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Hello, I have a few questions for you.

Have you enabled signatures/avatars?
Do you have a signature or avatar?

I have always had an avatar, and have avatars enabled, because I feel like they are a big part of our online identity. I haven't had a signature, or had them enabled, for a long time because I thought they were distracting and annoying. I just recently added a short and sweet signature so I could easily share a link to my roleplay. =)
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I haven't turned signatures on since I joined the forum. It took a while to even realize they were a thing here since they are turned off by default (which I liked). I agree they are very distracting especially when reading in-character posts.

I have avatars on because it's easier to tell at a quick glance who posted what with them. And it shows some personality too.
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Simple: I like Undertale, Papyrus is my favorite character and spaghetti is actually my favorite kind of food.
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I always have avatars and signatures enabled, I don't find signatures distracting really. I always have an avatar on the go, just to give some more easily identifiable markings to fellow users so they can pick me out of the crowd. I used to have a bunch of custom matching avatar & signature sets (I should really go and find those lol) I used on the old site, but now I only use signatures to advertise my own roleplays.

REAL QUESTION THOUGH: Who be browsing the guild with Grayscale Avatars enabled? Clearly the best feature Mahz ever created.
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