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Name: Koren Omi-Ren

Species: Human

Age: 29

Faction: Jedi Order


Lightsaber: The Kyber Crystal gives the blade a light blue hue.

The Nightfury: ILH-KK Citadel Class Cruiser retrofit to modern specifications. It has a standard complement of 1x Delta-7B Aethsprite Light Interceptor which is painted black as his personal starfighter.


Basic Telekinetic Abilities: Like most Jedi he learnt how to control the Force by using telekinesis, pushing, pulling, levitating. He has grown quite proficient at it, able to use it to jump higher and farther than most un-augmented organics.

Basic Precognition: Some call a Jedi Lucky, but a true Jedi knows that the Force is what guides them. He's no Seer however, and his precognition is limited to helping him anticipate what's going to happen next in combat.

Plant Surge: Koren has the ability to interact with the Force that resides within plants, encouraging them to grow, or gather information from them. It gives him a unique advantage while he is on a planet with dense vegetation.

Alter Environment: Much in a similar way to how he learnt how to interact with plants Koren can interact with the molecules in the air to adjust the local environment. The larger the area he attempts to alter, the more taxing it is and the less time he can keep it up for. However he can create localised storms with some success.

Animal Friendship: Being a natural empath he fuels this with the Force allowing him to connect more easily with wildlife, able to calm them or convince them to aide him if the need arises.


Tracker: Spending plenty of time out in the wilds he's a skilled tracker, be it at tracking game or at tracking people.

Studious: Koren has spent much of his time researching

Lightsaber Use: Koren is most proficient in Form II, though like most Jedi he has some skill in form III.

Fair Pilot: While he's no Jedi Ace the likes of those in the Old Republic, he can hold his own while in the cockpit.

Cook: He can cook a stew on just about any planet, with any list of ingredients.


Combat: He's more of a duelist than an actual fighter. He can handle himself against your average fighter, but against more seasoned fighters he's in for a struggle.

Urban Agoraphobia: His upbringing and most of his skills put him at his best in more rural environments. While he can work in urban environments he is certainly uncomfortable, in environments such as cities without much nature much of his metaphorical toolbox is useless.

Sheltered: He's been with the Jedi Order since he was a child, scouted at a very young age. As such he has little real-world experience outwith the order.

History: Koren was born to Corellian parents Tyrell and Myra Omi-Ren, shipwrights in the outer districts of Coronet City. Little did young Koren know that the Omi-Rens had a long-standing history of producing Jedi younglings. During the reign of the Empire that specific part of their history was locked up tight to prevent the Empire from snooping too much on any children they might have, questioning their loyalty or just outright killing them to prevent any chance of the Omi-Rens producing more Jedi.

Their family history was only revealed to Tyrell by his father after the battle of Endor, and the death of the Emperor. When the Empire fractured into hundreds of different pieces. The history of their people was restored, ready to be passed down once more from generation to generation.

Like many children throughout the Galaxy as Lukes Jedi Order grew in status and in legend, Koren was tested for Force Sensitivity, once it was discovered he had the ability to control the Force he was sent to Ahch-To to be trained in the ways of the Force. He remembers what little his parents told him about his family legacy before he left, determined to make his mark and bring back the Omi-Ren name into the pages of Jedi History.

A night that sticks in his mind is the night Luke Skywalker sat with him in the mess hall, asking him questions about his families legacy, what little pieces of information parents of Jedi long past had managed to glean from the holonet after their children were given and committed and given to the Order. It struck Koren then how Luke kept his head down, and didn't overestimate his place, nor ignoring the lessons history or legacy taught them. Something he understood even more once Lukes parentage was revealed.

Korens skillset was something of an oddity among his peers, he discovered them seemingly at random. Finding that he had a stronger connection the plant and animal life than his peers. Honing these abilities and skills, using lessons from the Jedi Library and his families history to piece together who he was and what was he capable off. Despite growing up in the city, as he had left at such a young age he found himself thriving out in the wilds. He took every outdoor survival class he could, speaking to Rangers whenever they landed on the planet.

