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The little Mew gave a cooing sound as Kim mentioned berries, "B..Bwerries." He mumbled quietly before he glanced back over to Niccia and watched her with Michael for a moment before turning his attention back to Kim again. "Taste!" He gently said with a bigger smile.

Niccia smiled happily as Michael mentioned that the little one was in good hands. "I'm glad." She smiled to him as she noticed he looked at her. "Kim makes a good motherly figure." She laughed and leaned against Michael with a happy sigh, closing her eyes for a moment as the craziness died down and the air turned back to the feeling of happiness.
Her eyes opened as he mentioned about seeing Necrozoma, "Oh!" She said as she pulled her head from Michael's side with a small blush. "Of course, let's see how we can help him. It's been a while since I could talk to him," She looked over to where he and Tanter stood, "It seems in a good mood, despite the stuff that happened earlier."

Frosiien gave a chuckle as Andy spoke about her father, "He is odd, I apologize." She said before she leaned against his shoulder with a small sigh. "Necrozoma arrived and he was a bit... frantic." She explained softly, "Things have settled, Tanter is talking with him now; something about his children from what I overheard." She closed her eyes with a small smile, "I was busy keeping Rorsh calm, she loves when someone plays with her hair so I decided to braid it for her. She seems to be feeling better." She moved to intertwine her arm with Andys' with a smile. "We know how to keep our festivities interesting; there will always be quarrels between some legendaries- It causes some interesting StarFalls."

Watcher nodded and started over to their father.
"Father." He called out, Lecrero looked over to Watcher as the Aura trio started to walk over to him. "We have something important to discuss with you before you disappear back to your seat again."
Lecrero smirked towards Watcher before he bowed his head. "I have some time, the little one seemed to be picked up by one of the humans pokemon." He said with a soft smile, "Now how can I help you?" He looked over towards Harcu and Kyio as they now stood on either side of Watcher.

Vatier glanced to where the Dujiin boys were before he looked back towards Tanter with a weak smile. "I've only heard... Some things about her. And I feel like as the Legendary of Love and Hate just seems a bit... Much?" He asked with a bit of a sigh, dropping his shoulders. "She sounds terrifying and I'm afraid of even asking the boys about her."
The portal seemed to crackle back to life, causing Vatier to look up and over at it. A feeling of dread flooded over him as the figure who walked through came into view.

She straightened herself up and adjusted her long snake-like scarf before she moved her hands through her long white hair. A small yawn escaped her mouth as she surveyed everyone around and spotted her brothers before anything. Her white dress flooded down their body with a small side-leg slip. "Mm." She said with narrowing eyes. "Fashionably late as usual." She sounded angered and a bit disgusted.
Belle narrowed her eyes as she stood at the portal; as if she expected a massive explosion of welcoming.
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Michael agreed, Kim was a great caretaker and he was sure she'd love to help out with any eggs hatching or babies born in their family. He had his attention on Necrozoma, and relaxed a little when Niccia mentioned the mood was good. He was already on bad terms with one legendary Pokémon and he didn't want to add more to that list. He was glad Darkrai wasn't here; he wouldn't have been able to enjoy this party if that was the case.

As he walked towards Nercozoma, Lytse followed him. But without warning, two hands grabbed him and he squeaked in surprise when he was suddenly lifted from the ground and brought to face to face with Netherlu, who peered intensely at him.
"I knew it!" Netherlu suddenly exclaimed. "You carry the gift of the rainbow flames, don't you? I thought I felt something familiar!" He noticed Michael had stopped. "oh surely you'll let me catch up with your Pokémon? I don't meet many who actually have my gift."

"If Lytse is okay with it, so am I," Michael replied and looked at his Pokémon.
"I-it's fine." Lytse stuttered. "You two go can go talk with Nercrozoma." When given the choice, Ho-oh was a less frightening Pokémon to be around than one who had burst through the gate, ready to fight everyone here.
Michael nodded to his Cyndaquil and turned to Niccia. "Let's go for real now," he said with a laugh.

Benny came flying back, sipping through a straw from a bottle of sweet berry juice he held in his small paws. "That was fun," he stated. "But this is tasty, almost as tasty as real nectar. Too bad there isn't any mead."
"You shouldn't be drinking mead," Andy retorted. "Your body is too small to really handle alcohol."
"Oh yes, you can understand me now." Benny giggled and turned to Frossien. "Mead is delicious, but I didn't enjoy the headache afterwards."
"Your own fault for stealing my drink."
"It smelled like honey!"
"That doesn't mean it's okay to steal it!"

