, she didn't exactly blame him for being late. Pushing ahead, her class representative instincts kicking in, she stated, "We're forming a group for the next exercise, figured it'd be as good a place for you to hop in as any and not stick out like a sore thumb."

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All of a sudden, the class was starting to form their very own teams of three, in preparation for the rescue operation at hand. This would've been the perfect opportunity for Umi to initiate the solid core of herself, Mari and Hiroki, but the latter had other ideas.

"This is a golden opportunity to scout how the other class mates work!" he instead suggested, "We'll split up for this simple assignment and see who should be on our winning side! Then we'll compare notes, corner the prospect and invite them into the fold! They'll have no choice but to fight with us! HAHAH!"

Umi bit her lip and heavily inhaled through the gaps of her upper teeth. She did not like the sound of splitting up, going up to complete strangers and suggesting they work with her. Even if it would just be for a little bit, it'd still be too much for Umi.

"I uh... I-I'm actually... n-n-not that good..." Umi was about to say the words "with strangers", but by the time she turned to face him, Hiroki had already taken off in search of potential teammates.

Well, at least Mari had offered that they still be together. What she'd told her may have implied that she didn't have the best maneuverability in areas such as forests, but at least she was fast to begin with. Umi, on the other hand, was much less suited for a rescue mission. Even compared to those that were quirkless, she would prove to be too slow of a runner, and she didn't have the necessary expertise to judge what exactly to do or where to go. Umi would most certainly need someone of Mari's caliber in the long run.

Despite that, however, Umi didn't fully commit to joining up with Mari just yet. It would all depend on the next person that Mari had tried to collect next. Many others were already taken by this point, so it would be a scramble to get the right teammates for the job.

"We'll either need to find someone who can find the targets or someone mobile. If there's a river in the forest, maybe we can claim that as our search area, since you need water, right?"

"Yeah, th-that's right," Umi replied, "I-I usually c-come prepared f-for areas wh-where there's little t-to no water, but I, uh... d-didn't have the ch-chance to get m-my equipment f-for my costume r-ready."

Umi sighed at the end of her explanation. Hiroki was a life-saver for reminding her that she could just ask Goudo for the supply of water that she needed, but that whole fiasco could've easily been prevented if Umi just took the time to ensure she was fully prepared, as opposed to rushing out the door and trying to charge up the mountain where she had ultimately collapsed.

Still under the assumption that Umi decided to band with her, Mari ushered for the shy girl to follow, which she did up to a certain point. But the second she realized who exactly Mari had approached, Umi's timid steps forward had quickly transformed into bold steps backwards. She had no idea who this guy was, having not even seen him at the assembly, and that was enough to trigger her nerves all over again. She waved hand across her neck in a rapid slicing motion, signifying she couldn't go through with the partnership.

"O-on second thought, I... I-I wanna g-go back to H-Hiroki!" Umi called out, before bolting back to try and find the aforementioned boy. Evidently, Hiroki had been struggling to find a decent third member as well, seemingly settling with attempting to secure Haruka. Umi remembered Haruka; she was the one that had sat the closest to the poor girl at the back of the assembly, and she and Soga were also the ones to inspire Hiroki into teaming up with her and make their performance something special.

Umi wouldn't mind joining forces with both Haruka and Hiroki for the operation due to this; it would certainly be better than being stuck with a complete stranger (even if Mari would also be there). Still Umi couldn't exactly forgive Hiroki for running off like he had and ruining the perfect team for her. She came up to the boy from behind while he was talking to Haruka.


Umi would continue to thump each of Hiroki's shoulder blades with her clenched fist each time she uttered a syllable, completely unaware that each hit would start to add up. She also didn't realize that Haruka would be watching all this unfold.
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Kai Mori

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The dark haired young man continued to people watch as he got closer to the cluster of what he assumed were the other students. A curious smile keeping his lips spread as he took it all in. His earlier worries pushed to the back of his mind as he focused on his class mates. Wow, check out some of these Quirks...He's got antennae, that guy's got pipes coming out of his arms, that girl looks like she's part plant...Holy shit! Is that a dragon!?

