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Name: ‘Cici’ de Grey
Official Title: M'lady (some pronounce it as Malady)
Gender: Female
Age: 24

AMRO Stats
Position: Asylum
Specialty: Silencer
Alchemic Style: Sigillum (Primary), Motem (Secondary)
Tattoo: CC (200) (upper right thigh)

Alch-Specs: Combustion Manipulation
She is able to create strong explosions. This ability is deadly at close range.

Extra Info

She is a specialized Asylum, a Craftsman. More will be revealed in IC.

She has been given the nicknames - Lady Grey (after her favorite tea), Dulci (shortened form for the Latin phrase ducenti which means 200) and C. According to Zak, she likes 'Dulci' best because it reminds her of Mexican caramel.

Only her close friends know her actual given name.
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