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But I still feel like it'd be rude of me to not declare my departure.

It's been four years, five months and nineteen days almost exactly, and there are too many good folks here that I've met and enjoyed my time with to just vanish without a word. So, here it is I guess. I'll always remember the Guild fondly, but sometimes life takes you in weird ways, and that sometimes includes shedding the old as much as it means growing into the new. Snake puns intended.

You might see me still online every now and again, or my 'last seen' timer be reset, but that'll just be me satiating my nostalgia for the countless pages of writing I've done here. Thanks to everyone that's written alongside me, all the people I've created with, and all the friends I've made.

Farewell, and may the blessing of Elves and Men and all Free Folk go with you. May the stars Moon shine upon your faces!
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Will really miss you, Selune. Hope to see you again someday, and really hope you have a good life.
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Well that is too bad. I was toying with the idea of asking to RP with you sometime. Maybe if you come back, though. Thanks for always being a good member of the forum.
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@Lady Selune If your reading this or if anyone I've ever participated with in an RP is reading this, as well as those I haven't. I will tell you something I have carried with me all my years here on the guild.

I joined by coincidence after getting a taste for it in my early teens, I found the guild on a search through google. I was 16 at the time with poor writing skills and a limited time frame so in a sense this place was a train station I passed through from time to time but in the years that followed up to my early adulthood I stopped coming here and I always felt empty.

I am so fond of this place and the people here, I feel like I mean something. This is where I became a better writer, but it will never be just a place I pass through never again.

Ever since I left for a few years the one thing I regretted was never saying I was leaving, I just disappeared as I was well known for doing such. I hate saying goodbye, I miss so many people who have simply just vanished because I feel like I've lost a friend when they do.

I don't ever want to vanish from here, this isn't just a stop on the long winding road nor are the people just passersby on the street. No this place will always be home in my heart.
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