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Name: Pluvia Salutor
Nickname: Rain
Age: 1225
Race: Vampire/Human/Infractus Curator
Height: 6'0
Weight: 180 lbs.

Description: Overall Rain is a fit and lean individual with a smooth and toned figure sculpted from years and physical training and extreme combat. His genetics have a lot to do with his well fit body and his flawless complexion, even the dual set of fangs that grace the rows of white teeth hidden behind his lips. He has long black hair, coming down just below the middle of his back with matching colored eyebrows that are thin and slender. His eyes, under normal circumstances, are a rich Honey-brown color but can turn to a toxic yellow under the right conditions. There's not a mark on him and those that view his facial features would put him at around early to mid 30's in terms of age, although looking really well for someone of that age bracket. He is typically found wearing a suit with a long coat and wide brim hat. The suit itself consists of a long sleeved, black, button down dress shirt with silver buttons tucked into black dress pants. A leather belt holds the pants up around his waist, the cuffs of the leggings falling just slightly over black leather shoes. Around his neck, under the collar of the shirt where applicable, is a crimson tie. The duster that he wears is crimson in color as well which matches the wide brimmed hat atop his head. Periodically Rain can see wearing white cotton gloves, a gift from his daughter Violet.

Racial Traits:

Vampirism: This is a different kind of Vampirism unique to Rains home world of Earte. Unlike the disease style of Vampirism, Rain posses a genetic kind. It binds directly to the genetic structure of the host and, when infected, replaces the hosts original genetic material with its own altered version. This means that they are not undead. They feed off of blood for sustenance and ability usage. They have a very slow pulse, roughly 12 beats per minute. The sun doesn't turn them to ash but does poison them with a unique type of 'sun poisoning'. Age allows some resistance. Holy energy/magic burns them. Religious items are irritants, unless significantly blessed, while holy water acts as a slow burning acid. Staking the heart does not kill, but does paralyze. Garlic acts as an allergy would.

(OOC Note: I call Rain a vampire for simplicity sake and because in all the years I have had him I haven't been able to settle on a name for the specific type of vampirism that is unique to his home world.)

Infractus Curator: This part of his bloodline comes from his fathers side of the family and can be considered his true form. Rains, though, is skewered compared to the rest of this race. His Elementum, before he acquired a soul, changed the form into something more. All of his physical and metaphysical abilities are increased by a descent percentage and his Elemental casting becomes near instantaneous. His skin darkens upon the change, turning to a dark bronze color. His lips blacken and his hair turns pure white with miniature blue arcs of lightning coursing through it and it floats around him as if gravity doesn't effect it. His body becomes so toned that it looks cut from stone and he grows a foot taller. His nails grow longer and blacken and his eyes take on the appearance of molten pools of copper. From his back sprout two brown wings with a twelve foot span, soft to the touch.

(OOC Note: Mostly used for story line scenarios or when a super form is required.)


Elementum Soul Core:

(Rain has shown extreme mastery of his soul core. Even before having it Rain had been able to manipulate the elements with microscopic precision, turning one into another and even breaking his own physical form down into various elements for travel and combat purposes. He can create elements from his own energy just as easily as he can work with the elements around him. Over his long life of working with the elements he's formed a bond with them, in most cases he can freely manipulate the elements as they regard him as an ally and freely offer their services. He's practically immune to elemental effects based upon their type, but not necessarily the effects associated with different elemental manifestations.)

Ars Anima
Soul Arts

“This aspect of combat revolves around using ones raw spiritual power to fight with. However unlike the ways of magic that cause elements to lace their weapons with their power, or even cause toxins to drip from their blades, this style infuses the already present spirit particles with the users own unique power, and any aspects their power may have. Sometimes this aspect can lean on the elemental side, fire or ice being two good examples. Or it can give a mental effect, causing its enemies to feel as if they simply cannot win against the face of such a fighter or weapon. My own aspect is slashing. My aura cuts anything it touches, constantly ripping and tearing away at any physical, magical, or spiritual forces it is pressed against.”

- Janus

(Rain has consistently shown the ability to manipulate not only his own spiritual energy but others at well, mostly at the permission of the recipient. In one case in particular he completely reassembled the soul of a particular individual. His manipulation of the soul and the energy that comes from it can be a great asset to allies as much as it can be a great weapon.)

