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The hunter; a hound.
Tattoos branded the man as one of a few, and none of them would deserve her audience; best left to spymasters, taskers and executioners, such dealings were taboo for herself to handle. This was, however, an unusual circumstance that set the two in unfortunately like-minded company. Their foe was not one that could be overcome with whispers and subterfuge, and Kaitra was, in some ways, glad that their meeting could be so fortuitously opportune. It was...not her idea of an ideal meeting, however. The tattoos marred their face to the point of irrelevance and the princess felt only shame and a brief sting of contempt for the reminder of her heritage's sordid history.
Who this man used to be apparently no longer mattered, and his revealing only further disappointed Kaitra as they were not beyond admittance of their resolve; a weapon, a puppet of darkness, a slave to a twisted and shallow justice spoken only in brief reference as if names would evoke their wrath.

Kaitra's eyes narrowed, a nostril tilting as to accentuate the will to frown upon seeing Nebel's face. She had no knowledge of whom she looked upon, but lessons of the occult and slights in reference to Isparia's hidden methods looked her dead in the eye, and she could only oh-so-slightly wince at the ugly truth of the realism behind the hollow eyes that looked back.

Best friends...

It spoke and then so simply turned to walk off, letting their wake impose itself upon the managers of the establishment. Kaitra followed, already having much to hold the nameless hunter accountable for even before they entered the meeting room.

She waited at the threshold, hearing the man work until his efforts ceased.
Her brow lowered and an understanding determination compelling her to toe the line, Kaitra shook her arms in a nervous manner, not at all truly keen on entering this lion's den.
With herself not even being actually invited, walking into an obvious trap seemed all too quaint. This was not the rational thought that she should have had when she stepped in and flinched ever so slightly from the slamming door and silence that pervaded the room. It was not so much how their motions made no noise, but how the armature musicians and conversations abruptly cut out that Kaitra did suddenly find herself tensely locked in this exchange with the nameless hunter and their guest.
Strangely, the man began to part with their armor. Tradition as it may seem, as they specifically made an effort in a way that implied that the princess is encouraged to mirror their method, she did.

"Ich bin sehr daran interessiert, was mit deinen Spielsachen passieren wird, wenn ich dir den Hals brechen sollte," Kaitra slowly spoke, unbuckling the sides of her plate before pulling it off to the side in a swing, exposing the woven mithril surcoat which they unbuttoned as they hissed, "Ich hoffe du verstehst was ich vorhabe, falls du mich angreifst?"
She pulled the garment down enough to expose the mark on her shoulder as well as the left half of her bra in the process. A clean and straight scar ran from her shoulder to her collarbone, seeming recently healed.

"Dein Name, Jäger!" Kaitra barked, taking a step towards the man, "Dies ist der Punkt, an dem Sie mir Ihren Namen sagen oder Ihre Absichten, ein Attentäter zu sein, offenbaren!"
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Rage, blinding rage was building up. Only to be squashed by a feeling of shame once he saw that marking on her body. It wasn't a new feeling, but it burned all the same. While in his humble thought, nothing hurt worse then getting his Tattoo's all over his body this was a close second. Looking up at the woman dead in the eye and giving her enough respect not to look away or huff the Monster stood up and then, to many this might be a shock, infront of the woman and droped to both knees planting his head on the ground with his hands to the side of his head. His Malice was still quite thick in the air as the Hex burned away in the corner, the soft burning of the candles and hissing of the dark flames leaving the eye sockets of the skull.

With out lifting his head Nebel spoke, more dead then alive at this point as his mind told him who he was in front of once more. "Ich heiße Nebel Asteri Mesanychta! Der Albtraum von Ispar."

Keeping his head down Nebel kept his body clam as his Malice leaked off him. Fear wasn't an emotion he felt often, unless his enemies felt it, but right now he felt something even worse then fear, the disappointment in his actions or rather inaction. He tried that night he left his home, he really did, but the King wouldn't hear him. It seemed his atempts to save the people he respect failed and the proof was currently standing before him baring the mark of both his pride and shame.

Lifting himself back up to full height with both feet planted on the ground Nebel looked down at the Woman, his lower face showing no emotion but if she could of seen his Yellow eyes, she might of seen the shame and guilt that stung his soul. He was about to say things he wish he couldn't but knew he had a duty to say. Taking a deep breath Nebel went over and grabbed his chair and set it infront of her only to take a seat himself.

Setz dich, ich habe eine Geschichte zu erzählen und ich werde nicht schön sein. Erstens bin ich kein Attentäter. Ich würde niemals einen deiner Namen verletzen. Ich würde mich zuerst für den Tod brandmarken, bevor ich überhaupt daran dachte, so etwas zu tun" As he spoke, emotion slowly started to come to his normally dead voice. And it was nothing short of shame. "Ich bin sicher, Sie kennen mich als jemanden des Okkulten. Einer, der mit dem Jenseits geht und mit den Toten spielt. Aber was ich getan habe, war zum Wohle unseres Volkes! Aber nein, ich bin, wie Sie sagten, ein namenloser Jäger geworden. Auch um Ihre Frage zu beantworten. Brich mir den Hals und es wird nicht aufhören. Ein Hex ist nach dem Start autark.

