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Location: Training ground 31Naruko Uzumaki
YES! It actually worked! She had been practicing this technique for months on end, trying to get the proportions just right. Not to mention Koji-San’s reaction to it was everything she had hoped it would be, now she just had to wait for Gorudo to snatch the scroll and the test would be over. All according to plan. At least it was until he suddenly roused himself from the stunned and perverted trance and kicked the two clones into each other, causing them both to disperse from the sheer force of the kick. And now he had Gorudo and was talking about ending his life!? Naruko’s mind was running ten thousand miles a minute. How did he manage to handle that? That was the culmination of months of work! And now Gorudo’s life was on the line and...And...Wait where was Nijira?

The blonde ninja began to frantically comb the area only to see the dog owner passed out in a pool of his own blood. Great she had incapacitated the wrong one with her technique! The knuckleheaded ninja was doing her best to try and think of a way out of this, there had to be something she could do. ANYTHING she could do to help Gorudo find an opening and make sure he didn’t die. Think, Naruko, Think!!! She wracked her brain and kept trying to think of something, anything, that she could make use of...When she finally had an idea.

Naruko could move pretty fast, and she had plenty of Shuriken. If she created a storm of guided shuriken it might be enough to give Gorudo an opening to exploit, she’d just have to be careful not to hit him. The orange-clad ninja focused her chakra and in a yellow flash of light she had repositioned herself with the body flicker technique, she suddenly retrieved some wire from her pocket. As quickly as she could manage, she started threading the wire through her pouch of shuriken. When she was done she jumped into the air and threw her wired shuriken down towards Koji. “Dodge THIS, Sensei!

Her shuriken soared through the air and suddenly several of them diverged from their path. Being pulled back and redirected to move behind Koji’s back while the rest of the shuriken continued to attack from the front. A two-pronged assault that might create an opening for Gorudo to exploit and get out of the Jounin’s grasp. It was better than just sitting there and watching her friend die.
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Location: Training ground 31Gorudo Hikigae
His prayers were answered, good old faithful Naruko, he was worried that she might try to do somthing completley off the rails. But refreshingly she did exactly what he asked of her, and in a creative way! Gorudo was always impressed by Naruko's quick thinking. Somtimes her plans can occasionally miss the mark, but not today, today she was on fire. As it should be! they both had been looking forword to this day for a long time. Gorudo had the perfect opening he needed for his toad tongue to wrap around the scroll, the scroll shot back towards Gorudo as his tongue retracted.

The scroll slapped against his face, and it remained against his mouth being held by his tongue to leave his hands free. Gorudo felt a warm sense of satisfaction at how well his plan has worked, but Gorudo then started to notice that his cut left shoulder and his right thigh started to get warmer, the warmth was from more blood escaping his body as two kunai prenetrated his body, his pants and shirt were getting excessively saturated from his blood. And just as quickly as his plan worked. He was captured.


"Escape this yourself. Prove you're worthy. Before I decide you're not and end it." Takuma sensei issued this challege to Gorudo. Gorudo still had not made up his mind wether to beleive his death threats, so outwordly Gorudo kept his cool. But reguardless of if the threats are genuin or not, Gorudo felt in danger. Nijira was nowhere to be seen, and neither was Komi, and he had a dangerously sharp kunai close to his neck.

Seconds felt like minutes as Gorudo's brain started working on a solution to getting out of the grasp of a Jounin. The test was somewhat possible with all three of them together, but for Gorudo to try and beat a Jounin in a contest of strength would have been pointless, Gorudo knew he needed to find a way to slip his grasp... Gamaboro!

Gamaboro waited patiently in Gorudo's waist pouch. With the zipper open he could see the sky and some of Gorudo's head. The plan was when Gorudo got the scroll he was going to put the scroll in his pocket and then Gamaboro was going to transform into the scroll to form a duplicate. Gamaboro could tell that the plan had gone wrong somehow as he suddenly felt a jolt of motion knocking his sunglasses out of place, Gamaboro quickly repositioned himself and his glasses and carefully peaked out of Gorudo's pocket. 'THE KID IS CAPTURED!?!' Gamaboro screamed in his head as he retreated back into the bag, 'what am I going to do? how am I going to save him!? How am I going to save myself!? I am dead as a belt if his dad finds out I failed to save his son, I'll be outcast from the mountain for sure! and nobody really likes me to begin with! AND-' Gamaboro's thoughts were interrupted by hearing Gorudo "Gamaboro! Oil bullet!"