As he observed everyone with his interest growing fast, the teen quickly noticed many of the other students heads turning upwards. The grass beneath Mori's feet beginning to sway as he too directed his attention to the sky to gawk at the sight above him. Jeez, looks like someone's pulling out all the stops for this, huh? Would've been nice to catch a lift from a helicopter instead of making the hike up here.

Watching the red haired man descend down in style, the teen tucked his hands into his pocket and simple stood and listened to the man's introduction as one of the teachers at Jigokuraku, as well as introduce a group activity for the class to partake in. An eager grin passing over the the teen's face as he rolled his shoulders a bit.

The first day, and we already got a physical training exercise? Alright then...Time to test out my skills for real. Now I just gotta find two people for a team.

Conveniently enough, the bespectacled teen took notice of two girls making their way towards him. Two quickly becoming one as the smaller girl suddenly bolted back into one of the other crowds of students. Mori's brown eyes following the fleeing girl as he bit his lip, turning his attention to the newcomer that had actually managed to approach him. He nodded briskly, flashing a smile. "Yeah, I am. I got here a little later than everyone else, but I doubt the teacher's will be ticked at me."

The offer for him to join the girl's group was quite reassuring for the teen, his hands coming out of his belly pocket as he met her gaze. "Thanks for the consideration. Glad I didn't up being late and stuck by myself." Reaching out an open hand towards the dark haired girl, he finished.

"Kaito Mori, everyone just calls me Kai. What's your name?"

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Shun cocked his head ever-so-slightly toward Akeno at her approach, careful not to divert his attention away from the ominous circle for a second. She was the one throwing kicks at the dummy during the demonstration. Not a bad display, although he assumed not everyone in the class had caught on due to the lack of flashiness her quirk possessed. She wasn't in his exam group, though, which left him a bit confused by her response. Was the second exam even more of a mess than theirs was? Well, he couldn't really blame her even if it wasn't, he definitely would've shared the sentiment if the exam was still weighing heavy on his mind.

The boy tensed upon hearing the noise of the approaching helicopter, instinctively sinking into his usual southpaw stance. Helicopter was a good guess after all, not that it gave him any ideas on how he was going to fight that thing. Was he even supposed to fight it? He almost pixelated back when he noticed the man start rappelling downward. Too on edge, focus. No one said this was a combat exercise yet.

Once the words 'school nurse' came out of Uranishi-sensei's mouth, Shun dropped all pretense of preparing to fight. There was no doubt this man was an effective fighter by virtue of his nature as a pro hero, but Pixels just couldn't take a nurse of all people seriously on the battlefield. At least, not until Uranishi showed what he could do. Nevertheless, Shun listened with rapt interest as the teacher explained the exercise they were here to perform, a bit disappointed that it was another rescue exercise. He was horrible at the rescue aspect of the exam, although the mention of hidden dangers didn't escape his notice.

Shun turned toward Akeno out of sheer proximity rather than any actual strategy, mouth already open to ask her to team up. However, it seemed as though someone had gotten to her first - and the bat quirk girl, no less. If she could do that sound thingy that bats do, she'd be top of the class in this exercise; even without it, her climbing skill that she showcased earler put her among the best movement quirks in the class out in a wooded area like this. Too bad it looked like they already had a third member.

Either way, that wasn't his plan to begin with. He already had a decent rapport with a sensory quirk user, so the only logical move was to team up with Shiki before he went looking for another partner. Shun swiveled his head in a quick survey of the field - admittedly, he hadn't been keeping tabs on the rest of his classmates since he got out here; he was too worried about the concrete circle. The tailed boy was talking to another student, the girl with the stupidly powerful flame quirk. Had he already been poached by another team? No, he looked like he was trying to get Shun's attention. Shiki must've already teamed up with her. Not the ideal choice, given the task and environment, but still a definite asset. He almost winced at the thought. Now he sounded like Hiroki.

