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Location | Misfits' RV, Santa Monica, California
Interacting with | Kim @Stanifly, Umbra @Syn, Val @Dirty Pretty Lies (contributions by @Syn)


It was going to be a rough trip if two of the Misfits were already nursing injuries. Given Sami's battered face, it would have done no good if Umbra has picked up a concussion or heatstroke or something nasty negative minutes into the trip. Emilia did her best to assess her fallen friend, and Kim had similar concerns about the dreadlocked girl. "Is she alright, Em? She didn't knock her head or anything on the way down, right?"

Emilia continued to hold the drink out at waist length. "I hope so. It would kind of be a downer if our first stop on this trip had to be a hospital." Luckily, Umbra proved resilient as ever and revived herself on the promise of sweet orange liquid as she grabbed the cup from Em's hand.

The blonde was relieved to see her friend drink deeply from the cup. “If you drank my orange soda I would have had to hex your life or at least haunt you after I die, which was pretty close just now.”

She giggled, "C'mon, Umbra! You know I wouldn't do that to you, unless, you know, it was going to go flat or something. Although, if you did die, I would think your ghost would be good company. Plus you could have all the orange soda you want, right?"

These were existential questions that Emilia didn't have any answers to, and she suspected Umbra would have terse ones. However, the witch of the group was more concerned with the other injured crew member. "What happened to Sami’s face? Did he lose a fight to the RV trying to fix this thing?

Emilia bit her tongue at first, debating on whether or not to tell the truth of the situation they were in, but it was Umbra. She had ways of drawing the truth out of people anyway. At least, Em thought she did. There mush be some kind of truth lasso in her spell book or something. "Well...it wasn't from fixing the RV. Mostly from acquiring the RV...cause it's kinda roughly borrowed."

While everyone else was preoccupied it seemed as though Emilia was the only one to react. The good thing about Em and Um was that they shared mutual information pretty easily, trust that had been built on for years. It was either that or the power of the voodoo doll of Emilia she kept at home. Regardless, Umbra swallowed her truth like a spoon of molasses. It was bittersweet though. While a stunt like this was in Sami’s wheelhouse, the cost was almost too high. “I think you mean stolen! Who’d he steal it from? I don’t need to read his palms to know there’s a pack of frozen peas in that boys future.” she said giggling with effervescence.

Emilia giggled and rolled her eyes. "You know how he is, Umbra. Jules tried to patch him up, Sami refused. Dumped the ice in a cooler. He stole it from his dad, because it's Sami. It's the best way to get back at that ... no-good person."

A small sigh left her lungs, it was sweet how wholesome Emilia truly was despite all of Umbra's particular influence. “Yes, well I guess he’s a creature of habit, I’ll just have to make something to put in his drink. Do you want to help?” Had it been up to Umbra, Sami’s dad would have had a change of heart long ago.

The bubbly blonde tilted her head back and forth to think about it for a couple seconds before the rumble of the RV coming to life shook her from her thought process. She thought Umbra was talking about the driver. "Maybe once he's not behind the wheel. Then we can get his drink. Just don't want whatever you have kicking in while he's on the highway, you know?" She winked at her dreadlocked friend as if to confirm they would try it another time.

Unfortunately for Umbra, Em was right. Whatever potion she would concoct had not been completely tested. Resting a single dread above her lip, Umbra squinted her face and perked her chest out with hands at her side. With her best impression of an elderly English male she spoke, “Well then young lady, what do you fancy we do for the rest of the ride?”

Emilia giggled loudly. Whenever Umbra did that trick with the dread mustache, it just looked so silly. She couldn't help herself. She couldn't even do it good, either. Her hair was too fine for it. Emi tried to stifle herself enough to counter with her own bad British accent, sounding like a strange mix of Cockney and Scottish. "Well, I do say, maybe we should, as the kids say, strap ourselves in for the ride! Aye, what?"

If there was one thing the wicked witch did enjoy, it was the soothing laughter of her closest friend. It was so contagious that Umbra couldn’t help but laugh herself; her upper lip having undergone a quick shave. Luckily for Umbra, they were both horrendous at their accents. Slapping her knee, she continued her British Invasion. “Ah why yes what a marrrrvelous idea my dear. Tally ho then, god save the queen and all that,” she said, standing up with her hand reaching for Emilia’s. This trip was shaping up to be one heck of an adventure.

Emilia laughed and took Umbra's offered hand. "Yes, yes, um... well, One Direction and Ed Sheeran and such?" Now she was laughing at herself. She didn't have much for British pop culture aside from the Ariana-adjacent music she heard on the radio, but it would work for now.

As Sami announced that the show was about hit the proverbial road, Emilia looked around. "Wait a minute! Val never got on the..." She stopped in her tracks as she looked towards the big bed in the back that she had claimed before her bout of tears. It appeared that her soon-to-be Nevada wife was already perched on the mattress, with her lips in her familiar pout as she cared not for the sound of the engine. How the fudge did she get back there? Did she teleport? Is she a stealth ninja or something? Is there an open window? Is there an open piece of the RV? I don't want to sleep back there if there's no wall... The revving of the gas pedal told her there wasn't much time to think about Valeria's new magical abilities. "Oh ...um, never mind, I guess." Her and Umbra took a seat on the couch beside the table seats and braced themselves for what was about to come on this whirlwind tour.
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@BrutalBx & @TootsiePop
Scene interacts with everyone.
AJ leaves a VM for @GhostMami


“What’s up marks? It’s your girl, Gwen here, singing loud and proud on this sunny Friday afternoon, sipping my iced latte with just the smallest touch of Grey Goose and enjoying a shmeared up bagel. You know I do love the bagel. In an update on an earlier story, I just got off of the phone with the boo and the Gearheads have gone. Last seen heading East on 15, Godspeed my fast loving friends. If you fuck in every area code, I expect to hear about it. And Chrys, baby if you’re feeling down that all your friends have gone, don’t worry; I love you and yes, I’ll fuck you. I got ya baby. With that in mind, here’s a song to celebrate the day; we’re heading back to 1992 for this one. It’s Friday, I’m in Love by the Cure here on Ace’s Asylum”
Written by BrutalBx

The Golden California coast had slowly began to give way to the sunburned sands of the Nevada desert. Forbes 500 business offices had transformed into rolling hills and visibly humid air. The highway had opened up and emptied out as the Misfit Mobile barrelled down I15 in a similar fashion to a tumbleweed across the surrounding sand traps.

Speaking of traps, the death trap that was Sami’s RV was driving at just beyond a snail's pace, baring in mind it was filled with seven recently graduated, hormonal, horny and perfectly weird teenagers so it wasn’t going too bad. The stereo was fucked, luckily though a rogue Bluetooth amp appeared in someone’s suitcase so at least the misfits could tune into Ace’s Asylum while they journeyed onwards. As Valeria was fast asleep in the queen bed at the back of the vehicle and the group behind him argued about which superpower they would want to have thanks to the last ten years of comic book movies, Sami focused on the road, with his eyes at least; his mind was elsewhere; lost in an extremely vivid memory.

RedRock Canyon; that was their first stop. He had been there once as a child, it was the first family vacation that the Alejandro’s had taken together in America once Hector had found his way there from Cuba. It started off like any other normal vacation, they hiked the trails, enjoyed the scenery, stopped for picnics under a setting sun, it was blissful really. It wasn’t until the third day when Hector wanted to venture out on his own that things started to seem off. Of course being young and having spent very little time with his dad, Sami insisted on going along with him. It was a decent length hike but Alejandro’s were built out of strong stuff, that’s what they always used to say. After making their way through some thick wooded area and into a clearing, Hector and Little Juice himself seven year old Sami were met by a surly bunch of men in big leather jackets emblazoned with a symbol the young Cubans would never forget, sledgehammers breaking a skull. stepped forward with a man a manic smile. ”Well hot dog, if ain’t our man in Havana with his little mini me. Hector. It’s good to see you. You got my money?”

It wasn’t the first sign but it was the most obvious one; Hector Alejandro was a criminal. The entire vacation was a front for a deal with the Iron Tribe Motorcycle Club, a big client if you knew your underworld. They owned Nevada and Hector had his hands in their pocket. Over the years Sami had learned much about his father's dealings, which certainly put a strain on their relationship. The resentment had finally reached breaking point, hence his current situation in a stolen RV with a bunch of loveable pinheads.

A couple miles away, coming in quick, a bright yellow Roadster purred as the car engine sung to the desert of Nevada. With his squad cruising not too far behind, sporting a variety of colors like gold, white, and black, more classy than his paint, AJ swayed his head to The Cure. He was in the zone.

Traveling was honestly one of the most exciting things in AJ’s life. Whether he was aware of it or not, his wanderlust and boredom could be something he explored, now that he graduated and had no idea what he wanted to do with himself. No sight of a future, nothing beyond the present. He loved this more than anything in the world. He loved planning with fruit juice in hand, a map shoved in his trunk just in case he needed it, marked with red of every place they may visit, and the unlimited possibilities of an adventure awaiting them.

Glancing over to see the person in his passenger’s seat, taking a small cat nap, AJ’s sunglasses slightly dropped down his nose, while he took a moment to examine her sleeping face. Hopefully, Mandy was enjoying herself. He didn’t share in similar struggles as her, where he felt inclined to house hop. It was obvious AJ’s life was fully catered to, since he didn’t struggle. But, he could be concerned for her well being. He could feel for her. What were friends for if they didn’t try to understand?

One trait he would never be able to change was caring too much. A lot of times, it was a double edged sword. He admired his friends. Compared to them, he was aimless and hadn’t been through enough to warrant complaint and yet, they still loved him. No matter how petty and childish he was. Truthfully, he should blame his mother for keeping secrets from him and always forcibly encouraging him to live his life at 110 percent. Over full capacity. In hopes he’d be left in the dark of some of the means of how they climbed so fast. AJ wasn’t completely ignorant of his family’s secrets, like how they were involved with shady people, like the Mafia, but that has yet to bite them in the ass. If anything, fortune truly favors the bold.

That was neither here nor there, though. AJ highly doubted he’d ever have to worry about his family’s involvement of the underbelly of the U.S. and the entertainment industry. Ignorance was bliss, as they say. Bringing his attention back to the road, he grinned to himself, seeing a… obstacle course. Pressing on the paddle, relishing the roaring winds in his brown curls, AJ clicked his tongue, deciding he needed to multi-task.

Using his car’s audio system, he requested, “Call ‘my Valentine’.” It didn’t take the car too long to connect with Chris. Sadly, AJ went straight to voicemail. “What a biiiitch.” Instead of hanging up and calling again, he decided to leave a message. Clearly, he missed him!