"We're worried about what happened," Hacru stated. "Or, more precisely, we are worried this might happen again. So, our proposal is to leave some Pokémon with you to ensure the events of today will not be repeated."
Was there more that needed to be said? Probably, but most depending on what their father would answer. He prepared a few reasons why the idea was good in case their father wouldn't agree with the proposal.

"They say love and hate can be very close to each other, despite being opposites," Tanter said. "Love to hate someone, hate to love someone. But to be the embodiment of both... that might be more chaotic than the distortion world." He paused when the portal crackled to life and a woman stepped through. The sister they were just talking about?

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Niccia jolted when she heard Lytse squeal, turning almost on her heels before she saw Netherlu and relaxed a little bit. "You spooked me Netherlu." Niccia said before she looked to Michael and to Lyste before she felt Harry trot over to her, as if he sensed her worry. "Hello little one." She said to him.
"I will stay with Lytse, he'll feel better with someone familiar around him." Harry said before he looked over towards Netherlu and bowed his head, "If that is okay with Ho-Oh of course."
Niccia nodded to Harry, rubbing his head gently before she moved to walk with Michael again.

Frosiien looked up to Benny with a gentle smile, "I haven't tried Mead yet myself, but I have tried what you humans call Hot Chocolate, and that's very nice." She said with a glance around. Everything seemed to be okay at the moment, Rorsh caught her eyes again as she ran around the area quickly, before the portal crackled to life again as an unfamiliar face walked through.
Frosiien narrowed her eyes before she shook her head and turned her attention back to Benny and Andy. "Headaches are never good, Strangely enough I get headaches if it gets too cold. Only in this form, strangely enough."

Lecrero closed his eyes and shook his head slightly, he was about to speak before his Guardian walked over to him quietly.
"I believe it's a smart idea." The Bouffant said quietly, "If this has happened while I have been around; I do not know if I can solely watch you." The Deified Pokemon hesitated before closing his eyes again.
"Fine." He said, in a way that was more defeated than angry. "If you believe it will help me, then I will allow you to give me more guardians."
"We were thinking some of our children." Kyio added with a small smile, "Watcher said he has a few, and I'm sure Harcu and I can offer a couple of our own."
"You're offering your.... Children?" Lecrero asked with a raised eyebrow, "Do you not think that will be more dangerous than me just having my guardian?" Watcher shook his head.
"Not everyone of us has young Children like you, Father. Mine are strong." Watcher said carefully.

Vatier nodded at Tanters words, he was about to speak before he watched the woman carefully. He almost shuddered before he heard footsteps behind him and a familiar feeling flooded over him before he looked back to see Michael and Niccia heading towards them. "Ah, Nethan must had talked to them." He said as he turned his back to the new woman.

Belle caught Tanter looking at her and gave a soft smile, waving her hand as she stepped down from the portal steps. Slowly making her way over to where the Duujin trio stood together.
"Brothers~" Belle said with wide arms and a cheeky smile, "It has been a while, I've missed you."
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"Oh, that's fine!" Netherlu said when Harry offered to stay. "You're like, a grandchild of mine, aren't you?" He laughed a bit as he sat down on the floor and put Lytse down again, so they could talk. "You slept holding one of my feathers, didn't you? Had the dream, choose to accept the gift. Can you show me?"
Lytse didn't get the opportunity to answer any of the questions, but they sounded rhetorical anyway. That is what had happened. The only question he could answer was the last one. "Sure," he said.
Lighting his back flames was a natural thing, it was something he didn't even have to think about. There was no way he could explain how he did it. Tapping into Ho-oh's gift was likewise something as easy as breathing. Flames in colour of a rainbow erupted from his back.
"Beautiful," Netherlu commented and he waved to Nygari. "Hey, come have a look at this! This little dude found one of my feathers!"

Michael went to where Tanter and Vatier were. After nodding a greeting to Tanter, he turned to Vatier. "I heard there was a problem and you needed help. Can you tell us more about it?"

