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We can do a magical girl, paranormal romance, I can make her an original Slytherin character in a Harry Potter setting, or as a runaway Northern Water Tribe blood bender in an original Avatar the Last Airbender RP. (still haven't finished Korra, shame on me).

I can portray her in medieval high fantasy or urban fantasy times. I like riting her even in modern times as a Priestess of Avalon/Lady of the Lake in waiting.

But yeah, I have a sarcastic blood witch necromancy girl in my head I'd like to portray.

It can be F/F or F/M or non-romantic. I'm looking for very free, no one liners though, but no more than a paragraph on my end. I like fast paced RPs and RPing on the thread forums here only, but we can plot over PMs.
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I came expecting Dark Magician Girl from Yugioh. I suppose if nobody else is interested, and you want a Draco Malfoy or original Slytherin, I could slither in and dredge one up from the graveyard of my mind for thee.

Send a PM, preferably with any CS template you require, if interested, please.
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