After taking another gulp of his delectable kid juice, he started bragging, “Sucks to suck, man. You’re missing out. I’m just here driving by all these fucktards that shouldn’t have their licenses. They driving like they’re 80, dude!” As he rambled on and on about nonsense, he was rapidly approaching an RV going… TWENTY UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT. “Aw fuck, give me a second, bruh.” With reckless abandon, he inspected the “passing” lane (it wasn’t, it was the oncoming lane) and with quick impulse and daredevil intuition, he veered onto the illegal lane and pushed the pedal to the metal. Right when a red truck started profusely honking at him, he swept diagonally between the truck and the RV, cutting dangerously close in front of the camper.

Fuck yeah, he was baller.

The RV jerked in Sami’s hands as a yellow blur sped past them. He felt his Monster spill onto the floor as he tried to regain control of the tin can beast.


He called out as dust and sand rose up from the ground beneath the motorhome and veiled the windows with a shit tinged duvet as it went off road and into a small ditch. "Ese maldito, coño. Lo mato,” He mumbled with piss and vinegar. "Is everybody ok?” He could never forgive himself if anything happened to the guys under his watch, he just couldn’t.

After some reassurances from the back of the rust bucket, Sami climbed out of the RV and our onto the road. He looked at the once mighty machine and placed his hands on the back of his head ”Oh fuck.”

“So yeah, like I was saying. Fuck you. I miss you. I’ll be calling you everyday, even if you don’t acknowledge my existence. And...” AJ’s voice trailed off as he looked at his rear mirror, seeing that the camper was no longer on the road, “...And I might’ve just fucked up.” Any normal person would’ve hung up by now, but AJ had to think fast! Maybe he should just keep going. Peace out, ya know? Not his problem.

Nah, his mama raised him better than that. Heavily sighing, he stopped the car and reversed back, “Update fam. Some dude just went into a ditch. I think they’re okay.” Putting his car in park, after steering his car in the narrowed shoulder, AJ put his warning lights on and got out of one of many babies he owns. Feigning innocence by cooly approaching, trying to get a better look at the latina’s face, he cheesed, “Heyyyyyyyy, I can call–” Only to be interrupted by much deserved wrath.

“Motherfucker,” Sami’s bruised up knuckles tightened as he clenched his stone fists and marched towards the oncoming prick that just forced him off the road. The silhouette was familiar and as the pungent roadside air gave way to clarity, he recognised the face. “AJ FUCKING TYLER!” He barked. “Bitch you have about ten seconds before I punch your perfect teeth down your throat and pull them out of your ass.” The Juice was incensed, he could feel that Latino heat burning like a California wildfire in his belly and in his head. This wasn’t going end well for AJ fucking Tyler.

He knew the Beverly Hills party boy in passing at best. Most about everyone knew AJ Tyler. He was a face in every crowd and one that stood out amongst a menagerie of stand outs. He was also pretty sure that the Tylers were in business with his father - and he didn’t mean the car business - but none of that mattered in that moment; since in that moment Sami was preparing to turn AJ Tyler inside out. When Sami was like this, the air of menace was apparent and terrifying. The switch between sweet and destructive was instantaneous and above all else, that was something that was utterly terrifying to those that new him.

Okay, AJ could be civil and try to calm Sami’s storm, but then again… he was threatening him, when AJ was trying to be the bigger person. Whatever. There’s some things AJ will never be able to change, like, for example, how he reacts in heightened situations. “Bitch, please.” He snorted at the idea of the good ‘samaritan’, friend of all those that labeled themselves as ‘different’, laying a finger on him. He wished he had teeth like these. Attacking his pearly whites for no good reason. This was between them, not Sami and his teeth.

Mockingly taunting, AJ chuckled, unnervingly calm for his usual demeanor, “Save your breath, dude. Ain’t my fault you can’t drive.” His dark gaze scrutinized Sami’s animalistic nature. Based on Sami’s bruises, whoever he fought did not honor bro code, so it was most definitely a source outside of school grounds. Not good for his mates if he’s getting into fights with those kind of people.

“Plus.” AJ took a step closer, daring the Latino to touch him. It’s been awhile since AJ got in a good ol’ fight. “Your face looks busted as hell, I’d only make it worse. Like, man, if I had a face like yours, I’d fucking sue my parents.” He added insult to injury.

”You’re dead, pendejo.”

AJ’s phone: Your message has reached its limit...beeeeeeeeep.

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Interacting with: her two pains in the ass Sami @BrutalBx and AJ @TootsiePop
Mentions: Nate @spooner

Somewhere in one of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and the sunset as her background, Valeria Drake was emerging from the crystal-clear pacific waters, looking like a majestic - albeit miniature-sized - mermaid. She’d spent the afternoon basking in the rays of island sun, riding the waves and admiring the beauty of the exotic paradise she was in. The young woman had been on vacation for what seemed like a lifetime now, but no amount of time spent at the beach would ever be enough to quench Val’s taste for the ocean.

After she’d safely reached the shore, Valeria scanned the area once more, taking in the beauty of the scenery once more. All of a sudden, the girl’s brown eyes widened in recognition, and her stomach did a back-flip of surprise. Waiting for her at the shore, under the shade of a palm tree and wearing nothing but his swimming trunks and a smile that shone brighter than the sun setting behind them, was Nathan Matthews.

Positively beaming now and with Weezer's "Island In The Sun" playing in the background, the shorter girl ran straight into his open arms, throwing her own around him as he hugged her with an enthusiasm that lifted her from the floor and spun her around. When her giggling self was finally placed back on the floor, the young couple rested their foreheads together, exchanging a soft, complicit look before their lips melted together in the sweetest kiss-

The joint exclamations of the Misfits, along with the violent jerk of the RV swerving off the road and nearly throwing her off the bed jolted the girl awake, her heart racing a mile a minute. “What the fuck was that?!” she cried out indignantly, jumping up from the mattress and rushing to Sami’s side, nearly slipping on the puddle of Monster in the process.

"Ese maldito, coño. Lo mato,” the girl heard Sami mumble under his breath, his tone surprisingly acidic. In all their years of friendship, the only times she'd ever heard Sami speak that way was when talking about his father... So this little incident must have him thoroughly pissed off indeed. "Is everybody ok?”

“Yeah, they’re all fine,” Val reassured his friend, looking out the window and getting nervous as she noticed the trail of smoke emanating from the hood of the RV. “You might want to go check the engine, though. That smoke thing isn’t looking too good for us.”

While she waited for Sami’s assessment of their vehicle, the petite young woman sat down in the driver’s seat and let out a frustrated sigh. Their trip had barely started, and they were already in danger of calling it finished, all because of some reckless asshole not knowing how to drive? Had they been giving out free licenses at the dude’s DMV? Or did his parents bribe the DMV to give their child a licence? Hell, with a ride like that, the whole bribing idea wasn’t out of the question. If they had enough money to buy a machine like that, they surely had enough to bribe the right people to-

Out of the blue, a frown knit together her arched eyebrows. There was something about the yellow sports car parked in front of them and the short figure walking in their direction that nagged at Val, the feeling that she knew him tugging at the back of her brain. But as the young man’s profile became clear enough for her to recognize and his voice carried into the open door of the RV, the realization hit her like a ton of bricks.


“I fucking swear to God, I’ll make him eat dirt!” Val shouted, jumping up from the seat she’d been occupying, leaping down the stairs of their mobile scrap of metal and running to Sami’s side just as the two boys looked ready to throw hands.


Smoke could probably be seen steaming from her ears as the raging Valeria stomped towards her two best friends, threw herself right in between them and extended her short arms to roughly push them away from each other.

First, she addressed her host. “Don’t worry about it, Sami. I’ve got this,” she told her Latino friend in a reassuring voice before turning on her heel and heading towards AJ now. And once she was close enough to touch him, the girl pulled back her arm and planted a sharp, hard slap on the white boy’s cheek.

“That’s for running us off the road and interrupting my dream about Nate, asshole,” the girl spat, shooting her other best friend a particularly nasty glare. But after a second and without waiting for his answer, Valeria closed the distance between them, threw her arms around AJ’s neck and wrapped him in a tight hug. “I love you, J. But damn, man: you really are a pain in the ass.”
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Location | you're still in the middle of the fucking desert
Los Angeles Time | 1:22 PM / London Time | 8:22 PM / Moscow Time | 11: 22 PM
Interacting with | Each other / AJ @TootsiePop / Val @Dirty Pretty Lies / Sami @BrutalBx


Inside the Lotus, the cold war over the cupholder situation had become untenable; what had begun with some lighthearted jabs and whining about where to store Yessi’s drink had grown heated when Aleks refused to let her set her water bottle, dripping with condensation, onto the leather seat of her true love’s race car. That had sparked a fresh torrent of Hispanic sound and fury in his ear, more gripes about the Roadster, more blah blah blah. Finally, he had reached a compromise with her and stuck out the back of his hand, perfectly balanced, for Yessi to store her drink upon. The water rested perfectly within the contours of his tattoo like a rocket on its launch pad, at a perfect level for Yessi to grab and sip from at her leisure. Maybe it wasn’t as preferable as having the convenience of a cold drink gripped between her thighs, but if the petulant bitch kept this up she wouldn’t be squeezing Aleks with them either for a while. Besides, by now, he had demonstrated with a sniper’s precision that his hand was incapable of budging, even at this speeds.

I am a fucking amazing cupholder.

Aleks had rolled the window down and crooked his left elbow on it, so that he could steer and feel the desert breeze on his bare forearm at the same time. It was not unseasonably hot yet, and the heat on his skin was still dry and comfortably arid. It also served to carry his voice out of the car, a barometer for the enjoyment he took from whatever particular song happened to be playing. Sometimes that was Gwen’s radio station; sometimes it was a mix from his own phone. The latter was currently on the docket.

I found blood, and I saw stars


Aleks’ lilting accent had risen high, audibly straining to be heard over the music and the California wind buffeting the Lotus, crawling through his window, angrily mussing his hair with fifty-fingered tendrils; it blew away from his forehead in large tufts, the way that girls liked to push it away from his forehead.

He turned to Yessi.

And I told you it was love


The Cold War kid winked at his best friend playfully, tilting his head away from the road and towards his passenger, so the wind couldn’t hurl his blown kiss from the window.

How could she ever be mad at such a polite boy?

I’m a young man, in my prime


And it goes on clear!

The unusual quietness of a particular brat should have been a clear giveaway to the second most precious human being on the planet, that she was up to her usual antics.