"Yo, Shiki-kun! And... Yuki... Yukira-san, right?" Shun questioned as he jogged over to the tree where the duo stood, "Need another person?" Hopefully this would work out better than his and Shiki's brief team up during the exam, in any case.

@liferusher@Animal and @tobiax & @King Cosmos are sorta mentioned.
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Haruka Fujimori

Mentions: Hiroki @ShwiggityShwah, Umi @AdmrlStalfos19

In the end, things happened sooner rather than later. They happened noisily and, most annoyingly, messed up Haruka's hair. Leaves always had a perchant of being light to the wind, and the gusts produced by the helicopter's blade made a couple of the loosest ones deattach from the mane of the plant girl, escaping the nurse's arrival in order to decorate the forest's path. As the teacher explained the situation, a spray bottle was produced from Haruka's bag that she began to apply onto her person as she comber her folliage with her free hand.

When the explanation was done, Haruka began to look at the forest surrounding The Field™. Certainly, this would be a difficult task but not an impossible one. Tracking people in an unknown enviroment was something her quirk couldn't help her to do, but as a hero this would be something they would be expected to do regularly. If they couldn't manage with this simulated scenar-


"Fujimori Haruka! Would you be on our team!? Please?"
F-16 kun

Another gust of wind landed right in front of her, prompting her to freeze for a few seconds as her hair was ruined. All the care that she put into it this morning was going to waste. The eyes of impromptu statue known as Haruka Fujimori slowly turned to glance at the offender with the hardness of an oak. At the very least, he was begging. And someone else was going through the motions of punishing him for such a reckless act by striking him down with a might capable of rivalling a gentle caress with a perfumed shoelace.

She spent a few moments in silence, placing a quirk demonstration to these faces that had approached her to remember what they had done. It had been a nice demonstration of how to supress a fire, but sadly neither of them had good quirks to help with the tracking itself. However, mobility would be much easier: Hiroki had demonstrated it just now and Haruka could become an impromptu Tarzan by the use of her vines.

Ah, to hell with it all. She'll have to figure out how to keep it in check in action situations later.

The plantgirl sighed. "Since you've come all the way to make such a showy request, I'd be hard-pressed to not grace it" replied Haruka. As she was doing so, the spray bottle was placed back into her bag then her hands went to finish up the job the helicopter and the airplane kid had started, ruffling and shaking her mane into a coordinated and deliberate mess. "Suguro-san, was it?" Haruka addressed the third member of the conversation; the punisher of a reckless, rouge, blue kid. Her hands began the task of undoing the belt and buttons of her jacket. "How much water can you carry within yourself without affecting your mobility? We should ask if there's a river nearby that you could use. It'd be useful to be prepared". It could be considered a bit of a bold move to assume that Umi was going to be part of her team, but Haruka felt that there was no time to dilly-dally and hand out coupons for the premiere of Planeboy and Leafygirl to see if someone would accept, so she took the path of assuming that Umi was in the team so that she couldn't refuse unless she was on a team already. Or, at least, that's what a polite person would do.

Meanwhile, Haruka had finished the process of taking off her coat, revealing the gray, ribbed sweater that was underneath, of which she was already rolling the sleeves of up to her shoulders, so that she could use her Quirk more effectively. The garment was long enough to reach mid-thigh and serve as a skirt, preserving her modesty from any sort of situation that'd threaten it. "Sakimoto Hiroki of the Sakimoto Sonics-kun. We're gonna have to rely in our eyes and ears to find where this family of dummies is, so keep your quirk usage to a minimum. Any suggestions as to what we should do to find them? The best course of action, as I see it, is taking one of the paths until we find a spot where this family could've entered the forest and follow the clues".

