To escape from the clutches of death, one will take one of two paths. One will either take the path of righteousness, fighting not with the fire they are burned with but with the light of justice or take the path of darkness, fighting their opponent with the shadows that encircle the night. The path one chooses has always been seen as something set in stone... But is it truly? Can the hurt one experiences be mended by love? Can it illuminate a new path once one has traveled down the path for so long or will the shadows of the past drown what light is left?

The plot of escaping her melody is fairly simple in order for us to build upon it together. If you're interested send me a PM with a description of the hero you wish to play! Bonus points for cool back stories! (I'm a sucker for them! That and good character images!)

Your character, our hero, would go to school with my character our villain. She would come to school covered in bruises, and he would help her bandage herself up. The two bonded but one day my character didn't show up for school, and that evening on the news it's revealed that my characters father is murdered while my character is in custody for murdering him. Though they have no idea what the murder weapon is as his head was exploded from the inside but no traces of anything was detected that could've caused it. So of course my character is released as there seems to be no conceivable way that she could have done it. But when he confronts her about it she reveals her power, so in the end he puts a stop to her by strangling her to death. Though she ended up surviving and after going into hiding and nursing herself back to health she uses her powers to become a singer. Of course he finds out and goes to stop her from whatever nefarious plans she might have, but when he goes he just can't bring himself to do it. So the plot focuses around their childhood and then adulthood, figuring out their complex feelings and your character trying to find another way to stop her from going through with whatever plan she has.