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[ Characters ]

• Appearance: Self-explanatory. Please use relatively anime/art images since this is a weeby RP. Obviously. Text descriptions are also fine.
• Name: Self-explanatory.
• Title: Your title among the DHA/other demons if you so choose.
• Age: Self-explanatory.
• Division: What global branch of the DHA are you from. For Devil Hunters only.
• Class/Species: Are you a Devil Bringer or a Devil Feeder. Likewise, what type of creature are you if you're a devil or Youkai.
• Weaponry: In the elder times, traditional Devil Hunters used blessed and enchanted swords, spears, and bows. Nowadays the restrictions are fairly lenient; though the DHA looks down on firearms, they are allowed. For Devil Bringers only.
• Abilities: Contract with a power from the supernatural grants whims the mortal mind cannot percieve. Unnatural phenomenon are thus achieved but at the cost of earthly weapons and pleasures. For Devil Feeders and Demons/Youkai only.
• Personality: A brief overview of how your character generally thinks, acts, and behaves among their fellow Devil Hunters/devils.
• Background: A quick summary of your character thus far. If you are of the DHA, what was your first contact with the supernatural. Likewise, if you're a demon or Youkai, what was your first encounter with a human.
• Inventory: Any noteworthy possession that your character may have should be placed here. Commonplace mundane items, like a phone, a car, etc., don't need to be listed; only items of relevance to your character on hand. If you don't have any, you don't need to add this.
• Other: Optional. Anything else not mentioned above that you may wish to add goes here.


Devils and Youkai

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• Name: Mako Kurogami
• Title: Weaver of Unshakeable Contracts
• Age: Unknown
• Division: Japan
• Class/Species: Devil Feeder
• Abilities: While the full-extent of her abilities is unknown to none but Mako and her Boss, the most common application of her power is to weave "unbreakable" contracts. While there's no supernatural compulsion to do so, any contract written by her, has to be fulfilled or the part that breaks it will have to pay the agreed price, which depending on the gravity contract in question may as well range from monetary loss, to an eternity of damnation and just about anything in between.
• Bio: Mako is known as for being a non-nonsense woman. As the secretary, or rather personal assistant, of the leader of the Japanese branch of the Agency, she tolerates no pointless foolery and screw ups. Most Hunters will eventually only know this side of her, as she's the person who they have to deal with to collect bounties and payments as well as handle most of the non-trivial paperwork. At the job, she's an absolute professional, no different from any other high-performing white collar worker. Those who get a little closer to her, especially direct coworkers, end up noticing other sides of her personality like her love for drinking and mystery novels. The few who are friends on a personal level might end up even picking up her taste in games, especially the high-difficulty kind.
• Inventory: Her most noteworthy possession is a pen which is supposedly the vessel of her contracted demon, Asmoday, the Lord of Shadows and Contracts.
• Other: N/A
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5’1 | 49 lbs | ??? y.o | Kodama (?)
Hanafusa Shika

Shika is an invasive species, a tenacious weed whose hunger draws deeper into the earth than their shallow brethren, a monster made more barbaric so through the learned cruelty of the humans living above. Once just another lurker in the shadows, focused solely on survival and proliferation, the observation of their prey brought forth not just a greater understanding of what one must do to prosper, but also a sense of humor. A twisted sense of humor, of course, one that demotes humans from prey to pet, but one that has served Shika well over the years since. They look for fun things in the world, and while some of her brethren may enjoy the mystique of being a creature of the night, isolated from humanity, Shika throws themselves into the thick of it, hitting up karaoke bars, joining in on mixers, attending school, and offering their services as a genius “chemist” to the yakuza or foreign mafia, ensuring that there’s a healthy circulation of their drugs within any city Shika decides to settle down in.

After all, fire is such a common form of exorcism, and it always paid to have some pets out there, willing to die for them. But until the DHA come knocking at the door of their cozy student dorm, Shika’s fine with just snacking on the occasional cutie and enjoying the springtime of their youth.

It began with a seed. A seed inside a corpse hanging from the branch of a tree in a forest. The seed grew off cooling blood and flesh, sinking their roots deep into the corpse, until one day, the corpse’s eyes opened again.