The scrolling through the phone in her hands, that was obviously not her own, (as hers was protected by a custom case sporting a collage of pictures she had ‘stolen’ of Aleks), was easily going over Aleks’ head, between balancing her water bottle and battling the music coming from the speakers of the not Roadster with his off-key singing, he was perfectly occupied.

First thing on the agenda was to add a touch of Astraia to the device he always tried to keep her away from. How bold of him to put the most important person in his life as a simple “Yessi”, lame, none of that shit. Those bitches that somehow managed to guilt him into their beds would know she was that bitch when they looked at his phone. Speaking of, his lock screen needed a little refresher…

With the first of two missions complete she turned her gears to the music selection, while she could not deny how much she adored seeing him like this, MGMT was sadly not on her list of road trip ‘bops’. A small smile found her lips as her thumb hovered over the theme song of her life, with a smooth motion she returned that kiss blown her way with a quick peck to his lips while switching the tunes of the car from the rock band to the current queen of pop.

“Yeah, breakfast at Tiffany's and bottles of bubbles.”

Well, he could take the thot out of the city, but...

Who the fuck was he kidding. Ariana was Ariana. God bless American pop princess number one!

This opened up a whole new trap, though. Yessi was known for her coordination and poise in almost any position, but if she was sitting upright in a vehicle and attempting to dance, Aleks had learned to avert his motherfucking eyes and keep his extremities to himself all the time, lest he wind up being Fabioed by a stray rich girl limb. With his arm outstretched and Yessi's water balancing on the delicate bones of the back of his hand, a veritable plastic house of cards, his eyes glazed over with all the possibilities of dashboards, t-shirts, jeans, all being soaked through with one stray elbow during that infectious fucking hook...

Ah, shit. At least it's only water.

Unless she soaked his phone. Then she would be less Ari dancing in the car and more Pete, stranded on the fucking highway.

Stranded on the fucking highway?

He saw the familiar highlighter-colored Benz pull to the side of the road up ahead of him, parking on the shoulder in front of an absolutely blown-the-fuck-out recreational camper. The low, desperate wail of a banshee would have risen up from the throat of a lesser human, one perhaps less accustomed to the high maintenance cost of that messy pansexual tornado currently trouncing over to the RV. Whoever was in the driver's seat seemed less than enthused by AJ's charm offensive; yelling, AJ yelling back, more yelling, fourth verse was same as the first. Aleks had seen this show before.

The Mexican munchkin bouncing out of the RV and rolling up on AJ was an unforeseen variable. That wail threatened to well up in his chest; Aleks managed to crush it without a sound, although the effort it took would probably come back to give him a heart attack by the time he was 45. He heard the characteristic sound of a slap on one of AJ's pretty cheekbones. Ah, fuck.

He muttered his next curse in Russian. It was...worse than ah, fuck.

Unbuckling his seat belt and casting open the door, Aleks gently lowered the water bottle into the driver's seat, all fear of a moisture ring on the leather evaporating with the same ease that the condensation itself likely would. He slammed the door shut, Yessi and his phone and all of his concerns still sitting inside with the air running, and started advancing on the scene of the accident. The raised voices were about what he expected.

“Your face looks busted as hell, I’d only make it worse. Like, man, if I had a face like yours, I’d fucking sue my parents.”

Ah, no, no.

”You’re dead, pendejo.”

no no no pleaaaaaaaaaaaase

The sound of a low, soft whistle cut through the stifling desert air as Aleks approached, like the sound of a tea kettle slowly coming to boil; Aleks' long pianist's fingers were miming turning down the dial on a stove, attempting to relieve some of the pressure inside his friend's hot head before he wound up dehydrating himself.

“--ove you, J. But damn, man: you really are a pain in the ass.”

The fingers on the dial outstretched and turned into a silent wave - before patting the midget on the head and ruffling her hair.

"Sssh. Please. You're all okay?" the Russian asked softly, crossing his arms across his chest and reaching out with a foot.

He nudged the RV with a toe to see if it would do anything. More steam. He didn't need Chris for 'steam = bad.'
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Location | Ditch in the middle of sandy nowhere
Interacting with | Sami @BrutalBx, Val @Dirty Pretty Lies, Aleks @Plank Sinatra


So far, the trip was going well. After a quick check to affirm that yes, there were indeed no bed bugs on this RV, and tossing away the lizard tail, she'd slunk into whatever conversation her friends were having then. Which was, at the moment, about what superpowers that they'd want, if superpowers were real. Kim leaned back in the booth she was in, a small smile on her face. She'd already made a brief input on her choice of flight as a superpower and was content with listening to the rest of conversation.

Personally, she'd dig having fate-changing powers. Maybe Umbra knew something about that. She made a mental note to ask her later.

Then the RV jerked and she barely had time to brace herself against the table before the vehicle shuddered and inertia threw her back against her seat. Once the world stopped shaking, Kim blinked rapidly, her arms thrown across the booth's backrest and the window beside her. It took a moment before Sami's voice registered, followed close by Val's.

'Y-yeah. I'm alright,' she said, sitting up. Sami was already gone, however, and a pang of disappointment shot through her. Her expression reflected none of it; she frowned as a faint hissing sounded somewhere outside the RV. The frown fell into a deadpan as raised voices drifted in shortly after. At this rate, Sami's head was going to turn into one giant bruise. She took out her earpieces, tucking them into her jacket's breast pocket, leaving a loop of wire dangling out over its lip.

''Scuse me,' she muttered, squeezing past whoever was sitting next to her as she made her way out of the booth. Val had already left, her voice joining in on the shouting, and Kim sighed as the sound of a slap reached her. Thankfully, when she poked her head out of the van, Val was hugging some random, vaguely familiar dude. Sami wouldn't punch someone encased in a whole bunch of Val, preventing further violence in the foreseeable future. Probably.

Sssh. Please. You're all okay?'

'We'll live. But thanks for asking,' she answered the guy toeing the RV, walking up to the impromptu gathering. She glanced around and the two yellow sports cars nearby caught her attention. Then it clicked.

Ah. The Gearheads. The person Val had her arms around was AJ Tyler. Reckless guy without a care in the world and the money to afford it, as far as she knew. Her gaze shifted back to Sami.

'Don't suppose your wrench wielding magic can fix this?' She tapped her knuckles against the hood. It belched out another billow of smoke, sputtering as if to prove her point, and she stepped back, mildly startled.

'If there's anything left to fix,' she muttered.
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Location | Roadside - Near the RV in the Ditch
Interacting with | Aleks @Plank Sinatra & AJ @TootsiePop

The loud roar of a Ducati Panigale V4R pierced the air as its rider raced through the open road of the sunburned sands of the Nevada desert like a whirl of black. Not too far away, one could also hear the recognisable bellows of the roadsters along with other luxury sports vehicle driven by the Gearheads. There was something great about racing on long mostly empty roads, where one could stretch their ride to the absolute limits if they so wanted to. As crazy she was about racing, Monica still possessed the value of self-control and thus did not go beyond what was otherwise considered as suicidal if an accident were to happen. Speaking of accidents, as her bike continued to roar its way on through the road, she could already see some form of obstruction or commotion on the road ahead.

As she got closer, Monica recognised the sight of several familiar vehicles, such as the bright yellow roadster that she knew AJ owned, and the gold Lotus that Aleks drove. The drivers were out of their cars seemingly having a confrontation with someone, and she reduce her speed as she slowly let her grip off the throttle, the deafening roar dying down with the pressure lifted from its powerful engine. Without the roar, she could now hear clearly the commotion going on, and it only then that she noticed the large RV that had gone off the road. Monica could already guessed what'd happened, but she didn't want to jump to conclusions just yet. But still, ah fuck. This can't be good.

She parked her bike behind Alek's Lotus and got off to check out the commotion. Not bothering to take off her helmet just to do that, she simply raised her visor and walked towards the group. Monica didn't feel the need to say anything just yet. She simply watched and listened. The crowd of voices in the mix were already quite the mess that she wasn't about to make it any worse than it needed to be. One-two minutes went by, and the situation was in no way any better than she first arrived, and she placed a gloved hand on Alex's shoulder.

"Trouble? Already?" Glancing over to take a better look at the sad excuse of an RV, she gave out a soft whistle.

"Tell me that isn't your handiwork, AJ?" She gestured again to the big smoking hunk of metal that was the RV. If it continued to smoked anymore, they could start sending smoke signals. She didn't know what for, it was just a passing thought.
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Location | Misfits' RV, outside Barstow, California (130 miles from Santa Monica)
Interacting with | Her own stupid broken head
Mentions: Nate @spooner, Kim @Stanifly, Sami @BrutalBx, AJ @TootsiePop, Umbra @Syn, Val @Dirty Pretty Lies


The 120 or so minutes running along 1-15 north were pretty joyous. Nate made good on his promise of Ariana karaoke to the delight of one. Kim assured Nate he was doing well, but it was easy to tell just how much she meant it. Emilia was content to let Nate off the hook with just a couple of songs. For the good of the group. Then the conversation turned to superpowers. The blonde tried to make the case as best she could for controlling the weather, to make sure it was always sunny whenever plans were made, but it was a losing battle. She didn't care though. Someone had to be Storm.

The reverie was wrecked with the sudden jolt of the RV, a quick veering off the road and a lot of bumps. Emilia was thrown against Umbra as she tried to brace against the side of the vehicle. It wasn't effective, and she was thrown to the floor of the vessel.

“What the fuck was that?!” As usual, Val put into words what Emi was having a hard time doing at the moment. Although she could have done without the cursing. The Latina sparkplug lept into the front seat as Sami asked if everyone was all right. Emilia was unable to answer immediately, still a bit shaken from the impact.

She looked around as the other Misfits slowly got up to see what the heck just happened to their chariot. The blonde was feeling a bit woozy. She looked out the front of the window seeing nothing but steam or smoke or something rising out of the front. Her time in Auto Club was short, so she wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but she knew vehicles weren't supposed to do that. Oh god. It's already broken. We made it to what, Barstow? Some trip this is. Stranded in the middle of the desert. My head still hurts. This is terrible... I need... I need air.

Emilia stumbled towards the exit of the RV and made it a few steps outside before collapsing into the sand at the side of the road, hands on her knees. A commotion had sprung up with Val aiming to keep Sami away from...


She knew AJ. They had a couple of brief chats over the last couple years. Whenever Emilia was visiting Brandon on the sidelines of football practice...

He...he knew Brandon...who...who...

