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Name:Blade Heero
Age: 17
Occupation: student
Personality: kind, a chill person, protects his friends aand a risk taker
Background: was into gunpla and gundam since he was a little kid always wanted a specific one and when he had the opportunity to get it he got it.
Piloting Ability: (10 Max)
- Battle sense: (1-5, the pilots ability to out fight an opponent. Whether a close range beam saber fight, or a battle at long distance rifle duel, as long as the two pilots are using the same weapon the one with higher battling ability wins.) 4
- Perception: (1-5, the pilots ability to keep track and find enemies without the use of AI. An essential for fighting multiple enemies and preventing ambushes.) 3 he’s clumsy or he’ll spring an ambush just for the fun of it.
- Mechanical knowledge: (1-5, the pilots ability to hit key points, and their overall knowledge of gunpla.)3
Other Skills: great at building and customization of gunpla and has the ability to adapt to the situation tho sometimes it takes him a while especially when extremely angry.
Mobile Suits
Name: XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero(with the angel wings seen in endless waltz, and it’s the ver ka model kit just to be clear i like that version of the kit in real life.)
Model: mobile suit gundam wing endless waltz
Stats: (25 max)
-Destructive Power: (1-10)7
-Defense: (1-10) 4
-Mobility: (1-10)7
-Energy Output: (1-10)8
Description: with angel wings gundam wing zero looks like the normal wing gundam but with more power to it, it also has the zero system. Also has neo-bird mode.
Weapons:twin buster rifles, and two beam swords, vulcan guns on the head and two machine canons on the shoulders and a shield.
Final note: so it won’t be op my character wont be able to control the gundam at its max power yet he will be learning little by little, but he can’t handle wing zero at its fullest with zero system on too. So he can use zero system for a short time.
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