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Name: Veronica Lance
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Wizard


Veronica is not the type of person who could easily blend into a crowd. She stands at exactly five feet tall, making her a little bit on the short side, not that this matters to her. Her figure is willowy, lacking in curvature. Not that she's a block, rather her curves are just understated, again, not that this matters to her. She has a heart shaped face, and a small nose. Her hair is long, and slightly wavy. It goes past her waist, with blunt cut bangs that go to her eyebrows. It naturally grows out of her head in a lavender color. She keeps her hair tied up into pigtails on either side of her head. Her eyes are an intense yellow color, that almost appear to be glowing, which tends to freak some people out. Her eyes have long, dark lashes attached to them. Her skin is naturally pale, and made more so by her not going out into the sun that often. Her pale complexion makes her other features stand out. She often wears dark makeup, such as black eyeshadow, and black lipstick.

Veronica has a very particular taste when it comes to clothes. Her wardrobe consists of frilly gothic style dresses. There are a lot of lace, ruffles, and bows in her clothes, and it's always in a black and purple color scheme. Her current outfit is a frilly purple and black dress. The bodice is purple and black, and is vaguely corsetlike in design. It has puff sleeves, ruffles, and two small purple bows decorating it. The bell shaped skirt is black, and it reaches to just past her knees. It has ruffles on the bottom. She wears black lace stockings on her legs, and black Mary Jane style shoes on her feet. Elbow length, fingerless black gloves, with crisscrossing purple lace ribbons in the center cover her hands. On top of her head sits a black headband with a purple bow attached to it. The only jewelry she wears is a black choker with a purple gem in the middle, as well as black stud earrings in both earlobes. Some people find her choice of clothing odd because it tends to look extravagant when it's not necessary. Veronica doesn't care what others think. She likes the style, and that's all that matters to her.

Veronica was given new clothes when she joined the Order. While she kept her style somewhat, she was forced to wear Order colors, which she's not completely happy about. She wears a frilly royal blue and black dress with various designs on it, including the Orders symbol. The skirt is bell shaped, and reaches to her knees. She also wears a few silver armored bits over it. Elbow length, fingerless black gloves, with crisscrossing blue lace ribbons in the center cover her hands. On top of her head sits a black headband with a blue bow attached to it. She wears black tights on her legs, with practical blue boots as her footwear.

Personality: Veronica is a quiet young woman who doesn't show emotion very often. She usually has a serious look on her face, and it's rare to see her smile. She doesn't talk very much, not because she's shy or anything, she just doesn't have much to say. It's hard to get more than a few words out of her at a time. When someone does try to talk to her, she tries to get straight to the point, and end the conversation as efficiently as possible. This often leads to saying things bluntly, or respond with a snarky comment. She is patient and stoic, and doesn't get angry easily, but can be quite scary when she does get mad. These days, she has a tendency to push people away because of her experiences with bullying, often playing up her bad reputation, and demonstrating her abilities to keep people away. While she is grateful for the gifts she was blessed with, she knows that they can be dangerous if left unchecked, which is why she keeps people at arms length, so she doesn't want to hurt people again. She struggles to not let the influence of her dark magic drive to be evil like everyone thinks she is. It's difficult because she actually enjoys burning on people who annoy her. Even if it is by accident sometimes.

Her favorite activity is reading books. She is actually fairly intelligent, and she likes learning as much as she can about magic, or anything else she thinks is relevant. She also reads for pleasure, and reads fairy tales and horror novels, in addition to scholarly texts. Although, she seems to prefer reading about people having epic adventures, than actually being involved in one herself. She knows the potential dangers involved, and Veronica doesn't like casually rushing into danger without a plan.

For all her intelligence, Veronica is lacking in physical ability. She's not very strong (though she can somehow pick up big heavy books without a problem), not a particularly fast runner, doesn't take hits well, and gets tired easily after doing physical activity for too long. Combat wise, Veronica relies on her magic for everything, and is useless in a physical fight. She typically avoids exerting herself too much. However, when it becomes necessary to perform manual labor, she will never complain about it. She'll just suffer in silence until the task is complete. Complaining is something that irritates her more than physical fatigue.

Despite the fact that she actively studies dark magic, Veronica isn't actually evil. She actually would like to put her powers to use doing something good, and show people that not all practitioners of dark magic are evil, and it that it can be put to use doing good. The reason for her reserved personality is because of the bad reputation she's gotten due to her powers. In reality, she is quite friendly deep down, and would appreciate companionship from someone willing to look past the darkness. She can be one of your closest friends if you have the patience to deal with her.

History: Before she was born, Veronica's parents were both sorcerers who studied dark magic. Both mother and father hailed from a long line of dark magic users. They had hoped to learn the secrets of dark magic, and put what learn to use for good. They wanted to raise a child who would grow up to follow in their footsteps. They tried many times to conceive a child the old fashioned way, but either failed to get pregnant, or miscarried. They considered adopting an orphan at first, but decided against it, as they wanted their progeny to inherit their magical abilities, and have their blood in their child's veins. So, they decided to use magic to help them conceive. It worked, and nine months later, they welcomed a baby girl into their lives. The girl was born with lavender hair, and yellow eyes that neither parent possessed, but was otherwise perfectly healthy. They named their new daughter Veronica, and blamed her unnatural hair and eye color on the fact that she was conceived magically.