That was the birth of Hanafusa Shika, a seedling of another youkai that they never knew. Within the forest, they obeyed their instincts, staying in the shadows of trees, waiting for prey to kill themselves of their own accord and then making use of the body they left behind. They were a corpse-eater at first, focused solely on that small part of the woods they called their own, content only with eating and hiding. As the amount they ate grew though, as they became better at finding bodies before they were too rotten to be enjoyable, curiosity sparked, drawing their eyes not to what their food was, but what their food had. Clothing, letters, technology, money. Fragments that pieced together to form a larger world. They couldn’t read yet, but they could learn, could extend their capabilities further.

They made quick work of their first live pet, parasitizing them and forcing him to teach them everything he knew, of language, of culture, of the world. Those were nice, enlightening days; Shika made sure that his corpse was the foundation of a beautiful pineapple tree, just like the ones he described to them. That had been a step too far though, and when the DHA was alerted to that anomaly in vegetation, reported on social media by a Youtuber, Shika found themselves evicted, escaping into a forest of stone towers and plentiful pets while hunters sought their demise with shiny weapons and appropriated powers. It had been terrifying, but as they lost themselves in the crowds and the neon lights, Shika found themselves…appreciating all of this.

It couldn’t be fair, after all, if pets were able to live such a bright, fun life out in the daylight, while their masters were forced to slink in shadow and refuse.

Taking their name from the corpse that they now inhabited, Hanafuse Shika began to gradually set their roots into human society. And as they did, they began to be known by another name.


A wrapped lollipop, cherry flavored. The wrapping is faded with age, and half of the plastic stick looks like it had been melted off. Shika keeps it in their pockets at all times. When they need to switch bodies, they make an effort to relocate this particular object afterwards.

Shika possesses abilities tied to plant growth, something that they engage their entire being into. While their physical abilities are on the lower end of yokai, they make up for it with versatility and cowardice.

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• Appearance:
His picture doesn't show that he's rather tall, standing at six foot six.
• Name: Kazemitsu Rin, Kaze for short
• Title: N/A
• Age: 29
• Division: American Branch
• Class/Species: Devil Feeder.

• Abilities:

  • Demonic Strength: His strength, which was already high naturally, is multiplied a couple times over passively. When he actively channels demonic energy he's even stronger than that by several times. Over in his previous branch he was one of the physically strongest members.
  • Reptilian Reflexes: His reflexes, like his strength, are multiplied to animalistic degrees. But just because he can see the attack coming doesn't mean he has the speed to dodge it. An example, he can see a jab coming from a boxer and dodge it or block it. He can also see arrows and slow moving bullets but he can't dodge them.
  • Regeneration: Channeling his demon allows him to regenerate from damage. The lesser the wound the faster it goes, more severe wounds take longer. He can't grow back limbs or live through decapitation.
  • Transformation: He is able to transform some of his body parts to that of his demon. Sharp claws on his hands or feet, wings, a tail, black scales and purple torso plates. Each transformation adds a benefit to offense, defense, or his ability to dodge or move.
  • Free-style: He mixes and matches various martial arts to fit his purposes. He's not master but he knows enough to cause serious damage. Powerful on its own, but including demonic attributes makes it far more lethal than it should be.
  • Acidic Breath: The demon he's contracted with has an acidic breath attack that is rather potent. It can come in a glob, stream, and gaseous form with limited range.

• Personality:
Kaze is an incredibly angry, read rage-filled, man. Especially in combat, but thankfully it's channeled to the demons and devils out there instead of at his fellow man. This combined with his headstrong nature tends to land him in hot water. His strength has made him cocky, but if he gets knocked down a more cautious and animalistic nature takes over. Instead of rushing in blindly again he stalks and tests his enemy.

Outside of a fight he's much more calm, but still headstrong. He tends to keep to himself, preferring solitude over groups of people. A natural recluse. If someone can get through his shell he's a bit better about being the 'lone wolf' and he's more protective of that person. Although he is also sometimes a bit of a downer, what with not being able to enjoy worldly pleasures thanks to his contract. Kinda sucks, but there's a price for everything.

• Background:
Kaze's ancestors were naturally born in Japan, his father had moved to North America, married a local woman, and Kaze was born. Huzzah! Which is why he has a Japanese name by the way. Kaze had a fairly average childhood, nothing to really put him in the spotlight aside from excelling in sports. It wasn't until he hit puberty that things drastically changed and not for the better. His thirteenth birthday was not a happy day, strange creatures appeared as if from nowhere and slaughtered his immediate family and some that had flown in from Japan.

