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Rhayven Auric DarkMorne

All Points Bulletin: Birth date: 3 / 26 / 3110, White, Blue (Takes on the glow of magic when he is gathering holding or casting it), Lightly tanned from time spent in the training yards, Human

Possessions:First and foremost in his equipment is Rhayven’s casting supplies, his personal tome in which he crafts his custom spells, his pouch of rune stones for ritual work, and his spell component belt.

Rhayven’s primary weapons:
A medium length single edged blade, which Rhayven has the ability to channel magical energy into creating temporary enchantments at will.

A short spear which when magic is channeled into the length changes of both the haft and blade depending on the users will, allowing the spear to be completely mutable. The Blade echoes with raw magic power during such channeling but cannot be enchanted with an element only raw magic.

After holding the weapons together hilts touching perfectly the two weapons can also be transformed into a double ended weapon, a blade spear with a short spear blade to balance the weight at the opposite end. This form is unique as it allows Rhayven to channel energy into it and trace runes in mid air and channel energy into them much like a wand or spell stylus.

The DarkMorne territory, a small plot of land on the edge of the elven lands, awarded for his grandfathers service to the crown.

Rhayven wears a tabbard over his armor a symbol of his knight hood, a family signet ring worn by all members of his household, and a pendant a symbol from his mother a minor enchantress who infused with her love that it might bring him some measure of luck and safety( has never in Rhayven's forty years seemed to be much other than a parting gift though he can sometimes feel her love infused in it, when he is in his darkest mind sets.)

Relationships: Rhayven Auric DarkMorne, borne to the DarkMorne family, a family who has been in service to the crown for two full generations. Rhayven's father Auric, turned his service and the connections he made into a mildly successful career as a merchant. His wife Amaria was a lesser enchanter she finished her schooling but never delved into her magic except as a way to gather connections of her own which is how she met Auric. Auric and Amaria were wed during Auric's knightly service, their marriage arranged though also agreeable to the two who came to love each other as much as their children. It was his parents connections and service that helped him earn his commision after attending the university for magical arts.

Skills & Abilities:

Blade and Spell Techniques:

Blade Enhance: Rhayven focuses magical energy into his right hand focusing on one of the basic elements or force. He then draws his fingers caressing down the length of the blade, infusing that energy into the blade temporarily. Rhayven can maintain this enchantment by holding the charge in his off hand but this prevents him from using his other techniques.

Runic Fusion: Rhayven draws a rune with an offensive trait, such as an elemental spell or a force rune or any of the more common rune stones and channels power into the stone and the blade before bringing them together and infusing the blade with the runes magic. This functionally stores the spell in the blade casting portions of its power with every single strike.

Slash Burst: With an enhanced blade Rhayven can discharge the stored energy in a single strike, this creates a burst of the stored energy at the point of impact bursting towards his opponent and causing the blade to recoil.

Mystic Strike: Rhayven draws energy into his hand and channels it through the sword as he attacks with either a slash or thrust, at which point he creates a projectile of directed force, which takes the shape of a ghostly strike wreathed in a blue green aura.

Blade strike: Rhayen channels magic between his hands and his blade creating a shining chain of magic connecting him to his sword. This allows Rhayven to do the unthinkable throw his sword and maintain a connection to bring it back to him. As long as he retains one free hand he can use this connection so after throwing the sword he could draw the spear and continue fighting until he was ready to draw the sword back to him.

Spear and Spell Style Techniques:

Spear Morph: Rhayven channels power into the spear causing its shape to change he may create a leaf bladed long sword, a long spear or long bladed long spear using this ability, for spear or leaf blade he may wield the weapon in one hand, for long spear or long bladed long spear he requires two hands.

Arcane Spear: Rhayven holds a charge of arcane magic in the spear causing the spear to do magical damage with every strike.

Sharpened Wind: A whirling combination of strikes which can be executed as long as Rhayven is standing still this technique can catch enemies off guard by mixing thrusting strikes with hammering swings, the weapon in any form is remarkably light making it easy to chain such attacks together as long as Rhayven does so from a readied stance.

Shifting Thrust or Slash: Rhayven makes a thrusting or slashing attack with the shortened form of his weapon, before triggering a burst of arcane energies in the spear, for the duration of one swing or thrust the spear changes lengths creating a disorientingly fast change in reach for the expert knight to take advantage of.

Arcane storm: Rhayven takes a readied stance, and chooses a single target to concentrate on leaving him vulnerable from this stance he creates a current of arcane energy and begins thrusting his spear, at the end of each thrust the spear releases a spear blade of arcane energy like an arrow. This attack requires tremendous magical and physical stamina and so leaves Rhayven drained and exposed.

Blade and Spear Style Techniques:

Arcane and Elemental Enhance: Drawing on his magic he releases a charge into each of his weapons both blade and short spear, the blade takes on an elemental affect of Rhayven’s choice, and the spear takes on raw magical enchantment.

