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Caster — Scáthach, "The Queen of the Land of Shadows"

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Character Sheet

Class: Caster
True Name: Scáthach, "The Queen of the Land of Shadows"
Origin: Irish Mythology
Height/Weight: 168cm/55kg
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Proud, wise, and witty. Those are some of the best three adjectives to describe Scáthach, no matter the form she takes. A ruler from birth, who understands not only her position as being above the masses, but also her obligation not to exert her authority over them, but instead to do so for them. She's a sage and a great warrior, with an eye for the talent of others and displeasure for those who don't strive to improve themselves or don't show any pride as human beings. In many ways, she's a being so perfect, that the World elevated her to a rank similar to that of a Divine being without she ever asking for — or even wanting — it. But, above all else, she's a young woman in the prime of her beauty who has all the charms of a caring, albeit harsh older sister and no reservation about showering whoever attracts her fancy with them. Be it pupil, lover, or both.
Backstory: This is a pure version of Scáthach when summoned under the Caster Class. Her prime state as a mentor figure, which may as well be considered her true nature as a Heroic Spirit. While she may be impossible to summon through the "original" Holy Grail, her existence had been recorded in the Moon Cell where she's able to be called upon as a Servant despite never having "died".

— Parameters —
STR: D | END: C | AGI: C | MAG: A+ | LCK: C | NP: A+

— Class Skills —
Territory Creation —: Scáthach's ability to open a path to the Land of Shadows, exceeds the worth of workshop or temple many times.
Item Construction A++: As a creator of many mystical artifacts, many of which would go on to become Noble Phantasms in and of themselves, Scáthach boasts a naturally high rank of this skill, which receives a substantial boost if the object in question is a weapon of any sort. Thanks to this skill, she's able to summon the weapon that she gifted to her most famous pupil, with little to no expenditure of magical energy. However, despite not having lost any of her martial arts prowess, Scáthach cannot unleash that Noble Phantasm's True Name, since in her hands it's "just a spear that has yet to acquire enough fame".

— Personal Skills —
Primordial Rune —: She has Runes hailing from Scandinavia, almost known as Scandinavian Magic Crests. These runes are different from the Runes modern magi use. These are Primal Runes with the power of the Age of Gods. Because of the Norse chief god Odin, they had spread throughout the world. She, who granted Cú Chulainn 18 Primal Runes, is as strong in magecraft as she is a warrior.
Wisdom of the Land of Shadows A+: With the exception of those particular of certain heroes, almost all Skills can be displayed with a proficiency level of B~A Rank. Also, only towards those, she has recognized as true heroes, it is also possible to teach such Skills.
Clairvoyance A+: While Scáthach normally makes use of this skill through her Wisdom of the Land of Shadows skill, when summoned her a Caster she receives a small rank up of it, thanks to being able to exercise her true might as a mentor. With this rank of Clairvoyance and inherent wisdom, Scáthach is qualified to the title of Grand.
Divinity B: Thanks to sharing a very similar role in the Irish Mythology with the Mórrígan, and the Norse Nornir, Scáthach was bestowed with a high rank of this skill. A fact that doesn't exactly please the God-Slayer Queen. Thanks to it, she's able to summon certain types of Divine Beasts (namely ravens) to do her bidding as familiars.

— Armaments —
A rune-laden staff made from a branch of Yggdrasil, Primordial Runes, Raven familiars, and a certain Crimson Spear.

— Noble Phantasms —
True Name: Gate of Skye, "Gate of the Magical Realm Brimming with Death"
Type: Anti-Army
Rank: A+
Range: 2 to 50
Maximum number of targets: 200
This Noble Phantasm has two variations, both of which are under Scáthach's control.

In the first, Scáthach temporarily summons a massive gate to her shadow realm, and it sucks in all life forms in range. If the target fails to resist it with one's Mana or Luck stat, they're sucked into the gate and are instantly killed. Scáthach can choose specific targets on whether to allow them access or not. Even if resisted, the targets' mana is rapidly drained and they take major damage.

Alternatively, Scáthach can partially bring her Fortress of Shadows into the world through her gate. Those who get Scáthach's approval to enter her domains are bestowed great luck and blessings by the Fortress. It allows those loved by the Fortress of Shadows to defeat powerful enemies, even if they are normally powerless themselves. If properly employed during a regular Holy Grail War, it could bring about an "astonishing upset."

Both variations of this Noble Phantasm can be used at once, but the strain of doing so for even a short period of time is likely to result in Scáthach "death".
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