Perhaps, if Haruka was assertive enough to pan out a plan of action for the other two to follow, she could convince them that she was reliable enough to be the Class Representative that Guodo-sensei had mentioned they should try to be. After all, no one would be better than her for that position. Right?

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The field

@Animal@Scribe of Thoth

Elina sat down on a dry bit of soil where no grass grew and glanced around her momentarily to see if there was anything else nearby them. Like a building or anything, a few shrines could be spotted between the trees but nothing more. Elina gloomed over herself somewhat as she had an enormous craving for some coffee at the moment with no way to cure it. It was the perfect spot to drink some yet there she was. Beanless.

The boy that sat close behind her during the ceremony spoke up to her moments after she had sat down. Wherever he was joking or not she was not so sure, yet she would reply the same way anyhow. Elina snapped her head up at him in annoyed manner somewhat pouting even as she denyingly spoke at him.

"Of course I won't! I'm not some type of monster that likes to burn trees!"

He had hit at her strongly from moment one. She returned to her same pose as she had her brows furrowed for a while after. What did he take her for. That was the rudest thing to say in like, ever!

The small sponge girl from the quirk demo just now suddenly exclaimed something about a flying object in the sky. At first thought Elina immediately started to think about possible alien ships and other non existent phenomena. Nervously Elina snapped her neck at the supposedly flying object and didn't see what she hoped for. It was just a normal helicopter. Even more annoyed now she watched the entrance of the teacher. Her hoped and dreams had been shattered tremendously.

Rescue teacher, science teacher and the nurse of the school, that was quite a lot to manage. She imagined the Elina would get to know this teacher well. The favourite teacher rankings had been revised once more.

The teacher began his intro about their next assignment. Elina perked her head up just a bit more trying to get the general idea of what they had to be doing. They would have to form groups and rescue dummies out of the forest around them via the help of tracking them. Elina timidly lowered her head in between her arms again like a turtle. A wry look was plastered to her face somewhat bothered with the challenge. They would need to go back into the forest again, one of Elina her least favourite places. This was gonna be a bother.

The teams were started being made. Everyone seemed to dash towards each other , supposedly mostly to everyone their friends but seeing as how Elina hasn't met a lot of people yet it was impossible for her to do so likewise. So Elina stayed on her spot thinking on what her plan of action was going to be.

The beanied boy took her attention when he suddenly asked her if she would like to be part of his team. Somewhat shocked Elina gazed at him if he was serious about it. From what she could see he didn't seem to be joking at least. Without even thinking she replied back instantly after her he asked.

"Yea, sure."

Did she really not even think about that answer... It was somewhat good for her since she didn't think anyone else would ask her to try not set fire to the forest. Elina lowered her legs onto the ground while facing Shiki. Elina had seen his quirk at the demonstration yet she wasn't completely sure yet what it all could do. Surely it would be of use to them in some way.

Shun came closer to them as well asking if he could join them as well. He asked if her knew Elina her name correctly as well in which Elina reacted to them in polite manner back.

"Oh yes, I shall introduce myself. My name is Yukira Elina. To my knowledge you just by Tetsumi Shiki and Datari Shun. It is a pleasure to meet you both."

She bowed softly before returning to silent again, there was still something in conflict with her own. Elina gulped a little as she tried to get the words out of her mouth yet she still asked him.

"A-are you sure you want me on your team. I'm not exactly good with forests. I don't know if I'll be of much help."

Elina averted her gaze somewhat as she asked.
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The buzz of the helicopter was like a sweet release from the nonsense that had surrounded her. For some reason, yet another person had crawled out of the shadows to join her little scene, but she could care less. She left them to their petty rivalry the moment something actually important arrived. Aiko had also gotten back to her in the mean time. As predicted, she was having a much better time than her at UA. Then again, Aiko could have the worst day and would probably tell her she had the best one anyway. She did make a remark about some 'colorful characters' she had met, and Yasu knew that was Aiko-speak for annoying people. Yasu wondered which of their 'colorful characters' were less annoying to deal with. She also wondered if she really wanted to find out.