"Hot Chocolate is nice," Andy commented. "I enjoy alcoholic beverages, but they're just not suitable for Pokémon, especially if they never had it. Benny is small and can only take very small amounts; the risk of alcohol poisoning is real in that tiny body. Bear is bulky and can handle much more, but he doesn't know moderation. He found my whiskey bottle once, got properly drunk and practically wrecked my house." He sighed while Benny chuckled. "I'm glad I never had issues like that with Merlin or Kim."

Harcu nodded to show he agreed with Watcher. "I have some young ones I would never send, but my oldest is fully evolved and I consider him strong enough to be up for this task," he stated. "We are concerned about you, and have faith in our children."

Jirachi, still in his Pokémon form, floated to Belle. "I didn't know you were coming," he greeted her. "We only met once? Twice? I sleep a lot and the world always changed so much every time I wake up." Because he always slept for long periods of time, Chifferi was especially grateful for the old legendary Pokémon, the ones that were there since the beginning and were still around now.
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Harry smiled to the legendary as he mentioned he was like a grandchild. He liked that word, he stretched and settled down to the ground as he listened to Lytse and Netherlu. "A dream?" He asked out loud, more to himself before he looked over to Lytse as he lit his fire up. Instinctively he leapt up to his feet, flinching as Nygari came and ran her hand over his head as she walked to stop beside Netherlu.
"My apologies little one, I didn't mean to spook you." The Lugia said to Harry gently as she moved to kneel down beside her partner, her eyes moved over to Lytse as she took him it, moving to offer a hand to him; a small gesture of her asking if she could touch him.

Vatier looked to Michael as he arrived, moving to smile to Niccia as she finally stood beside Michael and linked her hand within his.
"It's nice to see you again Niccia." Vatier said softly, as if he was ashamed he hadn't come to her sooner.
"The pleasure is mine Vatier, It's been a while." Niccia said with a flick of her ears and a grin, "Now, as Michael said, what's the problem?" Vatier hesitated, glancing to Tanter with embarrassment in his eyes. "I promise we won't judge anything." Niccia added on the end with a smile.
Vatier breathed in slowly, "Okay." He said as he closed his eyes for a moment. "Humans have my children; I fear they're using them to try and tap into the wormholes to summon the Ultra Beasts."

"I know there are a few Pokemon out in the wild who have managed to figure out how to make something that is similar to human alcohol." Frosiien said with a smile, glancing to Benny for a moment, "It's Fermented Berry juice and they all taste different depending on the berry. I've tried some fermented Oran Juice, it's very interesting; It surprisingly still heals small injuries."
Frosiien looked out towards everyone else and breathed in, watching the atmosphere around them before she closed her eyes with a smile. "StarFall is one of my favourite times of the year." She said after a moment, "Especially when we're able to share it with a small handful of humans."
Mitch popped his head up beside Frosiien before he moved to climb onto her lap with a small bowl-like cup in his hand. "You talking about the Berry Jooz?" He asked with a small smile on his face, Frosiien looked down to her companion and sighed.
"How much have you had?" Frosiien asked, a worried look on her face as Mitch moved to lift his wings up and tried to count before he bumbled out some words. Frosiien sighed and lifted the cup up and offered it to Benny. "Give this a try, it might be better for you."

Lecrero looked to Kyio for a moment, who smiled and nodded.
"I have a few older ones, I promise I'm not going to have my smaller ones join you." Kyio said with a soft smile, "Please let us help you, Until we stop this Darkrai."
Lecrero gave a small sigh and closed his eyes. "If you three believe it will help." He said quietly, "I'll have a few of your little ones to look after me."
"It would be nice to have more Pokemon around us." The Bouffant grinned slightly, "Having some sparring mates would be lovely."
"Yes, I understand you want this." Lecrero looked to his Guardian and rubbed his head. "What children do you have in mind?"
Kyio looked to her brothers before she smiled, "Sparky is already travelling with Niccia so I can't offer her."
"Thank me." Lecrero mumbled under his breath.
"I have a pair of Honchkrow twins, But I also have a Corviknight son." Kyio said with a smile, "They're good kids."
Watcher smiled, "I've met the Krows, they're good kids." He said before he smiled, "I have many dragon children I can call on, you name a Dragon Type I probably have little ones of them." Watcher smiled proudly.

