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Welcome to the Tower , will you take the risk and begin climbing? The journey is perilous and you may lose your life but it is worth it if you reach the top. Where you could have glory, riches , immortality or whatever you desire the tower will have it. Of course there will be people who will try to stop you and maybe you'll make friends with others trying to climb the tower but is your drive above all of that? Does your drive to reach the top overpower anything else? If so then you have what it takes to reach the top and you are ready for your first test....welcome Regular to the tower.

Alrighty so the plot is very simple your character is trying to climb up the Tower to achieve their goal whatever that may be. Now the details outlying that is your character just got chosen by the Tower or your character opened the door themselves who knows . But the thing they all have in common is that they are brand new to the tower this role play also takes place a couple years before the events of the Webtoon so you don't have to worry about making nods or dealing with the events in the Webtoon. Here for anyone who might be joining that isn't familiar with the Webtoon is information about the Tower.

Here is information on the creatures of the tower:

Difference between Regulars , Irregulars and Rankers your characters may be regulars or Irregulars of Irregulars I will only allow three as they are extremely rare.

and now I will give information on Shinsoo


Positions your character may be(for now choose one)

Special positions:

Special position definition - A Special Position is a very rare Position.
Note: Every basic Position requires manipulation of Shinsoo and as such, it is the same for Positions like "Dansul" or "Wonsul". As in: not just Wave Controllers get to learn them.

Special positions:

OOC rules;
1.keep things civil we are here to have fun
2.what I am the GM what I say goes please respect my wishes if you have a problem then PM me
3. Only three irregulars are aloud

IC rules:
1. No godmoding
2. No metagaming
3. Winner of character fights will be decided between the roleplayers taking into consideration their character's skills and knowledge.
3. You may not take control of another roleplayer's character
4.have fun

rules for posting :

let everyone get in their post until everyone posts we will wait to post,

no one-liners

you must post a paragraph minimum

Good grammar, quality over quantity

Stat rules:
Stats: Dictates the difference between each person's abilities.

Physique: Dictates the physical offensive abilities of the person. How fast and destructive their physical attacks are.

Endurance: Dictates the physical defensive abilities of the person. How strong their defenses are and how long before they get tired.

Resistance: How resistant one is to the pressure of Shinsoo and attacks from Shinsoo techniques such as flow control.

Aptitude: How easy one learns techniques and manipulates Shinsoo.

Potential: Each Character will choose what Potential each of their stat has. This dictates the overall power one has in a stat compared to others. This is permanent and cannot be changed.

Potential Chart

Note: This is a rough estimation and is merely to determine things naratively and settle disputes.

Irregulars: Very high, High, Medium, Medium
Princesses/Princes: Very high, High, Medium, Low
10 great families: Very high, High, Medium, Low (Has Locked Very High Stat or Position)
Canine Lords: High, High, Medium, Medium
Normal Regulars/Mutts: High, High, Medium, Low

10 Great Families
Locked Stat/ Special Position
Physique: Ari, Arie,
Endurance: Ha
Resistance: Hendo Lok
Aptitude: Eurasia, Tu Perie
Wonsulsa: Po Bidau
Anima: Lo Po Bia
Hwayeomsa: Yeon
Jeonsula: Khun

Leveling UP: One can use acquired points to maximize the potential of their stats making them able to surpass those with higher potential by leveling up. But they will never truly reach the same level of those with more potential.

The cost of the next level has the cost of the previous one included; so leveling to max cost 6 points, for example. +=1, ++=2, and +++=3. Leveling up from 0 to + costs 1. Leveling up from + to ++ costs 3, Leveling from ++ to +++ costs 6.

Furthermore there is a cap on the amount of families princesses and irregulars. There may only be one irregular and two princesses then three people per great family.

character sheet:
Regular or irregular:
Position:(for now choose one)
Special position:(just choose one)
Reason: for climbing the tower:
Character points:

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@Sylvan looks good
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