Why didn't Kaze die? He had a benefactor that day. A demon who liked humans, what could be described as a dragon, had swooped in and pulped some of the assaulting demons. Terrifying them and making the other demons flee. The boy was obviously distraught, ripe for making a contract with. The demon possessed Kaze's mothers ring, the kids eyes turned ice blue, his hair lost all color, and his skin darkened as if he stayed out in the sun all the time. The reptilian demon helping shape the boy physically as he grew, strengthening him, making his reflexes better, his body tougher.

Obviously no parents meant he was put into foster care, his grandparents were simply to old to take him in. The only thing he kept from home was his fathers dog tags from his military days and his mothers wedding band. They helped balance emotionally and mentally him despite the trauma and the wisdom filled words of the demon bouncing about in his head.

Once he was of age, eighteen, he left the foster system, his current foster parents, and went out to start actively hunting. He had a list of those that had slaughtered his family, any other demon that got in his way met with a rather gruesome fate. In one of his battles he was discovered by the Devil Hunter's Association. He had been doing their job unknowingly and was invited to become a recruit. He obviously joined with the stipulation that they helped him hunt down the described creatures on his hit list. Needless to say he has been at it for a good while and is often sent out to other branches that require heavy hitters.

• Inventory:

  • Dog Tags: His fathers dog tags, an important memento that keeps him more balanced mentally.
  • Mothers Wedding Ring: His mothers ring, its kept on his pinky finger and helps keep him emotionally balanced. The demon resides within this ring as well, giving the diamonds a red hue.
  • Titanium Knuckle Dusters: Not all opponents are supernatural, and packing more damage never hurts. Best to be prepared!
  • The List: A yellowed piece of paper with a list of creature descriptions. Of the dozen only three are crossed out in various colors of blood.

Any noteworthy possession that your character may have should be placed here. Commonplace mundane items, like a phone, a car, etc., don't need to be listed; only items of relevance to your character on hand. If you don't have any, you don't need to add this.

• Other: When his rage is unleashed his body gets covered in a red and black miasma while his eyes are like icy blue flames. It's pretty rare for this to happen though.
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• Name: Yokoi Beniha
• Title: People often call her the Crone behind her back. Someone called her mom to her face. She's fine with either.
• Age: 47
• Division: Japanese Branch
• Class/Species: Devil Feeder
• Abilities: Beniha's contract allows her to wield the power of flame through the creation and manipulation of burning feathers. Despite their heat, she is capable of wielding these feathers without apparent injury to herself. Her contract also allows for a form of telekinetic control over these feathers. This control, however, is fairly short ranged. Because of this, the control she possesses is used to primarily create constructs of fire. She can create simple weaponry out of these feathers. Bows, swords, spears, and other such martial weapons are all viable creations.

While her contract doesn't quite enhance her physical attributes by any considerable margin, it allows her to possess considerable regenerative capability. While she hasn't tested the exact limits of this ability, it's apparent that she can seal flesh wounds, cure burns, and reattach recently lost limbs, though she's unable to regrow missing flesh. This healing can be applied to others through the medium of her burning feathers, but the process is both agonizingly painful to others and not extraordinarily effective.

• Personality: Grim and sardonic, Beniha is a woman who has seen too much in her years. Her words are often coated in venom with insults intermixed with the praise she gives to others. She isn't one to waste time; a general philosophy of swift and inordinate reaction undertones all of her actions. If she's going to do something, she's going to absolutely ensure that it happens. With this and her sense of duty, it's no surprise that she's one of the most experienced hunters in the field. She often reacts poorly to others bringing up her daughter. They aren't on the best of terms.

While rude and harsh to others, she cares deeply about her younger peers. She sincerely wishes that they stay safe. Because of her general experience, she often acts as a mentor to the new recruits within the DHA. Rarely, her motherly nature shines through all of the bitterness. Small moments of assurance and sacrifice are an uncommon experience to those who interact with her, but they still occur enough to make many hunters confused about how they feel about her.

• Background: Nobody is born an experienced veteran. For Beniha, her childhood wasn't good. Shit house, shit parents, and a shit upbringing. She was a good-for-nothing delinquent ever since she could remember. Though, that time didn't last long. Call it a tragedy, call it an escape. A youkai had liberated her parents of their skin. Before the youkai could finish off the entire family, a hunter bust down the door and promptly ended the youkai. Beniha asked the hunter if she could come with him without giving him time to catch his breath.