Ars Mico
Flash Arts

A sword style that teaches one that the spirit energy can be used to jointly add to the physical body’s potential to become faster and stronger. It also teaches that with great power comes the responsibility to wield it properly, or else you may find your energy literally tearing your physical body to shreds from the inside out. Once one of the most fearsome sword styles out there. It relies on a combination of fast movement and powerful but rapid, successive, and precise strikes. It is said that practitioners have shown unparalleled speed, intense strength and surgically keen accuracy. Also, grace and balance are needed if one is to perform the skills required of this style. Built around the idea that the best defense is a good offense, there are few blocks and parries found within the style, but many counters.

- Janus

Kenatsu: A basic ability to cut and harm enemies without physical contact. It takes the form as a storm of needle thin sword slashes that arc from ones weapon in wide and short angular curved paths that deals moderate damage to foes and can even strike a target when blocked if the sword is not stopped by an item (such as a shield or a wall spell). However, if one uses more energy, it releases as a red wave of energy which may completely disintegrate the adversary. The strength of this attack depends on how it is unleashed by the user. This is a foundation skill of the Ars Mico. Janus feels that this could be performed by any person who has enough control over their energy.

Nadegiri: A secondary foundation skill; This skill is a branch of the skill Kenatsu, as it requires a precise release of energy in a thin line outward from the edge and tip of the weapon.. This basic, but lethal, skill requires a precision cut of extreme force and speed. The cut can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The target can be killed with one swift slash so precise that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place.

Enhanced Physical Abilities: All of Rains physical qualities are at or beyond super human levels due to his 1200 years of life and physical training. His speed is by far his best asset, followed closely by his stamina. Rain has yet to achieve a max speed and his stamina can allow him to fight, under the right circumstances, for days at a time. His physical strength follows next in line, with his lower body strength being double that of his upper body strength. He can easily crush metal and stone alike, create great shock waves and inflict titanic damage with physical blows. His physical defense falls last in his repertoire of statistics. Although still at super human levels Rain is much better at dealing out damage instead of taking it.

-Rain is an experienced melee combatant with both weaponry and hand to hand. When engaging hand to hand Rain employs Boxing, Kickboxing and Savate styles of combat. Primarily using quick, powerful, rapid strikes. When engaged in weaponry he prefers to use a sword of some type, typically one or both of his Katanas. With a sword in hand he employs either Kendo or Fencing as a style, with some swashbuckling on the side! It depends on the type of sword.

Disciplines: A different facet to Rains repertoire of abilities. The following three disciplines represent the vampire-esque side of Rains lineage. Normally a vampire would have to feast on blood in order to generate a pool of vitae in order to use disciplines. Rain no longer requires this ever since he acquired a soul of his own, since vitae is simply spiritual essence that can be found in the blood of the living.

Celerity: A Discipline that grants vampires supernatural speed and finesse that can be used for movement, attacking, or other physical feats. This extraordinary speed violates the laws of physics in that the Cainite doesn't experience any change in momentum, friction, etc. This comes in various levels of experience, in which Rain has nine while a 10th step is said to be achievable.

1. Alacrity- If the vampire is aware of an action, this ability gives the vampire the option to preempt the action.
2. Swiftness- Allows for another action to be taken, when normally one couldn't be possible.
3. Rapidity- A sudden, and abrupt, increase in speed.
4. Legerity- Allows for the simultaneous activation of Celerity abilities one through three.
5. Fleetness- Causes the users body to temporarily vibrate at speeds that make them nearly weightless.
6. Precision- Allows the vampire to enter a trance where the operate with exceptionally fine manipulation.
7. Tireless tread- Allows the vampire to run up to 50 miles per hour for at least eight hours straight.
8. Shutter Step- A move that allows the vampire to move, instantly, from one location to another that is within 10 feet. The visual effect to this is that it looks like a camera shutter quickly closes over the vampire, opening the next instance to reveal the vampire in another location.
9. Between the Ticks- This can only be achieved through mastery of Celerity. It allows the vampire to move so fast, that he can perform any action in the time it takes for the 'second' hand on a clock to tick once. Anything can happen in that amount of time. It is, without a doubt, the strongest technique in the discipline.

Obtenebration: The control over shadows and the supernatural darkness of the Abyss. The unnatural darkness summoned by Obtenebration is, usually, extremely frightening to mortals, animals, and even other Cainites unaccustomed to its use. The exact nature of this Discipline is unknown even among its greatest masters, and it has been a subject of religious, philosophical, and metaphysical debate among vampires for millennia. Its greatest scholars are the followers of the Path of Night and practitioners of Abyss Mysticism, which draws on knowledge of this Discipline in its rituals. Also appearing on many levels, Rain is only at the first with this discipline.