Belle looked away from her brothers and to Jirachi; her entire hard-case attitude melted almost immediately. "My friend!" She said as she gently moved to lift him from the air into her arms. "It's been ages, I'm glad you're doing well! I missed you."
She pulled Chifferi in to gently kiss his head with a smile, "I hope you're doing well, you look very healthy and your tags are clean, which is nice."
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Lytse moved a bit to Nygari's hand as he kept the flames on his back lit.
"You are stunning," Netherlu said. "You have to tell me where you found my feather."
"I didn't..." Lytse said. "Michael's father found it, and he gave it to Michael."
Netherlu bumped Nygari with his elbow. "Pretty cool, right?"

While Michael didn't understand exactly what Vatier meant with "tap into the wormholes to summon the Ultra Beasts", the important thing here was that his children were taken from him, and he needed help with that. He didn't doubt for a second. "We can help to get them back," he said, but then a hint of doubt entered as he realised he didn't even know if it was possible for them to get to those children. "Or try at least. If you can give us some directions. Where were they taken? Or do you perhaps know where they were taken to?"

Benny took the cup and took a careful sip from it. "This tastes good," he said as he sipped again. "Still prefer honey though."
"Then you will get the non-fermented kind," Andy told him before turning to Frosiien. "How long does this party last?"
From what he could see, the guests were leisurely walking around or chatting with the others, the two events seemed to have been forgotten already. He kept an eye on his nephew as well, but he seemed to be doing well. Caught up in something serious by the looks of it, but nothing that needed his intervention.

Harcu listened to the others as they listed the children they could send. He was relieved their father had agreed to their plan; he was certain it was for the best and Lecrero's guardian agreed. There was only one of his children that came to mind, the others were too young. "I'll send my Sawsbuck son," he said. "He's been training hard to get stronger and wants to help me. This will be a good moment for him to prove himself."

Chifferi had a happy look on his face. "I'm glad you're at the party! We had some things going on, but everything settled down again."
By now the brothers had joined them. "Belle," Stormiar greeted her. "I thought you were asleep. You look good."
The other agreed with their brother.
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Nygari gently stroked Lytse's head as she listened, intrigued by the story and gave a small smile as Netherlu nudged her.
It felt like they had never had that fight years ago, it felt like they were still together. "You have received a very important gift." Nygari said softly, moving to lean her head on Netherlu's shoulder; trying to see if she was pushing the limits of her being around him again.
"He's a very special Kid." Harry added with a small smile, "Not the bravest, but he's got a big heart. Even if he wasn't gifted with Ho-Ohs gift, I feel like he'd still be special." The Arcanine said with a small smile to Lytse before he looked over to where Saruya sat and glanced to Netherlu.
"Say, if you were to impress someone who is a child of Entei; to show them your... Love, what would you think to use?" Harry asked after a moment of silence.

Niccia's smile faded at his words, a serious look flooded her eyes as she nodded once.
"We will help." She said with a tone of seriousness in her voice that Michael hadn't seen. "I have a sinking feeling it's tied into stuff with what we have to deal with." She continued, "Humans don't just know about Legendaries Descendants."
"Are you trying to insinuate someone told them?" Vatier said with a serious look, Niccia nodded once. Vatier shivered and shook his head, moving his hands to his head with a grumble. "Oh god, this may be worse than I thought."
"We'll get them." Niccia gently grabbed Vatiers hand, "I promise."
Vatier nodded, "Do you have anything to note this stuff down?" Vatier asked, "I have a few little ones stolen."

Frosiien smiled as Benny enjoyed it, moving to gently rub the head of Mitch as she looked to Andy, "It depends really." She said softly, "Sometimes we have scuffles, sometimes there are things that need to be spoken over. It's not often that new legendaries are assigned; especially not hatched like Mew." She smiled, "Are you getting a bit bored? We could go see the new Mew, I'm sure you'd love to have to get a glimpse of a newly hatched legendary. That's definitely not something that humans EVER get to see." She stood and offered her hand to him, "No one will believe you if you even tried to tell them anyway." She cheekily winked to him.

"Another Normal type!" The Bouffant laughed heartily, "I will definitely enjoy having him around then."
Lecrero rubbed his guardians head and gave an almost defeated sigh, "Of course." He said, before he looked to the Aura Trio, "Will you three be okay with waiting until the end of Star Fall before bringing them here? I will not travel back to Coronet for another few days, I would love to have them with me for the travel."