Phantom Slash or Thrust Combination: After executing a series of either slashing or thrusting attacks, Rhayven follows through suddenly with the opposite, releasing a flash of energy from which ever weapon he uses to slightly extend that weapons reach.

Hidden Knife Parry: If Rhayven is in a defensive stance he can block with a reverse grip swing of his sword a single strike, before following through by stepping in and stabbing with the spear which is held in the off hand in a choked up grip.

Spell Spear Style Techniques:

Paint Rune Spell: While wielding the fused spell spear Rhayven releases a flow of magic into the spear either against the ground or into the air and uses the SpellSpear to paint the rune in place. A spell painted in this way has one charge.

Charge or Overcharge Rune: This ability charges a rune either a rune stone, or overcharges a painted rune with a second charge.

Discharge Rune: This ability discharges the charged power of a rune that Rhayven touches, either with his hand casting the spell as intended or with the blade doing the same.

Spell rune Dance: Rhayven spins the spellspear through a series of arcing strikes around his body creating a multi layer spear circle while simultaneously attacking any enemies within reach of the spears one handed or two handed swings over the course of several moments. This technique can paint a many as three interlocking runes combining their effects. Takes an extended period of time to cast.

Runic Magic, Runes Known:
Aether wave: A rune designed to combine the ideas of force and magic into one unifying event, this rune has two tiers. Charged runes release a diffuse wave of magical energy which slams into a single target, lifting up lightweight enemies and throwing them or causing heavier enemies to stagger or be pushed away. Overcharged, this rune acts as a nova of magical force bursting from the caster, pushing away even some much heavier enemies and throwing backwards light or medium weight enemies.

Shard of Lightning: This rune creates a charge of lightning which is released like a spear is thrown, creating a projectile of raw electrical magic with a single charge. Overcharged this rune creates a line of falling lightning bolts twenty feet long.

Winters Wrath: Charged this rune creates an icy burst on strike causing ice to form around the point of impact. Overcharged this rune creates a circle around the caster within which the casters enemies are affected by extreme cold, and a build up of atmospheric ice and snow around them.

Squall Burst: A rune which manifests weather magic, charged this spell creates a wave of wind and rain falling in the direction the spell is cast, instead of down to pelt the enemy. Overcharged, this rune causes the wind to buffet enemies, even flying enemies, and soaks all in its range.

Blurb: Rhayven is a flashy character in combat, but also a unique character out of combat, in addition to a strong affinity for his knightly duties and combat arts, he has an irrepressible sense of curiosity when it comes to magic, which he inherited from his mom, and he cant help but always try to blend the two. I find the balance of both sides of the character terribly entertaining, and I think he will at times serve as both the serious logical type, but also the groups source of comedic blunders, which comes with perpetually experimenting with magic.
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Full Name
the viscountess Ysabelle Runeglass

All Points Bulletin:
Birthdate: 8/6/3132
hair color: blonde
eye color: blue
skin color: fair
species: human
Possessions: sword, pouch of runestones, enchanted shield (has a sort of pocket attached to it that is bigger on the inside where she keeps her stuff(shield, armor, enchanted map,
Relationships: her father is the duke.
Skills & Abilities: a great fighter who has been training her whole life, is amazing at anything to do with parkour (this world examples would be gymnastics, Equestrian vaulting, track, and hurdles, trapeze, etc you get the idea), horse riding, and knows some spells and some rune magic, hunting; scavenging; gathering, scouting, cooking, other wilderness survival, and knows many languages.
Blurb: wanted to become a knight to help people, her father finally let her try out some of the training and she turned out ot be very skilled at it.
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I made my character 18 instead of 20
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Doctor Rose Hawthorne

Birthdate: 11/29/3124
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Fair
Species: Human
Possessions: Medical kit (spell gloves, various healing potions & creams, bandages, sticky tape, thermometer, safety pins, tweezers, scissors), herb pouch, elemental robe, casting staff, spell tome, Chester repeating crossbow
Relationships: Employee of the Crown, owed & repaid a life-debt to Queen Vali, ex-agent of [anonymous] on probation, crushing on Rhayven
Skills & Abilities: Spell healing, resurrection, botany, anatomy & physiology, stealth techniques, self-defense

Info: Born and raised in the village of Ulster in northern Drakengard, much of Rose's life growing up was spent helping people recover from orc raids. When a particularly massive raid wiped out her whole village, leaving her as the sole survivor, an anonymous agent recruited her and brought her north to the then-populated Kingdom of Ispar. In the years after, she traveled the rest of the world, learning healing techniques from the various races until she came to Drakengard to study at Durvain Academy. A chance encounter with the Queen led her to change employment to the Crown, where she serves to this day as a Royal Doctor.
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