A bit of opportunity was made for the little toad within the pocket from Naruko's swift intervention, she clearly wasn't letting her friend down! Gorudo could see sensei's further away arm have to raise away from him as he'd swiftly thrown multiple kunai at Naruko's shuriken. With two swift throws he'd hurled out four separate weapons that each pinned into the open rings in the middle of the shurikens, slamming them into trees to pin them down and keep the wires from being able to move in. Naruko's enclosing circle at Koji's back had become a pinned open rectangle. Still, the distraction gave Gamaboro the opening to spit out the oil bullet, slamming into Koji's arm and soaking him in slick oil from his shoulder, his arm, and all over his chest and Gorudo too! Gorudo had the perfect opportunity to slip out...

'Yes! right on target!' Gorudo thought to himself as he felt the freedom of escapeing Koji's grasp. Gorudo felt his right leg give way as the kunai damaged a muscle he would have used to run, but Gorudo quickly knew what he needed to do. Toad leg time, Gorudo formed the Serpent hand seal once more the scroll dropping from his mouth and held by his arms, the toad tongue vanishing in a puff of smoke, and just as Gorudo was going to change his legs to toad legs he felt Takuma sensei grab him, and just as quickly he felt Takuma sensei's kunai cut across his neck.

'What? no! this doesn't make sense?!' Gorudo thought as he couldn't speak, he was being held by his neck. He couldn't see his neck but from the blood that poured out from Koji's hand Gorudo knew he wouldn't be able to anyway, with his neck cut Gorudo struggled to breath 'No! this cant be right! it is illogical! why bring us out here, why make us do anything! why!' Gorudo continued to try and rationalize the situation. Gorudo tried to struggle himself free, kicking and pulling at his arm pointlessly 'This can't be it! I'm suppost to be the greatest sage of all time! this cant be IT it doesnt make sense! it....doesn't...no...' Gorudo's mind started to get overloaded with trying to find the logic in the situation, looking for any clues or reasoning, the pain of the kunai replaying and replaying every second endlessly, tormenting him, he felt himself dieing, he watched his blood pour out onto himself and on his murderers hands until his conciousness completely blacked out. his last wish as he was cast to the ground was that Naruko save herself, and not blame herself for his death. the tears in his eyes falling across his face and soiling the bloody oiled ground, just as the light completely eclisped and escaped his eyes.
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Tenshi Hokori

'This was my fault', the thought that had went through Tenshi's mind over and over. He was the one that suggested this approach and now look at the situation. They were already under attack and one kid could be dead already. Suggesting to split the teams up and coming with the slug group was all his own choices and they were all paying for this.

The sand kid who was knocked from the slug all Tenshi could do is sit there and try and build up as much chakra as he could. But the Uchiha girl didnt come back up after going in after him. Instead things escalated and got worse. Botan talked about the waters infested with sharks and presuming the kids ill fitted fated. Fighting every urge in his body to get up and try and save this kid. Fighting his own emotions this was the one thing he wanted to avoid and that was losing anyone on this mission.

Tenshi couldnt just sit there though and wallow in despair for the kid they just lost as suddenly the Uchiha girl and not her clone reappeared as a loud crash from the cliffs above he looked up and seen the next worst case scenario. If something wasnt done quickly a lot more of them were about to be crushed to death by falling rock. Snapping to he got up and once again this time to say directed towards the one who summoned the slug. In a quick and panicked tone he quickly said, "Hey Senju girl, You use the wood release right? Seen your clones, we need something like now! I will lend out as much chakra you need to stop everyone from dying there! Please hurry!"

