Hi there! So, I've got a character here, see one that I'm particularly fond of, but currently lacks a home in any RP! I want to remedy that, and for that reason, I've come to you with at least one character I'd like to find a player for to pair her with! If I come up with some other ideas later on, I'll add them to the list and do a quick bump at that time~

Some OOC stuff can be found below this point!

I'm only looking for one person to fill this role. Once it's filled, I'll close this request until it opens back up! I can only handle so many people at once after all~

I tend to post 2-3 paragraphs in a single post. Sometimes more if I get that spark of inspiration. I enjoy worldbuilding, and controlling NPCs and making interesting things happen within the world! I also enjoy character development, having the characters learn to do new things, find new places, collect stuff, go on adventures, etc! This particular RP is pretty sandboxy, but that doesn't mean we can't have a plot -- or multiple plots -- to keep things moving along nicely!

I enjoy smut. It's fun. That being said, I do like to have more than just constant adult content 24/7. If I wanted to just do sexy stuff, I wouldn't have made a traveling merchant character, I'd have made someone who stayed in one place with no real responsibilities or goals in life! Nepsa has goals. She has things she wants to accomplish, and she's always on the move. While I want smut to be part of the RP, I don't want it to become the sole focus of the RP in the long term, if that makes sense!