Veronica was born in the capital of Verthall. Veronica and her family had a bad reputation since they practiced dark magic, and everyone in the capital didn't trust them because of this. Since they had not actually done anything bad yet, the people couldn't force them out. Veronica grew up in a very lavish lifestyle. Her family was able to afford the best of everything. Her parents were the ones who drilled her interest in magic into her head.

Veronica had not displayed any signs of having magic herself, thus she went to public school to get a normal education. Veronica was the victim of bullying and mistrust by others, who believed her to be a witch. Due to her interest in dark magic, odd choice of fashion, tendency to keep to herself, and unusual appearance, Veronica was very much an outcast. She was hurt by the constant teasing, but did her best to cope with it as best she could. Since she didn't have any friends, Veronica spent most of her time studying magic, and reading books. While she couldn't actively perform magic on her own yet, that didn't stop her from learning all she could about magic. She was always seen with some kind of book with her, and was very much an outcast.

It all came to a head on one particular day. While she was walking by, she overheard someone say, "Oh look, here comes that freak, Veronica. I bet she's just waiting for the right moment to kill us all." She got upset by this, and then suddenly, without meaning too, a purple fire suddenly appeared next to him. The person tried to put it out, but the flame spread, setting himself on fire. When she walked up to try to help the person, he responded with "You did this didn't you?! Get away from me you witch!" Which made Veronica more upset, causing the fire to grow. Veronica ran away tears streaming down her face.

As Veronica ran, random things she passed started bursting into flames. Eventually, the whole building she was in burst into flames. By the time help arrived, flames had consumed the school, several people were burned, and some even died. Veronica was the only one to walk out of the building unscathed. After that incident, it was confirmed in everyone's mind's that the Veronica really was a witch.

For her crime, Veronica was arrested. She would have been thrown in jail, but was given the option of being Conscripted into The Order of the Griffons instead. Not seeing a better alternative, Veronica decided to join The Order. At least there she could put the magic she only just discovered she had to good use.

Weapons: A simple staff with a silver crescent moon shape on the top given to her by The Order. Used for channeling magic, and looking like a real wizard!


Will-o-Wisp: Veronica conjures up balls of purple flames, that she can manipulate.

Shadow Tag: Veronica conjures a shadow to bind someone's feet where they stand, temporarily preventing them from escaping. The effect automatically ends when Veronica is far enough away from the target. The intended target must be directly in front of her to this work.

Hex: Veronica starts chanting, and summons shadows around an opponent. The shadows cause the victim intense (but not fatal) internal pain. The pain is worse if the victim has an affliction of some kind, like a burn.

Pain Split: Veronica is able to drain life energy from one, and transfer it to another. It can be used to heal wounds, essentially transferring those wounds to another victim. She can't kill anybody with this. She must able to touch the target(s) to use this.

Other: Seeing as she only recently discovered she has them, Veronica can occasionally have accidents with regards to controling her magic.
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Name: Kyle Uriah Remington (See what I did there?)
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Hometown: Lacunosa town, Unova

Type: Ice
Legendary: Kyurem

Ice Punch: Kyle's hand glows with an icy aura, and he delivers a punch that may freeze what he hit.

Hail: Kyle can summon a small hail storm that can hurt others

Slush Rush: While it is snowing or hailing, Kyle can move faster

Outrage: Kyle's most powerful ability. He gains super strength, and goes on a rampage attacking everything in his path. Afterwards, he becomes dazed and confused from fatigue, and has to rest for a while.

Appearance: Kyle is tall and muscular, standing at exactly 6’3”. He has a boyish face, though he still possesses a firm jaw. He has a small nose, and large, expressive almond shaped eyes, which are an icy blue color. He keeps his platinum blonde hair spiky using a generous amount of hair gel. He has very pale skin due to the lack of sunlight he gets, as heat always bothered him. He is an athletic boy, and is in good shape. He has a toned physique, that he got from years of training and being active. He is quite proud of this, and likes to show it off. Apart from on top of his head and eyebrows, he has no hair on his upper body or face.

For reasons he does not understand, Kyle is not bothered by the cold at all. As a result, he doesn't dress appropriately for the cold. His taste in clothing is also pretty simple, and he isn't one for dressing fancy. His usual outfits consists of an tight ice blue tank top with a deep V-neck with a stylized wolf head on it, a grey leather vest worn over it, and a pair of worn out faded gray jeans which are held up by a belt. On his feet, he wears a pair of gray studded combat boots. On his hands are gray studded leather fingerless gloves on his hands. He got his ears pierced behind his parents back, and often wears earrings.

Personality: Kyle is a quiet young man who doesn't show emotion very often. In fact, it's rare to see him smile. Mainly because there isn't much to smile about these days. That doesn't mean he spends his time brooding about everything bad. He believes that if you have problems, you should at least try to do something about it, and not sit there feeling sorry for yourself. He doesn't talk very much, not because he's shy or anything, he just doesn't have much to say. It's hard to get more than a few words out of him at a time. When someone does try to talk to him, he tries to get straight to the point, and end the conversation as efficiently as possible. This often leads to saying things bluntly. He is patient and stoic, but he can get very angry easily when pushed too far. These days, he has a tendency to push people away because of his experiences with bullying. He is also socially awkward, and not the best at communicating with people. He can be a loyal friend if one has the patience to deal with him.

