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Character Sheet:

Name: Gabriela (Gabby) Louise Bat-Seraph

Age: 38

General Appearance:
Particularly tall for a woman (6'7"), and with a fairly heavy, strong build, a bit like a shot-putter or wrestler, though with a few more curves, and generous ones at that. She has dark eyes and hair, and honey-coloured skin, showing her Israeli heritage. Her hair reaches to her shoulder blades, but usually worn in a practical plait and pinned up while piloting her suit. She has a beauty mark to the left side of her mouth, and her dark eyes are usually accented by subtle application of eyeliner, giving her somewhat unconventional beauty a more appealing look. She has an infectious smile, and carries herself with confidence.

Nationality: Israeli/American

Born in Israel, mother was Israeli and father American, though nationalised as an Israeli citizen. Had a mostly uneventful childhood, though lost a couple of relatives and childhood friends to terrorist violence and action, which instilled a strong morality against terrorist groups and religious zealotry in her from a young age.
She was a good student in most subjects, though struggled with mathematics. She showed promise and interest in sciences, and in physical challenges, becoming an accomplished volleyball player and wrestler, due to her physical size and strength.
She, like all citizens of Israel, was conscripted for a mandatory term of service in the IDF. She found the lifestyle and its' challenges fulfilling in giving her direction, and was a way to take some kind of action towards the ever-present issues in her home country. Her academic achievements also qualified her for the Talpiot program, gaining her degrees in science and languages.
Gabby excelled in her mandatory service, and served several years with the infantry, before returned to civilian life. However, this was in the interest of pursuing a law enforcment career, where she joined the Israeli Police Force, qualifying with Yamam, the border police special tactical unit. She had a distinguished career, and besides her tactical role, she also participated in several exchange programs for training, and research purposes. During this time she aided in the development and deployment of a handful of experimental technologies and systems, resulting in her being selected for service with the Iron Wolves as the pilot of the Stormhound unit.

Suit Spec/Description:

Personal Weaponry:
  • Jericho 941 FS/RS .45 handgun
  • Folding utility/combat knife
  • H&K MP7 (or other SMG/PDW usually taken from suits' sidearm)

  • Nature - animals, the outdoors, etc.
  • Science & Technology
  • Food - Home cooking, baking, eating out with different cuisines; she's all over it
  • Physical activities - climbing, swimming, hiking, as well as her favourite sports of wrestling and volleyball
  • Sci-fi movies
  • Hard rock & Industrial Metal music

  • Arrogance, Cruelty, and selfishness
  • Repetitive or mundane tasks
  • Gossip and insincerity
  • Religion as an excuse for shitty opinions/actions; especially extremism/zealotry
  • Bigotry and intolerance
  • Soulless music (such as 'manufactured' pop, rap, garage, dance etc)
  • People who question her driving*

* - Gabby can drive... she just isn't a very safe... or good... driver. Despite what she may think otherwise. While she passed all of her tests and can keep her own car on the road, anyone she's driven with 'professionally' on the job takes on a hollow, glazed look if reminded of the experience.
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