Hello random friend, I'm A Story Teller. While I do intend on expanding on this page with time, make it a fancy little noticeboard, for now I need to meet some fellow guild members and get plots going. If you have a story you want to do, I can and probably will do it, but here are my points, just to make sure we have some lines drawn.

-I don't do fandom highschool plots. I really, truly hate them.

-Many of you are thirsty from what I seen scrolling through, and that's okay. I prefer mature stories with dark elements, BUT, I will not do a story that doesn't have enough plot. One heated scene every arc or so would be fine if you really need it.

- If you're about to message me about your Teacher/Student desires, please don't. As a teacher, it's pretty uncomfortable.

-Romance is a side, not a main plot point

-I can play both genders, and as many side characters as you need. Hell, if you want to be the only character in your own story while I do the rest, that's fine, but be interesting.

-I work Monday-Friday and generally write after work. Saturday's I'm very busy and may not post.

That's the basics of it, I'll revamp this whole thing later. Whatever plots you're looking for, feel free to message me.

~A Story Teller :)