He doesn't have many friends. Certain people are always trying to get him to smile, much to his annoyance. It irritates him greatly when people try to give him unwanted advice. It's annoys him when people expect him to change just because they told him to. He is interested in his athletic pursuits of all kinds. He particularly enjoys snowboarding. He is proud of strength, and likes to show it off. He does a lot of physical activity to maintain it. However this does not mean he is a dumb jock. He is actually fairly intelligent, and gets good grades in his classes. It is not something he likes bragging about though. He also enjoys reading books in his spare time, when he's not snowboarding, or keeping to himself. He enjoys reading about adventures as much as he enjoys having them himself. Kyle is always up for a challenge, and likes to explore new places. He likes the feel of winning, and can be a sore loser if he felt the other person's victory was undeserved.

Kyle has a strong sense of justice and "fairness". He is quick to defend those who have been unjustly wronged. He is also quick to voice his disapproval at things he deems unfair. He dislikes bullies as well as cheaters. He also enjoys a good fight, whether that be a Pokemon battle, or an actual fistfight. He tries to avoid being reckless. Always calculating and planning what he's going to do next. However, trying and succeeding are two different things. His temper has been known to get the better of him. His goal is to go traveling around the world, catch more Pokemon, challenge the Gyms, and become a Champion like he read about in books. Unfortunately, he feels like at this point, that goal is pretty much impossible.

History: Kyle was born and raised in Lacunosa town Unova. For as long as he lived there, everyone was afraid of the alleged monster that ate people caught outside after dark. His parents were among those who actually believed the legend. When he was young, he was a small scrawny child when he was younger, and got picked on by bullies a lot who thought he was an easy target. He was socially awkward and had difficulty talking to people. It bothered him, but Kyle didn't really do much about it.

For some reason, he was never bothered by the cold, and never understood why he had to wear a jacket outside all the time. While playing in the outskirts of town one day, a blizzard came in. Kyle's parents were worried sick when they couldn't find their son. Several hours later, he came back with a Sneasel he named Frostbite following him. Kyle was completely unaffected by the cold, and acted like nothing was wrong. After that, his parents got more strict with letting him play around outside of the town, warning him it was dangerous to leave the walls of the town with that monster lurking.

After that, Kyle spent more time at home. He developed an interest in reading from an early age. He grew up reading a lot of books. His parents had all kinds of books about what life was like beyond the walls of Lacunosa. It was through these books that he learned about Pokemon training, and he trained Frosty, as well as himself, to become stronger. Seeing young people travelling around the world, challenging gym leaders, and becoming Champion was a desire that was instiled in his head from all the books he read about the subject. However, his parents were concerned about his safety. Thus they became even more strict with him. They even enforced curfew. It wasn’t like there was much to do in this small town after dark, but it was ridiculous. He snuck out whenever he could, but had to make sure to be home on time or else the cops would be called.

As he grew up, he remained withdrawn and distant from others. He rarely spoke to other kids, and started to prefer doing things by himself. As such, he had very few friends other than his Sneasel. The bullying had stopped sure, but he didn't bother trying to make any new friends because he knew eventually they would just up and leave him. Thus, he learned to depend on himself, and Frosty. He felt sad that he would essentially be stuck in Lacunousa Town forever. He wanted to go out and see the world, and become a proper Pokemon trainer like the ones he read about. He still trained his Sneasel in battle, took up a hobby in Snowboarding, as well as threw himself into his schoolwork. However, he still felt down about the way his life was going. He wanted to hope that maybe things would get better, but he was beginning to doubt that.

Then, two weeks before his birthday, he had a strange dream. They called him by an unfamiliar name, Kyurem. That name was familiar to him, but he couldn't figure out why. The voice talked about some sort of prophecy, and to come to the Hall of Legends on his eighteenth birthday. He woke up before he could get any more information. He would have forgotten all about this, were it not for the fact that Frosty confirmed it's validity. Although, he didn't know what the Hall of Legends was either, despite supposedly being a Messenger of the Legends. Ridiculous as all this sounded, Kyle sensed an an opportunity. He began to plot his escape from the town he was trapped in. Man eating monster be damned. It helped that he seemed to develop powers, like being able to summon a small hailstorm.

Little does he know, he is the man eating monster!

Other: Likes the cold, but heat makes him grumpy and irritable.


Name: Frostbite
Species: Sneasel
Gender: Male

Personality: Much to the surprise of many, Frosty is actually a friendly Pokemon. He is a playful and fun loving, who often tries to get Kyle to be less icy. He is very loyal to his trainer, and is one of the few that has seen Kyle smile. He is also a competitive Pokemon who likes to win, and is as vicious in battle as his species is known for being.
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Name: Daniel “Danny” Davis

Age and Gender: 18, Male, Homosexual

Appearance: Danny is a tall and lean young man. He stands at exactly six feet tall. He has a bit of a baby face that he has been teased about. Marked by a round face, large expressive blue eyes, and a small nose. These features give him a rather youthful appearance. He keeps his blonde hair short and spiky. His build is slim and wiry, with very basic muscle definition. He has a fair skin complexion. He has Some people have called him cute, but Danny gets embarrassed when people talk about him like that.

Danny doesn't really have much in the way of fashion sense. He dresses how he thinks looks cool. His wardrobe mostly consists mostly of T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. He always wears pink and purple, his favorite colors. No matter what anyone says, he won’t change that. He currently wears a pink T-shirt with a short sleeved pink and white jacket over it, a pair of purple jeans, and purple and white high top sneakers. He wears glasses for near sightedness.