He couldnt do anything to stop this much falling rubble himself. Maybe he could cut up one or two big rocks but this way too much too quickly. Tenshi was going to rely on the this jounin girl's jutsu. Gambling everything on one person who may have a singular chance in stopping the death of everyone. Nothing more he could do other than lend chakra and just hope that this Senju girl could get the job done.
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Koji Takuma
"Do you really want to die?"
The whole forest ceased to make even the slightest sound, as if it had gone completely still, when Koji held onto the limp Gorudo. He let him fall to his knees first, and then the rest of his body slumping forward to the ground with a pool of blood forming under the boy's neck. As if what he'd just done was nothing at all, Koji stepped over the body towards Naruko, locking eyes with her while drenched in blood and oil. "I said I'd kill all of you for interfering, and you go and shout out 'Dodge this'. You doomed them and yourself..."

Unfortunately for Naruko, the instructor didn't grant any time to recover, or even process what had just happened in front of her. He had already gone forward towards her with two kicks towards her stomach, and three kunai afterwards thrown to bounce off the ground upwards into her shoulders and upper leg. The shock and disbelief of her friend's death would give way to rage soon enough, and it was important to show her weakness and helplessness as it boiled over.

Koji stayed close, prolonging a melee battle with the girl, and completely overwhelming her with the difference in skill between Genin and Jounin. Attempts to make seals for shadow clones were interrupted by strikes to the arms and legs to get her off balance. Angry punches were difficult from her wounds, and countered with strikes to the gut. She landed a few blows, but his experienced movement made them into lesser impacts that dealt far less damage than she'd have wanted. The onslaught went for a couple of minutes, feeling much longer for both of the battling warriors, but the younger finally faltered. With a kick to the back of her knee, Naruko was brought down to kneel, with Koji following behind swifly to lean onto her leg and grab her in the same way as he had her friend. A kunai at her throat. As if to not give her a change to spit any more words at him, let her make any more declarations, Naruko suddenly felt a sharp pain in her back as he jabbed his fingers into it, just as he cut her neck just like Gorudo. Spouts of crimson flowed down his hand grabbed against her throat, keeping her in place with the feeling in her back getting sharper, and after only a few seconds, consciousness faded.

Slowly, and gently, Koji laid her face down and stood while clutching his side, his breath heavy and ragged while he was covered in blood. "Just... One more..." he let out as he faced the final student being guarded by his faithful companion.
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Ichika Uchiha“Peace earned through communication is just and true, but without the strong to protect those who would shepherd in such an age... Everything will be lost. Power is absolute.”
As she dove deeper into the water, the previously conjured shadow clone of Ichika Uchiha paddled her feet; hastening her descent towards the slowly but surely drowning Sunagakure exchange student. Whom just so happened to be the Jinchuriki of the one-tailed beast. Her ears popped as she reached depths ordinarily unreachable by humans, but due to the physical conditioning and chakra control exhibited by Shinobi, which amongst her peers, Ichika's own were exceptional; the ebon haired Kunoichi was able to soldier on, despite the immense pressure.

But as the Uchiha closed in on Tomoyuki, she felt a sudden shift in the water. When she turned to face the source of the disturbance, her gaze was met with the presence of a trio of enormous grey sharks. "Fuck." Was the only word that came to her mind, in an incredibly out of character thought from the usually prim and proper ninja as the apex predators closed in at breakneck speeds, thirsting for blood. With no time to waste, the clone pulled her kunai from it's place at her hip and channelled chakra into the flats of her feet. With a grunt which forced bubbles of air from her lips, Ichika pushed herself upwards at the last second, as the first shark's gaping maw closed in.

Barely evading the monstrous bite of the carcharodon, Ichika sailed above the grey water borne mammal. As she passed it's nose, the Uchiha slammed her blade into the top of the shark's head, clasping onto the hilt of the kunai with both hands in a death-grip. As the beast writhed and spun in pain, Ichika held on for dear life, turning her head to face the next oncoming shark as the one she'd mounted stabilised. As the two killlers locked eyes, Ichika's sharingan whirled to life, appearing to be a blur or red light in the depths of the ocean. The Jōnin poured chakra from her dojutsu into the chakra network of her next victim, placing it under a genjutsu which sent it into a feeding frenzy. With a gutteral roar, the beast instantly yawed left, and bit into the other member of its hunting pack, tearing a huge chunk from its back before turning back to Ichika, and barrelling towards her at full speed.