A Padawan during the Daala crisis he was one of five that were in Separatist Space at the time, he refused point blank to open fire on a Separatist Blockade (Which turned out to be the right decision to make). Once Daala emerged the five of them worked together with the Separatists to orchestrate their counter-attack in what would become the Galactic Alliance.

Since becoming a Jedi Knight Koren has focused his attentions on travelling to rural worlds that are having problems with crops or environmental issues (issues that are common place after how the Empire strip-mined and polluted planets), after several years in the field he visited home where his parents gifted him with his new ship, in which he now returns to the Jedi Temple for re-assignment.
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Name: Dante Carrick
Species: Human
Age: 25

Faction: Jedi Order

Equipment: Lightsaber with green kyber crystal.


Battle Precognition: Ever since he was a boy, Dante had an innate feel on how certain actions would play out. While not always having the ability to properly react, Dante's natural use of this ability made him quite the fighter growing up, giving him an uncanny advantage to see his opponent's moves just as they were about to make them. As this ability evolved as he grew older, Dante managed to incorporate this ability into his piloting, making him an ace starfighter pilot.

Telekinesis: Whether it's pushing objects away or pulling them towards him, Dante is capable of using the force to manipulate sizable objects though Dante's finesse with these abilities needs work as without proper focus, Dante either uses too much strength or too little of it.

Physical enhancements: Whether it's using the force to increase his speed or strength, Dante can channel the force to push his body beyond his normal limits. While extremely tiring and only capable of using it bursts, Dante often uses it as a last resort to hopefully defeat a powerful enemy.

Lightsaber wielding: While Dante considers himself a slightly flawed but talented force user, it's his ability with the lightsaber that he prides himself as his best trait. As a dedicated user of the lightsaber form: Ataru, Dante uses his natural athleticism and natural feel for fighting to blitz his enemies with speed and precision.

Skilled pilot: While Dante admittingly is a poor mechanic, Dante is a natural pilot having learned the basics from criminals in Couracant's lower levels to some of the top pilots in the New Republic after joining the Jedi Order. While Dante can't tell you any sort of special hyperspace route or even how to teach someone to properly pilot a starfighter...put Dante in a starfighter battle situation and watch as his natural instincts take over as he analyzes his opponent's movements and maneuvers himself into winning situations.


Bold: While confidence has plagued young Jedi throughout history, Dante is no exception. While Dante works to properly manage his emotions better, Dante has incredible trust in himself to succeed and will often do things because he truly believes he's capable of pulling off certain feats even when the odds are stack against him. So far however it's this confidence that got Dante this far in life so surely it can't be too bad?

Competitive: Even as a child, Dante had to win. It's hard to tell if he hates losing or maybe the thrill of winning is just too alluring. While being competitive has meant Dante is dedicated to his craft and constantly always trying to hone his abilities, it also means he'll subconsciously try to out-preform his friends and comrades and also preform reckless actions if it means succeeding.

Dislikes politics: While Dante hopes to grow to be a Jedi Master one day, Dante has much to learn when it comes to playing the politics game. Dante distrusts most senators and other higher level figures of authority and feels most in common with the regular soldier or other Jedi.

Terrible liar: It's a little thing but despite his rocky childhood, Dante has never been able to lie properly. While telling the truth is usually a good thing, it also means he's not good at keeping his mouth shut when he disagrees with something.


Dante doesn't like talking about his childhood much even though it molded him to be the person he is today. Like many of the downtrodden in Coruscant's crime ridden lower levels, Dante was an orphan who found himself forced to rely on various criminals to help survive. While not much of a thief or a liar, Dante learned quickly he had a talent for fighting mostly due to his ability to read his opponents movements despite not understanding how. First it was prize fighting street fights against other local kids from rival gangs to eventually high speed illegal speeder races. This continued for some time until his early teenage ears when Dante was arrested by New Republic forces who were attempting to crack down on the crime ridden areas.

