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NOTE: Since I can't go back and delete my old posts, I have decided to put them all in one (easier to maintain rather than having to hunt down four individual posts). If I ever have an update to this list, I will announce it in the thread below.

Hello everyone.

I have a few story ideas that I'm seeking partners for. As most people tend to bypass the rules, I'm posting them first.

1) No sexual content. I don't write it. I am, however, seeking players 18 and above. Most of my content has triggering themes such as ongoing and past abuse, drugs and alcohol, mentions of rape, and dark themes involving bloodshed, war, and gore.

2) Multi-paragraph. I want content to work with. I can understand a paragraph during a slow conversation scene, but the bulk has to be multiple paragraphs.

3) I don't usually do this, but I need a sample of your writing. Too often people have claimed to be what they aren't, and I'm hoping to head that off at the pass.

4) Be able to post, at the bare minimum, once every few days. We all have busy lives, especially with the college semesters coming up, home lives, illnesses, and children, but I would like to keep the story going.

Now, for the ideas.

Some of them may seem generic, but they can be built upon. Most were ones that I had when I started role playing, and they're dear to me.

Note- I do have more in a file online. If you can follow the rules above and wish to see the list, comment or message me.

Secondary note- You will be playing the male characters.

1) A medieval story about a girl of 17 who is sent the king as a ward after her parents die of the sweating sickness. Her father was once a revered man at court and high in the king’s favor. However, as time goes on, he sees how sheltered she is, and learns of the awful truth of her father. While his feelings grow, a plot by a rival family threatens to destroy her, and her good standing.

Themes- Romance, violence, possibility of war. Historical only.

2) X-Men- Takes place after the first movie. Wolverine is on patrol when he spots the body of a young woman in the bushes inside the school grounds. He takes her to the medical ward where it is discovered that she’d been a prisoner of a local gang of mutant haters. She is blind, mute, and two months pregnant. Need someone able to play Logan as he is.

Themes- Romance, violence, mentions of abuse.

3) Boy and girl hook up at a party. Two months later, the girl finds him and announces her pregnancy. She tells him she won’t ask for his help, and that he’s off the hook. Three months go by before they see each other again. She is living on the streets. He convinces her to come live with him at his parents’ house. The story is about their journey in growing up, accepting responsibility, and finding each other emotionally.

Themes- Eventual romance, slice of life, coming of age.

4) Man comes to work for a husband and wife as body guard to their daughter; an up and coming singer. He’s to make sure she stays on task, and is well guarded, but also to report her daily activities. He notices she sneaks out at night, hangs with kids her own age, even sings in clubs. He reports it all, until he comes to realize the punishment they inflict upon her. Now, he wants to try to help save her by keeping her secrets, and helping her become emancipated from their control.

Themes- Abuse, later romance.

5) A young woman is drafted and sent off to war. Who was once a bright and vibrant soul comes home tormented by what she’s seen. Carrying the coffin of a dearest friend, she blames herself for his death, and struggles to cope with day to life. As the story progresses, more is learned about what happened while overseas, and with helps from friends and family, she begins her road to recovery.

Themes- Slice of life, romance, drama, acts of war, bloodshed, PTSD. Most of the content, especially in the flashbacks, will be graphic in nature.

6) Alana is a detective with the local police force. Her husband (Name set by you) belongs to the SWAT division. But Alana harbors a special gift; she's psychic. She has the ability to see what happened in the past in real time. A case of two murdered parents and two orphans lands in her lap, and the husband becomes concerned. Just returned from a difficult case, he expects some time with his pregnant wife before the baby comes, but he knows that with two kids involved, she won't let it go. Now it's a race against the clock to find the killer and the cause before they come back for the kids.

Themes- Romance, murder, slice of life, drama, mature themes (past cases involving similar deaths will be discussed. Gruesome content).

7) Husband and wife, both bounty hunters, live a comfortable life, and they work cases together. (There may be pregnancy if both parties agree).

Themes- Romance, slice of life, drama, real world.

8) Law & Order SVU. Need someone to play Detective Stabler. This is not a romance story. My character is a sexual assault and kidnap victim. He later learns that she is his daughter. She will learn that she is pregnant. This will be a long term engagement because her rapist is not found right away, nor in the year that follows. (Male character is obviously set. This can become a group, if anyone else shows interest).
This can also be a basic idea, not based around Law and Order: SVU.

Themes- Slice of life, mature (rape will be discussed, never played out), drama. Focuses on character development.

9) An actor is set to meet a young woman who is going to be starring with him in his next series. However, she’s hesitant to step before him, thinking herself unworthy. As time progresses and they come closer to filming, he sees who she really is, and the reason she keeps to herself.

Themes- Romance, drama. Will have criminal elements.

10) Story about a man coming to visit his friends from Italy. He works for Cirque Du Soleil as something of a hobo clown (will have pics for an idea), and will sometimes stay in character, even when off set. When he stays in the house of his oldest friend, he notices the daughter is quiet, reserved. He comes to see that the parents favor the sun, and the girl is left alone. She hides in her room drinking, smoking weed, popping pain pills, anything to dull the pain. He devises a plan to try to save her by embodying a silent goth that visits her every night.