For the second time in two hours, the emotions were too much for the young woman. The combination of a crash, a possible concussion and the reminder of why she experienced both of those things sent her into a tizzy of bawling into the sands of the Mojave Desert. It couldn't be confirmed which was leaking more fluid at this point; the RV or Emilia. But she didn't care. It was too much. Her hands left her knees and held her head as the waterworks flowed.

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Location | Misfits' RV, outside Barstow, California (130 miles from Santa Monica)
Interacting with | AJ @TootsiePop, Aleks @Plank Sinatra, Monica @CosmicComet, The Crazy Bitch @Dirty Pretty Lies, Emilia @NeoAC


Matt did not feel particularly inclined to follow AJ in his antics. He had no need to swerve and weave between the cars like his hotheaded friend. For him it was all about the sensation. The rumble of the engine, the vibrations of the car, the hot sun pouring down upon him and the wild wind. He was alone in his car and he was very happy about that. He loved Mandy and that’s why he knew she was better off in AJ’s car. Matt was more someone you talk to when you and him both had that one drink too much. Not too much that it makes you drunk but that one drink that pushes you that little bit further than you thought you’d go on the night. Right now though, Matt mostly wanted to be alone while he listened to Gwen’s music.

If you fuck in every area code, I expect to hear about it.

He snorted. It felt like a challenge. Something to do along the way. A little project for the summer. “Very well, Gwen.” He muttered. Yeah, it was to himself but what else was he supposed to do? Be mute the entire car trip? No, that wouldn’t do. In the distance, his eyes kept track of everyone’s vehicle. He could see Aleks’ car driven as only Aleks could. Monica was off speeding on her bike. Fast and agile but to Matt she was one of the best bikers he knew. Then there was AJ in the distance. Reckless as ever. Until it was a little too reckless. Matt saw the flash of yellow that was AJ’s car overtake a slow RV, the RV jerked off the road. Then there was just dust. Matt slowed down.

Luckily the yellow sports car of AJ came back into view. Not a scratch. Matt let out a sigh. The tension he didn’t know he was holding vanished from his body. Nothing bad happened. Well no, nothing bad happened to his friends. Frankly, he couldn’t particularly care about the RV. It wasn’t toppled or burning. AJ thought it was worth checking out though. So did Aleks apparently. So Matt slowed down enough to get ready to park near his friends.

The last thing he could see was AJ approaching the camper and someone inside getting out of it. Nothing bad seemed to happen. So Matt parked his car in front of Aleks’ car. When he got out things were getting out of hand fast. Was that Sami? It didn’t matter. Matt didn’t know the dude so he didn’t care for him. He did care for AJ and it looked like they were about to square off. Matt was many things but when the rings were off and the fists were out he stands right behind his friends. Ready to throw down if needed. So he made his way to the scene. Only to see The Crazy Bitch get out of the RV. He stopped next to Aleks’ car as he watched the scene unfold. Then the hug came. Yet anyone who saw Matt’s face could tell it looked sour. Like things just have gotten ten times worse. For Matt, that was an understatement. He took a long drag of his cigarette. The sort of drag you take with your eyes closed. The embers were visibly consuming the white paper and the tobacco inside. Half-way burned he tossed it aside.

He would be calm, yes. Calm. Calm and utterly ignoring the worst possible ‘human’ being on this planet. Aleks was nudging the RV with his toe. As to see what was wrong with it. Matt knew though. Coolant got busted probably. An easy fix. “That’s busted, man. Nothing we can do about it!” He said rather loud towards the Russian and Monica as walked towards AJ. He would have to convince him to leave. Matt didn't want to be around the misfits for longer than necessary and to him, the necessary time had long since passed.

Then Emilia, dazed and stumbling, made her way out of the RV. Matt froze to the ground. His eyes wide and all blood drained from his body. To the point that he could feel a little chill running through his spine. Of all people, of all misfits, she had to be on that RV. When she collapsed he woke up from his own shocked state. Shit, things were even worse. A part of his brain told him to run. To get out of there. He almost took a step backward until he saw her mannerism change. She began to cry.

Matt had enough. Suddenly everything changed. As resolute as ever he went up to her and set down in front of her. “Hey, you’re okay. That wasn’t such a big crash. You’re still in one piece.” Her sobs were tearing apart his chest. How much did she know? Had anyone told her about the other stuff? He wasn’t sure what was crueler. Her not knowing or someone telling her. “Want a chocolate bar?”
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Location | The streets → His garage
Time | 12:00 - 2:15 PM
Interactions | A VM from AJ, a text to Gwennie, and a convo with moms, Angela Reyes


Leaving the parking lot after saying goodbye to his closest friends sucked ass. Chris might look the part of a tough guy, and he is, but he’s still got feelings. And during that departure, they were some sad feels. He wished that he could be going with them. He wished that money wasn’t such an object and that he could be just as young and free as they were. But he wasn’t, and that might suck, but that’s just life. Life can suck sometimes.

It wasn’t all bad though. Chrysler had the open road tearing beneath his tires, and the sultry tones of his favorite disk jockey in his ears. So… life didn’t always suck. Wait, did Gwen just say she loved him on live radio?! Holy shit, that was historical, and it put a smile on his face. Taking a spin through the rolling hills of the rich and famous, Chris tore like a bat outta hell. Travelling simply for the joy of riding. Guess that’s why they call it joyriding. After having blown off some steam, Chrysler returned home and parked his bike beside his mother’s sedan in the driveway.

On teenage reflex, Chris reached into his pocket for his phone immediately upon being stationary. He had forgotten that it had died sometime during his ride, cutting the radio to silence in his helmet. Ehh, whatever, most of his friends were off on their journey and wouldn’t be contacting him for a bit anyway. Gwen was still doing her thing. And he was about to see his moms, so that’s about it as far as people who would be trying to reach him.

Chris hefted the garage door open to reveal a rust bucket of a Ford within. This was his personal trade program-issued practice vehicle, which he planned to tinker with for a few hours as a way to “study” for tomorrow’s first practical exam. The punk teen tossed his phone onto his work desk and plugged it into the grease-covered charger, not bothering to turn it on as it charged. He spent the next one and half hours or so belly up under the jacked vehicle — adjusting parts, checking belts, listing off the names of everything in his head.

Deciding it was time for a smoke and snack break, Chris rolled out from under the car and stood up. He fished a pack of cigs and his lighter out of the pocket of the leather jacket he had tossed over a chair before going to work. Lighting up and taking a drag, Chris unplugged his phone and turned it on to check his notifications. His work-soiled fingers left smudges across the screen as he scrolled and tapped to see a missed phone call and voicemail from AJ.

“Christ… already?” He mumbled to himself and clicked the button to have a listen. AJ was usually a lengthy message leaver. Dude just loved to hear himself monologue. But this message? This was a doozy. From ‘Sucks to suck, man’ all the way to ‘You’re dead, pendejo’ AJ’s dumb ass must have forgotten to actually hang up and recorded a message until the phone cut him off. Chrysler shook his head at the earful he just got, only moderately concerned for his friend's well-being. It’s not like AJ was alone, the whole crew sans himself would have his back. But, the least he could do as a certified best friend was check in.

To: Bumble
been gone two hours and already fucked up smh
way to bumble it
who’d you piss off?
voice sounds mad familiar
either way, sounds like a time to talk with your money and not your damn mouth
call a mechanic and keep your teeth bruh

To: Gwennie
AJ ran some spanish dude off the road
he sounded pissed
but that’s not why im textin
Bitch why don’t I see any afternoon pics on my phone?
also, love you too ;)

Pocketing his phone with a smirk, Chris snuffed out his butt of a cigarette in a coffee can on top of his work desk. He put the lid back on the can and headed towards the door that lead to the dining room and kitchen area of the house. Just as he was about to grip the handle, the door swung open and he was nearly nose to nose with his mother.

The youthful woman jumped back with a start. “Anak ng putang ina!” Angela Reyes exclaimed loudly, falling into her native tongue out of shock. Recovering slightly, she switched to english in a heavy filipino accent. “YOU ARE GIBING ME A HEART ATTACK RIGHT NOW!” She said, her right hand fluttering over her heart for emphasis.

“Sorry.” Chris responded, equally surprised but nowhere near as dramatic or jumpy as his moms. “I was just coming inside for something to eat.” He explained and waited for her to step out of his path. Instead, her nostrils flared out slightly and she squinted like an angry asian bird of prey. Oh… fuck. He knew that look.

“What’s that smell? Were you SMOKING out here?” The short woman scolded with her hands going to her hips now. Boy, if looks could kill, a pissed off flip mama could be a fucking nuclear missile.

“No.” He lied quickly out of reflex. “It’s …exhaust?” He was working on a car. Had he been more confident in it, it could be a believable deception. The look on her face said it wasn’t, and before he knew it, a deft hand reached up to biff him upside the head.

“Don’t you lie to me, anak.” She replied sharply, but most of her initial poison had dissipated with the swat. His mother stepped out of the way to let him in and closed the door behind him. “If you’re hungry, you can eat some rice. Is Gwen coming for dinner? I’m making adobo.”

Chris shrugged. “Dunno, I’ll ask her.”

This was just business as usual in the Reyes household.

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Sami’s fist was clenched and all but ready to knock the already dim lights out of AJ’s skull. As much as he knew he would regret his actions later, such was the malfunction currently in his brain but even he had to admit there was a certain satisfaction to beating the golden shit out of those Beverly Hills brats. Sam did not run in the same sorts of circles as AJ and his like; not for his families lack of trying. A few good deals and well placed investments landed the Alejandro’s in good stead financially...the ties to the mob also helped but we digress. They wanted him to transfer to BHHS but it wasn’t for him. He knew that. It was a different world and not one he longed to be a part of. So public school and the title of King of Misfits beckoned.

The banshee scream of Valeria Alexandria Drake could break through solid ice at the best of times, in this instant it would be used to pierce the eardrums of both AJ and Sami. The vivacious Val’s fury was enough to even startle him! She used her short arms to push the pair apart and in that moment, Samuel was struck by a bolt of clarity, dispersing his rage for a moment. Val was going to handle this ten times better than he could. He bit his tongue to stop a toxic rebuttal and took a step back ”He’s all yours” He said raising his hands in neutrality. Val had just saved AJ fucking Tyler from a Cuban ass whooping.

Moving over to look at the damaged space shuttle, he breathed in the steaming mess of steel, rust and guyliner (here’s looking at you, Jules) and sighed. Sure, the RV was in an whole heap of trouble (pun intended) but for those few seconds it wasn’t about that, Sami needed to calm himself. This was exactly what he was worried about all the time, losing it, losing control, losing composure. It was getting worse. The pounding of his heart and his head were completely out of sync as he tried to control his shallow breathing and stop his hands from shaking. He allowed his dark eyes to glance over at Aleks, he knew him vaguely. He was like AJ’s minder. If something went tits up, the Russian was brought in to fix it. He was essentially the Gearheads version of Sam. From what he could recall he was a good dude, so he wasn’t going to snap at him for fiddling with the RV, instead a courteous nod would suffice until his venom filled self could manage any more words. Aleks was soon joined by a handful of other Gearheads all talking about how fucked the RV was.