The woman held resolute as the animal burst towards her at awe-inspiring speed. But once again, Ichika pushed chakra into the soles of her feet, and met the beast's eyes as it approached. Hold... she said to herself in her head as she placed one of her feet onto the ring pommel of her kunai, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. For her plan to work, the placement of the shark's bite had to be perfect. It wasn't until the beast was a mere meter from her face, that Ichika pushed off of her kunai with an underwater chakra jump. Jetting herself off and away from the fatal bite, but simultaneously ripping her kunai from its place within the other shark and into the mouth of the other as it bit down onto the top of the head of the first shark that Ichika had engaged. Killing it instantly.

"Hiraishin!" Ichika bellowed aloud as she gripped her wakazashi's hilt, the fabric of time and space around the clone bent to her will as the space time ninjutsu of the Flying Raijin sucked the leaf kunoichi through it's network, causing her to materialise inside the mouth of the beast. With a brief moment to catch a fresh breath as she found herself inside of an air pocket, with her kunai in her off hand, and wakazashi in the other. With a relentless flurry of strikes with the speed of lightning at the soft tissue of the inside of the shark's mouth, Ichika quickly found herself launched from the beast's mouth, as it spat her out. But it had done so too late, the internal damage caused was too much for it to handle and it soon passed out from blood loss.

With the seemingly lifeless bodies of the three apex predators in her wake, Ichika pressed on deeper, paddling as fast as she could. Even stripping pieces of her armour from her body as she went deeper and deeper. Eventually, she managed to catch up to Tomoyuki's position. But as she approached the exchange student, she bore witness to a horrifying sight. The boy's eyes had glazed over completely, and were a citrime yellow, with black diamonds in their center. Her own eyes widened, as she flashed back in the moment to the day she had fought the nine-tails with the rest of the leaf village. It was going to happen again.

With a puff of smoke, the clone in the depths dissipated. And its chakra returned to the original Ichika atop Katuyu's back. With it's experiences funnelling into the mind and memory of the Uchiha Jōnin. With no time to lose, Ichika turned to Mizuraki and although only the Senju knew Ichika well enough to notice, she had an uncharacteristic display of fear in her eyes.

"We need to leave. NOW!
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Shiori Spiga"Once you’re devoured, it doesn’t matter who you were before."

Shiori appreciated Ken’s command. No questions, no nonsense. As the Hyuuga ran back into the fray, she fixed her eyes on her teacher, their would-be murderer, and moved back to a safer distance. Once Burai lunged at Kuree, she made her attack, throwing three kunai into the battle, each individally aimed at Kuree or her clones.

Whether she hit the clones directly, grazed, or missed completely, Shiori didn’t care. Half a foot from their target, The egg sacs attached to each kunai would burst sending out a net of sticky webbing infested with small, skittering spiders, ready to bite whatever body was nearest and fill them with paralytic venom. If her webs didn’t immediately attach to a body they’d expand and dissolve slowly in the air, undulating like a ghostly jellyfish filled with poisonous spiders.

With two male meat shields and plenty of hungry spiders between her and the murder-crazed mountain hag, Shiori was confident in the advantage Ken’s plan had given her.

She noted that there was a slight chance her strategy would result in some spiders landing on the boys, which would make things a bit harder for them. But that was a sacrifice she was willing to make.

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Nijira Inuzuka
"Don't you dare think that this is over! I won't just feed on the scraps of your glory! I'll beat you, and even then I'll keep pushing! I'll beat every single shinobi in the world! I won't stop until everyone acknowledges me!"
"I said I'd kill all of you for interfering, and you go and shout out 'Dodge this'. You doomed them and yourself..."

And in an instant, Takuma-sensei had descended upon Naruko before Komi even had a chance to react. In seconds Naruko lay a bloody mess and Komi could only watch... No! Wait! Komi could do more than watch! Komi could fight! In a puff of smoke, what was once a slightly chubby, maybe, but very strong and happy and loyal and and... and... strong puppy became a cool boy, with a really spiffy jacket and a neat hair style: He was a perfect clone of his now unconscious master, Jira-tan!!!

"Rrrrawr! You won't get away with this", he cried and immediately launched into a furious spinning attack, drilling with great speed towards what he'd thought would be Jira-tan's treasured sensei! But he'd already hurt the others... Probably with his weapons. But you couldn't just throw a regular weapon at Komi while he was using his special Passing Fang technique! He and Jira had practiced! It'd bounce right off! And then he'd bite him in the neck... Oh wait! He was in human clone form! He would have to use something like Beast Tearing Palm! YEAH!