Either way, they finally had something to do. It was not something terribly complicated, as even their new teacher didn't spend long describing it. It was a seemingly typical rescue mission involving them marching off into the forest to find dummies. It was nothing exciting, but at least it was better than sitting around all day. The only problem was they were all expected to have to form groups. Yasu hadn't met a single person all day she could stand to ask to form a group with. As everyone around her seemed to quickly pick out their friends and others they found useful, it was entirely up to Yasu to pick out some people from this mass of unfamiliar faces.

She chanced upon a pair that were clearly coming together. She only recognised one of them. Hariushi Mari had a quirk that ran of the same element as hers, only it gave her speed. The boy was completely unfamiliar. Yasu had to wonder if he had just been late, or had chosen to show up later for whatever reason. It didn't really matter to her in the end, as all she really needed was bodies to fill up the group. If chance were to be so, maybe they would turn out to be tolerable company, maybe even friendly, but Yasu didn't put much stock in that given her day so far.

"Uh, hi." She began, approaching the pair. "Got room for one more?" She sure hoped they did, otherwise she'd have to awkwardly ask around until she found out whoever did have a vacancy.

@Light Lord @Stern Algorithm

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Haruishi Mari

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"Well, from a quick headcount, there's twenty-one students, so there's no threat of anyone getting left out, or any uneven teams, for that matter," Mari replied to Kai matter-of-factly. "Haruishi Mari," she introduced herself, "And this is Suguro...-san?" Mari turned to hear Umi declare her preference to staying with Hiroki and watched in bewilderment as the the smaller girl ran away. Since Umi had followed readily enough, Mari had to assume that she was not the cause of Umi's sudden departure, which only left Kai as the culprit. But Mari decided not to assume any bad history between the two, choosing instead to blame it on shyness, which Umi had demonstrated an abundance of. So much for hand-holding the timid girl, Mari thought to herself, but since Hiroki was the one to get her to do a collaborative demonstration with him, perhaps she was in better hands with the brash, blue boy. Turning back to Kai, Mari explained, "Suguro-san is...very shy, but that leaves our team unfilled." She looked around the field, but if her count was correct, then even if everyone else had already formed teams, there would be someone left to join hers.

As it turns out, Yasu walked towards Mari and Kai, and asked to join. Mari's initial assessment of Yasu was that she was unmotivated and irreverent; not taking her education seriously, which was something Mari couldn't forgive since she saw education as a blessing that many people unfortunately took for granted. Yet here she was, taking the initiative and making the effort to put herself out there and join a team. Perhaps Yasu's irreverence was just her way of acting 'chill', or maybe it was a weak attempt at humor. Mari disregarded all that and decided to give yasu the benefit of the doubt and to just judge Yasu based on her current effort and nothing more. "Yes, it seems we are down a person. Glad to have you on board, Hayakawa-san," Mari greeted. "So this exercise is similar to the entrance exam, but I think there's one major difference. Uranishi-sensei stated that there was a family of dummies. If we're all going into the forest at once, that means there will be twenty-one of us. I can't imagine the family is larger than ten individuals, which means we might not all be performing rescue operations. If anything, it'll be likely many of us will be engaged in fending off whatever dangers the teachers have set up for us." Mari had learned from the exam that while rescue was the priority, it was an impossible task if one did not neutralize existing threats. "This might be good for us, since I don't know if our team is exactly optimal for forest rescue, but I'm getting ahead of myself, Mori-san here was late and missed the quirk demonstrations, so we'll need to tell him about our quirks, and vice versa. I can sprint very fast, up to sixty miles per hour. I create lightning if I go above thirty." Mari then waited for Yasu and Kai to explain their quirks.