He also has more stereotypically nerdy outfits in his closet that he wears as formal wear. His favorite outfit is a dress shirt with an argyle sweatervest over it, purple slacks, and purple dress shoes. The look is completed with a purple bowtie, and a much thicker pair of pink glasses. The only reason he doesn’t wear this look more offen is because he’s been told over and over that they look like old person clothes.

Personality: Danny is something of a shy introvert. The fact that he was bullied a lot when he was younger. He prefers to keep to himself, or at the very least small groups. He tries hard to be friendly, if only to get people to like him so he won’t be bullied anymore, but a lot of the times ends up just being awkward. He usually perks up when the conversation goes in a direction he’s interested in. When he’s interested in the subject matter, then he keeps talking and talking.

He gets nervous very easily. He tries to hide that by making jokes and being witty, but all that seems to do is make people want to punch him. He really wants to be brave and cool, but he finds being that kind of person difficult. He’s shy and self conscious, and gets embarrassed when he gets any kind of attention good or bad. He gets particularly nervous around guys he happens to find attractive. At that point, he starts stammering. He’s not good at flirting.

He’s in many ways a complete geek. He loves science, reads a lot, loves computers and the Internet, enjoys playing video games. He also likes cute things, and the color pink. He has a small collection of plushies at home. It was something he was bullied for in the past. He’s not very good at sports either. He hopes that gaining superpowers will give him some kind of self confidence. That seems to be the case with the superheroes he’s seen.

History: David and Denise Davis gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Daniel. They had a difficult time having a baby, so when they finally had Danny, he was their miracle baby. They cherished him, and wanted to do their best to give him every advantage in life.

Growing up, Danny discovered he was rather intelligent. He did very well academically. Science was his favorite subject. However, he was also introverted and quiet and did not do well socially. He was often picked on by other kids because of it. Not helping the matter was the fact that he liked the color pink as well cute things, and other stuff that was stereotypically girly. He preferred to play with Barbies and stuffed animals while other boys liked playing with Hot Wheels and Football. He also wasn’t very good at sports. While he had supportive parents at home, he had a difficult time making friends at school.

His most consistent bully is a boy named Skyler. At one point, Danny had a crush on him. Danny worked up the nerve to confess his feelings. Of course, those feelings were not mutual. Skyler laughed in his face, and outed him to the whole school. It was embarrassing, and made going to school much more difficult. Now Skyler picked on him regularly. Things often escalated to violence for trivial reasons, like if he got a better grade than him on an exam. He didn’t dare tell anyone. Things only got worse when you snitched.

He endured it for years, and did his best to get by. He wanted to be cool, brave, and popular, like a superhero. No matter how hard he tries, he always has trouble pulling it off. Finally graduation day has arrived. He is looking forward to getting superpowers, and is hoping for something good.
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Name: Fiona Odette
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Allusion: Swan Lake
Aura colour: White
Species: Swan Faunus (She has white feathered wings growing from her back, which allow her to fly.)

Semblance: Swan Plumage: Fiona's semblance allows her to summon white feathers made from aura that she can manipulate. These are not harmless feathers by any means. They can be razor sharp, and can be used to attack opponents as if they were throwing daggers. They can also be used as a shield to soften the blows of attacks if she creates enough of them. The more she exerts her abilities, the more taxing it is on herself.

A long white rapier. It has a swan's head at the end of the handle. A dust crystal can be placed at the hilt for enhanced attacks. She tends to use Water, Wind, Ice, and Hard Light crystals.

Appearance: Fiona is a petite, thin woman. She stands at slightly less than 5 feet tall. Her figure is willowy, lacking in curvature. Not that she's a block, rather her curves are just understated. She has a heart shaped face, and her facial features are soft and delicate. She has large, expressive brown eyes that often reflect sadness, framed by long eyelashes. She has a small button nose, and full lips. Her skin is naturally pale, and serves as a contrast with her long, silky, black hair. She usually doesn't wear make-up, and when she does, it's only a small amount that you wouldn't even notice it. Odette has a fragile, delicate beauty that tends to make people admire her for her beauty, or take pity on her. Both reactions embarrass her. Since she is a Swan faunus, she has white feathered wings growing from her back. Her clothes are customized to accommodate them.

Odette generally dresses elegantly, but not too over the top either. She generally prefers to wear white, and other pastel colors. Her casual outfit includes a white to with a lavender ruffle around the neckline. She wears a matching lavender ruffled skirt on the bottom. Her legs are covered by white leggings, and she wears silver flats with ribbons that go around her legs, and are tied up into a bow at her thighs. She acceorizes with feathers mostly. She wears a white feather clip in her hair made from feathers. Silver earrings shaped like feathers hang from her ears, and a silver necklace with several small silver feather charms hangs around her neck.

Her outfit is mostly white. Around her head, she wears a white swan tiara. The swan's head sits on her forehead, and on either side are white wings. She wears a long sleeved white blouse as her top. The sleeves are wide, and there are frilly ruffles under the collar around the chest area. Around her waist, she wears a white sash with lavender feathers hanging off it. On her legs are a pair of white leggings. Her look is completed with a pair of knee high white boots.

During class, she wears the standard Haven Academy Uniform. Exactly as it's supposed to be worn.

Personality: Fiona comes across as being aloof when people first meet her. She is a quiet young woman who doesn't seem to smile very often these days. While she is capable of being polite in conversations, she doesn't speak to others much unless someone engages her first. After being bullied as a child for being "The Ugly Duckling" she's always been a bit reserved. The the things that happened in her life made it worse. She often cried and sulked for a long time. While she got a better handle on her grief now, she never truly got over everything that had happened to her. While she tries to carry herself with grace in public, she still has bouts of depression every so often.