Kim soon exited the RV and Sami soon found her standing by his side, as she always was. Be it the beach, a party or anywhere else she was always there. ”I’m not sure, mami. I’m not sure I can fix this one” Fixing problems was Sam’s forte. It what he was known for. Most of the time that was with his fists but there were times, lots of times actually where he carried the emotions of those around him like St Christopher carrying the world. The sight of Emi in tears again didn’t help matters at all. She was a sensitive soul, the angelic blonde and Sami didn’t want to do anything to upset her.

”I’m sorry Kim, I guess I fucked this one up”
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Location | Ditch in the middle of sandy nowhere
Interacting with | Sami @BrutalBx, AJ @TootsiePop, Matt @Legion02, Emi @NeoAC


'Looks to me like someone else did the fucking up this time round,' said Kim. Her expression remained indifferent, but her gaze lingered on AJ longer than was necessary as she said the words. 'I'm sure we'll figure something out. In the meantime, I'll go do crash control.’ She gestured towards Emi with those last two words.

Come to think of it, the others hadn't left the van yet either. If they didn't emerge soon, she'd have to check on them too. As she moved towards Emi, she caught sight of Monica and quirked her lips up into a small smile, but did nothing else. She had a crying Emi on her hands - and it looked like someone else had similar ideas too.

Talk about candy from a stranger.

He seemed vaguely familiar, for a reason that wasn’t just because of Gearheads. Kim couldn’t quite put her finger to it. Putting the thought aside for the moment, she squatted next to Emi, placing a tentative hand on her shoulder. While she wasn’t stingy about giving out physical affections herself, it tended to give others the idea that she was welcome to those – so she usually didn’t. This was Emi, however, and Kim may be more reserved than most, but she wasn’t about to put her personal preferences over her friend.

Completely ignoring the chocolate bar in their direction, Kim waited till Emi’s wailing had calmed down (somewhat).

Better?’ she said. ‘You hurt anywhere?
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As he typed out the fourth text to his sister Nate let out a sound that was a mixture of grunt and a sigh. The three texts he had sent since they had set off on their road trip had been left on read and he was starting to get pretty annoyed. He had been trying to push his feelings of guilt to the back of his head. But of course he was failing tremendously. He threw his phone in front of him with a last loud sigh. He rubbed his eyes before he leaned back in the little kitchen sofa surveying his friends that was spread out around the RV with a happy grin plastered on his face. At least he was surrounded with people that he really liked...well mostly.

“Hold on tight!”

Nate’s head snapped to the front “Sami? Wait wha-” he called out as the RV suddenly shifted from upright to leaning on it’s side. A groan was uttered as Nate peeled his face of the RV’s window sitting up straighter. He turned around to see if everyone was ok. His friend seemed to be as confused he was. Suddenly Val was rushing passed everyone to jump out and yell loudly at the people gather outside. He didn’t really think much about it until he heard his name being screamed followed by a slapping sound. He stared at the open door of the RV with a confused look on his face before slowly making his way outside.

“What about me? What did I do?” he asked hopping out of the slanting RV. There was an assortment of people that had joined the misfits. Most of the gearheads had arrived and Val was in a tight embrace with their leader AJ Tyler and beside them Em was crying… again. Unfortunately an Ariana Grande karaoke session seemed inappropriate in their current situation. All he could do was watch it unfold with a concerned face. To his relief Matt of the gearheads stepped in and comforted her. Not far from them a familiar face stood looking annoyed. Nate’s eyes widened and a wave of embarrassment washed over him and he turned on his heels. He hadn’t faced Yessi since the party where they had made out and he felt majorly awkward about it.

Instead of dealing with that, he decided to join Kim and Sami at the front of the smoking RV. He placed himself on Sami’s otherside putting a comforting hand on the latino’s shoulder. “Well… It’s not a party if doesn’t start with a bang, right Sami?” he said with a small laugh. As Kim went to check on Em, Nate relaxed even further. This meant that Emilia was taken care of. “Do we have plan? You think any of these guys can help?” Nate gestured with his head towards the gearheads.

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Near Barstow Heights

Despite Jules' attitude, he couldn't keep the sulky persona up for too long, especially after seeing Em running into the RV and crying and Umbra faceplanting her way inside. The sudden shifts in mood were too much even for this sleep-deprived (former) slut and he rejoined the rest of his pack once everyone and everything settled down and the rickity behemoth under them rumbled into some state of living.

The next two hours passed by pleasantly, though Jules didn't remember much of it, especially once Sami jerked the RV violently off to the side, taking them off the safe concrete path and slamming them into the roadside dirt. Uncharacteristically, Jules' body followed the path of least resistance as it followed the momentum of the vehicle with it stopping at almost the exact same time as the RV by way of his head meeting a wall that was denser than Sami. Immediately his world turned to black as an incessant ringing started to chime and rise in volume only to return back to reality a second later. Unfortunately an intense headache followed suit as it clamped it's vice-like embrace around his skull, eliciting a groan of pain as he rolled around in his seat.

Jules was dimly aware that something was happening outside and people going out to see what was up. It sounded like whatever it was, it was about to get violent which meant that Sami was more than likely about to do something stupid which meant that Jules had to be there to knock some sense into his perfect Cuban ass.

But as Jules attempted to rise from the couch, something that he only now noticed that he was laying prone on, he found that he couldn't. His arms felt like they were filled with concrete and his body was deep in the Mariana Trench. And the couch was so comfortable and smelled only slightly off-putting. How long had he slept last night? Like maybe three hours total? Non-consecutively at that? He was tired. Everything was heavy. Going outside again sucked.

His friends were out there however, dealing with who-knows-what in who-knows-where. What if it was some crazy person that tried to deliberately run them off the road. What if Sami got into another fight. What if Val started fighting. What if Em started breaking down again. Or what if someone started touching Kim. What if-

With sudden clarity of thought and desperate strength, Jules forced himself to tumble off the couch and stumble up onto his legs as he made his way outside, his mind racing through hundreds of worst case scenarios, fists balled and legs ready to kick whoever's nuts he had to so that his friends would remain safe.

By the time Jules stepped his first foot outside, he was ready to beat the shit out of the whole fucking world if he had to, only to find that he wasn't ready for the scene before him. At the very least, it looked as if all his friends were safe, but he didn't expect his other friends to be here as well. Well, really, the only non-Misfit he knew that was gathered around him at the moment was Aleks, but it wasn't too far fetched to recognize that the rest of them were likely the Gearheads judging by the fleet of fancy cars that surrounded them (which also meant that Yessi was more than likely nearby).

The hidden strength inside him drained away immediately as he took one step to the side and slumped down next to the Misfits' metal monstrosity, saying to no one in particular, "what the fuck."
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Location | Misfits' RV, outside Barstow, California (130 miles from Santa Monica)
Interacting with | Kim @Stanifly, Matt @Legion02
Mentions: AJ @TootsiePop, Umbra @Syn, Val @Dirty Pretty Lies


As her knees dug deeper into the sands surrounding their now doomed RV, tears splattering the dust before drying up in an instant, all the usual breakdown thoughts were swirling in Emilia's head.

How much did AJ know? Why didn't he tell me Brandon was going to break it off? Why did he break it off? Why am I so worthless? Can't even fix a stupid RV! Why is my life like this? I'm so alone!

None of this was stemming the flow from Emi's eyes, even as she heard footsteps coming towards her. Heavy footsteps, cracking the gravel on the shoulder of the road before softening in the sands beneath her. Maybe it's someone who has come to put me out of my misery.

She heard a thump in front of her as someone else hit the sands. “Hey, you’re okay. That wasn’t such a big crash. You’re still in one piece.” Who is that? I know that voice... “Want a chocolate bar?”

Emilia managed to lift her head out of her hands and squint her eyes at the person in front of her, although it was hard to see through the water and the Barstow sun. Eventually, she rubbed her eyes enough to make out the man now holding the promise of candy in front of her. What she got though, was another unpleasant reminder of the man who so ruthlessly spurned her. Matt Brown. She remembered Matt. Just like AJ, he was on the football team. The running back, so she saw him talking to Brandon a lot. Again, their conversations had been very cordial, lest Brandon get jealous she was hanging around other teammates, but for a football player, he seemed all right. The problem was that first part though. Football.

The tears started to well in Emilia's eyes again and this time there was someone to catch the full blast. "MATTTTTT!" she wailed. "WHY?!? WHY DO THESE THINGS KEEP HAPPENING TO MEEEEEE?!? She made a motion to wipe her nose on her still new leather jacket, but even in this state she managed to catch herself. "What did I do? I thought... I thought I was a good person? Why does God hate me? I don't... I..." She was starting to lose steam. The hot desert sun was tiring at full blast, and she was starting to run the risk of dehydration without another place to get frappes nearby. "I can't... I don't want this hurt, Matt. I don't want it... Make it go away..." She continued to cry, muddling the words somewhat, but she couldn't help it.

While Emi was stuck in her own pity loop, she was oblivious to the Blossom to her Bubbles arriving behind her. At least until Kim put a hand on her shoulder. Initially, she thought it was Val or Umbra, since Kim usually stayed away from the whole touching thing. "Better? You hurt anywhere?" The shock that it actually was Kim snapped the sobbing loop, at least for the moment. Kim. Kim cares about you. You have friends. You are not alone. So buck up.

The blonde sniffled and toned down the crying enough to sound somewhat normal again while talking. "I don't think... I'm hurt from the crash," she confirmed to Kim. "It's... it's just the usual hurt." She tried to use her hands to wipe away the rest of the tears, but they were saturated as it was. "It's the usual sucky hurt."
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Location | Broken Dreams & Broken RV, Santa Monica, California
Interacting with | Everyone at this point


Super powers eh? Now which one would Umbra want? The idea played through her head like a movie reel from the early 80’s. To be honest with you the girl never watched any of the several movies released in the last decade, but she did know there was a witch in one of them. What was her name? Magenta Wizard? Regardless, her mind slinked off into space trying to pick an appropriate power. That was it! Time and space! If she could control time and space, she would be unstoppable! Before she could plummet down that rabbit hole the entire RV seemed to whip and shift rapidly before experiencing some heavy turbulence. ”Oh my god it’s happening! My powers are activating!” the young witch thought brimming with excitement. Little did she know it was just fate bringing the misfits and gearheads together and not her mind.

