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Oh, if this is full and everyone is bouncing then I guess I will too. Damn. Too slow on the draw, I guess.
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@Disciple Cain
Updated my CS. Added the Metamagic from 5e Sorcerer with a bit of an MMO Twist. Hopefully they are considered fair and balanced... well to the Level 100 Gods stomping on the weaklings that inhabit this world. :3
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Soooo I am assuming there's no more room for a late join?
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You can still apply. I don't take players on 'first come first served'.
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I've updated the final notes as well as the equipment for what I feel would roughly describe her kit. I might alter her lore slightly as well, but idk might leave it as is. (maybe more to add a snippet on Akai's persona more than anything else. But uh as you can guess, she's the edgy lone wolf lol)
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Still very much a WIP, but I felt I should get my interest down :P . And even if I don't end up with a place in the RP, it'll be a good starting point for the future.

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@VarockSvent Far less cringey, though I wonder how well Heavy Metal does in 2138. Probably not bad, and metal fits with the norse theme of Yggdrasil. I mean, in ways. There's a train of thought there somewhere. If he's a musician in real life, I don't see why you give him classes to reflect this in the game and use the power of THE METAL to get work done.

On the subject of classes... a lot of this is out of the Pathfinder SRD or D&D 5e SRD, including Boots of Haste, Belt of Cloud Giant's Strength, and the Mythril Shirt. The Boots of Haste even say "Bonus Action" as part of their description, which doesn't really mean anything in the context of Yggdrasil. It doesn't seem like gear befitting a level 100 character. You'll need to spruce up the gear and divorce it from those source books.

The abilities are mostly from Pathfinder, and I'm not sure they all translate well into power owned by a level 100. Try to divorce your character's kit from Pathfinder.

Sezelrian is also Paizo's intellectual property, and on principle I cannot let in something that definitely shouldn't be in Overlord.

Just an update, I am working on it, switched gears to run more with norse stuff, typing out all abilities now but didn't have much time today.

New class distribution:
- Race/Racial Levels:
-Job Classes:
-Muspelheim Raider:10
-Touch of Surtr: 5
-Herald of Pain: 5

Hope they sound good to you

Edit: Nother question. If we are being transported with our guild houses, should we include npc staff of the guildhall's in our character sheets?
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ALRIGHTY. Thanks to all those who applied, whether in forum or in private.

The final cast I've chosen for this RP is @Perihelion, @Lugubrious, @Black Alice, @ShwiggityShwah, and @Golden Spiral.

The rest of you, thank you very much for your interest and for applying to my RP. Best wishes.
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For those still following the thread, worry not. I'm getting a starter put for each player as I can and we'll have posts in IC eventually.
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