While being slow to trust others at first, beneath her quiet exterior, Fiona is a very kind and gentle soul. She gives to those less fortunate, and is willing to help someone in need. She is sympathetic to the plights of others, and is sweet to all those who stick around long enough to form a relationship with her. She is loyal and affectionate to those she is close to, and would do anything for them if they needed it.

Due to the bullying she experienced as a child, Fiona has a rather low opinion of herself. No matter how much people try to tell her otherwise, she still sees herself as the ugly duckling, and is rather embarrassed when she is given complements. Fiona generally keeps how she is feeling to herself. The last time she spoke up, an innocent man got killed for his trouble. That being said, she does have a hidden violent, angry side that she does her best to keep to herself. She doesn't take kindly to bullies, and evildoers in general. She can also be vicious in a fight.

History: Fiona and her parents lived on a small village in Vale. She lived a fairly simple life on the island with her family. Her mother was a Swan Faunus, and be extension so was her daughter. Growing up was not easy for the young girl. Her face was riddled with blemishes, she was awkward and clumsy, and people found her too thin and pale. She was bullied relentlessly by her peers for her looks, on top of the fact that she was a faunus. She was given the nickname The Ugly Duckling. All of this bullying damaged her self-esteem.

Her parents were both hunters, and they would one day teach their daughter to fight and follow in her footsteps. That changed when she was twelve. A swarm of Nevermore's invaded the Island. In the chaos that ensued, both of the young girl's parents were killed. The bird grimm were eventually all defeated, but the young girl was left parentless. The girl was of course devastated by the loss of her parents, However, she wasn't alone for long. She was taken in by an older man named Sombra Von Rothbart. He was a friend of the Odette family, and was glad to take in their child. Especially because it would give his own daughter someone to play with.

Sombra was kind to her at first. He supported her through all the sadness she was feeling over her parents demise. He put her in ballet classes, as it would be a way to help her be less clumsy, and it would give her something to distract her from the pain. Gradually, Odette's appearance improved as she grew into herself. The blemishes on her skin disappeared and was now smooth and clear. She was also a lot more poised and graceful. By the time she was 16, Odette was no longer the Ugly Duckling. People were in awe of Odette's newfound beauty, but she still remembered how badly people treated her when she was the ugly duckling. Although she kept it to herself, she still held some resentment towards her abusers.

Over time though, Sombra's true colors began to show. As the girl grew older, he took more of an interest in her. He would order her to dance for him and with him, and make unwanted advances torwads her, and then beat her when she refused. He would apologize for it the next day, but the cycle of abuse would continue. At some point, Sombra took her out of school, and kept her as his prisoner and had to do anything he asked. Then there was the matter of Sombra's daughter, Odila. With the exception of her clothing choices, Odila looked exactly like Fiona. She was also a faunus, except her wings were black. She product of an affair Sombra had with Fiona's mother, and the reason why Sombra was so obsessed with her. Fiona and her half sister never spoke to each other.

Fiona wanted to escape, but felt like she couldn't. Where would she go, wander the streets? She had no family, what was she to do? She did however make it a point to sneak out every night while Sombra slept. As long as she made sure to come back before the sun rose, she could enjoy a few hours of freedom every night. It was during one of her nightly escapes that she met a handsome young man named Derek Siegfried. The two were smitten with each other from the moment they laid eyes on each other. He invited her to a party he was having at his home the next night. Fiona happily accepted, thinking maybe this would be her chance at freedom.

Except, at some point, Sombra caught on to what Fiona was doing. He followed her out one night, and caught her with another man. Rather than comfront her right then and there, he concocted another plan.

The night of the party, Fiona arrives, but Derek notices there is something different about her. Her wings were black, and she also was dressed in black. She was also much more foward and flirtatious than she normally was. The prince didn't think too much of it though, believing that she was only excited, and maybe she dyed her wings to go with her outfit. Did faunus' do that? He didn't know. The truth of the matter was that Sombra had sent his daughter in her place. Fiona eventually awoke, and hurried to Derek's house, only to witness Derek and Odila then kissing passionately. The sight of which brings Fiona to tears, as she flees.

Derek only realizes his mistake after catching a glimpse of Fiona in tears. He manages to catch up to her, but also catches Sombra trying to take back Fiona. Derek demands she be released. It isn't long before a fight breaks out between the men. It ended quickly after Sombra pulled out a gun, and shot Derek dead.

At this point, something in Fiona snapped. Sombra had kept her prisoner for far too long. Now he went and killed an innocent man. As Sombra was gloating, Fiona snatched the gun out of his hand, and pointed it at him. Sombra taunted her, saying she would never do it. And then she shot him, multiple times to make sure the man was truly dead.

When everything was said and done, Fiona was horrified with what she did. She felt guilty about killing another person. Even if it was someone who was holding captive, killing was not something good people did. Fiona knew she had to get out of there, she flapped her wings and flew away. She didn't know where she was going to go, or what she was going to do. She just knew she had to leave.

