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Is there any interest for a Fallout RP? I've kind of been watching this site every other month for about a year now waiting for a solid one, as I'm not apt to DM myself. I watched the Far Harbor inspired one for a bit, but didn't find the immediate setting to be my cup of tea at the time.

It seems like Fallout RP's die off quickly here, a mixture of reasons for that I guess. But, it's something I really want to get into. There was this excellent thread some while back,
- roleplayerguild.com/topics/170727-f-a…
... And it was near perfect in my opinion. I was in the middle of writing up a character when it got called off.

Any chance there's enough people here willing to start something similar?
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I'm interested.
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Oh shit, I was in that game you linked. I don't have the time to join, but I wish you luck and hope the game goes strong.
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I'd be a bit interested. I would need to brush up on my fall out info and all that, but still generally an interesting place to dive into.
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Count me interested~!
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Depends on the setting tbh
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I have some fallout stories to tell :)
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