In his brief captivity, one of the officers recognized Dante's peculiar abilities and notified a member of the Jedi Order who quickly took interest in the force sensitive child. In exchange for his freedom, Dante was sent to Ahch-To and learned the ways of the Jedi. Dante while not exactly the model student, displayed incredible natural talent and with some reluctance was given a proper Jedi master to watch over him. Rewarding the trust placed in him, inspired by Luke Skywalker and seeking to redeem himself from his past actions, Dante and his master traveled throughout the galaxy to help those in need, particularly those affected by criminal gangs.

Before long Dante was made a Jedi Knight and while he did not officially have a Jedi Master at his side, Dante continued his work in combating criminal gangs such as dealings with the Hutt Cartels. In one particular mission Dante reunited with the same New Republic officer who had initially arrested Dante as a child and under his guidance earned trust and companionship among the Alliance Rangers. After numerous successful collaborations, Dante was given a new T-85 X-Wing, the latest X-Wing model available in the New Republic. Despite the galaxy remaining in turmoil, Dante remains optimistic in his role and does what he can, where ever he can.
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Antares "Ray" Reyleigh



Physical Appearance:
174 Centimeters tall, weighing in at a little over 66 kilograms, Antares is a pretty skinny young man whose immediate physical appearance makes you think the blue-eyed boy possesses very little about him that would threaten anyone. He's got immediate kindness in his eyes and a warm smile, yet he tries to play himself like a rugged stoic who values strength and personal integrity above all. Ray walks with a swagger in his step, an oversized leather jacket draped around him, trying to look bigger and tougher with every step he takes, like a boy trying to fit into the shoes of a man.

His lightsaber is made out of wonderful craftsmanship, with a patterned brown hilt, metal accents, and a black emitter, the button to ignite the blade is covered in leather wrapping for increased grip.

A-180 Blaster

Lightsaber Combat; Form 2 and 5 Masashi and Shien are his forte, a prodigy in form 2, Ray could quite easily transfer his lifelong training with vibroblades onto the lightsabers once he was taken into the order when it comes to melee combat. However, when it comes to fighting blaster fire, especially in groups the Padawain feels a lot more secure ducking behind cover and taking potshots with his blaster in hand.

Engineering; Unlike many of his Jedi peers, Antares enjoys tinkering. He tinkers with anything he could get his hands on, and his masters tended to say that if he hadn't been a Padawan, he would've been one of the New Republics' greatest engineers. As a result, he appreciates great engineering and wishes to understand how things work, taking them apart and putting them back together again. While he respects, and even really enjoys the workings of spaceships, he cannot fly them.

Weaponry; Antares is, for his young age and lack of any real formal training in the use of blasters, a very skilled young marksman. Something his peers aboard the Crimson Raider quite appreciated about the cabin boy, though what he once thought was the innate skill with a handblaster has turned out to be an innate connection to the force that helped him throughout his life.

Force Abilities:

Force Valor
Force Jump
Force Telekinesis

Force Barrier
Force Push
Force Pull

Demonstrated But Untrained:
Alter Environment
Force Shockwave

Ray is frankly, a machine up close with a lightsaber. His background and natural prowess for the physical side of the force makes him, despite his small frame and young age, quite the opponent even for his more seasoned Jedi peers in sparring. But, pushed into a situation where Antares does not get the chance to fight his opponent head-on, the young padawan folds, and retreats to little more than a space-faring privateer with a blaster. He has not mastered defending himself with his lightsaber. He's arrogant and cocky while being a trickster and a true brat by heart, Ray struggles with doing what he's told or with taking consequences into account when it comes to his actions.

Character History:
Ray is born on the outer rim on an unnamed planet to parents that did not matter, he grew up lonely, parents were never truly around so in that sense, maybe it didn't matter so much when they eventually left him or perished. Antares never quite found out what happened. When he was six, he became a stowaway on a spaceship taking him far into the depths of the outer rim, soon discovering he was onboard a pirate ship, belonging to Captain Sorr and his crew, the Crimson Cascades. Their ship, Vermillion Tide was quite large for a pirate ship, and Sorr had taken over the crew after the original captain, Vermillion had died fighting the Empire.