The duo of crashing into the floor and hearing voices start to clamor outside drew Umbra’s attention. It seemed everyone had vacated the RV minus her and unless the smoke bellowing out of the engine was someone else’s power, it didn’t take a genius to know that the RV had seen better days. Skipping off the RV in her cheerful attitude she was greeted by a whole slew of emotions ranging from regret to anger all the way to the tears streaming down Emilia’s face. Whatever she walked into caused her peppy veneer to drop into one of confusion and awkwardness. While Um didn’t really know much about the gearheads from limited interactions she knew enough from her friends and her spiritual prowess that the two groups had as much synergy as water and oil.

Umbra should have saw this when she was reading her cards this morning, but not missing the RV was of more importance. Seeing Emilia crying struck a nerve in Umbra’s mind, she went from her usual gleeful persona to something close to a momma bear protecting her kin. Stomping over to the scene or the crime she forcefully tugged at Emilia’s shoulder before mimicking the same thunderclap Val had planted on AJ’s cheek not too long ago. “Get a hold of yourself man! You’re tougher than this or did I pick the wrong white girl?!” she said in a slightly irate tone before turning to Matt Brown. “And you! Don’t get any ideas Mr. Just because a girl is crying doesn’t mean you have to pretend to play hero!” she snapped not realizing his intentions were genuine.

“And YOU!” switching to the only person left to face her wrath, Kim. Actually, at this point Umbra had calmed down a level and had no real vendetta with Kim. “Uhhh..I heard something about a chocolate bar, I’m hungry.”
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With his face turned away from Valeria, AJ stood silent as everything transpired in tandem. He swallowed the anger festering inside of him, like it was fire-seed within his stomach. Of course, she was with him. Why would she be traveling with this fuck up that knew her longer than anyone else? Right? It wasn't like this was their last young, wild, and free summer together. Right? Makes perfect fucking sense. He let her pull him into an embrace, something he use to find so much comfort in... was downright pissing him off. Was this the gesture of their friendship? She came and went as she pleased. She showed she cared and didn't when she felt like it. She needed him and then she didn't. Like what the fuck? What was he to her? 'I love you, J.' Was this a game? Was he a joke?

sounds like a time to talk with your money

His phone vibrated in his pocket, but he ignored it. Sami walked away like the pussy he was and with that, AJ's dark brown eyes looked past the hair strands in his face to Aleks taking care of business. The man of the hour, already on the job, examining the steam of the cheap ass RV, with phone in hand. His dark gaze darted at a girl he had very little relation with who voiced her opinion glaring loud, as she defended her knight in Cuban armor. A girl with an insignificant, average physique and a boring face trying AJ's patience (Kim). She was so insignificant to him that he didn't even know her name. Tsk. AJ's teeth was tempted to grind, and yet he withheld, because Lord knows that was terrible for his teeth.

He didn't like her.

and not your damn mouth

His eyes narrowed, becoming more rigid, cold, and hard in seconds. Why was the first day of this trip turning out to be legitimate hell? His iris glowered, as he tried to take in Val's scent to settle his emotions. Everything was going to be okay. Everything was just fine. Everyone would just move the fuck on and leave him alone. His eyes shot at Monica who examined him, asking if this was his handiwork.


call a mechanic

Jesus. His attention was drawn to the now collapsed Emilia, crying. Shit, people, this wasn't the END OF THE WORLD. Why were they being so dramatic? Hell, they needed more than a mechanic. These kids needed counseling. He scoffed and rolled his eyes when Matt did exactly that. Tried to console the shattered, broken Goldie. Please. If anything, he'd make it worse. No one that knew Matt would have the right of mind to go to HIM for 'comfort'.

Finally, after staying dead still, he subconsciously wrapped his arms around Valeria's waist, as yet another face he didn't know by name (Jules) came out of the RV. AJ was pretty sure Yessi considered this boy as a boss bitch – a cute little thing, in AJ's opinion. Maybe he'd use this week to feel him out, for his dare. Watching the boy fall to the ground, more out of exhaustion than out of sadness, AJ thought in aggravation: Come on, the crash wasn't even THAT bad.

And then the last person that came to view was none other than Nate Matthews.

and keep your teeth bruh.

"Good." He whispered into Val's ear, which could answer everything she had yelled at him. Interrupted her dream? Good. I love you. Good. You are a pain? Good. "Do you ever wonder if this..." He glanced at her, bringing awareness to how closely they were holding each other, "Made someone jealous?" The only other person that could possibly hear what AJ was saying was Monica, because of how close she was standing to them. He couldn't tell if his anger was still in a reactive state or not, but now he was out for Val.

Neither of the two were paying attention to anyone else now, not even yet another person appearing (Umbra) and going to Emilia’s aid. They were too caught up with themselves.

Val let out a low chuckle, brown eyes sparkling at her friend’s ridiculous statement. “Nah,” she muttered dismissively in response, hugging AJ tighter. “You know he’s never given a damn about me in that way. To Nate, I’m nothing more than that pesky little fly that persistently annoys you when you’re trying to eat your food and it gets you fucking irritated and you just want to swat it the hell away and pray it doesn’t come back to bother you again.”

Pressing on her painfully tight, his seething anger seeping out of his lips, he laughed at her response, obviously not caring about a damn thing she was saying, "Stop acting like we're okay, because we're not." He was tired of giving her chances. He was tired of forgiving her. He was tired of the games. Did she really think this could make up for their damage? "You're cute." He vindictively teased, kissing her chubby cheek out of spite rather than love, before releasing her.

“I know, J…” the girl admitted to both of her best friend’s statements, biting her lower lip and looking down at her worn Vans as the familiar feeling of guilt rose up like bile up her throat. The second she threw her arms around AJ and he just stood there like a wax figure straight out of Madame Tussauds’ Museum, Valeria knew things between them were not okay.

And how could they be? For the past few weeks, the brunette had put up her walls again: ignoring AJ’s texts and calls, turning down any petitions to hang out, avoiding him whenever possible… But how could she confess the inner turmoil that some of his actions were causing her without sounding like a pathetic bitch? Those who knew her well could attest to the fact that admitting her weaknesses was not something Valeria was fond of, nor something she did often. Hell, she could even count with the fingers of one hand the amount of times she’d confided her feelings in someone (that particular someone being a towering Russian that might or might not be a few feet away from where she and AJ stood- not that it mattered, of course). But in all honesty, Valeria knew she could trust Alfie James Tyler with her life, and he would guard it with his own. Yet she also knew her best friend was just as emotional and explosive as she was. Her biggest fear was that he wouldn’t understand… Which is why she’d thought it best to put up #TheWall and go on with life.

“I’m sorry, man,” Valeria began in an apologetic tone. “And I swear to God there’s a damn good reason for everything that’s going on with me. It’s just-” she suddenly trailed off, visibly uncomfortable as she looked away while shifting her feet. “You know I’m not good with the touchy-feely kinda stuff.”

Turned away from her, forlorn, he shrugged, "Yeah, I know.” Surveying everyone who was dealing with the problem he caused, he assured his dear friend with the kindest of tones, "Don’t worry about it, Tink.” Her nickname lacked the softness and care it always had, as if he was completely and utterly fed up.

And then, something switched off within him while a faux smile graced his face, and by now, he believed his anger turned into an entirely different emotion, "I’m gonna’ clean shit up, now.” Unsettling, AJ gave her a thumbs up and started to walk away, heading towards the RV. Done with this conversation.

Or so he thought.

“No you’re not.”

As it was common between the two hotheads that were Valeria and AJ, they often found themselves impulsively springing into action before their minds could take a second to process the best way to go about the situation at hand. And that’s how the small girl ended up forcefully grabbing her Peter Pan by the arm and roughly dragging him out of earshot from the rest of the group. When Val had deemed they were far enough away, she let go of his arm and pretty much squared up in front of AJ: a rather comical sight considering the young man had half a foot of advantage over her. The brunette’s fists were balled up beside her, with a deep frown knotting her arched eyebrows together, and her short figure rising and falling with unsteady breathing.

“You want to know what’s up with me, Alfie? Fine.” Val spat, cheeks red with anger at everything going on and the fear/nervousness of what she was about to admit. “It’s the bitch currently sitting in the passenger seat of your fancy little sports car right now. That’s what’s going on with me.”

Alfie. If she was saying anything of importance after that one word, it was going into deaf ears. His mind was met with a montage of his school days where he put his peers, boys and girls alike, into compromising positions for calling him by his first name.

Did she really just...?

Staring right through her, he clenched his fists, piercing his nails into his skin to get himself out of this stupor. She was his best friend. He didn’t want to strangle her. He didn’t want to smash her skull against the side of the RV that was so kindly hiding them. He didn't want to harm her.

Breathe, dude.

He needed to break this habit. This trigger. It’s just a goddamn word.

Closing his eyes, he heard the voices of little kids mocking him, like he was a fucking clown. Do I amuse you? He wasn’t going to hurt her. Do I make you laugh? His breathing picked up, ever so slightly, as he whispered, planting his feet deep into the sand, "...come again? The last part.” His voice beggingly warned her to avoid using his first name again.

Valeria let out a frustrated sigh, rolling her eyes and stomping the ground like the child she could very well act like sometimes. “I said that if you want to know what the fuck’s wrong with me, you can find the answer sitting in your goddamned sports car!” she cried out again, pointing at the yellow vehicle sitting at the curve while her voice took on that shrill tone it always did when she was losing the temper that was just about as tall as she was. “Did the crash leave you deaf or something?!”

What? He looked back at his car, where Mandy was resting, and honestly, this perplexed him. But then, there was her tone, “Did the crash leave you dumb or something?!” Was she seriously ignoring him because he was friends with a girl she didn’t like? And then thought the best way of telling him was to start with his first name! “WHAT-THE-SHIT-VAL!” First because of Jamie, now because of Mandy?! “Why don’t you cut me off with every fucker I talk to, huh?! If I just kissed Aleks or something, would you be like: ‘bye bitch’???” AJ Tyler was back to his irrational self. Now, however, he was completely at a lost.