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Kaitos fingers struggled to strike the chords as his mind wandered the empty avenues commonly associated with doubt. Despite his very well intentioned words with Hiroki just a few minutes ago there was a feeling in his heart that the brusque refusal of cooperation had been a poor move. After all, nobody knew what to expect from the next 'event' of the school day but it was obvious this day would not end with simple homework and a relaxing shower.
Glancing up as a shadow fell across his sight he snapped out of the daze and glances up to the figure approaching but fails to recognize them from the entrance test or the quirk demonstrations. Clutching his guitar a little closer, Kaito can only watch the figure march forward.

”Hello!” he called cheerfully. ”Haruko-san, yes? I’m Takeda Suzaku. I just wanted to say, your Quirk is quite impressive. Do you maybe have time or the inclination to talk about it for a while? While we’re waiting for this to start.”

"H-hello." Kaito manages to squeak out, finally, after staring at Suzaku from top to bottom. Normally this would be the proper time for a braver man to speak up that they were a bit shy, though considering again the rather frank way he had spoken with Hiroki you might not know it. Instead all that came out with was mumbled apology as the musically inclined kid tried to cool his head. Working up his strained courage to reply to Suzaku, they were interrupted by the sound of a helicopter coming in to drop off a teacher. After a brief explanation of themself and the task to be done, Kaito tugged on Suzakus sleeve.

"Team up." He then points to the large beetle boy to the side and they walk over, Kaito looks visibly more relaxed in the presence of the larger boy. "Kenji-kun. Teamup like the demonstrations?"
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Kenji had drifted off after his discussion with Kiko. While he had gotten enough sleep the night before the utter exhaustion of the mountain climb compounded with the crash after Kaito's boost had been more than enough to put him out for a bit. The helicopter entrance, however, shocked him back to the world of the living. It took him a bit to register what the teacher who identified himself as Uranashi-sensei had to say in his dizzy half-awake state. When it hit him that they were already going to do a rescue operation a swirling mix of anxiety and excitement hit him as his mind was filled with images of All Might pulling people out of wrecked buildings. There was one problem though, he needed to be in a team of three. While he liked the idea of working with a team of people, he didn't think it was realistic for him to get lucky twice in one day and have someone include him.

Kenji looked around and saw people were already getting together groups. He decided to stand up and try his best to find someone who needed a third. As he pushed himself onto his feet he felt something soft stumble off of his chest, a teddy bear? He looked down at the lost toy in the grass and wondered where it had come from. Maybe someone had dropped it by mistake when they were walking by him, was it Kiko's? He didn't remember her having a teddy bear on her. Either way someone would miss it, and it would be mean to leave it behind in the field without trying to find it's owner. He picked it up and held it loosely in one arm before he was approached by the same boy from the demonstration.

His eyes lit up with happiness when he realized that Kaito wanted to pair up with him again and he had even brought someone with him. Kenji recognized the second boy from his demonstration, another amazing quirk. How were these people giving him the time of day?

Kenji immediately nodded his head as quick as lightning at the offer, his antennae pointed to the sky. "Yes!" he exclaimed, before calming himself down. "I mean, of course. But I don't think I've been introduced to your friend yet. I'm Ito Kenji." he said, offering his free hand to Suzaku.
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Kai Mori

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The new girl's reminder of the odd number of students in the class made Kai stand up a little straighter, waving his hand about and laughing off the comment. "Aheh, I didn't mean like, literally by myself. I knew there'd at least be some people left to hang out with. Good to meet you, Haruishi."

She seems pretty er, straight forwards. That ain't a bad thing though...unless she ends up being super anal about everything.

Mari then awkwardly attempted to introduce her partner, who had unfortunately vanished before Kai even managed to greet her. The teen putting a hand on his neck as he looked over towards the group Suguro had fled to. "I was actually just about to ask about her. Suguro huh? She turned tail and ran as soon as you started walking towards me. Did I scare her?" He crossed his arms, frowning as Mari told him of the small blue-haired girl's shy personality. "Crap. I wasn't trying to freak her out. Maybe I'll try talking to her after all the excitements calmed down." Meeting Mari's face, he put a hand on his hip. "Anyways, you're right. We still gotta find someone. You got any ideas? You've at least had a little time with everyone."