Belle smiled as she held Chifferi gently in her grip, "Oh? What sort of things? I can't believe I missed the drama!" Her stern demeanor was suddenly dropped now that others seemed happy to see her, she turned to her brothers with a bigger smile.
"You boys look amazing yourselves!" She said with a small curtsy, "I was probably going to sleep through this one," She started, "But something woke me up that I couldn't put my hands on so I decided to see if our little family party still happened!" She looked at the groups of legendaries around before she noticed the humans.
"Oh wow!" She started, "Not just all us legendaries but we managed to snag some humans too!" She grinned happily, "Now this is a party, I remember when we wouldn't even show ourselves to these creatures." She handed Chifferi to Stormiar with a grin and ran over to Mindy and picked her up gently and span her around.
"Oh you're adorable!" She said with a bigger smile, "I haven't been up close to your kind in Millenia; oh your fashions changed so much! How relaxed have the legendaries gotten at this point? Showing themselves to humans enough that we have Humans in StarFall?"
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Netherlu had a serious expression on his face as he looked back at Nygari when she leaned her head on his shoulder, but a smile broke through and he gave a small pat on her head to show it was okay.
He listened to Harry's question and followed his glance. "I hope she's nothing like Entei," he joked. "My son would be pleased with something warm or cozy, but how much of that passed to my grandchild... I don't know. Truth to be told, I didn't even know there was offspring." He laughed a bit and turned to Nygari. "Do you think you'll be getting any grandchildren?"

Michael nodded when Niccia spoke. "It's true," he chimed in when she mentioned humans didn't know about the offspring of legendary Pokémon. He hadn't known anything about it, and neither had his uncle, who moved around in scientific circles.
At Vatier's question Michael nodded and took his Pokédex. He didn't use it often, but it did have some interesting features like a notepad function, which could be used to write down rumours about Pokémon one wanted to investigate. "I can write it down," he said.

"Yes, let's go check out the new Mew," he said as he took Frosiiens hand so she could lead him to Mew and Kim. "That's the sad truth," he agreed. "I'd lose any respect I have as researcher if I'd write about this, because I have no evidence and no-one will believe this. Their loss, really. They'll never know how awesome you legendary Pokémon really are."

Harcu nodded. "Of course, we'll wait until after Star Fall," he said. "I don't foresee any trouble now and we're with enough to stop it if something does happen." He glanced to the other two to see if they agreed as well, but he expected they would.

The brothers didn't have a chance to say anything else, and they just shrugged at each other when she stormed off. Stormiar let Chifferi go, who chuckled as he floated around.
"Didn't change at all," he commented with a grin.

"Wha..." Mindy began as she was picked up by the unknown lady who had entered through the portal. "I-eh, sorry, what?" she stammered. She noticed Jirachi joined them.
"You're asking too many questions at once," Chifferi laughed. "Give her a moment. Mindy, this is Belle, one of my oldest friends! Belle, this is Mindy, a kind human who was invited. I don't know the full details, but I believe that human boy and Niccia are the reason we have these guests."

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Nygari flinched when he looked to her as she put her head on his shoulder, but relaxed as he gave a smile. She kept her head on his shoulder as he spoke to Harry before closing her eyes.
Harry's ears dropped at the joking of Saruya being like Entei before he pricked his ears up again; listening to the words that Ho-Oh was saying. "Something warm and cozy?" He repeated before he nodded and hopped up to his paws, "Right okay, I can work with that!" He said with a shaky voice, he was fully unsure about himself before he headed away from the small group that had gathered.
Nygari opened her eyes slowly and looked over to Netherlu as he asked if she would have grandchildren; she blinked as she thought of the question before she gave a bit of a yawn.
"I'm not sure really." Nygari spoke quietly, "Frosiien seems to have fallen beak over claws for a human, Prezzle is a grumpy bastard and Thunderk is just... An idiot." She said with a small joking grin, "And that's just the Kanto children of mine."

Vatier smiled weakly at Niccia and Michael as they said they'd help. He wasn't expecting to get help at all, but this made him feel more welcome than ever.
"I have five children." He started, Niccia's ears pricked up and looked up to Vatier with surprise and confusion before she gently smiled. "A young Abra boy, Galian. Two Ralts twins; a girl, Ella and a boy, Elliot." He paused for Michael to write it down, "A Rufflet son, Dorian but he was close to evolution so he might be a Braviary at this point, and an Aipom Daughter, Ti'ni."
Niccia nodded as she glanced to Michael, "And you're saying the humans took them for the idea of trying to pull the Ultra Beasts out?" She asked as she looked back to Vatier, "Which sounds like Aether Foundation."