This is how she wound up in Mistral. Far away from her home in Vale, where she could get a fresh start. She also enrolled in the Haven Academy, in an effort to become a Huntress. The Grimm were responsible for killing her parents and putting her into this mess in the first place. She wanted to be sure no one would have to suffer like she did. Her first year was fairly average. Her dance skills helped make her a skilled fighter. She mostly kept to herself during her time there, and didn't really have any friends. She occasionally got teased for being a faunus, but she just ignored it.
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Name: Noble Taeral Granlock
Race: Elf
Age: 30
Gender: Genderfluid (He/Him, She/Her, They/Them)

Appearance: Taeral is a tall lanky elf. They stand at 6’3” and towers over many others. His he has a slender build with slight muscle definition that she maintains for cosmetic reasons. They have a heart shaped face with soft features that could convincingly belong to a man or a woman. They wear makeup to contour their face to emphasize their masculinity or femininity depending on their whims. That or use magic. Her hair is blonde and kept in a short bob normally. Sometimes they’ll wear wigs if they want to experiment with different hairstyles, or again use magic. He has the fair skin complexion that is common of elves. They have clear striking blue eyes. They have no body or facial hair.

Taeral enjoys clothes. They are partial to robes, but also likes tunics with tights, fancy suits, as well as pretty gowns. She will wear anything as long as it is expensive. He wears the finest silks and fabrics money can buy, and anything less is offensive. His regular outfit is a golden silk robe designed with several diamond patterns, with a matching golden jacket over it. He wears a white sleeveless shirt under it, and white tights cover his lower body. On his feet he wears white ankle boots with golden accents. Sitting atop of her head is a crown of gold leaves.

Personality: Taeral was born into high status and prestige. He flaunts her nobility wherever she goes, and will not hesitate to remind you of their status. They dress and act like someone with wealth. They are used to luxury, and are accustomed to everything being the best of the best. Anything less is just an insult. Even though they know that one day it is their duty to rule them, Taeral has a tendency to look down on commoners. Particularly humans. They’re just so… boring…She knows they can’t help their lowborn status, and that is why it is his duty to rule them, and guide them towards a path to a better life.

Taeral is a natural born leader. They like to take charge of situations, and they know how to speak to get others to listen to them. When they really want to, they can be an inspiring figure. They take great joy in being in charge and in control. They like to impose their own will on others. They are quick to tell others why their ideas are wrong, and Taeral’s own ideas are right. However, they don’t take it well when their ideology is challenged. They only care about others as long as they are useful and are willing to cooperate toward common goals. He is quick to move on from relationships with others as soon as they are no longer useful.

They are overly confident in their abilities and status, but deep down they are rather lonely. Yes, he has a close connection with Ma’aran, but it’s not the same. They likes to think others would flock and gravitate torwards a natural ruler like himself, but they don’t. They will never admit this to anyone, but they would like one true friend. It’s just hard to balance leadership and friendship.

History: Taeral was born in the radiant city into a wealthy aristocratic family. The Granlock family had a lot of power and influence within the city, and Taeral was groomed to follow in his family’s footsteps. As soon as he could walk, talk and properly comprehend things, Taeral was taught everything you needed to know about being a noble. He was taught everything from manners and etiquette, to the teachings of the god Ma’aran. What Taeral enjoyed learning about the most though was magic. Early on Taeral had an aptitude for magic. He spent a lot of time reading books on the subject.

Outside of his studies though, Taeral didn’t have much of a social life. They never conformed to gender norms, and other children found them weird because of it. They didn’t understand why they couldn’t settle on being a boy or a girl. He was often teased, taunted, and called names. Taeral did his best to ignore it, but it hurt them deep down. So he buried herself in their studies. He spent a lot of time communing with Ma’aran, and not as much time with anyone else. They weren’t worth his time. Ma’aran has saved them from a lot of loneliness.

Being raised as a noble gave her a superiority complex, that they use to mask the loneliness they often feel. They looked down on commoners, and very rarely associated with others outside of his aristocratic circle. He was raised to believe it was their job to lead and guide the commoners to a path of righteousness. Something his family encouraged. His family wanted their child to ascend to the priesthood, and that was something Taeral wanted for herself as well. It would bring them closer to the gods, but they were more interested in the power that came with the title.

They spends a lot of his time enforcing the will of the gods and the preisthood, studying magic, and living luxuriously. There was one day where thet encounterd a group of children bullying a human boy in a frilly pink dress. Even though Taeral has a distaste for humans, she felt bad for the child getting bullied for not following gender norms. Let’s just say they could relate… So, Taeral intervened using his magic to scare the bullies away. The boy was extremely grateful, and thanked Taeral profusely. Taeral has not seen the human child since, and they still wonder what became of them.

Even though they take their duties seriously, this doesn’t mean Taeral doesn’t like to have fun once in a while. She traveled to Llago to take part in the monthly festivities there. While there, they met a strange girl named Mai. She doesn’t know how they crossed paths, or even what prompted them to speak in the first place, but Mai laughed at Taeral’s dry sense of humor, and Taeral appreciated that. They eventually parted ways

Fate: Taeral will one day attain all the power he craves, and ascend to the priesthood. He spends all his time communing with Ma’aran, and very little time with anyone else unless it was convenient to their own needs. Thus, they have a strong connection with their god. Additionally, the Granlock family has strong connections with the priesthood to begin with. The power will go to their head, and they will be assassinated by a group of other priests who fear their unprecedented power is undermining the will of the gods.
Good Deed: He defended a human child from bullies.