And so she joined the DHA at a young age. Turns out, the delinquent child was good at something after all. She was a freak when it came to learning to fight. She could pick up practically any weapon and, within a month, be on par with her peers. Unfortunately, at 12, you're gifted. At 15, you're talented. At 20, you're normal.

Despite her talent with so many weapons, she was ended up as a master of none. Still, be it dumb luck, skill, or willpower, she continued to hunt with frightening efficiency. She ended up falling in love with another hunter. Had a child with him, to. He died, unrelated to the cause. She raised that child on her own, but her duties interfered more and more as her child grew up. By the time her child was 14, Beniha was back at the DHA seeing her daughter for an hour every week.

A dumb test of courage broke that cycle. A group of high schoolers decided to venture deep into the woods for a laugh. What a laugh happened when Beniha's daughter didn't return home from school that day.

Beniha instantly left to find her daughter. With blade in hand, she stormed into the woods and fought what was hunting her daughter. It was too much for her. But she wouldn't stop. No matter how many wounds she got, how many bones were broken, and how close to death she got, she would never give up this fight.

As her vision blurred to an ineffable darkness, a single hatchling appeared in front of her. Through its underdeveloped beak, it uttered a silence that only Beniha could understand.

She embraced the bird in her hands, it vanishing just as quickly as it appeared.

A single moment of radiance. Her wounds bled cinders and, covered in sanctified flame, Beniha charged the youkai once again, unwilling to stop until one of them died.

When dawn broke, the mother had reunited with her daughter--the one witness to the fight.

The dust settled on that chapter of Beniha's life. The rest of the kids were fine. They either got out early or hid well enough to not even hear the sounds of the battle. While reprimanded for not following procedure, her newfound contract and position as a demon feeder let her escape the brunt of paperwork. Her daughter ended up following in her footsteps, much to her distress. The blade she had once used was now carried by her daughter.

And so continued Beniha's service as a hunter.

• Inventory: Beniha doesn't carry much aside from day to day essentials. The most notable things she carries are a photo of her daughter, incense sticks, and a coin turned necklace.

The youkai she's contracted to is within the bracelet on her right wrist.

• Other:
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• Name: Maurice Colbert

• Title: Some of the younger, more foolish recruits have heard rumors surrounding his assignments. A mix of misplaced awe and intimidation has compelled them to refer to him discreetly as "Van Helsing", or "Devil's Bane"

• Age: 50

• Division: U.S., Deep South Sub-Division

• Class/Species: Devil Bringer

• Abilities: N/A

• Personality: Sociable enough, with other Hunters for the most part, but tends to keep others at arms length, figuratively. Isn't shy about being rude to Feeders. Oddly enough seems to get along best with non hunters in the Agency. Is a surly sort, borders on curmudgeonly at times. is all business during training or practice exercises with weaponry and equipment, those who've worked with him say he can be fearsome in battle, almost like a devil, himself (none have been brave enough to confront him on this).

• Background: Maurice had as normal a life as one could expect for a family that lived just an hour outside of New Orleans. They weren't stereotypical backwoods folk, though they did enjoy their privacy on a sizeable dry patch in the bayou. When he was 25, however, there was an incident- his nephew died as the result of an accident, which is precisely what it was, but that didn't stop his brother, the boys father, Edward, from seeking out an old sorceress who facilitated a contract between him and a devil. He tried to help his brother find a way out of the contract when he found he didn't have the stomach for vengeance; no matter where he was, no matter what time, Ed would see the "accidents" that befell the people responsible for his nephew's death, and occasionally was not himself, like the devil was taking over, consuming him. Eventually, he found the only way to stop/kill the devil and save his brother (and what few of it's targets were left) was for Maurice to kill him. Not long after, he was contacted by the Agency regarding the incident, and has been taking his grief out on Devils, ever since.

• Inventory: A Winchester rifle with the name "Ed" scoured into the stock, and a crucifix from a rosary affixed to it, as well. It's blessed, in order to make it a more effective a weapon. He's since learned the use of multiple bladed weapons, and even some hand to hand training. For that reasons, he also carries a blessed bowie knife. Otherwise, he travels light, updating his inventory as necessary for a given assignment, so long as he's properly briefed on the nature of the target.

