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I didn't know Poly very well, but she will definitely be missed. She was a very good person who had good intentions, and even if I didn't always see eye to eye with her, her loss is a great sadness and I will mourn her.

I hope the people who loved her can find some peace. I know that she cared very deeply for those around her and was a great source of encouragement for many people.
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Poly will be missed, I interacted with her on discord, though we talked less often in the past year or so. We never RPed together, beyond one very short lived RP but she was a constant on the RPGO discord as a member, moderator and a friend. She gave me much needed life advice during a bad time in my life a few years ago when I had some troublesome thoughts in my head and I am always going to be grateful for that. She was extremely intelligent and well spoken, endlessly stern in her beliefs and convictions but also thoughtful with her words. But above all she was an extremely compassionate being. Its tragic that shes passed, she had so much to give to this world. But its a testament to her true character that so many people have nothing but fond memories, beautiful words and kind things to speak about her.

Rest easy, my friend.
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Cat and I were close. I had been in a call with them a day before they passed. They were so happy to be out of the hospital, but so unhappy to be a burden on their family. Every day they told me more and more about how the hospital mishandled their treatment, and they were glad to no longer deal with it.

They fell apart near the end, could barely breathe or speak. But they were still concerned with matters of great importance, moreso than the average person worries themselves with. Always an idealist, always a dreamer, to their very last moment they were sincere with their beliefs.

I loved them like family, and wept when their sister called me to tell me the news.

At least to the last moment they were themselves, and never faltered in that. Perhaps that is best, and what we should all strive for.

Never will you be forgotten, Cat. Rest in peace, I'll see you when my luck runs out.
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God has brung peace to them now. Good wishes, and bliss of luck from me to their loved one's.
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My relationship with Poly started over a chess match. Of course, it was never was boring because she's one of those smart players that made me think before I make a move. And between winning and losing, I learned many things about her.

I know that her favourite movie was Mr Nobody, Marcus Warner and Ivan Torrent were one of her favourite music composers, and she liked discussing physics while I prefered biology. Her dream job was being a Planetary manager. Her favourite fruit was raspberries. And her favorite painting, The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. I also know that she was writing an anime that has to do with space, liked going to the swing bench in the background because the view was nice and loved nature. Poly valued life but wasn't scared of death. She loved her family as much as she loved helping people with needs and issues around her.

I think deep down, I liked going hard mode on her in chess just so she would challenge me again for another round. "It would be an achievement if I could consistently beat you in chess," she told me once. And I wanted to keep it that way so I can be a motivator? A reason to keep her moving forward. To keep going. For yet another tomorrow. For another chess match. And another one. As long as she's fighting the illness.

And damn, she fought it hard.

May she rest in peace. Chess is definitely not going to be the same without her now, but I cherish every moment we spent together.
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For those who wish to help their immediate family, here is the link to the donation page:

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I lurked RPG for many years but when I decided to step in and lurk in a more active and up close manner, the first person I wound up talking with and repeatedly having drawn out arguments with was Poly. Sometimes they were heated and sometimes they were playful, but Poly's dedication to those conversations always caught me off guard. It was always something silly; political matters, theoretical concepts, games of semantics. Over time they became something I sought out. A routine. A real back and forth talking things out, all the bile and the jokes in a way I don't do anymore.

Although we never wrote together proper, I associated the site and my remaining embers in the hobby I once dedicated many years of my life into, with Poly.

I'm still not really sure how to process this. Realizing how much concern I had when it's too late to show it. It doesn't seem right. I just hope when they said they liked my antics that I managed to entertain her along the way.

May their family and close friends find solace and Poly, peace.
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I just found out. (I don't keep up with online stuff much these days.)

Had to come back and say I'm so sorry for her loved ones.

Cat/Poly will be severely missed on this site. I can't tell you how many times I had long chats with her in my role as site staff. She even once sent me a long list of ideas so I could pass it along to a friend who was still active duty and intelligence. I sent it, Cat. You were right he giggled a bit, but only at the ambition of the ideas. They were quite impressed with the document and the effort and intellect behind it.

How many times Cat scolded me for something staff or Mahz did, or did not do. I wish we could have lived up to her standards, but we were just a bunch of jerks and tryhards. We never could have lived up to her standards. I could never be the "Ruby" she wanted, but when I left she was one of the only people who refused to let me go without a very long and sweet chat.

I hope she found peace and rest. I adored her greatly and am eternally happy I put her on site staff despite other's concerns. She was a good one.
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I just found out. (I don't keep up with online stuff much these days.)

Same tbh.

Poly will definitely be missed though. She was one of the few people in Guild I kept in contact with and who always seemed to make me smile. I didn't really know much about her personal life, but We had a blast in a couple of D&D RPs, and it was fun theory-crafting characters and scenarios together when we actually had the time. I think she made Guild that much better with her presence
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I'll need to place this somewhere more permanent (my youtube) and I'll alter the link later, but here's a voice recording Poly asked me to do. They wanted to make an isekai ten'i or transition into another world anime and asked me due to my interest in voice work if I'd try out one of the roles. I ended up submitting this which they liked. It's a good example of their writing ability which at such a young age was impressive.


Pretty much all I have left of them, even their chat history is gone. That recording is probably the only reason I even bothered to take classes.
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