Frosiien gave a small grin to Andy's words before she slowly head him to Kim, watching the little Mew Gently pulling on the cheeks of the Furret. "Definitely got a babysitter." She laughed, giving a small sigh, "It's a shame we can't interact with humans more often. But Fathers rules are sadly rules."
The new Mew's ears twitched as he glanced up to Andy and Frosiien as they got closer to them.

Kyio nodded, "Of course, we'll be here to help if needed." She said in agreement before she looked to Watcher, who had his arms crossed.
"You guys can go mingle, Kyio you need to tend to your wife and child. Harcu can go be a silent watcher. I'll stay with father for the rest of StarFall if needed." Watcher spoke, looking to Kyio and motioned with his hand for her to head off.
"You're stunning." Kyio said, turning to bow to Lecrero before darting over to Yalgai and Sparky carefully.

Belle only grinned as Chifferi reprimanded her for asking too many questions as she gently put Mindy down.
"My apologies, Ms Mindy." She bowed softly, "I got rather excited; It's an absolute pleasure to meet you." She gently cupped Mindys' hands in hers. "I hope you're not too spooked by all of the Legendaries here." She glanced to the little Jirachi with a surprised look on her face.
"Niccia's here??" She asked with a bigger grin, "Oh I haven't seen her in ages!" She turned back to Mindy and tried to drop her excitement level as to not spook her, "Have you been travelling with Niccia?"
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"I wonder," Netherlu said as he gazed in the direction of Andy and Frosiien. "We know we can make offspring with another Pokémon. I don't recall any of us ever with a human. Would offspring even be possible?" His gaze shifted to Michael and Niccia and grinned. "I suppose we'll find out in due time." He picked up Lytse. "Keep me informed."
"Ehh, sure?" Lytse commented, unsure if he could keep that promise, but Ho-oh seemed to want to hear that. He was lowered on Netherlu's in red leather covered lap and sat down. Ho-oh was kinder than he had imagined.
"Hey," Netherlu suddenly commented. "I was a late arrival, but I still wasn't the last to show up." He grinned. "I don't know how I feel about that."

Michael wrote everything down. "Aether Foundation..." he repeated. "I have heard that name before, but I don't know anything about them."
Living on a remote island group, he knew he wasn't up to date with lots of what happened in the bigger regions. If he wouldn't have a researcher who travelled the known regions as uncle he probably wouldn't even have known the name. "I think my uncle mentioned them once, but I don't know anything about them. He didn't seem overly enthusiastic about them."

Andy watched them for a moment as Kim moved her tail for the new Mew to grab it. A unique experience to see a newly hatched legend like this. Not that he had ever seen a real Mew in their actual form to compare it with, but this was cute. How long would it take for this one to develop to a full-grown Mew? Although, he thought to himself with a grin, that wouldn't require a lot of growing.
"Cresselia," he suddenly said. "Maybe you can introduce me to Cresselia?"

Harcu chuckled. "I can do that," he said and after a final glance at their father he walked away to mingle, as Watcher had suggested. He noticed Gavin stood by himself and he walked over to him.
"Are you enjoying yourself a bit?" he asked him.

"Oh, no, I'm fine," Mindy said, finally able to answer one question that was asked her. "Everyone here is so kind. One of the firs I met was Penalopy." She smiled as she thought back to the first encounter. "I did travel with Niccia for a bit, but not that long. She spent a lot more time with Michael," she added, gesturing with her head to where they were standing.

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Nygari hummed softly at his words as she listened to him speak, her eyes darting towards Michael and Niccia. "They are only young." She commented gently, "Expecting them to even think about little ones in a time of uncertainty is a bit harsh but I understand the curiosity." The Lugia said softly, giving a soft sigh as she moved her hand down to gently stroke Lytse's head with a bit of a yawn.
She took a moment as Netherlu mentioned he wasn't the last to arrive. "It's surprising that you aren't." She said with a soft smile, moving to lift her head up to gently kiss his cheek.
"We weren't expecting Vatier, and for Belle to arrive is always a good sign." She said with a soft sigh, "You were the last of our little family to arrive and I think that's all that matters."

