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Hello! It's been a really long time since I've cast some lines out to see if I've got any takers - I hope to meet some of you all, and get a good story rolling. :) I've been RP-ing for a long while now (since I was but a wee child on Fanfiction.net, so like, 10+ years now???), but have recently come across more free time that I'd like to spend doing more writing.

I'm in the Pacific Standard Timezone, and can usually post on a daily basis. I can do at least one post a day, or more, depending on how the days go. But before we get to the meat of things, I'd like to outline some boundaries and expectations.

Boundaries & Expectations

  • No Smut: I will not be writing detailed sex scenes, sorry! Characters can totally have sex as part of their development, but I prefer to leave it insinuated, or else use the Fade In/Out method. Casual displays of affection is OK, but nothing beyond that.
  • No Excessive Gore: Violence and blood is all fine and dandy, but unless it's required for the story to make sense, I prefer to avoid very explicit, hyper specific descriptions of physical, bodily harm.
  • Post Length: Definitely no one-liners for me. Consider something around low-Advanced, high-Casual level. I would prefer chunkier posts (~3 paragraphs on average), but I understand that sometimes it's not possible. I usually match whatever my partners give me, but I have been known to get really carried away sometimes (multi-page long posts lmao) - so flexibility is important! And on that note...
  • Flexibility: I have no preference in playing whichever gender, but I do value variety - so if the story requires multiple characters, I would like to have the freedom of choosing what gender I would like all my characters to be, rather than be restricted to one or the other.
  • Romance: Not necessary! This feels rare enough in the 1x1 genre that I wanted to point it out explicitly. I'm totally willing to play wholly platonic relationships. Of course, I'm still open to romantic character relationships as well.
  • OOC Communication: I'm not expecting constant small talk, but open communication is a must for me! In my experience, healthy discussion = healthy RP, so I would like for my partner to be, at least, accessible in that way.
  • Historical Accuracy: I am not a historian. I'm not going to be a stickler for this. If we mix up the Victorian and Regency Eras, that's fine. Qing Dynasty and Ming Dynasty? shrug. I do, however, draw the line at outrageous mix-ups, especially if we're doing a specific period piece (i.e. Unexplained laser guns in a medieval RP).

And that's about it! If anything else crops up, I will be certain to let you know as we go along - but this is a good starting point. Now, onto the fun stuff!


* = Indicates special craving, the more stars, the stronger the craving.

Fandom (Though, there's not much lol)

***Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:
- Link/Zelda
- I'm game for either character!
- Pre-Calamity or Post-Calamity is ideal, I imagine that both would be an angst filled wonderland. :)

- No canon characters though. OCs in the world is ideal!
- Nuzlocke RP?

Percy Jackson
- OCs only.


***Pirate Captain/Pirate Captain
- Consider the Pirates of the Caribbean/Sinbad aesthetic. I'm thinking that two pirate captains - possibly rivals, possibly some pretty big names - through a series of unfortunate events, get a cursed thrown onto them. A curse bad enough that their crews abandon them, and they lose everything but the clothes on their backs. The whole RP would be about them doing two things: one, getting rid of this god forsaken curse before it kills them; and two, getting Their Shit Back and Kicking Their Traitorous EX-Crew's Asses. There'll be lots of sleuthing, old magic, wily ocean creatures, some survival aspects, and good ol' fashioned swash-buckling fun!

Famous Person/Indifferent-As-Fuck Person
*Cryptid/Human (Anything, vamps, were-somethings, demons - I'm game)
***Selkie/Human (This could be so cute pls)
Childhood Friends

**Any period/historical piece (excluding world wars/contemporary history)
Perhaps...A rich character who is so used to the comforts of the privileged has finally done something that has made their parents finally snap. To teach their belligerent progeny a lesson, the parents send them away to live with their significantly poorer friends. These people are peasants of some sort (occupation pending) who take the character under their wing. Naturally, this family has a child round about the same age as the spoiled brat. They don't hit it off too well at first, due to a disparity of class. However, just as they were beginning to grow closer, the parents swoop in with intentions to take the rich character home and marry them off to some noble.

And that's it! I'm also 100%, totally, and completely open to hearing any pairings/ideas that you have! Just hit me up with a PM and we can talk about it. :)

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