Taeral has devoted themselves to the teachings of Ma’aran. As such, they can can call upon light based magic. In addition to the standard barriers and blasts that one would expect, Taeral has the ability to cast minor illusions to confuse and deceive enemies. In particular, they use their magic to cast small holograms to alter their face to appear more masculine or feminine depending on their mood, as well make minor appearance changes to their environment. They haven’t perfected their illusion magic yet though, and you can catch the difference when your looking closely.

Aside from that, Taeral is also good at styling hair, clothes, and makeup. It’s not always a practical skill, but Taeral likes being able to make himself look good, and others should they request it.
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| NAME |
Zachary “Zach” Zatara

| AGE |




Zach is confident and proud of his looks. He has an angular face with a firm jawline, and defined features. He has been told he’s handsome a number of times, and if we’re being honest, he actually believes his own hype. He stands at six feet tall, and has a fit build, but not overly muscular. He also has dark hair, and blue eyes. He has a perfectly white smile on his face when performing.

More often than not, Zach wears his magicians suit. It’s his stage costume, and his superhero costume. It is basically a fitted tuxedo. The suit consists of a black tailcoat with a white dress shirt, purple cummerbund, and a purple bow tie. He wears black slacks held up by a belt, and black dress shoes on the bottom. His hands are covered by white gloves. His most prominent accessory is his black top hat with a purple band around it.

On the occasions when he’s not in his magicians costume, he dresses casually. T-shirts, Tank Tops, Sneakers, and Jeans as his casual wear.

| BIO |
Zachary Zatara was born to two kind parents. His uncle, Giovanni "John" Zatara, and his daughter Zatanna, had great fame as stage magicians and real magicians on their own. This however was not the case for Zachary’s family mostly due to his mother. Zachary's mother, who was a pure Homo Magi, was determined to make sure her family had nothing to do with magic. She wanted a normal life for her family. To ensure this, she placed a charm on Zachary that would seal his powers as a Homo Magi. Of course, Zach always knew his family had magical abilities, but he assumed that he was a rare case since his father was a human.

Stopping Zachary's magic could not stop him from being different than other children though. He not only buried himself books most kids his age would be too young to understand, but also had a keen interest in learning about magic and stage. He grew distant from others, and spent his time pursuing his interests. He found most of school boring. As a result, he never really had any friends.

After various strange visions and study sessions, Zachary learned that something might be stopping him from reaching his true potential. So, he decided to pay a visit to his uncle at the age of 16. His uncle confirmed this and told him there was a seal made by his mother that was preventing him from being able to use magic.

During said visit, his parents went on a business trip and things didn’t necessarily turn out as planned. Because of some drunken driver, they got in a car accident which killed them instantly. Even with this tragic event a good thing did come out of it. The spell that was placed on Zachary was gone since his mother was dead. (it was sad nonetheless)

Ever since then, Zachary has been spending more time with his uncle and cousin, and also using his abilities to become a hero and a famous stage magician

Zach can cast spells by speaking backwards. What Zach is best at is affecting inanimate objects. For example, he can summon simple objects into existence, and turn one object to another. He can also control elemental magic to some degree. For example being able to shoot purple fireballs or pink lightning out of the tip of his wand. He can also give himself the ability to fly. In fact, that’s the first thing he tried when he discovered he had magic.

Zach can sense the flows of magical energies and can sense spells being cast and the presence of magical beings, spirits, events, and items.

Zach can use blood magic. He can write spells in blood. His own or someone else’s... Besides being gross, this is damaging to his psyche and can attract the attention of corrupting spirits, demons, etc. Do you know how awkward it is to accidentally summon a demon? What's worse, these spells are actually much more powerful than his normal ones, so the temptation is always there, even when there is an alternative.

Stage Magic: Zach has the potential to be a world-class stage magician and can perform impressive feats of misdirection, sleight-of-hand, and escape. These abilities, of course, are not restricted to the stage, which means that he's not easily trapped, bound, or without resources.

Escape Artist: He’s been taught to pick locks, and escape from dangerous situations. He can even hold his breath underwater for long periods of time.

Occult Lore: Zach has built up lot of knowledge on the occult thanks to reading his uncle’s books on the subject.

Zach is a natural-born performer, it runs in the family. He has a talent for acting (including charm, deception, and subterfuge) and he can sing and dance

To use his magic, Zach has to recite his incantations backwards. He needs focus to do so and if he messes up, is distracted, or is interupted in the middle of a spell something unexpected could happen or nothing at all. If he is unable to speak, he cannot cast his spells.

If Zach uses a lot of bigger spells it can drain his power leaving him unable to use any of his spells. To recover he needs to actual rest for a period of time.

In all honesty, Zach’s only been doing this seriously for two years. In most cases, his command over his abilities is mediocre at best. He still needs training and finds certain things are just out of his reach. This is not a matter of confidence or willpower. He's got that in spades. It's an issue with his inexperience and relatively amateur technique. While he seems especially gifted at affecting the world around him, people are another matter. Any spells cast upon another human being can be tricky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Teleportation is something else he has trouble with. He can go short distances, or at least somewhere he can see/point to with his wand. But travelling far is another matter. He can summon objects to his hand without a problem, but again humans are tricky...

Birthday is June 12
He’s gay!
He’s a Youtuber and Social Media influencer, and posts videos of his magic acts. Like and subscribe!