Themes- Romance (if both agree), drama, alcohol and drug use, stated sexual content (character will have partners, but it will only be written in small detail what happened. Brushed over basically), self-harm, emotional abuse. Heavy in character development. Further plotline can be discussed.

Character bios will be sent through private message.

11) No real plot, but one can be created. My character owns a tavern in a small village. Her past will be revealed through her biography. Hoping for someone to either play the husband, or a traveler with whom romance can happen later. There will be no fantasy element.

Themes- Romance, historical, adventure, slice of life, no fantasy.

12) Man comes to a small town to be its priest, finding that most of the community is deeply religious, but none more so than the aging Mattheson’s. Their daughter, however, is one you wouldn’t expect coming from that family. A few tattoos, long, wavy hair, and bright floral colors. Invited for dinner, his suspicions are confirmed, and he comes to admire her.

Themes- Romance, modern, slice of life.

13) Attending a Burning Man Festival, Rain settles in with her instrument and begins to play. The music has always soothed and entranced, sending people mentally into different worlds. She never expected that someone would cross into her own, or that it would change her life for the better.

My character’s is the daughter of a God and Goddess in a realm similar to that of the Elves in Lord of the Rings. Rather than wanting to be royal and hidden, she chose to be reborn in the human world, though her gift remained. However, the child she became was raised in a cult, who revered her for her gift. At the age of fourteen, she took her instrument and ran. With war brewing in her old home and the cult angry for her leaving, she’s being hunted by both sides.

Themes- Romance (eventual), slice of life, adventure, fantasy, modern.

14) Girl falls for the resident bad guy, even though everyone warns her against. After getting in the crossfire of a fight, her father, Chief of Police, warns her to leave him or leave with him. Choosing the latter, they end up living in his mother’s basement. After a month, she learns she is pregnant, and separates herself from him, living in her VW van. He promises to change, and she accepts him back, even though he’d previously stated that he didn’t want the child. A fight will later ensue between him and his rivals, and she will lose the child after being dragged into it.

Story can go three ways: 1) She will leave town and start over somewhere else. 2) She falls into drug use to forget. 3) Both of these. She will eventually meet someone else. Can be male or female.

Themes- Romance, mature (abuse, miscarriage, drug/alcohol use), modern, slice of life.

15) In the deserts of Arabia, Alya and her mother live in a one room, cave side home. Both work as servants to the Great Lord Abdus, who is claiming Alya as his bride after taking her virginity and impregnating her. The day before she is to be handed over, Prince Amar raids the lands and takes Alya while the mother flees for Lord Abdus’s estate. Legend tells that Prince Amar is a fierce killer, unwilling to negotiate and cries of mercy fall on deaf ears. At first, she thinks her life is over; she’ll either be killed or sold into slavery. The next day, however, the truth comes to light; he’s been searching for her all along. She’s his daughter.

Themes- Action, slice of life, war, historical (about 8th century).

16) Street family (Group of people who call themselves a family, living on the streets).They will steal and kill to survive. the group is headed by a mother and father figure (this idea was taken from a Law and Order: SVU episode. If you know the one, you're awesome! If you don't, that's okay! It's not the same as in the show). During the summer months, they take to the city. When winter comes around, they squat in any abandoned building to keep from the elements. This can take place in the US or England.

This can be group or 1x1, if you don't mind playing multiple characters.

Themes- Mature (murder, bloodshed), romance, slice of life, modern (no fantasy elements).

17) A girl raised by a gay couple (both men). She sings in a music group who is preparing for Battle of the Bands. After a rough session, she returns home to discover that the real father who dumped her with his gay dad and partner has come back with her mother to try and be part of her life. Meanwhile, another band mate (a girl) makes moves on her boyfriend (lead guitarist), which he does nothing to stop (or it may be a simple misunderstanding on my characters part. Depends on what you want). She quits the band and seeks to go on her own, reconnecting old ties.

Themes- Romance, slice of life, drama.

18) An 18 year old girl is trekking through the frozen city streets in search of her father and his girlfriend. He’s agreed to meet her at an old familiar location, but must survive the war torn city streets. After the government dropped the bomb on its citizens, survivors have been scouring the post-apocalyptic city streets for signs of their loved one while hiding from the men seeking them. Three months pregnant and alone, she stumbles across a fellow survivor. Though her first instinct is to kill him, the discovery that he has a medical degree stops her in her tracks. Finding her loved ones, they leave the heart of the city to find a safer shelter.

Themes- Romance (if it develops), drama, adventure, action, war, post-apocalyptic, survival.

19) The basic plot revolves around a home in the forest; away from society, it's hardships, and the toxic atmosphere it can present. There, they will build a new life.

This can go two different ways; real world or fantasy.

If fantasy: They have powers (elemental only) and are making a haven for people like them.

If real world: It's for safety, anonymity, and a fresh start to live without constraints.

Themes- Possible fantasy, slice of life, survival.
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Still seeking dedicated players!
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Just a passerby - who intends not to be rude - but whom suggests that perhaps a little organization work on your interest check may see your labor bearing fruit. I, myself, did not get very far.
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Thank you for your input, but it could also be lack of interest which is why you didn't get far.

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