Vatier frowned at Niccia's words, "I would ask Luna and Ra if you really want to learn more about them." He added, "But if you wish to ask around about it please feel free. I just want my little ones to be safe." He had a look of pleading in his eyes.
Niccia nodded softly to Vatiers words before she glanced to Michael, "It might be a better idea after StarFall but we have the ability to fly there at least." She said with a smile, "Your father first, then everything else. I promise." She moved to take his free hand before she looked to Vatier.
"It will be a priority, I promise." Niccia said to him with a grin, Vatier nodded once with a weak smile.

Frosiien smiled as she watched the little one with Kim, leaning slightly on Andy before he suddenly asked about Cresselia. She nodded once with a smile, "Of course." She said as she moved to take his hand again to lead Andy along. She kept an eye out as she watched the crowd with serious eyes.
"I know she is here." She started, focusing on each face she could see. She paused as she heard a small twinkle a bit away from the crowd and smiled. "This way, my love." Frosiien said as she lead him along towards a tree a bit away from the group. A Musharna leaned against the tree quietly before it moved to pull itself into the air.
"Fortoon, it's a pleasure to see you." Frosiien said as she pulled her hands away from Andy as she clutched the small Psychic pokemon in her hands, "I presume Puth is in the tree?"
"You would be correct." A gentle voice rung from one of the branches, the voice seemed to leave a small twinkle in the space where it went silent, "I'm sorry I wasn't in the crowd. It's a bit overwhelming for me to be around everyone. Especially if Father is corrupted still."

Gavin stayed by a tree with his eyes watching the crowd and trying to keep his mind away from the other Mewtwo. He watched Harcu approach as he unfolded his arms and feigned a smile. "The commotion wasn't very enjoyable." He said with a proper smile, offering to shake Harcu's hand. "Not a big fan of having another sibling but Father will do Father does."

Belle nodded once, "Mm." She said quietly, "I'll have to go pester her when she's free. I miss her pink."
She pulled her attention back to Mindy with a bigger smile, "Oh you met Penny, that's good. She's a good kid, a bit of an airhead but I love her." Belle smiled a bit more before her stomach rumbled, "Oof, Being asleep for a while can make you hungry. Is the food good this year?" She asked both Mindy and Chifferi.
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Netherlu grinned at Nygari, taking pride in being the last.
"After this party I am going back to that hospital and see how that injured man is doing. He's lucky he wore a red backpack and I was able to spot him."
R-red backpack? Lytse stuttered. "With yellow and some black feathers?
Netherlu frowned as he thought back. "Yes, something like that. Why?"
"That, that, that may be Michael's father. He's missing."
"The one who found my feather."
"Yes. Michael may want to know," Lytse said, looking towards his trainer.
"Of course." He cupped his hand and put it to his mouth. "Michael! Join us for a moment."

Michael had listened to Niccia and Vatier, smiling at Niccia when she made her promise, when he heard his name. Looking up he noticed it was someone Lytse was with.
"I'll see what he wants from me," he said and walked towards Netherlu.

Andy walked with Frosiien towards a tree and looked up when he heard a voice come down from it.
"I think you have the best place of the party," Andy commented. "Your father seems to be okay again. And I was wondering if we can talk about something I'd rather not bring up during the party."
He heared someone called Michael and he looked to see where it came from.

Harcu shook Gavin's hand. "I never object to the creation of new life, but I understand it's not easy on you. I'm not sure how I would feel about another like me." He stood besides Gavin to look at the party. Everything seemed to have settled down again and their family was mingling once again. "It would be nice if we could all bring our offspring to a gathering like this."

"It is, Chifferi said and he moved to take Belle's hand. "I'll show you where it is."
Mindy took this opportunity to see how her Pokémon were doing.

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Nygari's neck hair prickled at the mention of an injured human, instinctively she looked over to where Frosiien was before looking for her other children. Her attention was brought to Michael as he walked over to their little spot, she release her grip on Lytse if the Cyndaquil wished to meet his trainer.

Niccia nodded as Michael left, looking back to Vatier gently and moved to grasp his hands; which caused the other legendary to gasp and look up to Niccia. "I promise." Niccia started, moving to pull a small part of ribbon from her pocket.
"Niccia, wait-" Vatier started softly, Niccia moving to tie their hands together before she closed her eyes.
"I promise to get your little ones back." She said as the ribbon suddenly shimmered and disappeared into a small amount of sparkles. "Now, I can't- and won't- break this promise."
Vatier looked to Niccia and furrowed his brow, he knew it was dangerous for her to do this. He wondered if she ever showed Michael this as well. "Be careful, don't do this for everything." He said sternly.