As luck would have it, the duo didn't have to seek out a third member of their party on their own, as one approached them all on her own. Kai's dark brown eyes glancing past Mari to spot the new girl and flash a grin, and give a wave towards her after Mari answer her request. "And with that, we got a full trio. Thanks Hayakawa. The name's Kai Mori."

Well, that was easy. She looks a little pompous, but looks can be deceiving after all. I probably look like just some skinny nerd.

Mari wasted no time in focusing the newly formed group's attention on the objective of the upcoming exercise. Kai leaning his head in a bit towards her in a semi-huddle as he nodded along to her review and analysis of the situation. "So, still be on the look out for any dummies, but we're most likely gonna end up on the offensive. We can handle that." The conversation then shifted back towards him being a late arrival, and the parties Quirks. Kai's eyes lighting up a bit at Mari's explanation of her own Quirk, looking her up and down in awe. "Super speed and lightning!? That's awesome! I bet you didn't have much issue making it on time!"

Taking a step back and putting on a toothy grin, Kai dropped his backpack behind him before he brought up his fist to pump it. "As for what I can do? It'd be easier to show you guys, and explain as I go." His hands moved down to tuck into his belly pocket, as a red, inky looking liquid began to bubble from underneath his hoodie behind his shoulders. Suddenly, two long, crimson tentacles shot out from the bespectacled boy's back. The twin appendages standing up behind him as they glistened in the light, as if the sun's rays were reflecting off of the surface of water. One of the tentacles moving to push up his glasses as he spoke. "I've got these two tentacles that form out of my back. I can stretch them out, curl them, reshape them, a lot of stuff. They're super flexible. And if I need something a bit stronger..." The two tentacles shivered, inflating as five 'fingers' appeared out of their tips. The liquid sheen of them fading away as they turned a deeper red, now appearing as a set of two large, muscled human arms that crossed above Kai's head. "I can turn them solid. They're heavier and slower, but I can still bend em a bit."

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Thankfully Yasu was spared the embarrassment of trying to join a team that was already full. Based on first impressions, this didn't seem like the worst group to be in, either. Mari seemed rigid, but otherwise inoffensive...for now. Kai appeared much more casual, even excitable given how much the mere description of Mari's quirk seemed to enchant him. Strange as it seemed to her, as long as he wasn't about to be anything like Kiko, it didn't matter much to her. Otherwise, it was right down to business with these two, and Yasu was quite fine with that. Mari immediately brought up quirk talk. It was curious to remember that they might just have the only person in class that didn't just see everyone's quirks in action on their team.

The biggest curiosity was Kai's quirk. It certainly seemed quite unique to her. She'd heard of people having multiple limbs or manipulating liquids, but never of someone having two limbs made out of liquid, while also being capable of being solid. As common as they had become, there was always room for being surprised when it came to quirks. "What exactly are they made out of?" Yasu asked Kai. Judging purely based of the color, Yasu would have guessed they were made out of his blood, but he had neither mentioned that nor appeared to have drawn his own blood in any way. In fact, it looked like he had grabbed some liquid from elsewhere on his person, so unless he was carrying around his own blood, it seemed unlikely. On the other hand, there was always room to be surprised.

After getting her answer, Yasu took the opportunity to make her second demonstration in one day. She clapped her hands together and brought them apart, a crackling electrical wire appearing between them. "This is basically my quirk. As you can probably tell, it's also based on electricity. Carries a voltage equivalent to a taser, so while it goes without saying, don't touch it. I can leave them lying around and attached to surfaces for whatever purposes. And I can make them go away with but a thought." With that, she cancelled the wire she had active, making it vanish with a sputtering sound. With that out of the way, Yasu just relaxed and waited for whatever her team had to say next, or else whenever they would get started with this rescue.

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