Antares was discovered hiding on the ship but he wasn't punished for it, rather adopted into the family, raised as a cabin boy aboard the ship. Learning the tools of the trade and getting instilled with the honor code of thieves - still hunting the remnants of the empire in the outer rim wherever they could, in places the New Republic and recently reborn Jedi Order couldn't reach. They robbed the odd aristocrat and ally of the republic or separatists, too.

The Vermillion Tide met its end when it raided a cargo ship carrying supplies for what would later become The First Order when Antares was 14. The cargo ship had reinforcements arrive sooner than anticipated and the star destroyer annihilated the Crimson Tide. Leaving the ship crashing onto the sandy, hellish desert of Ranoon, an uninhabited planet since its climate was destroyed hundreds of years ago. A sandstorm blew in over Antares and the rest of the survivors, most of them perished, Antares only surviving thanks to his latent force abilities that allowed him to instinctively summon a barrier around him that kept the poisonous sand from killing him. Long enough for Jedi Master, and former Stormtrooper Of The Empire, Jadaarn to find him, following the star destroyer that had battled The Vermillion Tide.

Jadaarn was impressed by the native abilities of Ray and took him under his wing and over the past years, the two grew quite close, squabbling while the padawan began his training. Antares would make quick progress in lightsaber combat, able to easily transfer his skills with a vibroblade, but struggled with living up to his seen potential in the ways of the force. Nonetheless, The new council had ordered Ray and Jadaarn to split up for the coming mission, as this would be a test for the padawan under the command of another Jedi knight temporarily, and his first assignment without his master.
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Name: Weron Kells
Species: Human
Age: 49
Faction: Galactic Alliance Rangers - Separatist Union Aligned.
  • Combat Trained: Having been the son of a CIS intelligence officer and a Rebel Operative, he is proficient in short/mid range combat and hand to hand.
  • Intelligence Gathering: With the fall of the CIS and the formation of the Empire, Weron used the skills taught to him by his father to destabilise the efforts of the Empire and assist the Rebellion. When the Empire fell he joined the New Separatist Union. Working as an agent throughout the Daala Crisis. Once the Crisis ended he was re-assigned to the Alliance Rangers where he now serves as a Ranger Sergeant aboard the Milky Way.
  • Technologically minded: He has grown up around droids. Working on them, maintaining and modifying them. He can repair a B1 Battledroid and have it combat operational in virtually no-time at all. Slicing his way into various systems, while he may be older now his mind is as sharp as ever.
  • Psychological Student: Before he went on to become an Intelligence Officer he studied at Reena University and left with a degree in forensic psychology.

  • Age: Other species can get to his age and still be children. Humanity doesn't offer such luxuries. He's getting old, and slow and he hurts.
  • Isolated: There aren't many Separatist Rangers, and there are still some hard feelings between the member states of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Poor Social Skills: He's worked as a special forces agent all his life. Mostly with droids. While he understands psychology, it doesn't mean he's good at making friends.

History: Weron was born towards the end of the Clone Wars. His father, a Separatist General aided several of the remaining holdouts who refused to surrender after the Clone Wars came to an end. Weron grew up around conflict and droids. Eventually he would follow in his fathers footsteps, joining one of the many rebel cells that sprung up across the Galaxy.

As a Rebel Agent he specialised in hacking and slicing as well as droid repair, he hunted down crashed Separatist Ships, abandoned factories looking for anything not tidied up by the Galactic Empire. He found himself on Bracca several times scouring old Separatist Ships for any signs of leftover droids. He never quite formed enough to make a substantial army but he used them to great effect for hit and run operations, distractions or simply to harass the Galactic Empire.

He continued on in this role throughout the Galactic Civil War, as his cell joined the Rebel Alliance. Once the New Republic formed, and the Government seemed to be harbouring back to the way it had been before the Clone Wars the New Separatist Union formed and he rejoined his own people. He was active up through the Daala campaign and since the formation of the Galactic Alliance he has become a First Class Lieutenant within the Alliance Rangers. His most recent deployment is aboard the Milky Wy in charge of the Rangers that act as its infantry.
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