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Rhayven Auric DarkMorne

All Points Bulletin: Birth date: 3 / 26 / 3110, White, Blue (Takes on the glow of magic when he is gathering holding or casting it), Lightly tanned from time spent in the training yards, Human

Position:Knight of the Crown (A title earned through his magical exploits, research, and service to the kingdom.) Professor Emeritus of Ancient Magical research, and magical archaeology.

Possessions:Rhayven carries a few trinkets from his past and his family: a signet ring worn by all members of his household, and a pendant a symbol from his mother a minor enchantress who infused it with her love that it might bring him some measure of luck and safety( has never in Rhayven's forty years seemed to be much other than a parting gift though he can sometimes feel her love infused in it, when he is in his darkest mind sets.)

Rhayven also bears a few tools of his casting, of note upon his back he wears what appears to be three weather proof scroll cases, each bears a painstakingly sought out naturally occurring crystalline matrix, derived from emerald, ruby, and sapphire, each tied to a unique type of magic, the spherical core of each has been removed by a spell and replaced with a pool of enchanted blood. These crystals have been customized to store the memory of the magic which Rhayven has engineered with each crystal having a specific magical affinity.

Rhayven has a custom made piece of armor which he wears on his right hand the back of the hand is set with three small crystals each of which appears to be half of the core of one of the spell matrices which he carries, and the core of that is itself hollowed out and filled with a pool of enchanted blood. These serve as a way to quickly connect with each matrix of spells on the fly without needing to meditate on the specific matrix.

The remaining three cores have been artificially combines into three small spheres each composed of one third of one of the cores. The First of these appears as the pommel stone for his spell blade, a hilt of his own design which appears as a long rod about two feet long until the stone is activated at which point it draws on Rhayven’s magic to reshape itself into a long fighting knife slightly longer than a short sword but with a single edge.

Of the two remaining cores one is stored in a special spell of his own design in case his sword is ever damaged or he is stripped of access to his matrices in case he should ever need to regrow them. The other is presumably on his person, but can be lent to others to offer them access temporarily to his magical abilities.

Rhayven wears light enchanted armor, a coat made of leather and hide inscribed with runes to strengthen it, which can be enhanced further through Rhayven’s considerable talent. The leather has been treated to appear as a deep steely blue, with the hood appearing as a soft muted white. His reinforced leather pants are a similar muted white, while his calf high boots are once again the steely blue leather, a white leather finger-less glove makes up the ensemble worn on his right hand, which also serves as his sword hand.

Rhayven also owns but has not been back to in some time a plot of land of reasonable size upon which sits a small manse, much of his research, and recovered artifacts from his explorations exist cataloged at that location.

Not his property but considered to be his, are a library at the college concerning the esoterics of pre modern applications of magic, and research. As well as a research lab set aside for his explicit use on the campus.

Father: Lord Jace ‘StormBringer’ DarkMourne, former knight in service to the crown, served the current king after beginning training under the kings father.

Mother: Lady Mara DarkMourne, born Mara Aurea, a natural born aura reader and enchanter, it is this talent which carried the spark which became the prodigious talent that Rhayven commands.

Mentor: Arch Magus of the college of magical arts in the capitol. This man is the one who saw in Rhayven the potential for magical innovation despite his failure to grasp the fundamentals of casting from the great libraries of spells which have long served as the source of magic in the known world. His involvement lead to Rhayven developing the ability to cast in places where the libraries don’t work, and locally override the library using his own casting matrices.

Skills & Abilities:
Spell Access Manifestation (Evocation & Abjuration): Rhayven touches the ruby spell core in his gauntlet opening up a library of magical concepts related to manifestation for him to access touching one of these spells. Touching one of these concepts triggers the start of a spell related to that concept which then draws on Rhayven’s visualization to activate. Manifestation spells have to do with idealizing energy effects into reality, they include spells that ignite and control fire, cast lightning, and many other effects offensive and defensive.

Spell access Manipulation (Conjuration & Transfiguration): Rhayen touches the sapphire core on his casting gauntlet accessing the library of magical concepts bound within. Spells from this school include spells which manipulate and alter physical objects including the ability to summon them or create them from the necessary energy.

Spell access Infusion (Enchanting & Mending): This library of magical concepts pertains to the metaphysical state of physical objects, such as making magical items, restoring protective wards, and creating magical batteries. It is stored and bound to the emerald stones.

Dual Library Access: Rhayven accesses two of his spell libraries simultaneously to build a multi concept spell from within them.

Blurb: Rhayven is a flashy character in combat, but also a unique character out of combat, in addition to a strong affinity for his knightly duties and combat arts, he has an irrepressible sense of curiosity when it comes to magic, which he inherited from his mom, and he cant help but always try to blend the two. I find the balance of both sides of the character terribly entertaining, and I think he will at times serve as both the serious logical type, but also the groups source of comedic blunders, which comes with perpetually experimenting with magic.
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Full Name
the viscountess Ysabelle Runeglass

All Points Bulletin:
Birthdate: 8/6/3132
hair color: blonde
eye color: blue
skin color: fair
species: human
Possessions: sword, pouch of runestones, enchanted shield (has a sort of pocket attached to it that is bigger on the inside where she keeps her stuff(shield, armor, enchanted map,
Relationships: her father is the duke.
Skills & Abilities: a great fighter who has been training her whole life, is amazing at anything to do with parkour (this world examples would be gymnastics, Equestrian vaulting, track, and hurdles, trapeze, etc you get the idea), horse riding, and knows some spells and some rune magic, hunting; scavenging; gathering, scouting, cooking, other wilderness survival, and knows many languages.
Blurb: wanted to become a knight to help people, her father finally let her try out some of the training and she turned out ot be very skilled at it.
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I made my character 18 instead of 20
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Doctor Rose Hawthorne

Birthdate: 11/29/3124
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Fair
Species: Human
Possessions: Medical kit (spell gloves, various healing potions & creams, bandages, sticky tape, thermometer, safety pins, tweezers, scissors), herb pouch, elemental robe, casting staff, spell tome, Chester repeating crossbow
Relationships: Employee of the Crown, owed & repaid a life-debt to Queen Vali, ex-agent of [anonymous] on probation, crushing on Rhayven
Skills & Abilities: Spell healing, resurrection, botany, anatomy & physiology, stealth techniques, self-defense

Info: Born and raised in the village of Ulster in northern Drakengard, much of Rose's life growing up was spent helping people recover from orc raids. When a particularly massive raid wiped out her whole village, leaving her as the sole survivor, an anonymous agent recruited her and brought her north to the then-populated Kingdom of Ispar. In the years after, she traveled the rest of the world, learning healing techniques from the various races until she came to Drakengard to study at Durvain Academy. A chance encounter with the Queen led her to change employment to the Crown, where she serves to this day as a Royal Doctor.
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