Puthuuna slowly made her way down the tree, grabbing onto the last branch before dropping down.
"I'm glad Father is better." She said, the Mushurna floating from Frosiien over into the Cresselia's arms, almost like a comfort animal. She glanced over towards Andy and looked him over, tilting her head slightly before she glanced to Frosiien.
"He's safe." Frosiien said with a smile, "Andy, this is Puth. Puth, this is Andy; My... Boyfriend."
Puths' cheeks suddenly deepened in colour at the mention and looked between Andy and Frosiien.

Gavin looked over the group as Harcu spoke, he glanced to him as he mentioned about offspring.
"It would be nice to see what everyone else has..." He said, furrowing his brow at his words for a moment, "You know what I mean." He looked to his feet and shook his head, "I wish I had an offspring, It feels nice to have the idea of having little ones."

Belle smiled, bowing her head to Mindy and allowed to be lead over to the food. She glanced around slowly, taking a headcount of who was here. "Hm. It looks like everyone is here?"
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Michael joined Nygari and Netherlu and listened to the quick introduction by Lytse before turning to Netherlu.
"I found this dude and Lytse here thought it could be your father. Can you tell me where you last saw him or heard from him and what he looks like?"
Michael stared at him for a moment before he stuttered the description and where he was supposed to have been.
"Ruins of the Alph?" Netherlu repeated. "It wasn't far away from there. I'm not completely sure as humans kinda look alike, but I can take you to this place I left him and you can see for yourself."
"Thank you," Michael whispered. "I would like that."

Andy grinned at the word boyfriend and waved. "Pleasure to meet you." He definitely didn't want to bring up Darkrai here and now. "Frosiien is kind enough to introduce me to her very extended family."
As ge participated in the conversation he occasionally glanced in the directions of Michael and Mindy to see what they were up to.

Harcu grinned and gave Gavin a pat on the back. "It's not too late, my friend. Go out and talk to other living creatures, and you might find one you fance "
he chuckled. "And you won't be last, as I'm certain there are some of our fellow legendary Pokémon aren't even interested in mingling with other species - be it human or another kind of Pokémon."

"Yes! Jirachi said as he geabbed some berry juice with a straw. "Even some new ones. New Mew snd Mewtwo. And these humans and theor Pokémon companions of course".
He took a long sip and let out a pleased sigh. "Delicious!

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Nygari listened carefully as her husband and Michael spoke, "You were saying that the human looked similar to who Frosiien brought with her, right?" She added in quietly, hoping that would solidify that it was who Michael was looking for. Instinctively she looked around to see where everyone else was, noticing Niccia slowly heading her way over to where Michael was and stood beside him carefully.
"Everything okay?" Niccia asked softly, moving to gently hold Michaels' hand as she did so. "I hope you two are doing okay was well." She said as she bowed to Nygari and Netherlu.

Puth gave a soft smile to Andy, "Extended is definitely a word for it." She said with a laugh, "Especially since Father is more than happy to make more of us if anything happens to anyone else." She sighed softly, before she looked back to Andy and Frosiien.
"I didn't expect you to come with a human Fro." Puth said gently, "But that's not meant in a bad way, I'm glad you found someone to be yourself around."
Frosiiens' face now went red, "Puth," She almost hissed in embarrassment. She moved to cover her face with her hands for a moment with a sigh before she crossed her arms. Puth gave a weak grin before looking to Andy to try and move the conversation away from Frosiiens embarrassment.
"What do you do for work, Andy?" Puth asked with a soft smile.

Gavin's cheeks deepened in colour as Harcu spoke to him, before he glanced to the Order Pokemon; "You and your sister get along, right?" He asked after a moment, "I know Watcher will get along with either of you but you and Kyio are... Entirely different."

Belle looked over the food and got a little plate of nibbles for herself before she looked to the little Wish Pokemon with a bigger smile.
"A new Mew and Mewtwo? Have Gavin and Niccia denounced their titles?" She frowned slightly, Jirachi didn't seem too worried so she hoped it wasn't anything bad that happened.
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