“It’s not- I KNEW YOU WOULDN’T FUCKING GET IT!” Val shouted, clearly past the point of caring whether people heard them or not. “You never do! It’s not about you, J! It’s about your best friend fighting her own fucking demons and needing to step away before she lets herself be swallowed whole. It’s about not feeling like a complete fucking loser with the constant fear that you’ll never be good enough, and that you’ll end up losing those who really fucking matter. It’s about being fucking terrified that someone else will come in and sweep you off your feet and have you so fucking whipped that I’m once again relegated to second place. You walk through this life thinking everything’s all about you all the time. Woe is me: the beautiful, dirty, filthy fucking rich AJ Goddamn Tyler. But guess what, Peter Pan? Sometimes, things aren’t about you!” she finally finished, her voice breaking at the last sentence and looking very much like she was close to tears.

Woah. Bring it down a level, boy. “Woe is me? WOE IS ME?!” Yeah, not working. “You’re the one making this about me because when you continue to hate yourself, you take it out on me! Like I’m the reason you’re not getting what you want! Like I’m the reason you’re not happy! Like I’m the REASON Nate doesn’t see you! Like ‘oh-my-God, Senpai: notice me’. Don’t blame me because you’re scared of love, Val. Like, Jesus. At least I know I’m pathetic because I still got my head thinking about my ex. Ain’t no one’s fault but my own and I wasted a good year because of that!”

As if his first few sentences hadn’t been damaging enough, right after Valeria heard Nate’s name being shouted out to the seven seas, something inside her snapped. AJ’s words and the sounds of rest of the world had faded off into nothingness, eardrums filled instead with white noise. Her sense of sight was suddenly tinged red, and her mind was clouded of all rational thought. For a few seconds, the short girl simply stood there, dark hair flowing around her in the desert breeze while her brown eyes were wide and her mouth was agape, like that of a fish just pulled out of water.

But in the blink of an eye, the rage-fuelled Val was springing forward and tackling AJ to the ground, keeping him down with the weight of her petite body on top of his, and raising her fist to leave a few lasting marks on his fucking attractive face.

And this was why she didn’t like discussing her feelings.

Like, ever.

...and this is where he cursed under his breath for restraining himself earlier.

He should've hit her.

Well, at least he won't have a guilty conscience.
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Starring // YessiJules
Interactions // @CosmicComet@Dirty Pretty Lies@TootsiePop

For a long moment after the Elise had pulled to a stop and her karaoke partner had gone to the rescue Yessi stayed in the passenger seat. Manicured fingers paused a moment as the sounds of yelling pulled her attention away from her phone and drew her eyes to the scene just in time to see AJ receiving a well deserved smack. From the looks of a shorter, tanned guy stomping to the front of the smoking RV and the couple people stumbling out Yessi could assume what had just happened.

Not without an exasperated sigh she unbuckled her seatbelt and begrudgingly exited the vehicle. A slightly annoyed expression took her features as she approached the growing group of new graduates, why wasn’t anyone calling a tow truck or a mechanic?

Yessi stopped next to Monica as the group of misfits seemed to have their combinations of breakdown… or well, really just one person was sobbing. Though that’s not what had Yessi’s attention, rather it was the palpable anger rolling off of AJ who Monica had placed herself close to. A raised eyebrow was thrown his way as Yessi looked at his stiff posture in the arms of… whatever her name was, the midget. Bumping her hip into Monica’s to get her attention she whispered lowly to her, “You might want to find cover, I think another tantrum is coming.”

Another stumbler exited the rust can but this one caught the Spanish girl’s attention immediately and she cocked her head at his obvious embarrassment as he turned on heel and went the opposite direction as she.

Was kissing me that bad?

"Stop acting like we're okay, because we're not."”

Oop, time to go.

Yessi couldn’t help the snicker that left her lips as she gave Monica a knowing look, whatever issue AJ was having with the girl wrapped around him was not her business, and frankly dealing with him when he was this upset was better left to the professionals like Chris… who wasn’t here… so next up meant…

Your time to shine Russian Super Nanny.

The thought pulled her eyes to look at everyone else on the scene as she moved away from the ticking time bomb, and landed on another familiar face, but this one didn’t run away from her. Yet. Barely able to contain the bubbling excitement she practically skipped over to the cutie pie that had “stolen her heart” in middle school and stopped just in front of him.

"what the fuck."

“I haven’t seen you that tired since the night I popped your cherry, Juju. What were you misfits doing on that RV? Yessi teased as she crouched down in front of him a soft smile playing at her lips.

The luscious, lascivious Latina seemed to shine in front of her little japchae as he lay down beside the RV, though a combination of the Gucci bags weighing down his eyes and the fact that it was so fucking bright like goddamn who thought inventing the sun was a good idea made it hard to exactly see where his favorite rich bitch was. That didn’t stop him from still cracking open his eyes just a tad in a practiced sultry expression as he purred out a wavy ”oh, you know, a little bit of this, a little bit of that,” leaving his fingers and his wrist to do most of the talking.

He straightened out his back before crossing his feet, using them to push himself up at the same time as he took Yessi’s hands and pulled her up alongside him, twisting her around so her arms were crossed over at her waist in a dance that they had done countless times before. Automatically his head craned over her cheek with lips pursed, but something stopped him at the last centimeter. A wave of ice and revulsion viced onto his head as he hovered just a breath away, but he forced himself to plant one anyway on her beautiful bronzed skin.

The odd, cold feeling still lingered, however. Jules quickly disentangled himself from Yessi, turning her back around so that she faced him at an arm’s length, hands just barely touching her hips. ” Better question for you though babe is where is your little electric beast? Don’t tell me you’ve taken something that you actually have to drive?”

If Yessi had noticed his hesitation or the slight change in his expression she didn’t show it, instead at the mention of the Roadster her head turned and she threw a lazy thumb over her shoulder at the purring Elise. “Nope, I’m not driving… not that I’m opposed, but I’m sure Aleks would kill me if I even asked to drive the damn car. So I get to annoy him from the passenger seat until he kicks me out and makes me ride with someone else.”

Jules rolled his eyes at her, hiding a deeper annoyance that he managed to quickly squash before it lingered too long.

Yessi took the time to look over Jules and realized how much he had changed since she last saw him. They were no longer the same height, it wasn’t drastic but he had gained a couple of inches over her, his once cute baby face had matured and his features were sharper and definitely more handsome, his hair still looked soft but was shorter than she had ever seen it, and fuck did he start working out? Yessi had to drag her green eyes from his exposed midriff to meet with his familiar brown ones. If not for his usual charm and humor, and the still bomb-as-fuck fashion, Yessi probably “wouldn’t have recognized him, and that made her feel kind of awkward.

” Holy shit Jules, you look like a whole new person…”Her voice was softer as she shifted a bit restlessly, a sheepish smile finding her lips,” It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry… for being MIA… I hope everything has been okay.”

To which Jules did not have a response, at least not immediately. Well, at least not to the last bit of her sentence. Instead, he was more focused on how her weight was subtly and continually waving from one hip to the other and how her eyes seemed to drift away from his, then snapping back to meet them before moving away again. He leaned just a little bit closer, bending at his waist so that he was just slightly above level with her. Fatigue (aside from his bags) was no longer apparent on his face and the earlier discomfort suppressed under the prodigious importance of one singular directive: tease the ever-loving fuck out of her.

One hand began a purposeful journey from Yessi’s hip to her navel, tracing its way up the center of her body, then stopping with a middle finger resting between her collar bones and his index gently placed under her chin so that her face was forced to meet his. ” Oh my god,” he mouthed.

”Oh my god,” once again. ”Is my Thotiana actually embarrassed about something?”

The trailing of his hand caused an involuntary shiver to go up her spine and warmth to reach her cheeks as he leaned in closer to her. Astraia could smell the inviting scent he wore and felt herself leaning into his touch, ah how stupid she was. There was silence between them but his lips were moving she noticed a second too late, her eyes were squinted in confusion but unluckily he repeated what he had mouthed, still, there was confusion. Then he spoke. Seven taunting words were all it took for that warmth on her cheeks to turn into a noticeable pink tint as she pulled back from him, eyes narrowing in annoyance, and heart fluttering from his game.

“I-I…” she cut her stutter off and cleared her throat moving her eyes anywhere but his face for a moment as she pulled herself together. What the fuck was that? When her eyes moved back to his she sported a full glare and her voice carried her annoyance, “I’m not embarrassed about anything babe.”

A joyful laugh tinged with the lackadaisical exhaustion of insomnia bubbled from Jules as he used his playful hand to cover his mouth. ” Sorry Estrellita, you were just so cute acting all-”


Jules’ head snapped immediately to where he thought the red firebrand was only to see she wasn’t there. But nothing was on fire, nobody was screaming except for Val and AJ, nobody was crying except for Emilia (which was depressingly becoming more and more normal), so everything seemed fine. Val was the type of person who needed to vent and it looked like she was at least familiar with her shouting dummy.

Everything seemed fine.

Turning back to Yessi, he put on his happy face again and flashed her a smile and an eyeroll, but it felt stiff, forced, unnatural. Mostly because it was. His easy charm was gone, replaced with the weariness that fit all too comfortably onto his visage. There was no choice but to keep on acting, however, just like he always did. Go for the easy joke: ” Those two definitely sound like they need to bone down, especially from what I hear about Pretty Boy over there.” Let out a laugh. Wait for a response. Zone out. What was Val saying? Is she talking about her insecurities? About damn time. Guess her bottle met its cap. It had been forever since he had seen Yessi. God, she was still so beautiful. It seemed like she found a cute side too. When was the last time that-


Jesus fucking Christ Val really did find the perfect person to have a shouting match with but god fucking damnit did their therapy session be so. Fucking. Loud. Jules’ couldn’t shake this off as easy as he could with Val though, mainly because Jules knew Val, and he didn’t know AJ. And AJ was currently yelling at one of his best friends.

But Val needed this. Girl needed to let out some steam. Girl needed to let loose.

But also fuck anyone who was yelling at her.

”Sorry babe,” he coldly intoned to Yessi. ”Gotta make sure nobody gets beat up.”

“Duty calls... I guess. Yessi grumbled out her attention moving to the two in the middle of a shouting match, as everyone’s would be, it’d be impossible to ignore the two idiots at this point. Whatever thing was going on between Jules and she would need to be revisited at a later time, right now the more pressing matter was making sure neither of their best friends killed each other.

Jules quickly walked towards the front of the RV where a small gaggle had already formed and shoved his way past, not really caring who or where he was touching to get people out of his way, and then going a little further around until he found Val straddling AJ with fists raised, blood and fury alight in her eyes.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Jules’ body shot forward, propelled by the explosive force of legs that had been running daily all their life toward the pair. That fucking bitch did something, didn’t he? Sure Val was like a little chihuahua in where she would literally bark and fight anyone that even looked funny at her, but in all the years that he knew her, Jules knew that she never got into anything without at least a reason.