1. Shadow Play: Allows the vampire to move and shape the natural shadows around them.

Senses and Awareness: One of the greatest racial traits available to him is a powerful and keen mind, with an intellect that has been honed through years of study and combat practices. Rains level of psionic activity and overall mental strength is not easily toppled by adversaries. This allows him to sense things around him for great distances. Psionic sensing is not the only way he can perceive the world around him. His physical senses also reach into super human levels of effectiveness, with a mind that is able to instantaneously process the sensory data that it is fed. Being vampiric in nature Rain can also sense the pulses of living creatures around him and over great distances and smell their blood. He also a keen tracker by sense of smell. His spatial awareness is incredibly sensitive and fine tuned, normally aware of what's going on around him in fine detail. He can also sense the souls and spirits of living beings, this also includes particular strong levels of spiritual or magical power. Rain can also sense things through the elements around him, or use the elements to enhanced or extend his physical senses. Allowing him to use them in ways he wouldn't be able to do normally. Long story short his ability to perceive and interpret the world around him and those within it is powerful, efficient and adaptable.

Mental capabilities: Due to his heritage Rain is a powerful Psion, Mentalist, or whatever label you wish to put on it. He is skilled in both Telepathy and Telekinesis, able to use both in a variety of ways to devastating effects if desired. He can read both surface and sub-concious thoughts, probe through someones mind, create illusions, alter perceptions, change and/or erase memories and experiences and has on one occasion completely rebuilt a mind from scratch. He's also capable of manifesting his Telekinesis in the usual waves, pushes, and pulls. He can generate it as a kinetic force, use it for fine manipulation, hone it to a cutting edge, and accomplish certain levels of physical manifestation. He's not the most powerful Psion, Mentalist, etc. Others who focus solely on their mental talents are far better at physical manifestation, and other aspects of the art, than himself.

Magic & Knowledge: Rain knows a variety of spells that have no combat application along with a wealth of knowledge on numerous topics.

The Speed Force: During a fight that Rain had with The Flash, Wally West, during a tournament he developed a spiritual connection with the Speed Force that grants The Flash and other speedsters from his universe their superhuman speed and speed related abilities. The Flash described it to Rain as a primal source of energy, supposedly left over from the Big Bang. The Speed Force is what allows speedsters to move at hyper-sonic speeds without suffering the negative effects associated with said speed, taking the force of a Field around the Speed Force user, while also granting other abilities like stealing and lending speed. Rains connection to the Speed Force is weak which forces him to only use it on a limited basis.


Crepusculum: Meaning Dusk in Latin, this is a Katana like sword that Rain acquired when he was still in the growing stages of his Elemental powers. The sword itself was created by the elements and is one of two, a sister sword to Diluculo. This weapon is Pseudo-sentient and contains a natural ability to create and control the elements of Earth, Water and Air. This weapon is one of two that Rain used to help learn more about the elements from a young age. The sword sports a three foot long blade. The blade itself is curved, single-edged and tapered. It also has a Two-handed swept hilt with a circular guard. The hilt is not wrapped in fabric but seems to be an intricate mesh of metal and stone woven together naturally to form a regular hilt.

Diluculo: Meaning Dawn in Latin, this is a Katana like sword that Rain acquired when he was still in the growing stages of his Elemental powers. The sword itself was created by the elements and is one of two, a sister sword to Crepusculum. This weapon is Pseudo-sentient and contains a natural ability to create and control the elements of Fire, Ice and Lightning. This weapon is one of two that Rain used to help learn more about the elements from a young age. The sword sports a three foot long blade. The blade itself is curved, singe-edged and tapered. It also has a Two-handed swept hilt with a circular guard. The hilt is not wrapped in fabric but seems to be an intricate mesh of crystal and ice woven together naturally to form a regular hilt.

White Gloves: These are a pair of gloves that was given to Rain by his adopted daughter Violet. Other than serving as one hell of a fashion statement, they also allow Rain to summon bottles of bloodwyne with various gestures. The blood within the bottles is extremely potent.

Grieve Edge: Created for Rain by his friend Janus is a pair of dress shoes with various blade attachments. The dress hoes look normal but are extremely resistant to damage and serve as armor for the foot. A six inch blade curves up from the toe of each shoes, being single edged and facing while while contouring to the shape of his leg. On the outside of each shoe, following the 'blade' of the foot is a single edged crescent blade that runs the entire length of the shoe.

Picture above is original artwork done for the character, a paid commission from a friend
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