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Name: Niko Watanabe
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Niko acts like a happy go lucky kid. He smiles and laughs and acts like nothing bothers him. He tries not to show his negative emotions around others. He has a hard enough time making friends as it is. If they see him cry or be sad, it will only push people away even more. He likes the color pink, cute things, and generally stuff that is considered girly by most people. He gets excited easily and he starts yelling and screaming and bouncing all over the place when he gets in one of his moods.

Skills: Visual Arts: Niko can draw, paint, sculpt, sew, basically any arts and crafts project Niko can do.

Bio: Niko is half Japanesse half American. His mother and father are divorced, and he lives with his mother in Japan. He always had a fascination for cute things. He played with stuffed animals while other boys played sports. He even dyed his hair pink because he thought it was a more fun color than his natural brown. For this, he was often bullied. While Niko always wore a smile on his face, and acted like the bullying never bothered him, deep down it does. Additionally, Niko is estranged from his American father. He wanted a son who would follow in his footsteps and be an athlete. Obviously, Niko is not that. Niko was an artist. While his mother was supportive, he was often yelled and called a sissy by his father on the rare occasions they do see each other.

He wants to make a friend that likes him for who he is. He tries his hardest to be friendly, but often his attempts come off as overbearing. So far, the only place he’s been able to find any kind of acceptance is in video games as well as his artwork.

He was playing games on the computer when Lopmon literally stepped out of the computer and into his lap. The two became friends quickly. Niko dressed the Lopmon he named Coco in cute outfits, and they played together. That was until weird people from ATLAS showed up…

Digimon CS:

Name: Coco
Gender: Female
Personality: Coco’s personality is an extension of Niko’s. She is cheerful and upbeat as he is. She has better social skills than Niko though, and she often has to calm Niko down when he gets too excited, or serve as an emotional support Digimon in private when Niko is sad in private. Niko likes to dress her in cute outfits he made himself.
Appearance and abilities:
Tiny Twister: Generates a tiny tornado by spinning her ears like a propeller.
Blazing Ice: Spits out shots of supercooled air.
Spinning Slap: She spins around and slaps an opponent with her ears.
Digivolution Chart: Conomon, Kokomon, Lopmon, Turuiemon, Antylomon, Cherrubimon
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Name: Matthew James Watson (MJ)
Alias: Jackpot
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Powers: When MJ takes Mutant Growth Hormone, he basically becomes a classic flying brick. He can fly, is more durable, and is super strong.

Power Grid:

Intelligence: 2
Strength: 6
Speed: 3
Energy Projection: 1
Durability: 5
Fighting Skills: 2

Weaknesses: The source of MJ’s powers are also his weakness. The powers he gains are only temporary. Usually 6 hours or so depending how much MGH he took. In order to have powers at all, MJ has to keep taking MGH. MGH is highly addictive in humans, and he experiences withdrawal symptoms when he doesn’t take them for long periods of time. Additionally, MGH has a side effect of making him more aggressive while he’s on it.


MJ is an attractive dude (at least in my opinion.) He totally believes his own hype. He is confident and proud of his looks. He has fine facial features, and has been described as a pretty boy. He stands at six feet tall, and has a fit build, but not overly muscular. He also has vibrant red hair, and green eyes. He has a perfectly white smile on his face

History: Matthew James Watson was born to Phillip and Madeleine Watson in Queens New York. Their marriage was not a happy one. When MJ was six, Madeleine walked out on her husband and son, and was never seen again. MJ and his dad moved to Queens, and Phillip turned to alcohol to drown his sorrows. As MJ would soon find out, Phillip was a violent angry drunk. He physically and verbally took out his frustrations on his son. MJ felt conflicted about the whole thing. His dad was an ass, but he was still his family…

While in school, and away from his dad in general, he put on a party boy persona. He acted cheery and bubbly, and was always out. He found any excuse he could to not be home. His dream was to be an actor. He became a social media influencer, constantly posting pictures of himself, as well as videos of the parties he went to, and whatever else he thought people would find interesting. He hoped to leverage this into an acting career.

MJ developed a large online following, and naturally was quite popular at school. He dated a lot of people, both girls and boys. There was one boy in particular. His name was Danny Davis. The Watsons and the Davises were next door neighbors. MJ knew good and well Danny had a view of his bedroom from his own window… Danny wasn’t the type of guy he normally went out with, but he was really sweet. The guy was bullied a lot, and MJ felt bad for the poor kid. He may have said some things… It was just harmless flirting, it didn’t mean anything…

Untill Danny asked him out to Prom. MJ was shocked. Did Danny get the wrong idea? He was a sweet guy but… he wasn’t into him like that. Prom was serious, and quite frankly MJ wasn’t ready to be tied down like that. MJ rejected Danny’s invitation, and hoped they could still be friends… Danny seemed to take it well…

Then the next day, MJ received the news that Danny had been killed. Internally, he was racked with guilt. If he had taken Danny to Prom he would probably still be alive today… But externally, he blamed that sister of his. She was with him, she could have done something? Why wasn’t she killed? Danny was innocent, and did not deserve to die.

MJ started partying harder, and got into drugs to ease his guilt. His drug of choice, Mutant Growth Hormone. It made him strong, tough, and gave him the ability to fly. He loved the power MHG gave him. He donned a costume, and took the name Jackpot, and beat up bad guys with his newfound strength.

MJ has since moved out of his father’s place, and into his own apartment in Queens. He works as a waiter, while also maintaining his social media following, going to auditions trying to make it on broadway, and brutally beats up drug and other criminals to vent out his frustrations and gets his hands on MGH however he can.
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