Man was he tired.

The next thing he knew, Jules was in the same ditch where the RV had trapped itself just a little further down. His back was down on the dirt, and he found himself curled around the petite form of one Valeria Drake. Seems that when he tackled her - which he guess he just did - he turned his body around so that his own body would take most of the impact when they landed. Knowing how feisty she can be, however (especially considering how she was literally about to deck AJ’s face in), he quickly disentangled himself from her, but not without giving her an exasperated ” What the fuck Val!? Are you planning on making a new Black Eyed Peas band with Sami or something?” At the same time, Jules stood up from the ditch and pointed a finger at the little princeling that was on the floor. ” And you Pretty Boy! If you know Val you better haul your ass out of here before you both do anything even more stupid.”

Whether AJ wanted her help or not Yessi was quick to swoop in once Jules had taken care of the little terror, she grabbed his hand offering him some reassurance in her grip as she helped him to his feet. Though to prevent a second round from happening, her fingers laced between his and she started off towards his car, carefully leading him along, the last thing she needed was add fuel to his fire by being pushy, “Take some deep breaths, let’s fix this together so we can get back on the road and have a good time, yeah?”
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Location | Misfits' RV, outside Barstow, California (130 miles from Santa Monica)
Interacting with | AJ @TootsiePop, Emilia @NeoAC, Yessi @Hoekage


"I can't... I don't want this hurt, Matt. I don't want it... Make it go away..."

His heart was rend now. There was an actual, physical pain in his chest. As if his very body was in anguish over the pain Emilia had. Her wails cut straight through his soul. It summoned the memories he was cursed with. Locker room banter, alcohol-induced confessions and the lies he saw. Then the juggling between him, Brandon and AJ in an attempt to save everyone involved in some way. Worst of all, he was all alone in it. He cast his eyes to the ground, in hidden shame. How did it get so bad? Why did he let it get this bad? He swallowed deeply.

Kim arrived and all shame that was ready to pierce his mask vaporized. It would appear the girl’s touch calmed Emilia down somewhat. A moment later a black girl showed up. Now the first girl didn’t particularly engage him but that was to be expected. He was probably a stranger from school to her. But the black girl was far fiercer and Matt did not like her tone. He never looked up at her. Not even when she asked for the chocolate bar. It wasn’t hers.

But Emilia’s words kept bouncing in his head. ‘Make it go away’. With his free hand he went into the pocket of his leather jacket. Inside he felt for the little plastic bag. He rolled the plastic wrapping the tiny, crystalline shape in between his fingers. A solution, if only a temporary one. But he could still see the red streaks on her cheeks. The pain she held was evident. She needed this more than he would ever. So he took it out, hidden between his palm and another bar he kept in reserve. With a quick sleight of hand he pushed both bars, hiding the little baggie under them, into Emilia’s hand. No doubt she would feel the little nub pressing against her palm.

“Here, one for you to share with your friend.” Matt said with a weak, pitiful smile. “And one for you as well. It should make you happy.” He was referring more towards the little crystal than the bar, though her friends couldn’t know that. Matt got up then. There was nothing more he could do but Emilia looked like she was in good hands: between two of her friends. He turned around but he knew something remained unsaid so he turned back: “You’ve always been too good for him.”

He took a few steps away from the whole ordeal and pulled out a cigarette. He felt exhausted as a trembling hand lit the tobacco. The smoke, working like incense, calmed his mind. Though he knew what he really needed. A bottle or a fight. Something to make him forget it all for just a moment. A good party would do the job as well.

His state of calm quickly vanished though, when the shouting match began. He turned around and saw something that made him feel just a little better: AJ yelling at Val. And soon after, Val yelling back at AJ. Her tirade was far longer than his. Though he did return in kind. Matt cracked a small smile. Few things felt as good and sweet than hearing how hurt your enemies are. This wasn’t a standard issue AJ Tyler outburst. This was full blown, seethed anger. Stuff that had been brimming under the surface for longer than just five minutes. And then the bombshell. Nate. Yes, this did make him happy.

Matt knows what a fogged brain looks like. It’s a red face. A shocked, frozen stance. He knew what was about to happen. Every fiber in his body told him to move in. To help his friend. Like he’d always do. He took a step towards them. But there was a little voice in his head that stopped him in his tracks. He was well aware of AJ and Val’s relationship. He had hated it for months. Now he just saw it breaking apart. Both of them were far too bullheaded to ever apologize. This would be the end of their friendship. So why intervene? Instead of moving in to get Val off AJ, Matt just waited. Taking another drag from his cig as another Misfit pulled her off of him. Yessi helped up AJ.

“I think we better leave.” He said to AJ and Yessi, not even caring that he should be ignoring her. That didn’t matter right now. “There’s nothing we can do about that RV. They can call a tow truck.”
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Location | Ditch somewhere near...Bell Mountain? Why, thank you, dear GPS.
Interacting with | Emi @NeoAC, Umbra @Syn, Generic tow truck service person
Mentions | Matt @Legion02


Kim hummed, giving Emi's shoulder a slight squeeze before dropping her hand. Emi's current emotional state was concerning, of course, but the relief at knowing that Emi wasn't physically hurt from the crash stood out a little more.

'You're gonna dehydrate from all those tears, under this sun,' she said. 'Wanna go back in the shade, at least?' She still didn't really recognise the guy other than as an obvious Gearhead, but judging from Emi's reaction, she knew him well - and not entirely in a positive way if he was able to set her off crying again with his presence.

Sudden movement jerked her from her thoughts and she had no time to react as Umbra came flying out of nowhere and slapped Emi. 'Bit overkill there.' Then again, maybe Emi needed something like that for the moment. Going over everything that happened in the past was normal, but she was only going to suffer at this rate. It wasn't worth it. Not when Brandon was probably hitting up some girl without a single thought for Emi.

She raised her eyebrows when Umbra turned to her, though more out of acknowledgement than surprise.

'That'd be him offering,' she said, gesturing to Matt. He was offering two chocolate bars now, instead of one. How generous. She watched as he walked away, pulling on a cigarette. At least she didn't have to deal with him now. That was one possible crisis averted.

Of course, the universe listened to her thoughts and thoughtfully decided that they needed more drama. The shouting that arose from the front of the RV only made her sigh and the sound of bodies hitting the ground made her wish she'd saved her sigh for that instead. Good thing Jules was intervening because Kim was going nowhere near that mess. Matt seemed to have the same idea, walking over only when Jules and another Gearhead girl had pulled the two hotheads apart.

'Right,' she said uncertainly, more to herself than anyone else. She took her phone from her pant pocket, then turned to the two next to her. Emi'd be safe - more or less - in Umbra's hands so it seemed an appropriate time to actually do something about the situation. 'I'm calling a tow truck. We can probably get one from Victorville.' They'd passed it a while ago, but it was still closer than Barstow. Rising and unlocking her phone as she went, she uttered out, 'Save some for me if there's dark chocolate in there.' then went a little ways away.

At least the reception was on. Bless that sweet, sweet 4G.
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Location | Misfits' RV, Bell Mountain, California (108 miles from Santa Monica)
Interacting with | Kim @Stanifly, Matt @Legion02, Umbra @Syn
Mentions: Val @Dirty Pretty Lies


As she continued to kneel in the California sands, Emilia was feeling less alone with the attention that Matt and Kim were giving her. It felt less hopeless, even if her relationship with the football player was nowhere near as advanced as her relationship with one of her best friends. The crying continued to ebb as the breakdown was beginning to pass.

Kim was taking the lead, as she usually had a level-enough head to do. "You're gonna dehydrate from all those tears, under this sun. Wanna go back in the shade, at least?"

Emi nodded her head and sniffled a couple more times. At least to hold it in until she could make it to a tissue. She slowly stood up. "That sounds fine..."

However, she didn't get a chance to move before feeling a sting against her face, a sting stronger than the wind or the sun. A sudden shock to the system delivered by a hand Emi was definitely not expecting as the girl she ended up inadvertently bracing herself against during the RV's off-road antics delivered a wake-up call. Usually if anyone was gonna slap her, it was Val. This caught her completely off-guard.

“Get a hold of yourself, man! You’re tougher than this or did I pick the wrong white girl?!”

Emilia tried to respond, but the dreadlocked girl quickly turned her attention to Matt, before running out of steam while talking to Kim. All she could do was rub her cheek as the reverberations continued to be felt in her face. When did Umbra build up that kinda strength?

The slap left her almost unprepared for the actions of Matt Brown. “Here, one for you to share with your friend.” The football player quickly produced the promised candy bars and pressed them against her palm, but it was clear that there was something else underneath the chocolate, unless it was a ziploc bag filled with pixie stick dust. “And one for you as well. It should make you happy.” She quickly moved everything into the pocket of her leather jacket. She wasn't sure what she had just been handed, the fact that it was in a baggie probably meant it was some kind of drug. But there were candy bars for now, which would help the situation immensely. Matt turned to walk back to the rest of the parked cars that had gathered in front of the RV, so now Emilia was left wondering just what she now carried in her pocket. Or she would have before Matt added a few parting words.

“You’ve always been too good for him.”

Those words hit just as hard, if not more so, than Umbra's slap. Matt walked away after saying them but the impact was brutal. Possibly not even fully felt by the still-dazed blonde. Always been too good for him? What does that even mean? What is Matt saying with that? Did he know something about Brandon? Did he think he would have been a better boyfriend than Brandon? Is he just trying to puff me up? I don't...

"I'm calling a tow truck. We can probably get one from Victorville." Kim's statement broke Emilia out of her own head, at least for the moment. It was going to be a set back, having to head backwards on I-15, to a place that was kind of a dump. But at least there was candy. "Save some for me if there's dark chocolate in there." Emi carefully removed the two bars from her pocket. Kim was in luck. There was a dark chocolate Mars bar, probably discounted in order to catch a customer's attention, along with a packet of Almond M&Ms. The candy-coated treats may not have counted as a traditional "bar", but it was a welcome sight to Emilia.

"You're in luck, Kim," she informed the girl now on the phone trying to get them out of the area. "I'll put it in the fridge for you!" She hoped the fridge was still working at least. Emi turned back to Umbra, tear streaks still on her face, but now dried up with the lack of replenishing fluids. "I'll split the M&M's with you if you give me a warning next time before you slap me like you did... Oh who am I kidding? I'll split them with you even if you don't. Thank you though. You didn't pick the wrong white girl. At least I hope not." Breakdown number two was quelled for now, but even as she anticipated tearing into the beige bag with the goodies inside, Matt's last sentence was ringing in the back of Emilia's head. It probably would for some time.

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