Meanwhile, Jira's eyes began to open and... the first thing he saw was... himself... jumping and spinning at sensei. Was he... dreaming? Was he a ghost...? Ugh! He shook his head and pushed himself up. A ghost wouldn't smell so much... blood?!? He startled to his feet and saw the bodies of... his former teammates in front of him! W-what happened?!? How long had he been out?!? And Komi was... NO!

Thinking as fast as he could, he fell into Four Legs and sprinted towards sensei, fully intending to use a body-replacement jutsu to... he wasn't quite sure... get behind him, crowd him, maybe launch into a feral barrage... and get Komi OUT OF THERE! Th-they weren't on sensei's level, not just the two of them. Damnit! If Toad-boy and Ramen-breath hadn't rushed ahead, maybe... But now they were... Urgh!!! He couldn't think about that right now. He couldn't let the same thing happen to Komi, even if it meant his own life!

Closing in on sensei, Komi was determined to press him! He only knew one thing! He had to protect Jira-tan at all cost! Even if it meant his own life!
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Kenji Yamanaka“I just wanna be rich and famous, is that too much to ask?!”

Kenji sauntered through the village with glee, as he always did. His eyes almost closed whilst a warm smile covered his features, his hands clasped behind his back has he moved. The Yamanaka teenager had such a casually light step that it almost left the dirt of the village grounds entirely undisturbed. Almost.

He whistled along to the chirping of the blue birds of the village, and eventually found himself at a small clearing which contained a quaint little park. "Well, I guess I can take a break. This is a lovely park, after all. I'm sure nobody is in immediate danger." He thought to himself aloud before running his eyes over the layout of his immediate vicinity, eyes squinting and gayly smiling as he saw two young genin sat talking on the bench. "Ah, to be that young and carefree again..."

Meanwhile atop the roof, Akira's heart pumped at a dangerously high rate as he feared detection. But his plan, despite all of the 'bumps' it had to endure; had seemingly gone off without a hitch and the young Senju was able to successfully eavesdrop on his comrades' conversation. Much to his relief and somewhat his disappointment, Akira discovered that it was merely in order to relay an apology that Rashiku had pulled Ami to the side. Infuriated by the lack of camaraderie shown with this action, Akira leapt to his feet and immediately began yelling down to his teammate. "OIOIOIOI! What's the big idea ya goof?! You couldn't have just said all that in front of me?!"

Kenji chuckled lightly to himself at the commotion unfolding among the team of genin, before sitting down on an adjacent bench and crossing his legs. Flicking his scarf back behind his shoulder as it began to unfurl as his back hit the oaken panels. With a moment's reprieve, Kenji decided to take a peek at his assignment, unravelling the scroll with his gloved hands to reveal its contents. Contained within, were his orders to assume command of Team 2, as their Jonin was to he reassigned at tbe personal request of Seiji Hyuuga. Team 2, whose members consisted of Akira Senju, Ami Uzumaki and the mist refugee, Rashiku Karata.

A surly look of confusion spread across the Yamanaka's face as his eyes rapidly examined the dossiers of his first charges as a team leader, then glanced over at the genin whom he had happened upon. Then back to the dossiers, then back to the genin once again before the realization hit him that his laziness had brought about this sheer coincidence as the boy, who Kenji now realised was Rashiku was about to begin some kind of verbal exchange with the boy on the roof, who must have been Akira.

"OI!" the special Jōnin interrupted, shouting at the top of his lungs incredibly uncharacteristically lf himself in order to prevent an argument, or worse, a fight occuring immediately as he assumed command of the team. Quickly rushing over and placing his right hand on Rashiku's shoulder. "Hey kids, sorry about that. And sorry for interrupting whatever... This is. But my name is Kenji Yamanaka, and I am going to be your new teacher. Takayuki-sama has been given a very special mission by the Hokage. One that only he can complete. Sorry for all of the confusion, and sorry for all the apologies... I really wasn't expecting to bump into you guys here. If I'm completely honest haha."
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