hello! this is my official 1x1 request thread that will most likely never close.

i have all kinds of things on here that may or may not interest a moderate percent of the RPG populace. we're talking pairings, fandoms, and original plots! i guess that's kind of common to find around here though, so i'll try to make this shit unique and fantastic as possible! it's a work in progress. just bear with me. it'll be unique and fantastic when i'm done with it. ;)

before we get to the fun stuff, however, i gotta tell you some information/guidelines/requirements/rules/whateverrr to see if we'd be compatible as partners. without further ado!


• i type casual-high casual; my minimum is 2 paragraphs a post, while my maximum is limitless. i want it to be roughly the same for my partner.
• i can play male and female, and i prefer to play multiple characters(and would love for my partner to do the same).
• my favorite genres of roleplays are slice of life, romance, fandoms, and supernatural.
• character development is (that means it's good, so do it)
• cursing, sex, and gore is just fine in my roleplays. i don't care.
• heterosexual and homosexual relationships are fine too. i can play either. oh, and i don't like the whole "dom" and "sub" thing when it comes to homosexual relationships. people are what they are, man.
• i like to socialize w/ my partner(s), so ooc talk is a must!
• it depends on my partner, but i usually make character sheets w/ the minimum being appearance, name, and age.
• i really get invested in the story and characters, so if you plan to go AWOL after awhile, we ain't right, man.
• my posting time depends on the time of year/the roleplay. i need a partner that isn't sitting on the computer all day, just waiting for my reply. typically, i can usually reply at least once a day, unless i say otherwise.
• if you're not interested in the roleplay, tell me before leaving me hanging. i'll do the same for you. deal?
• you better have read these rules. that's a rule: to read the rules.

kay, that's over with. now, i have to type up a lot of stuff. here we go then.

Pairings w/ Original Plots



i know this isn't a lot.. it's still a work in progress. i hope i get some PMs though! i should be editing this more and more and more every day. thanks for your time!