• Other: If it isn't obvious, Maurice really hates devils. Not only does he not trust or respect Feeders, openly, but in a fight, when things are getting intense, he goes a little crazy, even releasing strings of curses (both foul obscenities and the "plague a both your houses" variety) in Cajun-French. No one will admit as much, but he considers himself the one they call in when the Agency needs Devils dead, and don't much care how anymore. He stopped talking with his surviving family, and doesn't really let people get close anymore. Speaks with the accent of a "Southern Gentlemen"
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Name: Adam Lockley

Title: Other members have been known to refer to him as the Smiling Demon. Adam takes this more as a compliment than anything.

Age: Twenty-Seven

Division: The England Branch

Class/Species: Devil Feeder

There's nothing more powerful than ones own self. With his contract with a demon, Adam has been able to hone the ability over his blood. Wielding it as a weapon, he's able to shape and mold it into any possible form. Liquid in his hands, it hardens and sharpens at his will, becoming a devastating force. The more blood that Adam uses, however, the more that the man becomes unhinged. He's a ticking clock - the more damage he takes, the stronger he gets, but the less time he has left to be able to fight.

Adam is able to track minimal amounts of blood, in any type of light. He can easily differentiate between Youkai blood and human blood.

Able to create what he refers to as a blood pact, Adam has the ability to temporarily control another person, so long as he's touched a wound of theirs. Blood binding together, Adam can control the blood in another person's body, objectively making them his puppet. If the will of the other is strong enough, however, they can break free. The ability itself also works on a timer, only giving Adam a five minute timer on which he can hold control over someone. As it ticks down, it drains more and more of his energy, so it's used more as a last resort than anything.

Having to harm himself to draw out his true power, when Adam believes he is no longer in danger, his body begins to regenerate itself. This, however, is a very slow process, and if he's bleeding too much the process won't begin.

Always grinning, it's hard to think that Adam is anything but a kind-hearted man. His tone is light and airy, his body language loose and open. He's a kind person. A truly, truly kind person.

In reality though, Adam is a fox. Deceptive to the very core, he has no real allegiances to the people he works with, and will often twist his opinions to match those around him. Always on the move to get himself in a better position than he was, he'll twist his words to make himself more likeable. Latching onto someone, Adam will do whatever they need to do to gain their attention, to swoop in and become their closest confidant, until he's obtained what he's after and ready to move on to a different target.

Adam was an ordinary child, living in the midst of the bustling city of London. A bustling city, a mega metropolis, London was the perfect place for Youkai to spread. As a sixteen year old, Adam had been lucky enough to never encounter a demon. Not lucky enough, however, to remain that way. Out with friends, being a normal teenage boy at the time, the day would fade away into a tragic night.

Losing friends, watching then die, their blood spilling out onto the moonlit street - it would be enough to break any man. Adam, however, wasn't broken. He was enthralled - and the man that had saved him! Elegant, wild...old. An old man, as nimble as one half his age, it was hard to pull his eyes away. The battle was over in a flash, leaving Adam breathless and curious, so very unlike his fellow citizens. The only person remaining, the young man was lucky to have not died that day.

That day started what would be the rest of his life. Following the man without a second thought, he was introduced to Augustus Mercer, a long running member of the DHA. Adam found out all that he could of the man, and would soon pester him until he became an apprentice in the way of hunting. Being introduced into the world of Devil Hunter's and Youkai, he would engross himself into it, until he was eighteen. Joining the DHA became his primary goal, and any new experiences he could have been given he took. Even when he was able to take on a contract with a Youkai, there was no hesitation.

Traveling the world with the man who had saved his life, it wouldn't last forever. A particular nasty demon, a brewing storm, tore Augustus away from it. Killing the beast, saying a final good bye, Adam took the chance to live by his own code. To live and explore, to put his curiosity above everything else. He would take any contract given, travel the world to his hearts content, and ultimately end up in Japan.

• Inventory:
A silver pocketwatch, with the engraving of a moth on the back. At the end of the chain, instead of a clasp to hang on his clothing, there's a triangle that dangles. It's as sharp as a knife.
Adam always carries a few small bandages on him.
A simple silver dog tag hangs around his neck, the name Augustus Mercer.
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