Leaning back in his chair Nebel looked deeper into the Woman's eyes. His hollow eye sockets showing nothing but his body language perhaps saying something as he seemed to relax slightly into the seat.

"Es mag kalt sein oder vielleicht nicht mein Platz, aber ich muss fragen. Wie wurden Sie von ihnen angeworben? Oder haben Sie zuerst weitere Fragen?"
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"Except I am no king, just a second Prince, mother." Darvus shook his head. "Gerald is the crown Prince, he is the one destined to do so. In case you have forgotten, I do not deal well with people. And my talents are a pale shade of yours and father. I am weak, young, inexperienced, and I do not have illusions nor dreams." Darvus said as he took the mana gauge, a small, tired smile appearing in his corner.

"If i wasn't able to forgive my own mother for trying to see what's best for me, I'd be hopeless as a human being." He added as he took the pocket watch, and adjusting his belongings began walking to meet the others.

"Still, because I am weak... I keep thinking. And thinking. Until the gears turn. Until the pieces fit." He said before stopping. "I must confess, there's a big shadow of dread in my back. This world... feels wrong, somehow. The fog of ages has probably hidden something dreadful. And that dragon..." He paused.

"Nevermind, that'd be speculation." He shook his head. "No use at this point."
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Vali clutched at her chest as he spoke. She should have chided him for his self-deprecation - always did when he was younger. But like the fool she was, it still moved her. Like a fool, she wanted nothing more than to reassure him that he was smart, capable, and good.

"You're not hopeless..." she whispered.

She listened to his speculation about the wrongness of the world. A shadow of dread filled her too - not because of the darkness threatening the world, but because her child was becoming aware of it.

Vali seated herself on a nearby bench. "No, you have the right of it. Oh dear God...you have no idea."

She groaned and dragged her hands down her face, lingering a few moments as if rethinking all her life choices.

"Ask the King of Riftgard about the Emerald Key," she said at length. "That is all I should say on the matter. Darvus...come back, you hear me? You come back home with your sister. If you die, so help me, I will drag your sorry butt back from the afterlife so I can kick it to hell and back. Promise me, Darvus!"
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With the invitation, Kaitra sat, crossing one leg over the other and going about recomposing her attire after her associate found satisfaction in confirmation through the ascertation of her identification. Grammar aside, the offering of his own stained names did little to break the princess's neutral-unammused expression. "Ich kenne einen Schatten mit diesem Namen, Jäger. Stellen Sie sich meine Enttäuschung vor, endlich den Fokus so vieler schrecklicher Fabeln zu finden," she began, raising an eyebrow while her eyes bored into his. Taking a break she closed her eyes and rubbed the bridge of her nose to sooth a small headache while softly commenting, "My, I could certainly go for zeht stout about now..."

Refocusing herself as Nebel spoke of what the tickle in the back of her mind teased at. Sure, snapping the man's neck would bring her some small comfort, though if he was what all evidence claimed him to be, it would be a wasted gesture that would only waste time. In the same sentiment, Kaitra could not be more fortunate to be on understanding terms with such a monster. Regardless of their past, he was...unfortunately...perfect for her plans. "Dies sind...verschiedene Zeiten, und so verzerrt Ihre Perspektive auch ist, würde ich es nicht genießen, Sie wegen Hochverrats zu brechen. Nein...für deine Verbrechen fordere ich deine Ehre als einst vereidigter Ritter von Ispar heraus," Kaitra spoke after a tense moment of silence after Nebel asked his question. The implication was clear, she was refusing to acknowledge his status, and as the last of the bloodline and rightful heir to the throne, he may as well have been stripped of his knighthood then and there.

"Ihr Job ist die, namenlose Jägerin: Es gab einen Fehler mit der örtlichen Einrichtung, zu der wir nie eingeladen wurden. Aufgrund dieser Umstände sind wir mit unseren Zielen allein," Kaitra unceremoniously began, looking out the window of the door and lowering her voice, "Der Brief, den ich erhielt, hatte keinen Namen, aber sie wussten, wer ich war. Mit dem Versprechen von Isparia und zehntausend Gold soll ich Dragengards Prinzessin zum Schloss zurückbringen...und die Artefakte dann zur Verwahrung nach Northaven bringen."
Glancing over to their still hopefully unconscious friend, Kaitra watched him to make sure he was still breathing before asking, "Was hat dein Brief gesagt, Jäger?"
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